GoPro (formerly Capture) – Featuring QuikStories

With the GoPro app, your HERO5 footage moves to your phone and automatically transforms into a QuikStory—an awesome video with effects and music. [1] You can also use the app to control your GoPro, check out your shots and create short clips. [2] Then share your favorite moments to Instagram, Facebook and more. [2]

--- Key Features ---

Get your HERO5 footage on your phone, then kick back as it transforms into an awesome video with effects, music and more—automatically. [1]

Check out the shots you’ve captured, right on your phone.

Trim videos to create short clips. Or flip through a video frame by frame and grab a still photo for easy sharing. [2]

Post your favorite photos and videos right to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or share them by text or email. [2]

GoPro Plus subscribers can set up auto upload to the cloud and access their photos and videos in the cloud anytime, anywhere. [3]

Frame the perfect shot with live preview and get full remote control of all camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and more.

Preview shots, control your camera and add HiLights—all from the convenience of your wrist.

Easily update your camera for new features and optimal performance. [4]

--- Camera Compatibility ---
HERO Session
HERO3 (requires camera software update, see

--- System Requirements ---
iOS 9.0 or later, iPad 2 is not supported

For full compatibility details, visit

--- Footnotes ---
[1] Compatible with HERO5 cameras only. Requires the GoPro and Quik mobile apps.
[2] Compatible with videos captured in select modes only.
[3] GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Cloud access is subject to storage limits. Separate data fees may apply. Visit for info and availability.
[4] Compatible with HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only.
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GoPro (formerly Capture) – Featuring QuikStories App Description & Overview

The applications GoPro (formerly Capture) – Featuring QuikStories was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-10-08 and was developed by GoPro, Inc.. The file size is 111.37 MB. The current version is 4.0.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Resolves Facebook login issue reported by customers

Get a beautifully edited video from your HERO5 footage. Pull down on the all-new home screen; the app will copy your latest footage and automatically transform it into a QuikStory (requires the free Quik app).

+ Visit the new Recent Media to view, delete or save the footage used in a QuikStory.
+ We've made sign-in even easier, especially between the GoPro app or Quik.
+ Squashed some bugs so it's easier to share to YouTube and download GoPro Plus media.

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GoPro (formerly Capture) – Featuring QuikStories Reviews


Good app  GoProer416  4 star

Works fine by me. Only issue is that it won’t open in landscape. When working on an iPad Pro w/ keyboard, it’s annoying that the app stays in portrait mode.


Cannot download 12min videos  Transamkid355  1 star

Every time I try to download a video it crashes or just restarts. Please fix this!


Fixed login issue  HamiltonDrums  4 star

Thank you for fixing the Facebook login issue!! With this fix, I can finally use my GoPro without having to login every single time I locked my phone. I would give 5 stars but the app still randomly becomes unresponsive while recording. I'd love to see if this gets resolved


Camera name  pgacccbass  1 star

The Hero4 was connected to this app. But now, the camera fails to connect using the name I used. The iPad Bluetooth connection shows a connection "GoPro 5713". This app doesn't allow spaces in the camera name. So, the old name is gone, the camera provides the 5713 name and this app doesn't allow that name. No way to use this app.


This app is crap for iPad.  Amidnktst  1 star

This app is complete crap can't even get my GoPro to connect to my iPad because the app keeps saying error. But my GoPro connects to my other devices fine. Please fix this crap app will update the review.


Don't update if you have the 2016 version  Control56  1 star

This deserves a zero rating. The requirement that you need an Internet connection to use the program is a killer for me. And, for me the program is not so easy to use. (I'm a geek, dealt with command lines for years) It's also irksome to use with an iPad because, when you turn off the camera's WiFi (in order to extend battery run time), the pad will jump to another access point. If you then want to go back to the camera, you must deal with the iPad's WiFi configuration again. This gets stale after a while. In fairness this is more of an iPad issue than a camera issue, but it is irksome just the same. It would be handy if the App and the camera could communicate through a regular access point. Overall, not fun.


NOT USER FRIENDLY  LindSusaSir  1 star

GoPro needs to figure out a way to easily capture photos or shorter clips from videos, why do we need to pay a monthly subscription for this app, as well as have the Quik app? All I am trying to do is capture short clips of videos or grab a picture, but it is so tedious going back and forth from the GoPro wifi to the home wifi, I am not trying to make "professional" videos or movies, only trying to grab things I would like to share on social media. It's very frustrating having a $450 camera that you cannot sync and actually use from your mobile device to share moments or short videos. This should all be combined in one, easy to use app. I am pretty tech savvy, and I just spent an hour on the phone with GoPro support trying to figure this out--to no avail.

Frustrating  2 star

Every time I try to trim a video, the GoPro Capture app won't even make it to the preview screen before telling me it was "unable to share clip - we recommend you turn your camera off then back on again." I've reset everything I can think of, updated, re-downloaded the app, un-paired and re-paired, and still no luck.


Works Well.....Sometimes  RMDCO  2 star

You have to re-sign in every time you open the app App does not remember your information App only boots 50% of the time Cannot connect to the camera if out of cell coverage, drives app into a loop Only sees the camera 50% of the time, requires restarting the camera and the app Session is designed to be used with the app, app failures make the camera marginally useable Need: No sign on required Remember all information, or biometric sign on Better camera to phone connectivity, current algorithms are not functioning Better app boot Better app stability I tend to agree with other users, if the app cannot be fixed then other cameras may be a better choice

IT Manager

Can't control camera anymore without them tracking  IT Manager  1 star

They updated the app and now force you to create an account so they can track you. There is no option to opt out. When I bought the camera this was not in the agreement.


Cool  BattDude209  5 star

It has everything u need to film


Amazing!  drgreg00  5 star

Great app.


Go Pro App  nolitrx  5 star

Love my go pro app.. super user friendly

the man with tge plan

GoPro app  the man with tge plan  1 star

I went to my lake house this weekend and got your stick pads and attached the GoPro correctly and firmly and we went riding and we stopped to get the tube out when it just fell off by its self my GoPro hero 5 section gone witch i only had for 2 weeks and losses all my footage


GoPro Love!  TheMarvelous1  4 star

I love my GoPro! As I've played with it more the past few days, and searched YouTube for tips and tricks, I have been enjoying it much much more. I just found how easy it is to transfer videos from the camera to my iPhone 7 Plus wirelessly, via the Bluetooth connection. Ever since then, I'm very addicted to recording videos; because now I can so easily edit and share them directly from my iPhone 7 just minutes after recording. The only thing I'm mad about, is that when I bought it about a year ago, about a month later, they came out with the GoPro 5. I wish I had known from reviews that the new one was coming out soon after, because I would have waited to get the new were version. Nevertheless, I'm having fun.

Messi Beckenbauer

Great little camera and app  Messi Beckenbauer  5 star

Slightly counter-intuitive Bluetooth set-up but once it's done you essentially have a broadcast quality (water proof!) video production studio in your pocket. It's revolutionary.


Total crap. Dont waste your time  totherepublic  1 star

If you dont mind getting disconnected from your gopro 400000 times a day This app is just what you need

Eli Scruggs

Top notch  Eli Scruggs  5 star

Best of the best


Go Pro App  Astzdesigns  5 star

Easy to use and quick downloads


Gopro  Turi1017  5 star

Love it easy to use couple unnecessary steps to connect to pro but over all cool app

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