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*** Choice of millions of businesses and individuals for over 7 years and counting! ***

Still trying to find a copy shop across streets and spend quite a lot over and over again?
No idea of how to make twisted scans looks normal like papers, especially when scanning books or folded receipts?
Want to refer to a professional document but cannot understand any word because of different languages?
What if there is a way to get a digital version of your scans with far better quality?

Tiny Scanner is such a time-proved scanner machine that stays on your phone right in your pocket!
With a history of over 7 years and trusted by millions of users, Tiny Scanner is a perfect on-the-go scanning solution for contractors, small businesses and freelancers, etc.
Almost anything you expect to be scanned could be perfectly recognized by Tiny Scanner. For instance, documents, books, receipts, notes, photos, IDs, passports, whiteboards, posters, cards, letters, newspapers, screens, licenses, menus, certificates, music scores, etc.

"When my family began trying to share old family letters in the 1980’s, photocopying was the best option. Later, saving scans to CD’s was considered, as was scanning on a printer’s flatbed. Then a few years ago I learned of Tiny Scanner and have never looked back! Tiny scanner does an excellent job of scanning these many hundreds of letters quickly and efficiently—in any setting! Its portability (on my phone) is high on my list of recommendations. Over the few years I have used it, Tiny Scanner has continued to improve its features and make scanning even more convenient. It has made my job of scanning and saving to Google Drive infinitely easier, and for that I much appreciate it."
-- Rachel Maddow Fan

* Scan documents with a single page, or a batch of pages like an entire book with single/multi-page scan mode with tutorials all the way;
* Scan photos as documents from Photo Album;
* Automatically recognize documents by intelligent border detection;
* Customize page size when exporting documents;
* Professional filters, including Color, Black & White, Photo, Grayscale;
* Recognize every word of the documents with AI OCR technology and translate them into lots of languages as you want;
* Share documents as PDF, JPG by faxing or emailing them, or upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, iCloud Drive;
* Auto upload scanned documents onto cloud drives;

* Customizable
Better than most similar apps, re-editing saved documents is empowered so that you can move pages, replace pages with new ones, or even merge two documents into one.
* Organized
All scanned documents or files can be organized in any way as you like. You can move them among others or archive them into folders.
* Multilingual
Different languages are supported not only for you to use the app, but also to translate recognized words from your documents.
* Trustworthy
We promised now and forever that all your documents and data are saved only on your phone and your own Cloud Drive.

# Subscription Details #
• Monthly and annual subscriptions are available.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
• Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is disabled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• Automatic renewals will be charged at the same price you were originally charged for the subscription.
• Subscriptions can be managed by going to Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Tiny Scanner is constantly updated with new features. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestion, please send mail to, you will get the response and solution in a short time.

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Document Scanner - mobile scan Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We keep improving your experience through various performance improvements that you may not necessarily notice, including: - Fixed minor bugs. We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any ideas or feature requests for future versions of the app, feel free to let us know. Please reach out to us at

Document Scanner - mobile scan Comments & Reviews

- Great for personal scanning needs

I’m looking at this app compared to others. Unless you’re a freak using your car as an office you probably don’t spend a lot of time scanning things with your phone. Yet other developers act like you do and want to charge you $7 a month for the ability to scan documents with your phone. That’s stupid. But you’re not. You’re going with this app. These guys have the proper business model. If I was them I’d probably charge a bit more for it because it’s worth it. But $5 for an amazingly easy-to-use application that can potentially make your life easier? I figured the LEAST I could do was give them a great review and five stars. It’s worth that and tons more if you ask me. You never know when you’ll need to scan and send something. You’d probably better get this.

- Simplified my life

When I first got this app I never thought I would use it the way I have. There have been times when my home network was down, or my home scanner was not cooperating, and I found myself in need for scanning and emailing a document. Tiny Scanner saved the day. As an educator, there have been times I have seen wonderful ideas hanging in other teachers classrooms and I took a picture in hopes of sharing the ideas with others. It’s much easier to share and print a PDF file than a JPEG file. The other uses are too many to mention here. I have organized folders of files and appreciate the ease with which files can be moved within the app. I’m on the road a lot and often times can’t get an Internet connection so I appreciate the workhorse this little app is.

- A real time and money saver, love it!

I think Tiny Scanner is amazing. I have used it more times than I can count. It has virtually eliminated my need for a printer that scans and a FAX machine. I love that I can carry it with me wherever I go and I can immediately scan documents and save them as PDF. I use it to copy my prescriptions before I turn them over to a pharmacy. I recently used it at a courthouse to copy and store a copy of the paperwork for the transfer of deed to me that was being submitted to and kept by a county courthouse. I even use it to submit documents to my CPA. I think it consistently provides quality copies and it even allows you to add multiple pages together under one scan and you can control the lightness/darkness of the copy and the borders of the image saved! A real time and money saver.

- Easy, reliable, simple document capture

I love this little app. Take a picture of a document or import a picture from your photo album. Adjust the four corners using a simple interface in order to square up the image. Lighten or darken the image so the text shows clearly. Give it a title. Save it to whatever location you want: Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, etc. Choose the location manually or set to automatic. Or mail it, text it. You can use wifi to download with a desktop browser. Bam! Done. And it can even scan multiple pages and save to one PDF. And it can scan to many page sizes: A3, A4, A5, letter, legal, even "business card." Of course, the image of the document must be taken with the camera reasonably parallel to the document. But this app does a remarkably good job making the document appear rectangular in its final form. There are expensive programs that can correct chromatic aberration and big distortions but that is overkill for me. My only wish is that it would allow import into Omnifocus and DevonThink, but these are easy workarounds. When I need a quick scan of a receipt or magazine article or simple document, this is the app I reach for. Truly a doc scanner PDF maker in your pocket.

