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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Download the mobile app & discover all the beautiful possibilities during the holiday season. Find the best gifts in makeup, skincare & haircare—plus shade match and color swatch your favorites in makeup and haircare in GLAMlab®, our virtual beauty try-on experience. Then check your Ultamate Rewards account & redeem points anytime, anywhere.
• Book an appointment at your nearest Ulta Beauty Salon in a snap! Treat yourself to beauty services for hair, skin & more.
• Shop by category & filter by brand, price, best sellers & new arrivals. Plus, try on your new look before you buy using GLAMlab.
• Easily find a product using our barcode scanner to view product info, ratings, reviews & save your favorites; QR codes supported.
• Use voice search to search for a brand or product, simply by speaking its name.
• View weekly ads, gifts with purchase, exclusives, our gift guide & all of our holiday sales.
• Virtually try on thousands of looks in GLAMlab! From our new hair color and lash try-ons to our Foundation Shade Matcher, swatch and color match products from top brands like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, NYX, MAC & more.
• Find the perfect shade match using the Foundation Shade Matcher tool in GLAMlab.
• Get a customized skincare routine in minutes using the Dermalogica Skin Analysis tool.
• Send eGift Cards or Gift Cards by mail from your mobile device for the perfect stocking stuffers.
• Feel the love! Sign up for Ulta Beauty’s free Ultamate Rewards Program.
• Access your existing Ultamate Rewards account to view bonus offers, current status & points balance.
• Learn more & apply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card—another exciting way that beauty loves you back!
• Get the latest skincare tips & trends with our monthly Skin-fatuation feature & haircare tips from our monthly style roundup, Hair Heroes. Find the haircare and skincare routine that’s right for you using our virtual hair color try on in GLAMlab and the Dermalogica Skin Analysis tool.
• Opt-in for push notifications to be the first to know about exclusive offers on our favorite holiday gifts & brands, upcoming events at your nearest Ulta Beauty store, as well as updates to our app and GLAMlab experiences.
• Review your Ulta.com account order history and order tracking.
• Use the store locator to get directions to your nearest Ulta Beauty store, view our holiday hours & even book a Salon appointment!
• Share your favorite products & looks on your favorite social networks.
• Search for and quickly find recently viewed products using Spotlight Search.

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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Introducing: Personalized routines! Get a custom-made skincare regimen based on your goals and preferences using the Skin Analysis tool. • Check and see how busy your Ulta Beauty store is before you head in to shop. Available only in the app under the Stores tab. And, you can now see the services your Ulta Beauty store has to offer.

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare Comments & Reviews

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- UX is Clean

I'm rating this app more from the point of view as UX/UI designer. All in all the app has been more impressive than I thought possible. I have access to what I want, in the areas I expect them to be. As someone who had never interacted with the app before, I was able to find a coupon to use starting day one. I checked out my profile info and was able to edit my new shipping address straight from the app. When I'm on a product page, I can favorite my specific skin tone on a foundation. I can write a review straight within the app as well, although I noticed that I can't apply review tags as I am able to do on the desktop site. I'd also like the ability to save my nickname when rating, but that seems like more of an account issue than the app. Since I'm talking about the review and rating ability in this app, I'd like to mention that I almost missed the "Write a Review" link after I tapped the Reviews button. My suggestion would be to make it a button in order to give the CTA more attention. All in all, solid app. The best design is the one you don't notice, and this experience was very smooth. Props to the team who developed the Ulta app. EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'd love the ability to add items to a wishlist within the app.

- Pretty Good App..

I love basically everything about the app, EXCEPT I absolutely hate how there isn’t multiple pictures of one product. Especially if I’m looking at colored cosmetics... Obviously if I really was concerned about making sure I’m getting the correct shade of something or if I’m trying to color match myself, I would then just go to the nearest Ulta location. But still, I wish they would have the option of being able to at least see some kind of side by side swatches of the products, (similar to the Sephora App work...), so you could see all the shades next to one another in a photo to help you compare the different shades of one product. Especially when it comes to any colored base products like foundations, concealers, bronzers, etc. because I still believe that you could make a decent choice when shade matching or whatever using the Ulta App or their website if you have the right photos. And I know you could also research some photos online through Instagram as well for further side by side swatches. Instagram does have the best photos of swatches and I’m not asking for the Ulta App to compete with that, but just to have some would be amazing!!! But honestly it’s such a great app for the most part! Yeah I have a few other annoyances about the app but this would for sure be at the top of that list! But nonetheless...I definitely would recommend!

- Best Store~APP for all your Body & Beauty needs!

I only wish I had found ULTA sooner. You carry all the best brands of Make up, Hot tools, Shampoo & Conditioners and so much more. Your prices and freebies are unbeatable! You put together a store that has everything you need. I am in Love! My most favorite thing about ULTA is being able to get high end products, like Clinique foundation and Moisturizer at the same price or lower. I will never have to stand in line at a cosmetic counter, ever again. Your small trial size bottle’s are perfect. They last long enough for you to know whether, it works for you or not. So when buying a large bottle you are confident, in buying a large bottle. I shop at ULTA for my whole family and have never been disappointed. You give great information on your products so you know exactly what your getting. At Cosmetic counters your stuck to pick and choose quickly. You hope the 50$ eye cream you bought, gives you the result you wanted! With ULTA you are not rushed, giving you time to read about the products you want. The details are so important and you deliver in that regard! Lastly the product deals you notify me of, are wonderful. Thank you ULTA, I could not ask for more. You have covered every base! The Frazier Family

- I love ulta so much and this app is so helpful!

First of all, I have only one or two complaints about this app. Other than the few complaints its mostly ideas on how to make it work better/more efficiently. The complaints are the following, the app does crash from time to time which is obviously going to happen. Also, some of the products that I know are out in stores weren't showing up to buy from the app. But other than that I think that's all the complaints I have. For the improvements/things, I think would make it better. I think it would be nice to have a live HUMAN ”assistant” for finding out what products would be best for your skin shade, undertone, type and more. (without sacrificing privacy and all) Also if you can't find your undertone have a test to see what undertone you are. Also, a button or something to click to get a small sample of perfume before you buy it may be for free or a couple of dollars something reasonable for something you're just trying to smell before you buy the whole thing. And what about an alert when something that has been out of stock comes back in stock. (hint hint James Charles morphe pallet lol) but I think that concludes this review! Keep up the great work!!❤️✨🙌🏼

- It’s ohmeh...

It's good! I wish it would take from Sephora and be more descriptive in shades and give more photos and videos to preview products. Also a way to help find shades of foundation that match up to what you could put in a profile would be amazing. Sephora has a skin tone ID system. They also have a skin care system and this helps tremendously when it comes to purchasing products online. Also the sample game needs to be stepped up because Ulta stores are like the Walmart of Makeup stores while Sephora is more akin to the Sephora’s in the world. Ya see Ulta has a lot of catching up to do. I would love to see Ulta succeed and do better but that requires treating your customers like they’re clients not pests off the street. Here’s a major hint. When a lot of people go shopping they don’t flaunt their wealth because who wants to be robbed. So don’t treat one person better than the others. And we all know your butts can afford to give out samples of product and then place it in our profiles so if we enjoy it then we can purchase it. Now I am telling y’all give QUALITY samples. And please hire people who know how to do brows.

- .

I prefer to purchase my products from Ulta versus Sephora since Ulta's rewards program is far superior in my opinion. Yet, in researching products prior to purchase I primarily use the Sephora app because, again in my opinion, Sephora's app is WAY better than Ulta's. While both apps are user friendly and easy to navigate, Ulta's app is lacking in some areas. Sephora provides multiple photos of products as well as photos of the product(s) shown on different skin tones. It seems odd to me that Ulta would only provide one photo, especially pertaining to items where photos of the inside (makeup bags, etc.) would be extremely helpful! The second most important area would be the reviews section. I, like most people today, always look at reviews on items before I make a purchase, and I ALWAYS check the average star rating out of five. That is something I reference on any and all products I purchase online, and Ulta does not have this feature. Another thing in Sephora's review section that is great is the details they give you surrounding the person who actually wrote the review. You can look for reviews with similar features to yourself and that is very helpful! I hope at some point Ulta will upgrade some of these things on the app so I can use only your app for both research and purchase!

