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With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that?

Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun—use the Swipe Right™ feature to Like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, give a Swipe Right™. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes.

Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over.


Upgrade to Tinder Plus® for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd.


Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife


If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Tinder Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free.

All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.

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Tinder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

PASSPORT™ — FREE TO EVERYONE Social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting. And that’s why we’re making our Passport feature, which allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, free for all of our members through April 30. Now more than ever, having someone to talk to can make a world of difference.

Tinder Comments & Reviews

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- glitch

I love tinder but it glitches a lot. Once I’m on it for over 30 mins, it starts getting real slow and crashes.

- Banned for no reason

I got banned for no reason after purchasing tinder plus. Reached out to support and they don’t have a reason as to why I was banned. Have several friends who have also been banned in the last week for no reason.

- app review

i really enjoy tinder, but the app just crashes a lot, hence the three stars


I had some spare money so I went ahead and bought three months of Gold for a staggering $60. After using only a small amount of the time I paid for on the app my account was banned for literally no reason. When I appealed the ban I was told I “violated community guidelines”. Yet, when I asked for how I specifically broke any of the rules they merely responded with the same thing and refused to help me. The company does not care at all about anyone who uses the app, not even their paying customers. I literally attempted every other course of action before I came to write this review and it has become apparent that Tinder does not care about its users AT ALL

- Why

It’s say 17+ so why when I’m starting this tell me that I need to be 18 to join tinder, that’s not fair and my 18 birthday it’s in 87 days so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

- Application itself is complete trash

This app releases updates almost weekly, and yet their app constantly crashes. Can’t even get ten swipes in without crashing. iPad Pro 2019. Fix your app before trying to extort your users.

- Tinder is totally useless right now

Tinder team told all the women on the app not to meet up with anyone. The only reason tinder makes any money is because it helps people get laid. Literally impossible to get laid from this app right now because women won't meet in person. I should not have bought plus, it's basically a waste of money because everyone's so scared of this stupid virus that kills almost nobody. So annoying, thanks for stealing my money tinder

- Crashes constantly, still

I'm on an iPhone XR. How about using some sorta log scale for the distance settings. Chances are, you aren't fine tuning at distances greater than 10 miles. The current settings make it obnoxious to increment.

- Not as wack

Tonder get they star back

- Freezing

It sometimes won’t let me swipe or unmatch with someone until I force quit and reopen. So annoying. Love the app tho. Might be due to an increase in traffic. Update- after updating I had matches back that I already unmatched with!!

- Verified pictures

When are users going to be able to verify their pictures?

- Background refresh is off but Tinder keeps refreshing

It is very irritating to type a message leave the app for less than a minute and come back only to have the app delete everything you typed. Its getting on my last nerves

- Shame

You talk about corona virus and connecting people and then you block our countries phone number from accessing your app shame on you👎🏻

- Repeating profiles

90 percent of the profiles I’see are the same i have swiped on the same day, the same 5profiles ( couple are of fake people)

- Glitches

App has been glitching. Saying I have messages but they are nowhere to be found. As well as matches. Very frustrating and annoying

- Disaster

This app has completely been a mess, when you get your Tinder plus or Gold, after a day or two you will stop getting messages or matched from members until your premium expires which is crazy...!! This has happened couple of times and recently the app keeps crashing, why ask me to purchase premium when you will stop matching me and stop me from getting messages, the app becomes really dry after two days... Total frustrating

- Iran

Jey tinder Please open irans number 0098

- Tinder keep banned my account

I’m so disgusted, because I don’t know why tinder keep banned my accounts. I did a second account and they just banned me for not reason. Like I try to email them , but they said violations rules.” But what violation I did. When I’m just trying to have friends close to me smh!

- Too many people wasting my time and A SUGGESTION FOR THE APP

This app should consider adding a timer, say an HOUR MAX FOR PEOPLE TO CHAT and exchange numbers. AND THEN THEY ARE AUTOMATICALLY UNMATCHED.

- I want a refund

This is absolutely ridiculous and you are about to lose a paying customer. This is the second time I have subscribed to Tinder Gold and the app stops working. I received a refund once and I will call apple and receive another because this is absolutely disturbing. My messages won’t come through nor my matches. I have deleted the app and re installed it and it shows my unread messages are ones I sent. Someone needs to fix’s this ASAP.

- Messages aren’t coming in

I’m so annoyed I keep getting notified that I’m getting messages. I’ve been checking and refreshing, I’ve liked multiple people had multiple matches and it shows I have no messages.

- Pointless Ban.

Banned for no reason after purchasing tinder gold. No explanation.

- Account

I deleted my account and they still taking money from my account this is BS!!! Stay out my account!!

- App is a scam

When you make a new profile you’ll be instantly bombarded with a bunch of people that like you but you can’t see them because you have to pay for tinder gold. After you pay for tinder gold, you won’t get any more likes and it’s almost like your profile gets deleted. Huge scam.

- Let me tell you why.

I’m very successful on the app. However, I have 62+ woman who like me and I’ve been consistently swiping for 2 months. Right and Left. I don’t have Gold. Tinder if this is your attempt to make us buy Gold. You make the app not worth using at all. I should have come across at least half of them in 2 MONTHS. I come across maybe 10 in 2 months. I’ve had more people like me than me being to match. Or even left swipe. I’ve tried all ages. And up to 100 miles. Will delete soon if it doesn’t fix

- Always broken

Updates never change anything, including the free passport option. Update and it doesn’t work. It still wants to charge users.

- Passport to Anywhere

This feature doesn't work for free as they claim till end of April, still requires membership. Even with new app update doesn't work false hope/advertisement

- It’s not free

No passport free in the update it says it’s free till April 30 but it’s not there it’s asking for money

- FifthFloorHomie

Hey You guys Tinder needs a Ethnicity feature Can you create a feature for that 🏆🥇

- Banned. No explanation. No recourse.

Never posted except my profile. Never contacted any member. Never posted anything other than the profile. Clean profile. Nothing in it. Just opened it one day and it was banned. Worst thing I ever did was not subscribe.

- Trash app

Throw the whole app out. There are so many bug and glitches that it’s almost unusable. You would expect an app that’s been around for this long to work properly 🤡

- Kidding us

Hi , are u kidding us or what !!!! the passport Feature to any location is not free , but you say in the last application update that it's free for everyone through April 30th !!!! How come ?

- Creat a new account from Iran

This is so unfair of you to not let us creat an account from Iran, most of the apps and sites are filtered in iran any way, and you guys ban us from the out side! it is so wrong!

- Pasport Free

Thanks for making passport free, I love you. Please extend it to all summer. This virus might be here a while.....

- Passport

It did not work !

- I’d rate 5 if this wasn’t so irritating

Seriously Fix the tinder chat rooms. The second I make a connection w someone, I CANT EVEN TEXT THEM. Always says “message failed to send”

- You get what you can get.

Listen, this app is absolutely perfect..for a decently attractive male. If you’re on the uglier side you’ll probably have zero luck because a lot of the women on this app very gorgeous. Luckily for me I am attractive and can get any amount of women I want, but I do feel bad for the other men. Essentially, if you’re ugly try another app. There’s not too many spam women on this app. There’s very very few.

- Messages don’t show

App always tells me I have over 100 unread messages. (I’m not that popular). But after scrolling through ALL my matches, none of them have the red dot to show an unread message. Asked support to look into it. They gave me a canned response that had nothing to do with the issue described. After clarifying they basically said “oh ok, we misunderstood. Let us look into it.” Then stopped responding altogether. I’ve sent 4 follow up emails with nothing. So, definitely don’t pay for this bullshirt.

- Okay when it works

Lately, when I actually want to swipe right it doesn’t work. “Error failure to match” drives me crazy and of course that person never shows up again. Bummer

- Needs more filters

Can there be a filter for ethnicity or race applied? I feel like I’m forever swiping left because I’m getting people that I am not attracted to. Just like choosing and age range, that should come with distance & race... other than that... it’s been okay for now.

