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*** Choice of millions of businesses and individuals for over 7 years and counting! ***

Still trying to find a copy shop across streets and spend quite a lot over and over again?
No idea of how to make twisted scans looks normal like papers, especially when scanning books or folded receipts?
What if there is a way to get a digital version of your scans with far better quality?

Tiny Scanner is such a time-proved scanner machine that stays on your phone right in your pocket!
With a history of over 7 years and trusted by millions of users, Tiny Scanner is a perfect on-the-go scanning solution for contractors, small businesses and freelancers, etc.
Almost anything you expect to be scanned could be perfectly recognized by Tiny Scanner. For instance, documents, books, receipts, notes, photos, IDs, passports, whiteboards, posters, cards, letters, newspapers, screens, licenses, menus, certificates, music scores, etc.

"When my family began trying to share old family letters in the 1980’s, photocopying was the best option. Later, saving scans to CD’s was considered, as was scanning on a printer’s flatbed. Then a few years ago I learned of Tiny Scanner and have never looked back! Tiny scanner does an excellent job of scanning these many hundreds of letters quickly and efficiently—in any setting! Its portability (on my phone) is high on my list of recommendations. Over the few years I have used it, Tiny Scanner has continued to improve its features and make scanning even more convenient. It has made my job of scanning and saving to Google Drive infinitely easier, and for that I much appreciate it."
-- Rachel Maddow Fan

* Scan and manage documents no matter when and where -- facing customers, closing stores, or starting a wonderful working day;
* Scan documents with a single page, or a batch of pages like an entire book with single/multi-page scan mode with tutorials all the way;
* Scan photos as documents from Photo Album;
* Automatically recognize documents by intelligent border detection;
* Customize page size when exporting documents;
* Professional filters, including Color, Black & White, Photo, Grayscale;
* Re-edit saved documents by moving pages, replacing pages with new ones, or even merging two documents into one;
* Share documents as PDF, JPG by faxing or emailing them, or upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, iCloud Drive;
* Auto upload scanned documents onto cloud drives;
* Transfer documents to computers by WiFi Drive.

* Rapid
With over 7-year polish, your scanning experience is in its most smooth and efficient way ever.
* Customizable
Better than most similar apps, re-editing saved documents is empowered so that you can move pages, replace pages with new ones, or even merge two documents into one.
* Organized
All scanned documents or files can be organized in any way as you like. You can move them among others or archive them into folders.
* Everywhere
Your scans, documents, and files are always there, steadily and safely saved on your phone.
* Trustworthy
Tiny Scanner is used by millions of small businesses and individuals for over 7 years.

Tiny Scanner is constantly updated with new features. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.
If you have any problem or suggestion, please send mail to [email protected], you will get the response and solution in a short time.

Tiny Scanner Plus App Description & Overview

The applications Tiny Scanner Plus was published in the category Business on 2012-10-18 and was developed by Appxy. This application file size is 81.04 MB. Tiny Scanner Plus current version is 5.3.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Other than minor bug fixes and improvements, we also:
- Fixed few crashes happened on iOS 10.

We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any ideas or feature requests for future versions of the app, feel free to let us know. Please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Tiny Scanner Plus Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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chickenstar999   5 star

Easy and fun. This app is awesome! It’s super easy!

codyaya   5 star

i use for my business and clients use it too.. I've work from home and have several out of town clients who use this app to send me receipts on the go. We've all been using this app for a couple of years without a hiccup. The fact that all docs are kept on your phone is an added bonus when I'm out of my office and need to reference something. The added security of using a passcode or touch ID is another valuable feature. I would like the doc boarder detection to more reliable, but for the most part, it works fine on a darker background. I recommend this app highly and without hesitation.

knaylor   5 star

Worth the money!. Easy to use, phone scanning app! No subscription. Good quality scans and cleanup.

Mykel Reyes   5 star

Best scanner apps. Is like having a scanner on your pocket! Better than ios built in scanner! The outcome of the scan is like, you drove and went to Kinkos or Fed Ex office what they are currently called now! To Scan a document professionally.

