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ampm Scratch Power [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Scratch Power is the app you need for the chance to save big on exclusive in-app deals. Win fantastic prizes every time you visit your nearest ampm store. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be rewarded with incredible special offers such as limited-time flash deals on your favorite snacks and beverages to say thanks for making us the place you boost your energy and fulfil your cravings.

***Our coffee subscription is currently exclusive to the greater Sacramento and Central Valley (CA) Areas***

Scratch Power exclusive deals can be yours as soon as you start using the app. Save big on breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks through the app, and look out for Exclusive Offers and limited time Flash Deals … but be quick, these are only available for a limited time! If you’re over 21, opt-in to get savings on a selection of age restricted products.
Get amazing rewards on special days just for having Scratch Power on your phone! A little treat from ampm for being one of our favorite customers. You deserve it. Simply scan your barcode at checkout to redeem prizes and offers.

Get ready to win big! Scan your barcode every time you visit ampm for an entry to win a weekly grand prize like a $500 Pump Pass. The more you scan, the more chances you have to win!

Check-in to ampm daily to get scratchers and play the scratcher game for a chance to win free prizes. Over 50,000 prizes are given away every month!

Start getting great deals and winning now in 4 easy steps!
• Download the ampm Scratch Power app.
• Register an account and get 6 free scratchers, plus access to great deals.
• Start scratching to win.
• Scan your barcode to redeem in-app offers and prizes you’ve won.

Hey, what are you waiting for? We’ve got snacks and drinks with your name on them. Download Scratch Power now and Get Scratching!

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ampm Scratch Power Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Toomgis fixed some bugs and made some enhancements.

ampm Scratch Power Comments & Reviews

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The amount of free food that I've decided because of this app is insane. I stop by AMPM daily to grab coffee and I always scratch and win free items. You win more and you lose honestly. Sometimes, you can even win 3 free items in one day it's really awesome. Like this app was such a good find and I'm so glad I downloaded it! I pick up free donuts, burgers, hot dogs, 22 oz fountain drinks, etc! What more can you ask for?! This app has probably fed me for lunch 10+ times! Free food! I also won a cooler and my boyfriend won the speaker! It's so easy to win and so fun to scratch! The only thing I would suggest improvement on is the scanning. No matter what AMPM I go to my boyfriend and I have trouble scanning the app. It usually takes 3 tries of scanning the barcode at the register before it actually processes through the system that it's free, but I'm not complaining because it's free!

- The lion 🦁 is disgusting!

I don’t even know why you think making a creature with food is fun but the mixture of sweet and sour and the good shapes makes me not want to look at the thing 🤢 I love Am Pm and the free things they give. I love their coffee and churro donuts. Their store is so much more organized than 7 eleven. I feel uncomfortable because when the store associates scan the phone it usually doesn’t go through the first time and they have to scan it like 10 times before it works. I hope they will fix that soon.

- At times I love it others it’s a pain

Yes I’m glad it wants to make sure I am who I am verifying my ID and email is a plus to it but it does it million times before I can either log in or reset my password .. also I was very happy that before the new update how easy it was to use it. Then the new update my store won’t let me use it because there is no timer on it so the gentlemen there is pain when wanting to use my coupons he doesn’t believe that a new update came out or something not sure why I’m not allowed to use them.. Then also I like that you got some new prizes but I would love it there were actually cool prizes like electronics or even gift cards for that being into there 24/7 and spend money and never get much in return..also a rewards system would be cool too like every so many or so much you spend get free fountain soda and candy or get a 5$ coupon for any item in the store.. but overall great app just needs a little bit of fixes and it will be legit. Thanks AmPm

- Update screwed up the app

The update makes me sign in and I haven’t had to sign in for two years! So I keep telling the app I forgot my password and it says go check my mail. Well you haven’t sent me an email to reset my password at all and I’ve tried at least three times. I’m getting annoyed. I’ve read the other reviews and I give most of the stuff to my husband because I won’t eat it, but I have gotten a few snickers bars and they came in handy when I was hungry and had forgotten to eat!