- What a disappointment

Saw the great reviews and was excited to use it. Having a mobile scanner for my expenses would be a real time saver UNFORTUNATELY its 7:30 on a Sunday night and it’s a USELESS WASTE. It scans fine but when I go to log in to Dropbox to upload the scan I keep getting an error message that says old version has been retired. I upgraded my dropbox app a week ago so after wasting 40 mins deleting dropbox app and reinstalling it and getting the same message, I threw in the towel. After posting this review I’ll be deleting the tiny scanner app and uploading something more reliable. Clearly I’m in the minority about how good this app is but my experience is that I’m notable to save the scans to Dropbox so its basically a glorified camera which I already have. SIMPLY STATED VERY DISAPPOINTED that it does NOT perform as advertised and is only good for taking pictures. Developers please feel free to reach out when your app can upload to Dropbox and I’ll be happy to try it again. Till then someone else’s app will be helping me scan my business documents.

- A daily-use app for years, ruined by the last update

I've used this app daily for years to create multi-page PDFs of my photos from my picture gallery. It was the absolute best app I'd found for quickly generating documents from photos and screenshots. Before the update I could generate about a dozen 20-35 page pdfs an hour. Now I can generate 2-3. I hope the developers will make a setting where the auto crop can be turned off. The new update forces you manually override the auto crop setting on each individual page. The past version also generated the entire document at once. Now I am forced to click "next" for every page. This is a HUGE slowdown in the process. The new interface looks nice, but is far more complex than the simple drag-and-drop functionality of the past versions. Hopefully the developers can bring this former 5 star app back to its former glory. Until then, I'm forced to look elsewhere for a scanner app that compares to previous versions of this one.

- This app is actually really good

Pros: - Only cost $4.99 for unlimited space??! - One time fee and NOT a subscription - It is very simple to use - You can auto upload to a bunch of different places to store files (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) - It detects very well - You can have many different options of how you want the scan (Page size, coloring, etc.) Cons: - My only con is a strange one, but I hope it’ll be fixed. When you scan a whole bunch of papers and put it into a pdf, you can’t go back and take any pages out. The only thing you can do is rearrange the pages or delete them. I wish you could simply take a paper out of the pdf incase you put a random pdf into it by accident. For example, I scan 8 pages of sheet music. When I put all of the pdfs into one, I accidentally put a different document into it. I would have liked to just take it out of the pdf and back into my files, but I could only delete it, keep it in there, or rearrange the order of the pages. If you guys could fix that issue so that way you can take individual pages out of a pdf and back into your documents, that would be amazing. Either way I love this app. It is super helpful!!

- Tiny, but big results

When I got Tiny Scanner I didn't have high expectations. Thought maybe I'd use it occasionally. Big surprise came when I had to e-mail a copy of a 36" x 48" print of a detailed machine part. Our "wide format" scanner wasn't working, and I was in mild panic. With no other practical way to copy the entire print, I thought I'd use Tiny Scanning to copy small sections. But while attempting the first "scan" I saw it was possible to get the entire print on the screen. After taking the scan, I was totally amazed at the detail. Even the smallest lettering was clear and sharp. Since then, I have used Tiny Scanner to capture other big things including the dry-marker boards in the conference room. Instant copies for everyone at the meeting!

- Keeps me so organized with no effort!

Love this app. I have to turn in my receipts for work every week. With this app I start a new PDF every Monday by simply opening the app, taking a picture of the first receipt, clicking okay to accept the pic. It prompts for a file name. I add my current client's name to the front of the default name (the date) and for the rest of the week I click that dated file, the "+" and save away my receipts. At the end of the week I have a clear list of expenses and the electronic proof, even keeping multiple clients separate in the same week. To turn in my receipts I click the upload to my iCloud button, then attach the file to my expense report's webpage. Amazing, easier to use this app than write this review :-). Thank you!!

- Exceptionally simple, yet powerful

I managed to snag this app early when it was free and have been using it infrequently for all sorts of scanning purposes for a good number of years now. It is excellent! Easy to use, simple interface that handles all needs of the user. I NEVER use the scanner that came integrated with my printer. This app is easier and more capable. I have been wholly satisfied with this and would have gladly paid for it. Only critique I can make is that the symbology used in the interface is a little bit confusing at first (e.g. how does a person know that an icon with four tiny arrows pointing toward four invisible corners will let you change the name of the file? Admittedly, most icons are intuitive though.) Overall, A+++.

- Scanning 60 Years’ of Family Letters

When my family began trying to share old family letters in the 1980’s, photocopying was the best option. Later, saving scans to CD’s was considered, as was scanning on a printer’s flatbed. Then a few years ago I learned of Tiny Scanner and have never looked back! Tiny scanner does an excellent job of scanning these many hundreds of letters quickly and efficiently—in any setting! Its portability (on my phone) is high on my list of recommendations. Over the few years I have used it, Tiny Scanner has continued to improve its features and make scanning even more convenient. It has made my job of scanning and saving to Google Drive infinitely easier, and for that I much appreciate it.

- Tiny Scanner - the BEST scanner app

I have tried several scanner apps, and this is by far the best. I saw some family using it, one an attorney and the other a global consultant for a large firm and realized how easy it was to use. I also thought that if an attorney that is always creating legal documents to share said it was the best and great to use when out of the office, it must be valuable. The editing to adjust the cropping, lighting, focus, and clarity are so intuitive and easy. I wasn’t using it for professional reasons, but to scan a recipe and then add it to my recipe files in Evernote. It was effortless. The PDF file can be stored or used in multiple apps, an asset I appreciate when forwarding scans to emails, texts, or other apps.

