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Join more than 18 million students who are mastering new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring new hobbies from over 60,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

LEARN ANYTHING: Discover courses in 2,000+ topics - from Web Development to Photography, Music to Yoga. 1,000+ new courses published every month on popular topics like iOS11 and ARKit.

LEARN AFFORDABLY: Udemy has free courses and premium courses ranging from $10 - $200, and once you enroll, you’ll have on-demand, lifetime access to the content.

LEARN FROM EXPERTS: Be inspired by over 30,000 expert instructors teaching in 80 different languages

LEARN ANYWHERE: Download courses to learn offline and make long flights and commutes productive. Listen to courses in audio-only mode when you’re on the go.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: Ask questions to other students and the instructor and personalize your learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning.

● "Enabling students to enhance their skills and education while on the bus, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, makes education even more accessible." - Venture Beat

● "With its new app, Udemy now allows users to browse and sign up for both free and paid courses, giving them access to video lectures, articles and presentations while on the go." - Tech Crunch

Free and Premium Courses available in:
● Computer Programming including Java, Swift, Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript
● Web Development including HTML, CSS
● IT & Software
● Data Science
● Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship
● Leadership, Happiness and Productivity
● Design
● Marketing
● Office Productivity including Microsoft Excel™
● Health and Fitness
● Photography
● Music
● Languages
● and more…

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Udemy Online Courses App Description & Overview

The applications Udemy Online Courses was published in the category Education on 2012-10-16 and was developed by Udemy. The file size is 64.56 MB. The current version is 3.3.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for learning on Udemy! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Udemy Online Courses Reviews

Bah Aziz

Amazing  Bah Aziz  5 star

Good sources for learning new skills


Why no auto play on tvOS?  dev01d  3 star

Why exactly doesn’t the tvOS app allow auto play? It’s not a complete deal breaker but really takes you out of the learning experience. I hope this feature is added soon.

Nice things71

Great support!  Nice things71  5 star

Great support!


Perfect for on the go  Roony515  5 star

I love how I can go through all my favorite courses from my phone!


So full of bugs  travelingmonk  3 star

This thing is really bad software.. someof the bugs are so ‘in your face’ that it legitimately begs the question of wheather or not the developers ever try to use it.


Can’t purchase in app since upgrade -crashes!  TheChildrensMagician  1 star

Used to be able to purchase through the app, now after update it crashes. Can’t purchase a course I’d like to take. Please update!


Great content but...  Squatch91  4 star

This app would be 5 stars if I could use chrome cast to watch on my TV. I’ve been hacking it with Chrome’s cast tab feature on my desktop, but it it was supported by the app itself it would be so much more useful. Please prioritize this feature for an upcoming release!!


Took the money and did not deliver courses  _NM_  1 star

Ok Below was my previous experience and I requested refunds. This time, I purchased a course from my iPad and it Downloaded. Great, I purchased two more. Also good. The app needed an update. Updated. Then: all my courses including those previously purchased disappeared! The app wants me to go and sign for an account at Udemy. What is wrong with you at Udemy. Are you a bunch of crooks? This is how crooks behave? I purchased these and many others using my iPad!!!!! I will have to wait for my receipts and contact the App Store and complain. YOU ARE @$^&σ^ AND THAT WAS A EUPHEMISM! What is wrong with you? Why delete old content with an update? OLD REVIEW Paid them $24.98 and they delivered nothing. I am sure it is not their intent but unless refunded it amounts to statutory fraud. Update: Apple support responded that it will take 10 days to issue a refund. Meanwhile, Apple support recommended not to purchase anything through the app until the developer fixes the issue. The app itself cannot associate my Apple ID with any purchases and is therefore a failed application.


Stuck watching on mobile  EvilCultLeader  1 star

Can’t play on anything but mobile or pc because the app will not cast. Contacted support to suggest it as a feature and wa stood it already was a feature. If it is, it doesn’t work, I have a Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV and Chromecast V2 none of which the app will cast to.


Rage quit  vaguenickname  3 star

I “downloaded” a few courses for an upcoming flight and weekend trip on my ipad and (phone as a backup). I discovered during my flight that the ipad didn’t actually get the courses downloaded like it claimed it did. Ended up struggling watching coding lectures on a phone screen. Arrived at my destination with some WiFi and discovered that the ipad app is completely busted: - It won’t show me any of my courses in the list view, no matter the filter. - I tried to delete the courses and in the settings view they appear to be gone, but when I search for a class (since the list view doesn’t display anything) they have the orange icon and the presentation mode hangs in limbo. Won’t play the video and eventually crashes. - force quitting the app doesn’t affect it. - doesn’t appear that the ipad app will download anything in the background. I have to disable auto lock on the screen and let it sit with the app in the foreground to maybe get something downloaded. - other minor UI glitches, UI responsiveness issues and crashes (mostly related to file I/O) all on iPad. - since this is a universal app, I would guess that these issues might be on the iPhone as well, but so far they have no shown themselves. So YMMV. I love udemy’s course content and getting classes on sale is always a good deal, but the ipad app seems completely broken and has caused me some mild, but justified rage. IPad Air 1g and iPhone 7+


Cast support /smart tv app missing  Shekharpc  4 star

Cast support or a smart tv app would be very helpful to view courses and practice at the same time as most courses have labs


Awesome resource and alright app  Mtj-93  4 star

Id love Picture in Picture support, watching a video while taking notes (or even engaging in the lessons in another app) would be so awesome. As would casting to various devices like Chromecast or Xbox One. Also being able to read ALL the reviews and organising them via the stars system like on the website would be neat. Awesome. Thanks everyone!