- Shame !!!!!

****Can you fix the feature for services. It crashes every time I want to make a hair appointment. I can’t use the app at all to make an appointment and I been using the app for like five years now for that specific purpose. What the hell!! If you had to change it, at least should have replaced it with something that work. This is insane !!!!! **** With the new update to the app, did anyone even check how the appointment feature even work?? Well it doesn’t because it takes me to safari. Then it refuses to show me the times, or services if I pick a team mate. If I pick up services, it refuses to show me team mate. And it keeps on restarting itself. What the hell!! The last feature worked well. Why the hell you have to change it !! 60 points away from diamond status. Had to travel abroad on a family visit for the holidays. But during my travels, I cannot use Ulta app, website or even phone call to place (or browse) and reach my diamond status. Ulta has restricted my account and would not allow me any access to it. Thank universe my account is paid in full otherwise I would be charged a late fee and not my fault BECAUSE ULTA IS NOT ALLOWING ME TO ACCESS THEIR WEBSITE. Seriously it’s almost 2020. Get a better server as I have had no problem ordering from any other website during my trip other then Ulta. Shame !!

- Best Shopping App

This app has no issues. It keeps me logged in with all my updated information, I can view both my online & in-store purchases, as well as itemized point history in real time. This helps make the most of both the reward membership and help to keep track of shopping/order details. This app is by far my most used and loved. Any additional suggestions I would take advantage of would be to search new arrivals by category i.e.: What's New in hair/ New in skincare/ etc. I would like to be able to make "verified reviews" from my ordered items. It would also be cool if Ulta offered a reward point for verified reviews! If at all possible, I would love for there to be a way to enter a search keyword that would also be able to search within ingredient listings. And one other suggestion would be a way to search through your personal favorited/saved items. Thank you to Ulta for keeping your app updated, efficient, and an easy, one-stop click for your shoppers.

- Shocked at good reviews

The filters are a mess. If I filter 500+ items on sale, and there are 3 categories of eyes, lips, and face, all 3 categories should add up to equal 500+ sale items. Not even close. Each category has like 15 items. I can’t go back a step in the filters, I have to clear them all or start a new search. The search is terrible. I can search for a product by the exact name in the Ulta listing and it doesn’t come up. One filter for “gift with purchase” seriously included every single item. Because there is an online promotion for a gift with purchase for every single purchase. How is that a filter? Last time there was a jumbo sale, I didn’t know until I walked in the store. I had been on the app, intending to place a pickup order and checking the sales. Afterwards I thought, maybe I missed it on the app? Nope. To know there was a sale, I would have needed to scroll down on the main page past virtual try-on, full price advertisements, social media feeds. The store ad, which includes promos, is seriously the very last thing on the page. I was just going to post the problems with the filters and searches, but after seeing that such a terrible app has high ratings, I had to clarify. One of the worst “pretty” apps I’ve ever used.

- My new go to beauty needs store at my hole!!

I adore Ulta Beauty!! It is where I go should I find I am running low on anything because Ulta Beauty has it!! Ulta also has beauty rewards that give you rewards each and every time I shop Ulta. These points add up, too!! So I can get, Smashbox, Too Faced, Estée Lauder plus so many more product like Urban Decay, and Mac. It’s just too easy too as long as I don’t get addicted and defeat the purpose!! I’m good to go. I’m hear to check the status of my order which anyone whom has ordered a product or products. I cannot say enough for this app. All the prices seem to be at or below retail cost. It would be great if they could by in quantity so they can pass the savings on to their customers. But you cannot always get that what you wish for. So all in all I gave Ulta a five star rating because Ulta deserves it!!! Keep up the good work and send those samples because I have purchased each of them!! Thank you Ulta for the great customer service!! My hat’s off to you!!

- The Ulta app makes it easy to find what you are looking for, and more!

Ulta’s app, makes it very easy to find what your looking for and gives you access to all the info you need. You can look at your messages from Ulta, and check to see special offers, which are usually more,mthe higher your tier is. You also can see certain items that are double the points or triple the points, that you may have already thought of buying. Your points are shown on the screen, and as a diamond member, I can tell you they add up real quick. The app is overall very user friendly, and have the Ulta coupon(s) for that month, in case you lost your magazine or do not receive them. I can go on and on about how awesome this app is, end up writing 10 long paragraphs and still forget 25 things If you love shopping at Ulta you should definitely go download the app and see for yourself!! I bet you won't be disappointed!

- Enjoy the brow bar, not the skin bar so much

I look forward to going and getting my brows waxed/plucked. However, my last visit will be my last visit, to that particular store. Novi. I dared myself, to try out their skin bar. Last month, and while getting a microzone facial, I couldn't help but notice this woman did not wear any gloves. I could feel her gel overlay nails on my skin. Not to mention, my skin is highly sensitive already. I'm sure this didn't help. My parents brought me to my appointment. I'm physically disabled, my speech be delayed and quiet- but I'm 100% cognitive. I had my aunt call the store on my behalf to complain. And, I see it's going to be my word vs. hers. Because she wondered why my parents didn't call? Their recommendations were "just don't go back" and why am I just now having my aunt call? Because it took a whole month for my face to heal. She left black scabs over the blackheads she should have extracted.

- Shipping address didn’t update in the system

I moved from California to Texas recently, I usually go and pick up my orders. They didn’t have what I wanted at my local store so I decided to place an order online. Since I recently moved I always check the shipping address because I haven’t shopped online at ulta since I moved. Long story short I updated my address I placed my order and everything seemed fine. Honestly I didn’t check the email that got sent to confirm the order because I made sure to update all my information before placing the order even my credit card and billing address, which I have the email to prove. Anyways, it was time for my order to be delivered check the tracking and realized it was delivered to my previous address, went into the app to check the address info in my account and it was the correct address. Contacted ulta and they said they cannot refund or do anything because it was my fault. Although while I was on the phone they saw my precioso address on their system and me in the app saw my current address. I’m really upset my order is in California somewhere and I can’t get a refund nor my products.


Not only do I love the app but I absolutely love the store! They literally have everything I need and want... from the latest perfumes,the hottest trends in make up, hair products, styling tools, one of my faves is nail polish 💅🏽(they even had a special OPI LIMITED EDITION HELLO KITTY SET WHICH TO ME WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS)....bath soaps and loofahs....AND REALLY I BARELY EVEN HIT ON HALF OF WHAT THEY HAVE AND HOW MUCH FUN IT IS JUST TO SHOP THERE-and ONLINE!! (WITH A FRIEND IS BETTER and I'm 42!) WHOOT! 💄💋 I have not yet tried the salon 💇🏻 or had a make over but I hope to! IF ANYONE HAS HAD A HAIRCUT AT THE SALON, please leave it in your feedback please 🙏! I'm really picky about my hair and I'm sure everyone can relate to at least 1 hair stylist that said, I'm just GOING TO DO A TRIM about an inch and you walk out without any hair!!! Anyway-APP is great! Love the variety of name brand products, I DON'T LIKE HOW SOME ITEMS ARE A little pricey BUT I can't think of anything bad to say ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💛 I LOVE ULTA 💙

- They need to add all the services to the booking feature

EVERY TIME I need to book a brow bar appointment the process is long and tedious because they never have the brow appointments available when you actually are ready to book your appointment on the app. Brow services, and their starting prices, are listed under services but as soon as you go to the booking feature everything EXCEPT brows is available for selection. So I end up having to call which is EVEN MORE FRUSTRATING because you just get put on hold and bounced around and it’s not the best experience if you happen to get someone on the phone who isn’t the friendliest or may be having a rough day. It seems like such a simple thing but Ulta still has yet to figure out that if you’re going to list all of your available services on the app then you need to make the app user friendly enough for your customers to actually book ALL of the services they partake of. PLEASE FIX THIS! It’s too simple a thing to STILL not be addressed. Thanks in advance.

