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Udemy is an online learning platform featuring 80,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors. Take courses in anything from programming languages like Python, and Java to personal development classes like design, drawing, writing and yoga. Join the more than 24 million students who are mastering new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring new hobbies on Udemy.

LEARN ANYTHING: Discover courses in over 2,000 topics - from coding and data science to marketing, Photoshop, yoga, and more. New courses, on cutting-edge topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, are continuously refreshed.

LEARN AFFORDABLY: Udemy has both free and paid courses within your budget. Once you’ve enrolled in a course, you’ll have lifetime access to the content.

LEARN FROM EXPERTS: Be inspired by 35,000+ expert instructors teaching in 50+ different languages.

LEARN ANYWHERE: Download courses to learn offline. On the go? Listen to courses in audio-only mode.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: Ask both students and instructors questions. Personalize your learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning.

Free and paid courses available in:
- Development: web development, programming languages (Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C# & more), game development, coding basics, coding bootcamps, etc.

- Business: Finance, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, public speaking, presentation skills, writing, etc. Plus, data & analytics (SQL, machine learning, deep learning, data science & more).

- IT & Software: IT certification, network & security, cyber security, CCNA, etc.

- Office Productivity: Microsoft, Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, etc.

- Personal Development: productivity, leadership, personal finance, career development, study skills, etc.

- Design: drawing, web design, graphic design, design tools (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & more), UX design, UI design, design thinking, etc.

- Marketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization(SEO), social media marketing, marketing fundamentals, mobile marketing, content marketing, product marketing, etc.

- Lifestyle: arts & crafts, travel, gaming, dog training, etc.

- Photography: digital photography, photography tools, commercial photography, video design, etc.

- Health & Fitness: yoga, nutrition, meditation, self-defense, etc.

- Teacher Training: online course creation, presentation skills, instructional design, etc.

- Music: instruments (guitar, piano & more), music fundamentals, music techniques, music software, etc.

- Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.

Udemy - Online Courses App Description & Overview

The applications Udemy - Online Courses was published in the category Education on 2012-10-16 and was developed by Udemy. The file size is 124.18 MB. The current version is 4.0.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for learning on Udemy! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Udemy - Online Courses Reviews


Chromecast support  Autoluminescent  4 star

Add chromecast support


Lot of bugs  trulysri  2 star

iPhone X : Problems when casting through Chromecast. Loss of internet connection. UI not scaling with iPhone X . App stops abruptly.


Great course, bad app  HappiestMeal  2 star

The course I am taking is great, if this were a review about content it would be an easy 5 Star. Unfortunately I can’t give it a good review because the app makes it very difficult to access the great content. Perhaps is because my phone is an older iPhone (iPhone 5), but the app will regularly fail me in a variety of ways. Sometimes it won’t let me select previous lessons, sometimes I can’t select the current lesson after reviewing a previous lesson, sometime the video won’t load at all, and the download feature never works. Sometimes everything works perfectly giving me a glimpse of the experience I could be having (except the download feature). Today’s experience has been the most frustrating because no amount of closing the app and reopening it has helped, it still refuses to load the video. The apps biggest saving grace is that the mobile website is even worse. It’s a shame because I love the course but it doesn’t mater how nice the product is if I can’t access it.

Noah Glusenkamp

So buggy  Noah Glusenkamp  1 star

Especially when downloading content. Really a shame because it’s a great app. It just hangs all the time.

J Rancel

Will no longer Cast to my TV  J Rancel  3 star

I’ve always used the app to stream my courses to my living room TV. It will no longer cast to my tv, as it will not even locate it. It finds my Google Home speakers as castable devices but never the TV. I have done troubleshooting, soft resets, reinstalls and still no casting. It is not the television as every other streaming app, YouTube etc. see my TV and cast without issue.


