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With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that?

Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun—use the Swipe Right™ feature to Like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, give a Swipe Right™. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes.

Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over.


Upgrade to Tinder Plus® for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd.


Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife


If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Tinder Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free.

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Tinder - Dating & Make Friends Customer Service, Editor Notes:

A meteor has hit the app. Seriously, this build includes Swipe Night, a first of its kind experience, as well as other bug fixes and improvements, of course.

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- Dear Tinder gods: please fix these bugs!

I can’t complain, Tinder’s the OG non-clickbait way to meet hot singles in my area. 😋I met my first long-term boyfriend on this app. Now that I’m single again, it’s once again helped me meet new people & find hookups. HOWEVER, ever since I re-dowloaded this app, I’ve noticed so many pop-ups within the chat feature that make it buggy and near-impossible to read my conversations with people. If you don’t have notifications on, it’ll keep showing pop-up banners that pester you to turn them on, and no matter how much you tap the “x”, they won’t close. And I appreciate the Noonlight feature, but that’s yet another pop-up in the chats that can’t be closed, and it blocks me from reading messages (especially when I’m typing/using the keyboard). Oh great Tinder gods, if you see this, please fix these bugs! Thank you! 😊

- Banned for no reason

I never once treated a female wrong on this app or even cursed in my conversations yet I was banned almost 2 years ago for absolutely no reason at all and still cannot make a new account. Seems like the only way to do this is to use a burner number and use a VPN on my phone. Absolutely pitiful customer service on this issue with the only excuse being “sorry we can’t tell you why we banned you 🥴” I had that account for years as well with no issue. Guess I have to cheat and break your system to have an account and guess what, I will. To make a new account after the ban you have to go into your Facebook account (if you linked it to tinder) into the settings for apps and privacy and delete tinder. After that you can either get a new SIM entirely or use a VPN and use an app like text plus to generate a new phone number for tinder to send a verification message to. You might also want to create a new Apple ID. You cannot link your old FB or ever use the app without masking your IP after this since the programming will recognize the similarities and hand you a ban. Also don’t use the same pictures. Or just use your buddy’s phone number who doesn’t use tinder. Those are really your only options because as I said earlier. Customer service is p*** poor and they really couldn’t care less about your issues since they’re making absolute guap off of everyone using and paying for the platform. I doubt they’ll even acknowledge this review.

- Disgusted.

I was banned from Tinder for expressing my political views in a conversation with someone who had opposing views. I said one thing, which was in no way threatening, degrading, or rude, and was banned almost immediately. For context, the guy had a picture of him in a MAGA hat, so clearly his views aren't the issue for Tinder. Banning me because of this interaction (I hadn't used Tinder in weeks before this, so there's no other reason I can see) is not only despicable, but also a direct violation of my rights. Not to mention when I was being harassed by another user (who even threatened to dox me), they did nothing, yet I'm banned for stating my beliefs? Do better Tinder. Also, the fact that you don't have an appeals process is messed up, and leads me to wonder, how many other people have you wrongly banned from using your app? Update: they gave me my account back, but the fact that it was even banned in the first place is ridiculous. Leaving the one star review because it took way too much effort on my part to get them to give me my account back. Once again, if you're going to ban people's accounts for no reason, you should a) have an appeals process b) have a phone number where I can talk to an actual person or c) have real people responding to emails and not bots that have no clue how to address my concerns.

- I have a very serious complaint.

After years of having a tinder account and speaking only positive things of it, I have been banned wrongfully. I know exactly what got me banned. My account name was Boom. I had in my bio, "Who needs pickup lines? Try and roast me instead. Just know that I'll roast back." Now, the word "roast" in this context, by definition, means, "subject to GOOD-NATURED ridicule." Now I matched with a woman who went by the name of Echo. Echo tried to roast me by asking if I was either a "men's rights activist" or "really into anime." I proceeded to ask if that was a roast, to which she assured me it was. SHE THEN ASKED ME TO ROAST HER BACK. I then said she looked like Roz from Monsters Inc, which again, is a GOOD-NATURED roast. If I thought she was a young lady that didn't appeal to me, then I wouldn't have swiped right in the first place. Obviously, this means that it was a light-hearted, good-natured comment, but one that Echo took as an insult to her very being. She then proceeded to talk about how she was comparing me to "Nazis" and a "porn freak." Those comments sound a lot harsher than me comparing her to a fictional character. Why I was the one being banned for this is beyond me, but in this situation, I feel like I have been wrongfully banned, when what I said wasn't nearly as bad as what she said. Please review the conversation again.

- Glitched for two days, then banned out of nowhere.

I’ve had Tinder Gold for a couple of years now. I took myself out of the stack about a month ago, and came back over the weekend. It resumed without a hitch until Tuesday. I found that my matches and messages were fluctuating, and that it stopped showing profiles in areas either at home or where I work. I just assumed the servers were slow/lagging. I got home from work tonight, and I started to see profiles again. I thought things were back up and running again. I hop on about an hour later and bam, I’m banned. From what I’ve read on my app and trying to log in on the computer, I’ve all of a sudden violated their terms of service somehow. It’s not like I can get a hold of anyone, as their emails are electronically responded to by bots, and after reading through some of these reviews, their App Store responses are the same. I’ve canceled my subscription which was coming up for renewal at the end of the month, so I suppose timing couldn’t have been better for me. Between this, the increasingly fake(snap, insta follows, sugar babies, cashapp/Venmo requesting) profiles, and the clear dead end when it comes bans and customer service/support, it’s been eye opening for sure. Best of luck everyone.

- Bans for no reason

I’ve been using Tinder since it first came out and I thorough enjoyed the app! I actually met some really cool people which I still talk to. Now... this app is useless. I understand that people can be predatory but the practices that Tinder is doing is awful. They are banning people for no reason. In my case I got banned for nothing because the worst message I sent was “hey cutie”. My roommate got banned even though he didn’t message ANYONE. When I went online I saw that this problem was prolific and everywhere. They ban people for absolutely no reason and without any proof. If they receive one report, you’re done. So theoretically, a guy, who doesn’t have a good chance with the ladies, can lower the dating pool by making a fake account and reporting any dude they find to be more attractive than them. And when you try to email tinder about the situation, you get an automated reply and ZERO help at all. The email they sent me said “we do not check for what you did and we do not unban or review accounts.” This type of practice from Tinder is illogical and sexist. And it will eventually lead to the demise of this app. I cannot wait to see this app be removed from the App Store.

- Trouble Unsubscribing

Why is it near impossible to unsubscribe? I logged into Tinder on the their website, clicked on settings and clicked “Manage Payment Account”. Then it shows a message saying I subscribed on the native app and that I should unsubscribe from there. No problem. I get on the app and go to my settings and guess what? THERE IS NO “Manage Payment Account” in the settings tab! So I try unsubscribing via Apple ID (iTunes), even though I paid directly with CC. Nothing was found under subscriptions either. Okay. I try to look for a link to customer support and there is literally no way to contact support unless you call them. Are you serious? Make it easier to unsubscribe for the sake of everything fair! I’m still stuck trying to figure out how the hell to unsubscribe before I get charged on my card again. It’s ridiculous how the developers remove the payment option on the app. In all fairness, the app is decent and you can find people to meet if you really put the effort into it. Just be careful when subscribing.

- It’s alright

Given the benefit of the doubt the app does seemingly have a lot of issues but overall it’s not the WORST experience possible. I think one of the biggest issues is the various prices for Tinder gold. Now they want to charge me $45/mo (I’m 19) whereas they want to charge my friend (keep in mind who is also 19) $15/mo. I’m not too sure what’s with the price discrepancy but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. $15 seems reasonable but $45 a month? Definitely won’t be happening. As for the user base, you find a LOT of bots but thats to be expected you can find a numerous amount of bots on seemingly any “dating app” that’s just how it is. So I won’t mark off too many points for that but another issue is the lack of finding people who like you. I could swipe right on everyone like a mad man (which I don’t WANT TO DO) and still not find a single person who liked me (which it’s not like I have 0 likes I have a good bit) I know this is probably a ploy for me to get the tinder gold but then we go back to the $45/mo issue.

- Waste of time

First month I had the app I got lots of likes and a few decent matches. I even managed a date with someone from the app, they where a lot bigger then they lead to believe but that’s not a fault with the app. As time went on matches and likes started to drop off dramatically. I did some digging online and found a few articles stating: if you don’t buy premium they push your profile further back in the queue. Essentially without paying less people see your profile and you’ll end up less likely matching with people you liked. I’m not gonna pay 15 bucks a month just to get my profile visibility up. Follow that with half of the accounts being fake to gain followers on things like Instagram, Snapchat, and onlyfans. There a ton of fake accounts so much so that it’s extremely disappointing after getting so little likes and matches the few you get end up being fake accounts from India with terrible English and plugging for social media followers or personal information. If your looking for love or any real connection with anyone this is not the app you want.

- Just plain AMAZING

It’s so ironic that dating apps could be so cliché when looking for love, but that’s exactly how it ended up with me. I married the person who I met through this dating app & he ended up being my everything, my rock, my best friend, a man that I could never live without. 5 years & 2 little boys later, we are so beyond happy & very much head over heels for each other still (Cheesy? Sorry, just wanted to share my experience of joy I had with this app.) Now, is it too good to be true that you could possibly meet your soulmate through dating apps? NOPE I don’t think so, as a matter of fact I truly believe that anyone could meet their Mr. or Ms. Right anywhere as long you are careful & know that your heart truly belongs to that right person. So this is by far the best dating apps I’ve experienced with so far, & I definitely highly recommend this. 💯

- Great app, but needs improvement

The improvements that can be made is by keeping old things that work while improving upon those things. The improvements so far have been great, but I don’t like how complicated Tinder has made it to report an obviously fake profile. There’s more steps to take to report, making me, and I assume others, not report those profiles, causing an influx of bots. I hope Tinder will continue to stay the same, unlike OkCupid and other dating sites that charge you to literally do anything. That’s what drives people away and drive a company down under, making way for a new product to overshadow. Hopefully Tinder will also make it easier to report bot profiles.

