MoviePro - Pro Video Camera App Reviews


MoviePro - Pro Video Camera App Description & Overview

What is moviepro - pro video camera app? MoviePro - the most powerful video recording & film making app with innumerable options. Unlock the true potential of iOS camera to record professional quality videos


- Record Video/Timelapse,
- Pause/Resume,
- MultiCam recording*,
- Center Stage (iPad 2021 or later models)
- Portrait Effect with front camera**
- HDR mode*
- ProRes recording (iPhone 13 pro & later)
- Clean video feed via HDMI/AirPlay
- Remote control from another iOS device (needs Remote App)
- Apple Watch control

- Zoom:

• Zoom Speed Control
• Upto 20x zoom

- Focus/Exposure:

• Tap to Focus
• Separate focus & exposure reticle mode
• Manual Focus/Exposure
• Focus Pull

- MultiCam Recording:

• Add two cameras,
• Select recording format (PIP, Split Screen, Separate files, Cam Switch)
• Fast switching of cameras
• Manual Focus/Exposure/White Balance controls

- Quick Presets for Recording:

• Choose from a host of video resolutions(4K to 320x180) and aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 17:9, 21:9, 2:1, 2.35:1, 2.39:1, 2:40:1, 2:75:1, 2.55:1, 2.25:1, 2.20:1, 1.896:1, 1.85:1, 1.81:1)
• Choose frame rate (240 fps to 1 fps)
• Choose Video Bitrate and Compression (from 400% to 25% of native camera app)
• Video Encoder - HEVC, H.264, ProRes422, ProRes422HQ, ProRes422Proxy, ProRes422LT
• Dolby Vision HDR *,
• ProRes mode *,
• Audio compression Options (including uncompressed and silent modes),
• Video Stabilisation modes,
• Battery saver mode,
• Add, delete, modify, rename presets

- Microphones:

• External microphone support
• Bluetooth microphone option
• Supports AirPods
• Select Builtin microphone
• Mic volume control(for External mics)
• Live Audio monitoring through headphones
• Stereo recording *
• Audio meters

- Statistics and Assistants:

• Scopes & Monitors (Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope)
• Focus peaking, Zebras, False Colors, Clipping

- Video Export Options

• Record directly in Camera Roll,
• Upload to YouTube, Dropbox
• AirDrop through Files App
• iTunes File Sharing

- Inbuilt Video Editor
• Trim, rotate, SlowMo
• Set Aspect ratio, resolution, compression, codec (HEVC/H.264)
• Adjust Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Vibrance, Color Balance, Shadows

- Camera UI Settings

• Lock interface orientation
• Hide all controls with/without reticles
• Composition Guides
• Countdown timer

- Accessories
• Clean HDMI/Airplay output (configurable in App settings)
• Gimbals (Osmo Mobile, etc.)
• Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens
• 35 mm Image flip

- Other Features

• Choose record duration
• Location tag, Copyright info in Video Metadata

- MoviePro Remote app

• Control all features MoviePro camera from another iOS device
• Modify camera settings, trigger recording from remote
• MoviePro Remote app needs to be purchased separately

- Apple Watch Control

• Companion Apple Watch app on paired Apple Watch automatically gets installed,
• Use the companion app on Apple watch to start or stop recording,
• Watch app shows live video preview

‌ • Contact Us‌ •,
@movieproapp on Twitter

* Capabilities and features depend on device
* MultiCam requires iPhone XS/XR, iPad Pro(3rd generation), or later
* Portrait Effect can be enabled from control centre & works only with front camera on iPhone XR/XS or later

Credit Attribution: YouTube graphic Icon in the app is by Icons8 (

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App Name MoviePro - Pro Video Camera
Category Photo & Video
Updated 04 July 2023, Tuesday
File Size 57.44 MB

MoviePro - Pro Video Camera Comments & Reviews 2023

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Crashes a lot with iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro. Nice app but not ready for Prime Time. Even after the latest update the app continues to crash when switching between cameras or even changing orientation. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and it immediately crashed after allowing it access to my camera. Hopefully, the app will be updated soon to address all the issues until then it will be hidden deep within a folder.

Version 7 -many improvements. Except for a very quick video when I use the native App, MoviePro is what I use exclusively. It will take some time to master the new features, but surely the new UI is clean and easily navigated. When updating to V_7 not all Settings were carried forward from the previous version, but I easily set them to my preferences.

Works Beautifully. While I have issues with remote app, MoviePro itself works perfectly. It does cause a high level of power consumption that requires the device to be plugged in or an ample supply of external batteries but I don’t find this out of the ordinary. It would b nice if improvements could be found here.

". . . you have made MoviePro the champion of iOS video apps.". I have experimented with a number of iOS video recording/remote control app packages. Marketing promises notwithstanding, the only one that I have found to be reliable under "field" conditions has been the MoviePro/MoviePro Remote set of apps. As has been true with each software PAC kàge that I attempted to use, there were start up problems that needed tech support help. In MoviePro's case, it wasthe transfer of the recorded footage from my iOS device to my Mac. Unique to MoviePro was the rapidity and effectiveness of their response. As I told them, "Your file sharing traction made the transfer easy. With this rescue off my video data, you have made MoviePro the champion of iOS video apps for me. For the first time, yesterday, I was able to operate a three camcorder recording of an important event from a chair with a side-tray, rather than standing for two hours (at 81, that matters!), and I felt that I was finally in control of everything that I needed to control. Accessing the video file add the experience perfect. Well done, and thank you for hand-holding me through the necessary problem solving." Kevin Murphy

Great for film (and photo!) in low light. Only app which enables filming and photos under low light conditions by changing shutter speed, not by amplifying noise like some crap apps. This is also great for special shutter effects! Numerous resolution and aspect ratio settings as well as frame rate.

Great alternative to Camera app. I used this app quite often mainly for the video recorder where the file size can be reduced and for the pause function. Much better than the native iOS camera app.

Awesome app but (updated). Update: thanks for the heads up in the bug. I have adjusted settings and I’m good to go. Hopefully they patch that bug soon. I just purchased yesterday after researching a few different options. It seems like the duo cam mode is not operating properly. It get a split image that is highly pixelated when selecting that mode. If I zoom in that state it causes all camera modes to fail also.

What happened to the pause button??!!. I used to use this app all the time because of the fact that it could be able to pause a recording as well as continue, now you can even do that if you wanted to do multiple shots continuously in a video. This app used to be great before that big update with the UI, you guys need to bring it back. Turning the low battery mode doesn’t change anything at all, the UI completely deleted the pause button, I am using the IPhone 12 Pro BTW.

Nice app. I've been using this app sporadically, at a pretty basic level to record my 94 year old aunt telling me memories / stories of her childhood, her life history and my family history. I just set the app. Then set my phone in front of her and let her talk. The phone is so unobtrusive she forgets its there, so she's very free and comfortable. Better than a video cam on a tripod. In my experiments using Movie Pro beyond the very basics described, I consider it to be full featured, with a good tool set, UI design, and easy to use. Quite happy with it

Not Pro but Ok. Movie Pro is nothing more than a toy for non-serious shooters. It claims manual control but that is false. Try moving the sliders for exposure comp, iso and shutter and with each adjustment, the others follow suit. That is not manual. That is called full auto. Even when highlighted, each number moves. A more honest way to represent the manual control would be: “Control one variable at a time. No full manual control available.” This app is good for people who want to set and forget, but for those interested in manual control, other apps—though not many—are available.

