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Instacart: Grocery delivery [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

What is instacart: grocery delivery app? Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. Plus, your first grocery delivery is free! And it's safe—contactless delivery is available.

Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code.

Prefer to pickup? Order online and pickup at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Ordering made easy
1. Enter your zip code
2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more
3. Add your items to your cart and place your order
4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order
5. Relax while you you wait for your delivery to arrive
6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money

Contactless delivery
Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe.

Find your favorite products
Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, prescriptions, other household items!

And your shopper will ensure that fragile items like eggs and glass bottles are always handled with care.

With Instacart, you can:
• Find exclusive deals & coupons
• Creating shopping lists
• Reorder your favorite products
• View nutritional information & filter by diet

Where to shop with Instacart
Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America.

Download to see what stores are available in your zip code.

Terms and conditions apply. See details:

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Instacart: Grocery delivery Version 7.122.128 April 2022

Delivering fresh groceries on your schedule means our app is always evolving. With this update, we've fixed a few underlying issues to give you the most seamless experience possible. Happy shopping!.

Instacart: Grocery delivery Version 7.114.001 March 2022

Delivering fresh groceries on your schedule means our app is always evolving. With this update, we've fixed a few underlying issues to give you the most seamless experience possible. Happy shopping!.

Instacart: Grocery delivery Version 7.105.121 December 2021

Delivering fresh groceries on your schedule means our app is always evolving. With this update, we've fixed a few underlying issues to give you the most seamless experience possible. Happy shopping!.

Instacart: Grocery delivery Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great service! Very very fast!!!!

I just discovered Instacart and I love it! I’ve recently had back surgery and I have a hard time getting around. Going to the grocery store is very difficult for me. All the grocery stores now offer ordering your groceries and picking them up. That’s great but I have a hard time just sitting in my car and driving due to complications from my surgery. This is a great alternative. Before driving to the other end of town (22 miles one way) to go to Sam’s Club or Sprouts was a major chore for me just getting there. Then to walk through the store and shop I could do it but then would be down for several days with excruciating back pain. Instacart has been a lifesaver for me! Even though I’ve only used it a couple times in the last three days. I love the fact that I can use it for any store that I shop that. Downloading the app I get two weeks free with no service fee. After that it’s an annual fee which is wonderful. The first gal that delivered to me was the one that told me that they had an annual fee. I was unaware of that so I started looking into it. You do see a slight increase in what you pay for the products that you’re getting but that’s OK. How else are they going to make money? The convenience of not having to going to the store is wonderful!! I definitely give them a five star review. I would give them a 10 star if I could. Thanks Instacart for making my life better. Heidi

- Great service, one time issue only

I love ordering from my phone. The cost of delivery and tip is worth me not having to leave house and put miles on my vehicle or deal with aggravation of crowded stores. The closest Publix is about 15 min away so I’m already committing to at least a 30 minute drive. I only had an issue one time - I ordered things for dinner (it was about 5ish). I should have ordered earlier but I didn’t know better. It was about 2 hours in and no one started working on my order. I called IC to see what their policy was and what the recourse was if my groceries didn’t come. The lady said “then it will just come tomorrow”. Which of course was unacceptable since it was dinner and I work for a living and wouldn’t be home. I ended up going myself and, as I was in Publix, someone started working on my order. My fault, I had forgotten to cancel it. I told them right away obviously through the messenger system. But, I’ll just always remember that ordering sooner is better. I wish there would have been a way for someone to say “no one is available for 2 hours, fend for yourself!” Keep in mind I live in a small city, mostly rural. I’m surprised we even have this service here. I love ordering groceries on lazy days!!! I also save some money from not going in the store and getting things I don’t need. Thanks IC!

- Compare store receipt to Instacart charge

I loved Instacart so much when I first tried it that I signed up for the annual delivery subscription to eliminate all delivery fees. Great $99 investment. I just pay a little extra to tip the driver through the app and I never have to visit the grocery store again… YEA!, However I did notice after a few months that the Store receipt was regularly 25$ - 30$ more than the Instacart total after correcting for adjustments and substitutions in the order. I called and spoke to customer service twice and confirmed that Instacart does not honor store prices and in fact sets their own to maximize profit. The original store receipt will always be included with your grocery delivery so make sure to check the total amount paid to the store and compare it with your final Instacart charge after substitutions and adjustments are made. For me the difference is about $200 per month, but we eat a lot of expensive organic produce. So just know that you’re paying $99 for the annual membership, but also for the inflated grocery prices. In my case since I pay my house cleaner $20 per hour it’s cheaper to have them do my shopping and the additional benefit to that is they can also enter my loyalty number at checkout so I can get my discounted fuel points directly from the store since in Alaska the Instacart drivers get the store points for the purchase. I’ll still use it a pinch, but know it costs more than the annual fee and driver tips.

- Unhappy Customer

I’ve used this app over 10 times and the last time i refused to use it again. The service has always been great, loved all the shoppers. The last time they showed me the prices of the individual items and i was okay with it, they also showed me the delivery charge, the tax, the tip, and the service charge. Everything added up and i was fine with it. Everything i put in my cart was picked up by the shopper, there were no replacements or refunds or item changes. When the order was done the item prices magically went up so my purchase was $10+ over what i was expecting. Its never done that before and i didnt order anything special. I tried to email them and asked them why the prices mysteriously went up and they said it was service charge and i tried to tell them the service charge was already added in when i agreed on the prices. Email after email was the same reply, it was a service charge. They already add some service charges into the price if the item, thats why they’re higher online than in store then they add another service charge at the end. Which again i was fine with paying but then they charged me extra when they shouldn’t have and all i was getting was robot responses saying it was a service charge. I understand there might be some higher prices in the store but that doesn’t make every item price go up $1-$2 after you agreed to pay the price they told you.

- Needs more environment awareness

I like the shopping convenience - no objection there. There’s the occasional wrong item being bought (just due to overloooking) which is understandable. What I am most upset about and have almost stopped using the app due to this is the massive plastic wrapping that most shoppers do. They do it out of good intentions I understand - sadly a lot of people like their produce wrapped in plastic. But there are a lot of us who try to reduce their blood plastic footprint. And big shopping “revolutions” like Instacart should absolutely always encourage using less plastic during shopping. I would really really like to see a default checkbox for “no plastic wrapping” or at the very least “reduced plastic wrapping”. I already only order from stores that only have paper bags, however they still have plastic in their produce section and sometimes shoppers use it excessively. My biggest jaw-drop moment was when I received a single mango wrapped in plastic (why, just why), and cabbage (which came by default wrapped in Saran wrap) which was wrapped AND tied in 2 plastic bags. Based on this I have limited myself to only order things that come in a container like milk, flour, eggs, etc. I’ve stopped ordering produce of any kind because I’m tired of dealing with tons of plastic bags that are honestly completely unnecessary for most cases. Even if they aren’t I have so many at home that I can always use my own for longer produce storage.

- Almost perfect

This is such a great concept. I love that it gives you all the nearby supermarkets that work with Instacart so it’s easy to compare prices. I will not give it 5 starts due to 2 things. 1. Once you’ve placed your order, you have a few minutes to add any items you forgot, as long as you do it before the person begins shopping, the problem is, there is some kind of glitch with the app because 8/10 times it will not let me add anything; I’ve only successfully been able to do it maybe once, but most times, it just wont give me the option, even if the person hasn’t started shopping. 2. There is an extra $20 that is added to your overall total in case there needs to be a replacement for a more expensive item or in case you add something else in general, if none of your items were substituted or if you didnt add any items, your bank account will reflect the actual total that was given to you at checkout. My only pet peeve about this is, they tell you about the extra $20 in super tiny letters at the very bottom of the page, it just looks like general policy writing so imagine the surprise when you sign into your bank account and see an extra $20 dollars than the one you saw at checkout. I didnt catch this at all at first so be aware, whatever your balance is, add $20; but dont let this scare you, you will most likely not need those $20 so it will be back in your bank within a few days

- Good Luck Getting Fresh Food

Getting really tired of receiving food that needs refrigeration that has been sitting out for an hour or even more. I’ve watched plenty of times, on the order status page, where the shoppers grab refrigerated food first or middle way through the shopping, and by the time it gets to my house the food would have been sitting out for up to an hour or more. Where is the sense in that? Basic 101 shopping, grab frozen and refrigerated foods last. How hard is this? Does the average American really not know how to shop? It’s common sense. Also, a lot of times the order status page will show all items grabbed and it’s been 30 minutes to an hour without any status update on whether they checked out or it shows they’ve been checking out for the past hour. Meanwhile, my refrigerated foods are spoiling. I’ve had to spit out my food several times wondering if I’m going to get food poisoning. I don’t know what is going on, seems like selfish people trying to game the system by shopping multiple orders at once or whatever it is they’re doing, head in the clouds, or god knows what else. The app needs to put out timed notification warnings to the shopper to remind them not to let refrigerated food sit out, tired of having to ask for refunds. Normaly I would rate 1 star, but I’ll give an extra star because I feel Instacart is good, the app is good, but I can’t rate anything higher then 2 stars because the service is ruined by the idiotic shoppers.

