ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings [Business] App Description & Overview

Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a meeting with flawless video, crystal clear audio, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging – for free!

Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best meeting experience on mobile.

It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones.

Key Features:
-Best iPhone and iPad video meeting quality
-Best iPhone and iPad screen sharing quality
-Easily invite phone, email, or company contacts
-Contact availability status
-Virtual Background on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models
-Screen share directly from your iPhone or iPad
-Screen share screen and applications
-Co-annotate during screen sharing on iPhone and iPad
-Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad
-Works over WiFi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks
-Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple Carplay
-Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join and listen to a list of upcoming meetings

One App for many Zoom Applications:
-Use Zoom Chat to send secure group texts, images, and audio files from mobile and desktop
-Use Zoom Phone to make or receive business phone calls and check voice mail (additional subscription required)
-Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms
-Join Zoom Webinars as a view only participant

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Have a question? Contact us at support@zoom.us

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improvements to Facebook Login

ZOOM Cloud Meetings Comments & Reviews

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- Bandwidth usage

uses up wayyyy too much bandwidth. dukie

- A little glitchy

When the cameras switch it make it a little glitchy so it some times so you can’t hear them but other than that it is good

- Thank you !!

Zoom is saving me right now. During these times of isolation, it is a way to connect with my loved ones, friends and associates. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for this App. ❤️❤️❤️


Garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage

- Suckssss

Please if your reading this give the app 1 star thank you

- No stars for secret info sharing

It was revealed today that Zoom’s iOS app sends user information to Facebook, even if they don’t have Facebook accounts - and without explicitly disclosing so. Thank you!

- Really useful

Before Zoom I could not “ Factetime “ my friends until soon.

- I can’t change my background

That option is not available to me

- Zoom

You will have the best experience with Zoom.It has many features like the chat,a virtual background, and gallery view. You better download Zoom right now!

- Amazing software

Makes so many things easier. Meetings, lessons, groups.

- Zoom

Its good to keep in touch

- Bad organization

During the middle of class I was lagging and then I got kicked off then I got back and a few minutes later I get kicked off again. A few classes later the same thing happens again so I had to use my dad’s phone. I think Zoom should have a major bug fix update and be able to manage the unstableness problem and I heard the same happened to another classmate

- Very helpful for gatherings 👍🏾

I found this app to be great in getting together with friends and family - I will let others know.

- The virtual backgrounds

I have the requirements for the virtual background but it doesn’t give me the option to use it

- No tutorials

I thought I might be having trouble with the app and I called customer service. Someone told me that a troubleshooter would call me back. No one ever did. There’s no tutorial for this app. I guess you just have to figure it out.


Thanks for making us able to operate in this new world- great job keeping the platform stable.

- Work related due to COVID-19

This app is helping me stay employed and for that, I am most greatful !!!:)

- Review


- Great App

Got the App for family meetings during COVID scare. $15 a month is so cheap! Easy to use, no problems, hassles, issues. Great audio and video, Thanks!

- Awesome

Awesome for talking. No breakups, no sound going away, and no glitches.

- An excellent tool

This helped with our Dean search, two faculty searches, meeting with my graduate students and teaching classes at the undergraduate level. Very easy to use. Thank you.

- Holding class even in quarantine

This app has lifted its time restrictions so that I can carry on my high school literature courses even while we are all quarantined. It’s great to see everyone’s face daily and keep track of my students from home. Highly recommend.

- Eyes And Ears Of The World

This zoom app is amazingly wonderful it keeps me in touch with people and the world....

- Zoom review

Fantastic. Just fantastic

- Loving it!

A few little freezes but worth it when connecting to workout instructors, classmates and work buddies! Especially during this time of quarantine.

- Distressing and painful to use.

Complete and utter waste of time. Thanks. Delete and uninstall at the very first opportunity like me. Worse than useless.

- Zoom Cloud Meetings

I love the Zoom application. I thank that it is fun, accessible free, and very awesome to use. How ever there’s going to need to be a feature called Upgrade as a upgrade button. Over all, It works.

- Zoom is the best

You know Yo Best thing I love you

- Great, but maybe not?

I loved working on Zoom, and the quality was great. Everything was perfect, until I heard a rumor that Zoom was selling information to Facebook, which is very inappropriate in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say. It’s just really disappointing to find out.

- Do not use app

Our message ID won’t work to join a meeting and it won’t even show how to type the password I would give it a 0 star rating but I can’t

- No

I don’t like it I’m being forced to use it and it’s supper laggy like who would want that

- Fridends

I GET to žaliti My friends AND classmates.

- No good

Most complicated, confusing app to set up. You sign away your privacy.

- Privacy is not protected

Zoom has no regard for privacy. This app shares your data with services like Facebook - even when you do not have a Facebook account. Previously, they installed web servers on Macs to circumvent Safari security and privacy tools. The developer should be more ethical.

- Best thing since sliced bread

Obviously, totally great service, thank you for being here.

- Send My Info to Facebook Secretly? NO THANKS!

Apparently Zoom sends info to Facebook secretly. Sneaky and underhanded. Deleting your sneaky app! RECOMMENDATION TO ZOOM: get some integrity!

- Working Remotely and getting it done!

