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ZOOM Cloud Meetings [Business] App Description & Overview

Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile.

It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones.

-Best video meeting quality
-Easily join a meeting or start an instant meeting with phone, email, or company contacts
-Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models

-Best iPhone and iPad content and mobile screen sharing quality
-Co-annotate over shared content
-Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad

-Reach people instantly with messages, files, images, links, and gifs
-Quickly respond or react to threaded conversations with emojis
-Create or join public and private chat channels

-Effortlessly make or receive calls with your business number
-Get voicemail and call recording with transcripts
-Use call delegation to make/receive calls on behalf of others
-Set up auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls

-Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple Carplay
-Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join, and listen to a list of upcoming meetings
-Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms
-Join Zoom Webinars as a view-only participant or panelist
-Works over wifi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks

-Any free or paid license can be used with the app
-Zoom Phone is an add-on to paid Zoom licenses
-A paid Zoom subscription is required for certain product features

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoom_us
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zoom-video-communications
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoomvideocommunications/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoom/

Have a question? Contact us at http://support.zoom.us.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

ZOOM Cloud Meetings Comments & Reviews

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- I really like zoom

So as you know well you know my title so I think zoom is a great app because you can do amazing backgrounds you can turn your camera all kinds of ways on your phone and on your computer and you can interact with so many people like you can put like 1000 people in your maiden well maybe not 1000 but like a lot and on your iPad you can do you like find emoji‘s like funny faces and exploding heads and thumbs up and thumbs down raising hands yeah you can do like faces on your iPad and on your computer and phone you can do backgrounds and turn your camera around and not like I meant like not really turn your camera around I mean like rotate it like upside down right side up left right 90° and on your phone you can do phone background same on your computer and on your computer you can rotate your camera as I said in on your iPad you can’t really do that but you can still do faces and you can share your screen it’s pretty cool and if you’re on a computer computer the person who like everyone can see you if you were like in a different app or something they won’t really see which app you’re in but they can still see your video it’s pretty cool you can turn your video off you can turn your mic off I like it.

- Zoom is awesome

Zoom has been amazing and so beneficial during these unprecedented times, with COVID pandemic. Normally, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, all around the world, each week we would have be meeting regularly with our loving brothers and sisters at our Kingdom Halls or place of worship. But, with the used of Zoom, we are able to remain safe and still meet and see one another. Many of older, infirm or handicapped friends really appreciate Zoom greatly, love that they now see, hear and participate at our meetings. One big reason is that it is very user friendly or simple to use. Even my 92 old father is able to Zoom into his spiritual meetings with his congregation, in totally different state than me. I’m also able to check on and see him more often, from a distance, using this incredible tool. Thank you so much for helping us all stay safe, by being obedient to our loving God Jehovah, who wants us to be safe and helping comply with the local authorities, to shelter in place while we are still able to enjoy our spiritual associations with one another and continuing to still be taught spiritually.

- Pretty useful but need to be more controlled by users

For “everyday” practical purpose, it is fine. But there are few things that I would like to see. One is more “set up” feature like allow me to remove “pin” whatever it is. Also allow me to alert the host the problems quickly without have to look through the list of “participants” just today, I discover the glitch which somehow didn’t switch the view to activate participant screen on time it always delayed until someone else decided to participate the meeting. Maybe it is due to Apple, Inc just upgrade my ipad that cause some glitch. I don’t know for sure. It just happen today, in the past it went fine. Also look like there is mid-level curve-learning. And for some reason, I couldn’t consult the instruction manual to help me to figure how the Zoom app work. Update information: there is something wrong with the app in dealing with “spotlight”. It used to be work great till last week where the appear of spotlight always “late” when the participant finished his or her saying for the zoom meeting. It seems to me it only affect iPad users. Need to be fix this. Right now, I’m stuck with gallery view mode to see the current spotlight to listen

- This is gonna be for all the versions

So I’ve been using Zoom for school because of the pandemic, and it’s good compared to other programs yet I do have SOME complaints, none of which having to do with my hate of using it all the time now. It’s great for having the meetings, but it overheats my phone if I use the mobile app way more than other video call apps and programs. I’ve also had to use the Chromebook version because my school provided that, but it’s way more laggier than PC or mobile. Chromebook also has a lot less of the features such as backgrounds and recoding the meeting as a guest and doesn’t feel as professional I think. For the entire program, app, Chromebook, and all, I think it’s great. Covid is keeping me online until, with the rising cases here in the US, most likely March at soonest if my school allows me online that long, it’s amazing. My sibling uses two other programs, one of which I used last spring in 8th grade, and when I compare Zoom to the two he uses Zoom is automatically the best of the three. It’s super professional for most versions of it and I think that for the covid pandemic it’s one of the best options I think.

- The great app

This app is awesome because I can chat with my friends when ever I want. And you can make someone else host if you don’t want to be host. But the part that I really like is that if you are host you can mute everyone and turn their video off! And you can have a virtual background, you can volunteer to be host, and if the host mutes you, you can unmute yourself. You can also write a message to everyone. And my personal favorite part is that you can see as many people as you want. You can also turn audio on and off when ever you want. But one thing is that sometimes people’s screens freeze or you can’t hear them very well or there voice stutters. Another one of my favorites is that you can change your zoom name. But one thing that confuses me is that the app is called zoom. Why is the app called zoom if the app is for video chatting. Anyways, those two issues certainly don’t stop me from giving this app a 5 ⭐️review. And all because of this app I can chat with my friends every day. So I definitely recommend getting this app!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Zoom is awesome

Hi there! I was reading the comments and reviews the other day, and I was so surprised by what everyone was saying. I mean to say is ppl rated zoom by only 1 star when it deserves 1 MILLION stars!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this app! Creating a waiting room was a brilliant idea and sharing screen is also brilliant!!! Me and my friends use zoom very often during the pandemic, we often lock the meeting so to those who had unwelcoming guest put a waiting room and lock the meeting. I know everyone has different experiences but I believe zoom is what so ever amazing !!!! Keep it up!! One thing I wanna say is I want to be able to request to the host to be unmuted, like when the host mutes everyone and I would like to say something and be unmuted, I would like to simply press a button that is called ‘request unmute’ and on the host’s screen a something pops up that says I wanna be unmuted. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained and busy and excited. Now I’m hooked onto my friends during coronavirus. Thank you so much!!!!! Thank you, Ur #1 fan!!!!

- Updated: Continually needs deleted/reinstalled on iPad Pro

Updated review Sept. 5, 2020: I have figured out a workaround to my problem. This app does not handle “Sign in with Google” well when a corporate account is being used. The workaround is to remember to SIGN OUT of the app before you close it, then the next time the app is opened you go through the two-step sign in process again. The app always asks for permission to sign in with Google, so I’m thinking this is what the app is not handling correctly? Can’t the app be made to remember the prior authorization(s) when opened? -1 star for this inconvenience. — Two stars because it works as hoped when it works. New 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”, bought for use with teaching this fall and Zoom support. App will only work when first installed from App Store and signed into my district account. When a new Zoom meeting stopped and app closed, later opens to spinning wheel on iPad and will not allow joining a new Zoom meeting, etc. App needs deleted and reinstalled from App Store to open again correctly. Will update review if app fixed or iPadOS starts playing nice.

- Fast & easy

Had an app developer for a different app set up a video call time to ask opinions on a new service coming about one of my medical conditions. I hadn’t even heard of Zoom before, but when FT didn’t work, I quickly downloaded Zoom & it took zero time for us to be able to view each other’s screens, which was more imperative for her, but her being able to share screens with me that were still in development was extremely easy! Once I figured out to unmute her (a default setting, at least in my case), it was so easy to use, I didn’t need a tutorial or anything! It was a last minute, phone hook-up problem that I didn’t take time to read about the app or even see if a tutorial was there (I’m sure there is). So VERY easy to use, point & click & I was able to complete helping them, they being in Singapore & myself in eastern USA! This video chat could possibly be beneficial for millions of people, literally! Thank you, Zoom for making this happen! Would definite recommend this to others!!

- Amzing! Suggestions though

This app is amazing! We use it for school, and it was my Grandma’s Birthday, So that was really cool we could talk to each other during this really hard time. I Have a few suggestions on how to make the app better though, when ever we share screens, my brother tends to draw and scribble all over it, is there a way you can add a “ Disable Drawing” button or something? And also, whenever you exit the app, The zoom meeting is still on, that’s great but you can’t see the person behind the camera, again, my brother takes advantage of this, and mutes himself, and uses the time to play! Could you please make it so, whenever you exit the app, like Disney+, It shows a little box with the video, and you can still see the person. I’m making these suggestion because I don’t want my brother to fail at school, And I’m sure that other people have this problem too, mabye not these exact problems, but mabye similar ones. Thank you in advance, This app is absolutely amazing!

- Thank you!