- Terrible customer service. First experience FAIL!

I had a TERRIBLE time dealing with instacart. My very first order said within 5 hours and my person picked it up within two, I was very pleased! But then he started swapping after I said not to or even when I requested specific things he didn’t even listen! Once check out was complete at around 2ish I DIDNT HEAR FROM MY PERSON FOR AN HOUR! I had icecream and milk. Once I messaged him about 50 minutes later, no response. Just finally got the notification for that he was on the way. So my driver had my milk and icecream out for over an hour! Of course it was completely melted. My milk was warm and I had some wrong items! The driver didn’t listen to put at the bottom step so all my eggs cracked! I’ve tried reaching out to customer service for over 3 weeks now. I sent them screenshots of mine and the persons conversation. Explained everything I could. NO RESPONSE! It’s now almost been a month and I have no response. No refund. Nothing. I email them about once every 5-7 days but still nothing besides an automated email saying they’re busy! I tried instacart because I was sick and have no transportation. I am so scared to even try it again. After this I don’t want to waste my money in melted, wrong, and cracked items!

- Misleading

So, in theory this is convenient, but certainly not in practice. There aren’t opportunities to use your promo codes/coupons at the designated stores you choose and on top of that they mark up EVERYTHING! I thought i was going crazy until one day I compared the prices listed on the website (I tried this with multiple stores, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, PetCo, and more) and every single item was more expensive on instacart, sometimes TWICE as much! I think it’s disgusting they capitalize on the inability of those to actually go to the store themselves, but, that’s capitalism. I think the worst part is the blase attitude all shoppers take. I would plan a meal around my instacart order and most of my essential items would not make it in, or they would substitute it with something completely different, even after I specifically choose a replace or the option to not have it replaced. I one time had to go back to the exact store once my partner came home (we went down to one car to save for an electric because:carbon footprint) and got the item i needed the shopper said that they were “out” of. I am not going to sit here and rate the shopper poorly or not tip them, they did after complete the service and this is just not the time considering the world standings, but i wish the company itself did more when it came to training the employees and price checking. I subscribed to the yearly $99 free shipping and wish i had not. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY

- Spam notifications and deleted settings

Instacart used to be beautiful. Now they’e started spamming my lockscreen with “new notifications” that aren’t notifications at all, but just spam tricking you into opening the app for no reason. That’s the last straw, Instacart. I’m lucky I have healed enough to do my own shopping, again, pandemic or no pandemic. The app is becoming more and more useless and resulting in more and more problems that I have to correct, every time, without fail. After months of receiving the wrong stuff, I came to discover that all of my instructions had been magically deleted from the app (things like instructing the shopper to not buy rotten vegetables, which they will do if I don’t tell them not to). It took me about an hour to re-enter them all, because I have to enter detailed instructions for every single item, one three-page process for each item, otherwise your shopper will just buy any old crap (I once ordered Hershey‘s cocoa powder for cooking, and they brought me Nestlé Quick instant chocolate drink). I give my shoppers the benefit of the doubt that they either couldn’t or didn’t read my instructions OR my personal messages. One guy bought me the exact thing I specifically told him not to buy! Based on reports and my personal experience, I’m betting it’s the app, and not a sudden crisis in illiteracy. I guess Instacart has become one of those companies that are now too big for beauty. I DELETED THIS APP WHEN IT STARTED SPAMMING ME!!!

- Pending charges last forever

I recently used the Aldi pick up and it was great! My total was 83 dollars and the app charged me 100 for any differences in price. No problem. So I have a 100 dollar pending fee on my bank account. I assume like any of the other grocery services I ever used that once the pending charge drops off my account, it’ll change to the 83 dollars. Nope. I still have a pending charge of 100 dollars on my account AND the already took out the 83 dollars for my order which means I now have 100 dollars of my own money that I can’t access until the pending charge drops. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this service after this. Update: I tried this app again because I really needed groceries but was in no state to go into a store after having my cat die. I pulled up and after waiting, the app timed out and told me I needed to go into the store to get my groceries anyway (so glad I paid for a pick up service), then, once I had my groceries finally, the app added a second 50 dollar hold on my car after already charging me one. So now I have two 50 dollar holds on my already light bank account. Then I tried to reach out to the support team and the first person I tried to chat with immediately ended the chat without helping and the second person was at least able to help a little and tell me there was only one order. Again, I really wouldn’t recommend this app. This entire experience made an already really bad week even just that much worse.

- Most used app since becoming parents! We’ve renewed our subscription 2x now!

board usability. Wish Trader Joe’s would get on & then my life might be complete! app & the board & then my life might be complete! & then my life might be complete! fee we pay for free delivery year-round from Instacart is well worth it, and then some! The response-time & functionality of this app make grocery shopping at our regular stores simple, fast & amazingly convenient. We appreciate being able to communicate with our designated shopper in real time via the messaging feature and being able to provide immediate feedback on replacement items or refunds. My husband and I share our account but each have the app on our phones which means we can both add things to our store cart(s) individually throughout the day or whenever we realize we are out of something and then in live time we both are able to see what the other has added or when one of us has placed an order, when it’s likely to arrive, what needs to be replaced if applicable, etc. Since we started using this app over 2 years ago it’s only improved and we HIGHLY recommend to all of our friends & family with busy lives; with or without kids.

- It’s OK...sometimes

If for some reason, you are unable to do your own shopping, this is an acceptable alternative. But the experience varies so much based on which shopper is randomly assigned. When an item is sold out, sone people have no common sense as to how to replace it. I’m a vegetarian, and Tokfurky Italian Vegan Sausages are often out of stock, and more than one shopper has tried to replace it with pork. And shoppers have sometimes shown up as much as an hour earlier than your scheduled time! What if someone is not home, or showering, etc? Being too early is just as bad as being too late. And when there is a 1 hour delivery window, it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Also, you basically have to be available to approve/reject changes and live chat with shoppers in order to get what you want. So this options doesn’t work if you are actually busy and not, say, homesick. The general UX is bad too. When something is out of stock, you’re only allowed to choose from 2 possible replacements that often don’t make sense. I basically use this when I am home sick, or in the middle of a project but still can check my phone often. If you can’t be right next to your phone during every order, avoid this app. I’m just using it until something better comes along. I like that I can shop at my local store, where I know the general stock and pricing. That’s the only thing that makes this better than Peapod or Fresh Direct.

- Don’t do it.

I have ordered from this app three times because I cannot seem to learn from my mistakes. The first time I wasn’t so mad because there is a pandemic going on (I get it) and they cancelled my order 5 minutes before it was supposed to be delivered. The second time, I was a little more understanding because again, there is a pandemic going on, but I received the wrong order entirely! The lady left before I was able to get to the groceries to let her know. Then I couldn’t get ahold of anyone, the phone lines are disconnected and no one answered the chat, so I just had to hope she would get my comment on the rating. She then returned and yet again, gave me the wrong order, again. This time I was able to correct her. So I had to pull my phone out and prove to her what I ordered (surprisingly it was all in her car). The last time, and I mean the last finally time, I had my order being shopped for, then the shopper quit during the shop and I sat waiting all night to see if they were going to finish shopping, they didn’t. Then the next morning the new shopper only gave me half of my groceries and claimed I didn’t order the $80 worth of groceries I was charged for. Again, I couldn’t get ahold of anyone for a while, and with long anticipation was offered a credit to my account.............We’ll have to see if they refund my card because a credit to my account is not acceptable in this case. I highly suggest to stay clear of this service. Don’t use it.