It’s a great way to stay connected and continue to work together remotely as we all face covid19 policies and rules to work from home.

- It’s so Bad

I have to use this for a class and this thing crashed like at least 10 times

- Setup

This app is by far the easiest to install and setup. There is just a few things you have to allow the app to use. You mic and camera. If you don’t know anything about computers, using common sense you allow you to be up and running.

- Zoom is awesome!

Zoom is totally awesome! Well, maybe sometimes the internet connection is a bit bad, but it has nothing to do with zoom. Because of the corona, I can’t go to school, so I use zoom to talk with my teachers. Thanks to the zoom creators, I can now speak and chat with my friends and teachers! Thanks so much! Your friend, Eileen

- Worked well

With family in Belgium, Oregon and Washington.

- It is good

My only problem with it is that it gives you a Max of 40 minutes and has options for 24 hr meetings

- Mahalo

Thank you for keeping us connected in this time of social distancing 🌺

- Zoom

I love this app

- Amazing

I give it five stars because it is just amazing

- Not good


- Send my info to Facebook? No thanks.

My device info is sent to Facebook. I have no interest in giving my business to a company that works with Facebook and obscures that fact.

- Terrible

Now I have to see my bosses face and hear his voice at the same time!

- Have to get!

I loveeeee zoom! I use it to “FaceTime” my friends and I also use it for online classes.

- Bjduma


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- Yes!!

My old friends (60s and 70s) and I Are really enjoying being able to use your technology to meet up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- App don’t even start

Latest iOS on iPhone X, splash screen then disappears, restarted phone, installed again, same edit: finally worked in the night, guess it was overloaded

- School app

School app

- Force to quit after 40 minutes?

Free users plz don’t use this app.

- Zoom being hacked

Zoom was good for a while but when there is a big number of participants, zoom got hacked and show inappropriate videos and slangs. The privacy on zoom is not safe especially for the young ones. The sound is also glitchy, cuts out a few times. Would not recommend to use this for big groups and for the young ones.

- Lag

Me and my friends keep on lagging so I was wondering if you could change that👍🏻

- Oof

This is bad. Always having class when we are supposed to relax.

- Useful tool

I am finding Zoom an easy way to connect with students, although I must say that the sound quality of music in the app is not great.

- I love love love it!

First time since COVID 19 pandemic started that my family scattered around the world from London, Toronto, Spain and Australia were all able to meet up virtually! And it was fantastic! A whole new world!

- Unfortunate Facebook spyware

Voice and videoconferencing features work great… which is a shame because the app contains undisclosed spyware — which reports you to Facebook even if you don't have a Facebook account.

- Not better than messenger

It’s complicated for nothing and it lags a lot. I though I would found something better than messenger. 👎🏽

- AK

Perfect quality

- Not moving

It always freez at hame and gliched me off

- Fghhjjj


- Zoom zoom

Tried for the first time. Easy to use and had no glitches. Not sure how to buy the app so that I can have unlimited time for conferences.

- A life saver

Really great to continue interacting with friends, having meetings and participate on them. Good picture and voice quality and version stable.

- Very bad

I try to online chat with teacher it no work

- Lol


- Lmaooo

Who else is here because of coronavirus and school

- Crap

Not user friendly at all

- Been good meeting with family, friends, and church

During social distancing we have been using ZOOM more than ever. Thank you for providing a simple interface that young and old can use and enjoy! Gary.

- I think I will like it

Very user unfriendly. Cannot figure out how to operate and while the webinar was useful it’s not user friendly. I hear this from others but I do like the quality once I am using it

- Stay Connected

Isolation is a killer. Staying connected is a life saver. Zoom allows this to happen in these unprecedented times of necessary social distancing. Amazing! The next best thing to meeting face to face.

- Slow

I'm trying to sync my phone contacts, it gives you 60 seconds to put in a code they are going to sms to me; got the code over an hour later that was by then invalid. Not so good start.

- Total crap

Downloaded the app I can’t even create an account. Complete garbage

- Bad


- The app secretly sends data to facebook

It just came up on the news and zoom sends users information to facebook EVEN if the one does NOT have a facebook account. That is outrageous and it just proves that if something is free than YOU ARE the product! Here’s a part of what vice wrote on their webpage: ”What the company and its privacy policy don't make clear is that the iOS version of the Zoom app is sending some analytics data to Facebook, even if Zoom users don't have a Facebook account, according to a Motherboard analysis of the app.”

- Zoom video

Great platform!

- Texto pour confirmer

Ne reçoit jamais un code pour confirmer les contact alors ne peux utilsier

- Zoom meeting

Works well very helpful

- Excellent

Excellent way to keep in touch with friends

- Nice! 🥺✨🦋

It’s really good! It’s a 10/10 but it glitches a lot. If it didn’t I would rate 5 stars. But also in grid mode, I wish we could see everyone! cause I want to see my friends Roberta and Abby. Thank you! ✨

- Why

Je ne pouvais pas parler avec mes amis car mon audio étais bloqué

- Some audio issues where sound is cutting out

See above

- Zoom

It was really good for getting with family without actually being with family. We used this as a chat room while we watched painting vids. The share a screen feature is amazing. Thank you. But we were wondering, how do you get the virtual background? My friends could. But I couldn’t so I was wondering how. It kinda got me really frustrated. Over all, everyone should have this app because it can bring us together even as we are apart during this pandemic.