Kirk M.   5 star

Can’t work without it!. I have been using Tiny Scanner for years and it has gotten me through many last minute document requests. It is awesome!

Nat.Venger   5 star

Best of its kind. At least I think so. I’ve used a couple and this one is excellent! I use quite a bit and find easy to use scanning and file management.

Vivvie1   5 star

Best App. If I was to have one app on my iPhone, (outside camera of course) this would be it! I use it practically daily in both my business and private life. A work colleague showed it to me almost 5 years ago and told me this was a must-get. If you’re running a small business, teaching, or running a school. This app scans and saves your docs in pdf form. It is handy and is simply fabulous. I am NOT being paid to write this review. I owe it to the developers for this terrific app! Nuff’ said. Get it!!

You can't login to save or restore your docs. Hey guys, I got a new phone and I need some docs I had in this paid app, but I do not have access to my older phone. How can you guys help me?

annieconolly   5 star

Actors love it. Yeah we do. Musicians too

Real Reviewer 2017   5 star

Great App!!. I use this app all the time and its convenience and ease of use is exceptional. Get the Pro version. This is a great product and very useful

Novembered   3 star

Sacrificing useful features with each update. I have been using this application since 2012. It’s been great taking multiple pictures of receipts and having it already (automatically) compiled into a single pdf for my travel claims. It was simple and required little user interaction to get a nice finalized product. I don’t know why I have to take multiple, individual pictures of my receipt documents... in reverse order... and then opt to merge each individual page... make sure it’s in the right order before I get to a finalized product. Too much user interaction. You all are slipping in application quality.

GuitarplayerBP   5 star

Works Great. I’ve been using this app for a lot of years and it always works great for me.

Bigbubbanodoubt   5 star

It’s the BOMB.COM!. Great app and keeps improving year after year Changing phones? No problems as all credits transfer

Brianusef   5 star

Tiny scanner. One of the most used apps on my phone ...,

Kz2w   5 star

So much faster. This is a great app if you need to be able to scan documents 'on site'. I no longer need to make copies, take them back to my office, scan, upload, shred the docs I don't really need. I save so much time & paper!

daboss325   5 star

5 star. Very helpful for my business!

Jpphanatic   2 star

Worked great until I got the iPhone 11. For some reason I can’t scan from the app, but can convert to a PDF if I take a pic, then upload to the app

8matt   5 star

Using for work. So I have been using your scanner for work for eight months and have to say the app works great. Only had one issue, thought a scanned email went out but for some reason it did not. But was able to get it sent out after. Must of been a bug. But have had know other issues with your scanner Also have been using it for non work also. Which works great for those things you need to send out but not anywhere close to a scanner.

Thephotogod007   5 star

Great app. I’ve been using this scanning app for about 3 years and it’s always been solid. I have scanned everything from legal documents to papers for work, this app has never failed me.

JFGTi   5 star

Saves so much gas!!!. No need to run to print to forms. Use this and a fax app and you’ll save so much money from printing to scanning to filing out forms with another app. Very useful.

Rachel Maddow Fan   5 star

Scanning 60 Years’ of Family Letters. When my family began trying to share old family letters in the 1980’s, photocopying was the best option. Later, saving scans to CD’s was considered, as was scanning on a printer’s flatbed. Then a few years ago I learned of Tiny Scanner and have never looked back! Tiny scanner does an excellent job of scanning these many hundreds of letters quickly and efficiently—in any setting! Its portability (on my phone) is high on my list of recommendations. Over the few years I have used it, Tiny Scanner has continued to improve its features and make scanning even more convenient. It has made my job of scanning and saving to Google Drive infinitely easier, and for that I much appreciate it.

mcgslifw   5 star

Great time saver!. Love this app for my mobile office. Easy to use and efficient.

smell da glove   2 star

It was a great five star useful app. Then the update. The old version was great. The new version has made it much less intuitive and cumbersome to use.

csrem   3 star

Csrem. Very slow response time

Mottpir   5 star

Tiny scanner. It’s really great! Wonderful on my iPad.

msdwynn   1 star

At first was great. The scanner was perfect Until I upgraded to the Apple XR. Now nothing works.