- Shame shaaaame shame

Its shame tinder dose not work for iran

- Worst dating app ever

There is no one real on this app No one online A lot of fake people Not able to change my location to get other matches Please develop your app

- Bad

Honestly sorta annoyed I got banned because I used the app under age. But now I’m a legal adult and they won’t allow me to make a new account or un ban me

- Great for wasting you’re time/money

I’ve tried this app twice both experiences aren’t good here is why it’s hard to find matches even if the app says you have likes like I paid for it for a reason the only way to see your likes is to buy tinder gold which the prices are crazy! Once you do get a match it could be a bot trying to have you sign up for their website but any ways if you buy tinder plus you’ll waste your time swiping trying to get those so called likes that the apps says you have.

- Doesn’t work right after update

I literally, not figuratively, only see the same five people every time I open the app since two updates ago. I swipe left on them. Close the app, try again later and again still see the same matches over and over again.

- My account banned for no reason

My account was banned for no reason. I want to get my account back. I did absolutely nothing wrong.

- Age

I AM LITERALLY 19 years old and it still says I’m too young

- Spam and Trash

Tinder is so trash now because there’s so much spam and it’s out of control. Tinder allowed web based version which made it easier for spammers and bots to use the platform. Every 3-4 swipe is a BOT. Tinder you truly messed up!

- Ughh

It crashes all the time and won’t let me upload any loops or more than 2 pics

- Keeps glitching

Says unable to match, keeps showing me the same 10 girls - even after I upgraded to gold.

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- Remboursement svp

Je veux être remboursée

- They delete profiles for no reason and won’t refund

Was a fun app but they deleted my account for no reason saying I violated their terms of service and couldn’t get my money back

- Signed up as a golden member

I’ve have tinder for about a month, deleted it and restarted it to reset my profile, uploading the same pictures “error to big”, finally works! Decided to UPGRADE , $76 dollars later, added 3 face photos, and matched with a few people. The next day I’m BANNED without knowing why or what I did!!!! This app better REFUND ME so I can take my business to bumble or whatever dating app doesn’t steal money from decent people!!

- App doesn’t work

1) There is no matches for me. 2) I have infinite likes and superlikes 3) I can not delete my account (also deleting account is impossible if I use tinder.com)

- Age registration is a lie

Your app says here that it’s 17+ so I got the app only to find i need to come back in 329 days because I’m not 18 so false advertising screw you guys

- Banned for no reason,

Hi, I’ve been a customer to tinder for a long time and I’ve been banned recently. I’ve been a paying customer regularly for tinder gold. No idea why I’ve been banned but it’s unacceptable and I’d just like to swipe while I sit at home.

- Transphobic

I actually had a really fun time on tinder for the time I was on there however they are extremely transphobic and wont provide any customer service support once they banned me. I tried to ask why i was banned and they wont look into it for me. I have never violated any rules. Ive seen a multitude of trans girls talk about how tinder banned them for nothing. So be weary of this disgusting bigotry.

- Horrific crap

There are hookers mostly and spam/scam profiles that obviously tinder does nothing about. Or are affiliated with. Then the ads. What a bunch of crap. I actually saw a number of profiles still on tinder from women who I witnessed delete their accounts. This smells like a lawsuit to me.

- Sucks!

So if you don’t have a phone number connected that’s to bad so sad you don’t get an account. Literally so stupid....

- Upload

Photo uploader is trash and hardly works for me.

- Paid 154.99 for a feature I can’t even access!

My credit card was charged 154.99 for Tinder Gold but when I try to activate this feature I receive an error message says my subscription is already active with an existing Tinder account. I’m the only person using my Apple ID and my old Tinder account was deleted (yes within the app) years ago. Customer service has yet to reply - refund please!

- typing notification


- Fix the app

Tried to make an account and it won’t let me

- No Matches

Money pit.

- Very Poor customer service

I set my profile age to two years by mistake and now my number is blacklisted telling me to wait 7000 days to join tinder . You must have a system to verify age not just blanket ban a mistake .i can prove my age but I don’t even have the chance to . I can’t even get hold of customer service . Very disappointed this quarantine .

- Bugs

It’s so glitchy I can barely even use it there’s no point in getting the app

- Awful

An awful app

- Fraudulent bills credit card

I keep charging my credit card even after cancelling my subscription

- Glitchy

So many bugs, I get notifications fo messages and matches but none appear in my inbox. I try to message people and it doesn’t go through and apps always crashes

- ugh

even after updating it the app is still freezing i can’t do anything on it

- Engaging? Not really

The algorithm sucks. I get like 5-10 people to swipe not even daily. Someone come up with a better app

- Smh

I can’t make a account I get the verification text out it in and then nothing happens

- Can’t upload loops

I can’t upload new photos or loops.

- Wait time

There is no need for the waiting time to get more likes to be 11 HOURS???? Like what??

- Not a happy camper

I havent been able to get tinder for years ive been banned i even purchased it before and you guys just banned me for no reason what so ever ,

- yo

i menag a guy here he's fine assssfffff

- can’t use the app!!

i use tinder a lot and i have no problems with it but there’s a been really bad bug on it for a few days. the whole app freezes any time i tap anything. pls fix

- Screwed over

I paid for gold the other day to see the likes I got, ever time I swiped right I got a “failed to match” error message and now all my matches are gone. $20 isn’t a lot but come on tinder.

- Hacked

I got hacked on my account !!! I need help

- Banned

I downloaded this app a few months before i was 18 and got banned, now that im 18 the ban hasnt been lifted and theres no way to do so. I even provided their ID software thing with valid pictures of my ID as proof and still cant get an account with this app.

- Bring back group tinder

Group tinder was the best. Would rate 5 stars if you brought it back. Don’t know why you got rid of it

- Doesn’t work

If you won’t let me add a looping video to my profile, why give me the option? Smh.

- Glitchy

The app used to be great. But now it’s so glitchy. Have to open it twice for notifications to go away. Sometimes have to force close it for messages to appear. It’s a big company. Get your app together.

- Tinder

Way over priced, never has a free trial and / or offers really.

- Arabaque

Jai payer maicun prenium

- New update sucks.

Can't log in with Facebook. It just hangs. Can't login with email or phone number because I never set that up. Seems to be no way into Tinder now without setting up a new account. And I am a Tinder Gold member which cost a fortune!

- Bots everywhere

How bout you spend less time changing up the interface and actually set up screening to weed out the bots. This app is fkn riddled with bots everywhere, it’s basically all I match with.

- CRASHING All the time

New version crashes constantly. Super buggy. DO NOT UPDATE

- Somthings up

So besides the fact theres very little matching going on whenever i go to send a message it freaks out and says failed to send and im in good wifi when i am sending messages be much appreciated if it was fixed

- So many fakes and overseas scammers

Tinder!! You need to tight up your security!! I am constantly matching with overseas scammers?!?! Why??? My distance settings are set! How come I’m getting them nearly everyday????? 😡

- Tinder

J’essaie de trouver depuis 1 ans comment annuler mon abonnement a Tinder et je ne suis pas capable de l’annuler!!! Svp aidez moi Alain

- Meh

Looking for friends is a bit hard. Bothers me how when I swipe left it says I missed a match. Because I would have to swipe right and then delete their account to miss a match. Poor choice of wording

- I lost my account

I was gonna get to finally know some people when tinder just logs off. I changed my phone number so no all my progress is lost☹️☹️☹️

- Worst dating app

First of. It’s pay to win at dating. Secondly I got banned for nothing. Like at least tell me why. Let me appeal. I can’t correct if I don’t understand all your rules. When you ban someone who pays. They will still continue to charge you. It’s all a scheme to get money. Quickly. Try different apps. Cause this is a joke.

- Compte disparu

Ce matin j’avais une notification d’un message venant d’un match, j’ai cliqué dessus, l’application tinder à ouvert avec un message d’erreur qui me disait que j’avais été déconnecté... en essayant de me reconnecter cela a simplement créer un nouveau compte avec mon même email... comment est-ce possible ?! j’ai besoin d’aide je veux retrouver mon compte et mes match

- Blocked

I had such a great account with hundreds of matches then one day I was blocked for no reason? I denied gross guys all the time so they might have reported me but I wasn’t doing anything wrong with the exception of rejecting guys.

- Worst app ever

What a joke of an app, only showing fat girls and fake accounts and once every 40 swipes I’ll see someone good looking— not a very good algorithm they use


All of a sudden my messages weren’t loading for days at a time and now for the past few months, it gives me the notifications, and refuses to load ANY messages! Like are you trying to force people into paying for the app? This is ridiculous. I’ve updated my phone multiple times, updated the app, reinstalled the app, etc. And nothing works. 10/10 would recommend anything but this app.