- Not easy to use

Not intuitive design can’t add contacts many dead ends

- Zoom

It’s amazing

- Zoom has kept me sane during Covid 19

Thank you zoom for allowing is to connect and do our workouts with our CrossFit friends during this pandemic

- Zoom Zoom

Just started using Zoom for our daily work meetings of 15 staff and so far the app is working great. It has cool features like mic and camera muting, allowing one attendee to be the host, ability to breakout into small groups and come back, choice to view the person speaking full screen or ‘Brady Bunch’ view, etc. Works best on a laptop or desktop with a camera in order to see more people on one screen. Any quirks are the wifi or internet connections and not the app. Thanks!

- Amazing App

I've been using Zoom for almost a week now and it is absolutely amazing. I'm able to connect with all my friends and the quality is far better than I expected. Highly recommend using this app😊

- Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Simply awesome

Keep up the good work!

- Bill

Great app. Thanks Zoom

- Rate this 1 star

Rate 1 star to stop taking lessons

- Doesn’t send Verification code

As mentioned on the title. Also, when it does send it, it sends it an hour or 2 later instead of the first 60sec you are given to insert the code. It also trans to crash when someone leaves the call.

- Send document to Zoom then start meeting with presentation


- Zoom meetings

Our Al Anon group is meeting this way during all this time of isolation. It’s GREAT. Not only did we get to meet and hear each other share but we got to see each other! Highly recommend it. Going to buy a subscription.

- Privacy loophole

You need to urgently fix a privacy loophole Anyone whose email domain is the same as Mine and who is currently using the app is visable to others as a company contact. Their name, email address, profile photo and personal note is visible to complete strangers. The app is easy to use but need to fix this. And the app has no feedback option. I sent an email to privacy@zoom so maybe that works. But nothing there for general fix feedback

- Good and useful app

A great way to connect people through video calls. Thanks!

- Great way to continue learning!

Very easy to register and join! No glitches and audio is perfect!!

- Don’t send my data to Facebook

Why? Why is that even necessary? Why don’t you give us an option to opt out? Unbelievably frustrating.

- Can’t receive calls on a business account.

If the desktop app is open then calls to my direct number or extension never ring on my phone. If you do quit the desktop app it works but then you can’t get chat messages on your desktop. You can log a support ticket but even with a paid account you’ll never hear back. Terrible treatment of paying customers.

- Horrible app

Us students hate it

- Privacy issues

It shares data with Facebook

- Wonderful app

Greaaaaaat keeps our family connected

- Zoom

Decently made but I could not find the rotate 90 degrees button

- data privacy breach.

leaks your data to facebook - even if you don’t use facebook. illegal under ccpa. hope they are sued into oblivion

- Could be much better

Lack of sound / microphone settings and adjustments for iPad versions. Difficult to find another user by searching its ID.

- Change your icon

Zoom, your icon looks too much like the Apple icons for FaceTime and Clips. I’m trying to verbally describe your icon to my grandma over the phone, she keeps pressing FaceTime or Clips Because they’re too similar!!! Effective graphics are distinct. Yours isn’t. Great product otherwise!!

- Just fabulous in the age of Corona!

We are regularly using Zoom. I had used it a few times in the past with success. It has absolutely come into its own now that we are socially isolated with the COVID19 pandemic restrictions. We have met with family, community groups and catch ups with friends. We have meditated, chatted and kept engaged. Wonderful.

- I recommend great app love it had great time love it

Woooooo go zoom it’s great gives gifts and cool stuff love it recommend go zoom download I lovvvvveeeeeee it soooo much keep it up zoom

- A bit jittery and ou of lip synch

A bit jittery and ou of lip synch otherwise Great video

- Zoom is king

So impressed how Zoom is being utilised by so many in this time of need.

- Poo


- C

OOL (pls do not install

- Great app!

This app is great because I said so. Got that, chump?

- Good app

It's usefull

- Data shared with Facebook

Unfortunately data in Zoom is shared with Facebook. Can’t trust any App anymore. I would stay well clear of this App.

- Zooming

Hi there Mr.Marshall zoom is great fun Bcos I get to see you and my friends it is so much better than just going to school

- Zoom

Very good! I love it!

- First time use

In the past I have used Skype or Face Page but on my first time I have used Zoom I have found it excellent.

- Zoom

This app is a boon for group conference especially during these isolation days.

- Mr Adrian

A wonderful app easy to use

- it’s corona time.


- Good so far

Better than blackboard

- What about that Lady 🤣🤣

YouTube Zoom Conference Fail. Definitely the reason why I’ve decided to use this app today hahaha

- Zoom is saving my sanity!

Thank you zoom

- It’s amazing

It’s the best thing ever

- Had trouble accessing video camera, so others could not see me

Unfortunately Zoom could not turn on my video camera?