Cost?  velocorapterattack!  4 star

Did this cost money? I’m sorry of topic this app wasn’t what I was looking for although it is good for other needs


Missing functionalities  Affettuosso  2 star

7/18/2018 The videos download is very slow. When you cancel downloading a video, a message pops up saying the app has lost internet. You have to kill the app and open it again. Also, for some reason the app does feel as smooth. This app is still missing lot of functionalities as simple as adding a course to your favorite and lot more. Definitely not up to udemy users expectations.

John From Earth

Good app  John From Earth  5 star

Would like to see a video overlay option so I can do other things on the iPad while watching courses. Thx.


It needs work  Horusson  2 star

I like the courses. I have literally spent all day trying to download one course to offline mode. It’s still downloading. I’ve tried multiple connections and removed the downloads. The fullscreen view when watching a video does not allow me to go back resulting in having to close the app completely.


App freezing  natesyourmom  2 star

Love udemy, but this latest app release is super buggy. Any time I tap a course to go to the course detail view, the app becomes completely unresponsive. Sometimes it's a few seconds, sometimes it's a minute or so and I just force quit or leave the app. Please take a look at it, thanks.


Certified!  AIS1983  2 star

Doesn’t say anywhere if any of these courses are Australian certified? That’s a worry


App is really really bad in today’s standards  JLiu44  1 star

Takes forever to download, and logs me out once in a while and once logged out, all downloaded data lost!! Take another century to download again... you are not going to keep your customers with service like this!!


WendyS  wendywio  5 star

Awesome courses really informative and make learning a pleasure

george zhang nine

Too slow  george zhang nine  1 star

I use this app under 4G env, but I don’t understand why it keep loading even I want to play those downloaded lectures


Learn the harmonica  sososlow1234  5 star

Worst app I’ve ever encountered . Prolonged pauses, dropouts.buffering etc etc. just doesn’t work. FrankX


4-star to tech support  tonydghgdcv  4 star

I change my rate from one star to four stars. The app still has issue to buy and watch courses(not all the time), but the tech support is professional and fast-responsive.


Terrible!!  VenixAU  1 star

Terrible app and terrible website. I can’t watch one video in full via the web (Safari or Chrome) or download one video with the app on an iPad Pro. In both cases they get to a point and don’t finish. I’m on a 50MB broadband connection and have also tried 4G without success! About to ask for my money back.


The app crashes a lot  Hilda2018  3 star

It crashes a lot!


Average  Badgerxxx  2 star

Courses look great but repeatedly cannot play them even though I have downloaded each of the lectures to my phone. Cbtnuggets works much better for course streaming though it is a different market.


Awesome App!!  Kookiewookie  5 star

Udemy has made education accessible to everyone. I remember when I had to pay $1,000 for a one day course to use Adobe Indesign, now I only paid $12.99 for an 8 hr course. Thank you Udemy. You make it easier for people to succeed, without the cost!!


Great content, Poor app delivery  GBew11  2 star

In general the app is just ok when trying to stream content, I did notice it performs better over cellular data than WiFi which is concerning considering I have a gigabit connection to the house. Downloads are the reason for the two stars. It takes very long at all for a lesson to download over WiFi. To try to help replicate, I have tried on multiple devices in multiple locations, no change, maybe that helps fix this. Over my cellular data things download very quickly and the app is responsive. One last thing, not nearly as important, it is annoying that content auto plays every time you enter a course, personal preference probably. Hope that helps.


Frustrating  Dreadmaul  3 star

While browsing courses and viewing intro videos, I’m doing it all landscape. After EVERY video playback the screen switches to portrait. I have to pick up my iPad, twist it to portrait and back to landscape. It’s very annoying. Also, I was just going to submit a ticket on their website for this problem but even their submission page has issues where it won’t submit.


Learn in my own time - fits in my schedule  tcmdoc66  5 star

I love the short, easy to digest videos! They fit well in my schedule as I don’t have a lot of time. No issues with the platform, seems to be always reliable. Great stuff so far!

Idli Vade Fan

Ridiculous App  Idli Vade Fan  1 star

I’m studying to get AWS arch certification- I can never navigate from one video to another without either quitting the app ,restarting and I have to do this for each video!! I usually end up going back to my Laptop to access the content. This app was voted app of the week - shows how clueless Apple is on rating the app.