- Can’t even get started

I go to upload a photo, and the app closes. I’ve tried everything... please fix!!

- Banned

Tinder was great until i got banned and cant use it anymore. there should really be an option to get unbanned or a just temporary ban.

- RIP OFF!!!

Do not EVER subscribe to Tinder. When you want to close your account they continue to take money from you even when you believe you have unsubscribed. It has taken me nearly a year to unsubscribe. They make it almost impossible to find out how to unsubscribe and when you think you have unsubscribed you'll get invoice a month later. There is no way of contacting them to sort out any problems. They make it extraordinarily easy to sign up to pay but extraordinarily difficult to shut it down. My advice is dont bother in the first place.

- Dishonest

There is something very suspicious when I have a lot of likes but can’t find them no matter that I set the age range and distance range to maximum. Tinder obviously withholds people who have liked you from then deck (or uses bots) until you subscribe to gold. Who is going to pay these prices during a time of such uncertainty when everyone losing their jobs. Also cannot find the help centre contact email. I now have 57 likes and can’t find any of them in my range of 20 years old to a 100 years old and up to the maximum 160km away - such a joke

- Very Laggy

App has crashed multiple times and is extremely slow

- Error

I am a boy but I am seeing the mans and there are no any girls I can like.help me fix this.

- Needs work

Not a bad app overall but occasionally it will say I have messages and then won’t let me see who’s messaged me, until a few weeks later, it’s really annoying and needs to be fixed

- Tinder sexism

Charges men twice as much as women for gold sexism at its finest

- Banned after subscription paid

I’ve been banned without a reason and just paid for a 6 month subscription. I want a refund ASAP! Someone contact me

- 99+ “secret admirers?”

I understand the desire for paid service features, but to withhold over 99 potential matches in order to bait me into paying is ridiculous. We all know these apps make millions regardless, and tinder became overwhelmingly famous for being a free app, so don’t forget what made you successful in the first place. I’ll keep this as 1 Star until “secret admirers” is removed.

- Garbage

How can an app that’s so simple and been out for so long still be so buggy Constant crashes, messages not loading

- Too many bugs!

I am at that stage where every day I check for an update as there are so many bugs! With every update one bug gets fixed but another one appears. Getting really annoying...

- Banned

I had been using the app for ages and had upgraded my account(1 year subscription), I hadn’t done anything different from before the upgrade and the suddenly out of the blue I’m banned with no explanation or way to change this ban or be refunded, which is terrible because I have paid for a service from them.

- Was good until banned for no reason

After being a long time user of tinder I had been banned for no apparent reason apart from I had breached their terms and conditions, although only treating every one I spoke to with respect and my photos of only my face. After trying to contact them I was told that I had breached but not explained how not even tried to look into the case and told no appeal to be unbanned leaving me not able to use tinder again. Thanks for nothing

- stupid

stupid app made me lose a good match due to a bad swipe UX and it has the gall to put it behind a paywall to let me rewind


they erase all your matches and messages for no reason they dont let you log in but also dont let you create a new account useless

- No matches

No matches, should I pay and get banned or hope for 1 match.....

- Night Mode

Didn’t want to leave a review but just wanted to say, can you please for the love of god hook us up with a night mode? Because my eyes are sore as heck and I’m just trying to swipe on my future one night stand, thank u xoxo

- Tinder gold

Would buy tinder gold if it was anonymous

- Buyer beware

As you can see many times once they get your money they block you. No explanation no prof just poor customer service...... scammers

- Horrible bugs

Full of bugs, nothing is working!

- Pesky bugs exterminated? Think again

Matches disappearing, app freezing, try to unmatch a user and they keep coming back. There’s a good reason why most people I talk to on the app ask to swap numbers as quickly as possible as we have no trust how long it will take for a glitch to wipe a match. Get it to work if you want people to pay for it. Oh and what’s with the whole sell of “see the matches you have missed by subscribing to gold?” I swiped left for a reason?! Why would I want to pay to see the people I didn’t like.....

- Good but glitchy

App often crashes, and none of my message shave been sending for over a week.

- Rubbish

Not even one match & so many fake profiles.

- Worst dating app

after upgrading to tinder gold ,I still couldn't get any single match... before i was getting many likes .. now i m not getting any of them.... its just a wastage of money!!!!

- All my matches are gone and it won’t let me send messages

Won’t let me send messages and deleted all my matches

- Can’t use.

Won’t let me get past trying to add photos. Cheers 😑 here’s to those lonely 2am nights.

- We got married! Thank you Tinder

Found my other half. Lots of people tell me Tinder is just for hook-ups. But I think Tinder is a brilliant app, makes people find what they are looking for, either casual or serious relationship. There is romance there. (He didn’t even kiss me until 6th date 🤣🤣)

- Banned for no reason

I have been banned for no reason I have contacted support but I get an automated response where they don’t have any clarity I wasn’t using tinder much but when I tried I was surprised that I have been banned without talking to anybody on tinder I have tried my best to contact them with no luck the only response I get is an automated response with no clarity at all

- Meh

The adds they putting in now is beyond annoying

- Message sorting

Please please please make it so you can sort the messages, it’s so frustrating having to scroll through to find unopened messages. If there was a menu that you could choose the way your messages are sorted that’d be perfect.

- Lol thanks for banning my account

Thanks for banning my account and taking near over $100 from my bank! You make it impossible to get a refund! Immediate refund thanks! God dam joke

- Banned for no reason

Have used the app for around 3 years as a gold subscriber. Got randomly banned the other day with no explanation why. Can not get a response from anyone or a reason why. I had literally just reset my account for the first time, so I was active for about 24 hours. Complete bull. Worst app ever.

- Fix the app

Glitches have been occurring for weeks & I cannot reply to matches. I can barely use the app without it shutting on me or just being so slow I can barely type. Considering I pay for gold I’m just not too impressed.

- Full of bugs and crashes constantly

So frustrating

- Banned for no reason

Same as a lot of people on here, had standard for 8 months, no issues and decided to go gold, paid for 12 months and was banned after 3, no reason, no response, no refund and no review, absolute shocking when I know I’ve done nothing wrong, use it for free but never pay for it unless you want to waist your money 😡

- Can’t receive messages

I have to log off and log on again to read messages. Useless app tbh

- Useless App

I have been banned from Tinder, but I haven’t been told why. I cannot seek advice or support for the ban, so I suppose it is a guessing game. Joined a forum for other banned users and they are having the same issue. Tinder has lost a lot of respect amongst the dating community. Useless app.

- Latest update

Since updating the app will not open

- Tinder prices

Outrageously expensive! Impossible to contact anyone that likes you. Over it!

- Pay to win only.

Been on it for a month, got a couple of likes but never a match. There’s no form of communication unless you pay

- Dont waste your time

Terrible customer service, nothing will get solved or fixed. Banned once, you never get access to it again.

- Amazing

Thanks. Am now engaged to my fiancé and have a baby on the way soon! Met them through Tinder. Hang in there unlucky people, you might just get lucky!

- Banned for no reason

I had tinder for almost 3 years and used it casually on and off. When I started using it more seriously just recently and was actually having some great conversations I got banned??!! I read the guidelines and I didn’t violate any of them. Customer service was a joke, when I asked them to explain to me why my account was banned they just sent a copy and paste of their terms and conditions and never got back to my other emails. It looks like tinder is doing this to a lot of people and it just shows that they honestly don’t care about their customers.

- Banned randomly

Randomly banned with no explanation nor ability to appeal the ban..

- Tinder gold scam

Tinder gold is a scam, do not buy it. As seen in many other reviews if you buy tinder gold they will instantly ban your account with no explanation, if you contact support they won’t tell you why or help you. They just copy paste a link to their guidelines which is useless and you see on the contact page.

- Lol

This is a real joke of an app. I hadn’t even matched with anyone and was banned?! Never have I done anything inappropriate to anyone on a date (besides leaving early because they didn’t look like their picture, which is fair enough imho). Totally sucky app 🤣

- Notification freezes my phone - location settings

Hey Tinder Team, This app is great and the inner mechanics of it work well. However you really need to fix the bug with the location pop up notification for iphone 6. Issue: when opening the app without location settings turned on the notifications freezes on the iphone screen. Meaning I can’t use the screen or turn off the phone only through rebooting via home button and off button. This has happened 4+ and continues to stop me using this app. Please get it fixed.