- Zoom

You can FaceTime message and lots of other stuff and it is the best

- Zoom meeting

Great App, does all we need. Well done! Jim

- Corona

Wry useful with the whole pandemic thing but it’s really hard to sync your contacts and there you a no easy way to allow it to access your contacts

- Zoom

It is very nice to use zoom because it is the best app I would used again and again I’m very thankful to use zoom in the way how I always would used the app

- Awesome

Wish I had been using this years ago

- I haven’t used it but I’m gonna use it today cause it’s my friends birthday today! 🥳

Thanks 😊

- Great

It’s great to connect with friends but one small problem I don’t have any

- Zoom is stupid

When I was having a call with my class it looked like my teacher had a heart attack. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😖😭😭😤😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😕😫😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😐😑😑😑😑😐😐😑😐😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑:(

- 1983KP

Great app for staying connected during this covid craziness

- Overwhelming gratitude

My prayer partner and I have been using Zoom every two weeks for a couple of years to catch up with our lives and prayer for those things on our hearts. We have appreciated Zoom. But now with Co-Vid19, our gratitude overflows. The uses of Zoom are endless. We took part in church services (yes, multiple) on Sunday through Zoom, held our weekly Bible Study Group last night and tomorrow my husband is participating in his weekly men’s coffee meeting by Zoom. A million thanks ❤️❤️❤️

- Great for small church groups too!

We just had a small group all connect in and it worked a treat allowing us all to hear and speak.

- TT

It’s corona time 🦠

- Great way to keep in touch

Great way to keep in touch with the staff all working at home. It’s reliable, cross platform and very easy to use.

- The best app

Hi my name is Aaleyah and I love your app


This is the best app I used, very user friendly and has auto recording feature built in the software. But would like to have the recording feature built in to the iOS app as well in ZOOM. 😃

- battery

hao battery vãi chưởng 100% xài xíu còn 53%

- Annoying

Good app to talk to friends on but very glitchy and I couldn’t get into meetings. I had to start them myself or I couldn’t be a part of them. Pretty annoying. Not even an internet search could figure out the problem!

- Please allow join with mute straightaway.

Now need to press connect Audio, then quickly mute myself. Really hard. People are being disturbed from Car and Train Noise

- học hành đi nào :))

em đam mê học lắm ạ ;))

- Chinese founder

Proud of the founder is chinese ! Well done

- Great to be part of it

As Jehovah's Witnesses, we've just been introduced to Zoom for our meetings. It's great and very clear to understand.

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- Good

Goood app

- It works! It really works!

It’s really working well for the AA community it there trying times.

- Virtual background settings

Not available on this iOS version

- Sorry Zoom

Just want this app to go away because I don’t want to do school

- 1 Star for sending my data to facebook

That’s very scandalous to send my data to Facebook without my permission.

- Trash

This is so trash like I hat corona

- What would we do without Zoom?

All I can express is gratitude for this amazing platform that brings us together in this time of great need for connection! Thank you Zoom. Easy to use!

- Thank you Zoom

Thanthank you forgive Thank you for

- Horrible app

I’d give it zero stars if I could. Worst app ever. Totally glitchy and you can’t see anything. Has confusing controls.

- Zoom

Easy to use. Thanks

- Why can’t we opt out of Facebook and Google analytics in app?

The privacy statement says we have to email to opt out of analytics to all third party 1. Why not make this opt-in? 2. Why can we not opt out within the app? I don’t understand why zoom sells our IP address and connection details and doesn’t make it easier to opt out of this. The privacy statement is designed to need a lawyer to read it. It could be clear and the app could let users choose their privacy level with a tap. > How long we retain your Personal Data depends on the type of data and the purpose for which we process the data. We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period is required by law. You didn’t answer the question there, zoom privacy policy.

- Sending data to FB when I don’t have a FB account

Had this for work and deleted as soon as I read this. Will never use or trust them again. The discovery was made by Motherboard and confirmed by iOS security researcher Will Strafach. Upon downloading and opening the app, Zoom connects to Facebook’s Graph API, according to Motherboard’s analysis of the app’s network activity. The Graph API is the main way developers get data in or out of Facebook […] Zoom is not forthcoming with the data collection or the transfer of it to Facebook. Zoom’s policy says the company may collect user’s “Facebook profile information (when you use Facebook to log-in to our Products or to create an account for our Products),” but doesn’t explicitly mention anything about sending data to Facebook on Zoom users who don’t have a Facebook account at all.

- Good service

The zoom app is awesome I ve missed some meetings but that was my fault I’ll use zoom as long as I live

- Cool


- Awful app gave my dyslexia

The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer testwill begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start.

- In general it’s a pretty good app.

I have trouble when my WiFi is “unstable” (that’s the pop up I get). Otherwise it’s okay, although a pain to get to and download on a pc. Audio is as good as my camera. Video is fine. And I think that the comments about the system being overloaded and catching up to demand are right on. I’d like to know more about encryption, however. I.e., what level to I have to go to for encryption?

- Like it

The camera and audio was great except i could not take the tab or whatever away

- Keeps us connected

Obeying the Authorities is very important, while Stay At Home can be challenging Zoom enables me to stay connected and actually see each other! Easy to use and can be accessed on any device! Technology at the right time!

- This app is Trash

This app is trash

- Stop sending my data to Facebook

Stop sending user data to Facebook. Such a trash company.

- Add a function to disable pop up on chat for app

Please add a feature to block pop ups for chat notifications during a meeting. It’s disruptive to have continuous pop ups for large meetings. Thanks!