- Great app but BAD SHOPPERS

The app itself runs well. And in theory the idea is a great one. But unfortunately almost every single one of my shopping experiences through Instacart has been a bad one. Maybe it's just something about my area, but frankly the shoppers are awful. They are constantly purchasing the wrong items, running extremely late and making mistakes. And perhaps some may not appreciate this, but another issue is shoppers who are smokers- my groceries arrive drenched in the smell of cigarette smoke and even sometimes leaves a subtle cigarette flavor on certain items. No judgement whatsoever, truly, it is just very unpleasant to someone who does not smoke. I have only had one or two shoppers that really did a good job. **I wish Instacart would invent some way to favorite or request specific individual shoppers.** Especially because even when a shopper does a bad job, I feel pressured to still tip and rate them well because they may be the same person who accepts my order the next time and could, I dunno, spit in my salad or whatever. After thinking about it, is it really even safe? All these strangers coming to our homes? I dunno, I think more vetting needs to take place and some kind of choices need to be given to the consumer as far as WHO they want shipping for their produce and what not. Instacart is good, but it could be great with some tweaks and improvements. Until then, I do not intend to renew my membership.

- Not sure how they’re operating business

Downloaded instacart so I could have my groceries delivered and after my first order was placed and I got the alerts the money had been drafted from my account I got an email that my account had been deactivated, orders cancelled, and money would be refunded due to “fraudulent activity”. I called customer service to figure out what was going on and the first woman couldn’t give me any answers other than it had been deactivated and I’d have to wait, spoke with a supervisor who continues to say about the same thing and eventually was able to inform me it looked like it had something to do with the delivery address. However he could not “access my account” to do anything about it. My billing address and delivery address are different as I just moved states 6 days ago and still hold residence in a different state than I now currently live in. Even with this information he informed me he could not do anything. I asked for my instacart account to be canceled and now will have to use Shipt or my local grocery delivery as well as not having a delivery option for certain stores. I understand the security issue, but the fact nobody could do anything about it? What happens if someone is on vacation, someone else’s house, has multiple residences? They can’t order food except to their billing address? I have multiple addresses I’d of been having deliveries go to throughout the year and it completely blows my mind nobody could do anything.

- Expensive hold that can’t be waived

I lost my license so Instacart came as a relief. I love the app it’s user-friendly and has all the stores that I would need in my area. The one thing I do not agree and will be deleting this app for is the 10 to 15% “authorization hold“ that they charge you on your total order, just in case you want to add some thing while the shopper is gathering your items. I don’t know about anybody else, but I spent about an hour making sure I had everything that I needed so that that wouldn’t happen. This hold amounted to an extra $30 I have a daughter, and with everything going on in the world today I am limited on funds as it is. Waiting an extra 3 to 5 business days, it being a Saturday today, to get that $30 back is not an option for me. On the other end of it if I only have $160 in my acct to begin with, like today, that takes a big chunk out of the things I am able to get. On top of a delivery fee, a service fee, and a tip for the driver. I say you guys are taking too many fees on top of this “authorization hold” it forces me to erase crucial items from my list and/or to cheap out on a tip, which I’m sure the driver relays upon themselves. Instacart can be great with minor changes. I’ll be paying my next door neighbor, who’s out of work due to covid, $15 flat fee to go a .25 mile up the road to do this. I suggest others find a cheaper, more efficient route as well.

- Order cancelled by shopper on delivery

Extremely disappointed. I used the app to place a delivery to our hotel while on vacation. First of all the app is very frustrating to use to place an order because nothing is easy to find or navigate the store departments. There are so many things that target sells that don't fall under any category in the app and they can't be found on the app. So I put in a special request for the item, being as detailed and specific as possible but they can't figure it out. Not even the worst part. I put instructions to leave our order at the front desk and gave my name and room number. I got a text notification that they couldn't contact me and asking if I could meet them outside. I replied please leave the order at the front desk and by the time I got the app open and order pulled up they had canceled it. Nothing I could do now. (This was only 3 minutes after sending me text notification asking my to meet them outside, which is not even enough time to walk downstairs from my room!) what's worse is there's no way for me to contact them through the app to complain. Which is why I'm here. Even when I follow the prompts about contacting them about a recent order I select the order in question and then it just pulls up that order and has no where to leave a comment or contact them at all. Worst app ever. Gonna try click list and never will use Instacart again. Wish I could give zero stars! Don't waste your time like I did!!!

- Stolen Groceries

3 times I used this app, the first time i used it my groceries were STOLEN by the person who supposedly “delivered” them .... contacted customer service and they tried too to get ahold of the shopper and were declined calls by her.... thus they deemed what i already knew and that is that my groceries were stolen and so they replaced the order for me and the second lady actually brought me my groceries, yet i only got 1/4 of them. I swore off this service after that second delivery but my local grocery only uses THEM for delivery so yet again I am here ordering from them , hoping since they are through my grocery store and not the app it will be okay. 3rd time starts off great the person communicates with me the whole time, JUST as she says she’s done shopping and my grocery store lets me know my groceries are on the way suddenly my order gets “cancelled” and my shopper stops the chat and i never got my groceries .... i waited 3 hours for them and spend about $80 of which i have now AGAIN lost to a shopper who stole them. LITERALLY THE WORST SERVICE EVER they obviously do not check who’s shopping for them and to those who are shoppers - i’m disappointed in your morals that you would steal groceries from someone who worked hard for the money to pay for them . I literally cannot leave my house due to covid and this is my only option for groceries that i’m low on, i will be using another app from now on and will never again return to this AWFUL service .

- Christmas Eve Disaster

As I write this message it's Christmas Eve. Today was my first time ever using Instacart. It's a popularly used app with the admins at my job so I decided to try it out. I ordered at Noon for a 5:00pm delivery. The app notified me around 4:00 pm or so that my items were being collected at the store. I began to clean cause family and friends are coming tomorrow. I take a break around 5 to see what's going on with my delivery and it stated the delivery was going to be delayed. I messaged my shopper to see if he had still been in the store. No reply. Ok right🤷🏾‍♂️ no big deal. I go back to cleaning. 5:30 another break, now I have a new time 5:45. Still cool whatever. My guys shows up promptly at 5:45 with my items. Some things are missing. So turns out my local Safeway had a power outage, and my shopper had to go to another store. Here's my problem, if something happens like a power outage, it might be good for someone to notify you... Turns out also my driver did return my chat. I never got a notification. My notifications for this app are ON. On the latest version OS. So kind of steaming wondering 1. When my refund for the items that couldn't be delivered will come and 2. How I'm going to find the remaining items I need on Christmas day. This was a really bad first experience/impression. Additionally I should add... The drivers GPS would not show on the apps live map. So maybe something should be checked out here.

- Great App, Needs Some Work

I loved this APP when I first downloaded it. It was easy to use and navigate and the service it offers is amazing to someone who works full time with a long commute to and from work. Sometimes you get home from work and you just don’t want to have to deal with hassle of shopping. Especially for an introvert. However this APP’s functions and customer service has seriously declined in the last couple of months. Adding items to your order? Sorry, gotta catch it before the shopper starts shopping! Want to cancel your order? Ha! There’s no option to. Even with the available instructions that illusive ‘cancel’ button simply doesn’t exist. So what’s the next step? Calling customer service. Which gets you nowhere - just an endless wait with no response. If the developers of this APP could fix these highly frustrating issues (and customer service was a little more on point) I’d give this service 5 stars. Because, otherwise, it’s a seriously awesome service! The shoppers are always great - kind, polite, and work with you to make sure you get what you need as quickly as they can. However, with the markups this service charges in order to keep the operation afloat I expect better Customer Service response times and an APP that doesn’t hide some seriously important functions from you, the user.

- Dishonest business practices

It turns out that every item I purchased (from Publix through instacart) was marked up, for a total increase of over 13% on my total paid from what it would have cost me in the store. When I called instacart to find out why, it was pointed out to me that on the instacart site, under the Publix logo, was a link to the Pricing Policy, where it was stated that the instacart prices may differ from the prices in the local store. Not only was the link to the pricing policy in the smallest font on the page (and therefore I didn't notice it); but also the statement that "prices may differ" seems purposefully evasive. I prefer to work with a company that is up front, honest, and ethical about their business model. Had they very noticeably proclaimed the pricing policy I would respect them more, and would have been able to make an informed decision about whether to use the service (for example, as soon as I visit the website or app, have an obvious link that says something like "a service fee will be added to each item purchased and will range from 10-15%"). The way it is hidden under obscure language feels like I am being purposefully taken advantage of. Had I known up front that I might pay 13% more to use the service, I would have had the opportunity to decide if the convenience was worth the $13. Chances are, most people like me would choose to pay that. However, since I feel lied to, I will NOT be using instacart again.