- Horrible

I felt very disrespected all the women kept trying to get in my pants the first date. I felt like they only wanted me for my looks, sexy asf body and that good D I’m not a Gigollo I’m a living person with feelings

- So glitchy

You’d think being a popular app and being around for so long now it wouldn’t be sooooo glitchy. I’m getting messages which won’t come up, data goes missing and the whole thing is just slow. Extremely frustrating

- Extortion at its finest

You won’t match with a single person unless you’ve paid for gold. Truely a failed experiment. Tinder used to be an addictive source of fun, not its nothing more than a cash grab.

- Stop liking people’s photos

Stop!!! It’s annoying

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- Unexpected app crashing

Hello, I’m writing to inform you guys that app needs fixing. I am not receiving sometimes messages at all and unable to refresh for new messages. I have to delete and download it again for it to work. And this keeps happening!

- Great help

The world is full of cheat and hatred . Partners cheat on themselves these days as my partner did to me . Thank God for my colleague who referee me to Mark.hackerlord @ mail2Broker ! com who rescued me from untimely death my partner was planning for me with his side chick if you want to know if your partner cheat day in day out Kindly message him if you need help .

- Kentucky People with Fake age Pedophiles

I seen people on Tinder that i know faking like there teenagers when they are 30 years old Fake names and everything. I shouldn’t be surprise Kentucky is filled with pedophiles disgusting absolutely.

- poorly designed

shows the people over and over again (within a short time frame. what’s the point in swiping left? the app shows notifications when there is no news, and then DOESN’T have a notification when I do get a new message. it’s so unhelpful for decent communication and that defeats the whole purpose of using it. buttons and actions are also poorly aligned/non-intuitive. hire a UX team!

- Use another app.

Never recommending to ANYONE. I tried to sign up (I have never had an account before) but it says that I’m banned. When I contacted the team for help MULTIPLE TIMES, I had to repeat myself over three times and all Tinder kept saying was that “my account will remained banned” and “appeals are not available at this time” It appears they don’t know how to read, I’ve restated many times that I have NOT used Tinder before and do NOT know the account using my number. Everything I said was ignored. I recommend Tinder gets a new support team, hopefully one that actually does their job instead of sending out the same scripted response.

- Great service but buggy app

The service is sound, the algorithms are engaging, but unfortunately these last couple updates have been buggy enough as to prompt me to write a review pointing it out. The app itself borders on unusable just because of how poor app response is. Sliding home menus overlap and lag, buttons are slow or nonfunctional, messages often won’t display when following their push notification, and the app crashes whenever it feels overloaded, which is frequently. ALSO, from perspective of Gold and Tinder U demographic, once these bugs are resolved a function to search or organize matches by University would be appreciated; more specifically, a means to sort my matches who also attend my school in particular. Would be nice. Thanks for your attention

- Track your cheating spouse cellphone

Track your cheating spouse cellphone activities without having access to the phone. I won’t stop recommending this great genius hacker via their Gmail supertrustedhack (@) gmail.com. They were very effective and 100% trusted, they hack into any form of problem you want to solve such as call logs, text , gps, deleted contacts, pictures and social media apps at a very affordable cost. You can always reach him for any kind of help and your problem will be solved.

- Time for change

Please add photo verification feature! Remove spams, adds, call girls, spammers, fake profiles. Make the app back to what it was when you first created! Legitimately, honest and fun. Thanks

- Nothing but bait and switch

This site is nothing but a joke. Fake profiles. They bait you as a free member by sending messages from profile. Then you pay and and the profiles don’t reply and you don’t get any more messages. Then you let your subscription run out and all the sudden a bunch of messages again. They know dating is hard enough already in this time and age. So that’s where they get. Don’t fall for it plain and simple.

- Support is not helpful

Support took a long time, and still hasn’t helped me at all. They need better staff that actually communicate with their customers instead of bots answering questions.

- Don’t use

I have tried this app multiple times. My accounts have been banned for absolutely no reason. I’ve looked over and read the privacy policy, and terms of use, even as far as what gets an account terminated/banned. I DID NOTHING TO HAVE MY ACCOUNT BANNED I’m not sure how some to most people are able to use this app. I personally wouldn’t recommend use of this app unless you plan on just having it for if you’re lucky maybe a week or two.

- Plz

Y’all should make a tinder for teens

- Buggy and messages not loading.

New messages aren’t loading. I have to uninstall and reinstall to receive and be able to read them. SO MANY BUGS.

- The app hurts me. Lol.

Update 3/26/2020: Literally got secret admirer again and when I matched with someone through it; it said “failed to match.” Guess they’re social distancing me even before the virus. Thanks Tinder. Love the confidence booster. Tinder does have some things I don’t like about it, but the main problem is the people. Literally in the last week I had 6 matches and I try to get to know them before I ask them out; yet I get no responses. I know I’m not the most attractive guy, yet why even match with me if you aren’t going to respond? I don’t know if they do it for attention or it’s an issue with the app, but this discouraged me from even trying anymore. Not to mention when I get a notification of a new match and open the app; nothing even shows up in the matches tab. Yikes am I really that awful to be matched with? Lol.

- Too many spam profiles

It has gotten over run by spam marketers. It's still fun after you learn to weed through all that waist of time. Update: hookers and people trying to con money. As many times as you warn tinder, they keep coming in stronger. If I get another girl asking for money! Jesus! Fix this people!

- Less and less likes

I notice im getting matched with people i swiped left on. And people way outside of my radius settings.

- Gee Thanks

I had resigned myself to a miserable, lonely existence. Thanks for ruining that for me, y’all. Met the love of my life on here.

- Total BS app

Filled with fake profiles, cam girl spam and even a few escorts. Even if you report the fakes and spam...Tinder never stops them. Don’t waste your time.

- Met my husband

About 3 years ago I had my first, and last tinder date. We got married just a few weeks ago. Without any mutual friends and living in different cities, we never would have found one another without Tinder. Thank you ❤️

- 💍

Met my husband on this app!

- Tinder

I feel like this app discriminated against undesirables. Therefore is more likely to ban ugly people over beautiful people. They don’t even have a support line because they don’t want tell you what you did that got you banned.

- Tinder support is condescending and doesn’t listen at best.

I don’t have a problem with the app. It’s fun and it works well — sort of. I was swiping and reached my swipe limit. Okay, whatever. Tinder wants to be pay to play and that is fine. Issue is that I reopened the app on habit (like many people do) and I swiped. Now unfortunately my phone disconnected from the internet in that time, and when it reconnected, I was banned for swiping past the limit. I assume the app believes I was trying to hack it. I contacted tinder support about the bug. I got a response “if you were banned it is because you broke terms and services agreement and there is no appeals process”. The fact that there is no appeals on an app like this is sin enough. But what makes it worse is that I responded explaining that it was a bug that got me banned (or lack of contingency on the coders part), not a deliberate breach of terms and services. I received no second response. Your support agent was condescending and your support system deliberately shuns without options for recourse. As someone who HAS put money into tinder, I feel this is a symptom of complete lack of respect for their users. And worse is that they can get away with it because they are indeed the main dating app.

- Useless customer service; full of scammers

Stay away. 90% of people are not real and the company provides little to no customer service and no responsiveness.

- Banned for no reason?

I was a fan of the app and honestly had no problems with it but for some reason I logged on and was banned? Not sure why it decided to do this and I know for a fact I wasn’t breaking any of their guidelines. I’d like for this to be resolved.


Every time I go to send a gif to someone, it ALWAYS takes like 5 minutes for the gif to load... it’s been like this for years and it’s extremely annoying. Also, tinder will kick me out of the app something for no reason and then I have to reboot it. How many “pesky” glitches do you need to have to fix this ??

- Crashes

For the past month, when I click on the app. Tinder will open as a white screen then close. It just keeps crashing

- Happiness is found

For me Tinder is the best dating site I have ever seen for now, it’s really good and interesting. I found out that they are many good women over there more than catfish, I really love this site. I will be living the site because I have found someone special to me Owen

- Bugs

Major bug issues can barely do anything it lags every time I press something


The concept of the app is cool I have no issue getting Matches but I’ve never seen such a buggy app in my life

- Help!

