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Legacy version, please upgrade to Tweetbot 3 for Mac instead.


Tweetbot is a full-featured OS X Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds and animation, or features like multiple timelines and column views, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.


Multiple Timelines. Quickly switch between your lists as your main timeline.
Multiple Windows and Columns. Display timelines from different accounts side by side.
Notification Center support.
Beautiful Retina graphics.
Mute filters lets you block messages from users without unfollowing them. You can also mute hashtags and specific keywords.


Legacy version, please upgrade to Tweetbot 3 for Mac instead.

Tweetbot 2 for Twitter App Description & Overview

The applications Tweetbot 2 for Twitter was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-10-18 and was developed by Tapbots. The file size is 11.83 MB. The current version is 2.5.8 and works well on 10.10 and high ios versions.

On August 16th Twitter will disable parts of their public interface that we use in Tweetbot. Because Twitter has chosen not to provide alternatives to these interfaces we have been forced to disable or degrade certain features. We're sorry about this, but unfortunately this is totally out of our control.

- Timeline streaming is now disabled. Your timelines will now refresh automatically every 1-2 minutes instead.
- Notifications for Mentions, Direct Messages, Follows and Follower's Tweets will now be delayed by a few minutes.
- Notifications for Likes and Retweets have been disabled.
- Activity tab has been removed.

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Great twitter client, arrival of Tweetbot 3 kind of disappointing  Connador  4 star

I purchased Tweetbot 2 on April 17th, and there’s already a new version out for the same price. Maybe I was completely out of the loop and wasn’t aware of a new update coming, but it certainly doesn’t feel great for the app to advertise the new version when I had just recently purchased this now “legacy” version.


Great but wish notifs sync  KingArthurVI  1 star

This app is great and is hands-down the best Twitter client I’ve ever used on both iOS and Mac. The streaming feature is perfect, I don’t ever have to “pull to refresh” when I’m on Wi-Fi, and new tweets show up instantaneously. That said, I wish the notifications sync across device. I have an iPhone and a Mac, but if I get a mention on the phone and read it (or even replied to it), and I go back to my Mac a few HOURS after, the notification would still show up on the Mac client. Basically, the menu bar icon lights up as blue and says I have 1 unread mention. This app is SO close to perfection, I wish the devs can polish this and make it the truly great app that I think it can be. Update 6/26: Got an app update at 20th June and I was excited that Tapbots is continuing to offer updates to customers of Tweetbot 2, turns out that the update snuck in a “Tweetbot 3 is now available” modal pop-up. Disgusting. Revising my review to 1-star.


Missing a few obvious features  santiontanon  3 star

Tweetbot is ok, now that the official Twitter App is no longer maintained for Mac… But I really wish there was a way to see (and control) progress in video playback (I don’t know how many times people have asked for this feature, and the devs keep ignoring...), and also being able to see both of my accounts at the same time. You can have multiple windows, but only one of them has the left-bar, making the other one almost useless. Additionally, I would like to see the number of likes and retweets tweets have without having to click on each tweet. Other than that, it’s a pretty good Twitter client


Disappointing  zozawe  1 star

I was using TweetDeck before, and purchased Tweetbot when it was only $4.99. I have to say that even for that price I cannot recommend it. It looks nice, but it is just not reliable. 1. The Activity view skips activities. For one account it lists a single activity 80 days ago, and for another one it detects a few every once in a while. 2. Same for the Mentions view. One account lists not a single mention, and another one 2. 3. Search is broken. It barely ever finds anything. Single words only so it seems. 4. The Timeline view doesn’t keep track of its position. If I read all message from bottom to top, then quit the application, it will happy have it all the way at then bottom again when I start the application later. 5. Why such tiny non-resizable tweet window? Is Twitter’s API to blame? I doubt it. TweetDeck may not be as pretty, but it has none of these issues. It lists all activities, mentions, gives many more search results, and lets me also schedule tweets.


Tweetbot is the best Twitter app for Mac and iPhone  Dykstra  5 star

I use Twitter everyday at my desk so I was pretty upset when Twitter’s native app left the Mac. I tried Twitterific first and was left disappointed. Then I thought I’d give Tweetbot a try and it’s amazing. It’s actually better than Twitter for Mac. I like the look and feel. I also enjoy being able to have it full screen with multiple saved search windows open. I later bought the app for iPhone as well and I love it. Thank you, Tweetbot!


Dark Mode needed!  $tos  5 star

This app so far looks like a great replacement to the Twitter Mac app, but can we get a dark mode? Would make a huge difference in engagments and usage!


timeline updates  matvox  3 star

Is there anyway to have the timeline stream automatically without my having to scroll it? The Twiter app did this so I could always keep up to the minute. WIth Tweetbot it just backs up unless you continually manually update the timeline.


gives me the willies  Rockafeller1  1 star

This app gives me the willies. It does weird things, and links to suspiciouis pages. That is why every time I try and like it, I remember why I should delete it.