Zoom has been a life saver for me during the stay at home order. Your video platform has allowed me to continue working from home, supporting teachers and students in our transition to remote learning. It has also kept me connected with friends and family. My brother has special needs and my parents are currently his caregivers due to regulations at his supported living home. He has had a very hard time the last several weeks because he just cannot comprehend why we have to stay away from other people right now. He misses his day program, his roommates, his bowling league, and even doctor appointments, not to mention our very large family gatherings. I created a schedule of daily Zoom sessions in a Google document with a recurring meeting Zoom link and shared it with family and friends, who use the document to sign up for times. Since starting the daily chats, he and my parents receive the social and emotional support the so desperately need. So again, I say “THANK YOU!”

- Love it but Fix it please!!

I love how easy it is to use and its been a lifesaver for families and businesses during these difficult COVID days. However, I just used it on my computer this morning and it was fine. After my call, it said there was an update so I downloaded it and then tried to use it again this afternoon for another meeting and it wouldn’t give the sound!! What happened?! Overall, its truly been a great tool for our social distancing and perhaps it will be used more now that people are used to it. It is very easy to use, even for those who are technologically challenged. I ended up using my iPad for the afternoon meeting but had wanted to use my laptop so I could see everyone and on one page. With the iPad, you have to swipe to see whomever you can’t see from the first page of 9, but it is a little disconcerting because you always see 9 people on a page; not 9 on the first page and then the remaining on the next page, which I would prefer. But again, it does work overall for meetings and is very easy to use.

- Family Reunion

My cousin had the most wonderful idea! She asked all of our very small family - her mother, her two brothers, their wives and grown children - and her one aunt who happens to be my mother. My mom asked me, my twin sister and our grown children to also be a part of the zoom phone call. All together 11 out of 18 people were able to participate. The others were working. It was so much fun and such a joy to see my cousin Abby, the cousin whose brainstorm it was in the first place. We see each other once a year, if that and we always really love our time together. Today was so special. In this time of isolation from everything we know on a daily basis, our coworkers, our friends, our neighbors, our trainers, our grocers, our cleaners, our housekeepers, our landscapers, the people in our life that we take for granted that we will see every day, it was such a comfort to see our real and actual family. Thank you to ZOOM for enabling us to make it happen and thanks to my cousin, Abby, who I love so dearly.

- Zoom!

What a wonderful way to be together virtually with so many family members, friends and classmates! I love hearing their voices and seeing their faces and home projects, including knitting, cooking special dishes, gardening and children’s artwork. It’s especially uplifting to enjoy virtual parties and classes together. Thanks so much for enabling everyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer to connect so meaningfully with others during our stay-at-home isolation during this apocalyptic pandemic. Your amazing free technology is a reminder for me to send more cards to sick friends, to telephone those who do not have smart phones or computers and to thank all those I meet who work in grocery stores and pharmacies to serve our needs basic needs. Also, I feel the need to send emails of appreciation to celebrate our brave medical workers, out diligent and truthful elected officials, scientists and journalists as well as emergency and civil service agencies and companies all working to protect our nation and fight COVID-19 and the economic havoc in its worldwide wake.

- Grateful to Mid-Nite. New York

The Mid-Nite has helped me so much. Here in Massachusetts, nothing is totally open for Aa meeting. I can’t talk to friends and family. Just my 3 daughters. Thank God for them. Also the treatment center I went to in Delray Beach Florida. Reco. The best thing I ever did. Great support system there and with Mid-Nite. I have severe insomnia. I stay on for most of them all night. I feel very lonely. I live alone and have ptsd. I know I am not supposed to fear. I did my steps. I do meditation and other tools that Teco taught me. Being with you all stops my fear that someone will come in my apartment and attack me. After I am done with your meeting I feel back to safety. I don’t know what I would of done with out you. I have 10 months sober. Thank you so much for continuing your zoom meeting. 🙏🏻🕯🌻. I tell everyone at my zoom meeting at Reco about your meetings Incase at night they need to talk. I highly recommend it for everyone! All ages! I love it and very grateful to all the host, volunteers . Please never STOP! Your great Mid-nite

- Great App! Would recommend it to anyone.

I have been using this app for a few months now. I’ve been looking at one star reviews, and I noticed some of these may not be the app, but the personal device or internet the person is using. It works on many platforms, so it really doesn’t limit you when it comes to accessibility. The chat you can use during meetings works amazingly well, and the app allows you to privately chat with one individual person. If you’re the host and you don’t want people privately chatting with each other, you can turn that off in the chat so that all messages are sent to everyone. The only thing I personally don’t like is the time limit. Other than that one thing, the app is great if you run a club or just want to chat with friends. Zoom also allows you to have a password set so that random people can’t put random codes in and join the meeting. And if your school uses chrome books, works great on those.

- Zoom has been fantastic to “meet in person” during this challenging time

My husband and I lead a weekly Small Group Bible Study in our home. When the stay at home was put in place we did not meet for two weeks and so missed the study, fellowship, and “seeing” everyone! Zoom has been a wonderful way to meet each week! We are 77 and 81 years old and our group is also made up of Seniors and one lady is blind so many would think we are “too old” to be able to use this type of technology however in spite of the age factor and the fact that we all have different devices, Zoom is very easy to download and to host. Thank you! I also enjoyed hosting a birthday party for my husband’s 81st! Three of our children, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren were able to attend thanks to Zoom. I also like that I can search on my phone for answers when an attendee is having a glitch and can chat the help to them. Thanks Zoom! Sue Hausmann

- From a student standpoint

Okay, so I had to get zoom because the device I was using died. But overall it’s fine, but for the mobile devices when our teacher shares the screen, we can draw on it and not on the computers! Also it’s glitchy, and the fact is that I have to use it for a while now. I’ve been seeing ppl but one star cuz they want this app to be deleted, but I think it’s good for non school purposes like contacting your friends who have a different phone than u ( ex. Apple and Samsung) can FaceTime. But pls take away the draw button on the mobile version Update: so I had a meeting and when the teacher unmuted us I was muted and a few others and on her screen we weren’t muted! But try harder but still good app Edit: so a recommendation is that the host (if they have chat on) can decide of which ppl can use the chat. (I’m just using random names here) like Tobias can use the chat while Patty can’t use it. (Again no disrespect to anyone reading this named patty or Tobias) cuz this one kid kept spamming me and I wished that he wouldn’t be able to use the chat..

- While coerced into separation, Zoom Connects

I feel thankful for the Zoom app because of the social and even emotional and spiritual connections it facilitates under the difficult circumstances of Covid19. It is a blessing from heaven to be able to continue connections with others through this group meeting app. Separation will never win over, so should this app ever fail, another will replace it, as I know in my heart that the powers of heaven will prevail in keeping people connected for a Purpose no adverse circumstance can overtake, so we can take courage and comfort in that assurance. I believe this app was created as a preparatory premonition to which adversity we have been subjected. I acknowledge God’s hand in all things and hope others will consider it, too, as that will open the windows of heaven, allowing the talents about us to be used for good, such as this inspired app. Never underestimate the power of little things (choices), as there are no little consequences.

- Awesome...but, it has some disadvantages...

It is a very useful app for online classes and work from home. I use it for virtual school since were all in quarantine and I like the idea that there’s a host and the host can control everyone (it is a very useful thing for the teachers). I also like the virtual backgrounds ,the raising hands and all the little things you can use while your in a meeting. I also use it to make group chats with my friends and its really fun! I really recommend this app...but, there are some disadvantages. Sometimes it lags horribly and no one can understand anything the person who is talking saying. There is also a lot of background noise if the person who is talking has a lot going on at home. I’ve also heard a lot of people say that it steals your personal information and strangers can get into a meeting. It hasn’t happened to me so I can’t prove it right or wrong. I still recommend this app to anyone who would like doing group chats with friends or have meetings about work at home! :D

- Not informed of “upcoming” upgrade requirement

I am a paid, licensed Zoom user and get on Zoom daily. It has been very helpful in staying connected through Zoom meetings. This morning, however, when I tried to join a meeting, my attendees couldn’t hear me. After several attempts to solve the problem, I got a message from the coordinator who helps us with problems. He explained that all groups were having problems, and he had found out about the upgrade. I searched on Zoom on my laptop and happened to find the upgrade link in Support. My laptop should now work, although all of our attendees have left the meeting. Hopefully tomorrow I can test the upgrade. Now I have been trying to find the same download link on my iPhone Zoom app, but there is no Support button that I can find anywhere. When I was in Support on my laptop, I read that this upgrade needs to be complete by May 30. I hope that I can find the upgrade for phones so that I can help my attendees to complete this upgrade, which I think they may also need to do.

- Awesome 100 person chat app!!!

Quarantine has been made easier by Zoom group chatting and meetings. I’ve been able to work, keep in touch with family and friends, take my guitar lessons, keep up with my children’s tutors, go to church, catch up with everyone in the choir and sing for mass recorded through zoom. Thank you Zoom. Just a note though...please make sure you work really hard to fix any “hacking” that seems to happen with systems such as this...because if you make Zoom extremely secure then I know Zoom could very well replace Skype—which is awful now by the way—but you have to make security your number one thing on your list okay?...I’m sure you are, but please don’t end up like what Facebook has gone through and is going through. Good on you though for collaborating with your genius teams and creating an App that has truly helped during Covid-19 and bringing us all together. Way to go Zoom!