- Still waiting on email

Tried setting it up. Says it sent a confirmation email and I never got it. Requested again, and still haven’t received it. I have also checked junk filter and not in there either

- Momlife


- Needs to be able to access smart tv screen and audio.

Desire to use smart tv screen

- My rate

I think its a good app for the most part but I don’t like how you can only talk to people in your class ......by :Unicorns ipad(hands off!)

- Foster kids video conference

Meeting with counselor

- Bad

It’s just a bad app

- Awesome!!!!

This App is a great tool to still live in community even in this time of COVID19 and practicing social distancing. We at our church and in my Ohana (family) yearns for being together physically but we can still see each via ZOOM. On another note it is also a great tool for professional meetings that can also record and save meetings.

- Excellent

Excellent app to communicate especially during this corona crises

- Best app ever

During this pandemic it is the closest thing to human connection to exist.

- Zoom

This app brings people together

- Perfect Tool, but . . .

Zoom is the perfecttool, but for the fact I cannot save meeting contacts using only a meeting name and I.D.#. Have to type meeting I.D.# number inevery time. It should remeber meeting address I have attended.

- Comentario

Es una plataforma muy eficaz y en este momento tan difícil que estamos viviendo nos ha ayudado mucho para seguir con el aprendizaje a distancia con nuestros niños!! Gracias



- I hate this

When I went onto this app I was trying to connect with my friends during the COVID-19 and it would not let me go on and I am mad 😡

- nah fam

y’all sharing our information 😙✌️

- User Friendly

It took a while to find out how to “raise my hand”, but: I did figure it out! Wonderful contact resource.

- My Zoom Rating

I like using Zoom.

- Zoom is helpful

Zoom has helped us out through the pandemic that we are going through, and it has helped to keep our theater program together. Thanks, Zoom!

- Coronavirus Family meetings

Thank you Zoom for sharing the opportunity for my family all over the country to get together during these times.

- Zoom is bad

Cause hackers hack the zoom chat which is stupid

- Awesome

Are use this for school and my cheer. It’s awesome!


The app has permission to steal your information from open tabs and also gives your information to Facebook. A while back they also had an issue where they could turn you le webcam on whenever they wanted to.

- Good job

I like how you can see people

- Zoom

Zoom is a awful app it is very glitchy and you can’t do anything.

- Zoom is bad

Horrible graphics

- Thank you!

I’m thinking it’s possible that this app is a blessing from our God Jehovah. I’m able to stay in contact with my precious, spiritual brothers and sisters (even though it’s only virtual contact). It allows me to have an interchange of encouragement and love with my world wide family of “Witnesses of Jehovah”. Just what’s needed during this covid lockdown/social distancing and during these “...critical times hard to deal with...” 2 Timothy 3:1

- Zoom

Zoom is aver very good app to use like if you wanted to FaceTime more than three people

- Pretty good.

It’s obviously not the best because it lags, but it still is good for collaboration. I love the ability to share screens.

- Great way to continue learning!

Very easy to register and join! No glitches and audio is perfect!!

- Coudonc1234

Je voudrais partir une rencontre et je ne sais pas comment ça fonctionne. Quelqu’un peut m’aider?

- Signing up

What a major hassle trying to get site activated I gave up deleted app

- Bad sound and voice quality

The sounds really bad you literally can’t hear anything

- Such a good experience - every time!

As good a video conferencing experience as I’ve had in the past 25 years! Absolutely first rate!

- Lousy app

Keeps crashing every time I try to hostler join a meeting. Forces me to log in again every time. Stick to the web version on a laptop, it’ll save you time.

- Amazing

This App Brings people together. Body Language is 70% of communication. You can communicate fully with instant body language communication along with verbal and visual cues. Truly essential during this time of Social Distancing

- Good

Good for studying even in a big group

- Brutal

This app is very in-user friendly. Don’t bother!!!

- Amazing!

So thankful for this service, especially at this time! So user friendly and we are using daily now!

- I hate it

I mean, what the heck. Why this even exists¿

- Host

What a super great app.

- Great way to meeting

With the pandemic great way to stay in touch via meeting

- Perfect for my group exercise clients

Love the way we can still work together

- Makes covid isolation tolerable

Interface way better than hangouts / Skype

- Miracle app

This is the best! Especially if you’re an instructor.

- Amount of cameras

Would like to see more than 4 people during meeting

- School

i don't like school, the app is also stupid because when you do private messages, the host can see what you are writing so you essentially have no privacy



- Zoom sur iPhone 6s

Pas de menus déroulants pour l E micro et la caméra?

- Invaluable in dealing with COVID-19 induced self-isolation

Subject says it all. Though I’d really like to see split view support for iPad!

- Mafiozi from Italy

So bad app!😡

- SMS 60s code validation...in 120m

I’d imagine it might work well...if one could get it load to add contacts but you need a code it sends by SMS that expires in 60seconds.....and the code arrives by SMS 2 hours later and since it’s a one time code it never works afterwards

- Won’t let me even sign up!

Will not let me sign up, does not send the email!

- It’s very useful👍

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 It is very useful if you don’t want to go out of your house for a conversation or to have fun with your friends... I recommend you buy this instead of other communications apps. You could try ‘face time’ or ‘iMessage’

- Good app

For the most part, this is a fantastic app to host meetings (big or small) on. Needs some tweaking with the adding contacts option. I did not receive my SMS with a verification code. Will still continue to use as you can copy your meeting link and send individually to people.