- Terrible

I have had tinder for a couple months. I ended up matching with some man who had said many inappropriate and obscene things to me and after I was thoroughly uncomfortable he continually asked me if I was in fact 19 and at the time I was. He continued to question my age and harassed me until I logged in to unmatch with him I see that my account was banned. He later messaged me on instagram apologizing for reporting my account and begging me to forgive him. Obviously this man was very mentally unstable and had dragged me down with him. What I don’t understand is how my account was banned based on no investigation at all. I have never violated the terms and conditions and in fact of age as I am now 20 years old and have been banned for many months. Tinder has done nothing about this situation regardless of my countless emails and complaints. It’s a great app as long as you don’t match with creepy men who apparently can ruin your whole experience based on no evidence. Thoroughly disappointed at how this company handles situations like these.

- Crashes but good

I started two days ago and have 69 likes and I’m pretty ugly so something has to be wrong with the app other than it crashing every 10 minutes on me. I’ve met some amazing girls, there is one who is really sweet, I’ll talk a little more but I am willing to drive hours to take this girl on a date sooooo. I don’t like how I can’t get unlimited likes or more than what I have for 12 hours. There no limit to love so why limit the potential for it? Paying for that stuff is just corporate bs that needs to be left behind. Let this be something good for the world not something that feeds off of it. This is an app and a website not Apple. You don’t need to make a bunch of extra features or take pre-existing ones and try and make people pay for it. Also it’d be cool to make another app for different religions. Like Tinder Christian, Tinder Islam, Tinder Judaism, etc. just an idea for y’all.

- Banned my account for no reason

Tinder is being 100% unfair. It has no real customer support. If you get banned all they tell you is to look at their terms and guidelines. Like excuse me? I read the guidelines and I followed them and my account got banned, so is their any real person I can talk to and settle this issue or are you going to keep ignoring your customers. I created and had my account for only 2 days! I bought tinder gold and everything was fine, I only messaged about 10 people (nothing inappropriate and nothing rude) and I tried to get on the app and said I was banned... you mean to tell me I spent $25 to only use my account for 2 days.. you stole my money and you stole countless of others peoples money. You have stolen the opportunity of hundreds of people and have yet to help the people who were wrongfully banned.. that’s why your app is dropping in reviews and many people are refusing to download your app.. YOU DISGUST ME TINDER!


you wouldn’t think tinder bans anyone given how many people clearly violate the rules (couples running one account, people selling drugs, people openly lying about their age, etc). and yet, after two weeks i opened my app to see that i had been banned. no explanation, nothing. there wasn’t anything in my profile that violated the guidelines (trust me, i checked), but there was still nothing i could do about it. as many others have said, there’s no appeals process, which is shocking given the popularity of the app, but what’s worse is that they won’t even tell you why you were reported. after my account got banned i started seeing how common this experience is. a handful of friends had the same thing happen, and i saw even more people mention it on twitter. there aren’t many other apps used by people my age, so i’ll probably just make a new account, but i’m still really disappointed.

- Terrible Service.

I was using Tinder for a couple weeks worked great everything was going good. Then the other day I log in to be told I’m banned. Keep in mind I had 6 photos which included three face pictures of myself and three photography shots that were nature. My bio consisted of my job and state I live in that was it. I had matches but no conversations between any at the time. I emailed Tinder just be told I was banned without a reason and that they will not give me it back. I emailed again with no response. It’s irritating to be banned for no given reason when I abided by all the rules. I had also paid for Tinder gold and in the email I requested to get a refund. No response. It’s really frustrating. If possible I would like my account back or at least given a reason to why exactly I was banned. If that can’t happen then I want a refund. Almost worse service than Facebook and that’s saying something.

- Paid Subscription, Banned without reason

I didn’t have any nudity, nor did I say anything inappropriate to anyone (I barely had any conversations past a few messages) and I didn’t have anything hateful. In fact, I specifically stated that I did not tolerate hate towards any kind of person regardless of gender or race at the bottom of my profile. All I can think of is that I had a shirtless photo of me in my house with my pets and it was flagged for being inappropriate or that my joke that said “onlyfans? In this economy?” was taken as me soliciting people. I have no idea. Thing is, I just paid for this year subscription about a month ago when I moved to a new area and now I cannot access the app whatsoever. I’d really like a prorated refund or to at least challenge the ban or be told explicitly how I violated the terms of service. Otherwise, I feel like Match Group just basically stole my money. That’s pretty terrible service.

- Keep getting banned for no reason

Used to love this app. But now I can’t stand it. I tried reaching out to customer service many times and they won’t do anything. I keep getting banned from tinder when I am of age. They keep saying I violated guidelines when I read through them and I did not at all. They won’t even tell me what I violated. It is also stupid how they don’t even have an option to appeal me being banned. WHEN I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. I AM 18!!!!!! Stop banning me when I am of age. Also I simple added a picture of me in a swimsuit if that’s the issue, I WAS NOT NUDE AT ALL. I am absolutely done with this app, horrible customer service. I was talking to this nice guy on the app and now I can’t even talk to him anymore since I am banned and they won’t unban me. WHEN I SHOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN BANNED IN THE FIRST PLACE. They say they take it very seriously!! Obviously not if you’re banning me for absolutely no reason when I have not done anything wrong!

- Banned randomly, no appeals process

I had Tinder Plus for about a year and thought this was a pretty good app until I woke up a couple days ago to find my account banned with no explanation given. My initial email simply yielded a response saying that I could not appeal bans and I emailed one of the email addresses given by the developer in a response to a different reviewer but got no response. I really want to be able to use this app again as I feel like I did nothing wrong but there is seemingly no one to get in touch with about this issue and judging from the comments this is a pretty common issue for users right now. Tinder needs to get a support team ASAP that actually reviews bans, there are plenty of fake accounts that promote drugs, prostitution etc. and yet it seems like innocent users who have done nothing wrong are being punished worse.

- Banned after three hours

I downloaded this app later at night. I messaged no one and matched with no one (yes I’m aware that sound pitiful but I’m just trying to prove my point). All the pictures were of me and my friends besides one that was a picture of a show I watch which isn’t even a real person. My bio was just me saying I don’t like sodas or chocolate and I watch anime go hiking and play video games. After a couple hours I got back on the app to see that I’ve been banned. I go email someone involved with tinder and they told me there was no way to get unbanned or prove I was innocent. I was really annoyed that they wouldn’t even tell me why I got banned. I wouldn’t be that upset if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m having to use bumble and I don’t like anyone on there. Everyone seems to be older on bumble so it’s really awkward cause I’m 18 and I don’t wanna match with someone who’s 30 with two kids.

- Not as good as you think

I’ve used tinder for about a few months and no matter how much praise it gets from others saying it works and score some dates when like any other dating app is a complete and utter disappointment. Men have worst luck for dating sites and this is no exception. After creating a tinder account it’s only good for a few days then you can’t get any more matches. The only matches I’ve gotten were: catfishes, bots or women promoting their own porn or instagram, woman that won’t respond to you, women with bad or toxic attitudes, males using a female labeled profile and females that made a profile for no reason. tinder gold doesn’t help much because the only thing it’s good for is seeing who liked you. Once your account is about a week old you get no more likes. So yeah tinder doesn’t do a good job on their terms and service by not banning people that are there to not date.

- Banned! By a insecure girl

I’ve met many friends on tinder since 2014. I decided to meet a girl at a coffee shop. She was late and I wasn’t feeling a connection so I politely told her thank you for meeting me but I was going to leave. No arguments were had. I left and she immediately unmatched me saying I was a person of wrong intentions. Tinder doesn’t review situations. I was just banned. I live international and it’s difficult to meet friends. I respect the people I’ve met on tinder. It’s not fair that one woman that was disappointed that I didn’t want to start a relationship with her has the power to errase my profile Also there are many fake profiles. You can find similarities in the ages, distance and what they write in their profiles. Be careful. They say hello then ask for your number to talk on WhatsApp or something like that. Who knows why they want your number before they know you. At the end of the day I would continue to use tinder. Usually the “writing is on the wall” you can tell if someone is not genuine or what you are looking for. But it does happen that you decide to meet someone with not the same intentions. A person should not be banned because the other person made it to the unmatch screen first.

- Tinder was great until it wasn’t

I get a lot of matches and it’s super fun to talk to people and meet up occasionally and a couple days ago it just stopped loading people and the buttons on the app started being really hard to press. Occasionally they will work but it takes a while and I can still message people but no one is popping up to swipe and I’m not getting matches. Idk if this is a bug or in banned or what but everything else about my phone is working fine. Please get back to me so i can start enjoying tinder again. Thanks so much

- Banned with no explanation

After 2 years of Tinder Gold subscription and over 1,000 matches without incident, I opened my app to find that I had been banned, so I contacted Tinder support to find out what the problem is and if there was a way I could fix it and all the customer service rep did was copy and paste Tinder’s policies for me to guess what it was. It seems to me that Tinder doesn’t actually review any reports because I scoured my profile and messages for anything against the terms & conditions and concluded that it must have been someone (or several people) who were upset for personal reasons and reported me, and Tinder took them as legitimate reports. Highly disappointed with the lack of help and information I’ve received and glad I’m not wasting money on them anymore

- Tinder is glitching out

I downloaded tinder a few days ago, everything was going great I’ve been waiting a day or two to get verified until I opened the app not even a minute ago from writing this and it has became slow and very laggy, I can not open messages without it being laggy and I have to wait some time for the actual message to load. I got a warning for having my selfies up they DID NOT have any sexual or offensive things in the pics just my face above my shoulder nothing else, the only thing left was a picture of my body how in the hell do you explain that? You take down ALL of my selfies but leave an actual body pic of me up? You guys seem like pigs and it made me feel so confused and creeped out. I don’t know if you guys have bots doing this but I don’t feel comfortable with this at all. You need to fix this now!