- great but needs better search results

let me just start out by saying i love this app. as an ulta employee, i always recommend it to customers who like to know what deals we have going on, like to know their points balance, and like to know earrings on certain products. it also comes in really handy when i’m with a guest trying to find a product that they don’t quite know he name of, but know maybe the brand or product type (lip gloss, face cleanser, etc.). despite all these positive things, there is one thing i struggle with when it comes to the search bar feature. despite looking up items and sorting them by “relevance”, i get a bunch of products that are unrelated to what i looked up. for example, when looking up “lip oil” in the search bar, i got results for a bunch of cream lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms before i came across a single actual lip oil. not every search is like this, but when it happens, it’s difficult to search through the long list of unrelated products to find what i’m looking for. i’m going to guess what happens is that it pulls search results that include the words i type, whether rose words come from the product name, ingredients, description, or wherever else altogether instead of doing it in an ordered list such as product name title first, description second, and ingredients third. i could be totally wrong too but 🤷🏽‍♀️. is there any way this could get fixed so products are more accurately sorted by relevance?

- A 100% Happy Customer!!!

What can I say🤔😲😍 I love you Ulta 💕 great prices...great customer service and wonderful brands that make every woman feel beautiful and not feel bad about their appearance 😊 thank you Ulta because when I was ill 😷 I would shop for makeup 💄 there at a reasonable price and would feel beautiful even though my battle was rough... Now God gave me another chance in life and I continue to visit you to get dolled up🙏🏼🙌🏼✨😃😍💄✨. *Makeup can really change your feelings sometimes because when I was ill 😷 I honestly felt like the ugliest living thing on earth I was 20yrs old,5”4 and weighted 86lbs sick and useless due to my illness then I found Ulta and felt pretty again after buying some makeup that would make me feel alive even though I really thought I wouldn’t ever make it. Sorry for the long info but (Once again THANK YOU ULTA FOR THINKING OF ALL WOMEN AND CHANGING LIVES).💙

- Best App Ever - Take My Money

What can I say? It’s where I spend my money. I absolutely love Ulta. The points system is incredible. 2000 pts = $125 of whatever products you want! Diamond members always get a minimum of 1.5 pts per dollar spent. Sometimes I get 3x or 5x the points. There are even 10x point events/products throughout the year. Using their Credit Card gets you an extra point per dollar spent as well. Do the math and see how quickly these beauty rewards add up. Plus, the app itself just keeps getting better over time with their continuous updates. The shipping is always fast and free (if you spend $25 or more as a Diamond member.) I just can’t say enough about them. You can afford to use prestige brands if you just shop the events and save up your points. The longer you save, the more value you get when redeeming your points 😘

- Not many sales on name brand

My review is more of a suggestion than anything bad or good. It would be nice if you would put the name brands on sale or include them in with coupons. The coupons and sales could be better. The main suggestion is to put the Ulta brand next to the name brand so than we can try those instead. For example if I like bare minerals and Ulta has their brand that is synonymous to bare minerals place it next to the brand name and offer sales the current coupon of 3.50 cannot be name brands and you have to spend a certain amount which does no one any good ! That needs to be reconstructed and if the Ulta brands are labeled same as the name brand and / or near them I would try them. The only complaint is the coupon it’s an insult the way it is structured! Thanks hope corporate reviews this suggestion and implements the same as name brand. All the Ulta products I have tried are really good just no way to know which brands they are similar to.

- So buggy I buy LESS makeup

I love this app so much. I am an awful late night shopper and a makeup junkie to boot. But ulta’s app loads so slow, is so clunky and hard to traverse I almost NEVER complete a purchase! Looking for something you favorited? It loads your OLDEST faves first! Want to clear out old faves/things from your cart? It’ll take 2 minutes each! If you’re on a low buy or no buy and love to add things to your cart like me, definitely download this! Clearing out your cart 1 item at a time can take 20 minutes! I almost always get bored and leave before making a purchase. And before you say it’s my internet, it does this with Cell service/any WiFi. I realized it was the app when it happened with Google fiber. Thanks Ulta, you make window shopping a pleasure!

- Poor online set up

I have been a long time buyer at Ulta and frequently use the app to browse, search specific product reviews and make purchases. Today however, Ulta lost a purchase. I received two gift cards as Christmas gifts and wanted to use them today to make an online purchase because the closest Ulta to me is 10 miles and the weather is horrible. While trying to make my purchase, I notice that it won’t allow me to use more than one gift card towards my order. Thinking that maybe customer chat support can help, I reach out to them. TaylorW is who I receive as a chat support tech and when I ask if there is a way they can help me use more than one gift card, I receive the response of “sorry, the site does not allow for more than one gift card per order.” Then I proceed to inquire as to whether there is a way I can transfer the balance of one gift card to another to ultimately give me one gift card to use and the response was “sorry. We don’t have a way to do that either.” Well, thanks for nothing Ulta. Your site support is less than helpful, your ability to make purchases online using gift cards is laughable and you just lost a purchase today because of the inability and inadequacy of your site. I do hope you update your site and allow for more than one gift card to be utilized and/or for the ability to merge gift cards so that a customer can make a purchase.

- Ulta All The Way

As a beauty lover and makeup collector ( let's be honest, I'm addicted lol) Ulta is the best! As someone who is constantly looking for the perfect routine, ulta comes in handy. They stay current with new releases and give more incentive to shop than Sephora. The point system is literally the best and I never feel bad about making multiple purchases. The ration of high end and drugstore is perfect! I nolonger even shop at Sephora because most, if not all, of my favorite brands are already at Ulta! They continue to bring more brands and it makes it so easy to have a one stop shop experience. The app is amazing as well and makes things so easy! Seriously, you can't go wrong with Ulta and the credit card really does make things so much easier, though I guess you don't truly need it! I just a triple bonus for me with helping my credit, making purchases super quick, and racking up those points!! Ulta, you're the real MVP!!

- Do not shop online

Supervisor on the phone male named Alex was very unhelpful. If you shop online you will run the risk of getting your packages late. Then. When requested a refund you will have to go through a 30 min wait of them trying to explain that it’s still shipping. You will have to request supervisor after supervisor to get your GIVEN REFUND. I hadn’t received my packages on time so I called to cancel all of them and get a refund. After the first cancellation of an item to be received the 22nd of May yet wasn’t received that day, I called to cancel all my orders. She cancelled the one that was already shipped and late, stated it would be 3-5 business days. Then when I stated I need my others cancelled she stated she “can’t cancel them because they’re already shipped” that’s a lie because THE ORDER WE JUST CANCELLED WAS ALREADY SHIPPED. SO SHE LIES TO ME. I HAD TO REQUEST ANOTHER SUPERVISOR. IM ON HOLD CURRENTLY SO WE SHALL SEE IF THEY CANCEL AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH ULTA BEAUTY AGAIN. I HAD THREE OF MY OWN ORDERS AND THREE MADE BY MY BOYFRIEND. ALL ARE BEING CANCELLED DUE TO THIS ORDEAL ULTAS ONLINE SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS PUT ME THROUGH.

- Almost Perfect

F/U-I got a response from the developer that my request was already in place. It is not. I have the most recent version of the app as I regularly shop Ulta. It does not save my gift cards when I add them. I tried to place an order today and I was asked to enter the info again and it was no longer even available to check the balance. It’s not a problem to enter it, it would just be nice if it saved like credit and debit cards. Thank you for the response! I love Ulta and use the app daily. It’s great. I used the find in store feature and it directed me to an Ulta that didn’t even carry the brand much less the product I was looking for. It would be great if that could be tweaked. The other thing missing is saving gift cards as a payment option so you don’t have to keep entering them. Fix those two things and the app is perfect!

- The Ulta app needs to be fixed...

I have even deleted and re-downloaded and the Ulta app several times and it is still extremely slow and often, my searches will not even pull up the pictures of the products while I am able to do so on the Ulta website if I go directly there on my phone browser rather than using the app. I do not have this problem with any of my other apps on my phone have and my internet connection is fine. In my experience, apps typically work faster than utilizing the website with my phone browser which has not been my experience with Ulta. I can’t imagine how much business Ulta has lost if others experience these types of issues. These problems caused me to utilize Sephora. My Sephora app works wonderfully and I went into a Sephora store for the first time recently givel all of my Ulta app issues. Sephora actually has enough staff to help you in the store unlike Ulta where I can rarely obtain assistance! AND the two staff members at Sephora were extremely knowledgeable and accurately helped me choose well-matched shades of foundation from two different brands which has never happened before. I typically get foundation home only to discover a mismatched color. I guess I should be thanking Ulta for their terrible app leading me to Sephora? You’d think that for such a large corporation that Ulta would make IT a priority but apparently not. I highly recommend making the switch to Sephora; they are superior to Ulta in so many ways!