- Zoom

Amazing zoom Getting the world together

- Excelente aplicación

Primera vez que uso esta app, y la utilizamos entre varias personas y fue toda una experiencia que vale la pena compartir, desde Mexico, Colombia, Canadá, Panamá y no hubo ningún problema ! Gracias y gracias !! Fue de gran bendición !!

- Zoom

Super app je recommande fortement

- Zoom gives us a touch of normalcy in less than normal times.

We’ve had a men’s group running for 21 years and this is the first time that we haven’t been able to gettogether in person. We are so very grateful to have zoom so that we can see and hear each other. Thank you Alex

- Great app

Good for having conference calls.

- Great app

Great app connecting people all over the world

- Time limit creates limitation

The 40 minute time limit has users looking for another platform. It’s not great to get cut off during meaningful/important conversations when there are multiple users involved. *Posted during COVID-19 pandemic.

- No password

It’s a good app but it never gave me a password soooo I don’t know how I’m seposed to sign in

- Happy hour


- Confirmation email

Almost half of the day waiting for email confirmation link

- I hate this

TAKE DOWN THIS APP I DONT WANT ONLINE CLASSES ANYMORE!!!!!!!! SO ANNOYING!!!!! I thought this app was made for something better than this😔

- Teaching with Zoom is great!

Thank you for a free platform that my students and I can connect with! It’s easy to use and helps us discuss things in bigger groups. 👍🏼

- Thanks Zoom

Wonderful to have this tool at this time. Helping us connect.

- Je suis en train de


- Great video conferencing!

New User

- Best

zoom app is really a best solution for virtual meetings.

- Love the functionality

We moved to zoom over a year ago and it meets all our needs for virtual conferencing.

- Nope

Cannot sign up. Tried 5 times but app couldn't send me confirmation email to create my account. Next

- Great tool for video content conference and screen sharing

Love the app. Has helped my group get through working from home and the like.

- Zoom

I tried to make an account but never got the confirmation email! Help

- :(

Bad app. Make kids sad. No more school. Ooga booga

- Zoom works great

I have it installed on Win 10 desktop, yoga and iPhone & iPad. Never had any problems.

- Where’s the authorizing email?

Trying to sign up as I have a meeting first thing tomorrow and the authorizing email simply isn’t being sent. I’ve checked both in box and junk.

- Log in problems

I can’t log in to my account what’s product to this app

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- Blooming brilliant

When another video app failed on us, this beautiful app saved the day. Managed to hold a 3 hour get together catch during the lock in and there was no connection issues and everyone could join easily. Big thumbs up 👍🏻

- Thank you

What an amazing way to be able to interact with close friends and family at this dreadful time. I shall continue to support you when this awful time of isolation is over. THANK YOU Xxxxxx

- Good

Brill except the Picts

- Keep close to family and friends

Wonderful in this time of isolation thankyou

- Superb App

Very stable and keeping us all connected at a difficult time. Thanks so much

- Bloody nightmare!

Not remotely intuitive. Can’t join a meeting. We’re all in flipping lockdown and just want to chat to friends. Not happy

- Frustrating

Can’t get sound on any meetings. Host a meeting or join a meeting get video but no sound. Disappointing overall. I do not recommend this app.

- Signing in

Zoom just will not accept the virginmedia part of my email address so I can’t sign in

- Zoom Fantastic

This Zoom app is amazing. So easy to use. Versatile. Huge capacity for number of participants. Breakout Rooms are fabulous. Well done to Team Zoom ❤️❤️❤️

- Awesome

Having to use this a lot and it’s never let us down. Even with loads of folk on it still works fab. Would really recommend this over Skype any day.

- Amazing

Great app easy to use

- No off button

I had to delete it as I couldn’t turn it off!

- Not bad!

Not too bad. no invitations made it to their recipients sadly. Has a chequered security track record judging from articles on the topic by ProtonMail and EFF. hopefully as more people flock to the platform they will take security and privacy seriously which is important in modern times. Audio and video better quality than FaceTime. Overall I’d recommend.

- good app

love it!♥️

- Initial problem setting up & poor sync

Unable to get the App set up. It would not allow me to enter initial password. Managed to get around this by using a laptop. Once the account was set up, only then able to access it from iPad. Poor sound-vision sync.

- Not very intuitive

Totally rubbish if you forget your password as it just sends you round in circles with reset password e-mails but nowhere to actually change it!!

- Zoom meeting feedback

Hiya just been on a zoom meeting, it was good I could hear everything and all but it was very glitchy

- Deleted. Secretly sharing data with Facebook

Fed up with apps sending Facebook my private data without permission

- It was amazing! 😆


- Easy to use

Easy setup and steady connection.

- This app is great!

Hi I’m Mia, I’m 10 years old. Me and my family use this app a lot to host meetings together, especially with our family abroad, my mother Julie Condliffe uses this for her Zoom Meetings all the time! I really do recommend this app, it’s a good way to keep in touch especially during this time. With friends or family (I mostly use it for family!)

- Can’t Even download the damn thing

Not good really

- Pilates session

Perfect for small groups !