I’ve been trying get help from Tinder for a complete week and still no response. I paid for the device and I’m not getting any assistance 🙄. I get everything that Is going on right now but just to be ignored is not a good look.

- Can’t see messages?

Idk that last update logged me out, and now it says I have over 200 messages and when I receive a new message it does not show the new messages. IPhone X.

- Money hungry

If yu not gonna spend big then don’t download this app $49.99 12 months/37.99 6months / 9.99 1months 🤦🏽‍♂️ too much other apps out there for me to spend that much money

- Need help

If I want to get back into my account but changed my number how do I get in because the email takes me right back to options to log in with my number or Facebook and I have a new number

- Lo amo y encontré mi amor

gracias Tinder

- Best app

This is a great app to make new friends🤦‍♀️

- sucky app

too many bugs on the app and a lot of glitches.

- bad expierence

i was banned for no reason and cannot be let back on because i “violated the community guidelines” which i never did. contacted customer service and they will not let me back on because they don’t hVe an appeal process yet. overall a horrible experience.

- function issues

love the app in general, but it gets really slow and glitches when you start trying to have multiple chats going. won’t let you unmatch with people, says there are notifications when there aren’t, wont load new messages or wont send messages, etc etc.

- Can’t upload videos to profile

It says uploading, but never actually uploads

- Another language

I down loaded it and it’s coming up in another language. I’ve used it before with no troubles. It’s strange because everything else on my phone is in English 🤷🏽‍♀️


The app won’t even open ;-;

- Banned

Can I be unbanned? I learned my lesson. Thank you

- Banned

Was banned for no reason and can’t get unbanned thx tinder

- Tinder is suppressing opposition

I put five stars because every time I try to submit a review at a lower rating, it won’t let me. Tinder you’re dirty and sorry- and I’m not letting this go- your support team did nothing for me to get the app to work again, and it randomly quit working after I cancelled my payment plan.... very odd to me... why are you banning people and suppressing comments? Why don’t you want to fix your horrid app?

- Just for white guys and girls. Skip if you are a non-white male.


- Terribly Optimized

The app itself is literally the worst app I have ever used. The app itself is so terribly optimized that your phone’s battery goes down by 4% every 5 minutes. On top of that it over heats my phone and closes the app down by itself. They also make you pay for literally anything they can in the app. Don’t waste your time, just go out there and search for someone.

- its worst

its worst and annoying that iranian user can’t log in,we want peace and its disrespectful to all of iranian user i don’t use tinder any more because they are government slave!!!!

- Hate it

You have to pay for everything To see if ur message is read To see who liked u And only for a certain period of time I can only see my messages you gotta pay for that too To see who I matched with Only a limited amount of likes WACK

- Works well but lots of scam accounts

Works well, intuitive usability but lots of scam accounts

- Terrible UI

Notifications that constantly come up saying “you have superlikes!!” That cover up half the profile and end up making me waste a superlike trying to just look at a profile’s info. There’s also no motivation to upgrade because 90% of the hidden people that “like me” are bots.

- Picture size?

I have to resize all of the photos I want to use because they’re too large for the app. I’ve used the same photos before without resizing them. Lame.

- lol

anyone who says modern dating isnt about looks is wrong and tinder is abaolute proof

- I Come Back:.

...every few months, I return to see if you people unbanned me yet, lol. I got banned in like 2018. Is my dating life over? Do I have to talk to people again?

- One buggy update after another

Ok well this app cost a lot to be premium. And you don't get more features than normal account. Plus : improvements are so bad with buggy update all the time! Avoid!

- Slowing down

It’s me or this app just getting slower every time I use it? A lot of bug and it’s pretty annoying.

- Trash

For some unknown reason I’ve been shadow banned, I don’t swipe excessively, never get reported and I just bought a tinder gold membership (huge mistake) which did nothing for me, waste of money

- Tinder sucks

Used to get matches, now I don't. If you're wondering: I'm still hot AF. They changed the way it works and it is best described by the comment above^ "pay to win" hahaha stay off this toxic app

- App doesn’t work on iPhone 6

The app won’t open on my iPhone 6 and the app is 75% fake accounts

- Banned for no reason

I got banned out of no where for no reason. I didn’t break any rules 🤷‍♂️

- Wrong age

It says I’m 45 but I’m actually 19 can u guys help me out here?

- I'm #TooUglyForTinder

27$ wasted.

- Tinder

It was good few years back but now it sucks as it’s very hard to get a match even though after buying gold tinder! Please look over to this issue and do something about it so that your customers keep on coming back, otherwise it’s useless

- Why

The app keeps making me like people’s pics rather than saying we’ve matched. Please fix I do not like at all

- kucky if i get one match

Like I was told don't bother wasting my money rarely get a match. none in days. a month for one guy.

- Horrible app

It took me ages to get a few matches, and now that I have the matches, my messages won't send. Please fix this terrible app.

- Don’t get this app

Buggy app. Deleted all my matches. Not showing anyone in my area but is showing people 50 miles away. Needs to be fixed

- Screwed over

As soon as I get the app it was fine for a day. Now I can’t even go on it without it freezing up my whole phone. I’ve never had this problem before and now I can hardly operate my brand new phone because tinder is freezing everything. I tried to delete my account and it won’t let me do that either. Not amused 🤬

- Lost it’s touch

This app used to be great but now that the company is more focused on making money then actually creating an app that works, I haven’t been able to use tinder for months because it constantly crashes.

- No longer about meeting people, just money

Catfish. Spam accounts. Blank accounts. Obvious fake accounts. When I first started using Tinder, I would get several matches every few months and made great friends! Now... Nee accounts, Tinder Plus, and what do I get? Superlikes that nobody sees, right swipes that don’t matter, and “people who liked me” that is just a static list of 4 people who, from the blurred image, is 100% people I’ve already swiped left on because they’re bots. INCLUDING a male bot, facial hair and all, when I’m set to only see women. This app is dead. 10% of your swipes are real people, and even if you’re paying for Tinder gold you’re probably not going to ever talk to them. I would love to see them fix this stuff but why would they? They’ve got money from introverts and lonely people in their pockets now. I wanted to support you Tinder. You e really dropped the ball. One star, and I don’t think they’ll ever be able to change it.

- EA would be proud

You guys found a way for micro transactions to even ruin dating apps

- Been Stuck on “Discovery” For Hours

I don’t know what is up, but since 2 days ago at around 1AM I’ve been stuck on “discovery”(the screen with your profile pic and the search rings rippling out) for hours with no profiles shown to me. I’m not banned or shadowbanned, but I couldn’t see any profiles. Then around 2PM yesterday it worked from 3-4PM and then became stuck on “discovery” again for the rest of the day. It’s been a whole day already and still nothing. Had the app for a good 5 months now, had small glitches here and there, but this is frustrating and annoying. Read your users’ reviews and FIX THE APP please!

- Glitch

It’s glitching out really bad

- Weird system

How can I have 86 likes at the start of the week then 32 at the end 😂

- App issues

Fix burg! App keep on freezing on iOS

- Rip off

Do not spend DoThe biggest This is the

- Price Discrimination

Charging different prices for premium features based on gender, age, match rate, or whatever is completely disgusting. $40.99 for ONE MONTH of Gold is absolutely abhorrent.

- .


- Help

I accidentally put in the wrong year and it won’t let me fix it so I can make an account


It won’t let me create an account even though I sent my Id and everything

- Please fix location!!!!

You give us the option to adjust the kilometre (mile) range and even when I adjust it, it still gives me people 48km away from me! Please I just wanna find someone close 😩 also this app is insanely glitchy and I need restart it everytime I wanna see messages


Before buying tinder gold I was receiving around 30-50 likes per day, decided to buy tinder gold and almost immediately after I was getting 0 likes a day. Quite obvious I have been shadow banned, be careful on deciding to purchase tinder gold.

- There are Better apps out there

Had better success with other apps.

- Got charged for a year subscription they said was “monthly”

So I upgraded to gold right away when I downloaded the app. It told me “monthly” charge of $9.40 per month for 1 year, cancel anytime. So I did it.... used the app for the rest of the day but didn’t like it...so I cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. Then I went to check my visa and I had been charged for the entire year worth of subscription!! Why does tinder say “monthly” payments if it charges you $113.19 lump some a few days later!!!