- Store Cleanliness/Service

I hate to say this because I am a touch it feel it kind of shopper, but I am so glad we can do online purchases (reason for the 5 stars), the store I usually shop at-Burleson, TX-cleanliness and level of service has just fallen to the wayside. I live 30 min south of there and it is the closet without having to go to Fort Worth, and lately that store has a foul smell and the service is basically social hour for the workers. The testers are atrocious, possibly a sanitary issue. Truthfully, I ran the Burleson store for several years and I know that is not is what is expected from ULTA to their employees. I truly hope this hits the DM’s and know that from a former management employee (left for personal reasons) how sad it is to see a store with so much potential become less than appealing.

- As a beauty enthusiast, I love it!

I love Ulta, it’s one of my favorite stores and I absolutely adore shopping there! So obviously I had to get the app to make everything easier. The app is easy to use and you can easily access whatever you want to do, whether it’s searching for products or writing reviews. I love the Favorites tab; I use it to list products I want to look at next time I go shopping, since I don’t online shop. One thing I would like to see come to the app is a place where you can see whether or not you’ve reviewed a particular product before or even a page full of just the reviews you’ve left. I like reviewing products, but sometimes I forget whether or not I have and it would be nice to see what I said what the product overall.

- Hacked over & over

All my rewards points were stolen from two stores in the continental U.S. they realized it wasn't me. Gave me a new member number and gave me my points back. Two months later I was hacked again...this time a store in California. I had my membership corrected and the points put back on. Within two days the same store stole all the points and then it happened again. It just happened for the third time in less than a week!! Someone in California is getting to buy products with the reward points I have earned. I am now completely in belief that it is by unethical, thieving employees that are allowing this to happen. I had securities set in place to avoid this but... so disappointed. I guess I can't shop at Ulta any more. :-(

- Ulta is the best!

Ulta is always my go to when it comes to any of makeup, skincare, or hair care needs! The app is so easy to navigate, I absolutely love the beauty tips and quiz’s you can do! They’re very helpful, especially with finding which product is best for you. I online shop a lot and constantly order from Ulta, I never have had a bad experience with ordering from them either. The most recent order I placed, one of the items was missing. I wasn’t too worried considering Ulta’s service is outstanding! I wasn’t able to call but sent a quick email letting them know I didn’t receive one of my items, they responded so quickly and sent the product back out within a short amount of time! Ulta will always have my business! ❤️

- As good as it gets

I’m so impressed with this APP. Like another review pointed out, the developers of this APP have totally nailed it. I just love opening up my APP in store to quick reference reviews for products I’m deciding between. I’ve even used it in the store when helping our customers at my ULTA. It’s fun to check out my points and also activate my bonus deals. I can actually plan out my purchases now when I see 5x the points being offered on my fav products. And I love the interactive ad that’s built into the APP. Coupons are there at the touch of a button, no more fumbling on the internet at the register. If you are a die hard ULTA shopper, you must download this APP! It will help you save money and be on top of the specials and promotions! It’s that awesome.

- Love the ULTA app!😍

I could spend hours on this app, whether I’m actually shopping or just looking around, it’s so much fun to browse around and add items to my wishlist. ULTA has some must have products, I really enjoy knowing that I can just open up my app if I am looking for something in particular or if I’m looking for something new. I even love to look around the products for men for my husband, this app has something for everyone! I’m a total beauty addict so this app is absolutely perfect for me. It’s super easy to find what you need and even easier to have it shipped right to your door, or schedule an in-store pick up. This is definitely one of my favorite stores, having the app just makes it even cooler! Love it!

- Make checkout process easier

I’m able to easily access the products that I’m looking for easily, however locating where my coupon offers, and having to enter my customer account number has been a process... I’ve been attempting to place an order for almost a week, and still haven’t because I had to search for all this information to complete my order. I either became bust or distracted in the process by life, so still haven’t completed my order. I have the app on my phone, so I feel that I should just be able to go in, choose the items I need, have easy peasy access to my coupons/offers, account information, and be on my way. My hope is that all access to coupons and customer number would be saved for easier checkout.

- Delivering

I love the store ulta and I always shop there but I have to say that they have to work on the app . I recently ordered something from their page and when I first made my account I lived somewhere else . Even though I clearly put for my stuff to be delivered to my new address they still sent it to my old address. As soon as I received the email I called Ulta Help center to see if they could change it to the correct address and they told me there’s nothing they could do . I would have to call ups and ask for them to hold it at a store . When I called they told me there was nothing they could do because they sent it to a local post office n they’re the ones who actually deliver it . So basically I couldn’t do anything about it . It’s very frustrating to try to do all this simply Bc the app still sent it to the old address. I hope they fix that situation, but until then I will no longer order anything from them online .

- Possible suggestion/solution

The screen froze on me but otherwise really good so far. Would you consider putting kits or package/bundle deals in there own category? I shop specifically for kits. That’s how I get to “test” products in a more affordable way. I get to use items that I wouldn’t ordinarily have picked for myself. If I really don’t like something then it’s not a huge loss and I just pass it on to someone else to try. But if I like it... Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going! I’m going to feel super special if you already do and I just haven’t seen it yet!! I hope you have a great day and thank you all for all of the work you’ve done, sacrifices you have made and crap you’ve dealt with to make this app for people like me. I really appreciate each of you!!

- If you’re going to switch to an only on the app feature, please format it as such.

I am a pen and paper type of person. I love having the physical copy of the ad. With that being said, if you are going to force us to switch to a digital copy of the ad, please make it to where the ads are then designed to be single page view. It will make people use the ad more, and allow those of us that are visual people to be able to fully enjoy the app based ad experience. Having to flip back and forth is not pleasant. Because you don’t have to do both versions anymore, there should be someone who can fix this and maybe just see if it is actually pretty to look at in the app, instead of just continuing to use the same design. It’s not fair to your customers or the businesses you work with.

- Better customer service

I love shopping here because that alway have the brands I use. Unfortunately they are lacking in customer service. Every time I have a question they act like I’m bothering them. This is not an isolated incident this happens all the time. Even the people at the check out are just down right rude. I have been shopping here even before they moved to The Collection. Yes I have thought about shopping at a different store but as I said the always have the products I use. I don’t know if they hate their job or just don’t like being bothered but I have decided to try Sephora. I am not the only one who this is happening to. Several of my friends brought up the same issue to me.

- Ultra Beauty App

Ultra beauty app is a nice app because it has special features unlike any other apps it matches your foundation and there is an option that helps you find your best and most needed skincare routine. Plus they sell great products and they have 21 days of beauty and nice sales for all that stuff like hair, makeup, skin, body, and feet. So, that is why I highly recommend getting the Ultra beauty app because it lets you in on sales and if your out of something you can order and it will come to your house because of corona. I’ve been wanting to test out the cake my day face mask by I Dew Care because I read so many reviews and they say it smells good and I’m hearing many positive things. But I’m broke so I can’t but it. :(

- Can not add Ultamate Rewards to Apple Wallet

I love the app for being able to access my Ultamate rewards. However, the app is deceiving, you can not add your Ultamate rewards card to Apple Wallet. You can only add the Ulta MasterCard (I only found this out after contacting their customer service). What is deceiving is you can access your barcode for Ultamate rewards and there is an option under the barcode to “Add to Apple Wallet”, however after selecting your favorite store and clicking on “Get Pass” you get an “OH, NO” error message, it simply will not work. Disappointing because It’s really convenient to have all of my shopping reward cards all in one place in Apple Wallet (Smiths, walgreens, Starbucks, etc...) Ulta needs to remove the “Add to Apple Wallet” feature when accessing Ultamate Rewards if they aren’t going to make the feature available.

- Problems protecting my information

When I was signing up for my ultamate account I had accidentally entered an incorrect email because of this, when I went to ship my order it asked for a confirmation from my email I checked my email and nothing came of course because I entered the wrong one, but there’s almost no way that you can reset your email and now whoever‘s email that I entered may have my information. I have tried calling them, but I can’t because you have to have your your phone number entered into your account which I don’t have. I can’t put my phone number in because my account is experiencing difficulty changing emails and phone numbers. Whenever I reset it it says that the email/phone number is invalid no matter what I change it to. I don’t know how to address the situation other than to leave a review and to remove my card from payment methods in hopes that nothing will happen.