Audio is out of sync. Almost perfect. On the iPhone 8 Plus, if you use cinematic image stabilization, the audio becomes out of sync with the video in post video editing. It can be easily resynchronized, as long as you have a good clapper slap, or some visual cue to get it back where it needs to be. But it’s a real pain when you’re editing under time constraints. Normal image stabilization works fine, but cinematic is awesome for scenes where I’m walking. Other than that, it is an awesome app!

Prefer much more than native app. Just downloaded 5 mins ago and instantly prefer it over the native camera/video app. The native app, when you switch it from photo to video, zooms in for some reason and you lose part of your image. Really frustrating!!! This app takes videos without doing that, letting you use the full screen. So much better! Also, with this one you know you want to make a video. No more click the (native) camera icon and then change it to video in the app. If you want to record video, just click this app's icon. Dumb, I know, but it makes this app much nicer for me. Plus, all the other great features your native app doesn't have make this a killer app. Definitely will be taking better videos now. Highly recommend.

Everything I Was Looking For. This app is great and the support team is top notch. I sent an email to support and they responded within minutes. The main reason I bought MoviePro was so I could record videos and use my Bluetooth microphone. It does this flawlessly, and has tons of other features to offer as well. Highly recommend.

Please move the pause button away from the stop/start button. Great app. Need 1 change. I use this for recording soccer with lots of pausing. Both buttons are right next to each other. The pause button would be great on the other side of the screen. At least a couple inches away from the current location.

Don’t buy its a fail on iPad to make front rear videos, entirely a fail. Buttons are in the wrong places to make a video where you switch from front to rear cameras. The buttons are on the opposite side of the iPad screen 8” from the camera, so you have to look for the buttons to press them, which totally is a hot mess of bad button placement. If you change the orientation the buttons move to a much more preferable (almost perfect) placement to keep eyes on the camera but anything recorded with the front camera is then UP SIDE DOWN!, did it you goys ever use or test your app, and you cant edit the recorded video to flip it back because its recorded up side down, you went from 5 stars to 1 star so fast This app fails its primary mission, to be relevant on iPad for recording any front and rear video in a clip Completely the app on iPad is a joke and cant be used to do anything other than look like an idiot as you move your eyes to the buttons, because you have to. Needs fixed and needs tested better for useability how could you sell this on iPad and not feel guilty, its darned near useless

“Operation Error” message. This app has a pretty good UI and great features but it has one fatal flaw, there is a major glitch that causes an “Operation Error” message to pop up during filming and it stops the filming. Not only does it stop, it doesn’t save anything it was filming up to that point. If you film alone, you won’t know this until you finish the shot and go back to the phone to check it, so you either have to start over or move on without the shot. The renders the app essentially useless. I was running the latest version is iOS 13 and the latest for the app, tried deleting and reinstalling, making sure there was plenty of space on the phone, and closed out apps, nothing worked. This app had a lot of potential but ended up being a major failure, very disappointed.

Credit Where Credit Is Due!. I just added the app to my iPhone 8+. The video showing the recommended settings was excellent. But, nonetheless it did not work in 4K. And inquiry popped up asking for what I thought of the app. I typed in my issue. In less than 24 hours, I received a response validating that it was a bug associated with iOS 11. I so appreciate such a timely and helpful response! I’m a raving fan!

Save issues IOS 14. Will not save to camera roll using IOS14. Not happy. I was able to get the videos to save once I deleted the app and installed it again. This did resolve the issue and now the app will save to the camera file, it works just fine again. Thank you for you quick response.

Must read!!!!. If you are a beginning vlogger or YouTuber this is the perfect app!! I know some people stress because you can’t switch from front to back camera in a single video, but you can with this!!!!! Sadly your built in camera doesn’t have the double tap feature like Instagram and Snapchat to go from front to back camera, but this app does!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this app!!🙌🏾

Back Camera Stabilization doesn’t work!!!!. Ever since the refresh of the app, there is a bug where the selfie camera stabilization only works and the back camera stabilization dosnt. it used to and i used to be able to get clean and good shots. now it is just as shaky as the default iPhone camera app. Please fix it. But i also love this app. great job!

Great video recorder!. I've been using the default Camera app before, but wanted to use the microphone on my bluetooth headset (BeatsX) to record my voice - the default Camera app ignores the bluetooth mic and records using the phone mic, which was disappointing. Instead I downloaded this app (MoviePro) and it works great with my bluetooth mic. It even shows on the screen that the bluetooth microphone is active. This makes it much easier for me record my voice while the phone is on the tripod and I can walk around and talk.

Powerful App - Accesses features my iPad Pro has hidden. I’m very impressed with this app. Once I downloaded and explored it a bit, I happily realized it was a good deal, money well spent. I love that it gives me specific access to features and adjustments within my iPad Pro (including separate access to the Ultrawide Lens, etc.). And I could have it automatically save the recorded videos to the iPad’s camera roll. Then could import such items selectively into the app’s own video library, for easy/preferred access. Ability to pause and resume during recording worked flawlessly. Also taking snapshots during the recording, with no resulting blips in the continuity of the video itself. I look forward to the tutorial videos that are linked to from within the app; I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t even know about (or understand yet), which will make it all the more usable. And oh, rapid response from support for a question I had emailed about before purchasing the app. That assured me it’s a worthwhile investment :)

Nice update, but sad zoom slider is gone 😭. I really found having the manual focus and zoom available in slider format at the same time was handy for really spicing up my creative content by being able to play with depth of field and zoom at the same time. That was the one unique feature about this app that appealed to me in the previous version, however in this version I am unable to find a way to achieve the same style. Pretty bummed about this.

Does not switch front to back as advertised. Got this app to switch between front and back cameras when filming. Unfortunately even though the app does give you the ability to switch cameras when filming, the camera you switch to captures the image upside down:( Tried different options and settings to no avail. Very frustrated. Unless fixed this is a waste of money.

Pretty good camcorder app for iPhone 11 Pro. I have a license for Filmic Pro also so I can compare a little. Movie Pro is better for me because I am able to switch from all three cameras while recording - Filmic does not support. I need this to be able to zoom in and out for hockey games. However, Filmic allows control of white balance - MoviePro does not - it is locked or not locked but there is no adjustment - not for the iPhone 11 Pro. I hope this helps you decide which is better for you.

Broken on iPhone X. I’ve used this app for years and love it, however it’s completely broken on iPhone X. Video shows up as distorted horizontal lines when filming in 4K and there’s a green/purple line on top when filming in 1080p. I’ve lowered my rating to 3 stars but will gladly raise it back up to a 5 when these issues are fixed, as I’m sure they will be in the next update!

