Explore maps of the US with overlaid parcel boundaries and attributes of over 140 million properties in 2794 U.S. counties covering over 96% of U.S. population.

Hover over a property to instantly discover details, including owner, address, and APN. Simply tap any property's description to display even more parcel attributes, such as acreage, market value, and land use code, where available. Search Real Estate Portal USA's national parcel dataset using owner, address, or APN keywords. Track your location in real time over property boundary lines using your device's GPS.

Try LandGlide free for seven days! At the end of your free trial, choose to subscribe monthly for $9.99 or yearly for $99.99. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing cycle of your choice (monthly or yearly). Manage your subscription settings on your device's Account Settings.

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LandGlide App Description & Overview

The applications LandGlide was published in the category Business on 2014-04-06 and was developed by Real Estate Portal USA, LLC. The file size is 23.09 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes, UI improvements

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Property Lines Off  Patti-to  2 star

I loved this app for a while but it is off on the property lines. The lines on the map (even if you change to topo or satellite) don't match up to where you actually are. I have been out in the middle of the street and it shows I'm 1/4 way up the side of a property. Totally skewed. I will reset my position but it's still off. Shows roads way off and the overlay is off kilter. Somebody help! It is t an inexpensive app at $99.00 a crack. Totally worth it if it works. Totally worthless if it doesn't.


Great when it works!  Edw30  3 star

Works fine on my iPad but continues to crash on iPhone 6s. Frustrating since you have my $100. Realtor needing this to work with customers and it is embarrassing.

MGA 1028

Too Expensive  MGA 1028  1 star

Works good but I can use county GIS maps for free


Very useful  StateCop  4 star

I metal detect as a hobby so I use the app to find the land owners to get permission and also get info on the exact age of the house. Some counties are not linked to see the age but I submit them and sooner or later they add them usually. A little pricy but decent and would definitely be worth it even for hobbyist if a little cheaper. If they added the years of the homes in the main screen it would definitely be worth the 9.99 a month.


$$$$$$  vfelderhoff  1 star

Way to over priced. Half of the area I need is not available


Too expensive  irish27612  1 star

I would pay $10 one time, or perhaps $10/year. But $100/yr is redonk. Otherwise a good app.


Overpriced  g8rfan_99  1 star

Ridiculous to pay $100 a year for an app like this!


Great App  Mhenry1023  1 star

But $10.00 a month or $100 a year, is retarded. I almost think, if I search the internet , this is all free info anyway. Your trying to make a quick million but your making zero. Drop the price.


Love it  Cinstan  4 star

Works great! Would subscribe if the price were reasonable. Every Realtor I know would subscribe but none have due to cost


Thank you!  KentuckyBlue224  5 star

Clean and slick. Very useful for quick information. Use it daily. For a few cups of coffee a month you can have fast up to date data at your fingertips.


Great app, but overpriced.  Geo-wars  2 star

This app works great for my hobbies, but I do not use it enough to justify spending $10/month. I understand there are a lot of costs to keep an app like this going, but most people aren't going to pay it. If the price were lowered, it would be an instant buy.

Mr corn farmer

Fireman  Mr corn farmer  1 star

I love this app for knowing who owns property when owners are not available. But 9.99 a month on my salary. You done gone nuts!!!!!!!


Great App for Work and Hunting.  Dieselgeek123  4 star

My BIL first showed me this app. He was using it to find owners of land in areas he wanted to hunt. He would use the info to get in contact w/ the owner to see if they wanted to lease the property to him. I use it for finding the owners to properties I’m interested in buying. Normally I’d have to write the address down, go to the CAD and look it up. Now I just open the app, click the property, and it also gives me a link directly to the CAD as well. Yes it’s $10 a month, but for me it’s a business expense, so it’s more than worth it.

Slappy McHappy

Could be good  Slappy McHappy  1 star

Needs to be updated regularly for $10. A month! I sold some land 5 years ago and still shows me as owner.

Disappointed 145

Cool app, just to pricey for me!  Disappointed 145  1 star

Really liked the app but $10 per month is way too much.... : (

Garrett Pollan

Farmer  Garrett Pollan  1 star

I used this app for several land transactions but then it tells me I need to buy it for $9.99 a month!! That's crazy and very expensive and NOT worth it al all because all the information is not listed on there and is not up to date! Some of the information is several years old. It would be ok if it was a free app but it's not worth anything else.

T bonez!

Too expensive  T bonez!  1 star

There's no way I'm paying $10 for this

Landglide is douchbaggy

Greedy sob's  Landglide is douchbaggy  1 star

I loved this app but then wam! 10$ per month?! F that no way, maybe 10$ per year. Deleted...


What A Ripoff  601farmer  1 star

I paid for this app and it only worked for a few minutes. Even then, the data was out of date. I have emailed Apple and the App developer. Ridiculous.

Rizzo bug

Advertised as a free app but now charging $10/Month  Rizzo bug  1 star

It was a decent app to have, but as always, greed got in the way... Deleted...

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