JBossReview   3 star

Please Add iCloud as Cloud Disk Option. The app has been awesome for years, but disappointed you guys have every cloud option for back up besides iCloud Drive. When moving to newer iPhones it would be much easier if a user could backup docs or save docs to their iCloud Drive. If that option was their I would give it 5 Stars. I’m pretty sure other users would love this option as well.

fbcsdale   3 star

Was a good scanner. After the last update the app became frustrating. List many app developers (including Apple) change is made for the sake of change. I use for my service company and took over 5 min at a customer to figure out how to make multiple page scans. Incredibly non-intuitive.

wboucek   5 star

Tiny powerhouse!. Super little app, indispensable for emailing papers or at tax time! Turn your paper docs into crisp PDFs, then save. Recent improvements are even more reason to like Tiny Scanner. Great app, worth purchase price!!!!

Yrbrethsmelslikesht   2 star

Multi page docs. It seems like it used to be easier to navigate the app to scan multipage documents. I don’t know, a simple, easy to find “add page” button might help. And to delete multiple files you have to click the “checkmark” button. You can find the stuff eventually. Just doesn’t seem very intuitive or user-friendly.

Advertorial    5 star

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Yetanothermoment   5 star

Great customer service!. I recommend this app for everyone! They app is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent. Anytime I had a concern or question, it was answered the same day and my issues were attended to fast. Money well spent!

Rolando - Pegazo   5 star

Very useful. I am a truck driver and I use it everyday to send invoices, I totally recommended,

V2610P   5 star

Tiny scanner. It is a very nice app that can change the life to handy. You can workout most of the time of your life through this. Thanks to the developer.

Satisfied_user1234   4 star

Very useful. Thanks for a very helpful app.

Letsflythisyear   2 star

Disappointed. This app used to be great, but after an upgrade it really changed. Stuff comes out blurry now and not as user friendly as before. Why change a good thing? Makes no sense!

Tamtrue   5 star

Game changer!. One of my most used business apps!

Ken Zilliox   5 star

Most used app on my phone. Couldn’t live without it

Antonii   4 star

Good but.... The scanner is very good and convenient, how ever there is no option to scan at lower resolution. All the scans i do are high resolution and therefor take alot of space on my phone ans computer

briejac55   3 star

Love this app but.... This has been my favorite app for a few years now and was always so simple to use. But over time it’s become a little less user friendly. Still my go to but hope there are more updates

POWERUSER1394   5 star

Works Well For Me. I have been using this app for a couple of years and it has been reliable and I’ve never lost a document. Looks great!

Hula Moon   1 star

Terrible. Bought Tiny Scanner Pro because I needed a quick scanner and my buddy uses it and loves it. I, however, can’t use it on my iPhone. It takes an image and converts to pdf, but I can’t upload to my email. Tried to ‘configure’, but my email provider is not supported. I had to convert to a jpeg which defeats the whole purpose. I can take pictures already!

MaxxxyKatt   5 star

Awesome app!!. This app is simply excellent! It’s powerful, efficient and super easy to use. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and colleagues. It’s just perfect!

Wordcarvers   3 star

Potential, but backwards development. I have loved this app for years, but have found repeatedly that the developers break things that don’t need fixing, remove helpful features, and add annoying features which are worse than before. Simple multiple requests to add an option to choose between what is new and what used to be are just ignored. If it wasn’t for having so many documents organized in this app, I’d search for another one. I sure hope they start to listen.

Mangia totto123   5 star

Very helpful and a app that you can’t work without it. Download this app

Hutchman66   5 star

Fantastic tool!. Couldn’t run my business without it. I actually don’t use my computer scannner anymore.

mh_review1   5 star

Great tool. An awesome app that seems to work through all of Apples updates. I’m very impressed.

joefussion   5 star

Elegant. Seamless, elegant, utilitarian.