- So far, so good...

The only thing that really puzzle's me, is that I only use Apple products, so on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac, I expect this app to want to use my Address book which is filled with all my friends and contacts. I do not use Facebook, or Google, or anything else to store my Contacts. Seems to me they need to consult with Apple Support on how to do that, but it has not happened yet. Please fix adding Contacts so that I can use my devices as they need to be used. As it is right now, I cannot add contacts from the services they asking me to use. I did forget, I am an iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS user, not Google or Microsoft, or anything else. There are no In App Purchases for what you call Pro accounts. We only use this for church services and would need 70 minutes most of the time. Make it possible to upgrade with In App Purchase, or at the very least allow the purchase of minutes for what we need. Have tried to find out how to upgrade, but the app doesn’t allow it.

- Love this app!

Zoom is the perfect way to communicate with friends and family. They have a chat feature so you can talk to your family. You can also video call them and see how they are doing. If you don’t feel like getting on video, you can call them using Zoom Phone or turn off the video option on a video call! With the cool features of virtual backgrounds, whiteboards, and more, Zoom has allowed my friends and family to meet up during quarantine while staying safe from a distance. It is also great for professional work environments. Zoom has allowed so many businesses over the past couple months to meet up with a non glitch platform to talk about their business issues. I would definitely recommend getting this app. It will change your life forever! If there was a ten star option, I would choose it. I don’t have a single complaint. Thank you Zoom!!!!

- Phone number and password are entered on different screens😐

I wasn’t able to sign in from the link I received via email. I downloaded this App and then requested the phone number and password from the host. After you enter the phone number, the next screen that will generate is where the password is required. I felt Leary about hitting the next button from the phone number screen, because so many Apps out there, kick you out or send you to an error screen with one little misstep. If Zoom where to add that the password will be entered on the next page, then I would give a four star rating. For me Five stars would be a perfect easy use of the App. Very few Apps out there are five stars. Users seem to give five stars without really thinking about what a review is about. It’s about the next person who is doing something that is important to them. The same goes for one star reviews. Very few Apps out there are one star. One little aspect that someone doesn’t like while using an App, shouldn’t automatically be one star.

- Very decent overall

Certain Snags with the app and glitches, and sound problems, and if not great access to internet it does Not work well. Then many different things to learn in order to properly view meetings. It’s just so much stuff at first, but then since I’m only viewing meetings it is easier to navigate with just the most basic settings. Our church has moved to zoom Sunday meetings for immune compromised members and those who simply want to stay safe from this pandemic. Just using the link provided, clicking on it, and choosing the right options for that meeting, (like video or sound on or off that time.) That’s very simple for me. The church had technical difficulties for the first month or two but now it’s like clockwork. I greatly appreciate this app because I am able to participate in church more frequently now and if not able to go to the physical building I can view from wherever I am located. It’s been a blessing during these difficult times.

- Works well

I have been using it for a few years and it has always worked well. screen sharing, drawing on shared screen, audio only vs audio and video, etc all work well. The only thing I wish it does better is power consumption of Bluetooth earpieces like AirPods. Usually I can go for 4-5 hours on my AirPods when listening but if I am on zoom (or google hangout) even if I am on mute the whole time I drain the battery after about and a half. You would think the app can be a bit smarter about being on mute and switch to the listening-only mode and turnoff microphone. I understand the microphone can be draining the battery and it may cause temporary interruption or delay when switching mode but I think if you make it an option for the user then many of them such as myself would gladly accept this trade off for not having to replace our Bluetooth earpiece 1.5 hours into our conference call.

- Horrible Audio... Horrible

I’m blown away at how many people say they think the audio is good. Technically, the audio is crap. If you look it up it is one-third the quality of a normal mp3. That is literally the same quality as a payphone. On top of that, they add effects to remove the background noise. This actually makes your voice sound worse, not better. By removing any noise, it also removes parts of your voice that make it sound clear. In fact, the only real time you want to remove background noise is when there’s lots of noise happening in the background. Like at a baseball game, or a crowded street. But if you’re having a conference in those environments, you shouldn’t be in a conference. Instead, Zoom places all the attention on that possible situation, killing the clarity for the situations where most people use Zoom: In a quiet office. Zoom. Please, please, please improve the audio quality. You advertise HD Voice, but the quality is abhorrent and unlistenable. You are doing your customers a disservice. Otherwise, it’s a great app.

- Administrator has too much power, and chat could use update 👍

I love this app, but I feel like the administrator has too much power. I would love it if you would improve the terms of service and add something to make the other users aware when the administrator is doing something like recording you. Another issue I would like to address is the audio problem. High quality audio is very important in something like a meeting, especially if you’re showing a video or doing other things. But I feel like the audio is not really as good as it can be. Device interference sometimes causes loud noises, but that’s not really your fault. But I do feel like there’s weird noises in the back, and I think it’s the app trying to block out other noise. If you could remove that, or add a switch to turn it on or off, that would be absolutely amazing! Otherwise, the app is very good! Thank you for providing this app for the world, espiecially during these tough times. 😄

- A disaster

I had to use this app for a job interview last week, and it did not work well. I had set everything up in advance, practicing with my iPad, my MacBook and my iPhone, just to be safe. The 20 minute call was supposed to be at 1:10, so I pressed the connect button at 1:09 and got a screen that said “launching”. Three minutes later it still said launching “. So I disconnected and tried again - and get “launching”. Now I’m five minutes late for the 20 minute interview. So I switch to my iPhone which makes the connection instantly, but I only see video for the first few seconds of the call, and the audio is only at the minimum level with no option to make it louder. The black screen kept switching back and forth to one with a green icon of a telephone, still with very minimal sound. So I spent the last 12 minutes of what was supposed to be a 20 minute interview across the country with no video and the need to keep repeating questions back to the search committee because I couldn’t hear them. I may not have gotten this job anyway, but using the Zoom app certainly eliminated any possibility of me being considered for the job.

- Business owner Tonja Lee-Jordan

Zoom is a great opportunity to hold business meetings and share new opportunities for every individual. The world has experienced major changes which requires major changes in our every day livings. I have the opportunity to show presentations regarding ownership and part time income for people looking for a change in income, dreams, provision for choices and a road map designed just for them. Every situation pertaining to life is different for everyone but those things which are essential can be provided by changing your mindset and work ethics. Zoom gives me the opportunity to be in more than one place at the same time connecting with winners such as myself. I would love to share with you the opportunity that changed my life with zoom and a made up mind for any challenges I am having to face. Please join me at changing people lives on daily basis.

- Great App! One Suggestion Though...

My family and I have used this app for several months and it has covered most of our needs. It is great to be able to see and share with our extended family and friends during these times where physical contact may be limited. For that alone, it’s worth rating this app 5 stars. Still, there is one definite improvement that I think should be made. Please implement arrows or scrolling buttons in the Gallery View of Zoom video conferences. As an iPad Pro user, I am unable to “scroll” through the Gallery View using my Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse setup without having to manually touch and swipe the screen directly. Adding a arrow or other type of button would allow for easy viewing or scrolling of members of the video conference without disrupting the convenience of using the iOS trackpad/mouse support. Thank you.

- Life saver

Zoom was relatively new when our organization began using it and it quickly became our saving grace. We are a pier based recovery group that depends upon its members experience, strength, and hope so that newer members can learn from the older members what it takes, or how they learned to use the program to get through the day to day process of being in our membership. This platform has helped us have face to face interaction whilst maintaining social distancing. Through your platform we have maintained an atmosphere of recovery and continue to help those struggling with changing patterns of their lives to a new way of thinking and change of that magnitude is all but impossible on our own. Your platform helped so that even those geographically isolated could find like minded people willing to help. Thank you can never adequately covey my gratitude 🙏 but thank you ‼️ Chuck H.

- ZOOM: the best so far

I have just began using Zoom for cloud meetings. Compared to Skype, I find Zoom much more stable and of higher quality video presentation. Larger meetings must be organized in a better way as this is more a problem of group organization as opposed to the actual Zoom software. A bigger group must be organized in order to functionally use the zoom platform without problems. I really like the whiteboard and screen sharing aspect as it is simple, intuitive and easy to use especially with my iPad Pro Apple Pencil. There is always room for improvement, but as for now, Zoom is the best. With Skype, I have complaints of poor screen quality even with gigablast internet (300-1 gb/sec download speeds). I just wanted the truth to be presented about the online software. Zoom is presently the best and deserves more credit than a single star! It works well!

