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BeerSmith Lite [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

BeerSmith 2, the top selling home brewing software, comes to iPhone and iPad! The Lite version lets you view, time, and carry your recipes on the go (no editing). BeerSmith Lite lets you search from thousands of beer recipes on our BeerSmithRecipes database, and download and view them on your phone or tablet. The app is also tightly integrated with our desktop software and cloud recipe service, making it a snap to view your recipes on the go. An integrated brew day timer with notifications shows you step by step instructions for your recipes and plays an alarm as each completes. A beer style guide, ingredient reference, set of 7 brewing calculators and unit converters rounds out this great app!

The ultimate companion app for BeerSmith users - create a recipe at your desktop cloud folder, walk in the garage, and run the brew-day timer from your mobile device!

NOTE: The Lite version does not allow you to create or alter recipes - you need a desktop copy of BeerSmith or our full app to create/edit.

- Search, view and select from thousands of shared BeerSmith Recipes
- Brew-day timer for steep, mash and boil with notifications and alarms
- Ability to store recipes you find locally or to your cloud account
- Full integration with the desktop version of BeerSmith via your cloud folder
- Any recipe you move to your desktop cloud folder can be used in the app!
- Full beer style guide in app for reference
- Ingredient reference including hundreds of brewing grains, hops, yeasts, water, misc
- Seven calculators including: hydrometer adjust, infusions, alcohol/attenuation, mash adjust, weight/volume, refractometer and carbonation
- Five unit converters: temperature, gravity, weight, volume, pressure

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BeerSmith Lite Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- The bulk of these changes are only available to those who use the in-app upgrade to allow in recipe editing as most of the new features are editing features - Brought brewing engine up to 2.3 desktop standards including whirlpool hops and late extract additions (after in-app upgrade) - You can now install new ingredients and equipment add-ons easily (after in-app upgrade) - A new session dialog is available from the recipe editor to record session data (after in-app upgrade) - Mash pH adjustments and estimates can also be made from the session dialog (after in-app upgrade) - A yeast starter calculator has been added to the recipe editor (after in-app upgrade) - A number of smaller bug fixes and improvements were made - Corrected bug in previous version that limited cloud access for some users

BeerSmith Lite Comments & Reviews

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- Lite, Too Lite.

Pros: Beersmith Lite has many useful tools in calculators integrated and allows you to search beersmith recipes and is a great resource and would/should be a great free app. Cons: No deeper functionality, it is not possible to create or even edit your recipes which seems absurd. Choose the more expensive alternative to beersmith on the App Store and don't waste your money here until they add some of the beersmith software features.

- Useful but getting dated

I use this in conjunction with the desktop BeerSmith application. It is really useful on brew day, especially the timer. That said, it is really looking dated. Hasn’t been updated for the screen size of current generation devices, etc.

- Broken

I have used Been used this app for a few years but it is now broken with the lates iOS update.

- Better than I expected

I've used Beersmith for over a year and I'm still amazed how powerful it is and how much better my beer has improved because of it. I have been waiting for the mobile versions to come out so I can make more effective use of the Cloud. What is very cool about the app are the Tools. Even though you can't (yet) edit recipes, you can make mash & infusion calculations on the fly. That alone is worth the price of the app. Thanks Brad! Looking forward to the full version!

- Great App

Don't know why people are mad at this app. As a long time BeerSmith user this is the perfect companion. Read the description. It's not meant to stand alone. Quit being cheep and then complaining because this isn't what you are looking for. If you have BeerSmith on your Computer this thing is awesome. Don't know how many times I've forgotten my recipe and wished I had it at the LHBS. This makes it that much easier. Plus the timer is great. Awesome app. Can't wait till the full version is out.

- Great potential

This app has some great potential as soon as the big are worked out of it. I just upgraded my lite to the full version. I would have liked to see the icon change to the full version after doing so. It would have probably benefited the app to run a beta for more user input and fix programming issues. Other than that I am extremely excited to write recipes on the fly, which will be so much better with easy accessibility.

- Lite is Great but Full will be better!

This is a great app. I especially like it because I can access my recipes that I plan to brew at work. That way when I'm taking a break I can review the recipe and think about if I want to tweak it etc. I can't wait for the full version to come out so I don't have to wait to get home to edit the recipes though!

- Good app and good beers!!

Overall a very good app. I works better with the computer software if your looking to change anything within the recipe unfortunately this app alone can't do it. However if your a beginner that know how to brew and are just looking for different recipes to see what you favorite tips then this is certainly the best place I have found to get those recipes!!!

- Does as advertised

This is a great brew day companion app, without a doubt. A robust integrated timer is what I've been looking for, and by pulling up my Beer Smith cloud recipes and it auto-timing my hop charges and mash timers, I'm having much more relaxed, and stress free brew days. Thanks Brad at BS, and I look forward to the release of the full mobile version in the future!

