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Backflip Madness is a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. Your goal is simple - make tons of spectacular tricks and stunts. Take it to the extreme!

- Multiple backflips and locations
- Parkour/Free running acrobatics
- Realistic physics
- Achievements, Challanges and Leaderboards (Game Center)
- 3 difficulty levels
- Action replay
- Normal and ninja outfits

Backflip Madness App Description & Overview

The applications Backflip Madness was published in the category Games on 2013-02-20 and was developed by Gamesoul Studio. The file size is 18.69 MB. The current version is 1.1.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- support for new OS and devices
- bug fixes

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Backflip Madness Reviews


I  bbabe_56  5 star



Best parkour game ever!  zguan116  5 star

Very nice work!


Yay it’s back!!!  LOST SOULS!  5 star

I have been waiting so long to get this back for iOS!!!! I played it in 2016 and I loved it! But it became out dated so I have been waiting for it to be updated but now it’s back!!! Thank you m8!!!


Fun and addicting!  aMorpheus33  5 star

Backflip Madness is incredibly fun and I’ve played it for years. It’s a good balance of fun and challenging, but I would love to see the creative team’s imagination applied to new levels and maybe even a “Costume Selection”, where costumes are unlocked based on XP or various tricks. I wouldn’t change anything else, since the game has smooth mechanics, but it would add just a little more character to an overall great game!

willy brr

New OS  willy brr  5 star

My boi updated this for newer OS's, praise be 🙏


Great until you beat it  Do01ju^^p  4 star

The game really is quite fun. My girlfriend and I spent a good amount of time working through the levels and trying to go for double+ flips but after a while it just get stale and for how long it’s been out I feel like they could add new areas or levels. So overall it’s very fun but wish they would add levels to it, especially since it is a paid game.


Good game  Parker7ful  5 star

Awesome but hope to see much updates adding abilities and locations


Old and GREAT  JackGratton_YT  5 star

Played on my iPod years ago great game


Awesome  C2Ucory  5 star

The best game ever


It finally happened.  BOB THE MAYNE  5 star

Yes, I’m so glad this game was updated. I may be three months late, but I’m here. Five stars for an amazing game.


Hi  Blazen234  5 star

Hi can you please make it work with ios11


UPDATE IT  xXXDillon_The_Mlg_NoscoperXXx  1 star



Update pls!  Mackmacku  3 star

I played this a while ago, ,and want to play it again, however it doesn’t support for iOS 11. Pls update this app, it’s really good and want to play again but can’t. Thanks

I really dunno but wut ever

Update ios 11  I really dunno but wut ever  5 star

You need to update this game so it is compatible with ios 11.


Please update to iOS 11 version  Logank566  5 star



I loved this game  Rio_Gaming  5 star

I loved this game and now I find out I can’t play it anymore cause it’s not for IOS 11 please fix this 🙏


Needs to update  ManketFire  5 star

Hi. I LOVED this game but when I updated to iOS 11 it didnt let me play it because it wasn’t compatible. This is an amazing game, but you need to make it compatible!

Safeonthe daddy's Koop

Love it!  Safeonthe daddy's Koop  5 star

It's one of my favourite games in the world, but there are still people asking for updates... the last update was in 2013 so I don't expect any updates soon


INCREDIBLE GAME, but one question  sha1076  5 star

Love the game I play it everyday on my iPad, probably the best backflip game ever. But I have a question, how come I can't get to the next levels, it just lets me stay in the gym.


Needs an update  Dragonslaya1212  4 star

I love the game but I think you need to add updates and you definitely need to make levelling up mean something like maybe you earn clothes or hats or different characters. Other then that the game is really good


Need the new update to play  knight_454  4 star

I would like y’all to update Backflip Madness so me and a whole lot of people can play. Without your update, none of us with the new iOS update can play. So can u please update it


This game needs to be updated to iOS 11  AlphaStormRX  3 star

We need this to work with iOS 11 Update please


Work with iOS 11 plz  Boss_mya  3 star

I love playing this game but I can’t play cause it’s not working for iOS 11 plz fix so I can play again


I love this game but one problem  Duder6  5 star

I love this game but when I got my new phone it won’t download please update it to iOS 11 thank you


I love this game but  Drubu12  5 star

Hello I am 11years old and I love this game but I would love it if you gave us more tries to complete the obstacle your on when I am playing and not in free mode I mess up and then I have to restart because I didn’t have enough tries and I would love it if you could give us more turns I also want to know if you could add more different flips like a front full or back full or even add a parkour mode to run around and freestyle I do parkour myself and I can almost land a front flip on ground and I think it would be cool to have a training part where you can get your person to get better and faster many add a trampoline park in the game well good buy hope you can maby add everything I requested but I hope I gave you ideas good buy for now my favorite tv show is dragon ball z I believe every thing on that anime show is real I hope you don’t laugh at me but good by your games are awsome


Update  Bails2524  5 star

Please update the game for iOS new version please


Listen up  BIGtinyPANDA YT  1 star

If you dont update it for ios 11 i want my money back.


Love this game!  Supergirl34  5 star

This game is so fun! And I’ve achieved all the places before. I got a newer phone tho and can no longer play it. Please update it to IOS 11! I love this game !


hey  Kelman2000  5 star

plz update to work on ios 11


Update  EmmyUnicorn8  3 star

Like this game alot but it isnt compatible with ios 11 so i cant download it anymore


Omg so good  Kikid07  5 star

I love doing backflips!!wish i could do it in real life😂

Oskar buksa

Great game but make more maps please !  Oskar buksa  5 star

I love this game but i completed it ages ago and i think you should add a few more maps or maybe a new mode ?

Oli Gig

The best game in the world  Oli Gig  5 star

Nuff said


Amazing!  australiarules  5 star

This game is one of the best games around. So much fun, such good value and extremely addictive! Also runs smoothly on phone!


Addictive  Evzo  5 star

This is the best game I have ever played, I played it for hours!

No no no. No no no

THE BEST game since happy wheels  No no no. No no no  5 star

Got this app when Pewds played it, and do you know what, it was the most well spent €0.89 I have ever spent. Get it NOW PEOPLES

House of mice

Bro army!  House of mice  5 star

Amazing game and pewdiepie sent me :D


Amazing  Abc3355  5 star

Addicting as he'll 11/10


Flem  Flem101  4 star

Flipping addictive game , great looks runs smooth a must for passing time

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