- Pretty buggy, can’t trust it.

It allowed me to schedule a hair appointment, then I got a call a week later from the salon that they weren’t actually open that day and we’d have to reschedule. Then I went to order a hair dryer that the app said was in stock and available for pickup. First, when I went to pay, it only allowed me to add one gift card, which is annoying because I have money on two different ones; when I tried to add a second gift card, it just replaced the first. Then, three times I tried to submit the order and it said there was an error and to try again, and the fourth time it said the hair dryer was actually not in stock so I’d have to pay to ship it (plus wait for it to arrive vs having it the next day) but the item still says in stock when I click on it. It’s frustrating, why have an app if so much of the info in it is inaccurate?

- Ulta Is A Women’s Candy Store!!

Every time I go to Ulta I incorporate the assistance and opinion of one of the ladies on staff and they never disappoint. They also carry everything you could possibly need and most every brand you can think of (definitely your favorites) as well as emerging brands. They carry something for every price point and are cheaper than buying your store brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc from stores like Wal-Mart, in my experience. Also, they carry shades you’ve never seen in those stores. I still use the same foundation an Ulta employee recommended to me-AND it’s not expensive. They ship very quickly even during the holidays...you will never go back to where you used to shop! ❤️

- Great app..even better store

The app works well. Navigation is good. All the info from the desktop version is in the app. I like that I can access my beauty addition (whether it's for purchasing or comparisons) anytime I need it. The best thing about this app is the parent company/store behind it. By far more friendly and much more ORGANIZED than it's national competitor. Plus you cannot beat their rewards system...easy to earn and reach highest status AND the rewards are worth $$ instead of piddly samples sizes (which by the way Ulta offers on the regular with purchases and sometimes if co-workers feel like being generous..though that only happened once). A+++ thank you for your existence Ulta and the Ulta app!

- Worst shopping app I’ve ever used!

I never review apps but I felt like I needed to review this one in hopes of an update. Recently I’ve turned to online shopping, especially for makeup. I figured it would be a lot more stress free using an app to save all of my products as well as mark my favorite items, but on Ulta I prefer using the website 100%. The site keeps telling me my connection failed when I can go onto the Sephora app and use it flawlessly on the same WiFi connection. This app has limited pictures of the products which also make it hard to see what you are purchasing. This app also claims you can virtually try on products, which I love using with the Sephora app, but I have yet to find a single product with this ability. Updates definitely need to be out for me to even think about using this app compared to the actual website.

- I ❤️ Alta Beauty!

I’m currently starting to do/buy makeup! I don’t wear a lot since I’m young, but I love shopping at Alta! It can get a little pricy sometimes but it’s worth it. And on the app I get notified when a new product comes out from my favorite brands! The makeup brands I like, like Tarte, Morphie, Colour Pop, and Anastasia Beverly Hills are all in the stores and online! I eventually want to work at Alta because everyone is so kind and inspiring! The newest and best products are always at Alta! I definitely recommend the app for all of your favorite brands, and you can even try on makeup! Sorry, I got a little personal and talked about working at Alta, but I wanted to share the experience you might be missing out on!

- Poor Customer Service

I went in to Ulta tonight to make an exchange and the customer service I received was less than ideal. I walked in to return a product due to not caring for the quality and the lady who helped me kept pushing back on me and how fallout is user error and that this product is the best of the best in the world. So she suggested exchanging for a different color scheme which I did since it was clear I was offending the employee since she uses the same brand. When I left with the product and checked it out in my car, it was broken. So I went back in and the lady who checked me out was so rude with her attitude towards the situation. I was very excited to switch makeup products (went from Mary Kay) and start using Ulta because of the reward system compared to Sephora. However, I won’t be stepping foot into that store again. Sephora can have my business since they seem more excited to help customers.

- Needs more consistency

I love Ulta and all its rewards. The app is great for ordering. However, the app needs to include birthday rewards and bonus point activations, as well as those random 20% postcard coupons for prestige products that you get in US mail. Why should I have to print out an email (that never comes by the way) for birthday rewards or click a link through an email to activate bonus points when you should be able to do all these things and more through the app. I’m not talking about the $3.50 off coupons either, those are always there. Make it easier to redeem ANYTHING and put ALL discounts/rewards/promotions in the app.

- products Products Products

If your a product Junkie you’ll love this store , if you know what you want most likely Ultra has your product, they carry most products. I thought at first I’m not crazy about this store but the most I look and shop they hit every price point out there, so no scrambling to find it also they have sale and gift with purchase with most all product line is even the cheapest ones. No shame in what ever your product is I myself use many different products from high end to drugstore what ever works for me I use it . So give this store a chance you’ll find you love it more and more each time you visit.

- Nice

I really like the app but as one other person, I too would like it if there was a way to be able to compare different products next to each other on the same screen. If I’m trying to match my foundation with a concealer, it would be really great. The only problem with the app is that a page will freeze up and it’s a real pain to get it to work again. Right now my screen is frozen and I can’t access the app at all. Now I’m going to try to delete the app and reinstall it. Can you please fix this bug. I’ve only been using the app for two weeks and it has frozen up 3 times. Hope you fix this soon. Any suggestions??

- Update request

I love my Ulta app, but I’m hoping ulta will eventually add an appointment reminder feature on the app. I service my hair, brows, and will eventually likely try the facial service with ulta. I would love to be able to double check times for upcoming services on the app. A potential way to do this would be to just register through our ulta rewards membership for services needed and we could check our service reminders via the app... just would be great to have a resource in case I lose the reminder cards as I often do. As it is now if I lose the card I’m at the mercy of a reminder text. I’m usually pretty solid about remembering but among my friends and I, this is a feature we all would love to have!

- Great app, but purchasing is a pain

This app is super user friendly, and easy to navigate. My only issue is with the payment section. Every time I try to order something using my PayPal account, it constantly tells me that I haven’t selected a payment option, which I have. I’ll sign in to my PayPal account again and again, but it never accepts my purchase. I’ve even inputted my actual debit card info into the app, and it still says the same thing. I always end up having to get on my computer to complete my purchase, which is really annoying. I don’t know if anyone else is having the same problem, but it’s been like this for at least the past 3 months.

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- Love the app apart from one thing

The app is great but there is only one issue I have. When you click the option to pick in store if you leave that screen or for example switch something even minor in your order the pick up in store option you clicked on automatically switches back to being shipped. If you click the option I don’t understand why the app changes it back. I believe that should be fixed for idiots like me who went to pick up their order in store and didn’t realize the app switched it. I will just have to be smarter than the app next time lol, but other than that it’s great!

- Ulta always has my passion for all my cosmetic needs!

I am a jewelry designer and when it comes to color and texture I know not only can I be inspired for work but I can create any look I choose at Ulta! I consider my face a blank canvas. Therefore I can create a unique look with all there is to consider all the options that let’s me be uniquely me! I love Ulta not only for the wide assortment of cosmetic lines but I can also choose a price point I am comfortable with. Along with all of what I have written above, I have received the best customer care experience from their beauty associates, advisors, assistant managers, to their managers! I value that Ulta values me! I really do! They prove it with extra rewards, promos, and coupons! Yes, because of the service, friendly staff, and rewards I receive I am a repeat customer that feels like “ the kid in a candy store”! Thank you Ulta from your great retail staff and online store to the president of Ulta! I high five all of you for your hard work and dedication to make the Naples, Florida Ulta stores a FIVE star experience! Melanie White Naples, Florida

- You messed with a such a great app!!

Why mess with such a great thing? It was was perfect the way it was and you should have left it alone. It's constantly crashing or not staying logged into my account, even though I have it on that setting. Trying to find your points is more difficult now that it's at the top of the screen and you have to go through more steps to get the information you want. Even searching for a store is a joke because it tells me there is no store when I know there is!! I find myself using the website more often now because it's more reliable and quicker. Its a bummer because this used to be my "go to" app for Ulta. I love Ulta and I loved the app! 😢 .

- Why ruin a good thing?