Adjust your microphone for the concert & zoom. I bought this app to use for recording live bands outside. It works great you can adjust the microphones input so it does not distort the music in your video. Also it can zoom in and out. Other apps made my battery drain and my phone hot. This does not do that. So it to me is a great app.

Phenomenal. The app is fantastic and the developer is even better. I asked a question and got a response within 10 minutes. This guy really cares about his app. I have tons of camera apps and this one is my favorite. Thanks.

iPhone 7- image stabilization issues. Strange issue with image stabilization where when setting on auto or cinematic it adds a greenish bar on top of the video image, pretty annoying because I really like the stabilization feature and how it works. Overall the app is pretty nice with all the features - just wish this issue didn’t exist

My Go-To App (over FilmicPro even). MoviePro is more reliable than FilmicPro, while offering nearly the same features. It is head and shoulders above all other filming apps for iPhone. I love the Moondog Anamorphic Lens & DJI Osmo Mobile compatibility, which has allowed me to make amazingly cinematic videos on an iPhone! I love the slide focus. Also, the ability to change the video quality (data rate/mbps) alone is enough to improve the images.

Friendly app for a musician, great support. I find this app easy to use. As a nonprofessional I am probably not using all its video capabilities yet, BUT am a musician and picky about audio. To record music one needs to set recording levels, which is not possible in the Iphone camera app. MoviePro does allow this capability IF you connect an external mic compatible with setting levels (not with the built-in iphone mics, starting with iphone 6 and on). Thank you! I was having trouble and emailed MoviePro support. They replied personally the same evening with the helpful info about mic levels. Personal support is so appreciated! Regarding mics: There are small lightning-connector external mics available; but you can also use a usb mic, or a regular xlr mic connected via digital audio interface to usb, and then the special iphone ‘camera adapter’ (usb to lightning connector). This works with MoviePro and then you can use the mic of your choice and set levels.

Works well. At first I had crashing problems but it seems to have been fixed through updates.

Great For Sports. I use MoviePro to record soccer games. It is more reliable than the native app. Also, because of the screen layout, there are less chances of accidentally pressing the wrong button and stopping the video. I would like to see it possible to pinch to zoom out, and vice versa. I would also like to see a slight visual confirmation when a snapchot has been taken, because the noise outside often prevents me from hearing the click. But otherwise I am super happy with the app.

Canon and iPhone. It's all you need!. I shoot interviews and was lugging a big Canon and a smaller DSLR....until now. I just shot with an 80d for key subject and iPhone on a slider. I had frame rate, aperture, colour and everything the same on both. So what does that mean? 95% less work in post!!! Oy!

Excellent. Also great for Hudl and Krossover. The ability to easily set and manage manual record settings is a big plus. This is a great app for recording sporting events and then uploading the videos to Hudl or Krossover. The functionality is intuitive and easy to perform. I wish there was a built-in MoviePro merge editing function to connect separate MoviePro video recordings into one seamless recording. Overall this app is keeper with enough features to cover most everyone’s needs.

Works well so far. I was hesitant due to the ok reviews, but I’m using this on my iPhone 13 and oooooold iPad Air and it’s worked great so far. The frame rate on the iPad is low but I only need it for framing myself in the video. For the price it’s absolutely a deal!

Important Features are Always Buggy. I've been using this off and on for last month or so. Basically as soon as I got my iPhone 8+ I wanted a way to record audio using Bluetooth headphones without a separate track and this was it. Just remember to turn down the volume when in the app so you don't hear your voice. Layout is good but a little bit of a learning curve although videos are available. It allows you to have presets and more control overall with a clean see through design. Problem is the AF, AE, and AWB glitch out a lot causing them to get stuck in the auto modes even if you attempt to refocus them. Fix action for me is to click out of the feature then click back in. I contacted the app maker and we attempted to troubleshoot but he admitted he did not have the iPhone 8+ at the time so figuring out the issue would be difficult. Built-in iPhone camera app works properly but I do like the features of Moviepro if it was reliable. Tried to record a video today only to realize the app froze 55sec in. App is nice but when all the important features are constantly buggy then what's the point...

Stops recording unexpectedly. I used to love this app. I’ve used it for years to shoot videos for work. I spend a lot of time in front of the camera. Sometimes as much as 40 minutes. Lately I’ve been coming back to find only two or three minutes have been recorded at least once a week. This is unacceptable. I’m going to have find a new app that will consistently do what I need it to do. It’s a shame though.

Good quality image, but bug ridden. I downloaded this app because I wanted to record videos with a Bluetooth mic. When it worked, it definitely improved my video quality and it worked with my Bluetooth mic. My phone almost always overheats when using this app for video. For videos longer than 10 minutes, it usually crashes before I’m finished recording. It also drains the battery really quickly, so if I keep it plugged in while recording longer videos, that typically exacerbates the overheating. When I playback videos I have successfully recorded, the video starts going in slow motion after about 30 seconds. I don’t know if this is user error because this wasn’t always a problem. Nonetheless, I can’t fix it and now the app is essentially unusable.

Apple Watch?. I’ve had this app for years and I think it’s the best, however when I saw this massive upgrade I was super excited because I thought finally you added Apple Watch support for those of us who do use our watch as a remote control. But you didn’t. So until you get Apple Watch support for basic functions like viewfinder stop and start I will keep it at four stars

Great alternative w extras. I need a camera that would allow me to use a Bluetooth or external microphone source, to get better audio than what comes out of the standard iPhone microphone. I was pleased to find this one was loaded with some extra features as well, and it also allowed me to export the file to my desktop instead of directly into iMovie or Final Cut Pro. There were a few things that I was needing multi angle for and when you have to upload the video directly to final cut it adds extra steps. I like that it has a white balance built-in and to be honest I haven't really used a whole lot more of the features, even though it seems feature rich! I'm sure as time goes on our use more of the great features included in this app, I highly recommend it!

Glad to See it getting updated frequently. Glad to See it getting updated frequently and I’m satisfied with this update this is a major update. Is it possible that you can add a toggle switch to enable the stereo recording feature Stereo audio recording Mono audio recording But set stereo audio recording by default I used standard video stabilization due to the lag that still exists Also can you add audio gain control where you can set the gain for recording at 100%. 70% being set by default, no lower than that. This feature help with the mics when recording If you can add all these features in the next update then this app will be getting better and better I know you told me to use the low power mode for cinematic but unfortunately that’s not going to happen because it disables a lot of the main features I need that would still be my only complaint about this App but not enough to take away a star from the app ratings since I can now use this app

Very nice app, but one new problem. I have used this app for over five years. I really like it. Recently, a new problem has arisen. While shooting a video I used to be able to flip the camera from recording in front of my iPhone to recording on the camera on the other side. Now when I start recording the button to do the camera switch disappears. Please fix it.

Monitor quality. Great app, used it for a test video. I hope to see improved monitor quality in app when paired with the remote app. The quality looks great from my phone but not the picture with the iPad I’m using for as a remote. The color seems to look off as well when I look back at the footage vs live recording.