- Laggy

Nothing loads

- Change the name of the app

It should be called kitchen aid cause this is where I get all my appliances from

- Banned for no reason

Stopped using it for a while and deleted my account. When I tried creating a new profile it said I was banned, though I never did anything.

- I’m not “committed to procrastination”

Your app doesn’t work, and I never match. Period. Whoever’s on your marketing team that came up with that deserves to look like me for week.


I made a mistake buying a 30$ membership then directly tried to refund it but there is NOW WAY to do it. I tried the Tinder team and the apple store, all they say is "Refund conditions do not apply". I find a way to refund my mistaken purchases when using VPNs or mobile games. But for Tinder, there is just no way to get it refund if you buy by mistake. Plus, good luck if you try to get support for it.

- Bugs bugs and more bugs

The entire apps chat feature is trash! The chat section will bring you to the wrong person it won’t show you who has responded it is a guessing game you will click on one person it will take you to another’s profile it makes communication impossible

- .

This new thing where it says you liked the other person’s picture and they liked yours when you match is really annoying and unnecessary

- Availablity

Please be available in iran too

- needs bug fixes

Messages never show up, neither do photos

- The buggiest app in Apple store

So laggy , cant do basically anything , iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13.3.1

- Freezing on iPhone 8

Freezes every day

- Banned for no reason

I met some nice people with this app. I stopped using it for a while to take a break from dating. When I tried to use it again, I was banned the next day no reason. And forget about customer service. I did read the policy, thank you. Still banned after six months, focusing on work.🤣

- Date of birth

I accidentally put 2003 instead of 2002 for the year and am now locked out of tinder and i was wondering if there was anyway I could reset that because i love tinder

- For the love of god, fix your app

Literally crashes nonstop

- Bot Dating App

What a waste of time, swipe right or left it doesn’t matter really. It’s all too pump you for one of their two tiers of subscription. Neither tier is worth what they have on the site, Most likely bots. Maybe the worst dating site I’ve ever used. I wish apple would actually have some quality control over who posts apps in their stores. These fake apps are very predatory, with obviously fake developer created scores. And apple doesn’t care.

- switching to bumble ...

super laggy, I will get notifications from __ blank guy, open tinder and nothing would be there. Takes forever to type and I have to wait for the keyboard to catch up. When I swipe it takes at least 3 seconds, switching to bumble, I’ve had tinder on and off for a while and this has never happened fix itttt

- New message notification but can’t see the message

What a waste of time. I constantly get new message notifications but unable to read the message and nothing helps!

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- Not well managed

I have been banned for absolutely no reason, my account didn’t violate any of the terms or guidelines however I have still been banned. Due to the coronavirus and isolation, this is my only way to meet new people at the time being and now i cannot. I have emailed the tinder support but they all just say the same thing that there is no appeals and that they cannot disclose any information in regards to the ban. Not happy with my experience.

- Scary

I got it for a joke when I was 11. Ended up going to court

- Wrong

Someone and somehow hacked my profile, i didn tmodify my profile... and now there is totally different pictures,

- Unusable

Since the recent update as of 26/03/2020 this app crashes literally every other match. Come on guys!

- Loop

So had to create a new account as mine was banned although I have no idea why and you can’t query it, now I don’t have the option to add loops

- Tinder

Thank you so much tinder I have met the girl of dreams and I am incredibly happy

- Passport is not free but you say it is this month!!

I’m trying to use Passport for free, but it is still asking for £7.99 when trying to activate. However, you say it’s free!! Can you help?

- It used to be better

Dying user base and excessive monetisation of features killed this app.

- University

It would be great if you could search for people from your university or pick a university category to swipe through? Then you can find people from your university when at home.

- Non existent appeal process

Recently got banned off of tinder, despite having only been on the app for less than 2 hours, contacting no one within this time and using pictures that I have used on tinder before with no problem, I didn’t violate any of the apps terms and conditions and think it is a horribly flawed system that I cannot appeal my account

- More bugs than an insect house

Used to love the app but I’m fed up of my chat screen not loading or it having the wrong names with each message. Plus way too expensive to make the most of the app’s benefits

- Improvement

I feel mass changes are needed .. come up with some new ideas.. this is why hinge is better

- Tinder search

It’s a good app but I think you should include a search thing where you can search people by names

- Message aren’t coming through

It says I have messages but when I look nothing... so do I have messages or not?


I don’t know what happened, I remember using tinder back in the day to Netflix and chill and it was amazing, it worked perfectly, I’m older now have a better job more money I’m in the best shape of my life and yet I get less matches than I used to? Even when moving to new areas and the ones I do get never reply, feels full of fake accounts and girls trying to promote their Instagram or premiums... think the days of swipe right swipe left are over I legit get more actions outside of tinder, it used to be the other way round... shame...

- Terrible

This app is not worth the time. I used the app a few years ago and loved it. Recently downloaded it and it has changed drastically. You can swipe all day and no likes. Most people on it are either fake or using it to boost there instagram or only fans. If you don’t pay you only get a very limited amount of swipes or day, the subscriptions are a rip off and you can “boost” your profile which apparently means your profile gets seen more which I’m not convinced and also you can’t buy just one boost you have to buy 3 which is £9.99. It’s crashes a lot and when I go to sweet it it says “there was a problem deleting your account” lol I’m not surprised there are so many bad reviews. Just go for the original way of talking to girls or guys And don’t waste your time or money on this ridiculously managed app. All the best!

- Worst dating app

Messages never show, matches disappear, technical glitches, app freezes and closes unexpectedly, overall the app is extremely overrated and needs serious fine tuning. This is NOT a genuine dating app to meet new people, instead its for one night stands and its full of creeps. They treat you like you’re highly disposable and replaceable. Don’t buy into the hype.

- My pictures won’t upload

My pictures/videos won’t upload. It keeps saying successfully updated , once I check nothing has been uploaded. Help

- Crap

This app is rubbish Iv been using for maybe a week and all of a sudden my account was banned for no reason and no way to find out why I hadn’t messaged anyone or put up any pics other then profile pic this app is crap

- Banned account

My account has been banned and I honestly have no clue as to why. Need help with this. And I can’t find a way to find out why it’s been banned. And I don’t know how to dispute it

- Keeps opening an ad in Safari

Every now and again I’ll swipe and Tinder opens an advert in Safari. TotalSimulation was the last one. Apple please intervene!

- Taken my money after account deleted

Tinder took money after I deleted account and I clicked refund on same day , they agreed but they still haven’t refunded in a week

- Need to get a handle of scammers

A good app, definitely one of the better mobile dating apps but there are too many scammers/bots on it.

- I’m not sure

Don’t know if it’s just my WiFi but I can never connect to the app and it always takes forever to load no matter where I am

- Really annoyed

Been using tinder for years, spent a lot of money on premium etc , to wake up this morning to my account being banned for no reasons, no email to say why it’s been banned and there is absolute no reason it should of been band absolute mick take.

- Absolutely ridiculous

This app is horrendous. I have paid for tinder gold plenty of times and this is now my FOURTH account to be banned. Instead of them actually helping you with glitches they just ban your account. They don’t even tell you what you have done wrong? I have NO inappropriate photos on there and I also am very respectful in how I talk to people on there too. It’s so stupid and I am so angry at it. What a waste of money for me as well.

- It’s always ridden with bugs

I’m always surprised to hear of people who say they met through Tinder. I’ve had it a few years now, and throughout that time I’ve become used to message notifications now appearing; getting notifications but not being able to see the actual message; the badge count to be inaccurate; forced re-logging in. Chats on here have no momentum as it’s just too hard and buggy to use.

- Seriously?

Tinder gold went up to £20, it’s loaded with fake profiles, says you have likes and matches that don’t show up, matches you with people you’ve definitely swiped left on and it suggests people to you that are 50+ miles away when your search is 20! Used to be good, now it’s just about the money I guess

- A bug infested mess

Thought I’d try tinder 2 days ago, already had countless crashes. One of my matches keeps disappearing and reappearing multiple times a day. Got the push notification “not to keep my match waiting” when I had already messaged them. God help anyone who tries to upload a tinder loop: on the off chance it won’t crash your app it will just delete itself anyway so don’t bother.