Slow at first  el4591  4 star

I love the app and pretty much everything about the Udemy idea but I often find myself quitting going through or initializing a course for following reasons: - First starting the app takes too long to load. I assume it is trying to get a lot of things at once? - coming back to a previews visited section of the app triggers a reload/fetch of content again. .It also usually happens if I quit/leave the app and comeback to it. - clicking in a course often goes on another loading mission and takes a bit to start playing the videos/course. - minimizing a video/course keeps it on top of the view and accessing the bottom course of my wishlist becomes unnecessary hard to do. I have an iPhone 7 plus and I use the app on wifi. Overall, I love the app and just wish these issues been addressed in near updates.


‘My courses’  Meliciae  1 star

Under the section ‘my courses’, the only classes that show up are just the ones I have purchased on the app. The courses I purchased on my computer still do not show up.


Video Autoplay  BluegrassGooner  4 star

Please add a way to stop video autoplay on the app.


This is cool but it would be awesome to have free on all courses.  pianogirlone  5 star

I really like this but it would help do all courses for free all each July and December. So teen and adult who works 2 day a week can continue their education while their brother and sister are in college or high school. It would be best idea. Ps. I been playing piano for 9 years.

DeAnna XoXo

Udemy World  DeAnna XoXo  5 star

Glad to be a part. Excellent application and information received from within the application.

Not Inigo Montoya

Great courses! But it’s maddening to use!  Not Inigo Montoya  3 star

The good: I’d say Udemy is designed impressively, giving me a sense of organization that no other courses app has given me. I’d also say that the multitude of courses available on Udemy is the best of any other app I’ve used. The terribly bad: I’ve spent over $40 on courses with Udemy, optimistic about learning. However, it is impossible for me to get through a single video without experiencing a conglomeration of multiple glitches that halts my focus and brings my progress to a standstill. Videos pause randomly after every couple of seconds, causing need to have to close the app and open it back up again just to get them going only for them to stop once again. Course is full on disappear from my courses list and once again force me to restart the app. Even with reliable Wi-Fi, the videos often load only a couple of seconds of video after minutes of loading. Overall the multitude of courses available with Udemy offer it great potential, but the non-stop software glitches I have experienced alone Have me telling people to use a different course offering the app instead.

Orajiaku Chibuchi

My offline downloaded videos isn’t playing with/without mobile data  Orajiaku Chibuchi  4 star

I’ve been using this app for some months and I think it’s really great. But my downloaded videos ain’t playing, they just keep on loading. Also I can’t update my app from the AppStore at the moment. Please sort things out. Thanks


Wonderful.  Thatguybabs  5 star

Great interface. Easy navigation.


Issue With Update Released Today On IPad Air 2  Fajostheprince  2 star

And I've been enjoying the app until the update you released today, November 4, 2017, and everything went poof! I cannot watch ALL my purchased courses AGAIN! Anytime I tried to play the video, everything will just white out: white screen with ONLY audio! Please fix this ASAP! I have some courses I need to complete soonest. Thank you!!!


Absolutely great app  Texbiano  5 star

Udemy gives me the opportunity to become an expert at any field right from the comfort of my home. The UI is everything. Love it.


Wonderful app  Odiugbede  4 star

Wonderful app.It has really helped in improving my programming skills.


The light on my career path  AdeolaH  5 star

Couldn't have claimed the title "WebDeveloper" without courses from UDEMY. Every course enrolled on it shed the needed light to my career path.


Fantastic  IonGeek  5 star

Udemy is my No. 1 go to place for learning. Yet to find a service that beats it. Lots of diverse topic. That's what Udemy different.

Rita (HRH)

Candle making Kevin partner.  Rita (HRH)  4 star

Basic lecture. Very enlightening.