- Amazing

Me and my friends have zoom and we love it we can get in contact together and because I can’t get their number on iMessages we can get echothers numbers on zoom toataly amazing and if you read this review then you should get it. It is amazing

- Shares info with Facebook- not safe

Zoom is not private

- Great way to meet online

God send in this challenging atmosphere. Very easy to use and work well. Would recommend

- NHS worker

Really helpful thanks. Had used before but now using for work more, and colleagues all finding it works well and is user friendly. My usual yoga sessions are also now using Zoom. Thanks for keeping me in touch with others at this time. Also app works on my older iPad whereas some other formats don't. Cheers!

- Mrs C

There are a lot of interfering noise during conversation.

- Brilliant 👍👍😉

What a marvellous piece of technology.

- Does its job well

Great app, easy to use during the meeting. Not always immediately obvious how to invite/set up a meeting but people usually work it out before long. It has some great features and the free membership is perfect for one-to-one meetings. Apparently for 3-100 people the host needs to pay a subscription about £12, but their guests don't need to pay anything. Very happy with this app. Make sure you accept the permissions it requests if you want others to see/hear you!

- Awesome


- Great way to keep in touch

Zoom has proved invaluable over the last couple of weeks for keeping in touch both at work and at home.

- Zoom is awesome

Zoom allow you to have lessons and all sorts of things and you can keep in touch with your friends. It is really good especially in these coronavirus times

- Enjoyable meeting

Just had our first meeting using the app. Good quality video and sound, about the same as other applications eg Skype, FaceTime.

- This is great

I’ve never tried anything like this before, it pretty user friendly even for a technophobe like me!

- WW meeting

Absolutely brilliant thank you Zoom for allowing me not to miss my WW workshop

- Zoombies

I think zoom is great for schools to use because you can mute and unmute people. I think it’s great for schooling at home.

- Zoom cloud meetings

Rubbish no sound

- Shares data with Facebook.


- Facebook data sharing

I have read reports that Zoom is sharing data with Facebook in the iOS app, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. There is no mention of this in the privacy statement. I purposely avoid Facebook and therefore this lack of transparency is completely unacceptable. App deleted.

- Zoom is a repeat offender wrt privacy

I have to use it for work, otherwise the app wouldn’t get anywhere near a device I owned. If you can live with rampant data sharing and code from a company that doesn’t seem to consider privacy (do a search for details) at all, it works really well.

- Needed to reboot to make it work

It wouldn’t access contacts initially and strange problems with logging in but rebooting the iPad seemed to sort it out.

- Brtyuuu


- Not clear

It tells me I've paid but no where does it tell me what I've paid. This should be an easy product to understand before you down load. And easy to cancel if not needed It's not.

- Data sharing

Just found out you’ll be sharing some of my data with Facebook. Since you didn’t state this clearly to iOS users that’s a problem. Trust is something that has to be earned. Goodbye. App deleted.

- Video call

Started off great then kept slowing down and glitching. Needs more explanation about all the button options on first use.

- Church meeting

Worked well. We could all see each other and hear each other well. Easy to operate and use

- It really works!

Thank you Zoom.

- Zoom

Brilliant platform absolutely grateful for the opportunity to be connected to others

- Zoom

Thankful for this tool and how easy it is to use. Especially at a time like this we feel we can still see our family and friends. Love it.

- Great to have us all together!

Due to the pandemic we were unable to meet as usual but Zoom gave us the opportunity to meet virtually which was wonderful.

- Very handy

It’s convenient to work on my cellphone 🥰

- its corona time right now

its corona time ay

- Connecting

I think zoom is great for connecting to friends especially around these corona times on zoom it’s almost like your with the friend your zooming your there with them in person🙂 and it has good internet🙂 that’s why I’ve rated this five stars😇

- Corona ✅

I have been using zoom for online school because of corona. It’s good. I can pretend my screen froze so I don’t have to do my work. 👍

- Issue

Cannot sign up

- If only

After several attempts to sign up, I’ve given up. No confirmation email received after trying for 3 days

- Amazing

Just overwhelmed with out great it is to see my friends while I’m stuck at home. Thank you

- Terrible, unreliable app

The app says I already have a meeting going every time I go to start one and won’t allow anyone to connect to a meeting, poor choice of professional communication.

- Bad gateway

Always fails to login. Can’t even review the app coz the login blows

- Great app

Love it

- Great way to communicate

In times like the present, when it’s difficult to stay connected. Zoom is the answer. Thanks for creating such an awesome tool to meet virtually 🙏🏼🥰

- Amazing

Zoom is an amazing app. I am using it to do work and be social with people I’m not with. It really works for me and I just love it.

- Bad app

This app is bad and a waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. If you can give it a 1 star rating so this can be taken off the App Store

- Worst app ever!!!

I’ve never been so disgusted at an app in my life. Worst video meeting I’ve ever done and the connection was terrible I couldn’t understand anyone. Would not recommend to anyone and wasn’t this app banished off the App Store I will be taking this further 😡

- Audio Was Terrible

The audio on this app is horrible I could not understand my teacher saying anything!!!!!!