- Servers are always down!

This app constantly logs me out, doesn’t send messages and also i’m never able to get new matches as it says an error has occurred! really annoying

- App is rubbish

It’s absolutely rubbish! Does not work at all!

- Algorithm rigged to make you spend.

First of all there’s no chance you and the person that has put a like on your profile cross paths on the basic account, spending money is mandatory to get going, by purchasing Tinder Gold, once you do and change your number or take a break, most of the times it won’t allow you to restore a purchase you actually made and if you escalate this issue to the Support Team, you simply get ghosted. However after a couple of days from your purchase your profile will be semi-hidden from the view of other users all designed to make you purchase the Boost feature which is deliberately capped in a way that you get max +5 views from profiles that had the least amount of likes so your curiosity for finally finding the most popular profiles, never ends incentivising you to spend,spend,spend... Initially it was a great invention but with the time they became more corrupt and greedy... Such a shame!

- Add Interests!

Would be nice to let you search up interests to find people with similar interests as you Such as categories or just interests in general Would be really helpful to find that perfect match!

- Met My Wife Through This

I had tinder for less than three weeks back in 2016, and thanks to this I met my now wife. Undeniably the best download I’ll ever make.

- Banned

Got banned for no reason, or no explanation given as to why. Also no second chance which I thought was poor, friend of mine can’t get on as keeps saying pics too small but they are no difference in size to the ones used before and that’s before cropping them!! Sort it out tinder!!!!

- Message errors

I cant send messages and if they do eventually sends, its more than once. Way to play it cool Tinder,now i just look senial.

- Rubbish app. Waste of time

Not sure what the point in asking what your preferences are as it seems you get suggestions from all around the country and all age groups anyway. It also seems you can’t actually permanently delete your account. I deleted my account a couple of years ago and after recently setting up a new account, all my old details reappeared. Even more annoying is the hundreds of old matches and old messages I had from before which are impossible to delete. You can’t start from scratch. All Tinder want is for you to pay for the upgrade to be able to see who’s interested in you, however seeing as just about everyone offered so far is on the other side of the country, I won’t bother wasting my money

- 🤦🏻‍♀️

can’t even use it lmao, used it once n it was still crashing, deleted it and reinstalled it like 3 times just can’t use it at all anymore

- It’s a con

It’s a con

- Very Badly Managed

They make it impossible for you to cancel so they can go on taking your Money for nothing con merchants

- Issue

It’s a good app my only issue is that I have too many match’s (I know first world problems 😂) I wish they could add a feature to swipe through people you have matched with so you could easily look through them all and un match if needed right now if I scroll down all my match’s which takes a little while and un match someone it sends me back to the top of my matches I’ve got so many match’s I can’t even be bothered to look through them anymore and because of that I barely use the app altogether thanks

- ummm

was good at first but mines glitched and now i’m unable to send or receive messages (even tho i’m notified they’ve sent me a message)? i’ve tried deleting, logging off ect but nothing seems to work :( pls fix this

- Can’t even use it

Keeps saying I don’t meet the age restrictions even though I’m 18 and it’s not giving me an option to prove I’m 18

- Buggy

My experience is buggy. App freezes constantly. Can’t load conversations or often swipe without having to restart

- tinder social

Bring back tinder social. Doing the same standard swiping procedure gets boring. Tinder social was a great way to get other friends to download it and made the app less boring. It was a good time, and was a great way to have some banter with your mates and actually meet new groups of people. Also, this is needed for people to not get bored an lonely during isolation with coronavirus

- Looking forward to sth

Currently it’s great sometimes don’t work well

- Sort it out

Come on, sort it out, bloody messages aren’t sending

- Got your hands on my card details - now your tucking into my funds

I was on this app, bought a month subs, used it for less than a week ... So I decided to deleted the app from the inside, therefore leaving formally, but no worries, they have my bank details, so they continue to take money from me ??? My email has no contact from the vendor so I don’t know how best to resolve this

- Needs a verification process

Really needs a verification process. I had a number of matches. Pay for gold to see them and 95% where fake profiles! Sort it out. Will not be paying for gold ever again.

- Won’t resubscribe

It’s disgraceful how before you subscribe you have all these matches waiting for you behind the pay wall and then the minute you pay you stop getting matches. What changed? You were desirable when they wanted your money and as soon as they get it you’re not? Won’t be resubscribing their algorithm is scandalous.

- This is so trash

Worst app

- Clunky app

Just from a tech perspective, this is such a clunky, slow app. Really annoying to use.

- Banned account for no reason and terrible customer service

I’ve used this app on and off for quite awhile and never had any issues or violated any policies. However, upon logging into my account one day it stated that the account had been banned for violation of the terms of use policy. I emailed support about this through the tinder website asking for help and to provide reason for account ban as I had not been actively communicating with anyone on the app at this time to justify any action causing the alleged banning in the first place. I was provided absolutely no assistance and three different people responded to my inquiries with all three being as equally rude and unhelpful and refused to provide any adequate reason for my account being banned. I’m not even remotely mad about having the account banned as the app itself is terrible, glitchy, and uses a stupid amount of data to run, it’s the fact that there was no valid reason provided and the people answering my inquiries just sounded like bots sending automated responses that did not actually answer any questions whatsoever. If I could rate a minus 5 star review i would. Just don’t bother downloading the app even just for a laugh, it’s a waste of time.

- Got banned for no reason

Not worth the time as you get banned trying to log into a new device.

- Pictures won’t upload

Trying to get started on tinder and I can’t get past the uploading pictures stage. I just get an error “opps something went wrong, try again later” ive reinstalled the app and restarted my device, nothing seems to help.

- Can’t create an account

Tried all the ways to create an account but it would not allow me to start swiping

- Such a rip off

It’s easy to see that the developers purposely broke the free version so that you very rarely get to swipe on someone that actually right swiped you, If I pay your insane gold membership price tho I get to match with them all instantly. But that’s hardly worth $22 a month. And tinder plus is just nothing, like what’s the point?

- Banned without a reason!

I was banned with no reason or a chance of recourse! If there was a reason to get banned and I had a redress I wouldn’t be complaining. Tinder take a look at yourself!

- An app for catfish and deceit

Not only will you find an abundance of heavily doctored photo’s in hope of wasting your time, but tinder itself is more than happy to include “options” from far, far-away you will never match with or meet, to appear as though the app is a thriving pool of eligible matches, as it’s popularity is clearly in decline...

- Pathetic

Full of cheats and liars looking for attention and the odd murderer

- No good

So I’ll be as truthful as possible from my experience, 1 no matches, 2 if matched no response, 3 if woman responds normally an uninterested response like “ok”,”sure”&”nice”. If you finally get a conversation going 95%is on the man and if you don’t deliver they stop responding. Third time being on here and always makes me feel more depressed each time. 100% would never recommend.

- App is Broken

After a few attempts over the years i’ve come to the conclusion that this app is broken. The only matches I get are women who send me a link to their website for a private cam session for the low price of $4.90... Not good enough. If I could give 0 stars I would.

- Privacy

The app now forces you to add your email in addition to your phone number. Sign In with Apple is also not supported anymore.

- This app is clearly for the beautiful people.

If you’re not good looking then this app will probably leave you feeling nothing but sad and depressed. Save your money and go to the pub for a drink and a meal instead. You are far more likely to be successful.

- Biased and unfair banning

Hello, if your a man on this app expect everything you do to be potential for being banned. Many of my male colleagues have been banned and given no specific reason. My female colleagues who I know say crazy things on tinder, never get banned, in fact they know they’ve been reported several times. And nothing has happened. Tinder is incredibly biased in favor of women in their banning process, anything you do as a man on this app is potential for being banned... you will find a better experience with apps like bumble, POF, or hinge. Highly DO NOT recommend!

- Crash Crazy

This app is really good at crashing, I usually have to restart my phone everytime I want to even get started. Usually it is in frozen mode when I start it and this has been happening for the last 6 months now, extremely annoying.

- Baldestland

I was looking for a guy 47 years old I know those guys there much older I think this app should make for people to show the real age, I have seen mans they put 47 or 50 they look like 60 didn’t work for me

- Mediocre to terrible

The app was average Now suddenly it has a need for an email account for “security” and doesn’t allow me the option to say no, skip it or delete my account Pathetic 1 Star is being generous Do yourself a favour and just go out and talk with people instead.