- Handy App

I think this is a great LITE version of PC app. It is lite, so yeah, you can't edit recipe or scale. That's OK. Being able to see my recipe during brewing and not having to print out is handy. Having the calculators, tools, recipes, etc. is well worth $4. And, I do look forward to having the ability to edit or scale when the Lite grows-up to the Full version. Good job!

- Just what I needed

Beersmith desktop software is great, and now this mobile version builds on it. I can access the recipes from y desktop, via the cloud, from my phone while I'm in the backyard brewing. And there are WAY more tools here to help me along when adjustments or measurements need to be made.

- Good resource

Overall this app is a handy resource tool for calculations and recipe inspiration. Only downside I've found is in majority of the recipes they don't add great instructions for the brew such as amount of time in fermentation, secondary and in some cases the recipe calls for kegging and doesn't give you a sugar to add for bottle carbonation. But those things can be found by trial and error would just be nice to take out the guess work.

- Please fix freezing!!

Absolutely love this Beersmith!!! I've beenhomebrewing for five years. Been doing all grain brewing and making my own recipes with Beersmith for about 2 1/2 years. love it but...since last update 9.0.1 keeps freezing and can't go back. PLEASE FIX!! Thank you!!

- Not worth getting

This app is not worth getting. I feel that it is a companion app for the desktop version and not good enough as a stand alone app. Wish I could get my money back. Since I don't want to fork out the money for the desktop version I am out of luck. Don't bother with this unless you have beersmith on you computer. Very disappointed. Wish they would make this more obvious in the app description. I found more functionality from cheaper apps out there.

- Awsome

Sooo, I like everything but the recipe screen. I love you brew sheet, and use it a LOT. Would love to have electronic version of it. Items I'd like on the recipe screen are check boxes, notes, collapsable sections (Yeast starter, Water, Grain, Mash, Boil, etc, etc. ) AND push notifications for brew timers, i.e . friday morning - Yeast starter for Sat brew. Export and/or sync back to my desktop for notes. Inventory push to the cloud, so I know what to buy when I go to the homebrew store. Custom processes sections, where I could just put in a list of steps for my brew system. Photo notes or url link to notes (Evernote for example). Anyway, well worth the $4, Thanks Brad/et al.

- Awesome companion app!!

I have been using beersmith 2 for a while now and this is just what I've been looking for. I can pull up my cloud recipes anywhere without needing a computer and the brew day timer means I don't have to leave my laptop near my brewing equipment!

- Looking forward to full version.

This is a handy COMPANION to the BeerSmith full version. I especially like the timing feature for mash and boil schedules. I look forward to getting full functionality for this app without having to start up my PC to change a recipe on the fly, for example.

- Limited functionality

Desktop version doesn't automatically put recipes in cloud account, you need to move them manually. Could version drops information like brew dae.

- Timer is buggy

This is a great app but there are still problems with the brew timer. The highlighted steps don't stay in sync with the timer so it can be hard to follow at times. The timer works great as long as you don't try to follow along with the steps that highlight in the app.

- I love this program!

I have the PC version and this IOS version and they are great. I can sync to the cloud, search for recipes and later edit them at home. Brad is awesome and he has so much pride in his program. Support is fantastic!

- Great start, but needs more to equal the PC version

I am really happy this App has been released and I am certainly looking forward to the next releases where recipes can be edited. It is not intuitive how to make recipes available offline, but it is possible to do so.

- Problem with Cloud Resolved

Problem with cloud access is now resolved. Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick. My previous review was premature and misleading. Brad was extremely responsive and helpful. Thank you.

- Changing my review...

I originally rated this only two stars, and then last night I used it to brew a DFH 90 minute IPA clone. Without this app, it really would've been difficult to time 15 additions at 6 min apart. The app made it easy and made my brew day very easy.

- Awesome

This is no where near what the full software is but I have enjoyed using the timers and calculators and other gadgets. I am excited for the full version to come for Apple products.

- Glad to see it finally here!

Works great so far that I can tell. BeerSmith has always been on the ball with their PC product, I don't expect any less with the mobile version.

- Works great!

Love being able to view my recipes on the go. Transferring them via the cloud is simple. Would like to see it expanded for the iPhone 5 screen in the next update. Great app Brad!

- Love it.

Works great! I love being able to do my recipes on my computer put them in the cloud and be able to have a portable brew timer.

- Nice

Lots of useful tools. Great ability to get your recipes from the cloud. I would give it a five star if there was a calendar sync as well. Maybe in time. Worth the money.

- Excellent start!

Well done this far. Looking forward to the full version. It would be nice to be able to see the calendar and add notes.