- Very good

😍👍We loved. Matthew 6: 6-10. 6 But when you pray, go into your private room and, after closing the door, pray to your Father, who is in secret. Then your Father, who watches in secret, will reward you. 7 When you pray, do not say the same things over and over, as the people of the nations do, for they imagine that they will be heard for using many words. 8 Don't be like them, because your Father knows what you need, even before you ask him. 9 “Therefore, pray as follows:“ ‘Our Father, who art in heaven (who is in heaven? - JEHOVAH), hallowed be your name (Make the Name of GOD who is JEHOVAH be known). 10 Your kingdom come (for a government I came). Your will be done (may this government be in accordance with the Laws of GOD), as in heaven, as well as on earth (the government of Heaven has been clean since 1914 and it is for the government of the earth to be equal). 11 Give us today our bread for this day;

- Great app - still the best videoconferencing app despite earlier security issues

I’ve used Zoom, Teams and Webex extensively since March 2020, and Zoom is by far the best videoconferencing app in my experience. While its 40-minute time limit for free accounts is a major disincentive to setting up meetings on Zoom without a paid subscription, it otherwise works great, with minimal video and audio lag. Video and audio quality and battery life are much better than on Webex, and all participants can be seen when you swipe in grid view. A 3-hour Webex meeting drains my iPad Pro 12.9 4th edition to around 40%, while I would still have around 60% battery life after a Zoom meeting of the same length. The Teams iPad app still has the pesky limitation of only seeing the videos of 3 other participants, along with yours. Teams, however, still offers unlimited meeting times for free accounts, while Webex has reduced free meetings to 50 minutes at a time. The only limitation I’ve experienced with the Zoom app is that a file shared through chat was not accessible through the iPad app when it could be accessed through the desktop app. I also wish that all of these videoconferencing apps would continue to transmit your video when you open other apps. This doesn’t happen when using the desktop versions.

- Not happy

I was adapting during Quarantine which didn’t hit NW FL UNTIL N States came in spring. I’m in a CAT 5 Hurricane area, new tech everywhere, legal & insurance. Setting up new devices & it’s been a nightmare. I began with church & that was great. Life happened, I came back to it for court appearance for divorce and the updates made it impossible. NO customer support. It’s anxiety horrors. Now I see a fee option. Requested a business email address. Basically my account is lost. I can’t access previous on & can’t create new. Because of this and yes WIFI I was literally on the telephone while my attorney, ex to be, judge & his attorney(s) across the country. This is our lives thrown into Zoom. Not all are in school or business but it’s definitely slowing down my process to get there. I’ve wasted so much time and no help. No support. Sent email. NOT HAPPY- I wish we’d stuck with Skype. Again, also Cat 5 Hurricane and NW FL was NOT a Covid hot spot until very recently. Hope everyone enjoyed their beach vacations after zooming all winter. Now I’m stuck in the house because of it.

- Amazing

I personally love this app. I understand and have the occasional glitch but it’s better than any other platform my teachers tried using. I do have one complaint being that now whenever one person is in the waiting room it duplicates them and in order for them to come u need to let both in. It’s annoying and the person being duplicated can see the other one of themselves but the camera and mic is turned off. Overall I am happy with the app and just started experiencing issues. I guess that’s what updates are for. Everyone in the reviews talking badly about zoom doesn’t understand that they have millions of people using their platform as once. And sometimes ur or other ppls wifi is bad which causes a glitch. I really want to say thank you to zoom for making online learning easier than I thought it would be.

- Great way to stay connected.

Zoom is so easy, even my 80+ year old relatives can use it with very little to no setup support. I have been using it for school since July, and have loved how it transformed my classroom experience. I have instant access to recorded lectures and super team project success. Thank you Zoom, and thank you for taking our safety and security so seriously. I have access to password protection for my meetings, and can opt out of sharing information in the account settings. I love how Zoom transparently responded to the security concerns recently. I can appreciate that the security settings were always available to me from the first use, but I had the option to keep them off and make my first several Zoom meetings easy and not advanced for me and my participants. Look forward to Zooming some music with friends with and without iPhones.

- Useful

I was on a friend get together Zoom call as soon as I downloaded the app and I found it being pretty awesome!! There is this whiteboard effect where everyone can draw/write at the same time. We shared thoughts, drawings, and funny sketches with this, the zoom app is mainly purposed to bring workers in companies back together to discuss matters, but I found it a pleasant group chat with my friends. Everyone says people sometimes judges things by first impressions and right now, I like this app- but that may change (my review might change) but I love it so far. I recommend this app for people in businesses and people who just want to hang with their friends! :-D - a Zoom user with an odd name : “song rater”. Very odd name:-D :-D If you have survived my long review, and read through my thoughts and feelings toward this app, I appreciate your patience, thank you for reading

- Amazing!!

This is a good app. I use it and it isn’t that glitchy and the breakout rooms are great. Everyone in my family uses it and it’s very good for its quality. So I hope this app stays that way I just think this app is outstanding and it really helps during this time right now. I hope this app gets better and better but I just think it’s very good. And it’s good with passwords andSecurity. And all of this hard technology stuff is very cool that you can make this, and it’s good that it has passwords and you can make stuff you can invite people it’s so many stuff I can’t I can’t think of all of it because this app is so good, I can’t say how much I like this app. I hope it gets way more updates in might even get a new app because of how good this is. I hope it stays this way and it really helped me during this tough time so thank you.

- Business Zooming

Without a doubt over the past 6 months ZOOM has enhanced my ability to make money & reach more people than I could in a year! It has also taught my many business partners to utilize the ZOOM video & calls to duplicate our production, profitability, & most of all delivered our company message regarding our products with a genuine & sincere care element by being able to see our enthusiasm by emphasizing our overall company objectives & goals by the process of looking into our eyes & faces to show our personalization about how much we care about their success as well! My company will ALWAYS use ZOOM every opportunity we are presented to pull our people, products, & passion together in the drive to everyone’s success!! I have learned during this COVID pandemic, that we do not have to settle for less productive, but rather increase our company’s objectives & be more proficient in doing so b/c of ZOOM!!

- A whole new world

Pre-pandemic, when someone said the word zoom I never would have thought it meant a video platform, but here we are August 2020 and five months into the pandemic. I use zoom all week. I have meetings, my volunteer work is done virtually now and sometimes we have virtual parties on zoom. I do miss being with my friends and family, but I’m thankful we live in a time when even when we can’t be together, we’re together. The app does have some hiccups here and there, but it’s always up and running very quickly. I appreciate all the features; breakout rooms, chat, virtual backgrounds, raising the hand feature. Video off and mute with just a click. I know a lot of older ones who use this app and was able to get a hold of it rather quickly. Thank you for creating such an awesome app. Where we can stay connected.

- I had never heard of Zoom before the COVID-19 pandemic.

I had never heard of Zoom before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now I have used it to meet together with family and friends and still remain safe and help keep them safe. I love being able to travel virtually to places I never would have been able to do in reality because of my circumstances and situations in life. I love the fact that I can learn new things from a distance and yet can still interact if I want — . unlike with TV, books, pictures, letters or cards. While it isn’t quite the same as connecting in person —it sure does come in as a close 2nd under the present circumstances. — In some situations it can and has worked very well — (maybe even better at times) to be able to converse with and see ones, in real time on this virtual meeting place called Zoom❣️

- Not impressed

It seems like it’s one thing after another with this program. If I could give I zero stars I would. I gave it a shot because a lot of people were recommending Zoom for video conferencing over similar alternative video messaging apps. The sound quality, video quality and overall connection is poor, has a longer lag time than other apps and there’s all sorts of confusion on how to join a meeting. Seems like it should be straight forward but it’s not. Also, when sending a meeting invite to someone, it sends an email from my personal device email address rather than the work email address which I registered with the app. How does that make sense? When I downloaded the app to my phone as a back up, nothing would sync across my devices or accounts so I would have to send new invites to the same people for the same meeting, therefore causing MORE confusion. I am going to encourage the people I'm meeting with to use a different service, and can’t wait to go back to in-person meetings so that I can be rid of this frustrating app.

- It’s ok

Now I would not say this is the best app in the world 🌎 but it is really useful specially for these Times like for the first time I could talk to my friend that’s in Dallas but there are some things I don’t really like about this app like every time I put on a background the background goes over me and you have to have an account to call someone or have a profile and to me it’s kind of frustrating but I do you like that you can share your content but I would also like it if they were games that you can play and there is also a limit which is also kind of frustrating you can only talk for 40 minutes if you want to talk for more you half to pay for which is really expensive and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to spend money on like that so those are some things that I would fix I hope someone responds but overall this is a really good app and it’s really useful

- A Vital App, But Buggy on My iPad Air 2

I have been using Zoom since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to reach out to friends and family and to participate in meetings with as many as 100 other participants, and for the most part, it works remarkably well. And with the latest updates, the security measures like the waiting room and the lock functionalities are a practical tools for dealing with “Zoom Bombers”. I have rated it 3 stars, however, for the persistent bug that locks up the app when I co-host; within 10-15 minutes, my screen is stuck with the participants tab open, and I cannot switch views from active speak to gallery (and vice versa), I can’t scroll through scenes in gallery view, and lately, even the chat screen becomes inaccessible. This limits my moderator/cohosting abilities, as I can only admit people, boot them blindly (as I can’t see their screens), I can’t unmute myself, I can’t even leave the meeting without force-quitting, and as I said before, today I couldn’t even chat with other participants. This isn’t a settings issue, it’s the app as it runs on my iPad. The only fix is to force-quit and then log back in, which is disruptive and compromises the meetings security as I disappear for a few moments while unwelcome guests harass our bonafide participants. When I’m not cohosting, I don’t have ANY of these problems. To the developers: This is a wonderful product, but this bug is nuts.