- Tinder is a monopoly & scams you

I’ve been a tinder user for a couple years now, it’s always super popular and almost everyone uses it. The problem is that it creates almost a monopoly on all the other dating apps, hinge and bumble are great but way less people use it way less often. I’ve been banned several times. I’ve always found a loophole but recently they’ve patched up all the ways to get around that and I’m still paying for tinder gold because it makes it incredibly hard to unsubscribe. It’s prettyObvious that I’m not the only one who feels this way seeing that you’re total stars are at a 2.6 so I think the best action to chose is to either have a reliable reporting system and only banned people for a certain amount of time or have a customer service line people can actually reach and fill out a form

- I got banned for no reason whatsoever

I was using the paid service, and I had an appropriate set of profile pics and bio. I would get on this app occasionally to try to meet new people, but I would sometimes not have time to check it often because I have other things going on in my life. When I start talking and seeing someone new, I also take a complete break from the app. Today, I wanted to check the app, and that’s when I find out that I got banned from it. No warning, and no explanation. They do not have an appeal process, and they do not explain to you why you get banned whatsoever. They tell you to check their terms of use and their community guideline. I read them all from start to finish, and I have not violated any of them. I find the ban to be very discriminatory, and I would like to ask for a refund since I was using the paid service. My suspicion is that a match who I was not interested in, or somebody who does not even know me at all reported my profile out of grudge or ill-intention. I am sure they do not even check the reports that users send out, so any user can make up a story about someone and get someone else banned if they choose to. This is honestly very disappointing.

- Banned for no reason

I’ve been using tinder for several years now. I’ve never had any problems with the app before except for the occasional crashing of the app. I’ve met really amazing people from this app as well, a lot that I still keep in contact with today. I was just using the app yesterday morning and everything was fine. then I got home that evening and got on, poof I was banned. I really don’t understand what I did wrong, I have always followed the rules. There are a lot of other profiles on there that should be banned, but why ban the ones who haven’t done anything. I see a lot of your reviews lately are about people being wrongfully banned. I think y’all need to actually take part in yalls app and stop making everything robotic. Do better tinder before there will be no tinder.🤷🏻‍♀️

- Got banned bc I drunkenly turned my account into a dating profile for my cat

I got drunk not long after 21st birthday and jokingly turned my account into a profile for my cat for the night. It was all fun and games, considering many of the people I matched with got a good laugh out of it, too, until I got permanently banned, despite having paid for a subscription. I figured I could’ve just gotten a warning, like, “Hey, maybe don’t do that again, but good joke,” but no, I’m 100% banned from tinder for the rest of my life all because of a harmless joke. I’m assuming I got banned for impersonating someone, even though that someone just happened to be an animal that I own?? It’s not like I was pretending to be my neighbor or Dolly Parton or something. Good to know the support team doesn’t have as good a sense of humor as I do.

- Was great and now non-functional

I’ve had tinder on and off for years now and not had many problems, it’s been great. I paid for a year of Tinder Gold in the last month or so and over the past few days I have stopped receiving matches, messages and overall I’ve had a very glitchy experience. I’ve deleted and redownloaded, logged in and out, everything I know to do and it’s still not working. Every time I try to match with someone in my gold list, it says I’m unable to match with that user. And now looking through these reviews I’m really afraid to get banned for nothing just by reaching out to customer service, even though I spent money on the entire year’s subscription already. Please help.

- Banned for no reason

Tinder banned me for no reason after years of use, before today it was great. It looks like many others have the same issue as well. I’ve read that tinder gives warnings, though they gave me no warning whatsoever. There’s also no customer service and no way to appeal to them. It’s the absolute worst 😔 tinder took my money for a while and gave me a good time in the process, and doesn’t care at all about being fair to anyone. They’ll probably reply this to review with the same “please message Apple for a refund” crap. It’s nice for a little while, but if you’re banned before you can get anything from the app, too bad apparently.

- Got banned for no reason

I had been a paying member for the last three years and was thoroughly enjoying meeting new people; especially from different cultures. I’ve used the app off and on for this purpose the last 6 years and never had a problem. Then I got banned for no reason. My profile was very simple with a nice friendly bio, non-explicit normal photos, and nothing that I could see which violated the terms and policies after a thorough read through. Turns out their customer support is inexistent which baffled me from how prominent the app is worldwide. Very disappointed that my time with this app has come to an end. Maybe in the future they can get a real support team and not ban profiles on a whim.

- Not worth it use Hinge or Bumble

Tinder is basically banning all of their users for no good reason. They have zero customer support and ban you when you have a premium account to make it nearly impossible to get your money back. For an app that prides itself on being the best it really isn’t. Hinge or Bumble work way better and actually are set on finding you a S.O. while tinder could care LESS about their users. No appeal process no nothing. Once you get banned you can never get back. Owners of Tinder are going to have a sore awakening when they have banned almost all of their users or deterred their users because of how much they are banning people. Worthless app. Was awesome when it was the only one people were using. But now there are better dating apps out there.

- Great but...

Tinder is great in the suburbs but in city and rural areas it has issues. In cities the number of matches is OVERWHELMING I would appreciate a way to organize my conversations and matches other than just by how recently there has been activities. Sometimes I am really enjoying talking to someone and then lose the conversation just because I spent a couple of days between logins. In rural areas there aren’t a lot of people and the distance locator doesn’t always help you figure out how far away a match is time wise. It would be nice if I could draw a search area on a map (like on zillow) instead of just choosing a distance in miles.

- Update BS

I have no major complaints about the app overall, but I hate this newer update where when the “Secret Admirer” thing pops up, there’s literally no chance that you’ll actually see one of them. Now it’s just an ad telling you to buy premium or plus or whatever to see all of your secret admirers. It’s incredibly frustrating and seems pointless. If anything, I was more tempted to get Tinder Gold when they did show me a secret crush than now when I don’t. Because I liked the concept of swiping on people I KNEW matched with me. And seeing one of them who I felt was a good match made me think there could be many others. That’s all I wanted to say really. Please change that back.

- Tinder

As a 37 year old man we are solicited all day with fake profiles selling photos. In normal mode I have 24 people that liked me but can’t see. Upcharge reveals the profiles, all of which were thousands of miles away and clearly no access to. When the subscription is activated I get little to no action. To get you to pay, they beef up profile likes and it’s impossible to now get no likes over a week. Keep in mind I’m in a very busy beach town with a new crop every week. How can 24 likes happen in two days. When revealed, They’re all out of my distance range, basically useless. Then, when paid for, one like over 4 days. Rip off. Fake profiles get u to pay to only get screwed by the company. Once in a while you can get lucky.

- Fake Bans

Tinder will ban anyone and everyone for no reason at all. Someone will report you for simply not matching them back and boom banned. You email them and politely ask to be unbanned and they will lie and say you violated terms. When you ask them what you violated they won’t tell you because you didn’t actually violate terms. They are lazy and rude. Once they ban you, you can’t make a new account and neither can anyone in your house because they will block your entire address and WiFi. I have never dealt with such a terrible service in my entire life. Don’t bother making one. If you’re a cute girl or guy someone will get mad and report you because you don’t want them and tinder will ban you without doing research. Verified accounts and otherwise.

- I was BANNED for NO reason.. TWICE

I’ll keep this short n simple . The app works wonders . You can meet many ppl with ease . Real ppl real profiles . But after a while u notice more fake profiles, lesser matches, etc. But none of that was a problem . I take breaks for a couple weeks n get back on . I’ve done this routine on my OTHER account as well . I got banned for no reason from both. I never posted illegal pictures, harassed anyone, or went against terms of service . Then when u want to inquire WHY, U CANT. CUSTOMER SERVICE INEXISTENT . So in all the app gets the job done , but with no actual team to help PAYING customers it falls extremely short .

- Banned After App Glitch

I was only in the app for maybe an hour when it started to glitch and matches wouldn't even load in my area (which is strange because I had the global setting turned on), and when I saw that my page still wasn't loading hours later, I reached out to them to fix it. 24 hours from the time I activated my account, I was banned! Sent several messages and never heard back from anyone. Then got an email asking me to rate customer service experience from someone I never even spoke to. It's weird that it's happening to so many random users, but honestly I wouldn't waste time with this app or the people on it, and as you can see, Customer Service is the absolute worst. Try any other dating app!

- Banned without cause

I have been banned without any reason more than once. This is the third time I’ve been wrongfully banned by Tinder. They do not care about their product. They just want to take your money and ban your account as to not have to deal with you again. This app is practically a parody of itself at this point. There was a time where this was a good app, but now it’s just pathetic. They banned me for violating terms of use when I didn’t even have an account anymore in the first place? I had deleted the account because I met somebody, and when things didn’t work out, I reinstalled it to find out that I had been banned. I didn’t even have an account. How do you justify this, Tinder? You can’t. You’re stupid.

- Banned without reason

I have been using tinder for little bit now, nothing very serious on it got a couple of matches and conversations, today I was just changing my phone number in settings and as soon as I updated it I was logged out I sign in with my Apple ID and says my account was banned???? Tried logging in with my old phone number and also says I’m banned, tried to used Facebook also says I’m banned, I tried logging in with my new phone number and says I have to wait 4 YEARS to use the app again, I tried emailing them and the response I got pretty much was “you got banned you must’ve messed up lol ok bye” if I managed to get unbanned maybe I’ll consider changing my thoughts about this app but for now it’s just garbage

- Activated Boost by accident

I really wanted to save my boost for the weekend but I pressed the boost button by accident on a Tuesday morning . I tried to see if I could get a refund or just stop the boost period but I didn’t find anything helpful. Can I please get some help on this? I would recommend the app asking an additional question to see if the user is ready to activate the boost for sure.. other than that I really recommend getting tinder plus . Update: Got a new boost thank you very much !!!!

- Poor Functionality and an Unfair Features

I’ve used various dating apps and I have to say that Tinder is one of my least favorites due to its poor functionality. The app glitches out from time to time and makes the user experience very poor. In addition to this, when they app does work for me, I find certain features like getting photo verified unavailable to me but available to my friends. Although you may think that this isn’t a big deal, that small blue check mark does positively influence the user swiping. If Tinder is going to create additional features, at least let everyone partake and not just selected users. Until Tinder can get their stuff together, I will be using other apps.

- Shadowban????

So the first time I got tinder I deleted it right away, rightfully so too. And a few months past and I redownloaded it, once again I deleted my account in order to get more matches, since this platform is like others in the way where they limit the amount of people we see. I didn’t realize that if you delete your account multiple times you could get shadow banned, like how are we suppose to know that? Lately I realized my likes have not been moving and only declining which doesn’t make sense. I went from 99+likes to less than half of that, and now I can barely get a single like nevertheless a match. Can I get support or something, cuz I know it shouldn’t be like this????