- Costco Instacart thumbs down

So I ordered through Costco’s! I had no clue it was Instacart ! I received zero receipt can’t cancel order it keeps ordering my order over and over again! Costco can’t stop it I can’t stop it the lady never closed my order so it keep circulating in there system! I had to cancel my credit card so they can’t check out. I also can’t get ahold of Instacart they have text messages and you wait hours I’m not kidding!! No help there workers want to fill it get paid I don’t blame them they don’t know how to stop or close the order. So I was stuck with reoccurring text 4 people trying to fill it . I said don’t need it I got it yesterday! I have to fight with there workers ever few mins. So I took my credit card off and called my credit card company for a new card because no one would stop the order. All I can say is done with instacart with Costco. The target lady did it right but I down loaded the app for that one tip of the week just stay away they have lots of issues and they closed there phone number due to the issues coming in all you can do is text with zero help. So if this order comes today it will melt because I refuse to take it! Then I have dispute the charges with my credit card!!!! I could scream and I did with the guy at Costco because he felt sorry for me and knew I was frustrated and told me to just scream it out I did cause I can’t!! Terrible Instacart you should be ashamed zero customer service!!

- Very helpful app, but...

I had to post this! I submitted below review a few days ago. Within 3 days I received a response from Kodi, that they will look into this issue immediately. So I m VERY impressed! THIS is what I would call a great customer service and focus on customers’ needs. Although I am confident that my suggestion — having an ability to open the items I’ve marked as my “Favorites” as a separate list to shop from — is a good one and that many shopper would likely find it extremely helpful, still; developer could have ignored it and moved on. Well, THANK YOU, Maplebear, and THANK YOU Kodi, for not ignoring a good suggestion. I look forward to seeing this feature in the app very soon. This app is great on everything that I’ve explored so far. However, I noticed one big flaw (at least in my view): you cannot open a separate list that contains your favorite items, nor can you sort all items by your favorites. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having this feature in the first place, to be able to mark items as”favorite”. Perhaps the next updates can incorporate this also, where I can view my favorites, because I believe majority of people keep buying the same stuff most of the time.

- Love Using InstaCart

We really enjoy using Instacart to have groceries delivered. I only gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way to choose preferred shoppers and there have been a couple of times they doubled up orders and our order wasn’t delivered until several hours after we’d requested and we had to cancel plans (the response was and “I’m Sorry and here’s $15 odd your next order. 😐). That’s only happened a couple of times, though, out of the multitude of times we’ve used InstaCart. Otherwise, it is so nice to choose what groceries we want/need (provided it’s available through the app and things are more expensive) and have it delivered. The app usually provides really good communication about the status of the order and it’s pretty cool to see which items have been shopped and which ones are left to be shopped, and we get to approve any changes that need to be made. It’s also pretty cool to watch the delivery status as the driver is heading our way so we can be prepared. Overall, we really love InstaCart! We have used it weekly for probably a year and a half now. It is a bit more expensive but if you hate grocery shopping or have a reason that grocery shopping is difficult for you, then this is a great option. It will also help you cut back on impulse buys!

- very disappointed

I understand you have lots of people ordering groceries in high volume due to these unfortunate circumstances, but I have to say I am extremely disappointed with how this issue is being resolved. I placed an order two weeks ago which was supposed to be delivered Thursday of last week. Instead, my card was charged twice and delivery was moved to Thursday of the following week (today) at 4:00-5:00 pm. Earlier today, the time was changed again from 5:30-6:00 pm. I was annoyed, but let it slide. Again, times were changed again and again and now you are saying the time is moved to 7:30-8:00 pm. This is ridiculous at this point, I understand these are pressing times, but I scheduled the delivery at that time for a reason. My father has an autoimmune disorder so my entire family has not left the house and are unable to get groceries, and we were really relying on you to get them. I just don’t understand the point of making scheduled deliveries if they won’t be delivered at that time. I tried calling, since it said on your app that the waiting time is 1 hour, but sat waiting on the line for two until I decided enough was enough. I hope you can at least read this email and respond to me with some answers, because I am thoroughly disappointed and upset with how everything had turned out. If I had not used your services in the past, I would have thought this was a scam, if I am being honest.

- Best idea ever!!

So I just had my third little baby on Tuesday July 2, 2019, and I also have 2 toddlers at home with me, a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. So to say I have my hands full is an understatement, that being said, I heard of Instacart from my mother in law and decided to try it, I have been home from the hospital for about 2 1/2 days now and of course since mommy has been resting and also been in the hospital there was no cooking or what I left before I went into the hospital is all gone now, so the kids and husband have been living off of fast food. I am wayyy too tired and sore to go to the grocery store so I used Instacart for both the grocery store Aand Cvs which I needed some extra lady supplies and both were delivered in such a timely fashion, by a very helpful, sweet woman, who even texted me when out front so the dogs didn’t wake up my newborn baby! I can’t thank her enough for doing all my shopping and helping me avoid a mental breakdown in the store!!! This is seriously a LIFESAVER for new moms or moms with multiple kiddos!! I don’t think I’ll ever have to take the littles grocery shopping again it’s going to be AWESOME!!! -To the inventor of Instacart, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have seriously saved me money, time, and my mental state!!!!

- Horrible

My shopper replaced a box of pop tarts with a case of pop tarts, but still brought me a single box of pop tarts. OK, I’ll just contact customer service and get a partial refund. Chat interface is the only readily available way to contact an Instacart rep. Said I had a 28 minute wait. 4 hours later someone finally gets in touch with me. They ask me to wait a couple more minutes. I never hear back from them. Time to get back to the end of the line. I wait from 4PM until midnight with no response. I went to bed. Woke up and had to get back at the end of the line again because apparently someone finally answered after I had gone to bed. Five hours later I finally get through to someone who offers me credit or a refund. I had signed up for the express membership for 10 dollars and figured I still had a month to go before I (absolutely) cancel. I may as well get the credit and try to make the most of the 10 dollars. So I sit for a good hour shopping and go to checkout to find their are no available times for delivery OR pickup. Its been that way all day. I realize its busy right now, but how about allowing people to contact you by email so they don’t have to hawk eye their phone for hours on end? And if people aren’t going to be able to use your service as often as they would like then why are you charging them for a membership? Theres 10 dollars I may as well have flushed down the toilet.

- Fast but...

I have to say I like Instacart, but they need some improvements. You can’t use your store loyalty cards, specific discounts, or get a real receipt back from them. So you’re just paying inflated prices and the sales and coupons just bring the cost down to slightly above store price. There’s a very small selection of items in some categories, as one brand that has 30 flavors in the store you’re ordering from will sometimes only show as one flavor available. The people who work for Instacart are OK, but you never get a paper receipt. They keep it. This means if you use rebate apps, say goodbye to that! Not only do they keep your receipt, some Instacart drivers will keep that receipt and use it with rebate apps, stealing your rebate money. So I find the service with no physical receipt sketchy at best. You can use it with cash back apps as a % back but it’s only like 1% on apps Instacart partners with. Some Instacart people will go out of their way to find the item you want, while some will deliver you squished bagels. It depends on the people. It’s a gamble but if you’re in a bind, try it. I schedule my groceries with a ton of snacks and schedule it for right before guests get to my house. However, sometimes they’re so fast that Instacart is here early by an hour. Not a complaint, just a little bit of a surprise!

- In all, fairly happy

First two attempts were loaded with issues, starting with that I forgot to add my membership number and that the app didn’t force me to fix it. To my address was updated to be incorrect (missing house number). To ending up with all but the cheapest item removed from the trip, and it used both promos. Customer service credited me a $5 promo (replacing my $15), and the app credited me a second time (unexplained) for $10. Fixing issues on my end I tried again, none of the items that I ordered arrived, but an entire grocery trip from someone else was dropped off. Customer support said that I could keep the items for free, and gave me an option of how to fix (still wanting my items, and believed there was a chance things would work out I had them order again). Third time worked out splendidly, much as one imagines the service should work, so I immediately set up a fourth order, for the main item that I wanted the first time, and quickly enough a shopper picked it up without issues. In all, assuming nothing funny with payments going forward then I am very pleased, albeit now with a bunch of items in the house that need to be donated to a good bank or such.