GN-Canada   5 star

Excellent. Works perfectly, super simple and fast, sends a copy of receipts directly to google drive. I bought a good quality scanner but never use it anymore... this app is superior and always in my pocket when I need it. Thank you so much!

ZingPouf   5 star

Business Center in my pocket. The amount of time i save using this app is incredible. It does a better job than the thousand dollars machine we rent at the office.

Roveroverdover   5 star

Game changer. I’ve been using this at least three or four years. It’s very handy. It’s very easy. I’m able to convert many things to PDF.

Eagleeye8438   5 star

Love this so much. Working has never been easier

Town Crier of Markham   5 star

Love it. It works the way it is supposed to and is easy.

Adi981   5 star

Fantastic tool. It’s easy to use, practical and easy. The last update it’s stunning. I have been using this app for the past 3 years. Great work partner. :)

samsam222   3 star

Good scan but horrible UI update. They recently changed the UI completely and made it soooo hard to use. Everything feels akward and the things that were once easy to do are now tedious. Weird that they did all this and still didn’t fix the email issue, you still can’t send pdf by email cause it says that you have to configure your email, even if it’s already configured...

Tehhillsider   1 star

What did you do. The whole app no longer works as it has all these years. Now considering looking into a new app

appyjuice   5 star

Great app! Updated regularly. Makes my life easier when scanner goes to hell or technology is not on site.

that'sthewayiseeit   5 star

Excellent App. The Tiny Scanner is easy to use. The scans from the outset have been clear and crisp. The quality of the scans are even clearer and crisper since the last update. This app is a real gem. I haven't used a flatbed scanner since I started using this app.

Grale79   1 star

Bad update. Update wrecked the app.

Gury_Sidhu   5 star

Best App & Needs More Stars. Really great app ever designed. I use it daily basis. I hope; I can move docs to Google Drive in future.

Jos Ganl   1 star

Can’t send any documents. I’ve tried to send some files and I can’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with this application

Advertorial    5 star

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Brilliant. We live in a rural area where internet isn’t always reliable...this app is brilliant I’ve been able to scan documents and send through my phone. I’ve been able to keep on top of our family’s small business office work. It’s saved me a great deal of frustration!

Sc0tty;p   5 star

Great little app. Works fantastic

A Busy House Builder   5 star

Great and easy to use. Great app. Get it

jodie b. jb   5 star

Love Tiny Scanner. I use tiny scanner for everything. Work stuff, home stuff, my daughter now uses it at school 😀

In the Paddock   5 star

Too Good. A brilliant tool in my mobile office.

mi key boy   5 star

Fantastic !. The most useful app I have.

Motang(Motor/mustanf)   5 star

Excellent. Pretty good for an app.

Thomas57874   1 star

Avoid latest update. Terrible update. Each one seems to remove one useful feature but this one takes the cake. Where has the ability to have a colour document gone? Why two sliding scales that done achieve anything. Useless, time to look for an alternative.

V8 bloke   5 star

Excellent. Good business tool. Use it every day. Does what it’s supposed to do and does it well.

NomiPC   5 star

Great App!. I’m on the my ve a lot and this is the perfect tool to help keep check of receipts and paperwork without having to carry it with you all the time. Excellent!

cat   2 star

Best app ever. The first app I've downloaded, will be the very last app I'll own. It does do exactly what it claims without fault.I highly recommend, you won't be sorry✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ My second review I would Never use another scanner, seriously I'm still using years later and I still highly recommend 👍

Vanman89   5 star

Using it for years and love it. I use tiny scan almost daily, and it is always a great tool. Love the auto-upload function, plus the UI improvements recently have been working great, especially on the iPad now. If I had to whinge about something, it would be that whenever I scan a document in landscape format on my iPad (not sure if it happens with my phone) is that I always have to rotate it 3 times, I feel that the orientation of the rotation could be reversed, and it would save 2 presses and a couple of pauses. Thanks for the great app none-the-less.

Grant-xyz   5 star

Great work tool.. I used to have all sorts of problems with connecting to my scanner over our network. Haven’t bothered since a friend put me on to tiny scanner. It’s always in my pocket.