Worth 5 STARS. Have been using this app for a number of years and it is the best in it’s class of video recording apps. It is very easy to use and it has advanced features which are intuitive. Especially useful is its ability to pause a video recording and then resume the same recording. Has excellent zoom in and zoom out features and other features which are too many which I can’t describe here.

Movie Pro. Not sure if this is an iPhone thing or not. Often time I set the exposure manually because I am going to pan, and I can’t count on the app not trying to adjust exposure at times.. this ruins the shot and there is no work around. I also don’t like the fact that every time I select manual exposure the setting jumps to the slowest shutter speed which results is whiteout screen that takes many finger swipes to get back to the same general exposure the camera was sitting at on auto. This waste a lot of time. The settings should not force zeroing out but stay relative to auto adjustments until I make the tuning adjustment. The text type is thin, so it’s real hard to work with the manual adjustments in outdoor light. I mentioned the iPhone point because I noticed that absolutely nobody has made a panorama program for iPhone that also does not loose the manual exposure setting when trying to sweep the pan. I don’t understand why nobody corrects this obvious problem. I don’t want the camera trying to save me from my own settings, I know what I want to see.

Pause Too Small. I love using this APP, but too easy to hit stop when you attempt to pause. Make the pause button bigger, so it is easy to access! The resume button is even small and since it is RED (Same color as STOP) it too can be confusing. Sometimes I accidentally hit Stop in lieu of Resume. I also tried to upload a video to Drop Box and it would start and stop immediately with no error message. I could upload a different video but not the one recorded just prior. Had to copy to Camera Roll and then dock iPhone 6s to computer to access the video. Frustrating!

App Crashes on iphoneX. Was very happy with the app until last update. Now the app crashes every single time if I go into Settings and then simple tap the Done button. Can’t make Settings changes without crashing the app. This only happens on iPhoneX...iPad Pro is fine, but that defeats the use of my gimbal. I hope they correct this major bug soon so I can get back to using the app. At this time it is useless to me. I have screen capture video of the behavior if anyone wants to see it. Will change my rating if they fix the issue. Last update was supposed to fix iPhoneX didn’t.

EDITING REMOVED BEWARE. I used this app for work quite often to film tutorial videos for Med Tech device repairs for my Company’s Best Practices committee. I was given time on the upcoming call to refer this app and speak about it for a few minutes. Unfortunately due to the removal of in-app editing this app has become virtually useless to me. They have removed in-app editing in hopes that, given the obvious need for it, you will find in an additional app they will release down the road. I’m sure there exists people who will use two apps to do the job that one can perform, I’m just not one of them.

Easy to use app to make quality videos. Needs more sharing options.. I was having problems with the built in camera app and another free app using an external microphone and washed out faces due to lighting. I purchased this app because it has an audio meter you can turn on to get visual confirmation your audio is working. After using the app it was great to discover it also gives you confirmation when you connect an external mic and allows you to adjust the input level. This was a great help! This along with the ability to adjust ISO and Shutter allows for superior video over the built in app and the free app I was using. I would rate this 5 stars if it had integration with Apple’s files app and allowed you to move the files to other apps on your device.

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Amazing app. I bought this app for the still camera aspect ratio recording to capture the top and bottom percentage of the frame which gets cut off in the standard widescreen 1080 recording. Does a fantastic job! Clean crisp video output at good resolution. The thing lacking for me is the option to record in 4:3 aspect in a lower res to enable slow-mo.

Crashing constantly. In low light, seems to crash every time without fail

Great app and customer service!. I had an issue to begin with when attaching an external mic (zoom h1), but was quickly resolved by the developers and put in the new update. Very nice that they listened and helped!

Still needs work. I like the features but am experiencing problems: the photos in my iPhone camera roll will not adjust to landscape and portrait (lock is off) since saving a video to camera roll. Also, have had troubles when going into the edit features that there is no way back except to kill the app. Still hopeful

Derek. Great if only the sound and vision would stay in sync

Update. Do not like the latest update. Previous version was better and easier

Works nicely with IPhone 6 & Rode I-XY. I wanted to ditch the Panasonic video camera I’ve had for years that gives everything a blue tinge and rely on the IPhone 6 as I’m very impressed with it’s video. Sound was an an issue so just bought the Rode I-XY and it’s a match made in heaven for our overseas trip starting tomorrow. Great that you can change the level of zoom in the app. Well done Deepak Sharma!

Excellent. Finally a decent camera with many options. Simple and easy to use but clarity is A1- thanks heaps for finally bring out a camera/video app that's worth my money.

Great customer service!. New to using this app, I’m not a videographer by any means so I reached out for help in the feedback section and received swift responses until the issue was solved! (User error by the way😂)

Cool, but iPhone overheats!. Great app: lots of great features and the remote app is the icing on the cake: just awesome real-time monitoring and control! Big issue, though: my iPhone X stops after 3 minutes due to extra temperature. If you guys can fix that, this will be the best app ever imho.

Great. The ONLY video camera app I use. In my mind the only competition to this app is Filmic Pro, and this app (MoviePro) is so much easier to use. When both apps are dependent on the same hardware in the phone it becomes all about the interface, and it needs to be easy to get that shot quick. This one's always been a winner to get great vision and audio and still is.

Work like charm!. Look for no other apps! This is the apps you need for. I have spent money on other apps but the result is appaling. Awesome job,mate! Keep it up!

Possibly the best on offer at time of writing.. I downloaded three programs of this ilk, and this is the one that suits my type of work. I use iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 6+. The app works flawlessly on both IOS devices. The other two apps crash and burn, and in the short amount of time that they do run, they are fiddly to use. This app is rock solid, and is dead easy to use. The resolution is fantastic, and the choices layout is a breeze to use. I am not a professional video guy, I simply use iMovie for my editing, so I cannot give you a professional review, because it is not my field, but for MY use, this app is perfect! Here’s hoping the developers continue with this great app...

Does not fully support iPhone X. Should specify in description that this app isn’t full screen on the iPhone X, it’s been out for quite some time now, I’m surprised that support isn’t already here.

Issue with Apple AirPod 2. I purchased this app as I wanted to record conversation on iPhone 11 via AirPod 2, but the quality of voice is choppy and I had to record it via iPhone microphone. I just wasted my money. Not recommended if you want to use AirPod for recording.

I'm crying. I've been looking for one of these apps for 4 years now I found it. Get this app cause its amazing

Finally - a solution for the SmartLav mic. One of the known issues with Rode's SmartLav mic is that it easily distorts when plugged into an iPhone for video shooting. This app solves that problem as it offers audio level control and the mic sounds great. Thanks

Fix the bugs please.. Several times the app stops recording while on spy mode and a message pops up "action could not be processed", although the settings are set for unlimited recording and I have more than 12 GB of storage available on my iPhone. Please fix this.

Good. Good but i found some orientation problems when uploading to Facebook

New update crashes app on opening. Great app but latest update won't let me open the app just keeps crashing

Brilliant. Probably the best movie app in the store. So many options and super simple to use.