- Horrible

One minute im swiping then it tells me i run out if likes that i got twelve hours before i can swipe again so a day later i get a notification saying dont keep your match waiting like oh hey let me go see who that is and i open the app again and get a big white screen that says i been banned for activities that go against the policy when i did nothing wrong wrote nothing wrong nor did i speak to anyone let alone in a wrong way yes the few that i did match with where all trying to get me to buy there onlyfans and premium snapchat i bet those digital prostitutes who literally say on there profiles there only looking for money still have there accounts though what a joke

- Banned with no warning or reason why

Logged in this morning to find I’ve been banned. I’ve been a user for about 2 years and I’ve never been rude, insulted anyone, or said anything discriminatory. The kicker is it doesn’t even say why you were banned or give any warning. This kicks people off the app that may be victim to something almost malicious from other users and doesn’t give them any chance to change their behavior, defend them selves, or know why they have been banned. Completely disappointed in this app. Users beware. This could happen to you! Go get that number before you loose the match you really wanted to start something with but lost because of a random bs ban.

- I got banned for no reason after spending $150

I paid for the premium version and within 1 week I got banned for NO RESON ST ALL! My profile about me section and pictures were completely clean when I said not a single girl a rude message it’s impossible since I didn’t send any girls any messages I haven’t had time! I just want out of it now but I can’t find any way to cancel the monthly fees they keep taking out of my account just draining me and robbing me blind!I I have a lawyer as a mom so I guarantee you they will get more than just a one star negative review from me and better repay me for all the money I spent hundreds of dollars for no reason I get off work to use that and now can’t use it because I am fan… Pathetic!

- App crashes often

I have enjoyed the app, and gotten a chance to talk to a few people which is great. The mechanics are great for me and I’ve had plenty of matches. My only issue is the app seems to crash every five-10 minutes or so. I guess party that’s good, bc I don’t get stuck swiping for hours at a time 😅but also understandably a little frustrating. If this was fixed, I’d have no issue giving 5 stars Update: doesn’t crash anymore. I love the app!

- Tinder suppressing messages and matches.

I get alerts saying I’ve got a new match “Abby”, log in to nothing. A few minutes later, says “Abby” is waiting for you to respond. Log in and there’s no match. Get a match and message them for awhile, then out of nowhere they stop messaging. Send messages asking anything, get no response, come to find out through other apps or texts that Tinder is BLOCKING messages from getting through. Horrible App. If you aren’t constantly paying to use it, they PURPOSELY block/censor matches/messages. Update: “messages CAN be delayed” We all know that’s blatant. I’m talking about messages that were purposely tested between friends, messages that were never received.

- Banned for no reason

Have had the app for YEARS actually across 2 accounts cus i didnt want it linked to my private Facebook anymore. And during that period I've used the same bio and stuff. I think the issue is I work in the adult film industry and even though i "verified" myself by sending in a selfie or whatever i bet you someone reported me as fake and just after Enough times tinder decided to ban me. Only issue is i cannot create a new account. The device i use is flagged so literally any Facebook, email, or obviously number I use doesnt work. Complete BS and very disappointing. People cam literally sell drugs openly on this app but you cant be a porn actor and exist on it at all apparently.

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- Overall Satisfied

I am a regular user of Tinder. What I hate is the fact that for the amount of money I’m paying for membership, customer support staff don’t hesitate to take your money and then not reply. I constantly get issues with this annoying “would you like to video chat with this person”. I keep pressing no and then it freezes my app. I constantly have to log in again each time it pops in, so I can barely use it. I constantly messaged the support staff 6 times the last two mo the and no reply. Don’t know if this is a joke, but for me to pay something that barely works is so unhelpful. I hope this goes to the app developer so the staff are trained into mitigating these errors.

- What’s with swipe night?

If I was a vacuous 18 year old swipe night may have been interesting, but sweet baby Jesus it was painful if you’re over 35. Do people as empty as this really exist? Otherwise it’s an entertaining app. Will you find love? Probably not, but a chance to meet people you probably normally wouldn’t.

- Discriminatory money hungry thieves

I’ve just discovered your system works on paying more depending on your preference, gender, age and location coming into a factor. Which is discrimination based on personal factors. You guys were good when you first rolled out everyone had a good time, despite banning me heaps of times for doing absolute nothing or saying goodnight to my matches ( I can see I’m not the only one) and then have the audacity of not providing a refund or respond to customer service. Now you guys are money grabbing thieves with Artifical intelligence (or low IQ customer service behind the screens) running the show and ruining the concept. I also noticed you ignored everyone upset at the unfair banning and pricing and don’t offer them a solution but reply to people who have “no matches”. People have been genuinely banned unfairly.

- Banned for No Reason

I have used this app on and off over the years and whilst it has never been the greatest, it seems to have a lot more people on it. Just recently I was banned for no reason though and after trying to contact Tinder, I got a generic response and that they couldn’t help me. I have done NOTHING wrong and I have NOT violated their user terms or anything like that, so I’m very confused why this happened. I’ve heard other people have had the same issue, so is this a common thing now, Tinder? Banning people for the fun of it? Surely you can give us a reason as to why you’ve done this to our account? You want people to like you and your app, yet when it comes to something like this you literally just kick us out with no explanation... pathetic.

- Got banned for no reason

I have been using tinder for a couple of years now. On and off. I normally have my card hidden during the day while I’m at work, and at night when I’m home I’ll go on, make my card visible and have a few swipes here and there. My account apparently got banned. I don’t have any inappropriate photos or messages. I was barely even on the app. I emailed tinder and all I got back was saying that my account violates the terms and conditions of the app. I would like to know their reasons for blocking my account? Because there is thousands of other users who are in the same boat as me and don’t have a reason as to why? Or what they so called did.

- Banned for no reason

If I could give this app 0 stars I would literally banned for no reason as for being banned there was literally nothing that warranted the ban I had #BLM in my bio which is think is unjust and unfair as everyone should have a right to have opinion on things happening in the world as we speak I would not waste time or money on tinder as it is a rip off

- Not what it use to be

Many years ago tinder wasn’t controlled by money hungry people.. you wouldn’t have to spend money to match with people, but now as soon as you create an account you will get matches for the first few days and then after that it’ll be zero.. if you’re a girl, this concept doesn’t apply to you and you’ll get infinite matches. They know guys will spend and waste their money so that’s why they target men. I find it disgusting that the only way to meet new people is to spend money. All the other dating/hook-up apps are like this

- Swipe Night

Watched the trailer for swipe night and it seemed interesting. A few choices into the story though and I noticed the way to select your choice is bad/doesn’t work properly. It demonstrates a swipe, so I swipe the direction of my choices, but it chose the other ones! Didn’t even finish it, since the results would have been not what I wanted. There should have been a clear guide to the swipe night released before the event, and these problems wouldn’t happen. No way to restart the episode.

- Stop with the pop ups

Guys. Get rid of the pop ups. I open a chat and I can’t get rid of the reminder to turn on push notifications. I do not want them. And now that reminder is impossible to remove (glitched). So I can’t even see half the chat screen. And now on top of that, you send a pop up asking me if I want to FaceTime with someone every time I open a chat? It’s no wonder I ain’t ever wanna open the app? It’s a hassle to even use. Get rid of the pop ups over chats.

- Inbox ads, ignoring settings, unhelpful support

You now get messages from advertisers directly in your inbox! They also don’t warn you that using Swipe Night will cause the ap to: - begin ignoring your distance preferences - begin ignoring your age preferences - make it harder to browse relevant matches by hiding their helpful info behind swipe night info - change the UI (which looks worse, and bugs in some places) - and you can’t reverse these I contacted support and they offered irrelevant suggestions. When I’m provided irrelevant messages, matches, information about those matches, and even support it makes me feel like my time is being wasted. I don’t care if there’s less content. I’d rather only read relevant content.

- Review of Tinder

I have had many problems over the years with Tinder where I have got logged out and when I have logged back in I lost all of the matches that I had. I also paid to be able to go backwards when I had swiped too quickly but this function is not working anymore ☹️ When Tinder works it can be good as I have been on a few dates but I have found it to be unreliable

- Swipe Night

Swipe night is great! Would be even better if you could see what your previous matches chose in swipe night episodes.

- Bad

Ridiculously expensive for membership and it straight up lies about how many matches you have in order to get you to buy Tinder gold. I get asked every SINGLE time I open a chat with someone if I want to Face to face call them and even if I open their profile and go back to the chat it will ask again. The only way to stop it asking is to say yes to it for each person. Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time and money.

- Hey here have A lot of The Worst Demons.

I was met one person. When I met him, He touched my iPhone secretly and erased his number and tracked everything. And he said "contact to me again." He so bad and disgusting. Why too many disgusting and strange people ? Almost they want to Onenight stand. At first, they acted as if they were going to be serious, but they were all disgusting people with masks on. Seriously There are too many demons here, regardless of appearance or occupation. I'm not the only one who's been through it. My friends also have many bad experiences. To prevent this from happening, please write down more detailed personal information for men so that they can join Tinder. There are so many people who do bad things. Cus they don't need write their detail information.

- Kicked off for nothing

I really enjoyed tinder then one day I got kicked off mid conversation with someone, I only had for 2 and half weeks. I ask for help and assistance in figuring out why I got banned yet they didn’t help at all. They didn’t answer any of my questions either. I know for a fact I didn’t do anything wrong because I was being cautious as it’s my first time on a dating app and I’m not dumb about these things. Fix your services.

- Don’t get services I pay for

I pay for tinder gold, it’s supposed to show you everyone who has liked you, but it doesn’t show you everyone as often I’ll swipe right on someone who isn’t in my likes feed and it’s an instant match. It also repeatedly shows me people I’ve already said no to

- Absolute garbage RUN!

Check out the negative reviews! Majority of people are being banned for no reason at all. When you email tinder for assistance, you receive a generic email response and nothing more! They have absolutely zero costumer service. Disgusted with their poor service delivery and that they ban profiles for no reason. I wish nothing but the absolute worst for this company, I honestly hope they go bankrupt or get sued. Disgusting display of poor management!

- Disappointed

I only started using the app a couple of months ago. I haven’t logged in for a couple of weeks and have now been banned. I have an authentic profile and pictures, have engaged in polite conversations with matches and have not breached the terms of service in any way. No warning or explanation given as to why my account was banned and no acceptable response from customer service.


I set up my account, selected conservative photos, very transparent description. Swiped for about an hour in total, then banned. No apparent reason. Emailed several times to find out the reason, received very generic replies. Refused refund, refused to give a reason for the ban, refused to lift the ban. Unbelievably poor service. I have heard this happens a lot. Direct your search to another app, do not pay for this so called service!

