Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD [Navigation] App Description & Overview

A high quality Speedometer app with the same sophisticated brain inside as our paid version. When you go over a preset speed limit, the large digits change colour from green to red and the device emits a loud sound to alert you! Great for avoiding speeding tickets!

‣ Easy to set and configurable speed limits
Set speed limits with 4 fast and configurable presets. Presets only need a single tap and are the safest way to set the limits!

‣ S.O.S. Flat tyre or worse?
Our speedometer shows your current location and you can share it easily (sms/text, email) with car assistance services, ambulance or friends.

‣ Know your car's limits !
Does your car become sluggish on those steep climbs? Is it possible you got too high in mountains ? Our built-in altimeter will provide you with accurate readings that indicate your height over sea-level.

‣ In a dispute for speeding?
GPS Black box gives you point by point time, speed, location and altitude data for the last 20 minutes of your travel. You can email its data as an excel or csv file. Or you can surely switch it off or reset at any moment.

‣ Need to know where you are?
Integrated map shows your location and a tracking "tail" behind you.

∙∙ UNIVERSAL APP. Speedometer for iPhone and 3G-iPads. Retina graphics included.

∙∙ 000-999 SPEED AND LIMIT RANGE. MPH, KMH AND KNOTS. Maximum, average speed, distance traveled.

! You can use this app on your iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S as well as on any iPad with 3G. **App will not work properly on iPods and wifi only iPads as they don't have GPS chip (External GPS module is required).
! Please note that as with all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Drive safely and avoid paying those speeding fines! Our speedometer is the ideal watchdog companion no matter what journey you are going on!

Full version of the speedometer gives you ability to work in background, GPS tracking, waypoints, trip cost computer, Siri shortcuts for applying speed limits and controlling track recording, 100+ customization options and more. Be sure to check it out in the AppStore!

* A bit of instructions: If speedometer doesn't show you the speed, just be sure to be under the open sky to have GPS signal. Under the open sky, within 5-10 seconds GPS indicator will become green and speedometer will start showing the speed.
** If you wonder why gps speedometer may show 3-5 mph (3-8 kmh) less than a car's speedometer, you can take a look here: http://goo.gl/wtLvT (tomtom's discussion thread).
*** And here is an amazing article http://goo.gl/p5zfMi explaining why GPS might show you 80ft (or -80!) altitude when you are laying on the beach. Don't throw the app or iPhone away just because of that! :) Let us use the article's last sentence here: "Those who use GPS altitude to aid in landing their small plane should have their insurance policies paid up at all times".

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Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD Customer Service, Editor Notes:

・ Optimized for iOS 14. Full version only: ・ Updated airplane map pointer. ・ Added helicopter map pointer.

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD Comments & Reviews

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- IOS 11 bug? (Edited..nope, it was the car’s computer)

I really like the app. Simple to use. Gives you a good check where to set cruise control when on the Interstate. Lot of easy to use features. This is an edited review: Originally rated a 3 star. Had an issue on a trip that the speed indication reads exactly 1/2 of the actual speed. ie going 70, it reads 35 MPH. Deleted App, reloaded to most current version. Tried several different settings on iPhone etc. still acted the same. Wrote a review and within 15 minutes received a reply from Stan and we began some troubleshooting procedures. Short version is that the iPhone was connected to the Cadillac XTS USB port in the console compartment. When I disconnected the cable and ran the application it worked flawlessly. As soon as I plug the cable back in, the display showed 1/2 of actual speed. iPhone 7 iOS version 11.3 Tried wife’s iPhone 5 with IOS 10.x Same result. Plug my phone into a cigarette to USB adapter in the application work fine. Bottom line is that the car’s computer system was giving erroneous input to the phone and application. This App is awesome. Just beware of any time you are using a navigation app and you seem to be getting erroneous responses, be sure that you were not connected to the car’s computer system. Two things: This App is ***** (5 star) And Stan ROCKS! !!

- Very accurate. Love it. Hate the cost.

First off...... Those of u say it’s inaccurate... get a real phone. I drove by one of those police radar signs today. And it said exactly what the police radar said. Well I like it. Just wish it cost less. In wouldnt use it a lot. I just put bigger tires on the back of my street truck. So therefore it acts like putting a different gear ratio in the rear. The speedometer in the truck reads lower now then your actual going. And thanks to this app. I know my speedometer is 3 to 6 mph off. If truck sais I’m doing 45 I’m really going 49 50. And I don’t need to get another ticket so this app helped me. I haven’t even looked at all the options it has. But it’s definitely a cool app. Ohh it has a heads up display so u can have it reflected of your windshield at night.

- Great app, great developer!

I use this app to help prevent myself from speeding and it works great. The only issue I have is that if you leave it running in the background it will drain the battery pretty fast. I sent some feedback to the developer and heard back right away. It is very easy working working with him and it sounds like he may have a new option coming out in a future version which would allow for better management of turning tracking on and off which would fix the battery drain issue. I totally recommend the in app purchase to not only get the extra features but also to support this developer which has demonstrated great care and attention over the app!

- HUD From an app! Thats epically Brilliant!