Jaymcnabb   5 star

A great little app. I use this app every day to scan receipts to my bookkeeper. It’s flawless and easy to use. Highly recommended

sjpwong   5 star

Reliable. Tiny scanner makes digitizing paper documents into black n white PDFs a simple task. I have Ben using it for years and find it reliable and easy to use. It's a key tool in my mobile office.

kilianka54   5 star

Time saver. Great app use it for notes on calibrations or anything you would note done normally on paper. Love it!

Jonsag71   5 star

Please refund my money. Hi, By mistake I just purchased this app. Could you please cancel my payment and refund the money?

pinnygranma 01   1 star

Tiny scanner. I have been using tiny scanner for at least 2 years and have loved it now with the latest upgrade I can no longer send my scanned music to my forScore ap how can I fix this or go back to how it used to work my rating used to be five but has now dropped to 1

Malanos   1 star

App doesn’t work.. Can’t send myself or anyone else the file. Can’t upload to google drive. 100% useless. Expect a refund.

Atlas2712   5 star

Tiny scanner. Easy to use. Great app.

B132456   5 star

Really great!. It’s got me out of a few tough binds. I did pay for the upgrade so I can send multiple pages together as one but other than that, great app for PDF.

Bazza4555555   5 star

A great app easy to use. Highly recommend this app does what it says with great results.

rubbushtip   5 star

Grest scanner. What a great little app for the phone. I love how I can scan documents on the go and send them as a PDF and job done. There are other ways of saving things as well it just makes my job easier when on the run.

Ali M M 89   5 star

Fantastic. Just a super useful app. Use it all the time for my business and couldn’t ask for anything better. Saved me heaps of time.

nightryder7   1 star

This app is redundant. Developers aren’t updating.. Warning: Don’t download until they update this app. This app was amazing until Google changed its security for apps like these to communicate with. The developers of this app have not bothered to update this app in 2 years and thus you can’t upload your files to a few of key platforms such as Google Drive.

Generic Penguin   1 star

Not being updated. The option to save to Dropbox and google drive no longer works, asking the developer to upgrade integration.

Sharneshaan   5 star

Does the job well. Very happy with this app, definitely helped when no scanner available or just want a direct link with email on my phone.

Velvet Panther   1 star

$7.99 and doesn't send to GDrive. Paid so I could save to Google Drive. Doesn't. Have to use 'Open In'

pmahara   5 star

Life Changing. Easy to use recommended for any person wanting quick access to send clear PDF files I have had app for over a year and use frequently

Ly-Lo   4 star

Easy to use. Quick and easy to scan. Easy to email, PDF, print. I’ve used this scanner for a few years now and have had no need to look for a better product. Only complaint is the colour scan is not as sharp as the black & white pages. This is not something that matters for most documents. So unless high resolution colour scanning is needed, the tiny scanner works a treat.

savagebeat   5 star

Perfect for my needs.. Works perfect for retaining documents on the go. Upgrades over the years have made it even easier. Use on a monthly basis at least. I use a flatbed scanner for any archival type documents, but this works well for items that do not require that quality level. Though, with the proper lighting and care (a camera mount for your phone perhaps)when making an image, I don’t see why this couldn’t be used for archiving business documents.

Ivan_O   5 star

Worth the $€£¥. Been using this for several years and it's always been very useful and easy to use. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

Early childhood consultant   5 star

Update problem. My tiny scanner in recommended for update, but says it is no longer available. Why won’t it update?

Alailima   5 star

Outstanding!. I would give this 10 stars if it were possible. I buy something, whip out my phone snap a pic, & it never fails to produce a perfect document! We have a rental business so we get hundreds of invoices/receipts & record keeping used to be a nightmare. Thanks to this little App we now have everything organized. -Larry

shaymedpa   5 star

100% WORTH IT. Can’t say enough things about how amazing this app is. This definitely comes in hand when trying to keep track of important documents. I can’t tell you how thankful I was when we bought a house - It was easy to use and convenient.

stevepalermo12344   1 star

Missing scan another page button after update.. I use this app daily and for multiple pages each time. Taking away the ability to scan another document quickly has made the app less than fun to use. It is a small thing but scanning, cropping, saving, and reopening the document to add another page to is has added a lot of time to my work considering how many scans I take every day.