EHC 541

20/10  EHC 541  5 star

This is by far the best online course app ever. They have so many options, so easy to navigate and surprisingly cheap! I'm so thankful for this app! Well done Udemy.

Leo Caseiro

Missing Chromecast becomes useless  Leo Caseiro  3 star

The Udemy platform its awesome! I have been using for a while and like others, I normally cast from my iPhone to my TV. Something went wrong with the last updates and it’s missing this feature l. I’d love to have it back (5 star when it’s done). As a work around, I’m watching through the TV Cast app, accessing Udemy website which makes this app useless. Other then that, the new app fixed the offline issues I had and it’s good. That would be nice having my last watched instead of going to the home page to buy new courses. I do understand it’s their marketing, but out at least a floated button to “keep watching”. Thanks


Worst app I've ever experienced for offline use  Scrimmo81  1 star

Fix the problem of the app not downloading anything for offline use and I'll re rate your app. Currently unusable to me


Essential learning app  Aztecsanx  5 star

This is the best online learning course I have found through a long research different options. Best if used with a large tablet.


Unusable - resolved  Pestilance666  4 star

White screen issue resolved. Thank you


Cannot watch Video  Themenace60  1 star

Screen goes blank white


My ipad screen is blank after the update!  Bobb1247  2 star

There is no video, just audio! I’d think this kind of probs should have been picked up during the testing stages before the release! Am i wrong! Please fix it urgently before a demand for refund is considered.


Blank screen issue  matthiasb  1 star

Experiencing the same issue as other reviewers. Screen goes white when starting a course. Only happens on my old iPad 3 with iOS 9, though. iPad Air 2 with iOS 11 works fine. Still frustrating.


Keeps crashing  MQuaid  3 star

Keeps crashing and does not save my searches but I can add things to wish list. I’d also like the option to have my phone go dark and still be able to listen, like with my music or when listening to Pandora or podcasts. Please make these adjustments.


Voice ONLY!!!! Seriously!?  Toufikannab  5 star

Update: Thanks for fixing it! Appreciated! Updated my rating. The latest ipad version upgrade is a disaster! Can’t see the vids; when I try to access a course; the voice starts playing with a perfectly white screen! Is this a joke or something?


Worst upgrade to date  Worst-update2-date  1 star

The latest interface change has has many problems. Contacted support with no resolution or help given. Downloaded the latest fix this evening and now the app won't run AT ALL. As soon as it starts it immediately crashes. Can't even get logged in. Deleted the app and reinstalled it a number of times with the same results. EXTREMELY disappointed with Udemy at the moment and would find it very difficult to recommend them to anyone.


*FIXED: White Screen on iPad Pro instead of video  JaySeeG  4 star

Edit: They've fixed the WSOD I can no longer watch a course on my iPad Pro, the video is just a white screen w/ audio. You can't even control the video or exit—I have to quit the app just to make the audio stop playing. Please fix so I can view the content I paid for.

Husam alani

Poor video playing  Husam alani  2 star

There is a lot of problems in playing the lectures video, slow loading, stop responding when paused and didn’t replay again Knowing that the internet speed is not the problem because all other applications work perfectly and the same courses played perfectly on the laptop with the same internet


Offline mode buggy  Eugene1123458  3 star

Doesn’t download lectures in order. Skips random lectures with no way to manually trigger a download

Frank Guida

Rip off  Frank Guida  1 star

This game is sh#t you have to pay to draw and the free one they just talk about what you are drawing 😡

Nisal Tharanga

Supper buggy  Nisal Tharanga  2 star

This app is buggy ever since I installed 1 year back. Each update is surprisingly giving super big issues. I really wonder how they push an app to store without prior test. I sow one comment that video not visible but hear sound. I have the same issue after updated. And when download lesson to watch offline while traveling or so, videos are not playing sometimes. But Udemy does great job on publishing lesson which I have got a lot benefit from.


Good classes, poor app  :Divo  2 star

Enjoying the few courses I am taking from people over seas, which I enjoy the idea of. However the app videos, even when screen is black and just audio, stalls time and time again. I have no problem with my internet and streaming. Turn video quality to lowest and still occurs. Download previous to watch and still happening, quite irritating.


Auto play needs improvement  JustinCodes  3 star

The app works well enough but annoyingly theirs no option to have the next video play immediately. This becomes annoying for Udemy videos that are a minute and a half or so. I have to minimize the video and select the next instead of waiting for the timer until the next one auto plays. Additionally even while the wait timer is going there’s nothing I can click to immediately go to the next video.

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