- Wow!

Ok so I heard of this app right when quarintine started, and I really enjoy it! There’s so many features and great for online learning! The reason people say it’s glitchy is because certain places in a house have a worse connection then others, but lucky for me the strongest WiFi spot in my house is my bed 😏. It’s great for book clubs, dance meetings, choir, or just chilling with friends, which those are all the things I do.. I LIKE THE VEIW 😎. Excuse my memey soul, but there is 1 issue with this app, the screen share. It is always VERY glitch and when I tried to watch “Frozen II” with my bffs, nobody could see and sometimes hear because of how glitch it was! If you would fix that feature it would be fabulous and I believe you will probably get ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from everyone! Fix the glitches, and you got the best video chatting app!

- Not Bad but Could Be Way Better

I’ve been using Zoom for about two months now due to COVID-19. We haven’t had any Zoom “bombs” or major hiccups. But I do have a few things I would like to share that they could improve: 1. In the webinars add-on, it would be great if there was a way to generate the attendee report before the actual webinar. There’s info that’s collected during registration that is needed before the webinar so it’s a real hassle to go through each registrant one by one. 2. Also in the webinars add on, we should be able to edit the email templates. 3. Would love to use the virtual back drop but I don’t have a green screen. Who has a green screen?! Why create a feature for something most people don’t have. Like many people, I’m using my work computer for video conferences so some part of the feature should at least match with basic system requirements. Kind of annoying but I guess you get what you pay for 🤷🏾‍♀️

- Very good but would change some things

I think that this app is very helpful for while we’re in e learning. Our class uses it for check ins and stuff for e learning. And me and my mom use it to celebrate birthday parties for her friends. This is my first time using it, and I think that it is very good. I like how you can change your name and how you can make backgrounds. I also like how you can create your own background. But I don’t like how when someone is screen sharing, you can draw on their screen. One time my teacher was screen sharing to show us the assignment and one of our classmates was drawing on the screen and my teacher had to keep stopping to tell whoever’s doing it to stop. I also think that adding a password should be optional. I used to copy and paste the meeting ID but then there was a password and I can’t copy both. That makes me give it 4 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Helpful but Laggy

Zoom is a great app. It helps connect people that cannot connect otherwise. However, when there is enough people, it starts to become very laggy. Audio and Visual should be synced but that isn’t assured when there is 15+ people. Also, when you are on different devices, the preferences and toggles are in different spots, making it confusing for people who may not understand how to control the entire app. Everything should be in the same spot, no matter what kind of device you have. I’m glad Zoom works in most places as well, but it doesn’t already work everywhere, which also makes it lag, a lot. I do not recommend using it for huge meetings of 20+ people or else it may not work. But it is the optimum choice if you need it for holding classroom meetings because the teacher can be what is called the host, and students have some freedom with fun things, but not enough to disrupt the conversation.

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- Great, reliable app with excellent UI

I work for a large global company and we use zoom every day on our desktop computers but I was pessimistic about its ability to translate to a workable mobile app. Having used the app now for more than a dozen on-the-go meetings, I have to say it has easily exceeded all expectations. I love that it’s UI is so easy and intuitive for all the most common tasks I need to perform. I can join with my corporate account, pinch to zoom into even the smallest detail on someone’s shared desktop screen, I have complete control over audio and video, it has a driving mode I can easily mute/unmute in the car and then switch back to screen viewing when I arrive, chat between participants is easily done and today someone seamlessly pushed us into a breakout room to continue our discussion. The folks I’m meeting with are on desktops and they can’t tell I’m on mobile. Just brilliant. Great work development team and PMs. This app is a pleasure to use.

- Amazing but one problem

Ever since the virus started we have been using zoom for school and next term we will be using it every day and since everyone talks at once while we all join onto zoom to fix that issue our teacher tells us to mute ourselves and he asked one person at a time to answer a question and this keeps everything nice and quiet. Just one problem I was trying to get onto the zoom meeting one day and just saying I never got on but I was trying to get onto it and I couldn’t it kept on saying something like internal meeting only and I had to use a different account to log in but that still didn’t work so I ended up not being able to join the meeting it’s was also saying stuff like update to full version with more then 40minutes and I’m fixing the issues now.

- Zoom isn’t really great with iPads

While the basic Zoom subscription DOES work on an iPad, it obviously wasn’t designed for them, and is clunky and awkward to use whilst online and on camera. The interactive meeting settings such as the Chat box are situated at the top of the iPad screen, whereas they are at the bottom of PC screens. Most iPads do not have the capacity to operate with a mouse. That means that a user has to reach up across the screen to click on setting options mid-meeting. Others in the meeting see this huge hand reaching for them. 3D is great in a cinema, not so in a business meeting. If you only have the basic subscription, you can’t contact the Zoom tech team for assistance, and have to rely on their online help topics, which are pretty unhelpful for iPad users. I haven bothered looking into whether a iPhone is any better, because quite frankly, who wants to have a zoom meeting on a tiny screen. Zoom has been fantastic during the COVID-19 lockdowns, but I whish they would hurry up and make it a better experience for Apple users.

- Short overview.

I am a child of post 2nd WW so I've grown up with a time in history with THE most radical changes in life. From our industrial to health to social norms and yes even faiths. It has been a huge ask of the elderly to put an iPad under their nose and say "Just put your password in and you can join a scheduled meeting with your friends........ ??Really? My friends are miles away and some are overseas...how so? ZOOM. SO some patient person explains ....and if you go to x and enter a number before you then put in your ID and away you go.... Yes even a 75 year old lady with compromised sight can sit happily in front of her iPad and ZOOM anyone anywhere. No hiccups no problems and all the while giving an opportunity to unite friends family and the like. It's EASY it's EFFICIENT and it's the best thing since sliced bread!!!

- Keeping connected

I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I use zoom to allow me to be interactive at our twice weekly meetings. Also, due to the social distancing requirements we are not going door to door. Instead we contact our neighbours by telephone and by letters. To help us do this me meet in the morning over zoom. So zoom has helped us to still continue with our ministry and receive encouragement from our spiritual brothers and sisters. As a result I have only felt the pain of being isolated to a small degree - it will be nice though when we eventually meet up with our spiritual family in person. Thanks for this avenue allowing for us to communicate directly during this crisis. Warm regards Patricia.

- What a great app!!!

In a time when the whole country is in lockdown and my friend was sitting “Shivah” in mourning for the passing of his dear mom ob”m, not having the chance to mourn with friends and family, say the “Kaddish” the traditional Jewish mourners prayer and prayiywith a qouram of at least 10, which besides endangerinythe lives of others is against the law of the country, ZOOM provided a great amount of comfort allowing friends from far and near, even from across the sea, to pray together, mourn together and comfort each other! And all for free! Thank you ZOOM! You guys will surely be blessed by Almighty G-D, for what you have done for us and countless others around the globe!!! The quality of video and audio was EXCELLENT! Thank you! Daniel Kaye, NSW, Australia

- Audio is bad

When connected to a meeting they could not hear me from their end on their laptops- the device I was using at the time was iPhone 8. It’s definitely not my device at fault because I tried immediately calling through my other calling apps such as Viber, Facebook messenger and what’s app and my voice was coming out clear as day on their end. I’ve also gone through all my phone settings/microphone settings/Zoom settings etc and there’s no issue there. Second time I tried zoom with a friend to see if it works to another phone and they could hear me but it was barely audible even with their volume maxed out. Please fix this issue ASAP because many of us are in for at least 6 months of working from home and zoom meetings with this coronavirus situation and it’s going to be very painful if I can’t get this to work. Thank you.

- Auzzies Luv Zoom

Excellent medium and is full of features. I think many companies are realising they have been wasting money sending staff interstate for one meeting costing hundreds of dollars. They are better spending money on setting up their staff/teams via zoom where all calls can be face to face. Makes sense. Telstra in Australia stopped their staff and executives travelling interstate for meetings some 15 years ago and encouraged face to face virtual meetings through their own video conferencing, saving hundreds of thousands (travel and accomodation costs). I am sure other companies have seen the advantages in video conferencing some years ago as well.

- Functional but many half baked features

All in all it does the job but so many things feel half done. After creating an account and adding users you would expect you can then interact with those users. Logging into the zoom app and choosing contacts doesn’t show a single user as a contact. If you want to see your users as contacts you need to manually enter each of them and each user has to do the same for themselves. Create a scheduled meeting and there is no ability to select a bunch of users from your account as invitees. You need to copy a link go out to an email package and email them a link. This also means that they don’t see a scheduled meeting pop up under their own zoom login unless they created it, they need to rely on an external email invite. Sure you can send an invite to a user during a meeting but it’s a bit late after the meeting has started. I would have thought these were basics. As I said the system works but the workflows really need some attention so there isn’t so much wasted time jumping in and out of the system which should only be necessary when interacting with non zoom users

- An amazing teaching tool

Moving to Zoom saved our college literally tens of thousands of dollars a year compared to the last program we used for meetings, teaching and clinical supervision. We have about 5000 students, and more than half of those use Zoom for online classes. It is a stable, easy to use platform. We do individual sessions and classes of up to 24 students and their teacher. You can use it for free for meetings of up to 40 minutes. And the paid subscription is really affordable if you need longer sessions.