Slow-mo frame rate issue. There's a bug in the editing page. When reviewing footage filmed at higher framerates, the clip-speed slider will show "1x Speed" and playback at regular speed. If you drop this to "0.5x Speed" to achieve a slow-motion effect, it doesn't make use of the extra frames and the footage gets choppy. I would expect a clip filmed at 100fps could achieve a natural looking 1/4 slow-motion. Playing back at "0.25x Speed" should be showing 25 frames per second.

UI changed, poor documentation. This looks like a pretty good app with some good features but documentation and instructions are really poor! After working out how previous version worked, UI has now changed and there’s lots of things I can’t do. For example, can’t get the camera to autofocus. Needs seriously better documentation/instructions. Support links send me to Twitter... seriously? Will go for a refund if I can find an alternative. Couldn’t get a refund!

Great app. Fantastic app. If you can manage to have a wider angle lens and faster save to camera roll than this is the only video app worth paying for

Excellent app. No need for a dedicated video camera. In app editing also very good.

Amazing!. Just get it. If you want your iPhone videos to be a cut above the rest, this is what you need 👍

Great app for all kinds of movies. I use this app all the time for taking a range of footage before editing in other apps. It is my 'go to' app for video.

Great App. Great app full of features! Works great and video quality is superb.

Waw. The app is just crazy, awesome interface and the colours look so much better than apples stock! must get. Clear winner with its 2K video, heck i'm even using it for bright light film work

Cool app. This is a great video app - I'm using on my iPad and iphone doing multicam and importing to FCproX- audio input metre very handy. My suggestion would be a way to label movies so when you import into final cut you can see labels - not sure what's happening there..all in all in impressed keep up the good work !

Outstanding!. This is the professional filmmaking app. Outstanding and unbeatable!

I had to request a refund. I bought this app hoping to use AirPods with it. Unfortunately whether or not I use the AirPods, there is a horrendous background noise which makes the app unusable. This noise does not occur if I use the iPad camera and inbuilt mic to record.

Good app with good support. Feature rich video app if used correctly within the devices limitations. Produces excellent results. I had a few issues with the app for a while but upon posting feedback to the devs through the app I was emailed that day, was offered excellent support which improved my experience with the app. Recommended.

The best of the best. I'm an "iphone camera app addict", so I've downloaded many apps to improve the default iPhone camera (on everything from my old iPhone 3G to my new iPhone 5). There are some good apps out there, but from my experience most video camera apps are lacking critical features, or have hideous UI's, or difficult to use controls. This is the first video app I've tried that simply gets everything right. It has all the power-user features you could possibly want, while still remaining incredibly easy and fast to use. The UI is perfect, and the settings are all explained in detail, to let you know everything its capable of. Adjusting bit-rate to 150% significantly improved picture quality by compressing the video less, which results in a sharper picture with more fine detail. Same goes with recording crisp lossless audio (even if it is mono, but thats a hardware limitation). I love the fact that MoviePro has a separate storage area for your vids, including the trimming feature, as you can trim your vids or discard unwanted vids before saving them to your camera roll. There are so so many professional features like the ability to adjust frame rate, that open up all sorts of possibilities with what you can create. If you want the very best video camera app on the App Store, then don't hesitate to purchase this awesome app!

Almost Good. Too bad it does not do Audio-In, many Microphones' plug is only a 3 Pole 2 dividing line plug. For an iPhone and for this App. to recognize the Mic, a 4 Pole 3 line divided plug is necessary. This way I could just plug in a lead from any audio source, allowing perfect sound recording without any noise interference. Shouldn't be hard any voice recorder can do it, otherwise need to shop for a Mic with a 4 Pole plug that is not always available... Would be appreciated if this glitch were resolved.

needed this. I needed to record videos - without sound - and this app does it ! exactly what I need and I got a lot more for 2.99

Great app. Great app for recoding video; can take photos whilst filming, great zoom well worth the money

Yep!. Should be a 5, but don't want you to stop tweaking. Keep it up peeps!!

Amazing camera controls and more. I was a little disappointed by the removal of the spy mode recording, but this app can do so much more, so I'm extremely happy. If Apple removes the restrictions, I'm sure the spy mode will be back. 5-Star from me. Big thanks to the developer(s).

Perfect.. I used this app from every angle one can. I recorded videos straight for 30 minutes plus. Never had any over heating problems. The new updates seem to be super and can’t wait for more things to roll out in the coming months.

App not saving edited videos. App was working fine up until it automatically updated itself last week Now I cannot edit and save videos no more 👎🏻

Great, does what it says. Love that it records low definition and can zoom

Best camera app. Try it out. I love it!

Movies Pause Mid Film. Unfortunately movies randomly pause when filming on IOS. Most movies work. Then sometimes they cut off! Have contacted developer without reply. Hard to know what is interrupting the films - phone on Flight mode. Perhaps notifications? Pls fix.

Pretty good…. But needs a level meter to check shots are recorded properly.

The Best. Best video app I’ve used on iphone

So much better. I have been using for a number of years now, the latest update has made a huge difference with all the different resolutions you can record into. The app is one of my go to favourites I find it does so much with little effort from me and I spend more time on subjects I record. Well done team its a super video recording app. highly recommended

Brilliant. Absolutely no complaints.

NEW UI IS HORRIBLE. The new UI is HORRIBLE! Not user friendly at all. How did you make this worse? The buttons and sliders are now super sensitive, super clunky and the worst part is, it RESETS everytime you close the app. Who designed this? Fire them now. The previous settings was perfect, if u had a specific setting u liked, u could save it. Now everytime i open the app, i have to spend a min setting the correct iso, lighting, brightness - its just so tedious. It baffles me that the person who designed it thought it was a good idea to make it worse. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Useless decisions/changes ruined it.

Can't add audio in projects. Pretty buggy, I can't seem to add music to my projects. Click the music icon on my iPhone 7 and it comes up with a dialog and disappears immediately.

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One of the best video app. I use it often when doing exercise videofie more than Filmicpro

movie pro. I bought this app and found the videos to be really washed out. I wasn't able to find any info on the app nor any tutorials or websites. I turned around and got a better app.

So very awesome. It may seem like a small feature but the ability to use this app with AirPods is a huge step in portability. Now... figure out a way to make it record from both AirPods simultaneously within the app for better stereo sound and the ability to hand one AirPod to an interviewee and voila, this app gets 5 stars from me (at that point I’d try to give it 7 stars if I could!). You nailed the claim for being the first (no longer ONLY, Filmic Pro is our there too) to record audio via Bluetooth... now Beat them to the punch and give me two stereo recording AirPods to blow my mind. :) Also really love the minimalist approach. Menus super easy to navigate. The editor is hard to use on a phone but pretty good on an iPad.

Works Great. Great addition to my iPhone 6 to allow me to shoot high bit rate 4K.

Absolutely Terrible. Don’t waste your time or money.. Audio doesn’t line up with the video. Absolute waste of time. Just recorded a long video for a project and the audio doesn’t line up whatsoever with the footage. The worst $13 Ive ever spent.