- Ampm scratch power doesn’t load

Ever since you updated to this new app it’s really hard to check in. The app never works. The old app made better sense. Most of my friends and family deleted it. I hope you fix it real soon. I stop by everyday to get coffee before work. And never had a problem with it before your new updated app. I am so sad. It hardly ever loads so I can check in or even use it.

- New version worse

Starting Aug 27th they have forced a switch to a new version, however they have made some design choices, specifically placing a white starburst pattern over the top of text that completely makes it impossible to see any of the text and most certainly would void the terms and conditions for any user as no one would actually know what they were agreeing to and therefore it would be an unenforceable contract. The scratcher pieces disappear before I’ve finished scratching them not giving any opportunity to see what you’ve won and the earned ticket display function is flawed as my new tickets failed to be added until I used previous ones. All in all it seems they broke more than they fixed

- Recent app updates are much more stable

I am updating my review. Last December I left a review stating that the app is broken. It seems to work much better now. I’m really glad they added an easy toggle to turn off the music because it can be really loud when you launch the app. The only complaint I have now is the free items they give away any more are almost always high sugar. I don’t often eat sugary foods and drinks. I wish there was more variety to the rewards. The scratch off experience is also much improved.

- App ok, crashes often

Free food and prizes are great. The app itself doesn’t always work. I’ve been at the checkout counter with a few prizes of drinks and snacks only to have the app not work. I don’t always have my wallet so everything is left behind. This has happened more than once to myself and others I know. Also, when you win bigger prizes you’ll never see them. The app doesn’t acknowledge you won and customer support never gets back to you. The last thing is the app makes me sign in almost every time which is somewhat annoying.

- Amazing

I love this app. You get all the free stuff you want and you don’t even have to be 18 like it says. I’m literally 15 and I can go in and get it, they don’t ask questions there just like how’s your day been kinda people. Anyways I don’t go everyday but when I do use it and win something of value to me I always go get it

- The latest updates have killed this app

I used to love this app. I buy gas a lot and always go to AMPM when it’s fill up time just so I can check in and use this app. However.. this app has really taken a nose dive recently. I have no idea how these updates made it to a public release because the app isn’t functional. It now takes 10 minutes to open, glitches and crashes constantly, frequently won’t show the prize wallet, has issues checking in, and sometimes won’t show scratchers after checking in. I am opening to changing my review once they fix it, but until then it’s a one star from me dawg.

- Worst update ever

Gotta thank all the nerds working for AmPm that decided that a good working app was broken and needed to be fixed. The last 2 updates have totally bombed and caused massive issues trying to use. All my coworkers that really got into the app became frustrated and decided to go back to 7-Eleven and it’s app. My suggestion, “Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken!!!!” Definitely get rid of your tech support team. I tried writing emails with detailed information as requested, but it fell on deaf ears. Oh well. Ps. Good luck making this app work. It’s garbage since the update.

- New update doesn’t work!

I regularly used the app before & was looking forward to the update. I had the hardest time logging back in & had to request a password change several times because it would glitch or freeze. After I finally was able to log in I entered the additional info requested & then it kept showing a pop up window that said “service unavailable”. It didn’t allow me to check in for scratchers but is now showing a bottle of water & a coupon. Was 5 stars before this update, just is the glitching & freezing of the app.

- Needs improvements

It’s get annoying how much I have to repetitively log into my account. When I am putting gas into my car before work and I want to check in this app randomly logs me out of my account which is a nuisance to re log in. This prevents me from using this app and I know for a fact I am not the only one. For the only ampm in my town I have to check in almost a mile away, we can’t check in at the actual gas station. Would be such a great app if these problems were fixed.

- Never ever win.