Worst New Version  Bjfikky  1 star

Did you even bother testing this on an iPad?! Course progress bar remains at 0% while it is labeled 63% in my case. And already watched videos keep unmarking themselves. Go back to the old version till this is perfect


Awesome app  RowLX  5 star

A must have


Great app!!  Kiano121  5 star

Love it so far.


Great Courses  AEsmerio  2 star

The courses are great. I've learned a lot through them. I already bought over 10 curses. My bad score is for this app. It's only display a white screen. I can't see any of my courses. I can hear but not see at all. I restarted and reinstalled, nothing works.


Watch for triple billing  Oisin-1135574321  1 star

I bought a course and got billed 3 times Also when the invoice comes through for the course - when you buy it through the app - it does not tell you for which course it is. So be sure and check the invoice


Awesome product  Joanypony123  5 star

Can do courses whenever/wherever I want.


Excellent Course Finding App  sjv2222  5 star

Some really good courses available through this app. Really impressed with it!


Awesome app  Themarceloc  5 star

Watching coding lessons and even skateboard tutorials on the go. Keep up the good work Udemy!


Excellent app on its own  Mahhes  4 star

Overall very good app. Can download the course content which is great. Only downside I have noticed is the sync on progress between the web version and app is not working.


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP!!  LisaWalsh  5 star

Amazing little app that bundles any and every type of educational course into it!

Ford Zodiac

Love it  Ford Zodiac  5 star

Easy to navigate and lots to learn.

Amaze 123546&@9

Ace  Amaze [email protected]  5 star



Offline does not work  dhhwfjkbcejkgcbj  1 star

No matter how many times I have tried to down load my content it does not work. When I have downloaded the content (eventually) and try to watch my course with internet it still does not work on my phone. Beyond frustrating!!!! I am unable to do any of my course with my phone 😡😡😡😡😡😡, online or offline


Offline Horror.  nicknamesTim  1 star

Great educational videos works well online. But offline it keeps loading till kingdom come. Videos have been downloaded but I can’t play them on the app. With or without data.


Not picking up my courses  Matt_Billy  1 star

Hi, I've been doing some couple of courses via web browser, but now that I've downloaded the app, I've logged in with same details but it can't pick up my current courses. Can you advise on this


Not robust enough  Kimonodragon  1 star

Considering what udemy offers on their mobile web counterpart, it's embarrassing. So often the videos don't load, and it confuses itself

Always no water

Bad app  Always no water  1 star

Downgrading from 2 to 1 star. Half the videos in my courses are not downloading, and now the downloaded videos are not playing either. Rather just live stream the videos on a pc and enjoy your time away if you do not have connection.


Buffering and downloading  bradlows  1 star

I can watch HD videos with ease but I can seem to watch one of these videos on 360p without it buffering. Downloading videos is also a disaster. Some download, some don’t. Even once downloaded, you’ll be lucky if plays.


Nice and simple  Anonscrewyouapple  5 star

Easy to use, not too many bells and whistles. It’s an easy way to access and track lesson videos. I hope other similar learning sites follow this example.


Learning on the go  TerenceHin  5 star

Love the ability to download course videos and watch them “on-the-go” while flying or commuting.. wish there was a Mac app


Great content, bad downloads and offline  Thule5189  2 star

Excellent content and lectures well structured, nice video player. The online experience is great. The offline experience on the app is horrible. The download algorithm is weird, it would jump around downloading videos at a seemingly random sequence, but then also randomly skips a video and doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t get that skipped video to download. The app also goes into a freezing state often, especially when downloading courses even on a high speed network so network speed is not to blame. I use the app for a lot of my learning, but don’t always have an internet connection for it, hence the dependence on the downloads and thus the huge impact on my review rating. I enjoy Udemy. Please fix these bugs to ensure all round great user experience!


Pathetic!  jaynoah  1 star

Screen blank and only voice. A waste of money!!!


Good stuff  Nitro_NC  5 star

Learn anything!!


Great  Capfields  5 star

Congrats to the developers for such great app. Knowledge is power


Impressive  Yawbeezle  5 star

Impressive and excellent app to learn

Udemy - Online Courses Comments

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