I haven’t used every single app out there for speed control Unfortunately due to a costly repair my speedometer in my car is currently out of order. but with the HUD heads up display on this app out of the five I’ve tried different apps. Literally lay in the window and it’s like it’s floating on the road while you drive I had this recently on a car I bought years ago it was built-in but this actually is long almost like he has built-in instead of an ad on yes

- Issues with the paid version forgetting it’s the paid version

I tried the Free Version and it impressed me- did what I was looking for: awesome! So I bought the full version. I have two “phones:” an iPhone 4 without activated cell service and my ‘actual’ phone, an iPhone 5s. I’m using the iPhone4 for the app and to have it instantly available to record traffic cop stops should there be another one (after a couple of bogus ‘fishing’ traffic cop stops that I couldn’t beat in court - NOT going to happen again). I have the app on both phones. Occasionally the iPhone 5 forgets I bought the paid version. 100% of the time the iPhone 4, once away from WiFi, - or overnight- forgets that I have the paid version and displays the “I want full version” splash. So I can’t utilize the ‘cost’ feature with any confidence or accuracy. I love the app and have been looking forward to using the full power it possesses. Just an awesomely well thought out speedo service. I’ve been using the speed limit exceeded alarm feature to keep me at the posted limits. I love it. How do I fix it?

- Laggy and has become unreliable

This app used to work flawlessly up until the second most recent app and ios updates. If I’m cruising at around 70mph, the digits will steadily increase to around 85-90mph then decrease to 55mph before it loses signal (so it says) even on a clear day then comes back with about the right speed. On a 30 minute drive, it may only be reliable for about 5-10 mins total. have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions including the ones read in previous comments to no avail. Went as far as uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app with same results.

- 👨🏼‍💻ReviewKing says...

I can measure speed, which is upfront and easy to see. There are many features which you can get off the internet for less money than getting the full version. That being said, this app still is probably the best speedometer app out here. You can even set a limit (more limits in full version.) There are also no ads which is great because you have a lot of ads in some other apps. Overall, I’m very impressed with this app and it has great potential.

- Great app!!!

Absolutely, no question, the most useful and intelligent app I’ve ever downloaded. We do a lot of trail riding in northern Michigan in the national and state forests. Cell signal is very weak in these areas. This app never fails to operate and track us through our explorations. Easy to use and a must have for adventurers that love to travel off the beaten path. Excellent new updates that show tons of information on places you’ve been like speed, time, elevation and so on. Again, must have app!

- Our speedometer is broken....this app is GREAT!

Downloaded the free version on a drive out of town, and we were able to tell EXACTLY what our speed was and it saved us four times we could have possibly been pulled over. I often have to set cruise control, so to not accidentally speed...This app has presets so SPEED will change to RED & alarm will sound if you are exceeding the preset #. Also I don’t usually leave reviews that is how awesome I think this app is!

- Great Support

The speedometer broke on my boat two years ago. Since then, I’ve relied on the Speedometer app (which is remarkably accurate and reliable). A few weeks ago, the app stopped working. I emailed the developer to inquire about the problem. He was incredibly helpful and informative. After trying a few quick fixes, he suggested that I reload my operating system. I complied, and I’m back in business now. This guy provides great service.

- Nice app

I was looking for a place to mount my phone on my motorcycle on the handle bar I could not locate a good spot I finally used a steely (one of the magnetic mounts) and The mount right in the center of my Speedometer so if my phone wasn’t there I could still see the original Speedometer and when I put my phone on the mount I turn on this app and I use this app as my speedometer and my music is available on my iPhone perfectly through my scala rider system.

- Latest Update

Love this App, have the paid version no regrets. Incredibly accurate, some great features. Highly recommend! Issue after latest update. The speedometer goes black quite often, then does not cone back on sometimes for a couple of minutes. This used to happen occasionally in a known dead zone, but now happens several times daily. Hope this gets figured out.

- Accurate and easy to read

We don’t use it often, but when driving on the highway in our motorhome, this app on an iPad is great. A nice big visual display to make sure that we are up to speed. Not to mention all the trip features. We don’t fully utilize them, but when we go full-time in our RV we will be more interested in keeping track of direction, sea level, and distance, fuel costs.

- iPhone speedometer

I recently installed an 80cc motor on my cruiser bicycle, i had originally purchased a cheep magnetic sensor speedometer. It was totally erratic and completely undependable. Then i happened to see this app in the App Store (FOR FREE) i thought ok no way to loose on this so i down loaded it and waited for a sunny day to ride my bike and try it out. On the very next day it was sunny and so i got my motorized bike out and attached my iPhone to the bike, and off i went. IT IS AMAZING !!!! I LOVE THIS APP !!!!

- Speed limit helper

This program is excellent for those of us that older vehicles that have problems with the speedometer. My speedometer recently started acting up and I utilize this application to know when I am staying in within the law. Also for those who have changed the size of the tire on the vehicle it will tell you how it affected your miles per hour indicator on the dash.

- Fyi was the day you get yuuuuuttt

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- Speed o meter

Your app. Has kept me out of trouble and saving me money. I have a 1981 Vette I’ve rebuilt. It has a little hotter engine than the original. The problem is the “81” speed o meter only reads to 85 mph, and every once in a while I like to clean the exhaust pipes out so I usually drive with your app on I can tell when I get to that cleaning speed. Then it’s time to back off👍🤫👮🏻‍♂️. So thank you JC

- Speedometer

I love this app and I will recommend to everyone. It’s accurate, easy to use and it has a lot of really cool features within the app. You can change colors with the numbers, it has navigation, and a lot more. I don’t usually download apps but this one was well worth it. Thank you so much to the people who created it. You did a great job!