- Great shoppers, horrible customer service

I’ve used this app twice and I used it a second time hesitantly but wanted to give it another shot. The shoppers are awesome. The company itself and the customer service is horrible. The company has zero quality control when it comes to pricing. My first order cost $145 on the app and the receipt from the store showed $120. I was told that stores set their prices and there’s nothing they can do. Yes, I understand there is a service and convenience few but that’s a small amount compared to that gap. Disappointment #1. They gave me a credit for the inconvenience so I decided to give it another shot with a smaller order. The shopper marked 2 items as “refund” since the store was out of stock and didn’t have a replacement item that I wanted. Totally fine! What’s bit fine is that I was never refunded for those two items ($15 total). My charge was $82 when I placed the order, a week later my bank is still showing $82 paid. Customer service told me it was refunded and there was a credit on my account, neither of which is true. They closed out my ticket even though I told them I hadn’t received either the refund or the credit. So bottom line is that the company is either poorly maintained at a management level or they’re greedy and taking advantage during a pandemic. I’m thinking it’s both. I’ll continue to ask for my refund and avoid this app at all costs.

- Stay Away!

I have never seen such a horrible company, combined with a useless app. I placed an order 5 days ago. Almost immediately, a message popped up saying Fred was “shopping your order.” I remembered something I wanted to add, but the website didn’t match up to the instructions on how to change an order. Apparently, once they say someone is shopping, you can’t make changes. The next day, Fred was still shopping! Midday, the notification changed to tell me Christopher was shopping my order. He’s been shopping now for 48 hours. Obviously, they’ve either got a computer that randomly assigns a name as the supposed shopper, or there’s a manager doing this. It’s all lies. My first delivery time came and went. A new time was assigned without asking me. That time is now over 24 hours past. So those delivery times are also just fiction, like these supposed shoppers. There was never any chance that they were going to shop for and deliver this order on time, but they lied and said they would. In the meantime, they put a hold on my credit card for more than the amount of the order. Help from Instacart? Absent. No online help at all. If you search, you can eventually find a phone number, but when I called, the initial wait time was 92 minutes. As I waited, that time gradually went up, until I gave up around midnight with a remaining wait time of 105 minutes. So stay away from this company and its useless app.

- Worth it if ur not on a budget

As a mom with a wild toddler and a busy life Instacart let’s me get food in the house without the hassle of chasing my kid around the store. I do love getting my groceries delivered. HOWEVER I am absolutely mad about is the extremely high membership fee that got pulled without my knowledge and when I called to get a refund they said I had called 1 day too late. If my grocery store would let me use my rewards with Instacart I would say this is a win and wouldn’t have minded being a member. But since that’s not the case and points matter to save money I do not find this to be worth the $250 (I didn’t have) that was taken from my account after I was positive I had cancelled before the free trial was up. The only thing the service rep did was cancel so it didn’t renew next year besides that he was rude and practically hung up on me and I was beyond polite. I have a feeling if I had asked to speak to someone else I would have gotten my money back or was able to purchase a different membership with a lower fee. Instacart almost had me, if I had spoken to a polite person on the phone my review may have been a 4 and I may have renewed next year but at this point I will not be doing that. But the people who deliver are great! All nice and have never had any issues with them or the way the app works when replacing items. Great communication to get the shopping done.

- Thieves!

PSA : #Instacart -thieves!!! I have been using their service for over a year. TODAY, they chose to hit my account for $149 for a year of unlimited service. This is an offer that is given to you at the beginning of your membership, which I opted out for THEN. They tell me otherwise. I use the in store offers to get my free delivery. They took my money this morning and I canceled ASAP, however they won’t give me my money back for 3-5 business days! That is complete and utter BS. This offer went into effect it seems because I made a password change when I noticed that my loyalty card for #Wegmans fell off. They refused to help me, instead they repeatedly read off of a script. When I asked for a supervisor, “Vaughn” was kind enough to at least say “Ma’am” each time that he read his prepared statement to me. Might I add it took over 10 minutes to even get connected to a supervisor?!?!?! The lack of respect and customer service I received was enough to make me pull out of their service. I’m sorry that someone will no longer have me on their Wegmans route, I always have a big order and I am a huuuuuuuuge tipper with a BIG EFFING MOUTH. Be prepared to be bashed everywhere Instacart.

- Bruce Allen

I will never do business with this company again. The first time I used them I was very please with the service I received my groceries in just about one hour. I had never used this service before. I had just gotten out of the hospital from a various serious illness. I was so impressed with my first experience I used it again. I placed my order at 12:15 PM cst. But, I didn’t receive my order for over 5 hours. To say I was unhappy is an understatement. So, I called customer service and complained without much satisfaction. I informed the man I spoke to about this and he never offered an apology. I did tell him I would never use the service again and have not. But, to my surprise, I checked my checking account today and to my surprise there was a charge of $99 deducted for subscription service, I never signed up for this. I tried to call customer service and waited a total of 1 hour and fifteen minutes to talk to someone and finally just gave up. I would advise everyone thinking of using it not to. You don’t receive the service and it does appear to be a scam of some sorts. Please beware. Pretty expensive learning experience but I did learn my lesson. NEVER AGAIN

- Shamefully screwed up app considering how important it is

Home delivery is an important service during the current crisis. Unfortunately, the app is not attuned to the current situation. It is very difficult to navigate and find different orders for different stores and dates to adjust them. Even worse, the website works completely differently. Some features work only in the app, while others work only on the website. I need both open at the same time to successfully complete every order. Also, shoppers have the ability to change your order and charge you for whatever they decide to bring you. Instacart erases your original record so you cannot prove you are right. This has happened often enough that I now take screenshots of everything. When I had a problem, I contacted Instacart customer service. Because there was definitely a bug in the software, I asked to escalate to tech support or software development. The response was that there was no such department at Instacart. So that explained a lot of what I was experiencing. Instacart uses completely outsourced software with the result that there is no connection whatsoever between user experience and software development. Company leadership is leaving the door wide open to a more tech savvy company to rip this huge market opportunity away from Instacart. Meanwhile, we are stuck with this very poorly designed app.

- Life Saver!!

This service is so convenient. I am on permanent disability and I am able to go to the grocery store but most of the time it’s a lot of hassle putting the groceries in the car putting them on the conveyor about putting them back in their cart putting them in my car then unloading them when I get home that’s a lot of work for me and my joints. I’ve been using this service now for approximately a year I don’t always use them for grocery shopping because I’ll go to the store sometimes but especially on the days where I have a migraine and I need to get groceries this is my number one go to.. I’ve had no issues whatsoever with the customer service team the delivery drivers are very efficient and nice they always ask for approval if they have to switch an item because it’s out of stock. Overall great service delivery is quick within two hours or you can even schedule your groceries to be delivered at the time you prefer for example when you get off work do you know what time you will be home and the groceries will be arrived shortly after you get home so that’s super convenient. Overall I would rate this app five stars 10 out of 10 customer service! :)

- Concept Great

I love the idea of InstaCart, online shopping made easy and amazing speed of service. However, every order I’ve had has 1-5 products that differ from what I order. I’d prefer waiting a bit longer if it means my order is correct. Having $10-20 in groceries that I don’t want and cant eat because it’s not sugar free and shoppers don’t read this despite my notes capitalizing it is frustrating and will result in my canceling service if it continues. Additionally, this last time shoppers dropped off groceries an hour after I order them (Amazing speed!!) YET never called or texted me and I was inside working. I didn’t see anything other than a general text from InstaCart so groceries were outside another 7 Hours, ruining $40 of groceries as it was a hot day. This is no fault to Instagram except to request you train shoppers to 1)get correct items, especially when sugar free as you never know who has special needs 2) text groceries were dropped off if they were and there’s no knock on door. Again, these are minor issues if occasional error but at this point in the past month I’ve donated or thrown away a total of $100 and ordered 5x I think.