No stealth mode. When I bought this app, they advertised a stealth option - discreet recording. Unbeknownst to me, during an "upgrade", this feature was taken away. Upon emailing movie pro, they told me that Apple made them do it. Not impressed! I paid for something and then they took it away during an "upgrade" - not cool and not impressed.

Great app for Videographers. I work in TV and never had much to say about phone video but this app changed my view. It gives you so much control. It’s worth every penny.

No spy mode anymore. And no explanation why

Does what it’s supposed to. Not so great if you have this app on an iPad Air 2, because the camera sucks. Simple, easy to navigate interface. This app is a video recorder, it won’t do screen capture.

Great app. Use it all the time. Great quality videos. Easy precise editing.

Keep up the good work🖤💯👌🏾. I used this app 99% of the time to do all my YouTube segments, thank you for adding a remote with it as well. I use my phone for recording and iPod touch as the remote.

Add HDR. Great app. Request to make it better: add dual ISO alternating each frame like in Magic Lantern for Canons. Also more control to flatten out the colours, pull out more dynamic range and be able to do post colour grading would be great. No iPhone video app had capitalized on the total possible dynamic range possibilities of the sensor.

Using AirPods as Wireless Bluetooth Mic. AirPods CAN be used as a Wireless Mic with MoviePro, where-as with default Apple video capture tool can not. Also there is a MUTE feature in MoviePro which is very important otherwise the audio is played back thru the AirPods (with a slight delay) and subject suffers from slurred speech. A single AirPod can be used... in fact it seems that only a single AirPod does audio capture regardless of using 1 or 2... the audio is mono. This is iOS and Bluetooth limitation and not this app. What Movie Pro could do is allow custom routing of Bluetooth audio back to a SINGLE earpiece... make the mono audio stereo with one channel silent. That way interviewer could hear clearly the answers but subject does not suffer slurred speech.

Amazing control & quality. I love using this app over others but needs to start working on a Log or flatter profile like Filmic Pro to stay in the game.

Works great. I like this app because I can use my AirPods as a Bluetooth mic when I film

Won't Work. On my iPhone 6 Plus it won't work most of the time, you press the app to open it, it opens but the Camera stays closed, you need to open maybe three or four times before it opens "DON'T BUY"

Amazing manual functions. Working well on my iPhone SE with amazing custom settings and Bluetooth remote capabilities. Filming videos on an iPhone couldn't get better.

Amazing. This app turns your iPhone into a very useable Pro video camera. Wow! Highly recommend

Sound Playback Issues. Sound volume is now almost inaudible on playback. Used to work great. Please fix the issue.

Movie Pro. Sorry guys that was a mistake that sent the review a second time. I take it u can’t upload videos from your camera roll.. okay

Fake App. This is so stupid. This app is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought in the App Store and it doesn’t even work. I have a 5 star review because I thought this was the real deal. How do you report fake apps?

Speed control and editing not ideal. I purchased this app with the intent of recoding at a low fps rate so videos would show at high speed. I cannot see how to do this correctly as playback continually shows the video at a constant despite recording at 3 fps. I’ve watched a few videos and cannot see how to edit videos as shown on one of the videos. The instructions on the video say, “now let’s look at edit features” but there is nowhere on my screen that looks remotely the same. I want to love this app (pause and zoom features are great) but there’s so much that is unclear. Open to link suggestions to learn more about these specific features.

No more low light videos. You can control every feature of your video or photo capture. No more low lights problems with my iPhone 5s or 6s. It would have been nice if apple fixed the issue but it's been 3 years and this is the only fix I was able to find. Loving it👍👍

Trash. Seriously update your app! People paid money for this, yet there are so many bugs. Doesn't even fit my iPhone 5s screen properly. All these fake positive reviews are a joke!

Good app with a stuttering preview. MoviePro is a good alternative to FilmicPro and offers some features the other doesn’t: 1) Dual zoom mode - switches seamlessly between cameras 2) Zoom button with speed adjustment - Filmic uses a hard-to-use slider 3) Better implementation of presets. That said, the reason it gets 3 stars is that this app stutters significantly while recording. The video *recording* itself doesn’t stutter… just the screen preview. This lowers your confidence while using the app.

Doesn’t open. Was working great. Now no longer opens. I have the most current version of the software.

Sound and video lags. I was pretty excited to use this because it would work with my AirPods. But since I downloaded it, there’s a big problem. While recording, there’s a sound and video lag. Basically the sound comes through a second after through my AirPods, and the image is also delayed. It’s distracting and makes it difficult to focus on completing a solid video. Unless there’s a good fix that doesn’t reduce quality, I’ll be finding another app very soon.

not bad but needs histogram. ... for exposure pesition

Amazing - only a few minor quibbles. The largest one, and really the cost of one star, is the lack of decent documentation. And let’s not forget the instructional video blasting an, “I love the 70s”, guitar riff at nearly the same volume as the narrator. Unless that’s your thing, you have to grit your teeth just to get through the instructions. I actually skimmed the content so I wouldn’t have to hear more of the guitar riff than absolutely necessary. Hard fail, guys. BUT, I also own two of their competitors in this app space, and this one is my favourite, hands down.

Wasn't it the point. Your big video don't work on my iPhone 6 plus

Nice app.. For making a YouTube movie on your phone it has the right amount of setting & features.

Great app!. It is a no brainer! Take it!

Great movie app. I’m not sure why there’s any bad reviews here. I’ve used this app for years and it’s always been reliable. I bought it originally just because you could pause the video (I wish Apple would make that a standard option). But the app has been significantly developed with more and more options and features. Great work.

Auto Expisure Does not work. AE not working. When move to darker zone the exposure never change and image still dark.

Moviepro. Très satisfaisant

Great alternative to the built in app. Great app. I purchased this because of the freedom and extra options over the original apple app. Stuff like choosing between different frame rates and resolutions. Even 1080p 60fps on iPhone 6 can be slowed down a bit with this app. And mostly everything works just fine and the UI is straightforward. My only complaint I had concerned the autofocus during video recording. It stopped working from an update months ago. However at some point one of the recent updates has partially fixed it. It now works correctly as long as you don’t touch the screen to focus. If you do it locks it again like before. So there's still is a stubborn bug somewhere. But I feel this app is worth 5/5 despite that. Hopefully the devs find that stubborn bug and squash it. Great job with all the other updates🙂. *FWIW I'm on the newest iOS FW and using an iPhone 6*

stopped working on my iphone6. about a few weeks ago my app stopped working. after i open the app all the controls appear but my camera never connects, and then the app crashes. ive re-installed and updated 3 times now. :( app was working fine up until that.

Well done. This is a very good video camera app. I have tried a few and this ranks near the top in features and stability.

SUPER BAD AUDIO. Be well aware that the audio this app records is absolutely terrible versus the built-in iPhone app it is absolutely unacceptable !