- Fast-working & Great quality

I've been all digital for eight years now—meaning I scan everything instead of filing papers. I used Neat products for a few years, but then the scanner broke (my fault). As phone cameras have continued to improve, I've tried several different apps, and this is my favorite. It's the scanner I use to maintain my digital filing system. Tiny Scanner is fast. I'm able to scan a receipt or document quickly, then with two taps I upload it to Dropbox. Now the file is on my computer and I move it to the correct spot in my system. As I've become more rehearsed with it, I'm able to scan and file a number of items in minutes.

- For $5 I replaced my scanner and fax machine.

This is the greatest app created for business. With this app it's possible to log and send documents in before the next call. No longer do you need to keep receipts. With this app it's possible to file receipts immediately and the receipts are much easier to read as a PDF. My accountant loves this app. With tiny fax included you can even fax that stack of documents to your realtor. This actually happened to a friend of mine. He didn't have time to go to the copy store and fax the documents. I scanned them in with tiny scanner and faxed them with tiny fax. For $5 I replaced my scanner and fax machine. Thank you to the people that engineered this app.

- Useful and functional before updates

This is a great app for scanning receipts and documents on the go. I rated it 4 (in my first review) only because of the process for naming each app. If you want a name other than the default, you must delete the default name and enter a new name for every scan. It would help if you could set your own name prefix or choose to enter your own name each time without first having to delete the default name. ***************************** UPDATE: I have changed my opinion of this app greatly. It will not upload to Dropbox any longer. When uploading to One Drive, I am asked for all sorts of permissions to access personal information. I paid for the app to avoid such things. The app scans really well but GET OUT OF MY PERSONAL INFO! ***************************** Contacting support is a waste of time. They said that the next update would resolve the issue. Two updates later and nothing has changed.

- Business and home document management

I have used this in business to scan receipts for reimbursement, then I don’t have to worry about keeping in order as you just add the next page with each receipt. I use it every month to quickly send documents requested while at home. This compiles my pages in B&W or color and I can select the size of the pdf to send in email and I am done. I had to fax a document and went straight to the tiny fax as this app has been great and the two work together nicely. You don’t have to travel to use this. Being on quarantine with students is enough. I’ve told all my teacher friends about this app.


Only other app this useful is MAYBE Safari...I use this ALLLL the time & it has very smart, useful & easy features. No, it won’t look EXACTLY like a PDF (usually), but for someone like myself that HATES paper but HAS to have copies if EVERYTHING....this is great. I can title my copies, & I have them auto uploaded to my Google Drive (have used Evernote too...there’s lots of options) upon saving, then just click “email me” & it pulls the email up with the title in subject line & attachment and all I have to do is hit “send” for it to forward to my personal email (or any you want) so I can keep organized & keep digital files on my computer. It’s BRILLIANT & **FREE** & I love it!!!

- A Pretty Handy Tool

It's by no means a perfect app, but for a very low cost—I think it's low, I've been using the app for years and don't remember if I paid for it or not—it's been effective for scanning documents for research and personal use. It's not great for capturing detail, the flash sometimes overexposes the image, and I often find myself contorting to hide my shadow, but it's easier to use than fussing with the copy machine to copy receipts for reimbursements or scanning several pages to use for research out of the library. I wish there was a better way to save captured images to a cloud so I don't have to email them from iphone to ipod to ipad... maybe a cloud based memory unit rather than relying on my phone's memory...

- i use for my business and clients use it too.

I've work from home and have several out of town clients who use this app to send me receipts on the go. We've all been using this app for a couple of years without a hiccup. The fact that all docs are kept on your phone is an added bonus when I'm out of my office and need to reference something. The added security of using a passcode or touch ID is another valuable feature. I would like the doc boarder detection to more reliable, but for the most part, it works fine on a darker background. I recommend this app highly and without hesitation.

- Awesome!!!

I’ve had this app for 4 years now and love it. The price is great for someone who doesn’t do a ton of scanning but a dozen times a year. And it’s great if you do a ton of scanning. I bought a new phone and went from apple to Samsung and back to apple and for some reason I couldn’t get it to transfer or show that I already paid for it. And I didn’t feel like going back and forth with customer service even though they are very helpful. Point is I love the app so much I just paid the price again to get this app and was perfectly happy doing it. Especially since it works flawlessly.

- Not At All What It’s Described As

I was really excited to find this app. I’d rather pay $4.99 for an app than $$ for a mini desk scanner. I made the in app purchase and tried several times to upload single receipts to Dropbox that not only showed as linked but also was set to auto upload. Additionally, I received an email from Dropbox saying the app was linked with access. However errors kept popping up. Then messages popped up in the app that auto upload to Dropbox failed. I went back to the App Store to see if I could figure out what I did wrong and I accidentally paid the $4.99 AGAIN (I’m on a real “I’m a loser” roll tonight) which irritates me irritated but I figured that I’d try it again with the second purchase. THE APP STILL RETURNS AN ERROR AND DOESN'T UPLOAD TO DROPBOX!! The reason I’m giving a “one star” rating is not because I’m now officially in $9.98 for a product that was supposed to be $4.99. Nope, it’s because there’s no real way to reach out to the developers for help. Just a “leave feedback” option. Total nonsense. So until I get my extra $4.99 back AND the app starts speaking to Dropbox (that has given it clearance to upload to my existing Dropbox account), my satisfaction level is sub-1 star.