- Overcharged

It’s great to have services like this that can go out and shop for you. However, you should be aware of extra charges and price differences in your groceries. I saw my receipt in my bags that were delivered and I saw how much my groceries actually cost at the store when the Instacart shopper purchased them. My total after taxes on the receipt was $45. Instacart charged me $52 and change for just the groceries and then added delivery fee, service fee, sales tax and tip of course. The delivery fee and tip is expected but why am I paying sales tax on my groceries twice? Why am I paying delivery fee and service fee? Why is the total for my groceries more than what was paid in the store? When I reached out to customer service and asked these questions, all they said was “some merchants choose to make the Instacart price more than in store prices”. Oh ok so Instacart not only makes money off the service fees but also in the difference of what they actually pay when they shop for me and what they decide to show prices for on the Instacart app!? How is this ok? So I paid $18 more just to have my groceries delivered to me rather than go to the store myself. That was my dumb mistake. Not to mention the shopper did not even get all my items. I have used Instacart and ship it and I never had this issue or lack of customer service from ship it. I do not recommend Instacart. Pay attention to your receipt!


The functionality of the app remains shoddy & inconsistent. Twice now there’s been instances that I was unable to check out with my full order. Both times this has occurred, its happened after they performed updates, both times I contacted CS they could not tell me what the problem was or when it would be resolved. When the app works it’s great - but when it doesn’t I end up wasting my precious time just trying to get someone to answer my questions. I’m really about to the point of saying to hell with Instacart. CS is usually friendly, courteous, & professional, but what’s the point if you can not answer customer questions or resolve customer issues? My second time using Instacart, they emailed me claiming ‘unusual activity’ on my account, cancelled my pending order, which I had placed for my business & needed that day, told me they’d be in touch & asked me to email/call if I had had any questions, & locked me out of my account. I emailed, got no response. They didn’t provide a number to call so I googled Instacart & found their customer service number. Customer service couldn’t tell me anything as they were also locked out of my account & couldn’t put me in touch with anyone who could. The hell Instacart. You’re supposed to help make my busy life more convenient, not less.


I recently have been using the app to buy groceries and it has been good, but last week I bought $100 worth of groceries and my shopper was almost done with my order and asked me to confirm a couple of things that weren’t found bc they had to be replaced. Once I replaced them I closed the app and re opened it and it kept asking me about my replacements and it said requested and so it kept doing this to me for about an hour and my delivery time got pushed back. Eventually I got a different shopper and he grabbed what was supposed to be replaced but Instacart said he had gotten my whole order. When the guy came he had about $15 dollars worth of things and I asked him about the rest and he told me that it was all he was asked to get. I told him okay and I made a report to instacart about the incident instead of refunding my money because I needed the groceries ASAP. Once I submitted my report I waited a couple of days and nobody ever reached out to me. So I made another report and asked for my money back, but when I did that I got a reply saying that I could not submit another report so I have to wait for someone to get back to me. I am not able to get my money back and I am not currently employed and to make matters worse I can’t even get my money back because I can’t even cancel my original issue. It’s been about a week and still have no response. Hope this helps anyone!

- Do not use them!!

I placed an order with them. The shopper got my stuff and then delivered to wrong address! She didn’t call to verify she was at the right place. I have it set for contactless delivery. She took a pic and said delivered and ended delivery. There was no way to contact her to let her know she delivered to wrong address. So I immediately contacted customer service, who then called the driver, who claimed she was already to far to go back for my groceries. So the customer service guy says he can do a redelivery. Ok, fine, it is what it is... so over an hour goes by and they call me and tell me that there can’t be a redelivery because there was an error. So I’m getting a refund, which will take 5-10 business days to hit my account! I don’t have the money to just go out and grocery shop again. I feel like the situation could’ve been handled better. I feel like the drivers number should stay to where I can contact them up until I’ve actually received my order. I feel like the shoppers need to be more aware of where they are delivering, and if they aren’t sure they are at the right place, then they need to call the customer. I now have lost over 100 dollars in groceries, and now have to wait almost 2 weeks for my refund. I’m not made of money. Plus, I’m also disabled, so it’s not like I can just run out to the store because they were careless! I’m sooo mad right now!!!

- Deceptive but convenient

I definitely loved the convenience of ordering my groceries online, not having to spend extra time shopping in the store, etc. However, every item is marked up compared to the actual store price on top of the delivery fee, service fee, and tip. I do not mind paying a tip. However, I do mind paying more for each item in the store when I’m already being charged a service fee. This practice is deceptive. With all the fees and increase in pricing I paid an extra $20 for my groceries. The charge if I bought items, myself, at store would have been $49. I spent $69 for the convenience. Even if I got the $99 yearly membership I’d still spend at extra $520 to get $50 worth of groceries every week and (on top of the $99/membership fee) so you are already at $620/year for the convenience of someone shopping for you and delivering your groceries. That’s fine if you are willing to pay for it but it would be great if Instacart were more upfront about the cost. I keep reading that one reason for the service is to help the elderly, differently abled, and others who can’t shop and/or drive on their own. If the company really cared they would be more transparent about their fee practices instead of prying on already vulnerable populations. 2 star for the convenience, ease, and fast service. -3 stars for everything mentioned above

- Expensive

I got a year subscription so I’m tied in. I really do not like how they use plastic bags which WE have to pay for To just transport the groceries from the grocery store to my house. Why can’t they have their own reusable bags/boxes/coolers to fill with groceries and transport it to the persons home, unload and take it back and reuse it again?! It’s not only cutting down plastic pollution but cutting back on our costs. The world doesn’t need more plastic bags in the oceans and land. I use to be able to use my Ralphs rewards card but Instacart changes that so I don’t get my normal discounts which I think is unfair. I also know that the instacart deliverers uses their reward cards on my groceries, so where is the reward discount money going? I think the service fee is ridiculous. We already tip the delivery people. I buy wine quite frequently, I buy six bottles at a time because you get a 30% discount, but this does not apply with Instacart so what happens to the 30% discount that we are supposed to have?!? this also applies to some discounts and other items to why doesn’t apply the same wait for us?!? I do love the convenience of the service but it has gotten a lot more expensive. I strongly feel that the usage of plastic bags is really bad when there are so many other better alternatives.

- Instacart cancelled my first order!

Very disappointed at my first experience with instacart. I placed an order for pick up at Wegmans to avoid the thanksgiving rush. When it came around to pick up time I checked the app to ensure I didn’t miss an alert. Instacart CANCELLED my order. I checked my email and they sent one saying my account was flagged as potentially fraudulent. They needed me to send a picture of my driver’s license and my bank card; I sent it. That apparently wasn’t good enough as they then asked for me to send “A selfie holding your photo ID up to your face, so that we can verify a match”. This is extremely excessive and am now questioning if this is even the company. I called the 24/7 customer service line and the women was very nice but told me there’s nothing she can do and I have to wait until tomorrow to hear back about a solution. In all, my experience with their “issue” was not resolved on a quick manor and was very strange. I think it’s odd they would flag my account on my first order and ask for so much information. For this to be an app when you can get your groceries so quick you’d think they would have more of a sense of urgency to solve the problems.

- App is awesome, a few ideas for even better experience

I love the ability to communicate with the shopper during their trip, it makes substitutions work much better than just selecting one option. Being able to see the shopping progress pretty much real time is also amazing. Lots of great features that were well thought out and appear to work well! If your Product Team is reading, I think some machine learning to try and predict stock for items might be better than relying on the actual stores to provide inventory. Assuming you’re not already doing that and that there is even enough data. Also, given that the majority of grocery items are available at multiple stores, I’d test out a feature that lets the customer make their list and your tech determines the best store to purchase from based on availability and price. Maybe it presents 2-3 results, how it compares to the original list, and final pricing. That would provide shoppers access to a previously unknown savings that they would normally have to shop at multiple stores to ever realize. I’ve probably spent way too much time thinking about how to improve grocery shopping.

