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PartyWith (formerly Party with a Local) connects people who want to party, all over the world.

PartyWith is the world’s largest and most authentic nightlife community, with over 200k party people in over 150 countries.

Are you new in town? Traveling solo? Or just want to meet fun new people?

Join the Party!

With the app you can connect to grab drinks, find parties nearby, meet new friends at festivals, and discover local nightlife experiences.

However, if you’re looking for a dating app, this isn't that.


What our users are saying:

"The best app I've ever used!" - Roberto A., Stockholm Local

"I met all my best friends in Amsterdam because of this app." - Sarina O., Amsterdam Local

"There are too many good times to remember - every PartyWith meetup has ended up as a great party night for me.”- Jane T., New York Local

Use PartyWith to:
- DISCOVER: People (locals, expats & travelers) & Parties Nearby

PartyWith is available worldwide. Our most active communities are in: Amsterdam, London, New York City, São Paulo & Sydney.


If you have any feedback or if you are encountering issues with the app, please let us know, we love hearing from our community.

You can email us at: [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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PartyWith - Locals & Travelers App Description & Overview

The applications PartyWith - Locals & Travelers was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-10-12 and was developed by Amplify Media. The file size is 104.19 MB. The current version is 4.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Enhancements to make connecting with party people faster and easier.

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Terrible  Nickwuknowme  1 star

Can’t log in. I don’t use FB. I signed up but the email link never gives me the ability to log in. Just stuck. IOS.


Doesn’t work  P-hayme  1 star

Tried to connect account to email instead of FB because I don’t use it, but when I click the link in the email it just sends me to a dead page that goes nowhere. It’s supposed to have an ‘open app’ link but it doesn’t

big Peepeee 2222

Doesn’t work  big Peepeee 2222  1 star

It tells me to create an account and sends me a link to my Email. After I click on the email there’s no link and sends me back to the app.


Download cost and subscription cost?!  NicknameGo  1 star

I payed the dollar to download figuring it was the cost of the app. Nope. As soon as I try to write to someone I have to pay a bulls**t subscription cost. Disingenuous much?


Fails on iPad  MisterKnowbody  4 star

Seems like a great idea. App is simple and easy, time will tell if this will be a thing. The app works on my iPhone but failed on my iPad after the first start up. It worked once, then just locks uP. Maybe it's a iPhone only app. As for the FB thing, i didn't sign up via FB, im glad they have a none FB option. Nope, FB knows too much already...


Partied with the coolest strangers  kyravilla  4 star

Thru this app. What a gem. NY is definitely alive with this, needs to also reach the west coast! What I'd suggest is improving the UX; a bit laggy but overall it's fantastic!


Time of my life.  BruceDaniel3  5 star

NY has so much to offer and this app led me right there. I just logged in with facebook and boom, found a killer party.


Doesn't let you register  switching2  1 star

Downloaded the app, clicked the link to confirm my email, but it doesn't confirm, just tells me to redownload the app again. Bad programming.

Stinky app

Facebook users only ???  Stinky app  1 star

Ok immediate delete ! It even tries to make you a Facebook account if you say you don't use it! Ok get a different way to log in or lose people's interest . Totally lost mine.


Cool  Vaelery  4 star

It has a simple but cool party app. Gives you a great result. Having fun with this awesome app.


Crashes  BALLSACKS_3D  1 star

App crashes every time I try to launch it. App requires IOS 8.2 or later.. I am on 8.3?please fix


Great App  hotmarkb  5 star

I love the format and ease of use of this App. Nice idea to get people actually meeting in person instead of only online.

The bird is the word

Awesome app  The bird is the word  5 star

Great app for any traveller who is looking to find what and where locals really go in a city. Very easy to use and a must for any "real" traveller.


Meeting strangers - the new way forward  Live901  5 star

This will be as big as facebook. Meeting people outside your social circle is made easy now. Facebook was so 2011.


Awesome app!!!!  Hanpick87  5 star

This was really great when I was I overseas! You could find people to party, hang out and eat with ... that knew all the cool places to go! 5 stars!

JLo IPho

Parteeee  JLo IPho  5 star

PWAL rocks.

Chipkin hugen

Fantastic app  Chipkin hugen  5 star

This app is just what I needed on my trip to amstredam. I met some lovely people and went to some great clubs and bars...I am recommending party to all my friends.

Hetty magoo

Great way to meet people!  Hetty magoo  5 star

I love this app!! Easy to use I have met some great people and when I was traveling I got shown places I wouldn't normally know about. I love that it shows you the venue on the map so you know how to find it when you are not familiar with the city. Great idea great app!!


Winning!  LKD84  5 star

Amazing idea to find where to go with new people in a new town!

Hetho 123

Great App!!  Hetho 123  5 star

Just downloaded this App and used it when I went to Berlin. Had a great time with some locals who showed me some bars I would never have seen!!

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