- Great for WFH

I've been working remotely since March and I don't have a printer that scans. This is super easy to use and makes high quality scans in pdf, and you can email it to yourself directly from the app. It's just like taking a picture on your phone, but it gets converted to a document just like it would be if you used a scanner. You can even adjust the borders to make sure you have a clean looking document for work. I have been using this app for a few years and I haven't had any issues with it. This has been an asset to me in having to adjust to working remotely.

- Excellent, Time Saving, Perfect, almost, tool for road warrior

First off, I hate paper. Hate receipts, i feel like my life is being shortened one paper cut at a time. Expense reports require a bunch of justification, all based on little scraps of paper that get folded, riped, stuffed, crinkled & lost... This tool makes is REALLY easy to get paper out of my life, and therefore makes me quite happy! when you work on the road, you end up doing silly things with paper in strange places at bizzarre hours. This tool lets you turn a useless, dangerous, evil, scrap of yukky paper, and turn it into a nice, useful, bliss filled pdf, and do something useful with it, like email it to yourself, or drop it in a drop box. the only downside to this little app is the workflow is a little wonky at the end. The app walks you through a process, but then when you are done you have to hit the back arrow to name your document... a little wierd, but hey, it is more like a beauty mark than a flaw... and I'm sure the author will fix it in time.

- I love it!

I work at Rose Hills Memorial Park, I’m a family service counselor. Because of this covid pandemic we have been extremely busy and we work from home most of the time, we have had to meet with families via Webex and sign documents electronically. Tiny Scanner has been a heaven sent with sending important documents in a timely manner. I’m able to send quotes quickly from my phone, I can scan what’s on my iPad screen without printing and scanning. I now use tiny scanner more than I use the big bulky scanner in the office. Tiny Scanner has been a game changer for business.

- Awesome App!

I've used TinyScanner for a long time now - and the app is amazing. It's so effortless to scan something: you snap a picture with the app (or you can access your Camera Roll), the app converts it into a PDF, and you can upload the file to your Google Drive / cloud storage service, email the file, etc. The entire process takes about a minute. You can do single-page or multi-page PDFs as well. Perfect for people that need to scan stuff on-the-fly. I'm pretty sure it has other functions - like scanning to JPGs - but I haven't used them. This is a must-have app.

- Amazingly Convenient App!

I downloaded this app while traveling with the intention of using it to scan ONE document. Since downloading, this app has now become a part of my daily operation, both personally and professionally. I am able to scan documents and receipts ON-THE-GO and upload them directly to google Drive for storage. This app allows me to maintain somewhat of a paperless environment, and I love it! Great app and I definitely encourage downloading it and syncing with Google Drive or some other preferred storage app so your documents are automatically send to the storage area.

- WORST update EVER

I bought this app years ago and LOVED it!!! I use it nearly everyday as a teacher and I told everyone I know to download it. Recently my co-teacher downloaded the new version (I feel terrible she spent $4.99 on this) Not only did they FIX everything that WASN’T broken (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!) but they took away great features such as saving scans to the camera roll. My work printer doesn’t let you print from the app it keeps asking paper to come from an external feeder. It will however print from camera roll no problem. My app has not been updated and I won’t update it come hell or high water!! I will no longer be recommending this app to anyone with its new layout, reduced features and higher price. WORST overhaul of an app I’ve ever seen! Would give it 0 stars if possible.

- Excellent

This does the job when I'm not able to access an actual scanner, fax, or copier. This is convenient and easy to use. I love that you can take pictures and then the pictures of the document can be turned into a PDF! I paid $4.99 and I also had a free version. I could have gotten by with the free version I believe but either way it was well worth the fee and has come in handy for business and personal use. I also love that I have the documents right on my phone if I need to access them and I'm not near my computer.

- Click “single page” to batch scan

I was upset after the patch because I was stuck scanning and editing 1 image at a time. Developer emailed me the next day and explained you can click between “single page” and “multi page” to batch scan. Other than that, it’s a great app and I’ve been using it for years. Simple and pretty quick. One thing I’d wish for is to be able to select the file scaling option when air dropping from one device to another. You can still scale the file size by emailing instead

- Super duper

I recommend this app to my friends and family all the time. Been using it for years. Sometimes you need to scan something ASAP and this sure does that for free. However, I wish the integration with other apps was better. For some reason on iPhone if you want to gmail the document to someone and your phone/app is in dark mode, then the email shows up as black text on a black screen. Also, I am fully unable to log into my gmail account via the app. There's workarounds for both of these (just open the scan in google drive), but a teeny bit annoying.

- Time saver!!!

As a new parent to online private school for my children, I would spend hours with the scanner on my printer, saving the documents to a thumb drive and then uploading to my computer. With this app, I am able to take dozens of pictures, edit them how I need to, save as a PDF and then email them to myself leaving only an easy transition for a file drag to upload. Best investment I have made during this process!! Highly recommended! Advice: Upgrade to the full version! $5 over the hundreds for a desk scanner is one hell of a deal!

- Most useful app ever, worth paying for the paid version

I hardly ever pay for apps but I am so glad I made the decision to buy this app. I use this regularly at work. Our accounting & HR department is located off site and this app allows for clear communications via email. We use to fax all of new hire paperwork which was a nightmare. We had to fax copies of the new hires identification cards, hr would have a hard time reading the fax so this app helped the communication between off site departments. Definitely worth paying the 2.99 to upgrade.

- Great app!!

I heard about this app when I was in town hall taking photos of everything in my property file. A woman who was also in there told me about it and I downloaded it right there and she showed me in 2 minutes how to use it! It works so well! Way better than just taking a photo, and it manages the color and brightness really well automatically. Even on photos! Solid performance and I’ve never had any glitches. I’d give it 5 stars except I think it could be a little less clunky in how it manages file storage. Definitely get this if you do a lot of scanning in remote places!