- Great app

Had an old cell phone that no longer had data to a carrier that I wanted to use as a dedicated digital speedometer on trips. This app worked perfectly. Very well thought out and designed app that is very customizable. Also I sent the developer a question and he responded very quickly with a detailed answer. App is Exactly what I was looking for.

- Great and all, but not what Im looking for

This app works and runs great, but I upgraded to pro thinking that the app would know posted speed limits, but it only works when I choose a preset limit. I work in an oilfield lease, and truck is equipped with gps and my company tracks me if Im speeding (which going downhill happens more often than it should) This app just wasn’t what I needed it to do. If there is any way, Id like to get refunded for my PRO purchase.

- I already bought the full version!

For the past two years I’ve been using the full version driving a commercial vehicle. I had to reset my phone and now that I need to re-download the app. It’s telling me I need to purchase the app; I already purchased full version, there should be a way that I would be able to re-download the full version without paying for it again and if I have to pay for it again, that means every time someone upgrade to a new phone they will have to re-purchase the app over and over again. This is not right!

- Incredible experience with speedometer.

I love this app, because it is very accessible with voiceover, also, I think that this would be a great app for those with visual impairments they may just want to check the app out and actually see of how many miles or directions that they are going in their own area basically anyway.

- Extremely accurate and easy to use.

I still can’t believe how great this app is. Free, easy to use, and more importantly it appears to be spot on accurate. I have never paid for an app before, but I believe that I might upgrade to the paid version of this one. If the free version is this good, then the paid version must be absolutely amazing.

- Money saving app

I use the app all the time on my boat and it works great. But it has saved me money several times with speeding tickets. I have a 2014 Wrangler that I lifted and put 35’s on so the dash speedo was way off and I never knew it especially at highway speeds. I then checked it on my 08 Ram with leveling kit and 33’s and once again way off. Cruise set at 70 mph actual speed was 78 mph.

- Speedometer app

The app works exactly as it says. I downloaded to test against my $4k gps navigation system in my boat & the mph & other info is spot on. I highly recommend this app, although the main screen is a bit busy, & it will drain your battery pretty quick, it works exactly as advertised. The heads up feature is cool too!

- Glad to have HUD Speedometer

I haven’t used any other app except this one on any of my phones. I use it cause the speedometer is right on as it was on your vehicle. I know this cause we have speed checks in our state along the highways and when I go by them both are right on. Never have had any issues with this app and it’s easy to use.

- Off the charts! Car or bike.

Outstanding! Does your tilt wheel block your view of the speedo? Use this app. Heads-up display is fantastic, as well. On my motorcycle, it's even better b/c the handlebar mount lets me keep my eyes up. And the iPod function works like a dream: play, pause, skip my music. +Never see ads or spam while you're driving. Well done, people!

- Awesome app

This app is awesome. The free version helped me a ton. Half the time my steering wheel is in the way of my speedometer and I can’t see my speed. This helped me from Seattle to Wyoming and back. Kept me aware of my speed. Time to find out what the full version does. Worth your time looking at this app, even if you only use the free version.

- Love this app still!!

As more updates are released, the app just gets better and better!! The only addition that I’d still like to see is a lean angle tracker added for those of us who use the app while on a motorcycle.. Ideally, it would be tracked and added to the black box info as well as be viewable somehow on the HUD.. Keep up the awesome work, Stan!!

- Works and accurate.

The speedometer stopped working in my car so just for laughs I checked to see if there was an app that was more accurate that the navigation apps. This one matches up with the speedometer in my wife’s newer nicer car, so I’m guessing it’s good enough to not get me pulled over. There is a full screen mode which is chill.

- The amazing speed app

This app is amazing. My speedometer suddenly quit working and I felt panicked at the thought of a ticket. My nephew was with me, he said let me have your phone and he downloaded the app. It’s been amazing to have. Now I have a different vehicle and the speedometer works, but by using this app I learned my speedometer is off by two.

- A big help!

The speedo on my old truck is freaking out, and my town has a lot of those stupid speed cameras, so having this app is a big help. My only complaint is that it popped up a request for a review over the normal screen while I was driving. I had to pull over to deal with that.

- Very accurate tool

Great display. I have an old 94 Jeep that has been underwater one too many times. The speedometer and odometer have quit working. Now I use this app and it gives me sophisticated AND accurate displays of speed/trip miles, altimeter, compass and Google maps. I really like this app. I heartily recommend it.

- Wish this app worked 100% of time

Downloaded this app since I have 37” on my truck to check how fast I’m actually going, but more than 1/2 of the time the digits don’t display. Which is the whole point of having the app. There are really cool features, but I think it’s geared to push you into buying the full version. I really looked forward to using it while driving down to the coast this weekend, but had to rely on the trusty ‘ol radar detector. Oh well

- Speedometer App is Great!

My speedometer in my truck quit. I didn’t sweat it. I downloaded the Speedometer App. It works great and is extremely precise! The option to make the display large, makes it easy for you to read. The Reflection Mode will reverse the image so you can lay it on the dash and see the reflection in your windshield! Get it!

