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Islamic Calendar Plus 15 Islamic Apps for you're iPhone, iPod and iPad.

App Features:
• Quran Majeed - in arabic uthmani script with 40 translations
• Qibla direction - Compass pointing to makkah
• Daily prayer times - notifies you when its time to pray
• Set Athan Alarms - athan plays when the prayer time starts
• View current Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates!
• View a list of Islamic Events for any Year, Hijri date on App Icon, Moon phase for current date!
• Hijri correction setting allows you to adjust the dates!
• 99 Names of Allah - with meaning and description
• Dua - 40 Rabbana Dua's and 100 Duas from Hisnul Muslim
• Ramadan time-table for any location / any year
• Greeting Cards - send Eid and Ramadan greeting cards
• Zakat Calculator - calculate the zakat easily
• Tasbeeh Counter - see a list of common azkar and counter
• Masjid Locator - locate the nearest masjid from your current location
• Halal Restaurant Finder - assists you in find nearest halal restaurant
• Works using device's in-built GPS & Location services
• Automatic DST settings for Prayer Timings
• iOS Widget that shows Prayer times, Islamic date and Daily islamic reminders
• Now you can also get Prayer Times to work without GPS
• Quran Recitations - Download in 3 Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu (Requires pro upgrade)!
• Dua's Audio and 99 Names Recitation Audio (Requires pro upgrade)!
• 5 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themes to select from (Requires pro upgrade)!

• Quran Verse of the Day - Shows you a random verse from the Glorious Quran every day. The app includes over 300+ Ayahs carefully selected and included in the app to give your day a great start. You can also set reminders to get the daily notification at a time you want.

• Hadith of the Day - Shows you a random hadith from over 200+ hadiths carefully selected and included in the app from the books of Bukhari, Muslim, Dawood, Tirmidhi etc. You can also set reminders to get the daily notification at a time you want.

• Islamic Quote of the Day - Shows you a random quote from over 200+ quotes carefully selected and included in the app. You can also set reminders to get the daily notification at a time you want.

• Islamic Quote Maker - allows you to make beautiful image with Quran Verse, Hadith or Quote on them, customise it to you're liking and share it with the world

• Universal App - Works with iPhone, iPod and iPad!
• Supports Retina Display!

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يحتوي التطبيق على كل ما يحتاجه المسلم في مكان واحد خاليـًا من الإعلانات المزعجة والتي تحتوي أحيانـًا على محتويات غير مناسبة وغير لائقة.

ملامح سريعة عن التطبيق:

القرآن الكريم: متوفر باللغة العربية ، و 40 ترجمة لمعاني القرآن باللغات المختلفة ، مزوداً بخاصية البحث ، وخاصية الوضع الليلي و غيرها.

تتوافر تلاوات مجانية للقرآن الكريم باللغة العربية و قراءة الترجمات الإنجليزية والأردية.

الحديث الشريف : صحيح البخاري ، وصحيح مسلم ، وسنن أبو داود ، وسنن النسائي ، وسنن الترمذي ، وسنن ابن ماجة.

مواقيت الصلاة: محددة بحسب المكان الحالي للمستخدم أو إختيارات الضبط.

إشعارات الأذان : تشغيل إشعارات الأذان المختارة حين دخول أوقات الصلاة.

القبلة: تحدد لك إتجاه القبلة.

الأسماء الحسنى: اقرأ واستمع إلى الـ99 اسم من أسماء الله سبحانه وتعالى.

بطاقات معايدة إسلامية : تتيح لك تصميم بطاقات المعايدة للمناسبات المختلفة مثل رمضان والعيدين والبطاقات الدعوية العامة.

التقويم الهجري: يظهر لك التاريخ الهجري و المناسبات الإسلامية بحسب التقويم الهجري و أطوار القمر المختلفة.

الأدعية: اقرأ واستمع إلى 40 دعاء من القرآن الكريم و 100 دعاء من السنة النبوية.

حساب مقدار الزكاة: حساب الزكاة المستحقة عند إدخال مقدار النصاب.

عداد الأذكار: يساعدك على إتمام أذكارك اليومية.

آية اليوم ، وحديث اليوم ، و إقتباسات إسلامية يومية.

مكتشف مواقع المساجد و المطاعم الحلال القريبة من موقعك.

إمساكية شهر رمضان الكريم.

دليل الحج والعمرة.

صانع الإقتباسات الإسلامية: يتيح لك تصميم صور رائعة بإستخدام آيات القرآن الكريم والأحاديث الشريفة و الإقتباسات الإسلامية أو أي نص عام ، و يتيح لك مشاركتها.

حمّل التطبيق الآن – مجانــــــــــاً

Islamic Calendar+ Prayer time, Athan, Qibla, Quran App Description & Overview

The applications Islamic Calendar+ Prayer time, Athan, Qibla, Quran was published in the category Reference on 2012-08-10 and was developed by The file size is 123.30 MB. The current version is 8.12 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes and improvements

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Islamic Calendar+ Prayer time, Athan, Qibla, Quran Reviews


Very good app  Albainiwan  5 star

Very good app


Same message over and over m  PickAnotherApp4251  2 star

There is always the same "Very Important" message that you have to open the app or you will stop receiving the Adhan. Also, the Qur'anic quotes often leave out important context.