- The rare 5-star app that genuinely deserves the rating!

You know that situation where you suddenly have to use an app in a hurry, and you haven't "set it up" beforehand? You've never even opened it, and now you just need it to do its job fast, so you can get on with life. It never works. There's a tutorial, it wants an email registration, and/or its powerful capabilities are accomplished via a complex interface. This one DOES work exactly like that. I needed to scan a receipt during a live support chat. I'd never actually used this scanner app before. I can't even recall when I bought it. Nevertheless, I ran it, scanned it, saved it, attached it. No struggles. No errors. No learning curve. Ever notice that incredibly fast and flawless version of the Internet you only see on TV or in movies? This app would fit in well there. Just buy this one and get back to your life.

- Sacrificing useful features with each update

I have been using this application since 2012. It’s been great taking multiple pictures of receipts and having it already (automatically) compiled into a single pdf for my travel claims. It was simple and required little user interaction to get a nice finalized product. I don’t know why I have to take multiple, individual pictures of my receipt documents... in reverse order... and then opt to merge each individual page... make sure it’s in the right order before I get to a finalized product. Too much user interaction. You all are slipping in application quality.

- Very useful

I drive an 18 wheeler for a living, my own truck and trailer. I have to send in invoices for my loads and signed copies of paperwork, this app is perfect for that, because I can email directly from it, it scans very clear high quality documents with ease. Instead of paying huge costs to scan or fax documents at truckstops, I can scan with this app. The only reason I didn't give it 4 stars was because you can't go back and rename something after you name it the first time, if there is a way I have no clue how to do it and that's just as big a problem.

- Using for work

So I have been using your scanner for work for eight months and have to say the app works great. Only had one issue, thought a scanned email went out but for some reason it did not. But was able to get it sent out after. Must of been a bug. But have had know other issues with your scanner Also have been using it for non work also. Which works great for those things you need to send out but not anywhere close to a scanner.

- Solid App now disapointing

Updated review: As of the last 2 updates the dropbox support is still not working, the box SSO functionality doesn't work. The app is not as functional without these features to transfer the number of scans I have. It looks like will be looking for a different app at this point.... Prior Review: Tiny Scanner is a solid app. The price is fair and it saves me a ton of time when I need to submit my company expenses. The ability to keep all my receipts organized and together is great! **I do wish I had more control over the default file name... I would like to be able to change the characters used so the name given was more compatible for me.

- Perfect for my needs.

Works perfect for retaining documents on the go. Upgrades over the years have made it even easier. Use on a monthly basis at least. I use a flatbed scanner for any archival type documents, but this works well for items that do not require that quality level. Though, with the proper lighting and care (a camera mount for your phone perhaps)when making an image, I don’t see why this couldn’t be used for archiving business documents.

- Been using for years!

I’m only sorry that I’m now writing this review. Tiny scanner has save my life more than I can count. It is the most wonderful app out there! When you can’t get to an old fashion fax machine, or your computer, you can upload a PDF from anywhere! Also take pictures of sheets right in front of you and upload them to make personal notebooks, folders for records, back up documentation, and more! Thank you guys so much for this app and continue the good work.

- Updated: Favorite App

Updated 2: I’ve now switched to Scanner Pro. I emailed support and the integration with Dropbox has still not been resolved. None of the updates have fixed this for me. It’s been several months and several updates and it still doesn’t work. Update: 1 I emailed support before reposting my review. They did not fix my issue. I have had trouble with auto upload to Dropbox. This feature hasn’t worked for me in over 2 months. Not sure what the issue is. Original: I don't usually write reviews but felt obligated to for this app. I use it almost everyday for work. It's awesome. Never messes up. Thank you for making my life easier!

- Easy to use and great scanning capability

I can say enough how valuable this tool is. It scans at a better quality than our office’s copier/printer. It also has controls to change contrast and brightness so that you get what you want. The crispness of the B&W scans is perfect. Scanning can be a single page or multiple and is PDF or JPG formats. And it can be easily filed within the app or you can easily share it with others, your computer, email, etc. It’s worth the $5 and a lot more.

- My first review

There is only one functional problem with this app, the Retake button is too close to the Resize function and again again when I am resizing the photo, my finger touches the retake and I have to take the picture again and start all over again and again. Also, a select all function is needed allowing to backup ALL files to any cloud I like not just the ones the app likes, I use mypcbackup and I can only backup one file at a time there.

- Disappointed in how little functionality there is

I am disappointed that you can only pull the documents from your camera or photos. I would think that you should be able to pull a document from anywhere, Dropbox, iCloud, email. Seems like some development is needed. Also surprised that since I have the exact same thing downloaded on my iPhone and iPad but they don’t talk to each other. Any documents I’ve created on the phone do not show on my iPad! Hmmm. Again where are the developers?

- You’ve found your app for scanning on the go!

If you are a student who prefers doing homework by hand yet has to turn it in digitally Tiny Scanner is the best way I’ve found to create PDFs on the go. My teachers absolutely love grading PDFs since they can edit them way easier than an image to give feedback. You can crop the image in the app, turn the contrast up and down, have it in black and white or in color. There are so many options. It’s very intuitive/easy to use.

- Love this !!

This app was originally purchased in a time crunch to get a document emailed ASAP. I have used it countless times for personal and business use and have never had a problem. I use iCloud, email, email me, google drive, one drive, print and open in options - I have never encountered any problems. I have scanned up to 15 pages and the pictures are clear and brightness is adjustable if necessary (which I have not had to use). Definitely recommend!

- Using for 4+ years, love it!