JRZ CAZ   5 star

So handy. The one app, besides Outlook, I use most often. I use to take photos of important papers, medicines, etc and now, scan into PDF. I can file, organize and restive more easily. Highly recommended

steel primitive   5 star

Workhorse with intuitive basic features. I have used tiny scanner for about three years and it continues to incrementally improve. Typically I scan multi-page documents and upload them to my google drive. As a teacher it is like a visual up and down loader that is quick and easy to use with the nice camera in my iP7

rafiq2001   5 star

very useful and free. highly appreciate developers efforts making this app

Be_Peace_Now   5 star

Perfect for my needs!. I absolutely LOVE this app and use it all of the time. I manage lots of paperwork that I have to get from one place to another via email, and this app does the trick. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m a very satisfied customer!

Mom03Me   5 star

Excellent App. Love this app as it’s easy to use and convenient for work and home life.

abu 7373   1 star

Multi Page not working. If you only want this to scan one page its good , but multi page mode not working,

V_i_c   1 star

No more batch scans. Why did you remove multipage scans? That was the only feature that need

Lady Scott   5 star

Best Scanner by far. I love love love this personal scanner. It’s always at my fingertips so I’m always ready for needed scan and fax items!

dariuszjanusz   3 star

Issue. Worked fine till now, I can only save one page at a time, can not add more pages to my documents. This is huge problem, please fix it!!!

winterfr3sh   5 star

Perfect for musicians. I’ve scanned hundreds of quartet music with this amazing tool. 6/5 stars.

awalter04   5 star

Easily 5 Stars. Fantastic app.

braunwy   1 star

Not Student Friendly or Up to Date.. Awful. Does not email pdf to outlook as stated. Don’t waste your money. Not good for students or everyday tasks.

goldnladye   5 star

Tiny scanner. I’ve been using this app for years loved it never had a problem with it now after the update a couple of days ago I cannot scan multiple pages for a package, it only allows me to scan single pages even though I click on multiple pages. So frustrating please help! This was a five star app!

coco& ron   1 star

Piece of crap. Appears not to let you scan more than one page When you try multiple pages they all come out cut in half, then when you try correcting the corners for a full page it won’t let you do multiple pages Make sure you have a degree in physics to figure out this stupid app. It was working fine and user friendly before the update

lilmikeinfiniti   3 star

Keeps getting worse. This app keeps getting worse makes things a lot longer todo with each update.

nick your own name   5 star

Pretty great. Does a great job. It helps to use a contrasting colored surface (eg, dart for scanning white papers) so that the border detection works well. I would like to know where the files are saved so I can clean them out.

cher🎁   5 star

Great scanner. Great scanner, I use this scanner for a lot of things. It works great.

123Jbird   5 star

This little app works SO well!. The quality of the scans are great, easy to send to emails, Dropbox, etc. I love this app!

CPAJeff   5 star

Great way to go paperless. I take handwritten notes when meeting with clients, but don’t keep paper files. Instead, I scan each page after the meeting and have them automatically uploaded to DropBox, where they can easily be put in the client’s folder. Tiny Scanner is a much simpler and easier solution than other products that require special paper, notebooks, pens, etc. Now I just need a way to OCR my handwriting to make the files searchable...

querilous   4 star

Great app!!. I heard about this app when I was in town hall taking photos of everything in my property file. A woman who was also in there told me about it and I downloaded it right there and she showed me in 2 minutes how to use it! It works so well! Way better than just taking a photo, and it manages the color and brightness really well automatically. Even on photos! Solid performance and I’ve never had any glitches. I’d give it 5 stars except I think it could be a little less clunky in how it manages file storage. Definitely get this if you do a lot of scanning in remote places!