Don’t even bother with this app. You never win anything. Not even a drink. When this app first came out it was actually really easy to win. I’ve literally scratched 15-20 cards without a winner. Customer service also doesn’t respond. I won a bag a few months ago and it never showed up on my account. I messaged customer service and got no response. I will no longer be playing this game or even referring people since you never win and customer service is too good to contact a customer back. Just a waste of time.

- Your app doesn’t work and nobody responds to emails

I just downloaded your app and attempted to use the 47cent large fountain drink promotion, but it wasn’t honored. The cashier said it hasn’t been working all day and charged me the higher price. I have my receipt. I emailed you at the “contact us” link to the hello@ampmscratchpower email address which nobody responds to. Next I call the AMPM customer service number who says it’s the incorrect telephone or department who then connects me to another department called the “fulfillment department” who says it’s also the wrong department and there’s nothing he can do. Comical! You guys should fire whomever is supposed to be overseeing this marketing project. Epic fail and a complete waste of money to create if you’re not going to roll it out properly. I’m going to delete your app. Thanks for wasting my time. Any reason I should download it again? Drew

- Hi😔❤️❤️❤️

Hi I wonder why I can’t claim my donut winners in my app’s can you fix it or do something because I win a lot of them but I can’t claim it because the Arco computers won’t work with the donuts. But my other winners items I can claim of them. only my donuts that I can’t claim them I let them expired because the computer won’t for the donuts.

- New app NEVER works

This app was reliable & fun for a long time. The new version never works. It won’t let you sign in over half the time. When it does, the store scans the prize & it still says coupon invalid. You request password reset & email never shows. I quit trying to scratch daily a month or less into this nonsense. It’s a waste of time & at this point, about 3 months into the new app, I’m finally uninstalling. It was a good run & really did convince me to buy all my gas at Arco but the new app has done the opposite. Very disappointing.

- Free stuff

The app is easy to use and you get free stuff all the time..... they have certain days where you get something free. I honestly tell everyone I come in contact with about this. It helps so many people out. It may be the only meal they eat that day! Thank you ampm. From a Homeless advocate and community liaison. RaiderCat

- Not the best update

It made me constantly sign in with errors ever time. It freezes up almost every time I try and use this app. And I also wish they took that music away when you first open the app. Definitely they need check some issues with this app

- Why do I waste my time!!!!

It took me 20 mins to try to get what the app said I won and I didn’t even get all of it just two things. The people working there do not know what they are doing and treat you like you are cashing in welfare coupons. The only reason I got this was so the kids could have fun scratching and winning prizes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have this stupid app that doesn’t even work half of the time. This app also signs me off all the time. I won a bunch off stuff it got glitchy and lost everything.

- Ended ip removing the app

It used to work great then the second update it stop giving out prozes, now the fourth update i cant even register another new acct (yes another) as it made you do it again in a previous update) now this update is ao buggy when you go to reg a new acct it just gives you blank white squares to fill in but doesnt tell you what to fill in... i ended up deleting the app. Just not worth it they ruined it with the very first update change . Again its near impossible to even win a coffee, or sign in/ make a new acct

- Power scratch app

Whoever redone this app really screwed up this app and needs to fix the problems you should not have to delete and download the app again or restart your phone every time as it is said if something is not broken why fix it

- Product unavailable

I love ampm but when you win a prize when you show up to the store and they’re out of the product and the beast the whole purpose of being excited about women waste of time waste the gas waste of money to drive there

- New update is TERRIBLE🤦🏻‍♀️🖐🏻

If I could Rate this a zero I would😤This app is terrible!!! First all I had to the signing thing but ok whatever i still did it🤦🏻‍♀️anyway today I tried using what I had in the wallet and when I clicked on it, It wouldn’t pop up I tried everything, turning of my phone, clicking out and clicking back in, I even tried my moms phone just in case. And no that stupid thing did the same😤 Everything else was working perfectly fine except that stupid thing 🤦🏻‍♀️CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE FIX THIS🤦🏻‍♀️!!!