I have used this app for over 4 years now. Through college, a major law suit when my husband was involved in a severe car accident, buying a new house, and selling our previous house. The app is easy, accurate and professional, the initial download was free for a couple of faxes. Then there was a $4.99 charge, I payed that about 4 years ago and haven’t paid a dime since. I can’t say enough good things about this app!

- Perfect

This is honestly the best scanning app out there. Me being a college student, I often needed to scan various documents and projects and let me tell you that these are 5 dollars that are truly worth it. I have saved so much time and it makes things 10x easier. I no longer have to rush to the library or computer room to scan my documents. Everything can be done in a matter of seconds with this app. Would strongly recommend.

- Great way to go paperless

I take handwritten notes when meeting with clients, but don’t keep paper files. Instead, I scan each page after the meeting and have them automatically uploaded to DropBox, where they can easily be put in the client’s folder. Tiny Scanner is a much simpler and easier solution than other products that require special paper, notebooks, pens, etc. Now I just need a way to OCR my handwriting to make the files searchable...

- Little Gem

Best app ever and is my most used app and has been for months! The time it saves me is priceless. I've tried other scanner apps but this one is flawless. It will even allow you to turn a document "photo" that's already on your phone into a PDF in black and white making it easier to print. So if you need to take a quick photo of something on the go, you can convert the JPEG to a PDF document later when it's convenient.

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- Simply impressed

I find this app greatly helps me to solve my tasks especially when unable to access home office scanner. The ultimate quality is acceptable as well as no complaint from recipients so far as using the app tiny scanner for two months I should rate this app is the most practical one comparing to all my previous purchased app. Thanks to the developer.

- Replaced my Doxie

I have an older Doxie with a Wifi SD transfer card. This replaces that set up with a faster and all in one solution that goes straight to my Dropbox account to be sorted later. No kre transferring, converting and electronically stapling of scanned pages together! Only down side is trying to take a photo half decently on pages which are folded or curled up, but no solution is perfect.

- Easy to use

Quick and easy to scan. Easy to email, PDF, print. I’ve used this scanner for a few years now and have had no need to look for a better product. Only complaint is the colour scan is not as sharp as the black & white pages. This is not something that matters for most documents. So unless high resolution colour scanning is needed, the tiny scanner works a treat.

- Convenient, Easy and Portable.

I have been using this app to email Timesheets for about 12 months and have found it a convenience that has replaced the need for a fax machine and allowed me to send docs from clients homes quickly and easily. Additional Comments: Have been using it now for approx 5 years on a weekly basis reliably and conveniently.

- Brilliant

We live in a rural area where internet isn’t always reliable...this app is brilliant I’ve been able to scan documents and send through my phone. I’ve been able to keep on top of our family’s small business office work. It’s saved me a great deal of frustration!

- Great app for scanning on the move

I’ve been using this app for a while now and am impressed with its performance considering it is reliant on your phones camera capability. Single or multiple page scans are captured and stored easily. You then can decide if you want them stored in colour or Mono. Renaming of documents and sending through email could not be easier. A good app and worth the money.

- The easiest, fastest and best scanning APP

Very surprised abs happy how good this app is. I tried all the major accounting software packages made life hard. I like how quick this app is. Allows me to rename files quickly and transfer to my Google Drop Box. Worth every cent ! 5 stars or 10 stars if there was a gold plated rating these guys get it !

- Best Scanner App Ever!

I have been using this app for the past four years and it’s absolutely fantastic! The new lay-out and the quick border detection features keeps this app perform better and better. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a mobile scanner app. Great job guys!

- Using it for years and love it

I use tiny scan almost daily, and it is always a great tool. Love the auto-upload function, plus the UI improvements recently have been working great, especially on the iPad now. If I had to whinge about something, it would be that whenever I scan a document in landscape format on my iPad (not sure if it happens with my phone) is that I always have to rotate it 3 times, I feel that the orientation of the rotation could be reversed, and it would save 2 presses and a couple of pauses. Thanks for the great app none-the-less.

- Just a great app

This app is just great. I can scan anything at any time with my phone or iPad. Multiple pages are easily done. The auto frame works well and I have had no issues. Updates have been frequent showing the team is on it and I would say it’s the best on the market. I couldn’t do business without it.

- It is a lifesaver!!!

Time and time again this app is a lifesaver. So many things I’ve done using this that would’ve been virtually impossible or very difficult to do with the life I have between my family and business. Love how easy it is to use.

- Highly recommended

I always suggest Tiny Scanner to my friends and family. So often I need to email a document at home where I don't have access to a scanner. Every document I send is high quality and always clear. So easy to use!

- Nearly perfect scanner

I really do love this app, it scans well, has plenty of quality options and also corrects for parallax error when you are holding your phone at an angle that skews the picture. I highly recommend this app.

- Grest scanner

What a great little app for the phone. I love how I can scan documents on the go and send them as a PDF and job done. There are other ways of saving things as well it just makes my job easier when on the run.

- Great, easy to use

I’ve been using this app for many years, and it has only gotten better. The latest update is fantastic, further improving user experience and connectivity with other programmes.

- Love this app

Only problem is I find that sometimes there is a lag between sending the documents as an email and it actually arriving in the inbox. Otherwise it's an easy effective solution when my only device available is my phone.

- Life Changing

Easy to use recommended for any person wanting quick access to send clear PDF files I have had app for over a year and use frequently

- Awesome little app

Great for scanning on the fly. Many uses: Upload to my tax file, email to my work computer, scan in patient information and add to my professional development file. So handy and worth the money

- Fantastic

I love how I can grab "photocopies" anywhere I find my it a window advertisement or an interesting article to share. It would be great if one could return to readjust aspects of the shot. The rest is a dream and easy as pie. Please please add OCR. Not some cloud thing but true offline conversion. That would be 5 stars indeed :-D

- Honestly one of the Best Apps ever

This little app has been so handy - being able to scan on the spot and send to myself and others is so convenient. I don't know what I'd do without this! Thank you!!