- Impressive

I love the HUD function. It looks great and I feel great using it in my truck, especially at night. Not to mention the speed is actually accurate! I tested it on a brand new vehicle (2018) and the speed matches perfectly. There is an understandable lag however it is hardly noticeable. Great app! And it’s free!

- Just what I needed

I drive a 2014 Prius. The digital readout is nearly impossible to read when the sun is out. I have a phone holder that fits into the CD player which puts it at a perfect level. I’m certain that this app has kept me from an accident and tickets! I highly recommend Speedometer.

- Cool app

I’m impressed.... I ride a motorized bicycle and this app for great for me.... not only the accuracy of the MPH display and the mapping of my trip is awesome.... much better than most free apps.... I will soon upgrade to full version but as of now it’s impossible due to loss of work due to the virus.... stay safe everyone and remember... 6 FEET APART OR 6 FEET UNDER...!!!!!

- Best App ever!

Initially downloaded this app to make corrections to my hotrod’s speedometer gears until repairs were made. Especially useful when my wife and kids were driving it. Matches all the speed trap displays that I have run across in the United States and Canada (Sault St Marie)...so far. I was able to lock into satellites on recent vacation on airplane (near window of course). Customer support and service is simply AWESOME and FAST!! Thanks Stan great product. This app has many useful tools for business travel as well as personal travel...or for your hotrod or classic car... at least it helps me stay out of trouble. Dan

- Great for recording travel info

I like the app. It has plenty of information and refreshes quickly. The heading feature was impressive. This is also good for keeping track of distance and speed with boats and off road vehicles that do not have speedometers.

- Good info

I’ve used this app on occasion. It worked great on train when I was a little bored and curious to how fast we were going. The map feature was also great, being able to see the towns we were entering and bodies of water nearby. Thanks for such a well designed app!

- Big Tired

We put bigger tires on our Jeep and had no idea how fast we are going. We discovered with this app our speedometer is 5-6 miles slow. Good information to know. We don’t want any speeding tickets!! We also use it on our boat. Great to know how fast we are going.

- Speedometer

This app works as advertised I truly appreciate that so many don’t so I decided to comment and state if you are looking for an app that tells speed and altitude this work and works well I haven’t had it long enough to learn everything it does but I will.

- Perfect Fix !!

I use this app in my silage hauling trucks. Allows me to track trip mileage for billing and total mile per day for multiple days also ave speed per trip and also max speed !! Very accurate and super easy download and also easy to navigate !!!!

- Speedometer app

I use it my classic car because the speedometer is whacked my motorcycle to check the speedo and my bike. It’s accurate I’ve checked it several times in my wife’s 2018 SUV big numbers on a clear display easy to read when your driving.

- Not bad great pretty spot on

While traveling it was great speed gets away from the driver the warning setting was great to avoid tickets as long as your on a major highway great back roads little glitchy like road maps on your phone Signal

- Lifted

I have a lifted JEEP with larger tires. This app is my perfect solution. Works perfectly with a well made design and accurate.... Plus the Full screen Rocks!!! Thank you Used daily... Extra bonus it keeps my eyes on the road and I'm not messing with my phone while driving.


Can this be used as a true gps where put in address and get directions if so I’m all in any help would be great my speedometer went out in my truck so would like to have speedometer and true gps directions Thanks in advance

- Had everything you need!

Just take a few minutes to learn how it works by playing with each of the features and you’ll find that this program has more options than you could even Imagine.

- I use it but don’t use it...... YET.

I’ve used it in NON pay mode without a need to upgrade for a few years and like it. I will be hopefully upgrading to the pay mode for some upcoming trips at the end of this year or beginning of next to evaluate its worthy ness in pay mode. See you then !

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- Great App

I have been using this app for approximately three months now and have found that I use it all the time. If you do not have a digital speedometer this is a very useful app. It is very accurate and the warning it gives if you exceed the speed limit although annoying can save you lots of dollars. Very happy.

- Some ideas

I do like the app however would like to see some improvements and functions. Eg. More speed settings:- 40,50,60,70,80,100,110 Kph. These are the main speed limits in Australia. So the current 4 settings are insufficient. Also it would be great to have a good navigation tool built in since you already have google maps being displayed. If this is possible then entering destination address should be simple and easy to do. Also to reduce the annoying visual effect of digital speed numbers suddenly jumping in value it might be an idea to show an analogue speed around the digits. An analogue display is much easier to view and understand. Thank you.

- Looks good

But there’s still room for innovation, I think the app can be better if only the users will have the options to be aware of police presence and police cameras, being able to record and store your speed and to allow users to setup or select the maximum speed notification or alarm! Five stars can be achieved by adding these features and more! Thanks Hey guys, is there any feature on this app that allows users of the app to determine the depth of the water when you’re in a water sports/boat ride? Basically, I’m talking about the height or depth of your boat when at sea?

- Great app great feature even in the free version

Use it all the time. I only have one suggestion... App seems to turn off my LibriVox app the first time I trip the speed warnings. If I turn LibriVox back on it doesn’t turn it off again. The laws are tight here and you can’t touch your phone at all whilst your car is running. Finding a safe place to pull over turn the car off and pull the keys out to restart is a drag. If this could be fixed I would buy the full version without question.

- Super App!

Thankyou so much, Stanislav 😁. I suspected that my speedo was wrong, and after using it today I found out that indeed it was; for 18 mths I’d been driving at 5-10km/hr slower than everyone else (depending on speed limit) and thought everyone was speeding! Free version is fantastic, may consider paid version at some stage. Thanks again, Stan - Miles, Brisbane.