- Needs another update

First when you first sign up it’s impossible to read the agreement because it’s whit text on a yellowish orange background. Second, the app takes for ever to open, I have to wait 15 minutes or longer and most of my friends have the exact same problem. Last, every time I win something it says error and crashes but when I lose it is perfectly normal. The original app was way better, definitely need to make changes to fix this

- Unhappy customers

It shuts down ALOT & I have good WiFi or cell service when it does it. Especially when I’m at one of the stores it will kick me out and then when I go to log back in it’ll kick me out before I finish putting in my email and password and it’ll take me 9 to 10 times to be able to use the things that I’ve won or whatever. It almost seems like the company has set it up this way to stop people from getting the things that they’ve won.

- Trouble staying log in.

Since this new up date I have to keep logging back every day it automatically logs me out. Before the up date I would always be logged in.

- I really used to enjoy this a.m. p.m. scratch power app but now I have a Lotta problems with it

I would’ve gave it a five star but it freezes up a lot and when you updated it in and ask even worse sometimes they don’t even pick up a signal to even open up for me to get my points and sometime my points disappear so I’m a take that down to a three star

- Worst app in history of apps

Seriously the worst app I have ever installed. It never works. When it actually works and I can play my scratchers whatever I win goes into my wallet and then when I try to go to my wallet nothin is ever there...ever. All I ever get is a dumb message that says contact customer support and when I did that I got a half hearted reply that did nothing to fix the problem. I think I’ll go across the street to the shell station just out of frustration. No longer an ampm fan.

- Worst update ever!

This was a really great and fun app...until they tried to fix what wasn’t broken. It’s terrible now. The latest update made it where you can’t even scratch the scratchers without closing them. It takes way too long for the app to load and I have to close the app after checking in to access the scratchers. The only improvement has been being able to redeem your prizes all at once with the barcode. Please fix the errors!!!

- New update is terrible

Made me sign in again, but told me my password was wrong. So I hit forgot password, never got the email to reset. I created a new account, fine whatever. Now the app won’t open about half the time. When it does open it tells me there are no ampm’s near by, when I am sitting in the parking lot, or it tells me there is nothing in my wallet, when there are. It is definitely NOT new and *improved.*


Unfortunately I have to give this a 1 star rating. Ever since the update the app freezes! It never loads to the ‘scratcher’ screen. & when it does actually load it runs so slow & we lose our scratchers very quickly! My mom & I frequently use this app, we go almost everyday for either gas, a snack, or a drink. & we also stop off for a coffee on our way home from Disneyland. So we like to use the app for a little extra something. Just stinks.

- Used to be good, not anymore...

I'm a commuter, I drive a lot, and AmPm is a place where I normally stop and get gas and snacks. This app was awesome, winning burgers and hot dogs with free sodas, cookies, coffee. But now it just doesn’t work. You asked me To email you, which I did, you responded, then nothing.... I’ve emailed multiple times since then, and still nothing. My wife won a prize that required her to send her address. But we never got I’m not sure why you guys decided to mess this app up so bad.

- Riddled with Errors

This is one of the most poorly maintained apps I have ever seen. When you win a prize with the scratchers, it frequently comes up with an error. After this, it doesn’t let you accept the prize, and it won’t let you redo the scratcher. Lastly, the app takes 3 minutes to run any command, even just going to the in-app wallet.

- Ever since update, nothing but PROBLEMS!!!

I’ve liked and used this app for what feels like forever now but ever since their recent update, I’ll scratch the app outside by the gas pumps and go inside to redeem it and my whole wallet disappears!! Pops up with server login expired, then I go to log out and log back in and it says the same thing. If you’re gonna give free stuff away actually give it away instead of teasing people with it and taking it away!!

- Great App except for always getting logged out

This app is fantastic. I’ve gone to ampm more than I ever would have. However, I wish the app would not log me out if I don’t visit ampm every other day. If the app allowed me to stay logged in, this would be an easy 5 stars.