Constantly Crashes  LEMONerd  1 star

what’s worse, it just quits without letting you know that it has crashed. And it won’t mark my messages as read, won’t save any of my preference settings. Great disappointment.

Not Impressed At All, Ever

Doesn’t Work  Not Impressed At All, Ever  1 star

Paid for and downloaded this app as a replacement for Twitter on my Macbook. Sign in and try to authorize and get a mesage that says: Sorry, Please try again later. This application cannot authenticate more uses at this time. What a bunch of BS! Should not be for sale if you can’t use the thing. Horrible App. Will write reviews everywhere I can that its crap and a waste of money.


A once great app is now dated  andrewwhiteau  5 star

The stellar features in their iOS app remain largely absent from the Mac version. Filters and custom filters are still missing. These are what make the iOS app near perfect and yet they have not been introduced here. The absence of a dark mode and video control also puts the Mac version behind iOS. What once led the way is now dragging its feet. It’s disappointing for those of use who have purchased every single iteration of iOS and Mac apps since Tweetbot first started.


No “dark mode"  Soularus  1 star

I bought this app expecting it would have a “night mode” (dark background, white text). I was very disappointed to find out that it does NOT have a night mode. Even the free Twitter app for Mac has that! If developers add this simple feature, I will consider a higher rating. But for me now, this app is useless and a waste of money.

Not worth the money but won't provide a refund  2 star

I’ve used TweetBot on my iPhone for years and love it, and on the basis of this I decided to pay for TweetBot for MacOS as an upgrade from the free TweetDeck. Sadly, Tweetbot for MacOS lacks many of the features I’d expect (goven how great the iPhone app is) and even some of the features of the free TweeDeck. Compounding this disappointment is that there now seems to be NO way to get a refund of the AUD$15 purchase price (clearly Apple needs either a trial mode so you can test an app before buying it, or a money-back-within-48-hours scheme). Tapbots says they can’t refund and referss me to iTunes Support but iTunes Support offers no mechanism for a refund and refers me back to Tapbots, so it seems like I have blown my AUD$15. I’d suggest that other people considering buying this app do NOT do so until they’ve had the chance to try it first hand - maybe on a friend’s Mac – because it’s not nearly as good as you’d expect, given the superb iOS edition, and there’s no way to get your money back if you reckon it’s not up to snuff.


Quite good, but feeling a bit neglected  GridSound  3 star

While still my preferred Twitter client, it’s starting to feel rough around the edges. It’s missing the useful timeline Filters from iOS, doesn’t have any Touch Bar support (at least add simple buttons for New Tweet, Retweet, etc until you can implement context-aware support), tweet video playback offers no playback controls, dialogs like adding keyword mute filters start with the wrong control focused, can’t make the New Tweet window large enough to view the whole tweet at once, etc. Hopefully a future version will bring it up to speed with the iOS versions.


Best client IMO but could do with iOS features  Rockbiterrrrrr  4 star

I don’t know if there’s anything outstanding about this app but it’s a solid Twitter client that largely gets out of your way. Could do with image galleries working like they do on iOS for easier viewing of multiple images from a single tweet. Threads don’t sometimes display at all like the web browser and polls don’t work but I believe these are both API issues from Twitter themselves. I wish I could pull to refresh a comment thread when viewing a tweet.

the war buff

If you're blind do not bother getting this product. They do not listen to accessibility concerns.  the war buff  1 star

I purchased this program several months ago because the IOS version was completely accessible with voiceover. the mac version how ever has a serious accessibility bug. the names of posters of tweets are not read with voiceover. I contacted the developers and told them of the problem and they responded by saying they were aware of this and "an update will be coming very soon to address this". months later and still no fix and hardly any response to my queries. They gave me a refund at one stage which I was not informed of till i tried to update and could not because my license was cancelled. hence another copy had to be purchased so i could keep track and see if the one major accessibility bug would be fixed. The attitude of the developer is extremely disappointing and if your blind and looking for a twitter app for the mac? Steer clear of this program until they show they are serious about listening to the concerns of the visually impaired community.


The best Twitter client in existence  Queviltai  5 star

This app is worth every cent. It runs circles around Twitter’s own useless interface.


Waste of Money  Bazzamataz  1 star

I cannot remember writing a negative Mac App before. This app is awfully expensive for what it does and does not like not being left open. If you open the app every few days like I do it takes forever to update itself. Also I have a big white wall down the right hand side. You would think that the details would go in their automatically. But no Not happy


Crashes on launch! DO NOT UPDATE.  engelberthumperdink  1 star

This update rendered Tweetbot unusable. It crashes on launch. Two words: beta-testing! do it.

Zeon Hylash

No split screen with El Capitan  Zeon Hylash  4 star

All round awesome Mac app, but I wish it supported split screen on OS X El Capitan


Favorite twitter ap, but...  caelanbaggins  5 star

The timeline isn’t streaming anymore… this is a complete dealbreaker. I hope it’s fixable, because I really don’t want to use the official Twitter client. It’s crap.