- Functional but many half baked features

All in all it does the job but so many things feel half done. After creating an account and adding users you would expect you can then interact with those users. Logging into the zoom app and choosing contacts doesn’t show a single user as a contact. If you want to see your users as contacts you need to manually enter each of them and each user has to do the same for themselves. Create a scheduled meeting and there is no ability to select a bunch of users from your account as invitees. You need to copy a link go out to an email package and email them a link. This also means that they don’t see a scheduled meeting pop up under their own zoom login unless they created it, they need to rely on an external email invite. Sure you can send an invite to a user during a meeting but it’s a bit late after the meeting has started. I would have thought these were basics. As I said the system works but the workflows really need some attention so there isn’t so much wasted time jumping in and out of the system which should only be necessary when interacting with non zoom users

- JW family

Awesome to stay in contact & still participate in our weekly meetings.

- Amazing!

Sometimes Quality is a bit funky, but it isn’t often. Great for online classes, I used this app for online classes because of the Corona Virus. :D Recommend it to school kids and teachers! :3 - I hope my review is good enough :P

- Cảm ơn

Cảm ơn vì đã thiết kế ra App tuyệt như vậy. App thật sự rất tốt. Nhờ có App mà em k thất học trong khoảng thời gian này. Mong App ngày càng phát triển hơn nữa 🥰

- Best presentation tool

We all love it

- Decent

It is a good app

- From Zoom virgin

Worked amazing had a very good small conference with great outcome. Thanks so much Theo allan

- Zoom is a Winner

Zoom delivers seamlessly. Zoom is one of those products that just works. My experience with Zoom is that it delivers on its promises Five stars from myself

- mất kì nghỉ

mất kì nghỉ của học sinh

- Rate

Amazing has so much to do on it

- Broken Static

Quality wasn’t good. Kept dropping out.

- Ngu

App đầu buồi rẻ rách

- #zoom4life

Thank you zoom in these times of uncertainty your generosity has been amazing. The product is spot on it meets all my needs for remote team meetings.

- The best app for group meeting and online class

Very good app, easy to set room, chat, talk, video, recording on cloud. The best solution for teaching and learning online classes.

- Nice

I love you Zoom

- This service has literally saved my business during a global crisis

Amazing app! Great functionality. Connectivity issues or low latency issues are not zooms fault but that of individual’s network connections. Great for team meetings, running classes and any form of group communications. 10/10 5stars all around!

- Thank you Zoom

Gamechanger when it comes to working from home. Love the system and its reliability.

- It’s corona time

It’s corona time

- nice

this app is really helpful for us to study in these corona days

- Mute and video not always clear

In one call I couldnt even find it. Was it muted by the presenter? The gods know.

- Useful and easy to use

Very happy for using this app

- I want to know how to communicate on Zoom

Dear Zoom, Could you please tell me how to communicate to my friends?

- WOW!!!

Ok, now this has just beaten FaceTime! You can literally do anything! 😮

- A great antidote against isolation

I have really enjoyed my first use of Zoom. It is lovely to be able to talk to and see other people in this Covit increasingly isolationist time. Thank you so much.

- Horribl e

Doesn’t let me join the zoom call

- Great


- Don’t download it

This application is trash

- The best. I loveeee it

I love this app, extremely wondering and easy to use for work, school, literally anything.

- trash

pure trash.

- Pitiful software

Why do we have to learn yet another piece of software for communication? I was instructed by my little princess’ Dr that I could only use this software as a way of getting her results. Results many years in the waiting. Only to discover that I couldn’t use it my end. It is the most iser unfriendly app/software I have had to try and use for communications. Now I have missed out on all of her results and will have to rely on the other party on the line to relay the conversation. This will most definately not be as good as if I were receiving it from the Dr. I am furious and would not recommend this app/software to anyone for any reason!!!!!!!!

- Lagged

It kept lagging

- would not recommend

absolutely terrible, wouldn’t recommend. tried using this for work and school and created all kinds of issues, my phone is permanently damaged. think twice before downloading.

- Awesome stable and feature full

Volunteer group meeting during lockdown. Perfect.

- Haileybury

Anyone Else From Haileybury?


ZOOM Cloud Meetingsか

@piyo3freedom @bibuno_tonu @Caro815 @anan774 そうね、アプリあるで メアドとかSign-u…

ZOOM Cloud Meetings (zoom.us) が、無料アプリランキング24時間で、28位⇒8位に急浮上しました。

@original_lexi Booooo! You and @ertyuioooooo should look into the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, it’s for video conferenc…

@Patottas Zoom Cloud Meetings es una buena app para esa reunión con tus cuates.

Que interesante esa aplicacion zoom cloud meetings, ahora estoy en un conversatorio de foto 📸 desde mi cama!! 😅

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings 4.6.9 Screenshots & Images

ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings iphone images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings ipad images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings ipad images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings ipad images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings ipad images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings ipad images
ZOOM Cloud Meetings Business application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
ZOOM Cloud Meetings Business application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

ZOOM Cloud Meetings (Version 4.6.9) Install & Download

The applications ZOOM Cloud Meetings was published in the category Business on 2012-08-15 and was developed by Zoom [Developer ID: 530594111]. This application file size is 112.75 MB. ZOOM Cloud Meetings - Business posted on 2020-03-27 current version is 4.6.9 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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