- Overrun by prostitutes advertising and fake profiles

It you’re looking at joining you’re too late! It used to be good, but of fun. Now it’s jam-packed full of fake profiles and prostitutes blatantly advertising. Tinder either has way controlling this or don’t care. It’s so blatant I’m wondering if tinder are getter kick-backs from the other site’s using their platform to advertise? Shame, it used to be good, moving on.

- Messages aren’t showing

Usually love having a bit of fun on tinder but lately I am just getting beyond frustrated with it. I get notifications that I have a message and when I got to read it, it doesn’t show up. The only way I can see it is if I log out and back in EVERY TIME I GET A MESSAGE. It’s so annoying and time consuming and it’s a bug that needs to be fixed now. Honesssttllyyyyy

- Sabine glitz

Website glitches and crashes all the time mixes up each other’s messages annoying.

- Worst dating app and company ever!!

I downloaded the app and got my account going and after setting up pictures, bio and information (none of it was rude, racist or bad in anyway, shape or form) and my account was immediately banned! I’ve contacted them multiple times and they won’t look into it at all! So to get them back I’ll ruin the app by giving them heaps of terrible reviewes! Worst app ever!

- I’m trying to delete my account but tinder won’t let me

I’ve been trying to delete my account but it keeps coming up with the pop up, error. Try again later. It’s been later, I’ve tried again. My matches have messaged me on other social media platforms asking me if I unmatched them as I have disappeared. I just want to delete and move on

- “Enable notifications” get out of my face

Getting so frustrated with the “enable notifications” banner while trying to write messages I don’t want notifications, you can’t make me. Every time I’m trying messaging someone though, the pop up is in my way. Shouldn’t have to select no all the time.

- Randomly got my account suspended

So this is the second time I’ve made an account on tinder after my first one was suspended. I’ve emailed them and still they’ll say the same thing that they can’t relate the information. Pathetic. I had done nothing wrong and again I still get banned for it. Will never download this app again. Horrible support service too.

- Don’t even bother with this app

Tinder use to be good but now it’s like it’s been programmed by 4 year olds, I’ve been banned about 7 times with no reason as to why or how I can stop myself from getting banned! You’ll get matches on the first couple of days then it’ll stop entirely unless you boost yourself, it’s really worthless and I don’t recommend trying it ever

- Super laggy

This app is so slow and it ALWAYS crashes. Every time I open tinder it takes forever to load each page. God forbid if I ever swipe on anyone. I get about three people in and the app crashes. This app is terrible to use.

- Absolutely hate it

And not because i have trouble finding matches, i do aight. But the fact that i paid for tinder gold three months ago and the read receipts where free now you have to pay for individually??! Kind of feel cheated. Its become ridiculously expensive and its not worth the money. Literally use any other dating app this is cancelled.

- Account got banned for no reason

It was good until my account be for no reason and can’t even review it

- Buggy and pathetic enforcement of guidelines.

Got banned. Didn’t say or do anything bad... There is no appeal process or even the courtesy of telling you WHY you were banned. If I have upset someone, wouldn’t you think you would let me know so I have the opportunity to correct my behaviour? Apparently not.

- Privacy

The app should have Face ID or Touch ID lock option so that no other person can access the profile and chats of the tinder user. It is sometimes very annoying when someone tries to read your chats even if he is your friend or family member.

- bug fixes

fix your bugs it’s soooo annoying. yesterday i opened the app and had around 510 matches and then today it went to 250 and started going up in intervals of 50 and now saying i have 450 matches instead of my normal amount. on top of that, notifications aren’t coming through even though i have them on. i’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app a million times and sometimes fixes it but most of the time it doesn’t pesky bugs still get to be eliminated apparently

- Latest update - face to face - very annoying

The latest update has an annoying ‘Face to Face’ pop-up that appears almost every time you open a chat. The lag means it’ll often pop up as you’re typing and it’s very annoying.

- Can’t revert to local search only

Selected the explore option and now I can’t change back to local search. If you want to keep the gay community remember you’re competing with Grindr. Grindr doesn’t have this issue and that’s what I’ll be telling my friends

- I’ve been banned for unknown reasons

I went onto tinder this morning and it said my account had been banned and it’s unclear why? I also pay for the app so I’m not sure why they decide to take your money then remove the account WHILST still billing me!!!!

- Another random ban

Another ban for supposedly violating community standards or terms and conditions. At least make the bans time out after some period or some other way for innocent victims to get back on (since your customer support just ignore people)

- Was banned for no reason

All my phones were clean and after my Facebook was hacked they banned my account. And I’ve been unable to get it back by contacting support. I’m disappointed and turned my friends off it.

- A

Asking to video chat on every single message is the most annoying feature. Ask once and then dont ask again, please fix

- Random ban?

Not sure why, literally all my pictures where fully clothed, and my profile had nothing offensive in it that I was aware of. Guess tinder just plays revolver roulette with who they ban? I’ve literally seen nearly fully naked men on the app so 🤷‍♂️

- Such a terrible app

I just got banned for being “underage” when i am not and have proven that to tinder before. I’ve been using it since I turned 18 and now out of no where I’m banned until January 14th, which I have no relation with? Weird.

- Meh

Messages won’t load or show up, even after deleting , rebooting the phone and leaving the page open to let it hopefully load . Super annoying

- Waste of time and money.

Way too many bots and fake advertising accounts to wade through. You see the same fake accounts again and again and again.

- Disappointing

Got a message from a about 4 girls I messaged 3-4 months ago saying they only received my messages now. Matches and messages and everything just take so long if they even work at all

- Banned for no reason

Had tinder for a couple of hours and been banned with no way of getting on unless I change number. There was no violations made as I barley had a photo jot conversation made

- Worst matching app

Money oriented app with no real matches initially got few matches that is not responding and then shows you have likes but never got matched with them. You have to pay for those matches.

- Glitch in account and cannot delete!

Issue resolved for now. App is still disappointing for the price paid for premium membership.

- No matches or messages

Since the last eat Swipe Night event launched I have not received any new matches even when boosting, and it’s telling me I have unread messages that I can not view. FIX THIS!

- Horrendous

I can’t match with any of my 30+likes unless you pay for a subscription which is way to expensive. The three people I have matched with don’t talk anyway. TINDER IS A SCAM!!! Don’t even bother.

- Banned for no reason

Banned for no reason at all, I'm a woman who has been using tinder for years and banned from nowhere and no reply from customer support. Absolutely disgusted

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- Ugh

All week I have been having so many issues with using this app. I’ll open it and then the screen is loading and loading forever but it doesn’t ever load!!!

- Banned for no reason

I made an account awhile ago but I wasn’t 18. I just turned 18 today so I went on the app and tried to log in but it says I’m banned?? Customer service refuses to help. This is ridiculous. I haven’t even used the app so how is it possible that I’m banned???? Worst app ever🙄

- Banned within 5 minutes of having app..

How do I get permanently banned without even matching, messaging, or swiping anyone and no uploaded pics... well done tinder. Ban someone for even daring to try downloading your app...

- Ban hammer for no reason

Welp, looks like I’m now one of the many people who got banned off tinder for absolutely no reason. Guilty until proven innocent I guess.

- Girls Just Playing

Most of the girls on here are plugging their IG. A lot of them have no desire whatsoever to make a connection or talk

- Best dating app

I find this app a good way to talk to and meet new people. Best dating app I’ve used so far, and they’re not money grabbing. Of course you always have to be careful with dating apps for safety reasons, and rn there’s no meeting up from COVID, but it’s still a fun app

- Ban for no reason

I got ban for no reason how can I contact tinder

- Banned, shadow banned, broken algorithm, IG flowers

I remember when tinder was top quality back in 2015 when you'd get a ton of matches and people weren’t trying to obtain IG followers or onlyfans subs. Now you’ll get shadow banned or put in a bad algorithm if you don’t purchase products and soon after you buy the product you get sent back to square one. Just recently I got permanently banned for no reason.

- Account banned

I don’t understand why I got banned from Tinder for no reason and I emailed support team they still didn’t do anything it’s just stupid and ridiculous

- Yikes what is going on?

Had issues with the app for two weeks reinstalled a few times and it didn’t work and then I got banned for no reason even though I couldn’t even use the app to do anything worth a ban?

- Banned for no reason

Got gold then was banned the next day for no reason, no warnings or anything just straight banned for life for nothing

- terrible

i got banned for NO REASON and NO EXPLANATION. They need to create a mode where you can become unbanned or something else. very upset

- Banned for absolutely no reason

This app is complete trash, I downloaded tinder after not having it for awhile and after only 3hrs my account got banned. I emailed tinder support twice almost a week ago trying to find out why I was banned and if I could get that ban lifted and I’ve been ignored so just so people know, if they ask you to send them an email or they ask you to get in touch with them in any way don’t waste your time because they won’t help you. This isn’t the end of the world for me by any means because I can use other apps if need be but damn tinder, you need to work on your customer service big time.

- My account banned

Why cant’t i open my tinder premium account... it showing “your account has been banned” but i have not done anything wrong through my account... Please help i have paid for that....

- Banned for no reason

Should be a review process to be unbanned

- banned124

Paid 200$ for this app and they banned me for literally nothing.

- Banned for no reason

I was banned for no reason. I want a refund of my subscription

- Banned- been on since 2017

Not sure why I was banned. I have been on this app for years, I make one offhand joke to a lady I matched with. Then I can’t log in a half hour later. I honestly don’t understand why there is no way to appeal a ban or even get issued a warning. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this app over the years and have had marginal success in actually meeting people (which is why I feel angry to be banned at all). I am polite, my profile was free of offensive material, but here I am. Lord forbid I have to actually meet someone the traditional way.

- Randomly banned

Hi I’ve already brought this to your attention multiple times so here it goes- I got randomly banned for no reason a few weeks ago. You guys have yet tried to contact me. So am I to assume that I’ll never be able to access my account because of an unknown reason? I didn’t post nudes (although most of the girls I see do), I don’t swear and not disrespectful to others so why did you do this?

- Banned

I was randomly banned when I follow all guidelines! I don’t say inappropriate stuff or do anything inappropriate like some people do on here and somehow I’m banned?! I’m of age also!