- Great Companion

I use this when I go to the home brew shop to get ingredients and for brew timers. The recipe cloud is great as I use Beersmith 2 on my PC to plan all my brews.

- I feel like I just wasted my money...

No way to add recipes, no way to covert recipes to different sizes (5 gal. To 2gal.) no way to use this functionally....

- Terrible App

Totally not worth it, gives you nothing you can't get online for free. They talk up the pc version which I don't have, but this app adds no value to making beer. Save your money by, googleing recipes, and brew calculators online. By far the worst app I have ever paid for.

- Love this app!

Can't wait for the full version! BeerSmith is by far the best brewing software around!

- Works well

Just make sure the security on your router is not blocking the cloud.

- Good but would like more funtionality

Requires the desktop client to enter new recipes. Should be part of the beer smith app. App does work well at brew time providing timers, ingredients and amounts. Timers work even if iPod powers down.

- Love this app

PLEASE FIX NEW UPDATE BUGS. I can edit any recipes, as soon as I try to save the app freezes.

- Nice start

Eliminates need for me to print sheets. Would mine nice to make on the fly adjustments in terms of grain weights, eff. Etc.

- Cloud

I like it a lot but now my cloud don't load Any more. Can u fix it.

- tom-jordan

Don't even bother with this or Brew Pal Ibrewmaster just costs a wee bit more and is EVERYTHING you will need. Long time programmers will appreciate the depth of its functions, and ease of use. Too bad apple doesn't allow returns! tom & lucy

- Great app!

This is a great companion to the desk too app.

- Fantastic Tools!

I like the idea of the app and not necessarily having to drag out my laptop to utilize just a few tools and make adjustments during my brew session. The hydrometer adjust, refractomer % attenuation are fantastic to have at my finger tips.The reference tool along with all it's ingredients and data is also very helpful as well as the unit conversion tool. However, I would like to have a few more of the BeerSmith tools at my fingertips like the yeast starter, hop bitterness, boil off and dilution tools included with PC version. This is a great start and great software to make your brewday a lot easier and keep you on track. Keep up the good work and I'll be looking forward to the next release!

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- Great support but editing required

Loved this program and have been using it for many years. Downloaded the lite version so I can cop the recipe in the brew shed. Customer service was great, had a few issues with loading cloud recipes, but sorted with a few short emails. Well worth the $.

- Love the app but new upgrade not working.

Love the app but can't access any cloud recipes since putting app into new iPhone 7.

- Beersmith lite great stuff

So far so good. Really useful to have my detailed cloud recipes on the iPhone on brew day right next to hop substitution suggestions just in case. Saves a lot of time between multiple slow websites, my paper recipes and online calculators.

- A snappy little app for the Brewer

A crisp application, that suits metric and imperial units, has so many features i can hardly know where to start, is cloud aware so that you can share recipes with the full program, creates a list you can take shopping with you, is simple to use for the beginner all the way to the pro's. it is the Swiss Army Knife of the Brewing World.... Dont JUST buy it, use it, recommend it, enjoy it.... Cold frothy beer fixes everything... Cheers Richard of Perth

- Awesome

Love this app, I can now work on the recipes anywhere

- BeerSmith Lite

Looks great and works well on my iPAD, but although I have an iPhone with OS4.2.1, the application will not load on my phone. This is extremely disappointing. Maybe the next update will fix this problem - I hope

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- Navigation through app doesn't work

Navigating through the app is impossible which makes using it a chore. Every time you want to edit an ingredient in a recipe the back or save buttons don't work and you have to restart it.. Meaning the edits don't save. Please fix this issue or the app is useless and a waste of money!!

- Terrible

Freezes non stop. Wish I could get my money back. Doesn't work at all as it freezes and has to be restarted. Cannot create a recipe. Waste of money. Avoid as it does not work.

- Slow and buggy

Prepare to wait minutes to search for recipes, then when you save one locally the OK button does not take you back. When viewing recipe, and looking at one of the ingredients, that Back button take you all the way out to the main menu. If usability and money are no concern to you, then this app is for you.

- Nicely done

Good initial release, very functional. Now I'd like to calculate gravity for two hydrometers calibrated at different temps (60 & 68). Also need to be able to display volumes and weights in metric, along with temps in degrees Fahrenheit. Browse recipe database by style would also be a nice improvement.

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BeerSmith Lite iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BeerSmith Lite iphone images
BeerSmith Lite iphone images
BeerSmith Lite iphone images
BeerSmith Lite iphone images

BeerSmith Lite (Version 2.3.6) Install & Download

The applications BeerSmith Lite was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-10-19 and was developed by BeerSmith LLC [Developer ID: 566379732]. This application file size is 12.91 MB. BeerSmith Lite - Food & Drink app posted on 2017-02-07 current version is 2.3.6 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.beersmith.beersmith2lite

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