Great app needs minor regular updates. This is my go to app for filming the kids, birthdays and sports. Amazing Manual settings, been filming and photographing for over 25 years and this is the only app for iOS that can allow resolution 2k 3k and more, quality, shutter, iso and more all in one. I agree hard to open (fixed on update) but closing other open apps fixes this on reload. Also I have no problems recording on 6 plus like 3k 150% quality but I did initially with some focus settings like cinematic. It needs auto but seems you lose anti shake. Always check before the big game or birthday. Well worth the money however we do need a much needed upgrade to fix these minor issues. Updated 2017 - 95 /100- have minor issues now need to select Auto to get 3k on 6 plus.... For now 90 out of 100 so I have to give full stars but if the developer fixes the startup and some minor selection issues it would be perfect

Great app but. There is a bundle to get the remote app but I can't buy it. There is no price and nothing to tap to make the purchase. I want the bundle complete price. Ok the remote is only 6.99 in Canada but why not save a few bucks especially since I buy too many apps.

Good video app, but iPhone X support would be nice. The app is great. User friendly controls, and it has great support for using AirPods and other Bluetooth headset for audio. Would be nice though if they updated the app with iPhone X family display support.

Awesome. This is the best video recording app on iTunes, I own videon, filmic,procam3, and video zoom pro. And none of them compare to moviepro I make all of my videos with this app it is well worth the money. I paid a lot of money buying video apps filmic was the most expensive and it falls way short compared to this one. I recommend this app to all you video recording people

Works great. Simple to use. Works really good. Better then I thought. I really like the ability to quickly select a lower video quality when needed. Recorded the whole kids Christmas show and did not run out of room.

Great for Airpods. Love that I can use my Airpods as a remote mic for videos. They only work with this app! I can walk very far away from my iPhone while filming and still have crystal clear audio. However, recent update (Sept 2017) seems to have messed up my ability to add text to a clip while working in a project. It's just not "sticking".

AirPod audio recording quality terrible. The only reason I bought this app was to use my AirPods as a mic to record video. The sound is absolutely horrific. I wish I could get a refund. If this is why you’re looking at the app, don’t waste your money.

I wasted 5 Hours and How you can too.. The settings don't lock. Here's how. Switch the camera from front to back and the settings are different. Fine. Lock the settings. And now you go back to them and they have changed even before I have recorded I wasted five hours with this buggy app on a iPhone 6. Here's another way to loose all your IOS and Temp Settings: Go play a video with settings to camera folder. Now go watch the video and when you come back your STILL opened movie pro app, you will find the settings have been changed. What is the point of locking a setting, if the app is going to change them before you even record? Nvm afterwards. And still, I only had a time logging app running in the background, and had airplane mode on, and nothing else. There was plenty of memory and the iPhone 6 I used was about 6 months old. The app does not keep locked settings, even when the app is still opened. A complete fail. I just downloaded it two days ago. I tried without locked settings and it does the same thing. It changes the settings and I had to change them back after watching every single take. A complete nightmare app.

Beyond compare. I have all the apps for high quality video recording. Filmic pro, iris,ProCam, pro movie, ultrakam etc. While some of these aren't bad none can compare to the total experience of top quality manual control with "pause recording "also, as well as a fabulous high end bitrate. I compared max bitrate on MoviePro versus the new Nikon 4kA900 at top end recording and the image resolution even with smaller sensor using MoviePro is far superior. (Bitrate also is much higher) There is just no comparison if top quality 1080p and 4k are important to you as an iPhone videographer. I have used this app with iPhone 4s ,5 6plus and now 7plus. Love it!

Author - Wealth is a Decision. I have been using MoviePro for almost a year. The quality of the recordings are great and I have control over microphone recording levels and a whole lot more. The microphone I use is the Rode smartLav+. I bought MoviePro after reading several reviews on the top video recording apps. It is simple and powerful and also easy to transfer files to my computer. I have recommended MoviePro to several of my clients. Great App, thank you!

Very Useful. I love this app is so useful and easy to use. Keep up the good work with it!

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4.5 stars for the camera, 1 Star for support.. I have an issue with the sharing feature. No support what so ever. I tried email, private message, Twitter. No response. I found the solution myself, therefore I switched from 2 to 4 stars. Because it’s great camera after all.

This does have 4K video capabilities. It’s just not labeled as such. The developer contacted me with the note to Please select resolution 3840x2160 in preset settings (which is 4K) and make sure to select fps upto 60. Why not simply call it 4 K? But thanks

Incompatible with Rode Wireless Go-2 mic system. When Rode Wireless Go-2 is plugged into iPhone, the app shows constant max audio level. That doesn’t happen in other camera apps which are compatible with that mic system.

Repeated crashes and unreliable video. Do not download this app. If you want a good, reliable app for video with all the manual control, download ProMovie. Much better. This app crashes 9/10 times when I start recording. I am on an iPhone X with plenty of storage. When I was able to record, I had various other issues. The UX for controlling exposure and ISO is unusable. You can’t easily see both at the same time and can end up with some pretty noisy video if you aren’t careful. The remote app disconnects frequently and is very laggy. The low performance could be my office WiFi, but I suspect the remote app has not been properly optimized.

Excellent.. I particularly appreciate its many settings, particularly resolution options, which aren't possible in most similar apps.

Excellent app, please add support to iPhoneX/XS. Use this app all the time and by far has one of the best hand held video stabilization out there, I just wish it had full screen support for iPhoneX/XS too!

How do you attach an external mic???. I just bought the app and can’t seem to attach an external mic via the adapter dongle (non-Bluetooth)! I don’t see any tutorials on that anywhere. I already tried several combinations in the settings - nothing seems to be working! The audio meter icon does not pop up at all, I’ve tried a couple mics including Canon and Zoom H4N, doesn’t read them at all! This is the primary reason why I bought this app I am using the iPhone 7plus and I have the latest iOS updates (11+) Please advise ASAP

Pause button too close. 1. The Pause button is too close to the Stop button, causing a lot of mishaps. 2. Would like to use of the Volume up/down to start/pause/resume recording. (Related to Item one above)

Doesn’t save date or time. Good app but since it doesn’t save the date or the time it makes it impossible to find your photos through “photos” on your Mac since they’re randomly placed.

Histogram not working when pressing button. I love everything about the app but when I try pressing the histogram bottom it does not work, any advice?

Great App. I love how I can record in various resolutions. Especially lower resolutions to save space on my phone where quality doesn't matter. Well worth the purchase.

Bug. Hello, I have been using this app and it works great. But in the recent update, I was no longer able to open the app. (Currently using iPhone 7, iOS 13.1)

The best hands down!!! 🎥. Bro this is the best camera app of them all and I’ve had them ALL! This really turned my iPhone camera into a cinematic camera!! I love this app!

Idk how they do it.. Better audio quality and you can record 60fps with the front facing camera.

Bought only for one reason, and it’s not working how I expected. Here is the thing, I got this app to use ability of connecting my AirPods and use them as Bluetooth mic, but right away after first video my voice sounds like a freaking robot. Doesn’t work with iPhone X and AirPods properly, and also by the way, not adapted for iPhone X. U r charging 6$ for app and it doesn't work properly and not updated.