- Things you should know about cost

I have used Instacart for about 4 months and thought it was pretty good. Now I find out that the cost on there website for each item does not always match what the store has to offer with discounts. I pay at least 16 to 25 dollars every time I order more that if I would go to the store. I order at least 2 to 3 times a week and usually over 100 dollars a pop. This was discovered because I compared the receipt from the store sub total to Instacart sub total. I think is is way to much for anyone to pay. So the problem is that the stores are not updating the pricing to Instacart in a more regular basis. Really should be updated every day. Tell me who can afford to pay the delivery fee plus service fee and tip PLUS the 16 to 25 dollars extra I pay because pricing is wrong compared to the store. This is outrages. I am an auditor and when Instacart tells you that some items are marked up. Not true. If so all items would be marked up. Only some items costs on their web site are higher than if you went to the store yourself. I don’t know about you but this is way too much to pay extra. On top of the other fees. Ridicules and unfair. I am going to call the grocery store to see if they can update Instacart cost daily. Not fair to us. WE CANT AFFORD THIS KIND OF UNFAIR COST TO US IF YOU are SPENDING CLOse to 200 to 300 a week!!!

- I like InstaCart but computer problems drove me nuts

I have used InstaCart before and I loved it. This experience was a disaster! I could not sign into my account because it said the email address was already in use! Yes, it was me! Called for help and the lady was very nice. Had to delete the account and start a new one. Doing fine and then items I put in my cart were not there anymore! Problems persisted and in the end, my delivery was short of several items. The most important was water. As a kidney patient working with only one kidney that is at stage 4 renal failure and the other one removed due to cancer, I need lots of water! I also wasn’t able to see my charges to see if water, stevia and several other items were charged! I also suffer from fractures in my back and I can’t pick up heavy things and I am at risk for becoming sick because my immune system is weak! I have to depend on an alternative way to shop and I need to be careful with my money! I had 4 calls to InstaCart to try to fix the problem! They were very nice, but the problem is still there now, 2 days later. InstaCart! Please fix this! I desperately need this service!

- Prices are not the prices in store

I used Instacart for the first time last weekend and thought it was great. Until I got the actual receipt and realized that each item was much lower in the store than on the app. So I decided to go to Costco and purchase 19 items today and run the same cart on Instacart and the variance on purchases alone was $34 more. That does NOT include the service fee, delivery fee & tip. And because their prices are higher the tax is obviously higher. 16 items were consistently $2 or more than the i store price (and these were regular price NOT the costco coupon prices). All fees included (minus delivery if you pay for the year $149), That tallied up to a whopping $66 over what I paid. I totally get that the company needs to make a revenue and people are looking for convenience in a busy life. However, if I use Instacart weekly at ~$200 / week I will pay $1768 extra for actual groceries and a whopping $3,432 extra with the fees. As a consumer I would RATHER have the service fee mandatory, A higher yearly fee. I want to know where my money is going. I don’t like “guessing” how these groceries were really that expensive, if it’s worth it. Tell us what it actually is. I imagine this could be difficult to implement into a system due to the variances but prices shouldn’t vary SO widely. One product was $8 more on instacart than in Costco (coffee). Do your homework. Not worth it to me.

- Disgusting, Disappointing, Disaster

I basically paid $200 for rotten groceries that were expired or could give me food poisoning if consumed ... all the dairy products were two days away from expiration when picked up, the eggs expired in a day, the brown meat was sitting in a pool of its own purple blood, the chicken was yellow/slimy, all the product was moldy/rotten, the plastic containers were rotten/leaked in my car from the way the girl shoved them into to fit, the “fresh chopped peppers” were so rotten the air expanded in plastic while it sat in a pool of moldy water (I can see the mold floating), damaged containers/bags, overall terrible experience ... called instacart to correct it, they told me they can send a whole new set of groceries for free, I told them no because I did not trust they would actually deliver their promise; I was correct! The second set of groceries to replace the original never arrived after waiting for 5 hours, called instacart customer service they told me I would get a refund for this disaster, the refunded the order set to replace the original so I still got charged $200!!!!! Spent another 3 hours trying to deal with customer service, got my refund, but I was then charged AGAIN today. Trash app, terrible shoppers, poor customer service, and absolute disappointment... they hire people who have no idea what they’re doing, what they’re looking at, or apparently what respectful food is suppose to look like

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- Awful!

My first experience of using your app was so disappointing. I ordered the items and according to your recommended time slots, they were supposed to be delivered by 11:50 am! Now, this is 12:55 and the shopper hasn’t arrived yet! I missed my bank appointment because of your inconvenient service and lack of responsibility. I won’t use your app again. I wrote this review to say you lost one user, if it’s important to you!!!!

- Great app, bad service

My roommate used this app and she had an amazing experience so I decided to try it out. The app and user experience is great - you can interact with your shopper throughout the whole process. You don’t get access to deals and some prices are outrageous ($7.00 for one avocado). When I tried the app my shopper did everything in an hour and had it at my apartment in no time. The problem was he picked the absolutely worst produce - wilted leaves, bad tomatoes, yellow - brown bananas. So although the conscience was there I ended up throwing out half of the things I bought and went grocery shopping again myself. Good idea, needs improvement when it comes to the shoppers or some sort of reimbursement.

- Scam

They’ll secretly charge you extra fees. I ended up more than double paying for my groceries and almost didn’t notice. Support takes forever to get in contact with. They ended up refusing to give me money. Would not recommend

- Charge me without shopping!

They charge me for updates membership for 100 dollars. They only let me know with email. I don’t read my email often. If don’t cancel it with in 15 days. Then the money can’t refund. What if I don’t read the email with in 15 days! This app is awful and ridiculous!!

- Diabolical payment structure

They use customer tips to subsidize their own labour costs. Deliverers don’t get their tips, instead they are used to fulfill the minimum amount per delivery cost. It’s absolutely unethical and I’m not even sure how the upper management was ok with cheating the people who pretty much are the cornerstone of their business model. Very disappointed with these practices.

- Great idea, bad implementation

Most of the items are unavailable, and I had to constantly keep an eye on the messages to approve swipes or request refunds. Very poor customer experience. Please let me know when you are ready, I’ll re try using it. I am not going to use it for many months for sure.

- Not worth the trouble

Screwed up my order twice. Then substituted with something no where near what I wanted. Worst of all, paid for two (5) multipack of noodles and got two singles. Paid price for 10 but got 2. What a scam.

- Terrible

Wrong orders. Cancelled orders. Their 24/7 customer support has been unavailable for days. Trash service. Do not use

- Scam!

Massively inflated base prices and then an extra charge for delivery! Just go to the store’s website to compare how much they’re gouging you. What a joke. We’re not idiots.

- Took money out of my account

I was just looking into an app while all the madness is happening tried to use it once it didn’t work and now they’ve taken money out of my account unauthorized....I love how this app has essentially taken advantage of people in a crappy time and hope they will refund the money they took without my knowledge. It’s really not a time to be ripping people off money that is essential to people with little to nothing 😞 have emailed twice no response thank you for taking food out of my family’s mouth by taking money out of my account in a time where families are struggling and losing their jobs real class act company!!!! I’m waiting for you to return my money like any ethical company would 😞

- Nobody is shipping anything to you.

Please just change to other local no touch delivery services as nobody’s gonna take the risk and go to the grocery store for you. Also if your shopper brought another cheaper replacement for you, they are gonna keep the amount of price difference. Nobody could guarantee you get the right item.

- Terrible experience

My order was cancelled and my credit card was charged.

- Terrible for customers and shoppers

For people trying to shop using this app: don’t. The service isn’t great, support isn’t helpful, and while some of the shoppers may be bad, some like me actually cared. But this happened: The first time I tried to shop for someone, the provided credit card didn’t work, so I had to pay for them myself. The support took forever to answer, and was not very helpful. I tried to do the reimbursement process, but the app keeps crashing. I’ve currently submitted a claim and there’s no response for almost a week now. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this service to make money or get their groceries because they charge so much yet the app is broken (current version) and there’s so many points where things could go wrong. Oh, and your number isn’t even in service, but you list that as an official help line. So yeah, it sucks for everyone. I don’t know how they turn a profit. Uber is a more customer AND contractor friendly business.

- Crooks!!!!! Stay away

My last order of 100$ + was never delivered. It showed it was but I never received a single item and I have tried to get a hold of customer service through chat email and calling and have had no response for over 72hours. How is this legal they basically stole $100+ dollars from me.

- Terrible service

Ordered yesterday at noon for delivery at 6-7pm. Nothing showed up and no contact at all. Call volumes 1 hour wait and still no groceries. Yet they charged my credit card. Fuming mad.

- Not happy. Supposed to get free delivery!

Will follow-up.