RealtorbrevardNC   5 star

Great app for Realtors. I love this app, it’s so easy and convenient to use. I use it all the time for my real estate business. Thank you tiny scanner!

TeacherTonya   5 star

Best for price. I use this app often. If I need something quickly, I just scan it and email or print it when I need it. It is easy to use. Just try the demo, like I did, if you want to give it a try. Once you’re ready to upgrade, you can scan multiple sheets in one PDF. I like TinyFax also. I don’t know how I survived without them!

davidMRI   4 star

Great but not entirely intuitive. This App works well on an iPad but on an iPhone, the "rectification" controls are so difficult to control that I find it useless for the latter device. On the iPad, I find there to be no intuitive means of remembering how to move files in & out of folders created. But perhaps that’s just my problem.

Kreslev   5 star

Does what I need it to. This thing has been great both for business and school. I no longer have to run down a scanner or hope I remember to scan when I get home. The auto cropping feature works well and it saves as a PDF which is nice.

D3n1s3   5 star

Tiny scanner. I love this app. It is so convenient... numerous times I’ve used it ... had situation where a scanner was required and no one had access to one. But I did! On my phone!! Persons said I saved their day.

Chocolamash   5 star

Great tool. User friendly, well designed, link to other apps makes sense and works well.

C4rolM   5 star

Great app. I love the app and I use it all the time.

tdotqn   5 star

Best scanning app, EVER!. I use this app all the time! Very easy to use! Can email, text, and print directly from app once document is scanned. Quality is super clear, and reliable. Worth the premium cost!

Saltidae   4 star

Does it's job. I would probably rate this higher if I had more of a use for it. It does nicely strip out the colour and leave you with simple text. The edit mode is right there, which is better than using the built in camera app.

Sweetcheeks6270   5 star

Tiny scanner works perfectly. Works better than the scanner on my printer. Plus, being an app on my phone means it’s accessible to me anywhere, anytime. I use it frequently with excellent results.

Keep it going!   5 star

Very useful tool!. Great to use, saved lots of troubles!

Iriye man   5 star

Outside sales. This app is very effective. The scans are clear and very easy to take, save and forward. I use it to send invoice and credit copies to customers regularly and I don’t have to get to an office to do it. I highly recommend it.

Cadenlawn   5 star

It really save me time. This is the easiest app to use and has saved me 100s of hours.

grlfday   5 star

As advertised. Great app does everything it’s supposed to. Have been filing my expenses every week for four years from around the world.

kleecon   4 star

Tiny Scanner. Great app! I use it daily. The only downside is that it can’t do colours. Highly recommend it in spite of that.

Dalei989   5 star

Awesome app. This scanner app works great

Mark In Time   5 star

Great app. Works wonderfully

icomadam   5 star

Small business app!. Love this app, super handy for running a small business out of my truck. I can scan and email invoices, quotes, anything.

Divingmonkee   1 star

No longer supports Dropbox or google upload. No longer supports upload to google drive or drop box which therefore significantly limits its use. Worked great prior but not worth it now

Turf123123   5 star

Good app. Fast and reliable

Magdiel Gh.   5 star

The best scanner ever. You don't need anything else

56904   5 star

Excellent tool to have. Excellent!!

igrobio   5 star

Happy. I am happy with this app. It works well. I lake the feature that allows me download documents via LAN, browser!

Napoléonchat   5 star

Time saver. I am always working on the road and this app saves me from having to go to a print shop for scanning. Love it!

skyfinder   5 star

Best scanner app!. Work very well and it is worth the price.

drdbird   5 star

Very Good. This app coverts to a PDF and frames it -- even if you're crooked in taking the photo of the document. Very useful.

Farcmhule   5 star

Perfect!. Absolutely perfect for my job!

NotRichEnough   5 star

Invaluable. So functional, yet to find any bugs. Emails are good, quality is great, and I'm using it in many ways.

Run for fun77   5 star

Simply amazing. I use this for work and home. Scan and email, upload, or whatever. Simple and easy to use. I am no longer carrying receipts, etc around with me since I can now do everything on the go easily.