Bluetooth mic. When I try to use Bluetooth headphones for audio, it sounds like speakerphone where you can hear everything in the background instead of a phone call where the background is muted a bit. But better than Apple camera that won’t record audio from Bluetooth in-ear speakers at all!

Pause button for 5 star. I have used most video recording apps in the Appstore and this one stands out because of the pause button. I'd love to see a watch app similar to filmic pro

Outstanding. Beautifully built and well-designed. A very skilled developer who understands the applications.

Just so much more. I really enjoyed using the program and does so much more than the apples built-in camera app.

Amazing. Turns your Airbuds into a wireless mic for making iPhone videos at a distance. Love it. I am able to ride my Halfbike while wearing Apple Airbuds and narrate video blog for the tru-pod-mounted iPhone-recorded video through the App. Even at dozens of feet away - the sound is good for the vlog. Love it.

Great video app. Nothing else need be said.. I have been using this app ever since it came out and have never looked back. Spectacular performance, features and love that it supports my moondog labs lens.

Need Update. App does not go into horizontal mode, even though eit is selected in settings. If you click play button, it opens internal videos and if you X out app will go into horizontal mode, after rotating the phone. iOS 13,iPhone XS Max.

Outstanding Configuration. I haven’t yet tried it, so I will reserve from a complete review of MoviePrl. But your setting preferences are spot on. To be continued…

I’ve used MP for years. And have always been satisfied…does everything very well

Amazing App!!!. Very easy to use. Support team is very responsive. Couldn’t ask for a better app!!!

AirPod Pro Bluetooth Microphone Support Buggy. Highly disappointed and dissatisfied with this app. I enabled Bluetooth microphone through the app and made sure the headphone symbol is disabled but I still get a laggy response from my AirPods. Seems like it is difficult to have Bluetooth transmit voice and record video at the same time. I’ve uninstalled the app and don’t plan on reinstalling it.

False advertisement. Clearly down in the notes it states that this app works with gimbals. There is even a section in the settings for gimbals. Upon emailing tech support to help get my gimbal set up to work with the app, they inform me that movie pro does NOT work with gimbals. Blatant false advertising. That was entire reason I PURCHASED this app.

Exporting FPS does not match. Overall I really like the app but after setting up a Preset to record in 120fps on my iPhone X, then importing into Premier Pro, it shows the frame rate much lower. Most of time it’s somewhere around 50% of whatever I set it to in the app...

Test thoroughly before using seriously. The second movie I took (about 30 minutes) only recorded garbled green screen about 11 minutes in. I also had to learn the hard way that it defaults to listening to a Bluetooth mic even if not present. I am simply unimpressed with an app that has bells and whistles when the basics aren't 100% reliable.

Overall I love it!. Being able to use my external mics with the iPhone 6 is a godsend, esp. as I have input gain control. I wish it had direct share with iCloud Drive or Vimeo, but the Camera Roll is OK as a workaround.

Great app without a subscription. I wish the app was integrated with the Zhiyun Smooth 5S zoom wheel, but the app otherwise does what I want.

Finally you compete with Filmic Pro. I think the only think it’s really missing is vlog and/or CineD. Other than that, you guys did an amazing update. Now add multi cam/focal length recording and you are golden.

Visuals and audio are severely delayed.. When starting a recording, if you pause or flip your camera, the app keeps recording the audio but the screen stands still and then played once the stop button is pressed. This has messed up a few hours worth of film that I had recorded, and fixing them is beyond my editing capabilities.

Multi Lens Crash iPhone 12 Pro. Overall it’s a great app. For some reason, anytime I try to use and dual lens option or the triple lens option for the iPhone 12 pro the app crashes out. Used it without issue on my iPhone 8 without and issues.

Music crashes. I can't add music, i click it, it opens a white page and quickly disappears before i can see it or use it. Why?

Clean HDMI OUT ***and*** Remote App !!!. This is the least expensive app that has both of these things. Highly recommend it.

Bluetooth audio is awful. I wasted $10 to get this app just so I can record video using my AirPods to eliminate background noise. The audio quality is abysmal and there’s loud popping sounds that happen anytime you raise your voice even a little. Wish I could get my money back since I’ll never be using the app now.

Editor needs a little more improvement.. I have the latest iPhone 7 Plus with 256gs, and I'm up to date with my updates. When I switch to video editor it lags a lot. The app has crashed once. Other than that I like this app.

This was the best app. Until it started crashing! It literally crashes every time you hit the i button... it says it’s been fixed but mine still crashes & closes. This was a daily app for me but in order to record landscape I have to buy that i button... please fix this!!!

Couple issues.. Great app, definitely love it, but it has a couple issues. First off, when I go to record in 4K 30FPS on my iPhone X, all I get is a screen full of lines. And after I shoot one clip in 3840x2160, it then steps down to 1920x1080, even while still in my 4K preset. Other than that, absolutely love the app.

Remarkable Tool. The controls and simplicity for use are well thought out for high end quality and productivity. This needs to w in all professionals arsenal.

Excellent app.. I still have to test the footage to see if the sound stays in sync with the picture in an editing program, but so far this app is great.

Great movie app. I really like this app and love stabilization function. The only thing I would like for this app to do is output an mp4 instead of a mov file. Currently I just convert the file myself.

Movie Pro. I love the way you can stop & start recording. You can also take pictures while recording. It is a great app.

Great developer support and communication. I was having some issues and the developer responded quickly and was very helpful. Looking forward to exploring the app further.

Good for a year. Worked great for a year. Now the app seems to have a bug after one set of volleyball and the video gets lagged and grainy. Went back to camera phone app until updates

Not what it used to be :(. Since the re-writing of movie pro, none of my videos will import into Corel video studio. I have edited over 100 videos with the old version. I’ve tried changing settings with no luck. One thing I have noticed is the time stamp when I upload them to my pc says they were created in 1969. Can’t see any option to change this.

Used to work great.... It’s currently not saving videos to my camera roll even though it says its doing it. I’ve lost a lot of good footage because of this bug. Fix please!!!

Action mode.. In iPhone 14 pro we have action mode in the default app. Please give us this option too 🙏 you are amazing. Top APP

Movie Pro 6.6.7 crashes on IPhone X immediately. Earlier today I’ve purchased movie pro 6.6.7. The app crashes immediately when I open the app.

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moviepro - pro video camera ipad images 4

MoviePro - Pro Video Camera 8.8 Apps Screenshots & Images

MoviePro - Pro Video Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.8
Play Store com.MirageLabs.MoviePro
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

MoviePro - Pro Video Camera (Versiyon 8.8) Install & Download

The application MoviePro - Pro Video Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 29 August 2012, Wednesday and was developed by Deepak Sharma [Developer ID: 1106780543]. This program file size is 57.44 MB. This app has been rated by 1,462 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. MoviePro - Pro Video Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 04 July 2023, Tuesday current version is 8.8 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.MirageLabs.MoviePro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Deepak Sharma Developer
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MoviePro Remote Reviews 3.3 14 $4.99
MoviePro - Pro Video Camera App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Various bug fixes, stability improvements, and enhancements

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Find on this site the customer service details of MoviePro - Pro Video Camera. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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