- Horrible service

I got banned from tinder and when I tried to message them about it they said they don’t deal with it .. horrible I never even did anything wrong and deserved to have it looked into

- Banned??

My account was banned—and absolutely no violations were made I can assure you and there is no way to get it back or even make a new account. Welp. Do better tinder.

- Doesnt let me create an account

I tried creating an account and it said i was banned 🤷🏼‍♀️

- Banned for no reason

I paid for this service and was banned for no reason and wasted half a month of premium. And customer service refused to help and give any sort of explanation I’m so mad😡

- don’t download!!

i was banned for absolutely no reason and Tinder has not responded to any email i have sent asking about it. waste of your time. you guys are useless with the customer support :)

- Banned for no reason

I made my account today and I was swiping through and then tinder logged me out and when I tried to log back in it said I was banned. For what? Nothing? I guess this is a sign the world wants me to stay a virgin single for the rest of my life 😤😠

- Banned and for what?

I got banned with no warning and for no reason, I was actually having a nice conversation for once and now I’m banned! I’m over 18, I didn’t have nudes on my profile, there was no reason for it. And of course there’s no way to actually contact tinder to even understand why you got banned

- Banned for resetting account

I reset my paid account and within 24 hours they banned me after 1 conversation that didn’t even violate the community guidelines.

- Technical support?

I dont know why my account is banned, i have not even met anyone off this site, or talked to people with respect. My phone number is banned.. dont want to change my number to use this service.. help?

- Blocked for no reason ??

I can’t get back into my account I even sent them an email and all they said is will look into this...

- Banned without a reason

I installed the app last night, woke up to 20likes, didn’t even swipe right yet or talk to anyone and I was already banned. Wth

- Unclear why I got banned

Logged in today to see that my account got banned. Never put in any inappropriate photos or anything. This app is a joke

- Sucks

This app is full of ugly fake profiles of ugly dudes. Next.

- Wtf

I’ve never used tinder before. I’m on here for the first time but my account has been banned. I don’t get it. Plus they don’t give me an excuse as to why

- Banned account

Account banned? Poor product, no support.

- Scam

Please DO NOT give your phone number to Tinder. What will happen is that they will sell your phone number to other companies. And those companies are SCAM. They will call you many times a day trying to scam you. I have used 2 different phone numbers at different times. After a few days, the number of scams calling me dramatically increased. PLEASE BE COUSCOUS.

- Harassment allowed ?

My account got taken away because my ex reported me for solicitation with zero proof or reason other than him being petty. I wasn’t given any opportunity to prove my side and they literally removed my account without notice based on unsubstantiated claims. Now I have to get a new number to use this app if I want to. Which I won’t cause I don’t. Super misogynistic to just take women’s accounts down when someone is being vengeful but when men are flagged for actual provable harassment their accounts aren’t taken down without evidence and when evidence is given they are only suspended for a short time. What is the reason for this clear double standard?

- trash

roblox is better for online dating😒

- Gay (no homo)


- banned for no reason

banned without any notification or reasons

- Dating

I got laid so many times, thanks tinder

- Banned me

They banned me saying I’m underage. I’m sorry sir but my birth certificate says otherwise. I’m so mad because I lost all connections with my matches.

- Banned despite inactive account

My account was banned years ago while inactive for a long period of time. Support had been evasive and unhelpful, despite attempts to amend (or even understand) a clearly error-riddled ban process. If calling heavily outsourced tech support with rude staff is your idea of a good time, I would highly recommend this app. For everyone else, check out Bumble.

- Bug

I literally swipe right on the guys I wanted and it’s been almost 24 hours and still no guys have matched with me. And it weird how it would go to a different display when I open the app up. Can u please fix tinder cuz I feel like it has crashed or something?

- I got banned for taking a picture with no shirt on

I posted a picture in the bathroom mirror with no shirt on and it got flagged as nudity I understand that I had my shirt off but what is the difference between me having my shirt off and girls in bikini thongs posting half naked pictures but they don’t get banned

- The current update seems to have secretly bricked the app

After current update, I am not receiving messages back, getting matches or even up coming matches. I tried messaging someone who I know would message back and still nothing. Even tried switching locations still silence for the last 3 or so days now. I tried reinstalling and it didn’t help.

- banned for no reason

i know i didn’t do anything wrong but i tried to use my account and it says i’m banned. i contacted tinder to try to get some help and they said they won’t do anything.

- Needs filters

Tinder really needs to include some fields that need to be completed. I’m so sick of seeing blank profiles that I actually keep deleting the app. Not everyone knows what to write or how to write a dating profile so some fields which can be used to filter profiles would save us a lot of time. This is why I prefer Bumble — I can filter profiles that include “want something casual” etc and save myself so much time!

- For what it’s worth

I’ve been using tinder for years now. One problem that just is an unbelievable thorn in my side is the fact tinder repeatedly bans my accounts. The reason why is because I deleted and remade an account (beating their subscription service algorithms) as I’m sure we all know the value of. However because I did this once about 4 years ago tinder occasionally catches on that a new Apple ID or generated phone number I’m using is actually me and bans the account again. Hilarious because I actually pay for the monthly subscription service. Plus I think the value of this option on the companies side would be to protect the community? So please refund my money. I’ll be taking a break from the dating apps. It’s simply not worth upwards 35 dollars a month for a service that repeatedly bans me half way through subscriptions because they yearly want to tighten the rope around everyone’s neck. Much less for the wretched people I regularly meet through online dating. But that’s just the condition of how ugly and superficial we’ve all become in 2020.

- Hate this already

I am just making an account but every time I put in a photo it says oops something went wrong try again later I try again and it still won’t work I tried to uninstall it and tried again still will not work

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- Messaging someone

I’ve seen a lot of profiles of women telling us to hit them up first which we would like to do however the only way we could do so is if they like us back or have one of their social media accounts shown and most of the time they don’t do any of those two so I suggest a message button should be placed with the like, dislike, and super like button so we don’t have to hope that they like us or pray that they have one of their social media accounts in the bio

- Trash

“More than a dating app” This app is a hustle. Pay to play, them once you pay they ban your account. So if you enjoy throwing money or time away. By all means this app is for you. Admins ban accounts if you get to many likes. Completely a broken application. I’d use Pof,meet me, scout, bumble and on and on. At least on other apps it shows your match’s. Tinder on the other hand, lets your matches pile up and only lets you see 1/8th of complete matches. Would never suggest this app to anyone trying to actually meet someone. 10/10 complete trash. Administration is unresponsive. Have had 2 accounts banned for “to many matches”. Emailed and called. Completely a waste of time.

- Fake accounts and dark mode

I’m just gonna get straight to it. There are so many fake accounts from people using other people’s photos to people on the app just to promote their onlyfans or camgirl accounts once you match with them. Also is it possible for Tinder to implement dark mode in a future update, using the app at night with the lights off makes it kinda annoying while looking at a bright light even with the brightness on low.

- Unresolved login Errors

This app working great. But once I got a new phone the app will no longer connect me to my existing account. Phone AND email verified but still error messages and create new profile is forced. Vicious circle and now one to connect with no matter how many attempts. App has even been uninstalled and reinstalled same problem exist with no assistance. Would love to leave a good review but how many other people are experiencing the same? It would be great if Tinder attended to people in situations like this. UPDATE: After receiving was a message I was in contact again with a Tinder rep via email. The problem STILL remains even after every generated response was answered again. I do not get the impression that the rep wants to resolve the issue but better yet just be able to “say they reached out”. This is not results oriented and another way to brush off the situation instead of actually get to the bottom of it and save OTHER FUTURE Tinder users the same DISAPPOINTMENT and FRUSTRATION. I expected more but I guess people are busy.

- Banned for Joking about being young

Tinder has a serious problem for banning people for minor infractions. I was messaging someone when I made a joke that people think I look like I am 14. Next thing I know it says I must verify my age with my ID, which, fine, I get it. However when I went to add my ID to verify my age it kept saying “oops, something went wrong!” And would not let me add my ID. I closed out of the app to hopefully get back on and was told my account was banned with no way to log in or prove I was old enough to be on there. I am extremely upset because Tinder will not let me do anything to appeal this wrongful ban. I am extremely frustrated with this app and the company.


My friends account was banned due to a false report from a petty ex so I let her use my number and I was banned too. So I contacted Tinder support just to be told they take violations seriously and I’m not getting my account appealed if I were banned. They didn’t even bother to look into the reasoning, just banned us, when both my friend AND I did nothing wrong. After a report it should be looked into and reviewed, and regardless they clearly DID NOT because neither of us abused tinder. It’s unfortunate that this app is so popular, I just want to make friends and even if I got my account back over this ANGRY review I don’t even want to support this unreliable company anymore. I’m beyond dissatisfied.

- This app will make you depressed

This app will make you depressed. While it seems like it’s easier to meet people online, especially because walking up to people in person is scary, meeting people in person is far easier in the long run. Your brain will thank you for it. The experience is impersonal, to the point where I don’t think everyone realizes they’re talking to real humans... And if you think about it... Tinder makes money from MONTHLY subscriptions... How long should it take to ask a handful of people on a date? The company is incentivized NOT for you to “find a connection”, the company is incentivized to keep you on Tinder for long periods of time.

- Poor company

This app and company is terrible banned and I wasn’t even on there for a whole month went back and was banned because a African scammer tried to scam me and I wasn’t going for it , never reported her but she reported me for what ? I don’t know but I didn’t do nothing but turn her down , called tinder and. They couldn’t give me a reason to what I did or nothing . This company trash , they pick who they want on there app , they allow racist comments and profile pictures and when you report someone it doesn’t have to be true . I think I might report this whole company because of the things I’ve collected showing their bias and strongly could be racist .

- Snapchat, Venmo, cashapp and nudes

I have used tinder for about a year and a half. I have watched it become overrun with fake women, scams, and even more spam. But what I find amazing and funny, is the fact that almost every picture of a woman on tinder has some tag attached to their pic directing you to another website cash receiving app: cashapp, Venmo, and snapchat. Snapchat is just another platform for prostitution, scams and spam. There is no support for tinder. So if you report a profile chances are it will not be removed. My advice is delete the app like I am and meet someone organically like people did before the days of social media. Bottom line.....TINDER IS A JOKE!!! Full of spam, scams and prostitution.