Notalies   5 star

Parfait. Plus besoin de scanner réel

WeCook4U   5 star

Great app. I love how uncomplicated it is to use!

aorrdalca   5 star

Tiny scanner. Wonderful, reasonably priced app. Intuitive, and well laid out.

Bouncing Betties   5 star

Use it a lot!. This is a great app and I like that the scans don't disappear after a time, as they do with some other scan apps.

Nikki_mamma   5 star

Love this app!. Makes pdf'ing documents so easy!

AnniDanni   5 star

Just works. Easy to use, has sensible options. Great if you want to print a screen shot: (1) scan, (2) save as PDF, (3) send to printer.

jgw1612   5 star

Great scanner. Been using for ages, no probs :)

teckicq   5 star

Replaced my Doxie. I have an older Doxie with a Wifi SD transfer card. This replaces that set up with a faster and all in one solution that goes straight to my Dropbox account to be sorted later. No kre transferring, converting and electronically stapling of scanned pages together! Only down side is trying to take a photo half decently on pages which are folded or curled up, but no solution is perfect.

AnnieDub   5 star

Sensational. I've been using tiny scanner for a couple of years now, and I find it invaluable. Highly recommended.

Margo.9   5 star

My favourite scanner. Great little scanner, use it all the time. 3 years on and still think it is my favourite scanner

Brilliant. Love this app. It's the best at converting photos of receipts, documents, workshop whiteboards, etc. into black & white pdfs for sharing. Would be great if they could develop an something that allows me to convert a photo from the iPhone photos app rather than having to start Tiny first.

BigJeff_wa   5 star

Great App. Great app

Pauliebro   5 star

Great App!. I use this all the time and has never let me down.. love it!

iPunkvader   5 star

Great app!!!. Really useful app with all the functionality that is needed!

Shacks87   5 star

Love this app. Great to keep track of paper work and amazing when your not near a scanner. Fast easy and great to use.

Chindori   5 star

Best scanner. Best scanner ever. This makes me feel like 007 star. Great quality scans both colour and black and white.

Spiersee   5 star

Awesome app. I use this everyday such a time saver!


Great app. This is a great app been using it for years. It has never given me any issues, great work guys.

Smietye   5 star

Tiny scan. Great app, very handy.

Send_2_lil67   5 star

Excellent. Really useful, quick and easy to use. Lots of file exports options - would highly recommend.

Rachel Mascord   4 star

Great App. A very useful app that makes scanning simple.

Koolen96   5 star

Great essential app. Essential app

MKitchin   5 star

Scan anything anywhere. Great app, works exactly as advertised. Never lose receipts agaian, especially those short term thermal ones. Straight to PDF for storage on phone, cloud services, or email.

Sail70   5 star

Just love it. Excellent app

Vinie9   4 star

Easy to use and convenient. Takes quick photo which can be saved and emailed easily

Denxter   4 star

SNOW leopard. It's great I use it it does the work I want

Maitime2015   5 star

Honestly one of the Best Apps ever. This little app has been so handy - being able to scan on the spot and send to myself and others is so convenient. I don't know what I'd do without this! Thank you!!

Chris, Jaspar & Oliver   5 star

Convenient, Easy and Portable.. I have been using this app to email Timesheets for about 12 months and have found it a convenience that has replaced the need for a fax machine and allowed me to send docs from clients homes quickly and easily. Additional Comments: Have been using it now for approx 5 years on a weekly basis reliably and conveniently.

David Blumberg Esq   5 star

Super Useful Timesaver. So easy and fantastic to use . All receipts , invoices , bills and dividend notices scanned and then saved in my cloud files ! Well thought out and user friendly . Highly Recommended

OJuba   5 star

Love the app. Very good and practical scan app

Best Scanner !!!!. 👍👍👍👍👍

Wei jie   4 star

Great. Great

Miss-G-   5 star

Lifesaver. Scanning on the run! Does a great job, powerful app.

Joby1234563   5 star

Best app ever. So easy to use and does everything it says on the box 10 out 5.

Koritsaki   5 star

Great App. Easy to use.

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