- worthless

waste of time

- Non existent customer service.

If we ignore problems like the app being very buggy, the biggest problem is that tinder will ban an account with no explanation and that they “offer no formal review service”. They don’t care about giving it back. Considering I’ve easily spent hundreds of dollars with Tinder as part of their gold subscription, it’s pretty rediculous to be held in such contempt by a company you have been supporting for many years. No explanation; no appeals process. I’m probably just going to have my bank charge back and dispute the credit card charge because as far as I’m concerned, banning someone’s account without explanation or even a strike system whilst also accepting their money is extremely unethical.

- Messages never load

Messages never update or load. Preventing any communication.

- Meh

It’s good but why do we have to pay to see who read our message? Wouldn’t it make life much easier if it was set as a default setting? Seems like you people just want money

- Tinder plus doesn’t stop tinder ads

Tinder plus is marketed as disabling ads, but you still get more than daily ads pushing tinder gold on you.

- Bad

I hate it it’s dangerous

- Race filter

You guys should put a filter on to say what race your interested in, don’t want to be spammed with people i’ll never swipe.

- Banned for no reason

I’ve been banned with no warning for what I can only assume was a salty guy reporting me for not responding to him fast enough. Tinder has no interest in looking into reports or appealing the process, so after many years of successful dating I’m simply cut off, with no option to fix any problems and no specific reason given for the ban. As if men don’t have enough power in the dating world. Now they can just report you and make sure you won’t be dating anyone else. Tinder need to fix this method of reporting/banning. It’s not working.

- Impossible Customer Service!

Joined for $164, then inexplicably banned (!) have done nothing inappropriate whatsoever. Couldn’t contact for an explaination or refund. A total scam IMO.

- Tinder Ripped me off..

Ripped me off.. paid for full gold 1 year subscription,($219.00 ) after having a busy period of work and a extremely messy break up with my ex girlfriend..in which I have been feeling quite depressed and not having any time to get out, socialising and meeting any girls.. Then , Randomly I was BANNED INDEFINITELY.. Tinder representative was rude, simply did not have any explanation as to why I was banned indefinitely from using Tinder, except that I apparently breached the Tinder terms of use and/or guidelines somehow. I read over the terms of use and guidelines many times and can’t see how I’ve done any thing wrong. I attempted many times to contact tinder to ask for at least some sort of explanation .. BUT I WAS IGNORED and my money taken.. IM DISAPPOINTED AND FEELING RIPPED OFF.. I will be taking this to fair trading in the next few days as I think it’s totally unfair .

- Appalling Notifications

I actually paid extra for tinder gold to see what it was like and if it was any better. Don’t bother as it’s not any better. This would actually be a great app and platform if the notifications would just work properly; like they do on literally every other app. The conversations die down relatively quickly when you don’t know that there are messages there waiting for you to reply.

- Sexy time

Got layed so many times with this, dick sore but still she can try snap it off till I blow that pussayyy out haha

- New feature: reshuffle

I feel like there should be a reshuffle button, if you’re not sure about someone and don’t want to swipe left or right you could instead reshuffle them and think about

- Scam

Got banned for violating terms and conditions and wasn’t even told how I violated them. There are literal guys that message chicks “lemme smash” and don’t get banned. I’ve been polite and respectful and I get banned somehow. Thanks for taking my money.

- Não consigo cancelar minha conta

Estou tentando cancelar mas o app continua cobrando e não estou conseguindo fazer o devido cancelamento

- Pay to win

You have to pay for everything on this app.

- Pathetic!!

The customer service is so bad! They DO NOT read your emails at all! All these people who are in the so called customer service have a standard format to reply and all they do is copy and paste. Read your emails, people have complaints about what they want to tell you. This app management is super strict with their rules and regulations too, which is fair enough but at least listen to what people have to say rather than playing the same tune and sending your regular emails which are copy paste material. They do not have a phone number or an escalation process. Disgusting behaviour by the online customer care!! Absolutely rubbish!

- Spam app, look elsewhere

Tinder does nothing about the spam bots and fake accounts. Don’t use it, it’s not worth the time. Go to bumble or hinge or anywhere else that stop spam. Trust me, don’t download tinder, it’s outdated and poorly run.

- Hopeless - tech issues are overwhelming

I can’t access or edit my profile.... including pics. I’ve deleted the app, signed out etc.... and no way to contact anyone! Hopeless! Worst app I’ve ever tried RINSE REPEAT! Thought I’d try again & still issues - it freezes, chats don’t match profiles which causes issues! Doesn’t update.... worst app I’ve ever tried full stop. So as a dating app, well just can’t work because of tech issues!

- Seriously?

The amount of fake accounts... god its a joke

- Bug fix but no bug fix

This update for Tinder was supposed to fix bugs but not only does the app feel incredibly laggy now but the biggest bugs with the messages are still very much present. A bug fix update that doesn’t fix bugs? Whaaaaat? Posted this review 6 updates ago, still hasn’t happened, FIX THE CHAT BUG.

- Hook ups - dodgy hook ups

No vetting means dodgy profiles from insincere people/ catfish etc Only interested in hookups. I feel dirty just having used this awful site👎🏻

- glitching

my app keeps glitching and i’m not receiving any of my messages. if i delete the app and redownload it, some messages come through. it’s just inconvenient having to delete it and get it again. i think you need to update the app to fix lagging

- Tinder = 👎🏼 / Bumble = 😍👌🏼👏🏼👍🏼🙌🏼😍

Tinder banned me for NO reason and they can’t / won’t even provide any proof as to why!!! As a paying Tinder Plus member I was appalled at their lack of fairness and ability to identify a system glitch. I joined Bumble and found the quality and quantity of partner candidates better, their customer service is amazing and the app itself is simple to use #boycottinder

- Horrible help system

You are unable to talk to anyone if you have problems with your account I am unable to make an account because apparently I am banned even tho I have never even had an account so yea

- No people to swipe on

Re -Downloaded five times and fix all the settings and wouldn’t show me anyone. Broken app.

- No discreet premium version.

Most guys who pay for tinder NEVER want another living soul to know. Why is there no discreet mode that makes it look like you’re using the free mode whilst having a premium subscription. Surely you guys actually know this right? Otherwise Solid app.

- Tinder Gold scam

A couple of years back when I was using this they had a premium mode, but you could still get matches in free mode. Now it is clearly using the ‘X number of people have liked you’ to entice you to buy gold, and holding you back from seeing them for free. Kind of the opposite of the purpose of the app, no? And the price of Gold is ridiculous. Off to try other apps.

- Useless

I am not getting any matches (maybe 2 matches in a month) even with the gold version here in Australia. If I switch to a different country like Germany or the US it works fine. Very disappointing

- Unable to make purchase

Every time I try and upgrade there is an error

- To many fake accounts

To many fake accounts - hundreds of similar empty accounts with the same photos and girls names. And the developers can’t do anything with this issue for years

- Don’t waste your time!

Talk about going down hill, Tinder seemed okay back in 2016, I get back on now and match with people in different states even tho I’ve got my distance down to 45kms I’m matching with people in Newcastle, Townsville and Sydney? So upgrade and same thing! I do not recommend tinder 100% I’m on another dating app that’s so much better and I suggest trying any other one tinder are nothing but money hungry grubs 👍🏼

La mejor decisión del año pasado fue hacerme Tinder y la mejor de este año hacerme Tiktok

@x_fuchan Makanya main tinder biar laku

How’s does one become a unicorn when they’re blocked from Tinder 😆

@FURGALlCIOUS: matched with a guy on tinder & he bought me a cameo from jerry trainor to ask me on a date🥺


Quarantäe haut so sehr rein überlege wieder Tinder runterzuladen

@amandaPdk 1. tinder (pois te via muito la) 2. flamengo 3. barzinho

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Tinder 11.12.0 Screenshots & Images

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Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
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Tinder (Version 11.12.0) Install & Download

The applications Tinder was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-08-03 and was developed by Tinder Inc. [Developer ID: 725634363]. This application file size is 137.36 MB. Tinder - Lifestyle posted on 2020-03-27 current version is 11.12.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Tinder Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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