- Love this app

I was using a different free speedo app but the adds were really annoying. Plus this in free version lets me play my iMusic without having to open that app. Great being able to have warning when going over speed limits( and that you can adjust these). Well done great app

- What an awesome app- and developer!

Never have I EVER received such dedication ; I had a small issue with my phone , and within 2 minutes of sending the email I had a response with a fix. Stan was there to help the whole time. The app is extremely accurate as well. Overall a great app

- Excellent

Started with the free version to try it then switched to the paid version. Never once wish I'd of used an enemy's option. Tried them, nowhere near as good. It's saved my bacon more than once due to my deformity of having a lead foot 😂🇦🇺looks cool as well with heaps of info. Thank you..

- So Good

It was a real blast to discover this really helpful and reliable app. Driving various vehicles and being quite aware that they all varied speeds on the speedo, rather than chasing down highway speed displays, I can now check quickly and easily on the run. Great 👍

- Brilliant support

I had a problem with my iPhone on iOS 11 and couldn’t get the green speed digits to show so I sent an email to the developer, Stanislav. He responded with a fix immediately. absolutely brilliant support service. I had to do an IOS software upgrade.

- Accurate, easy to use

I've tried a few variants of this app, this one is the best, easy to read numbers, quick change speed limit alerts, KMs, Miles and knots. It's been very handy teaching my son to slow down!

- Changed

I did love this app so easy to use but recently it has changed, doesn’t just start up, really to give up it took an hour to sort it out then I don’t know what I did to get it working, frustrating.

- Correct speed

Gives you accurate speed. My car was 10 k under speed now I have mobile phone mounted where I can see correct speed.

- Well Done.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. This App is awesome. I’ve trialled a few other ones before finding this one. Being a professional driver, I especially love the “Black Box” feature. I highly recommend this app.

- Speedometer is very good

I have been using this app for many many years. I was possibly one of the first uses of this app on my iPad and later on my iPhone. In my opinion, It is the best app out there with complete functionality matched by no other speed app I have tried. It has trip recording, iPod or music access, cost, distance, speed warning, etc etc etc, as the list goes on and on. One of my all time favourite apps

- Interference

I was using this app a few weeks back in a new work vehicle (ford transit) and there seems to be some interference that’s says I’m doing 10km under So doing the speed limit on this app I got a fine for doing 9km over Not saying this app is bad just saying there’s interference in some vehicles

- Speedometer app

Love this app it has saved my drivers license so many times. I am now teaching my son to drive and I use the speedometer to check if he is speeding as I cannot see the car speedo.

- My guardian.

Need my licence for work and play. This app makes sure I am always travelling at the correct speed. A saviour on many occasions. Money in my pocket and not the law enforcement bureaucracy. Highly recommended.

- Great app for on the road sales reps

I use this app daily. My iPhone sits in a car kit where I can see it easier than my vehicle speedometer. I don’t drive without this app on.

- Lifetime trip

This app has become very useful. To compare speed with different vehicles. Not surprisingly to find most are out 🤔

- Great speed app

Accurate showing speed and iTunes controls

- Easy as...

Simple to use, heaps of features and additional info. A good way to check accuracy of car speedo.

- Great reference App

Always use it to double check everything speed, altitude and direction wise.

- Accurate

Have had great results from this app highly recommended

- Amazing

Great app fantastic you can drive and basically concentrate on driving and not checking your speedometer constantly

- It actually works

I needed a speedometer to see how much my car was out of line and it was exact this app is amazing

- Great

I’ve only been using short time cause my speedo in car died , but so far this app is great and easy to use 👍👍

- Accurate!

Nice and accurate, it shows my wife that my car’s speedometer reads fast!

- Very nice and rich app

There is quite a lot you can do with this app although I mainly use it for the speedo function. Works great!

- Try it

Unreal app. More accurate than most speedos. Especially old cars. Highly recommend this app!

- ?

The app is every reliable in every way possible and thank you for this app

- 11 out of 10

Yes Works exceptionally well. Quick to start up. Trip data works a treat for logbook recording etc.

- Speedometer iPhone

Fantastic even in basic free version. Accurate and easy to read, keeps total K’s Great for old cars working in miles or speedo not working at all

- Fantastic App - very versatile

This is one of the best, feature rich Apps I have ever purchased. Well worth upgrading to the paid version.

- Great app

Love the free version. Will be updating to full version for sure!! Super easy to use on iPhone and super accurate to a third party Gps

- Mike

Exactly what is needed to check the various car odometers. Haven’t used all the features, easy to use and user friendly

- Great App 👍👍👍

If you want an accurate real-time speed, distance & tracking device... Speedometer is the one to have 👍. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Loujo

Works wonderfully and has HUD very helpful with use at night when using my classic car.

- The only speedo app you will need.

Doesn't matter if you drive an old car or new this app is awesome and accurate. Old speedos are not. Be safe, drive within the limits of the road and your ability. And now safely under the speed limit. Used to miles or kms that's ok you can change it. Even to knots. Be safe.

- Great App

Great App I use it in my vintage cars much safer to rely on this and avoid speeding fins than a 90 year old original speedo in the car.