- I was banned for no reason

I’ve had tinder since it first came out and I liked using it because it was the easiest way for me to meet new people. Until 2 days ago when I was banned for absolutely no reason. I hadn’t posted any pictures, there was nothing offensive in my account at all. And I have never replied anything negative, rude or anything that a person could take offense to in any of the messages I’ve sent over the years. I tried reaching out to tinder and all i got was a generic response with zero explanation as to why I was banned. Tinder needs to work better on their customer service and stop banning people without any reason why.


My account worked perfectly fine until the update. I got my account verified. I confirmed my email and suddenly I wasn’t getting any more matches. I asked them why I could swipe on people but people couldn’t swipe on me. Why I could send messages but no one would get them. I had full access to my account I wasn’t banned and I wasn’t under review. I sent an email trying to get the bug fixed and instead of fixing it they decided to ban me. I followed all the guidelines, I’m of age, I’m not rude to anyone, all my pictures are appropriate, so I’m really confused why instead of fixing the problem they banned me instead.

- Banned without reason

I got banned without reason. Contacted supports and they don’t tell me why. This app each day is worst. A lot of bots and they don’t do anything to delete them. A lot of fake profiles and they don’t do anything to delete them. A lot of scammers and they don’t do anything to delete them. But if it is someone real they delete them without reason and don’t wanna say anything at respect. Also they are racist in a way they answer and ban mostly of latinos. No answer from Supports in my second message i send. No good supports. Im done with this app. Banning without real reason and don’t give importance to us real people. Update: September 14, 2020 Still no answer from supports and couldn’t even create an account. Glad to see people rate this app with 1 star due to their issues of banning without reason and don’t give importance to users. Dear support of Tinder. Give importance to people because if don’t give it Tinder will be dead for sure. There are other apps that could replace Tinder.

- Garbage

This app used to be so good but now it’s to the point where you have to pay to do anything you want to see who liked you that’s gonna cost you money do you want to message someone that’s gonna cost you money oh not to mention all the bots on here pretty much anyone that matches with you if you don’t pay is a bot or a scammer or a prostitute that’s offering have sex with you the first time for free and then if you like what you got then you pay them for every time after this app has become a complete joke just like the rest there’s not a single good dating app out there anymore unless you’re willing to spend $10-$20 a month for nothing.

- You will be banned eventually

Save yourself the time and don’t even bother downloading. There is literally no point as Tinder picks and chooses who they want to ban. I have swiped past more people promoting their businesses and side hustles than I can explain, yet I’ve been banned for absolutely no reason. I wasn’t even given a reason, out of the blue one day my account just wouldn’t log in. Seriously, do better Tinder. Charging fees for foolish “features.” I’ll tell you straight up, if you are considering downloading and/or investing in the premium features they claim to offer, don’t. They don’t work and eventually everyone I know is banned for some silly unknown reason!

- Pay to win

Not sure how people are supposed to find each other on here, personally I’ve got 20 likes, great right? Yes and no it’s nice to see that number go up but you’ll never get to see who likes you unless you pay. Now yes on the occasion tinder throws you one but I’ve been swiping till I can’t every day since I’ve got the app and out of 25 or so likes I got I’ve only come across 3. Surely if this app was designed to actually get people together I’d see more but you see if I don’t use the app no money is generated therefore they gotta keep me here. Don’t use this don’t ever use this until there is a nonprofit dating sight/app there won’t be a good one.

- Fair warning

Guys be careful with the fake profiles on this app. A lot of the them, you can spot by them because it has one picture, take the time to look through the profiles. If they send you a link to there Snapchat, most likely they will ask you to send money to there cash app, Venmo, Apple Pay, google pay, etc. don’t get SCAMMED. Scammers have taken over the app basically. The verification helps because you can tell who’s real. But tinder isn’t doing enough to verify from my point of view. It’s a good app to meet girls but don’t get scammed by the scammers. Keep all your financial information away. Talk to the real girls. You’ll know which ones they are.

- Antimilitary

I posted a photo in my Army uniform next to a sign that had my units coat of arms and just because the coat of arms had two old styled rifles in it my photo was removed immediately for “promoting violence” but yet I matched with someone who’s standing on top of a burned police car during looting and fires and it’s still been up there for over a month so I see who is really running this app probably a looter themselves. And I have been paying for their extra garbage for a year and they want to be this way? That’s okay I already hit uninstall and I will being using bumble from now on since they’re a military friendly app and have not removed my photo.

- Fix this issue please

All I can really say is, how are you going to tell me theres 16 people that “like” me, but then for 3 days not even give me an option to match with them. I understand you want people to keep coming back on your app, but at least give me an option to match with the people that “liked” me. Even when I'm being very attentive to who I'm swiping on, the people I swipe left on never reduce my 16 likes. I've also tried deleting the app and redownloading, as well as changed the age and distance preferences and havent noticed any changes. Please work on this

- Banned for being 21 and not crusty?

They decided to ban me for violating nothing but having good skin I guess. They said you had to be 18 and I violated that? I offered proof (my ID) that I am almost 22 and they still banned me. I emailed them to unban me and offered to show more proof that I am not under 18. They only responded telling me they take violations seriously and that no one under 18 is allowed on the app. Beyond that the app never works properly, it takes 2-3 minutes to load up and freezes/crashes constantly. Also only 1/100th of the members are attractive, about 50% of those are fake and the other 50% just send crude messages asking about my body.

- Horrible app

I’ve using tinder since first stared loved up to this year. I have been off in for several years and never had issue none on its policy. I decided to promote there not knowing that wasn’t allowed with warning to take the picture not email or anything I was banned several if you go to instagram are being banned like crazy I highly suggest everyone stop using this and find something new they no respect for there user and that will be there down fall . They no customer service and ignore comments and only focus on the good things bad management practices I suggest everyone boycott if get banned call them out

- Unbelievable how y’all ban people for no dam reason

How do y’all ban people accounts without warning them how y’all let random people report our accounts then boom we off now we can’t enjoy the app it’s a dam shame that y’all ban mfs account but can’t give them a warning this is not Facebook or Twitter like we on here for one reason aleast unban some people my account Been locked for almost 2 years its a shame if that’s the case then just shut tinder down

- Fun App but not sure its "real"

So infrequently look through my “matches” and “suggestions “. Also frequently if I try to reach out to one I get a message that says “so and so is looking for a different type of guy. Try someone else”. So if that’s true then why are they my match?! Also, I have my radius set to less than 20 miles. But all too often I see profiles from people thousand and of miles away. Many are from Less than that but more than 20 miles. Fun otherwise. But not a ton of matches with the ones I like

- Trash

Why can’t someone give them less than one star? They don’t deserve any star at all! Just like the typical scam there is only business happening in the section you can’t see lol.. I hope no one is galling for these bs! All they want to see is your money! Why would I pay here when I can do it myself out there? After all it’s a gamble! At least it’s free🤷🏿‍♂️ such waste of time! And all of the women are the same way! Typical Manhattan lightheaded girls with nothing substantial to share! All of them making big time promo for colleges around the country as if everyone can’t just lie same to blend in🙄 I wish I never even tried it! Cuz I feel bad I did

- Used to be decent years ago

They’ve become increasingly money hungry with the limit on swipes, pay to see likes. They used to have a feature where you could see one of your likes now they switched it to a 1/4 chance just to see one. I’m addition I was randomly banned. Not entirely sure why, but I think it has to do with making an OnlyFans joke in my bio.... Aside from the personal grievances the app is full of fake profiles so the devs aren’t doing their job, just sweep the ban hammer on actual people. Also, tinder is more of an ego boost as people match and never talk. Apps like bumble and Hinge work 1000x better. I suggest you try there.

- Lol everyone gets shadowbanned. EVERYONE

Tinder is doing everything in its power to kill itself - purposefully chopping down match rates, shadowbans, more expensive options for what other apps do for free... They hate success and are trying very, very hard to kill it. Don’t bother getting this app, it’s dying. Most of my friends gave up on it for Hinge, Yubo, or something else. Waste of money and time for what used to be the best option. Essentially a scam at this point. They will shadowban you for any reason, they won’t let you find out why or appeal it, AND they don’t offer refunds for purchases if you do get banned. Horribly disgusting company on its way out.

- Banned for no logical reason

Paid for 6 months of premium service, got my profile verified with a blue check mark and barely a whole month into being a user my profile was banned with no explanation other than a generalized statement that said I violated their terms of service. I read through the terms of service and community guidelines multiple times and could not find a single policy that I violated. Sent an email to customer support for an explanation but heard nothing back. That’s a lot of money to just give up. Update : Customer service responded with yet another generic response and no specific violation.

- Tons of fake accounts!

Full of fake accounts, and those selling services if you know what I mean. Literally every Asian woman on the site is a fake account. They say they live out of the country even though their distance shows close to you, and they say basically the same thing. Probably a bot. Dozens of accounts with the same name, like Emma, around the same age, one picture, fake. And if you report fake accounts too much, you get blocked from doing it. Girls trying to get you to Snapchat them, just to sell services or scam you. If you are looking for anything serious, do NOT use this app and save your time and money.

- I was banned without provocation

from one night to the other I was banned. Happened after I rejected someone, I believe that guy reported my profile out of spite that I rejected him since shortly after that Is when I got banned. Tinder team should do a small investigation before banning people after being reported not just straight up ban them without reviewing what happened. Other than this the app has always provided me with great times and I hope to be able to swipe again some day

- Don’t Buy Tinder Gold

Whatever you do, don’t buy tinder gold. My account had been working for 4 months, no issue what so ever. Decided to give tinder gold a try. 4 days into using it I get what people call “shadowbanned” for no reason at all. Every time I swipe on a person that likes me, failed to match. I even had matched with one of my friends from awhile ago and tried to send her a message and see if she got it. She said she didn’t get the message at all. Mind you I sent and had no rude messages or pictures anywhere at all. I emailed the tinder help page about it I’ll keep this post updated with what happens.

- Fake!!

Nothing but fake garbage. They’ve added the ability to verify her profile however that just lets people verify and then hide their location or still search from all over the place trying to get you to go to their Instagram or Snapchat. They are legitimate profiles but they’re only after money. Then there’s the fakes, believe me there’s plenty of them. They won’t verify and somehow tinder lets them stay on. Honestly I think tinder creates all these fake profiles with beautiful women’s pictures because it keeps guys paying for the subscription. It’s a total scam and I hope they get shut down.