- Multitasking is sorely lacking

Please make it possible for zoom to work properly with multitasking. Whilst it does continue to operate in the background, the moment you swap to another app, your video and audio cuts out and stops being sent to others (far end audio also cuts out until you swap back to zoom). With ipad pro and larger screens, we need to be able to participate fully in a zoom meeting, whilst also working collaboratively on other documents and apps. This is the one feature that would allow me to use zoom more effectively every day.

- Works surprisingly well

Used Zoom quite a few times now and am getting used to the program. Generally works very well, we have had up to 9 people involved in our own sessions and been in a few sessions with more than that, generally no problems as long as everyone has a reasonable internet connection. If there are a lot of participants it helps to mute microphones. Well worth a look, and you can do quite a lot with the free version, especially if you tend to have short meetings

- The Benefit of Zoom to me.

I am an older person and because of Covid 19 restricted time home a bit unable to do all the things I usually do. I am use to attending Bible meetings at a Kingdom Hall if Jehovah’s Witnesses . As we are unable to do that at present .I can zoom in twice a week for the same meetings. See all my friends and have a chat. Also my family and friends zoom in with me for morning or afternoon tea and a lot of chatter occurs and I love it. This all helps me not to be lonely and I look forward to Zoom every week. Thankyou

- Awsome!!

I mostly use this to get in touch with my class mates and it is a really cool app to use for not only class work but also to get in touch with family and one thing they could work on would be better camera quality so they could be more clearer but other than that it’s an awesome FaceTime app and can connect more than 10 people, I would definitely recommend for you to download this and give it a go yourself, that’s why I chose to give this a 5 star rating!

- OMG Zoom is the BEST

I can talk to every single on of my friends all at once!!!! Zoom is the Best thing I have ever asked for 🤩🤩. During this terrible Corona Situation Zoom is the best thing to talk to all friends at on time!!! If u r reading this I ask u download this video at once to talk to all ur friends while it is to hot or cold outside or~~~ ur just not allowed outside for a pacific reason. So get this app now🥳🥳 and through a party with ur friends and ur self on ZOOM🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🥳🤩🥳 is ur mind blowing or not🤯🤯🤯 Pandaplayz (Abby Rose Shackles Brumley) 🐼🐼🐼 I love Panda 🐼 🐼 panda 🐼

- Awesome but...

Hi I have a complaint When I am doing Spanish class and the teacher starts sharing the screen very one starts drawing on the screen! And I am just suggesting (you don’t have to do this) but I think when someone starts drawing on the screen it should say someone started drawing on the screen that way we know who is being naughty and we can punish him or her. Well that’s all from me please send a developer response or think about making these changes!

- Fast but not Ux optimised

I like Zoom but it needs to resolve some critical issues. It must be 100 % clear when I'm muted or when my video is on. I've had multiple calls now where the mute was not set properly for me or others. There is either a bug or Ux issue. Please change it so the my mute status is visible on every screen. The "tap to speak" screen is the most problematic here. Further, video should always be off by default. It is an invasion of privacy to have it auto on. Per privacy standards, I should always have to actively allow video per call! I've had numerous customers unaware that the video is on and they are being watched!

- Overwhelming gratitude

My prayer partner and I have been using Zoom every two weeks for a couple of years to catch up with our lives and prayer for those things on our hearts. We have appreciated Zoom. But now with Co-Vid19, our gratitude overflows. The uses of Zoom are endless. We took part in church services (yes, multiple) on Sunday through Zoom, held our weekly Bible Study Group last night and tomorrow my husband is participating in his weekly men’s coffee meeting by Zoom. A million thanks ❤️❤️❤️

- Dont send data to Facebook

This would be 5 stars if you didn’t share our data with Facebook! Edit: They listened! Privacy is of great concern to all consumers and Zoom has stepped up. This app is wonderful and helps keep in touch and remain productive in these strange work from home in these trying times! It has all the features you would expect and has performed exceedingly well for meetings, lectures and general chit chat!

- Needs File Transfer option, unless I missed it.

Works fantastically on my iPad and iPhone when I need to attend a call, seminar, or presentation of work whist on the go. The audio and display are clear and near-seamless. However, I am unable to receive files sent via the Chat window (unless I’m on the desktop version), which spoils the experience of complete mobility. It would be great if I could receive documents and other files over Chat like one normally would on the desktop version of Zoom, but alas!

- Can’t use multiple apps at once

It’s an amazing app and I cannot fault it. However there is a problem as you cannot access other apps whilst you’re in the zoom app and maintain a call. I’m a student using this to hold meetings with teachers on my IPad Pro however when we are asked to type in a document or access information on our online classroom I cannot. As soon as I leave the app it boots me from the meeting. The use of multiple screens at once would be amazing such as you can have two apps open at the same time to work whilst still on call.

- Zero stars - Adding contacts is painful - Lack of security and woeful audio quality

Why is there a 2step process to connect with friends in Zoom? Step 1 Invite them to setup an account in Zoom Step 2 Invite them to connect in Zoom This is a counterintuitive and painful process. I much prefer FaceTime. The only reason I am using this Zoom app is to play along with other family members already using it. When we eventually did connect (well, apart from those who couldn’t get through and gave up in frustration), the sound quality was just terrible. Add to that the inadequate security and the fact that you’re selling our data to Facebook, I honestly don’t know why anyone is using Zoom. I don’t trust it. (My employer won’t allow us to use Zoom for business for these reasons) I hate this app. If there was a zero star rating that’s what I would give it. I have asked my family to move to FaceTime so that we don’t have to ever use Zoom again. PS/ I have now deleted my Zoom account and uninstalled the app. Never again.

- Where are virtual backgrounds on iPads? 😛

Look, this app is amazing, and i love everything about it. It doesn’t crash or lag like Microsoft teams, and it doesn’t randomly disconnect when i open safari! Buuuuuuut... I use this app on my ipad, and i noticed, there are no virtual backgrounds available!! These are important, because i dont want anyone seeing my house when i do meetings. Can you please add them to ipad? Thanks in advance.

- I love zoom!

This app is soooooooo amazing! I use this app every time I have online ballet classes 🩰👩🏻‍🏫. Zoom is one ☝️ of my top three apps. I also love ❤️ 💕💞💓💗💝💘💖 how the “buttons “ (by the way I call them buttons because you click on them.) are very neatly and simply arranged. The only thing is that sometimes you drop down of your internet connection. Apart from that, everything is perfect 👌. Absolutely perfect.

- Great, But I Have Suggestions.

I really think this is a great application. It works well and is handy to use for school. As a student, I suggest you add a function where when you start screen sharing, or sharing content, you can have a menu pop up allowing you to disable viewer annotations before you start your screen sharing, similar to how when you join a zoom it says : Join with video On or Join with video Off. Overall works well! Great job!

- Love grapes, read this...

Well it’s fine (grapes). I have been using this app because of covid-19, obviously while eating grapes, and there is a few things. Okay so first, I always see people changing their backgrounds to these amazing pictures and when ever I look up how to do it and follow the instructions how to exactly I can never find the button. Next, If I want to message a photo of a grape or voice message about me saying grapes a thousand times, I can’t. So, this app is good for calling live, but the accessory grapes are definitely brown and smooshed.

- Great app, needs camera in split screen mode

Hi I have used this app extensively and it works great. It doesn’t allow me to use the camera though when I have the screen split on iPad. Please allow it to use camera as well as audio so I can do a meeting with my notes up on the screen as well as having my camera on so people can see me. Otherwise I have to use two devices or a laptop.

- Isolation Online Morning Coffee Chat

I belong to a Baby Boomer Group which usually catches up weekly to monthly for a coffee at a cafe, lunch, dinner, movie, walks, local events & sometimes trips away. One of the organisers of the Group put it out there for a casual chat on Zoom, everybody downloads the app, logs in from the organiser’s link & it is free for 40 minutes per day or unlimited for a cost of $220 per year. It is & has been a lifesaver. Thank you Zoom!

- New Way Forward

Zoom has helped me survive 8 weeks of Covid-19 as a 74 year old susceptible person who lives alone I have been able see my daughter every day also my sister in New Zealand and friend in Tasmania I have been playing Drag Bingo twice a week and doing Meditation with my local friends also a medium I subscribe too my sister has been teaching for her university with Zoom,thank you so much

- This is an awesome app but there’s one problem

This is probably the best app for communicating with your friends! It’s kinda like FaceTime, and iMessage mixed together, and has so many other features too. But there’s one problem, when I try to start a meeting, it says to verify my date of birth (which I did so many times) but it kept on saying I was eligible for it, I don’t know why. When I try to enter my mum’s date of birth, it said eligible too! Can you please fix it?