Feryal  Yaraalathel123456  4 star

I love it and I depends on it when it comes to prayers time everywhere around the world


Love it  mpm23  5 star

Very good


Islamic Calendar  Muaz68  5 star

I love the app. It's very helpful. Jazaakumul Lahu khaira.


Star gazer  Javid.1  4 star

Excellent reminder from Quran and Hadith every day you get to known new thing about our Deen.


Crashing  Ejaazi  1 star

Seems like a good app, but it keeps crashing on iOS 10.3.3. Also, it needs 24 hour time. There is no direct way to contact the Dev.


Love it!  RiZmiLa  5 star

Work just fine. Alhamdulillah it helps me a lot with just everything that's inside it.

Sarfraz San Antonio Tx USA

New app is not good as old one  Sarfraz San Antonio Tx USA  1 star

Difficult to set the right time Hijari date not showing on face of app At the time of prayer Adan is not playing Please fix the problems I n new app


Daily Gift.  Salmonola  5 star

I love this app, because of the wide variety it has, from Qur'an to Prayer times, to an Islamic calendar, etc. However, the thing that I love most about this app that I have never seen in any other Islamic app before are the daily quotes, daily Qur'an verses, and daily Hadiths! These always guide me and keep teaching me more, and they are so convenient. Thank you and Jazak Allah khair. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah (glory and praise to him) be upon you!

محمد شزوان

Azan  محمد شزوان  4 star

Asalammualaikum, and about Azan Rashid Mishary, please dont just put the Fajr, put also the normal Azan. Jazakumullah Khair. ill make it 5 star if you add Rashid Mishary.


Islamic app  HalaJabado  5 star

Very good app keep the good work jazakumlah khair👍👍


Irritating notifications to continue receiving notifications!!  Mera-saya  4 star

Overall an excellent app, minor issues need to be fixed. It's very annoying being notified ever so often to go into the app to continue to receive notifications!! What the deal with that? I've enabled notifications, why keep asking me if I want to continue to receive them? I'm also unable to obtain the extra wallpaper images that were purchased in the app..


الشافعي  Elpasha1  5 star

التطبيق شامل و دقيق


It's got the lot !  Joatoz  4 star

This app has everything you are looking for in an Islamic app. I am very happy with it and find it easy to use.


Akwas  Akwas  5 star

Excellent App!


The date on app icon doesn't appear  Ehmsa  1 star

Everything is really well except the date on the app icon doesn't appear as it is said on the description of the paid version of this app, which was the actual reason I bought this app.. I'm quite disappointed about it and I hope someone will reply me to discuss this..

Great full Slave

Great  Great full Slave  5 star

This is great app. Keep up great work


Islamic site  Mh7734  5 star

It's a vulnerable and outstanding app for a Muslim. I really like it very much specially the Quranic verse and Hadith Mubarak daily, I love to read and seek guidance from them.

Azzam Hassan

Not accurate. Limited knowledge.  Azzam Hassan  1 star

I would like more Audio of the Hadith by maybe a holy sounding voice etc. Thank you very much.


Very useful  Zooza  4 star

The app is easy to use and functions in different countries. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I sometimes have different prayer times from the app from different phones especially when travelling. And there was no way to adjust the difference.


Current Update  Alsaud54  1 star

The new updates since last two months calculates wrong salah time and also does not display next prayer time correctly.


Excellent app - concise and to the point  ImmySk  5 star

I have been using the app for a long time now. I love it for the daily Quran verse and Hadith. Sarah timing display, the adhan, the reminders are very convenient. Plus all addons. JazakAllahu Khairan !


Excellent app  SulaimanOman  5 star

This app is still crashing even after your second update released today 24 April 2016

Asif Kidwai

Nice app.  Asif Kidwai  5 star

I enjoy this app every day. Thanks. The only thing that was improved with the latest version was improvement in instantly crashing every time I start this app. I can no longer use the app every day since it crashes as fast as lightning.


Beautiful App  EayrsUmmi  5 star

Beautiful app but!!! I wish it would tell you the cost to unlock the pro features it is 1.99. Not bad overall. The other thing which is confusing it has the hour and seconds but no minutes. I don't know if it is supposed to be like this or what. I purchased this to go along with a Hijri Calendar I made for our homeschool classroom. So my children can learn both Gregorian Calendar and Hijri calendar

Rizwan Mustafa

Islamic Calendar  Rizwan Mustafa  5 star

Its more then good to created this apps..


JazakAllah  Hyuyddrubg  5 star

Super just the notifications as others said


Would definitely recommend  Aydoner  5 star

Esselamualeykum, This app has helped me a lot. Would definitely recommend to anyone! However the only problem is the notifications, but as long as you don't have OCD then I'm sure you'll be fine! :) jazak allah.


Great and informative  Youssefsabri  5 star

This app is fantastic and really helpful

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