- Does the job well

Very happy with this app, definitely helped when no scanner available or just want a direct link with email on my phone.

- Allow us to Share Scans as a Message

While 'Tiny Scan' is really accurate and I use it quite often it really needs a share as a message feature. Otherwise, it is a worthwhile purchase and very useful.

- Brilliant

Love this app. It's the best at converting photos of receipts, documents, workshop whiteboards, etc. into black & white pdfs for sharing. Would be great if they could develop an something that allows me to convert a photo from the iPhone photos app rather than having to start Tiny first.

- So much win

This thing is simple to use, quick to edit and everything I need for scanning documents on the go. I use it so much in my workday I'm constantly suggesting it to my workmates.

- Great App

Great simple, easy to use app. Love it. Like the auto upload to Google Drive. May I suggest on next update if can have a function to easily delete all the scan docs store on phone.

- Reliable

Tiny scanner makes digitizing paper documents into black n white PDFs a simple task. I have Ben using it for years and find it reliable and easy to use. It's a key tool in my mobile office.

- Easy and Consistent

Of the scanners available for the iPad this scanner is easy to use and does not require a lot of experimentation to get things right. It is consistent and produces an excellent result. Framing is dead easy. W.

- Intuitive and easy

I use it in a legal and government setting. Never let me down. Photo to PDF to email in a couple of clicks. Couldn’t be easier.

- Super Useful Timesaver

So easy and fantastic to use . All receipts , invoices , bills and dividend notices scanned and then saved in my cloud files ! Well thought out and user friendly . Highly Recommended

- Really great!

It’s got me out of a few tough binds. I did pay for the upgrade so I can send multiple pages together as one but other than that, great app for PDF.

- Excellent

Really useful, quick and easy to use. Lots of file exports options - would highly recommend.

- Use it often

Great for converting photos to Pdf files and uploading to other apps. I use it often.

- Brilliant tool!

I love this App!! It has helped me function efficiently in sending material from my mobile phone. The speed and quality of scanned material is remarkable.

- In 2 years not even one problem

Love this app. Works great. Also all updates for free. Using it for almost two years now.

- Excellent

Easy to use, great quality images. I use it to copy old newspaper articles instead of taking photos.

- Great scanner

I use the tiny scanner for scanning all my work documents on my phone and sending them in PDF format to store in the cloud. Awesome app, thanks guys.

- Fantastic little app I use everyday

I use this app every day to scan receipts to my bookkeeper. It’s flawless and easy to use. Highly recommended

- Fantastic

Just a super useful app. Use it all the time for my business and couldn’t ask for anything better. Saved me heaps of time.

- Sensational

I've been using tiny scanner for a couple of years now, and I find it invaluable. Highly recommended.

- Perfect

Compact and simple app that does exactly what you need it to and a bit more. Takes a photo and converts it to a small pdf file. But it also corrects poor image angles and lets you adjust the density of image conversion. Full support of Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and other file repositories. And you can always save it to your camera roll for sending via message or other methods.

- This app is redundant. Developers aren’t updating.

Warning: Don’t download until they update this app. This app was amazing until Google changed its security for apps like these to communicate with. The developers of this app have not bothered to update this app in 2 years and thus you can’t upload your files to a few of key platforms such as Google Drive.

- Perfect

Does exactly what it says! 5 stars. This app is great for scanning and creating pdf docs you can email easily right from you phone. Love it!!

- Excellent

Does a good job once you know how to use it. I use it for business daily. So far so good. I would recommend this product.

- So handy!

It's amazing how often I use this app. Always calling it up to capture receipts and other documents that I need to keep. Invaluable!

- Really useful..

This app really works a well and I have been using it for a few years now. It is simple and reliable to use.

- Great App

Thank you! Great App; works fine and does what as advertised. The file-name confirmation could be a little easier to reduce the number of clicks required to safe to e.g. Dropbox.

- Very handy!

Very convenient for transferring written work to PDF. Can easily email it to yourself or upload it to google docs.

- I happy

Very happy that my Tiny Scanner Pro app upgraded to the new Tiny Scanner Plus app. Thanks guys this prompted me to leave the review My go to app for scanning. Used it for years 5⭐️

- Just works

Easy to use, has sensible options. Great if you want to print a screen shot: (1) scan, (2) save as PDF, (3) send to printer.

- Phone Scanner

Awesome. Easy, quick, and handy. I love this apps and has been using for more than 4 years.

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- Excellent scanner app

I use this to scan receipts, it works very well, fast and clear scans, uploads automatically to google drive (or wherever you set it to). I own a good scanner but never use it, this app is simpler and better.

- Easy

I often take the pic myself instead of waiting for it to take the pic. It still works well.

- Tiny scanner

Love this app. Makes my life easier.

- So helpful

Great app to have especially while working from home and not having access to a scanner.

- Good app

Good app but it keeps telling me to write a review. If I’m paying for something I expect no pop ups or at least limited. Not one every time I scan something. Also the iPhone camera now lets you do pretty much the same thing for free so why bother with this. There needs to be more features to justify paying for it.

- Loving it

Thank you.

- Awesome App

Luv this app. Able to get PDFs in a flash! I like the ability to scan multiple pages and that I can share them easily with anyone.

- Love it.

Love it. Easier to print from (less ink) than photos! Easy to use. Easy to send. Great APP!