Couldn’t use Twitter Any Other Way  iconmaster  5 star

There’s a lot I could say for Tweetbot, but the thing that keeps me attached – indeed, it’s an excellent lock-in strategy – is the aggregate mute filter list crafted over the years. I don’t see posts from services I don’t care about; I don’t see tweets about topics that bore or offend me. Tweetbot isn’t a twitter client so much as a solipsism simulator, and IMO that’s the only way to really enjoy a social networking service. Also, Tapbots does a great job of keeping up with the Twitter API. Full 140-character replies!


Tweetbot is broken, and I miss it so much.  Pendarvisface  5 star

First of all, let me say that I love(d) this app. It was always pinned to the right side of my screen. After the recent updates to twitter, my timeline stopped streaming. I was eagerly awaiting an update from Tapbots, hoping that the issue would be resolved — Pulling to refresh every little bit isn’t tenable as a workflow for me. I’m not sure if this is something twitter has broken on the back end, but for now, I’m unhappily using twitter for mac. I look forward to updating this review and changing it back to 5 stars. Please come back Tweetbot!


Crashes, ugh previous version was fine  thadoggfather  2 star

this is so saddening, crashes after like running for 10 seconds 10.11.4, 2016 macbook pro why did i upadte,


Stable even with beta builds of Sierra  dianeoforegon  5 star

Best twitter app I've used. Never gives me a problem even with beta builds of Sierra.


I’ve used them all, this is the best Twitter app  Sam_Marcus  5 star

Tremendous way to use Twitter. Especially on desktop, where the offical one is a laughingstock. Twitter doesn’t even develop it in house, they claim they don’t have the resources to do so.


Fantastic app with fatal flaw: no dark mode!  Real-Person  1 star

This is the best way to read Twitter on Mac… Or it would be, if it offered a Night/Dark Mode like the iOS app does. Very disappointing! I’d save my money until they update the app. It’s 2017, we shouldn’t have to look at blaring white screens anymore.


Not Family shareable for EARLY SUPPORTERS  randomized77  1 star

Enjoy this single star.


Long standing bug fixed  cs475x  5 star

Happy to finally see that first item in the list of changes. The image order when viewing a tweet is still flipped, but I can live with that bug as it’s just visual; that being said, a fix would be much appreciated. — Irrelevant as of v2.4.6: — Another disappointing update as it seems they still haven’t fixed a rather annoying bug that has been around for nearly a year. What’s the point of a live-updating Twitter feed if you don’t get a dock notification badge for new tweets? Edit (v2.4.4): It's getting to the point where I believe they think this bug is a feature. It’s a small bug, yes, but it’s an inconvenient one. Having to hide the app instead of closing the window causes some minor confusion here and there and I either end up hiding another application on accident and thinking I closed the window and all of my work, or I close Tweetbot and end up with hundreds of new tweets to read after only a couple of hours. Keep updating the app fixing all of these other bugs, I will just keep reposting this one star review until this bug is fixed. I do enjoy this app as well as the iOS version, so it bothers me to leave a one star review, but short of spamming them I don’t know how else to get their attention. Edit (v2.4.5): Despite all of the people saying this review isn’t helpful, I stand by my statement and reasoning for leaving a 1 star rating on an app I use serveral times an hour throughout the day. I even have another annoying bug that seems to have been in the app for a while: when viewing a full tweet that has images, they are out of order. For example, I would expect 4 images to display as 1-2 on the top row, and 3-4 on the bottom row, but the rows are flipped (i.e. 3-4 on top, 1-2 on bottom).


Works great.  Neodude237  5 star

Much better than the twitter app/website, no ads/less clutter.


good application but….  Filemoon  2 star

Tweetboot is great application with simple and clen interface. but … there is no option to disable Dock icon (I’d like to have it only in top menu), for me this is MUST-HAVE feature, the Dock icon is also square and ugly (because of this I can give it only 2 start total). Conclustion: so great and so bad :( Right now I’m just thinking about refund.


Tweetbot for Mac  niallobr  4 star

I use Tweetbot on iOS and wanted to get the Mac version, it dropped to a more reasonable price so I jumped. It’s a nice app and works well. I’d like if it had a dark UI option (like the iOS app). I’d also prefer if the app icon was round so as to fit in with some of the other apps in my dock (AppStore, Photos, OnyX, Steam), the large square icon looks a little obnocious amongst my other apps!


Go to Twitter app  DrakoLaPan  4 star

Now that Echofon for osx is gone (going) this is now my leading Twitter app. I like the way it offers interaction with it's iOS apps via iCloud. There's a lot here under the hood, too, and I'm just figuring it all out as I use it. I know $20 is a lot, but it is an app I use EVERY day.

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