I don’t really understand what was wrong with the last version of the Ulta App, it was very easy to navigate, super easy to find new products and shop. This new version is way clunkier and way more difficult to find new information... The “New Arrivals” tab now doesn’t show all new products with the ability to filter the products in that category. Now the “New Arrivals” page only shows one specific category (like makeup or skincare), but then it won’t show actual new arrivals. It just shows random listings for skincare... You can’t say something is new when you’ve stocked that product for years... And not only that, the app is just not as fun to surf through now. Why “fix” something that was never broken....

- Been loving this app for years!

The Ulta app is honestly one of my favorite store apps. It’s extremely user friendly, and is truly a “one stop shop” You can easily pay your Ulta CC card bill through the app. You can view your membership status, check your points, pick “favorites”, try on product w/ there virtual makeup feature, and one of my favorite perks is the messages area. Ulta posts w/ in your “messages section” sales, extra points days, and coupons! I’ve saved a ton of money and purchased some amazing products at half the price all due to that one feature! Get this app! You won’t be sorry! 😃

- Thank you

I have gone in Ulta Beauty only a few times now but each time i do the associates are slways making sure im ok but also leave me be when im only there to browse 😍 whenever i made mistakes with purchasing certain makeup products they took care of my exchanges and returns as well with out any hesitation and were quick and very helpful in assisting find the better shades than I thought I could 🥰 And theyve gone above and beyond in our Augusta,Maine store with little extra promotional gifts but even xtras left over too from store 💯💯 i find to make me want to always go back there first when ever im in need of my higher end make up skin and hair care products and tools 💕💕💕

- Some flaws

The app isn’t terrible, but there are a few annoying issues. It crashes fairly frequently, despite regular updates to my phone and the app. It also doesn’t filter products well—it only seems to be able to apply one criterion at a time. For example, I can search for specific brand, or I can search for eye makeup, but I’m unable to search for eye makeup within that brand. The “find at a store” function is inconsistent. Sometimes I can use it for products that aren’t only available online, but sometimes I can’t (even if the product is available in stores). Finally, some of the information is downright inaccurate: I try to use the filters for cruelty free products, but a lot of brands that I know for a fact aren’t cruelty free end up in the results.

- Good app if it worked & discount online vs instore is archaic

Half of the time it freezes on me. The search capability isn’t that great. You have to be specific for tartiest vs tarte. It would be good if it worked but it’s more frustrating to have to remember what you were ordering and go home and order it online or buy in the store and miss out on special discounts that are only if you buy online. In today’s age making customers buy online vs in store in order to get the same reward is archaic to say the least. Does Ulta really care where I purchase vs just letting me get the reward and creating customer satisfaction?

- Good app

I love shopping at ulta online and in store and the app makes it easier. But lately, the app has been logging me out of my account every time I close it and when I open it again it says my password is wrong even when when I know it’s the right password because I have it saved in my Apple ID or I just changed it earlier that day. So then I have to go through the process of changing my password every time I open the app and want to view my account. Not sure if there’s a problem with my account or the app but I’d like to know if there’s anything that can be done about it.

- New layout terrible

This app is aggravating. It’s convoluted in its presentation, and I am constantly searching and guessing where to find things that were previously easily accessible in a layout that was more intuitive. This new layout is cluttered, unorganized, and not user friendly. I shouldn’t have to search this hard to find the ads. The home page on the app is just a collage of product pics for items I don’t care about: their “featured” items. You have to navigate away from the home screen to begin shopping by category, etc. This should be available on the main screen. I can’t deal with this new design. Aggravating.

- Love the Convenience!

I haven’t had any problems with the Ulta app on my iPhone XR. I rated it a 4 star though because it is not very user friendly when wanting to see the actual “free gift items” up close with a description. Also when wanting to search items by brand easily as well as category. I also don’t think all items are necessarily listed in the correct category. Otherwise, I use it quite frequently to shop. Even in store when an item is sold out, I order on my app. I do wish the app and website had a link to “online only” items. I miss out on things when I seldom see what items are available online only.


I accidentally got an order shipped to the wrong address, but realized my mistake the second I pressed submit. I called anddddd emailed Ulta customer services and tried to get this fixed for OVER TWO HOURS and the first customer service woman gave me WRONG information, and the second guy was helpful, but had to put me through to another department where I had to wait to hear if they could cancel my order (since by that time it was determined they couldn’t Change my address). Because they have a two hour window for cancellations after an order, and because they did a crappy job handling my SIMPLE request, i couldnt get my order cancelled, now some lucky person in NYC will get my very expensive package. Awesome. Not sure why they don’t have the ability to alter or cancel orders right once they are ordered. This is frustrating.

- Handy & Easy

Having an app to do my beauty supplies shopping makes it easier. If I know what I need, like hair care products, I can log into my acct w/o having to run to the store. It’s especially much easier b/c I live 45min from Ulta & majority of stores I need to shop at. I also can’t drive because I’m paralyzed from waist down, in a wheelchair & have vertigo. *** My boys know how much I love Ulta that I get a Gift Card once year, be it Mom’s Day, Birthday or Hannakuh/Christmas. Plus, shopping on the Ulta app, I get a better “view” of free gifts with purchases. Last, shopping on-line w/ Ulta makes it so much easier. Shipping & Handling is free if I spend $35 or more which is almost a guarantee. AK ***. Thirteen years agoI saved my lil boys (3 & 6 yrs old) in an F4 tornado (in TN just 20min from Nashville) by laying on them, using my body as a shield. All that was left was a small pile of brinks in the basement that we were under. I had always believed miracles were possible before April 2006 but now I believe in miracles & sooooo much more.***

- Had to delete and reinstall app for it to work

I had been having issues for weeks with the app straight up not loading, but i deleted and reinstalled it on my phone and now it seems to be working well again. If you’re having the same issue, I’d suggest trying that. Besides that hiccup, i really like this app. I used to stop into Ulta all the time, but my store ended up closing permanently during the pandemic. This app has been a pretty good replacement! I like it better than the desktop site, tbh. Good UX/UI, the notifications I get are usually relevant to deals I actually want to see.

- Awesome Ulta!

I absolutely love Ulta! The selection of high end and drugstore items is a dream come true. I might want a high end eyeliner and a drugstore lipgloss and it’s all right there. From makeup to hair products and every beauty tool in between you can find at Ulta, the staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable and will go the extra mile, for example I wanted a perfume and there were none out on the shelf but the customer service staff went to the back and found what I wanted and not only brought one out for me but when ahead and brought enough out to stock the shelves, this was great customer service! 😊

- Curbside order flipped to Ground Shipping

Called as soon as I realized that it flipped from Arlington Highlands store pickup to ground shipping. Customer Service rep was very nice and professional. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that the order can be cancelled and can not be flipped to curbside. I inquired about placing an additional order and trying to make it curbside again, but was told this a common consumer complaint. I don’t want to risk being on the hook for product that won’t be curbside x 2. It seems like a bug in the app that needs to be fixed so that consumers are not mislead into thinking their order is curbside when it flipped to ground shipping. I’ll order from another online retailer and return the merchandise to Ulta if the order ships. Perhaps I was careless at check out, but I know I selected a store for curbside pickup so I really thought I was doing the right thing.

- Salon Part is not worth it!!

I have been trying to schedule a haircut for over an hour using the app. It is not intuitive and you can’t just search by open times. I want to know who all is available and at what time. I was trying to look up customer reviews because the last girl I went to I was not thrilled with my hair. And I feel like she was a poor communicator. As in I want a few highlights... and she gave one than a a partial. No communication or hey do you want to make do with less or do a few more.. I thought about calling back and saying something but I didn’t. I have looked up a few reviews of some stylist but trying to book them on this app is super frustrating!! Guess I will be calling the salon! What use is the app! Review your stylist and ask questions so you are informed at the end of the visit.

- Shipping and customer service

This store is great and I’ve been a fan since I was just starting makeup as a teen. The only downside is this app. The customer service is just copied and pasted and always end up blaming you. Their shipping is really bad and I know I need to take in the fact that COVID is effecting shipping but it’s taken them 10 days to ship from Cali to Oregon, whereas beauty bay took 10 days to ship from the opposite side of the freaking earth. Besides their app, I love this store. I miss going in person and being greeted with friendly faces and great deals. Their selections are perfect for people wanting some nice stuff to treat themselves without breaking the bank. I only wish they had more skincare companies like the inkey list.