- Tiny scan

And absolute must. The best app on my phone. In fact I like it better than my phone

- Awesome scanner

Perfect for mobile scanning.

- Stop looking, you’ve found the best

Worth every penny, helps massively with production

- Not working for email

No problem scanning, but when I try to email documents does not work. I can hear the zip sound but nothing is sent. Tried to contact support still waiting for reply.

- High Caliber App!!!

This App is Flawless & Amazing!!!❤️😊

- Very Useful

An excellent tool . I use it frequently!

- Parfait ou presque

Je l'adore sauf que depuis la dernière mise à jour je n'arrive plus à envoyer le résultat du scan par e-mail. C'est assez désagréable.

- Tiny scanner

I love this app. It is so convenient... numerous times I’ve used it ... had situation where a scanner was required and no one had access to one. But I did! On my phone!! Persons said I saved their day.

- So easy!

Tiny scanner is so easy to use and has saved me so much time!!

- Automatic Selection still doesn’t work

Automatic Selection still doesn’t work

- Awsome

Works great

- Can’t scan multiple pages

I used to be able to scan multiple pages in one “session”. I miss that feature.

- Can’t make multi page faxes anymore

I used to be able to do this with this app but no longer. I’m looking for a replacement.

- So convenient

I use tiny scanner for everything!! Work, personal... you name it! So convenient!

- Awful update

Auto detect is an awful new update. Screen freezes constantly and kicks you out of app!! So frustrating. It’s taking me so much longer to finish work I need to do.

- Awful - crashes 100% of the time

Please don’t waste your money...this app wasn’t able to scan a 3 page document...poor customer service as well.

- Oops

Previously commented re couldn’t scan to pdf. An app upgrade simply put this function at a different location. My mistake. You people do such a nice job with this app. Great communication skills as well. Thanks again.

- Portable and reliable! Definitely recommend!

Obviously I can’t carry a scanner with me all the time, and it’s not uncommon for our scanners at libraries to take a long break. Decided to look into a scanner app. Saw this and threw my money in for the review. Turns out to be totally worth it! With only minor adjustments it works even better than a regular scanner - both from the efficiency aspect and the quality aspect - plus the sharing feature is fantastic!

- Great customer service!

I recommend this app for everyone! They app is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent. Anytime I had a concern or question, it was answered the same day and my issues were attended to fast. Money well spent!

- It doesn’t work

All of the scans I have sent to my employer, always comes up as unable to open attachment. And I paid for this, so I’m not impressed

- Very useful

I am a truck driver and I use it everyday to send invoices, I totally recommended,

- Tiny scanner

It is a very nice app that can change the life to handy. You can workout most of the time of your life through this. Thanks to the developer.

- Game changer!

One of my most used business apps!

- Very useful

Thanks for a very helpful app.

- Disappointed

This app used to be great, but after an upgrade it really changed. Stuff comes out blurry now and not as user friendly as before. Why change a good thing? Makes no sense!

- Awesome app!!

This app is simply excellent! It’s powerful, efficient and super easy to use. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and colleagues. It’s just perfect!

- Love this app but...

This has been my favorite app for a few years now and was always so simple to use. But over time it’s become a little less user friendly. Still my go to but hope there are more updates

- Terrible

Bought Tiny Scanner Pro because I needed a quick scanner and my buddy uses it and loves it. I, however, can’t use it on my iPhone. It takes an image and converts to pdf, but I can’t upload to my email. Tried to ‘configure’, but my email provider is not supported. I had to convert to a jpeg which defeats the whole purpose. I can take pictures already!

- Very helpful and a app that you can’t work without it

Download this app

- Potential, but backwards development

I have loved this app for years, but have found repeatedly that the developers break things that don’t need fixing, remove helpful features, and add annoying features which are worse than before. Simple multiple requests to add an option to choose between what is new and what used to be are just ignored. If it wasn’t for having so many documents organized in this app, I’d search for another one. I sure hope they start to listen.

- Fantastic tool!

Couldn’t run my business without it. I actually don’t use my computer scannner anymore.

- Great tool

An awesome app that seems to work through all of Apples updates. I’m very impressed.

- Business Center in my pocket

The amount of time i save using this app is incredible. It does a better job than the thousand dollars machine we rent at the office.

- Game changer

I’ve been using this at least three or four years. It’s very handy. It’s very easy. I’m able to convert many things to PDF.

- Love this so much

Working has never been easier

- Love it

It works the way it is supposed to and is easy.

- Fantastic tool

It’s easy to use, practical and easy. The last update it’s stunning. I have been using this app for the past 3 years. Great work partner. :)

- Great app! Updated regularly

Makes my life easier when scanner goes to hell or technology is not on site.

- Good scan but horrible UI update

They recently changed the UI completely and made it soooo hard to use. Everything feels akward and the things that were once easy to do are now tedious. Weird that they did all this and still didn’t fix the email issue, you still can’t send pdf by email cause it says that you have to configure your email, even if it’s already configured...

- What did you do

The whole app no longer works as it has all these years. Now considering looking into a new app

- Excellent App

The Tiny Scanner is easy to use. The scans from the outset have been clear and crisp. The quality of the scans are even clearer and crisper since the last update. This app is a real gem. I haven't used a flatbed scanner since I started using this app.

- Bad update

Update wrecked the app.

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Document Scanner - mobile scan 5.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images
Document Scanner - mobile scan iphone images

Document Scanner - mobile scan (Version 5.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Document Scanner - mobile scan was published in the category Business on 2012-10-18 and was developed by Appxy [Developer ID: 760100924]. This application file size is 129.27 MB. Document Scanner - mobile scan - Business app posted on 2021-08-23 current version is 5.5.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.btgs.scannerhd