- Great app but a few problems

Zoom is a great app and it works but there are a few issues, firstly the audio quality is near 6 out of 10. Every time I use it, it breaks up so much and it is very frustrating when I miss a step. Second, after forty minutes, it ends the call unless you pay, which I know for lots of apps do, but I feel like you shouldn’t waste your money on that. This app is great but I would like a few changes.

- Really?

Hi, have been trying to download Zoom app (for iPad) continually I can see the little blue square, but not the circle (after I’ve pressed on ‘get’) but it won’t do anything else. I have tried - really I have tried (and I’ve used computers virtually since they started - not a geek, but not stupid either... I have spent hours online with your website trying to find answers - no luck there. So, not impressed - if it’s not working and it will only do this via my App Store continually - what a waste of my very valuable time. And I needed to access a really important online webinar today - and thought I’d finally cracked it. Really bad news!

- Great but some problems

I have been using zoom on iOS and it has been sufficient for daily calls. The audio quality is poor but enough to hear the speaker clearly enough. My main gripe is that you cannot turn the volume down far enough! There is a threshold that you cannot go below in volume, and it is actually quite high: when someone is speaking relatively loudly or a video is playing, the volume is unbearably high.

- Zoom drops out

I scheduled a meeting with someone a couple of days ago. It started well, but about 25 minutes into the meeting her connection dropped out, and could not be restored, even by leaving and rejoining the meeting. ATM we are also doing our church service via zoom. After the service we are allocated chatroooms. Quite often we don’t get connected to our chat room, and either have to leave & rejoin the meeting, or just give up when that doesn’t work. It’s very frustrating.

- So impressed with Zoom!

I was initially anxious about how Zoom would work, but it was easier to use than expected and very intuitive. The sound and video coordinated well, and the only issue our group had was with turn taking. Maybe we need to develop hand signals to indicate that we'd like to speak! Thanks, it's a wonderful bonus to have this platform in the time of Coronavirus!

- When the corna virs end

My name is Kirstin when is this corna virs going to stop please and when is going to end for Australia and the Adelaide hills too be because I would like to catch up with my family and my boyfriend Neville and May I ask question when can I see him and give him hugs and kisses to because I am Neville girlfriend Kristin is ok some time could see him and is cafe restaurant open soon is that possible from Kristin

- Trump spotting

I have been using zoom for online school, I woke up one day - my innocence so pure. I logged into my first class for the day and I was traumatised, I felt paralysed. There on my screen was the U.S president. His beady eyes squinting at the screen. I couldn’t look away my eyes welled with blood and my hands started to shake. It felt as though the whole world froze and I was being punch in the face. His skin was so orange, he had circles around his eyes. His hair was reflecting the sun. It burned my eyes, burnt blisters on my skin. Since that day - I have never opened the Zoom app. I am warning you, one day you’ll have to look into his eyes. The monster that is Donald Trump.

- Shubh patels review on the great zoom

I really like this because it is not as glitchy as other online platforms such as Webex or google meeting. Both of these apps have very bad connection and sometimes some of their access buttons are not even there but zoom is perfectly updated and aware of the future so I think that zoom is the best.

- Name

I use this app for school and I made an account so that I could make zooms between me and my friends and used a joke between us as my name, now ever since when I go into class zooms that’s my name, even after logging out of the account, it doesn’t give me the option to select my name like it did before the account and in some zooms my teachers turn renaming off which makes for a very awkward excuse to why that’s my name, multiple emails have gone out to the whole school to use your real name in calls and I can’t change it even when logged out.

- Zoom rating

I think zoom is a really good app because you don’t need a phone number and you can message people on it. You can accept contacts and you can do some really cool stuff on it. There are some little things I don’t like about zoom such as I can’t message if I’m in a meting on my phone and little things like that but other wise zoom is a really good app from calling family to joining work calls.

- Together alone

It is a joy to be able to still have my Sunday service even after a fumble with my iPad. Fun to meet new faces as I am an 8 o’clocker ! I really miss the early service and group time we have at church and later at the Squirrel. But today’s outdoor message was very biblical and I loved it ( dogs and all ) That’s the first time I been to church on the beach since I was a child at Pt Lonsdale.. God Bless and Joy to you all.

- Useless on iPad for contacts

Despite instructions for importing your iOS contacts on mobile or desktop, on iPad after trying 50 different privacy and access settings, and reinstalling, there is no way to import your iOS contacts. On iPhone it works because it’s a different version of the app that asks for access to contacts, but even though I’m on a paid account those contacts stay on that device and don’t appear on my iPad. SO annoying and also unclear from all the help guides that don’t even mention tablets and keep referring you back to the mobile guide.

- Very good, better than anything I’ve, used

Really good but screen goes frozen a lot. But it’s really good and my big brother uses a different program and he says zoom is the best, in my opinion, if your reading this review, download zoom, I’d recommend it over all the other apps, and there’ are some really cool effects you can use if you want.

- zoom and its ups and downs

Zoom gives me the chance to see friends clearly but there is some flaws. It often glitches and stops and when two people are in the same room it echos and hurts everyone’s ears. But however it is most of the time great and you can change your name, profile picture and background. I think Zoom has it its ups and downs. Please fix them and what does hands up mean?

- Great app to stay connected

This is a great app to stay connected and attend meetings and generally works alright. Issue: the ‘meet & attend’ used to appear but that is no longer happening and stays as connected. Which means there are meetings I cannot connect to it is asking for authentic sign in. I go to sign out and says there are connection issues. I’ve reset my phone but that made no difference still having same issue.

- Stuffs up my phone

This app drains my phone battery (I mean, it drops from 50 to 20% battery life for a five minute call!) and makes my phone super hot. If someone calls me when I’m not using the phone, it doesn’t ring nor show as a missed call, yet the other person says it rang normally on their end every time. This happens whether or not I’m logged in on the desktop and my settings mean it should ring. No other app does this, no troubles with video phoning, my phone ringing, or battery usage. I’ve had to suffer using it for 5 months and I can’t wait until I can delete it.

- Good...

Zoom is excellent and I have had no dramas with it... however there r some things that would make it that little bit better! 1. On chat it would b good 2 tell when someone is typing... so it says it below their name 2. Show when a msg has been delivered and read 3. Be able 2 change a contacts name...but only on your end! If u could take these things into consideration... it would b wonderful!!

- Problems

Ever since the last update to the app on my iPhone any meeting link wants to open in a browser instead of the app. I need to copy and paste the meeting ID into the app then manually enter the password. Previously just clicking the link opened the meeting in the Zoom app. Also, video now appears to be in 4:3 ratio Instead of 16:9. Other users I meet with experience the same issues on their iPhones.

- Not bad!

Only used it once so-far - seems very effective, good video and sound quality. Did experience several 3-7 second dropouts on the mobile even though the signal was quite strong... Suggestion: When I’m not using the video option, whilst driving, etc, it would be really handy if I could either create an avatar or just use a still photo so that others know who’s on.

- Please Bring back the good mic quality for ipad air first gen!

Just updated to the earliest version, tried to use original sound, it sounds surpressed when i review it back. Original sound gone worse for some reason, The older version are able to bring the original quality mic sound of ipad. This really helps me a lot especially if Im trying to play instruments through zoom without any loss of quality. In short, please fix the mic quality or bring back as the older version! Thanks!

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Very good for the Coronavirus moment.

- Zoom review

The meeting itself went smoothly, but then i read the horrendous privacy policy. Zoom feels that it has the right to collect users names, physical addresses, ip & Mac addresses, fb profiles.... whether the users have an account or not. Seriously!!! Tell me, why is that necessary to meet online using this app??? All and any gains from this app are utterly undermined by this policy. UNINSTALL!

- It’s corona time

Forced to get this for school 😔😔 but it’s a good app

- bruh

this app steals your data without declaring it in the privacy policy. please schools, find a better option

- Takes private information

When I created a account it went fine but when I read the private policy I was horrified. Zoom thinks they have the right to take your passwords and emails then send them to Facebook. These poor teachers barely know what their doing. Their giving their whole accounts to this horrible and cruel app. Don’t use this, trust me for the sake of your private information. I had to give this app a 1 star because that is the lowest I can give them but I think they deserve more of a -1000 star rate. Make sure to give this thing a one star so we can shut it down. If you have this app, it delete it at once.DON’T USE THIS.

- Vraiment une super application

Je viens tout juste de participer à un webinaire avec Zoom et c'est super convivial et ça fonctionne super bien! Je le recommande!!

- Student

This is app is mentally confusing, and it shouldn’t be on the App Store.

- Excellent and user friendly.

Simple and intuitive.

- Taribble


- amosc: kaedipoo101

i dislike covid-19

- Zoom is stealing your information!