- Great app!

I love the app! It’s organized! I just wish I could create multiple categories for my saved products. That way I can arrange them and organize them instead of having to scroll through 200 saved products to find the one I want to add to my cart. Idk. Other than that it’s a wonderful app and I cannot complain! You can even upload pictures of your products now! Super happy about that! The reviews are honest. Shopping online is easy and it ships to my location in a week or LESS!! I’m expecting TWO packages on Saturday and I JUST ordered them last night!!!! 💕💕

- Ulta App!! 😍♥️

Being a makeup addict and love when things are at a cheaper price the ulta app provides a space for clearance items and all the latest deals you can get for your favorite makeup brands!! The process is so easy and they even allow you to ask questions on specific brands of makeup and a representative from that brand answers you in fast time. They even have a virtual makeup station where you simply take a picture of your face and can "try on" the makeup of your choice, like say lipstick, to see if you enjoy the product or the coverage. Overall the app is amazing 😍😍


I love ulta like LOVE Ulta but SiS?? Your app is not up to par love. I downloaded the app with pure intention of restocking some of my Faves from ulta. My order was roughly $200 I was ready to go and go pick it up, but whew while. I processed the payment and was charged Three times(at this point I’m not even tripping y’all I’m like ok it’s a hold , it’ll be returned back in my acct) lol but no Mam. All the while this is happening about 5 hours has passed since I processed my payment and the app said Ulta was getting my order ready for pick up. I checked the app again and it was frozen. So I called the local store I’d be picking up from. I was then directed to call the corporate number. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service , there was NO communication about cancellation and after I asked whom I could be directed to that would be solution oriented I was DENIED.

- Review

App is easy to scroll through, I like that I can click on color options and see all the options with their names next to them without having to click on each picture. Suggestion: add pictures with the item on a real person or more swatch pics Suggestion: keep items in my cart until I delete them or they are sold out; 3X yesterday I was shopping and had to close out the app to answer a call or do something else on my phone and all 3 times when I went back to the app, may cart was EMPTY!!!! That was very irritating!!!!!!

- Points

I currently have a joint account with my husband at Ulta. Today I tried to redeem my points the lady at the register was super frustrated at me because I could find the account fast enough. Secondly when I did find the account she gave me crap on me on behalf because I was not on the account when they finally did find the account she said since my name is on there they are not authorized to use the points I explained to her I have an account or a credit card with my husband we both pay on this account she brought the manager over manager said nope we can’t redeem anything because the IDs won’t match a nice try to explain to her again I have a credit card with you guys still didn’t want to redeem any of my points therefore I am not will never come to the Northfield Stapleton location

- All my money is spent here!

I LOVE Ulta! I love the easy access to top line cosmetics. A sales associate will ask if they may help you, but won’t hover over your shoulder when you tell them you are “just browsing and looking”. Love getting the 20% off all total purchase every now and then. Love the rewards card system. I left off one star, because when there is a BIG sale, they are often already sold out online! The nearest Ulta store is 60 miles from me. Therefore, i am really disappointed when an item I have been waiting to purchase, is no longer available.

- Literally the glitchest of apps. So frustrating!

I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading more times than I can count. I’ve updated the app whenever a new version becomes available and even will restart my phone too; all to no avail. Every time I try to maneuver within the app, I receive an error message saying the app is taking some BS beauty rest and will be back but it’s never back. Ever. Every since I downloaded the app a few years ago it has never worked properly which makes me sad because I love the Ulta stores but unfortunately I live overseas and online shopping is my only option. Because of this issue it’s forced me to use the Sephora app, which thankfully has never given me ANY issues. I’d really love to be able to use both apps in harmony though. Developers, please fix this.

- Suzyn Weiss

I love Ulta store and online products! I spend hours and can’t resist buying and wanting everything. I have four daughters who always steal my makeup and hair products! I can’t find a particular product online and I’ve been on for hours. It’s Too Faced Primer Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. Is it only sold in stores? I know I’ve bought it in our ulta store on woodruff road in Greenville SC. Anyway, I could use as many coupons as possible. My judos about to kill me spending hundreds of doors a month in your store. He checks my account every day. Thanks for reading my long review!

- Bad cart editing

I love the Ulta app for the most part. The reason I’m giving it two stars is the cart editing. You can’t move something to your favorites. Their is ALWAYS an error when I try to do that. The only option is to completely remove it from your cart or take the time to go back to each items page and add it to your favorites and then go back to the cart and do it to the next item. It has been this way since this feature was added. It’s been long enough: it should have been fixed by now. I also wish they had a foundation match option like on the Sephora app. That is incredibly useful in picking a foundation shade. I would purchase more foundations through the app if this was available.

- Here Ulta- Take All My Money

I can get all things beauty in one place- hair, skin, nails, fragrance, and makeup. Recently more brands I was always wishing Ulta had in its collection were added to the roster- some Nars, some CoverFx, and the whole of Estee Lauder. Not only are there always deals scattered throughout the store but I always make money in points by spending on those deals or on the staple items I consistently replenish. The rewards program can't be beat- especially for a credit holder and platinum member. Many people suffer from a variety of addictions- mine just happens to be Ulta! It is one I do not regret.

- Good app, but...

I use the Ulta app for shopping...or just wishing. Lol. I enjoy the app. However, I notice that some items do not have the “find in store” option. I know that the items I have looked at are not online only items because the description will tell whether they are online only purchases. The find in store option makes it easier to find items that are out of stock online or if I want to just pick up the item that day without having to wait on shipping. I hope this feature gets fixed to where all in store items will have the option to find it in store.

- Shop by point perks

Offer more value to points. Like a sale. Surprise diamond people with three days of shopping with points at an increase value of an impressive percentage. Stand out from the crowd. Sell more high end products that are no question great quality. Sell Lawless. I need my gluten free makeup. Gift us something that would make us cry. Like I would love to have that blow dryer I would never be able to buy even with points because it is so expensive. Give us drinks while shopping as diamond. I get so dehydrated when I stop by. I want to feel appreciated for spending my money. I shouldn’t have spent in the first place. Help me use my products to earn credit to contribute back to my family for being such a supporter. Allow me to be paid for promoting the company and products you sell.

- Delete the app and redownload

I love this app and I use it quite frequently to do curbside pick ups for my daily routine. I was very upset when nothing was downloading and I was in a hurry one day. I looked to see if there was an update yet since the iOS 14 update. I saw all the negative app reviews saying this was a problem for everyone. I thought well I tell patients all the time to delete the app and let’s try again. I took my own advice that I hate hearing and deleted it. It fixed the problem and I am now able to use the app again. So for anyone struggling with the app not showing anything give it a try. As much as I hate that advice it worked.

- Please READ!! Important

Hello! My name is Crystal! I have been an Ilta shopping fanatic for two years. I have always had a high status of being a diamond member. One day I contacted Ulta about damaged products and they kicked me off of the online site. I am not able to purchase a single item online. If you asked me what I thought of Ulta a week ago, I would tell you it’s my hobby! Now I am absolutely crushed. They have gone through hoops to assure I cannot shop online with their site. I cannot receive an explanation for why. They just told me all purchases must be made through the store. I am not the only one they have done this to. After doing my research, I am finding many people just like me. They have been banned from shopping online. I love the store but will be switching to Ipsy, birchbox, and Sephora.

- Evelyn Shier

I am in love with this app! It allows you to scan barcodes and see what item it is and the all different colors you can get also! You can look up any makeup item and see reviews on that product. You can also just sit at home and shop and get it shipped to your house without even getting off of the couch! You can brows all around the app and find new products to get. You can make a a whole new makeup look on the app and add makeup to yourself on a photo and see how the product looks on you. Thank you Ulta Beauty for such an amazing app!!!! ❤️

- The shipping price

I love this app and all of your products but I have one concern.. The shipping price. I feel like $5.95 is too much for shipping especially when you are only buying one small bottle of lipgloss. I was just buying a lipgloss that costs, or was supposed to cost, $3.00 but when I clicked it, it rose to $9.78. Now, if you are a kid, and you have to buy it with the little amount of money you get, it would be too expensive. It’s not like $9.78 is a lot of money, it’s just that the lipgloss bottle’s size doesn’t match the price and I feel like that would be unfair. I hope you understand. Thank you for reading this

- This app rocks my socks off

Makeup shopping is my secret bad habit. This app is great for finding products on sale and tracking my points so I feel less guilty. It’s also fantastic for activating those bonus point deals where you get like 5x points on certain brands. I feel like I’ve earned a crap ton more points since installing the app because I don’t open any of the emails I get from Ulta (sorry Ulta!). Sometimes it takes a second or two to load but shopping is a breeze once you have Apple Pay set up and tracking shipments is easy too.