- False advertising

There is wins on the app but never receive wins when go to AmPm . I went to AmPm in Los Angeles in Hollywood on Highland and fountain never give the wines and they have attitudes and embarrass you in front of other customers and it’s been like that for months and didn’t fixes the issue I don’t think employees told management or owner. That’s the only gas station I go they make so much money from me but never give the wins on app they false advertising to bring people in .

- Too much good stuff

It’s easy. When you see an ampm you open the app and check in for a free chance to win. Plus discount on other products as well. I like this app

- Not an improvement!!

You really ruined a good thing. Super slow to open, makes you wait after scratching winners instead of being able use them immediately, when you try to redeem prizes tells you number is invalid, i couldn’t redeem my prizes. Bring the old one back!!

- Update

I was so exited for the new update. But now that I have it. So disappointing. EVERY single time I open the app I have to sign in or close and reopen. It take for ever to load when I’m in line. So now I have to open before i even get in line so not cause people to wait while I’m waiting for it to load. Also when I check in. It tells me I have no scratchers. So I have to reopen the app to scratch and see if I have any winnings. Plz fix! Thanks!

- new version

the new version works on all registers but not on the graveyard shifts dudes register.. rewritten. nothing wrong with app but I dont know how long id like to play to hope id win something other then snacks. Just kidding I enjoy free snacks and when they strike different new ones

- AMPM App

I have been having trouble With this app you can even save them to your Wallet anymore What is go on sometime The App works another time it don’t Can this issue be fixed

- Don’t even waste your time.

Saying this app only works even 1% of the time is a massive overstatement. Makes you re-login almost every couple times you open it, and their login process is the longest, and laggiest process ever released. Scratchers can’t even update, so when you do win something, it tells you that that scratcher has already been claimed. This app will do nothing but infuriate you 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Not Fun anymore

Too many glitches in the new program. I have lost out in so many prizes. I tried ‘contact us’ but it goes undeliverable 😖

- Can’t redeem prizes

I think it’s time to delete this app. I’m at my local AMPM practically every day so using the app had been fun but lately not so much. When I try to cash in prizes, I get an error message and the item doesn’t scan. The worker scans like 3-4 times in a row but the reward is not available even if it’s from the prior day. Annoying...

- Sad

The updates do not work and I have sent emails to support only to get no response. Further, even when I do win something the clerk tells me “I don’t know how to do this” or they says it’s not working today . As of today my app says there are no tickets available when I have not used it and still won’t let me check in. One day it will work right?

- L

This ap Is a total disaster area you can’t sign-on you can’t register you can’t do nothing with it it’s just screws up constantly I’m very disappointed in you guys

- Horrible doesn’t work

I have uninstalled reinstalled so many times trying to get this app to work. When I put my password in it just shuts down then I re install it prompts me to complete a profile which I have done but ok I’ll do it again because it will not give me another option then it says that profile exists. Very disappointed

- Savings Power!

I really enjoyed being able to save money using this app. The funky music and CGI make it pretty captivating as well. Not bad for a gasoline station! I am impressed!

- Bad updates

Can’t believe how bad this app has got. The first update I did a while back was bad locking up not loading or letting me check in to name a few. Now just updated it and can’t do scratchers because screen won’t stay in place and it keeps covering up the parts I get uncovered. Get your app together.

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ampm Scratch Power 6.1.9 Screenshots & Images

ampm Scratch Power iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ampm Scratch Power iphone images
ampm Scratch Power iphone images
ampm Scratch Power iphone images
ampm Scratch Power iphone images
ampm Scratch Power iphone images

ampm Scratch Power (Version 6.1.9) Install & Download

The applications ampm Scratch Power was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-10-02 and was developed by BP North America [Developer ID: 1156197022]. This application file size is 50.74 MB. ampm Scratch Power - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-02-15 current version is 6.1.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.firststarcommunications.ampmscratchpower

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