- No fines

Keep you up to date on your speed thanks no fines since it’s used

- Excellent

I use this to track the speed of vehicles (not only on the roadway)that I am travelling in

- Works well

Does all you need in this style product

- Quick Question.

Hi. Does this work with bicycles? I was hoping to find an app to use for this kind of stuff.

- Professional trickier

Working like a treat Impressive accuracy and liking the heads up option

- Quick and easy to use

Fantastic and easy to use

- Speed checker. Great on the Highway

I love this app. I can tell how fast any driver I am traveling with is going without being obvious 👍

- Worth Trying.

Good app, found it more accurate than my vehicles odometer, measuring 5km test signs alone the Hume highway. All-in-all, no real dramas.

- Speed

I drive 2 muscle cars and need this app as i would be fined for speeding every outing without

- Love it!!

Very accurate, easy presets on limits, if I use this app as it is intended i should never get a speeding fine....💯

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- Great

This app is great... I have an old mustang and the speedo stopped working so I use my phone for a speedo, plus this app also has the GPS... it works great 👍🏽

- Awesome and accurate

My ‘04 PT Cruiser had a wiring issue and I had no speedo, I found this app and am glad to say that my Speedo is working and I tested the app to find it is really accurate. Absolutely love the free app.

- Not accurate

I downloaded this App to try it out on my Golf Cart and although I really liked its interface and the display it was very inaccurate for this slow type of vehicle where I primary wanted to use it. It was between 8-10 MPH on the high side and there is no way to calibrate it as far as I am aware. Just thought I would note this in a review for others to be aware. Would love to hear if others have had similar results. Will be trying other versions until I hit one that seems allot more accurate.

- 55 start app

Unbelievable I have a 1967 galaxy 500. And it’s in miles per hour. This app gave me in km. Per hour Absolutely awsome. Thank you for this app.

- Moo o v

D try

- Not working

Not working

- Great app - easy to use!

Use this app to show speed in kilometres as our vehicle has a MPH gauge and Canada uses kilometres. Large digits so it’s easy to view from a distance. Simple, well designed and a no brainer to use.

- Nice

I use this app when I’m operating machinery on construction sites with speed limits, since most telehandlers, atvs, man-lifts, etc. don’t have speedos. Pleasantly surprised that this app got an update👍🏼👍🏼

- This app is awesome

Awesome app

- Pulled over

I got pulled over while using this app because my tucks speedometer on my way home stopped working and I got a 175$ ticket, what must I do about the ticket?

- Hiking and biking

I love this App for off road excursions! Gives high quality elevation distance and speeds!! Thanks you for the simple/easy to use app to check how fast my Doberman’s run how high I climb on mountain bike and how fast my downhill descent actually is!! Not to mention driving in city or off road!!! All around awesome!!! 👍🏽🙌🏽

- awesome

this app works great. i will buy the full version. thanks

- Excellent

5 Stars

- Thanks

Just upgraded I used the free version fairly often over the last few years it’s worked great for me figured it was time to support the app as I am using regularly now. Thanks good job !

- Speedometer

It’s a great app.. use it on my boat all the time

- Great app

Love the altimeter and gives accurate speed readings if you have oversized tires

- Good!

Good! Works! Just what I wanted. Thanks to you guys!

- Love it

I drive allot Love to see it integrate with use of google maps. Ie see maps & speed Love that is makes noise even if it annoying Like it when playing music but love to see it integrate with Spotify app

- Trash app

Trying to see max speed on a golf cart and this app didn't work smh

- 👍🏼

Great app ! Used it to drive across the US from Canada . Worked great I found it very accurate!

- Speedometer + More

Was only looking for a speedometer app and found this one. Works wonderfully and has so much more built in.

- Finally a quality designed app!!

This speedometer works amazing and saved me a lot of money not having to replace the one in my car! Highly recommend

- Greek-sensation68

Works great even with no cell service

- Super


- pretty good

the speed limits are cool, gps is great and speedometer accurate

- Speedometer

Great app very accurate

- Awesome app!

This app works very well. I use it all the time!

- Works as expected!

Good speedometer replacement !

- Great assistant

Works as well on the water as on land!

- Speedometer does what it says

It does what I want it to and what I expected it to. I just dislike that it constantly asked if I want the up grade. What part of no is hard to comprehend Just Saying. I get it they need to sell product it’s just too much too often.

- More than expected

I use it to measure my speed on a boat, seems to work well

- 5 Star Driving School Ltd

This is great Apps gps work very good

- Odometer

The odometer is excellent the only con I have is when you turn off your phone it stops working

- Amazing app

I used it for my rc car speed and it is very accurate

- So far so good

Loaded the free version, drove away before really knowing how to use it. Worked great, loved the speed bug. Will purchase full version. Next time will try the heads up. Doug

- So far so good

Loaded the free version, drove away before really knowing how to use it. Worked great, loved the speed bug. Will purchase full version. Next time will try the heads up. Doug

- Génial

Génial application

- Excellent!!!

Application très complète!!! 👍

- Great features

Love this app

- Awesome

Can’t get no better than this app I use it all the time and my friends too👍

- Awesome

A very great app and very useful really nice and the best part is that it doesn’t need data usage or wifi to work it is very very nice but the only bad part is that some features are really nice but need the pro and its not free

- Review

This app rocks... drove half way across Canada using it.