The app contains pleanty articles stating that the online application that thousand of students around the world are using for classes ever scince the quarantine created due to the corona virus ( covid19 ), Zoom, thinks that it has the right to obtain ALL of the user’s information and share it with Facebook and other companies, it steals it’s location info, the information on the user’s gmail and others! At all costs, give a low rating on the application to have our information safely stored to us and only us

- game changing

i can fap to my crush in real time

- Great app

Great app easy and professionnal! 5 stars of course

- Characterized as Malware by security engineers worldwide

There are too many issues with zoom to recommend it. They’ve shown a complete lack of understanding and lie to users by selling end to end encryption as if they’re competent enough to deploy it let alone understand what the hell that means.

- Idk

I gave this one star so I don’t have to have online school


Zoom, mouchard pour Facebook COURT-CIRCUIT Le service de communication par vidéo envoyait des informations à Facebook sans en avertir ses utilisateurs Zoom est aussi disponible sur mobile. — © Getty Images/iStockphoto Anouch Seydtaghia Publié dimanche 29 mars 2020 à 14:54 Modifié dimanche 29 mars 2020 à 14:56 C’est le hit du moment: l’utilisation du service de vidéoconférence Zoom explose depuis l’entrée en vigueur des mesures de confinement dans de nombreux pays et l’intensification du télétravail. Simple à utiliser, offrant une bonne qualité d’image, Zoom propose aussi un service gratuit pour des appels vidéo jusqu’à quarante minutes. Mais cette gratuité est toute relative. Comme vient de le révéler le site spécialisé Motherboard, Zoom envoyait des informations à Facebook, même si ses utilisateurs ne possèdent pas de compte auprès du réseau social. Les données envoyées à Facebook étaient le fuseau horaire dans lequel se trouve l’utilisateur de Zoom, le nom de son opérateur de téléphonie mobile, des détails sur son smartphone ainsi qu’un identifiant de publicité unique généré, permettant aux annonceurs de cibler les publicités envoyées… En soi, cet envoi de données n’est pas une exception puisque de multiples applications sont basées sur des interfaces de programmation de Facebook, afin d’intégrer plusieurs fonctionnalités à leur service. Le problème (principal), c’est qu’à aucun moment Zoom n’en informait ses clients. Heureusement que, juste après l’article de Motherboard, l’envoi de ces données a été stoppé.

- Doesn’t work????

Awful app and lags way to much sorry 😐

- Sucks

I physically can’t turn on my microphone you app sucks

- Trash


- Shares your information

After reading an article about Zoom I found out they share your information with Facebook. I don’t know anyone who wants their information shares with Facebook

- this is a waste of time

there making me do school :’( i ion want to

- This is crap

When ever I join a meeting it does nothing just use Skype FaceTime google hangouts those are all way better

- Super facile a utiliser

Jaime beaucoup Zoom, que j’utilise tres régulièrement.

- No online school

Come on boys get this below 1 star so we don’t have to do it

- F

Bad they can find your Ip and open the webcam anytime they want and on pc they can open files not a good app

- Horrible

It should be banned please.

- Bruuuuuuhhhhh

Why do you steal poor people data 🥺🥺🥺

- Zoom is spying

This sucks

- Bad

The app is so bad I would rather be homeless

- Selling data not cool

Selling personal data to Facebook and installing spyware that can access camera and microphone not cool! Thank you Apple for patching this virusware!

- steals data

can view and sell your private data to facebook and other servers. (AND DOES- LOOK IT UP). can take any information from any open tabs while you’re using it. I don’t feel safe.

- Force to quit after 40 minutes?

Free users plz don’t use this app.

- concerns❤️

who asked 🧚‍♂️✨

- I don’t want online classes

I don’t like online classes

- Opinion about Zoom

Zoom is a very good source when you are meeting with a number of people. My parents during covid-19 used zoom numerous times in a week. Having the ability to have access to zoom helps them help others.

- Albert inseins big pp

I saw a big po

- School = Bad

if we gove enough bad ratings we can take it down from appstore

- No blue tooth

I cannot use blue tooth audio speakers while in zoom - super frustrated!!!

- Stealing stuff

Ok, don’t put in any information, it says they have the right to have it

- Rating For The Application “Zoom”

So I like the way that I can call my friends because we all have the app zoom, BUT why is there “ZOOM PREMIUM” for a meeting with more than 2 people for more than 40 mins? Litterally this app is ruined by a greedy developer. And if you don’t have it, it closes down and cancels the meeting, THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVERRR, And I found out that it was taking my email information and sending it on Facebook and other businesses, IM ABOUT TO GET HACKED NOW OKAY?! So DELETE THIS APP AT ONCE AND FIND A BETTER OPTION. HEED MY WARNING.

- good but i can’t......

some people can change their backgrounds but it doesn’t let me on an ipad it should all be the same thing on all devices

- bad

wallahi fam lowkey good app my teacher fham be calling givin me virtual sloppy toppy 10/10

- Zoom is odd

I am a paid member in Canada. Once I saw our video calls were “accidentally” routed to Zoom’s server in Beijing. I am very concerned about i5. Zoom drains power of electronic batteries so quickly. I am wondering why it does so fast. My fully charged iPad could only last for only 1.5 hours. Whenever it is used on my laptop, the hard drive screams. It seems it sucks things from these devices. I used to be able to share screen in Zoom. After criticizing Chinese government, I cannot share my screen any more. After complained it and requested Zoom to reinstate my screen-sharing, they ignored my request.

- Discords better

Discords better

- A little hard

Kinda takes a little to join so it would be nice if it was faster

- no


- Traitor

Zoom is working closely with the Communist Chinese to block accounts based on their requests. Does this company supports free speech or the censorship of free speech? Which country is Zoom loyal to? The communists?

- Cringy

It glitches out soo much and steal private info so trash


Glitchy. Horrible controls. Half the time I can’t hear. The privacy policy basically says no matter what WE SEE U MWAHAHAHAHAHA

- Awful

Why does this exist?

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Mobile Appz

UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 6: ZOOM Cloud Meetings -

BigTopApps 🌎

ZOOM Cloud Meetings - BigTopApps:


Google Meet launched quietly in 2017 as an invite-only app. Zoom made a meteoric rise to challenge all giants in cloud-based video conferencing. Thanks to their collaborative features of both services, online meetings are not just a little better, but

iTunes Charts

"ZOOM Cloud Meetings" is on Top of iTunes Free Apps Chart! Description and more -

Jeremy Negrey

Phase 2 will be integrating a 3rd party cloud storage solution (Dropbox, OneDrive, ShareBase, etc.) to make file mgmt easier. Down the line, I'm hoping for tighter integrations with @Outlook & @zoom_us for calendar mgmt and in-platform meetings... /9


@PromoKitchen A2/ In a lot of ways, the pandemic expedited a lot of sustainable everyday business practices. The reduced commuting, the cloud files, and zoom meetings over travel. We think this mindset has translated into the promo products that we're finding useful. #promochat


Want to learn more about the complete #opensource complete cloud #infrastructure #software stack for the edge? Listen or join in on the conversation during the weekly #zoom calls. #StarlingX #devops #k8s #software #telco

Hayden Scott-Baron ✨🇪🇺✨

@LotteMakesStuff Hamster would be the ideal use case for cloud streaming too omg. Check in from your phone or between zoom meetings on PC. Maybe you could care for a friend’s pet for a while.


"Download Center - Zoom" //☜ <><><> "ZOOM Cloud Meetings: for Android" //☜ <><><> "Best Free Android Apps" //☜ <><><>

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UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 6: ZOOM Cloud Meetings -

Alora ✨ | Dm me lovelies 🌸

1 MONTH ZOOM PRO FOR 290 ⭐ ✨ can host 100 participants only ✨Number of meetings: Unlimited ✨Group meeting duration: Unlimited ✨Video Conferencing & Web Conferencing ✨Group Messaging ✨Desktop & Application Sharing ✨Local & Cloud Recording Capability


Day, date : Saturday, 27 February 2021 Time : 19.00-22.00 WIB Via : Zoom Cloud Meetings Dresscode : Semi-formal

iTunes Charts

"ZOOM Cloud Meetings" is on Top of iTunes Free Apps Chart! Description and more -

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UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 7: ZOOM Cloud Meetings -


Date : Sunday, February 28th, 2021⁣ Time : 14.00 - end (GMT + 7)⁣ Location : Zoom Cloud Meetings & Live Streaming Youtube CIMSA Unand⁣ Speaker : Sri Wahyuni Sukotjo (Nutrition Specialist UNICEF Indonesia)⁣ Moderator : dr. Avino Mulana Fikri (Alumni CIMSA Unand 2013)⁣ ⁣

ZOOM Cloud Meetings 5.5.3 Screenshots & Images

ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images

ZOOM Cloud Meetings (Version 5.5.3) Install & Download

The applications ZOOM Cloud Meetings was published in the category Business on 2012-08-15 and was developed by Zoom [Developer ID: 530594111]. This application file size is 134.3 MB. ZOOM Cloud Meetings - Business app posted on 2021-02-13 current version is 5.5.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.zoom.videomeetings

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