- It changed on me!

My name was all of a sudden changed from Lisa to Putdgl on the app and it will not keep me logged in. I keep changing my password and 5 minutes later I am logged out. Customer service says on her end the computer has my correct name and she doesn't see what I see and told me it must be an app error. I deleted the app and re downloaded it and same thing Hi Putdgl! Instead of Hi Lisa and 5 minutes later logged out. She said it does not look like someone is tempering with my account. So I don't know what to do I guess I will just not have the Ulta app.

- Worse online shopping

After 5 attempts to place order on my own and 4 phone calls to customer service was able to place my order. I do a lot of online shopping and this has been the worse experience, if it wasn’t cause i had a gift card i would have been done after the 2nd attempt. Felt like I was begging them to take my money. The 2 reps I spoke to just gave me a bunch of BS to get me off the phone, one of them sent me to there CC department, after I told him I was paying with Gift card and debit card. He then transferred me to the rep that was finally able to help me place the order. Also when I 1st started my order they were having a sale on some of there products, by time I was finally able to place my order I couldn’t get the discount.

- Always perfect

Ulta is not just a makeup/shampoo store and salon. I consider the stylist Morgan as part of my family. My hair has always been perfect. Morgan colors, highlights and cuts my hair. If I have an event she squeezes me in. Then there is Ashley, she does eyebrows and makeup. She doesn’t just wax/tweezes she teaches you about how your brows should look what products to use. She takes an interest in your life. She doesn’t rush you off. Ulta has people working in each cosmetic product. All the employees are knowledgeable about the products they sell and are willing to help you look your best.

- Adding a feature

Love the app. I use it as my shopping list when I go in the store as well as adding in the likes as products I use often or want to try. I would love it if there could be a way to keep track of products that I don’t like. So they are in one place. There are products that I have used that I am not a big fan of but hard to keep track of exact product. Can you make a way that I can mark items we don’t like so it is all in one place like the “hearted” items are all in one place? Thanks

- Frustrated

i've had the Ulta app for a few months now, everything was fine until i actually wanted to make a purchase as a guest, (since the app wouldn’t let me make an account). For some reason, same as when i tried to make an account, i couldn’t do my transaction, kept getting these pop ups saying error. I even called customer service to see if there was anything they could help me with. Nothing. They literally told me to just wait until the app was updated or fixed. And i've been very frustrated, since i wanted to buy stuff for the holidays but wont be able to. Really wish i could know if there were a way to fix it. (and yes, i've uninstalled the app and downloaded it)

- Disappointing

1) Like other reviewers, I can never sign in. I’ve forgotten my password a few times and when it sends me a temporary password, I can never update it to create a new password because it says the original password is incorrect. 2) I updated my email address and continue to receive emails to my old address and not my new one. 3) I can never check out. Whenever I try to check out on the app I get an error, no matter what card or address I use. Apparently, this is very common and can happen if Ulta flags your account for possible fraud, and there is nothing I can do about it except shop in Ulta stores. I’m not sure what “possible fraud” I have committed, but considering I’ve been shopping at Ulta for almost a decade, this is very distressing customer service!

- Easy to use

Love the convenience of shopping online. So helpful when it’s not easy to get away from the house due to household responsibilities or even when the stores are out of products my daughter and I need. Love reading product reviews to hear other shopper’s experiences and compare with mine. Very helpful to use the section with makeup tips and tricks etc. only reason I took away a star is when you don’t shop fast enough when there’s a sale or 21 days of beauty etc, if there’s an item in your cart they take it out even if you’re still actively adding items to your cart.

- ULTA at my fingertips

I love ULTA. Shopping on the app makes it easy to see sales and Bogo deals and online exclusives for app users. Everything in ones space. Two things I wish was there on the site are swatches on makeup on various skin tones (A must for me!) and also the listing for the favorites. I have tons of items that I favorite and every time I add or delete it makes me scroll all the way from the first item on the list instead of going back to where I left off. It gets annoying. Other than that it is pretty easy to navigate.

- What i love and hate about ulta

What I don’t like about Ulta is that the brand , Laura Mercier is not there. I could always go to Sephora but I like ulta better. I love ulta sooooo much. I love ulta because the workers there are so nice , kind and helpful. I always find what I am looking for at ulta!!!! When I went to ulta for the first time, I was upset because there was no Sephora near me. But then I realized that the tarte concealer that I was looking for was at ulta so I was glad. I love that ulta gives you free stuff, unlike Sephora but I still love Sephora. I always try to spend my money at ulta so that I get something free . I LOVE ULTA SOOO MUCH ❤️

- I love ulta but the website needs some work!

The ulta store is great I love the products and the rewards program cannot be beat. Now online I have issues when it crashes and won’t show products, it gives error messages, and am unable to view products online. It happens more times than I would like for it to happen. I just expected more from the app and it had been able to get the job done (I can eventually purchase my products) but the functionality is not that great.

- Horrible experience!!!!

First of all I placed an order online later on they cancelled my order and didn't give a reason why. I was on the phone multiple times and at the end they told me to go in to a store to place order(I had ordered online items only). I spoke to store manager and she stated that wasn't possible she would call customer service and give me a call back.... Never received phone call. Finally applied for the Ulta MasterCard. Got my items but never received bill. Went in this Wednesday to a store and they couldn't take my payment. Finally called customer service today and I was charged $27! as a late fee. Paid the whole amount and never again will I order anything!!!!! I didn't talk to a customer service rep because they are really rude!

- Good selection

Ulta carries a wide variety of products to suit many tastes and price points; however, stock is not replenished fast enough to keep me happy and the stores are in need of revitalizing their look and their associates look. They need training on new products (since you can sell what you don’t know you now carry per the Ad). The ’salon’ is not big enough nor do they have eyebrow bar co-located which would make sense. Store lay out should be more streamlined in order to find products. Time to UPGRADE Ulta. Your competition also has KatVonD... An account you really need to work on getting.

- Good product, bad system

I love the prices and items at Ulta, this may be a problem with my phone but I’m just not too sure. I have an iPhone and whenever I use this app, I put items in my cart that I am planning to buy, and if you exit out of the app, usually it saves the things in the cart so that you can buy it at a later time, but it with the Ulta app it doesn’t save those items, when it doesn’t save them I can’t remember all that I wanted to buy so I can’t end up buying anything unless I put things in my cart and buy it that day. There is nothing wrong with doing that but it’s just more convenient for me to buy it later. Also I am only 11 years old and I’m writing a review... wow

- Ulta beats sephora!

Love love love ulta because I can get all my high end, my drugstore n my website brands both affordable n not. ( bh/ lime crime) Its my onestop shop like walking into heaven.. then to boot I can use my points as cash which is huge! It makes you feel like a valued customer. Dont get me wrong I like Sephora but only the pricey stuff there,which doesnt bother me-what annoys the heck out of me is thier points system. I can only use them on mini stuff they sell n need 500 points to get anything decent.. no thanks ill take a full size order of Ulta please! yaaaas girl!

- Amazing company

The first time I ever ordered from Alta I had some problems with delivery which made me really upset and I felt like it was their fault and it made me not want to order from them again but I contacted the company and I was so surprised by the amazing customer service they didn’t question anything all they did is apologize and send me new products and a gift card for my trouble and I was so happy the app is wonderful it’s seamless works great that’s exactly what you want lousy to buy make up I highly rate Ulta in their app

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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare 6.9 Screenshots & Images

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare iphone images
Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare iphone images
Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare iphone images
Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare iphone images

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare (Version 6.9) Install & Download

The applications Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare was published in the category Shopping on 2012-11-11 and was developed by Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc [Developer ID: 561930851]. This application file size is 81.63 MB. Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare - Shopping app posted on 2018-10-31 current version is 6.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ulta.UltaMcommerceApp

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