- Snow Kite

Superbe application, je m’en sert beaucoup pour le snow Kite et c’est extra, c’est un must 👌👏✔️💯/💯

- Excellent

Ca fonctionne à merveille sur iPhone, que vouloir de plus, good job a toute l’équipe merci.

- Good apps

Good apps Thank

- Great App

I downloaded the app after I got new tires put on because I felt my Speedometer was out. Turns out it was and the app helps. At first I was wondering if it was accurate and I confirmed with a friend following me on the highway. Great app Only used this could all motor as the other stuff looks kind a technical.

- Great as a Speedometer

I use this as a speedometer for my motorcycle. Works great and has likely saved many red light camera tickets!

- 👍

Awesome app. Thanks.

- Best one on istore

Very accurate.

- Help

I have no clue how to use this please help

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- Love the lab alarm when I’m speeding!

So far this app works great when I’m on the highway on the back roads of America. Although I have found that going through hilly terrain up-and-down it tends to have a hard time keeping up otherwise just a great one

- More than I expected

I love this app. More features than I expected and very useful to keep my lead foot up a bit with that alarm. Most definitely getting my $5! Thank you for an awesome helpful app. Keep up the good work and the updates.

- Speedometer on iPhone

Great app ! Large speed limit numbers . You can preset speed limit to what you want ( usually 9mph over posted limits works ) and it beeps when go that speed . Just a great app using it for years now !!

- Location sharing won’t shut off when I leave the app

I can’t get the location sharing to turn off when I’m not using app. I’ve been having to go location settings and turn off that service everytime I’m done with it

- Awesome App!!!

This is the first spedo/odometer I’ve used on my bike. It’s also the only one I’ll ever need. The feature to have the maps on the screen at the same time as everything else is awesome! Love this app. Highly recommended from a cyclist to others.

- This app rocks

I love it you can have gps your speed and your music all in one where can you go wrong its accurate also i tested it with the roadside speed checks more then happy i recommend to all

- Beadles1

This is a very good application. Haven’t had any issues with it. No pop up ads. And is very accurate. My speedometer in my pick up is broken I use this to control my speed I can’t afford anymore tickets.

- Great accurate app

Just bought a new to me Jeep which obviously had much larger wheels on it at some point. Noticed cars passing me on the highway while I’m doing the speed limit. Got the app and yep I was 13 mph slower than my speedometer was reading.

- Top dollar

Top dollar app top dollar view top dollar everything this apps for you! Probably hands down,in my short experience with the iPhone Apple store by far the best app I’ve downloaded yet five stars without hesitation!

- Awesome even if you use the free version

The heads up display is a win-win to me looks cool make sure car feel like you’re in the future no complaints there also showed me my car speedometer is 5 mph fast

- Smacky 658

My speedo in my car quit working I got this app and it’s been a life savor for me it is far better with more features than the one my car came with love it thank you guys for creating a app like this one

- It works great!

I downloaded this app to use in my 1957 Land Rover. The gauges of that era are not the most accurate or detailed. Specially the speedometer. This app works great and it does everything that it was designed to do. It never crashes and it’s very reliable.

- This is a great app for finding out what your average speed

This is a great app for finding out what your average speed is and it shows your top speed and your bottom speed I really like this app

- Cluster gauge

I was in doubt in getting this app but I read the reviews and some people were saying good things about it some don’t so, I give it a try and I am loving it so far. Is pretty accurate and even has a compass.

- Does everything I need and more-FOR FREE!!!

I seriously feel I should have paid just a LITTLE for this app. It is AMAZING. I own a few scooters and like to tweak them to get them a bit faster. This app is invaluable. Please don’t change it. I love it!

- Wonderful app

This is a very helpful app because I ride vintage motorcycles that have no or hardly working speedometer. Several of my police friends have radar shot me for accuracy and I tell ya this app was only 2mpr slower then my actual speed!! (WOW)!!😁

- #1 Speedometer App

Excellent accuracy and amount of features. One thing I’m *really* wishing for is to change HUD color without having to pay the full $3.99. Not worth taking a star off for that though.

- Robust and powerful

Very robust application with accurate, responsive speedometer, altimeter, and many extra features that are easily accessed. I suffer terribly from “speedometer creep” when driving, and this app helps me behave. How about some kind of CarPlay support???

- Speed map

Just got this today. Been using it all day. Love the full map feature with speed at the bottom center. Now I can tell exactly how fast I am going. Speed odometer is at wrong angle on my bike.

- Awesome App

When my speedometer broke on my car all I had to do was download this app so I thought it was only a speed thing but it shows you if you go over the speed you need to and also there is a GPS AWSOME APP BUY IT.

- Use it daily

Are use this app daily the speed seems to be accurate usually just 1 mile less than what I’m actually driving but I would like access to Podcasts through the media player


Speedometer went out in my Tahoe a couple of yrs ago, I then used my GPS system for display of speed-then it too went out on me! Found this app, loaded it about an hr ago, & just had my 1st outing in months, where I could actually see (know) how fast I was going! And it was AWESOME!! 🙂 It’s the little things in life, we take for granted! Now I’m not driving blind to my speed anymore!!! Thank you!! 😎

- Great app

Downloaded just for fun and realize how helpful this app can be Because the speedometer on my old truck broke and I use this app get me back home getting without a ticket..so yes I would recommend this app

- Good app

I had no idea the speedometer was wrong in my car..my boyfriend was following me one day and he said I was driving to slow..I downloaded this app and sure enough my car was showing that I was doin 70 but this app said I was goin 62...I just hope this app is accurate

- Use to track student drivers’ speed

This app allows me to check my daughter‘s speed while she is learning to drive. I’ve also used it on Amtrak just out of morbid curiosity...