- Ehhhh

I have been having a constant problem with my tinder for three weeks now and it makes the app practically unbearable, and I’ve tried contacting customer service and nothing, the app loads super slow, wether I’m connected to wifi or cellular data. It takes a whole minute or two just to swipe, not to mention all the messages take 3 minutes to type out or send because they are so lagged. I pay for the monthly subscription for tinder gold as well and I’ve opened the app maybe 4 times since all this started. Not worth it.

- Kind of trash

The app constantly crashes. I sent in numerous emails to support only to get back the auto generated reply about how support is loo bf into this and then, I’m banners lol. I read the terms of use three times. There is nothing fraudulent happening. Just that their app must have a bug somewhere. I did ask for a refund of tinder plus since I was and technically still am paying for some bs that doesn’t even function properly. Tinder years ago was flawless. Now, it’s not even worth it.

- Unable to sign in even with WiFi and internet.

The app has been having problems with loading all your information and your matches info. It wouldn’t even load new swipes. So I logged out and try to log back in but it keeps saying that I don’t even have any connection even when my phone wifi or internet is working perfectly fine. Is this a bug or do y’all just want us to stop using your app. The fact that I was already charged for my subscription and it stops working the next day is getting suspicious. Please fix this or refund my money so I can stop using this app.

- Tinder only allows people willing to pay for sex

I got tired of constantly matching with people that their bio said nothing about onlyfans or premium Snapchat or anything like that and the first thing they send me is a link or their CashApp or something of the sort. So I changed my bio yesterday to say “I’m not willing to buy your only fans” and today I got banned from violating tos. I hadn’t had a real conversation with anyone in a week because everyone that tried talking to me just wanted my money. I don’t see how what I did was in any violation and tinder refuses to explain to me what I did, or give me a refund for my premium membership.

- Tinder gave me depression

Initially, when I first got tinder I wasn’t expecting much from it. After some time went by I met someone who helped me be much happier in life. Tinder honestly changed my life for the better and I’m happy. Until some time ago when I suddenly got banned for no apparent reason. Without a way to contact him, I’ve become upset sad and depressed and this could all be resolved if tinder only let me speak with him one more time. There’s way too many comments about this app being terrible and banning people left and right and nobody is taking action? Are you serious right now? You’re awful

- What happened to Tinder?

I have been using tinder for years and I have recently got it back. I noticed that they don’t have the page where you’d see all your matches and whatever they post newly. There used to be a page where you’d say if they uploaded a new picture or wrote things in their bio. Why can’t we have this anymore? I think that the app looked better having this feature. Other than that, tinder is just fine.

- Banned with no explanation

I had this app for a week. About five days in, the app stopped working, would not show new profiles, loaded painfully slow to access the matches I already had. In an attempt to fix this, I redownloaded the app. Logged in with the exact same profile. Two days later, banned without any explanation, no appeals process so I guess my tinder days ended just as quickly as they started. Pitifully poor company with pathetic customer service, good luck trying to keep up with companies that provide even minimal customer service with bare minimum attention to their customers.

- Need to pay to see likes

Tinders algorithm punishes you for swiping often. Which means the more you use it, the more your profile gets pushed to the bottom. Then you have to pay for tinder gold to see who like you. I’ve tried using the app for 3 months now and it’s starting to make me depressed for lack of likes. Then when you do match with someone you barely have a conversation or get ghosted, it’s a bot, or it’s spam. Tinder used to be great when it first came out but now the developers made it too difficult to actually get people to match which defeats the purpose of the app. Sad.

- Paid for Tinder Gold - Not getting it

I paid for Tinder Gold so I could see matches that already liked me. I hadn’t been getting any activity for three days, so I start swiping on profiles and BAM instant matches. This lets me know that I’m not getting what I paid for. So then I turn off my subscription and just try swiping on profiles. I’ve found that I get a lot of matches, and none of them ever lead anywhere. No one wants to meet up, in person or virtually. And then I’m always getting matches from over 100+ miles away when I set my parameters to 20. This app has become such a buzzkill.

- another person banned for no reason

I honestly don’t know how or why I was banned. I just got tinder after ending a 2 year relationship and finally being ready to date again. I had created an account but hadn’t used it yet. When I was finally ready to start swiping I saw my account had been banned. How can you ban an account when I hadn’t spoken to anyone, didn’t have anything in my bio, hadn’t swiped yet and only had appropriate pictures of myself. When I emailed Tinder they said that they will not investigate this even though there is obviously something VERY wrong with their banning algorithm. How rude!!

- Not able to create a new account

Why is Tinder no longer creating a new account? I’ve been trying to create a new account with a new mobile number and new Gmail address but it keep on saying “Oops we’re experiencing some issues. Please try again” I have been trying it for days now but still not working

- Banned

I’ve been banned for over 3 years because my account was thought to be fake yet I had all my social media’s connected, I was also a tinder premium user. They don’t offer appeals for things like this just email you back and say sorry you violated guide lines, but oh when a celebrity gets locked out of their account or banned; so quick to help because the company would rather help them so they can promote in one way or another when they should really be helping their day to day customers who actually use the app for more than hookup. Hey what do I know as a consumer🙌🏼🖕🏼

- I got banned for no reason!?

I use tinder as much as any normal single human being and I woke up one day attempting to talk to someone I had met the night prior, but I opened the app and I was banned. No reason! I’ve gone through the community guidelines and nothing I’ve done has ever come close to violating the terms of services. So thanks I guess? I’ve tried trying to communicate with anyone on their support team and turns out there is none. There isn’t a way to get your Account reviewed to be unbanned or talk to anyone about being banned or any support team at all for that matter. Not very cash money.

- Banning users for NO reason

After getting banned for no reason, and with no explanation I began to receive dozens of messages from other people with similar experiences. Your social media is also flooded with testimonies from hundreds of users that have been banned after doing nothing wrong. Ironically, Tinder is forcing hundreds (if not thousands) of banned users to move their business and money to other apps! It’s also hysterical how many fake accounts are made on Tinder every day to promote scams, but they’re not banned, and we’re not allowed to recover or create a new account! Do Not Use Tinder!

- Bans are out of control

All you have to do is see 90% of the reviews. It used to take quite extreme measures to get banned from Tinder. But times change, my friend. And so do the Tinder rules. One of the reasons is that Tinder makes their users law enforcers. Anyone can report anyone. And if you get reported one too many times… you’re out. The keywords ‘banned from Tinder’ went up by a staggering 326% lately. People wondering “how to get unbanned from Tinder” increased by 514%. Long story short: If you get banned in this day and age, the ban is most likely irreversible and trying to fight Tinder’s decision seems like wasted energy.

- Banned for no reason and nobody helps

The fact Tinder is an Editors’ Choice would be hilarious if the app weren’t so horrible. Like so many others, I was banned without cause. And nobody will help. I’ve been trying for six months to get assistance, and I’m either ignored or receive a copied and pasted reply noting they take violations seriously. Um, hello: I just explained that I didn’t violate your rules. Alice in Wonderland has fairer trials. The only thing worse than kicking off decent users is not having an appeals process. Nobody fixes it or helps those harmed by it being broken. The app runs lousily and is run by lousy people.

- No Access

Zero Stars. I had been on this app for 2 days and now and suddenly I can’t access my account by any method, I’ve tried them all. I get an error message on the email verification, I receive no text messages to verify, the app has been reinstalled numerous times, and no one from customer support will get back to me. I even received an email today about a new match in spite of all this. I’ve also tried creating a new account and can’t do that either. The app is also not showing up in my Notifications list on iPhone. Horrible! Can anyone fix this?

- Tinder Randomly Banned Me-September 2020

Giving one star only because they require it. So I am a woman and I’ve used tinder since 2014 but specifically had my current account since 2018. I’ve also been a Gold Member too. Never have I posted anything going against their community guidelines or treated people on the app inappropriately. However I log into the app a few days ago and find my account was banned. I messaged support about it but they do not do appeals or tell you why you’re banned. Tinder is going down in quality. Definitely recommend leaving Tinder for an app like Bumble.

- Don’t pay for gold.

Tinder Gold is a money grab. I get a lot of consistent likes when I don’t pay. Then when you get gold, they stop coming in. As soon as gold expires, they start coming in again. So not worth the money. Whatever algorithm they use is skewed so that when you don’t have gold you get more exposure to entice you to see who likes your profile. With gold, you would expect to get more exposure but it’s just not the case. It’s almost completely opposite. Do I even need to mention all the fake bot accounts??? Tinder is garbage compared to other options out there.

- Lag & Ban problem

Used tinder a few years, had no problem until this month. The app became really laggy (seems I’m not the only one) and on top of that, I got banned without violating any terms- right after I got my subscription (also many others had this happen). I didn’t think it would happen and that the reviews were just overreacting but nope. It happened. Don’t waste your money, or time. If you’ve used it and experienced this, Rate 1 Star and move on. At least until they fix this problem. I recommend OKC, or badoo now instead.

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Arpit Sachdev

Girls bio on tinder - Not here for dating or hookups, here only to make new friends. *le Facebook


@omz_omzy @GaaIkacyo No one downloads tinder for the sole purpose of making friends, it’s literally marketed as a dating app. Yes you may make friends unintentionally the same way you can find a partner on Twitter, Instagram etc. But no one purposely gets tinder for friends lol


@omz_omzy @GaaIkacyo Tinder is not designed to make friends, it’s made for hookups and dating. That’s the difference


You know if you ever want to understand the male dating experience on apps like tinder and you’re a girl ask one of you guy friends for pics make a profile and try it out! Only catch is they can’t be 10/10 looking that’s cheating lol.


@BullsGotNext Try to get laid. Helps a lot.


Yeah, that’s something else - I’ve noticed more and more people on tinder or other dating apps just looking for friends. A lot of people, due to covid, had to quickly move back home - or had just moved somewhere new and didn’t have time to make friends yet.

Tinder - Dating & Make Friends 11.24.1 Screenshots & Images

Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone images
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone images
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone images
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone images
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends iphone images
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends Lifestyle application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Tinder - Dating & Make Friends (Version 11.24.1) Install & Download

The applications Tinder - Dating & Make Friends was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-08-03 and was developed by Tinder Inc. [Developer ID: 725634363]. This application file size is 161.04 MB. Tinder - Dating & Make Friends - Lifestyle posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 11.24.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cardify.tinder

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