- Not accurate

I downloaded this app because I was buying a old truck with the Speedometer that didn’t work but when I tested to see the accuracy I had cruise control set at 65 with the miles per hour showing on my dash and this app show that I was going anywhere is between 60 and 70 miles an hour so it’s OK for giving an idea but bad for accuracy

- On point!

This app has been perfect in comparison to the radars local police set up. My speedometer occasionally goes out and this app makes all the difference! Thank you for making it free as well!!! Great work!

- Great app

Great app to compare speedometer with actual speed. Warnings help keep you out of trouble by alerting you when speed zone changes. Very helpful when your mind is elsewhere and your speed drifts.

- 55 app

I love this 55mph speedometer. My speedometer in my car works great. When i get in my car I always pull out my iPhone and I run the 55mph speedometer app. I’m thinking of paying for this app and get all of powers. It’s a great and worthy app to purchase

- Thank you thank you

The speedometer is off in my car by 15 to 20 mph. Your app is easy to use, bright and a large font. I’m sure it has saved me from receiving a speedy violation.

- Thank you for making such a perfect app

This has everything I need when recording high speeds and average speeds with so many other functions I don't use!

- Was great. . .

Had this for years as my speedometer for an old Jeep that has none. Since ios 13 (thru 13.1.1) it randomly drops the GPS signal and stops working. Regaining the signal requires power down of the phone and a restart. Hardly useful while driving. Used to love this app. Not so much lately.

- Different speed settings

I like the different speed setting for the highway and urban. It will save u from getting a ticket if u sett the speeds as u need them. Pretty good app so far but there is always room for improvement. All in all tho it’s a fairly nice app.

- Saves me money!

This excellent app helps me be aware of my speed, so I don’t get pulled over by a police officer and get a ticket. Plus it keeps me more cautious about my speed in neighborhoods with children.

- Good app

Alot of other speedos are inaccurate out there but this one seems spot on with the tests ive done, alot of exta features you dont find all in one spot and everything you need in the free version alone. 5/5. 👍👏👌😎

- Very good

This app performs very well and is very accurate. I was actually really surprised at how well it works given that it looks like something designed for the original iPod. Very reliable

- Excellent App, EXPERT Service.

I had a problem with the app— that was ALL MINE. Fat fingers, non-techie, whatever you wanna call it, the issue was me. Stan got back ASAP with the fix, and he is very professional and polite. Highly recommend this app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Real Time Geek

I got near real time support from Stan when I couldn’t get a speed reading on a high speed train. Turns out the window film blocks the GPS so need to press phone against it. Thank you Stan.

- Glitch

I use Speedometre while biking. Sometimes it does not work and the big green numbers that indicate my speed simply disappear, which is very frustrating.

- Speedo and elevation.

I’m on blood thinner for a stroke condition. I can not exceed 8,000 feet in elevation without a bump in my medicine. Additionally, I drive old vehicles and none have accurate speedometers or odometers. This app is outstanding because it has both.

- Fred Z

I very much enjoyed the app I have used it to check The speedometer it a couple of vehicles it’s easy to use and I keep it at my fingertips even my grandson enjoy seeing how fast grandpa‘s going

- Great App

I think this app is pretty good, a lot of information is displayed at once. No need to navigate through the app while driving because it’s display already. Thanks for the great app.

- World well

My speedometer went out in my car and this was my life saver!!! It is very accurate, bright, and the app itself works great! I haven’t had any freeze ups :)

- Been using this app for 3yrs GREAT!

The speedometer was out on my 03 Hyundai SantaFe when I bought it 3 years ago. It’s $400 to fix. I downloaded this app and haven’t looked back since. Ps: the odometers are a big plus for me

- Works great

Ever wondered how slow your train is going? Wonder no more It’s accurate when matched with the digital speedo in my Tesla Model 3 @ it’s accurate as shown by police radar installations.

- Easy to learn

To see the elevation, direction, and distance of travel is intriguing, but not distracting to the best benefit - seeing a cop pass and not turning around because I already knew how fast I was going!

- Amazing

Why hasn’t anyone told me about this app? Maybe my head is under a rock when people talk about it, but it’s exactly what I need. The trip counter is a great bonus. Thank you!

- Speed App

I have had this app for a year I guess I use it in my 1968 Tbird to see how much the speedometer is off. Easy to use I'm glad I came across it in my search. Thank you

- Great program

Still working on my iPhone 4S and using it in my Golf cart and to track trips, works without a problem.

- Love it

The only thing that I wish it would have with the map is being able to put in a place or address to find the way around. It’s a really great app though!

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Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD 2.1 Screenshots & Images

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images
Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD iphone images

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD (Version 2.1) Install & Download

The applications Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD was published in the category Navigation on 2012-09-13 and was developed by Stanislav Dvoychenko [Developer ID: 433259771]. This application file size is 68.64 MB. Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD - Navigation app posted on 2020-09-25 current version is 2.1 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.blocoware.speedometerfree

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