- Bad service experience

It used to be good and convenient but not right now. The selected food are terrible and the shoppers are not as professional as they advertised. Almost any random person can be a shopper. And the price on the app is at least 15% higher than the price in store. And it tends to be higher recently! This is ridiculous! I don’t use it anymore.

- Terrible costumer support

Slow reposes and unproductive

- Scam

Advertised free delivery then added $30 to the bill calling it a “service fee”. Driver couldn’t find the address so cancelled the order after txting me to say it was enroute. Stupid company do not use.

- Robbed

After placing an order with about $250 worth of items off this services website it debited my account for $280 immediately. Within 2 days I was informed that many of my items were not available and gave me the option to cancel. I did cancel the order this was 10 days ago, I have NOT received a refund. The money is GONE! There is no way to contact customer service they have shut line down. A recording tells you install the app which I did and the app is only available to residents in the USA at this time and couldn’t even find my address. 😂 so congrats APOORVA METHA you’ve successfully profited off the back of the corona crisis better than any entrepreneur around. Refund me!

- Delivery Is a dream

Ordered my quarantined parents groceries. Delivery scheduled for Sunday 6-7 pm. Shopper arrived at the store at 7:55 pm and didn’t know the store closed at 8! Kicked her out. Said she finish in the morning. Next available time was 3 days later. My parents were in quarantine!!! Called and waited on hold for 3 1/2 hrs only to have the wait time increase. Called again the next morning when csr read from a script and said reschedule which I had - 3 days later. My senior parents were in quarantine and I am 3 hours away- didn’t matter. My issue was escalated a manager last Thursday- today is 11:31pm on Sunday. No call. I finally found a friend to drop food to my parents. Don’t bother. Skip this service. Give your money without the middle man. I can text a list to a stranger with greater confidence.

- Overcharge

I bought $190 in groceries. My card was charged $270. I signed up for the express. Should have gotten $10.00 back as promised. But instead another $11.00 went on my card. $20 for tip, fair and worth paying. But where did the rest go?

- Many flaws to fix

Not sure why this has such great reviews. Many products do not show up when you search for them, but then show up only as a replacement option. You're unable to change your order once it's been received so if you forgot something you're out of luck. Your shopper can add items for you but you can't do it yourself; only if you ask through the chat and that is only if they answer you. Products show up as unavailable but if you go to the store you will find it in stock. This app is great at first use, but once you use it multiple times you will start to see the flaws.

- Awful

No items, three day wait, couldn’t figure out how to use the intercom in my building. Had to go down and get groceries. Defeats the purpose.

- Charges you without your consent

I enrolled in the 14-day Instacart Express trial, and cancelled the trial well before the end of my two week period. But guess what? They still charged me for the annual subscription. Cherry on top is that my account shows very clearly that I am NOT an Instacart Express member since I cancelled the free trial but I’ve still been charged. Absolutely ridiculous.

- Hidden fees

I was planning to switch from Saveon delivery $4.99 each week to Instacart as it advertises only a yearly subscription which was about half the cost of saveon’s delivery fee. However, during the trial, I find out about the driver “tip” which is not allowed at saveon and the “service fees” which added to the subscription mean this will cost more on a weekly basis. Back to save on we go!

- Items way overpriced!!

Using the app is very convenient. It’s great to have so many options to pick replacements, give instructions on produce selection, etc. Having a great shopper means you get exactly the groceries you want, delivered right to your door. I had my groceries within 2 hours of placing my order which was a lifesaver. I would definitely not make a habit of shopping on this app though because the items are extremely over priced! Awesome when needed in a pinch but with the service fees, delivery fees, subscription fee, tip, and grocery price inflation, it is a huge hit to the wallet.


I don’t know why apple let you put the app in the Canadian App Store if you don’t deliver to Canada.

- Very bad service

A lot of my ‘fresh’ produce was soft or rotten. Terrible. Never again trust them.

- Scam absolute scam !!please read!!

Continuous amounts of terrible orders that needed refunds. Instead of giving a refund they turn it to credit instead which added up to almost $100 for me when I clearly stated I wanted a refund. Customer service said they’ll change it to a full refund (typical 3-7 days to refund), next day when I checked my refund it was only $45 dollars refunded!!! This app is taking advantage of this pandemic to scam us and our needs of convenience!! Also their available products in the apps sucks now. Like Walmart’s only have plastic spoons and granola bars for breakfast items now?? Can’t even request items and search results are basically zero. Might as well just not get the app and do things yourself. Garbage app

- Canadian passport not a valid ID

Their policy doesn’t consider passport to be a valid ID. I checked the laws to verify that this is indeed a totally made up policy. Tried to speak to customer service and my shopper was threatened to have his account blocked. Seriously terrible on both fronts.

- Unfair crazy marked up prices

Before you use this app make sure you understand how much the prices are marked up. They are charging you for the service in some cases for delivery and they are marking up prices insanely on all products. Order online and go pick it up

- App is okay but horrible customer service if something goes wrong

The app works well for the most part. Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel an order if the shopper just stops shopping and abandons your order. It’s also hard to get ahold of customer service through the app when issues arise. The way to get to the chat with your shopper is harder than it should be and whenever you open a new ‘window’ in the app, they just stack up and you have to delete a lot of them in order to get back to the main page. Would not recommend unless you’re desperate and have lots of time to deal with getting jerked around by inept customer service agents.


I used this app to get myself pain reliever and personal items the total was $15 and was charged $35 and when my postal code SUDDENLY CHANGED (yes, I did double check my address before confirming) I waited for more then 4 HOURS to even receive call back from a customer service rep, my money wasn’t refunded completely a scam

- Good Service, Horrible Support

Incompetent support agents. All will be good until you have an issue though!

- Customer service is poor

Took 3 hours to learn that “we’ll fix your account as soon as we can” actually means “maybe up to a couple days.” Obviously haven’t trained properly if they are unaware of the importance of establishing expectations. I’m done with Instacart.

- Garbage

Trash service. Prices are always incorrect and you end up paying more (sometimes much more) per item. Have ordered with them multiple times and have never had a good experience, so I am terminating my account. If something is wrong, don’t count on customer service, either they have bots emailing you back or the people there are just really dumb. Don’t waste your time and money.

- Waste of time & money!

They were a few things missing from groceries that I already paid for I reported it , I thought they were going to give me a refund. However, they put it on my credit in my account for future purchases I ordered more groceries today but there was no credit added on my account. I kept emailing them but they kept emailing me none sense, they didn’t give me any refund or credit they just apologized. Complete waste of time & energy.

- Scam

Supposed to charge me 27 charged me 50 instead

- Hidden fees.

I got the receipt from the store total $162.78 and the item subtotal on my 25 item order was $189.90... that’s a difference of $27.12 that’s more then $1.00 per item mark up... THEN I STILL TIPPED(5%=$9.50)delivery fee$3.99 AND HAD THE SERVICE FEE $9.50 AND then the taxes $1.32 and some SERVICE GST $.68 BRINGING MY TOTAL TO $214.89 on an order that was a total of $162.78 so I don’t mind the tip and the charge for usage I’m MAD about the hidden fees of $27.12 INSANE!

- Absolute garbage

After trying 2 times to order groceries for delivery using my own and my husbands email both transactions were cancelled immediately and locked out of our profiles. Don’t waste your time with this. After spending the time to add all my items to my cart twice and then having it fail, it’s not a one off. The app and online Instacart are both garbage. Huge inconvenience. It also says it’s only 3.99 for delivery but when you actually go through all the steps there’s an additional ‘service fee’ of $6 and then tip for the driver on top of that. All and all waste of time.

- Don’t deliver and take your groceries

Terrible experience, never trusting this app again, the dude that shopped for me stole my items, never delivered and I’ve been trying to call through customer service for 8 hours now with 16 attempts. Such a rip off and waste of time

- Terrible Customer Support

Put two holds on my credit card and processed my transaction. Refused to remove the holds, even the incorrect duplicate one after my transaction was posted and are holding up almost $600 for an order under $200. Days later and Customer support refuses to even acknowledge the incorrect second hold. Nobody answers my correspondence meaningfully. Do not use.

- Not worth it

Not worth it at all, spent $11 on fees when I had a $30 order. They charge me $2.77 for a heavy delivery fee which is funny cuz my friend ordered the exact same things and didn’t get charged for it. Shoppers are also very uneducated when it comes to grocery shopping lol

- Hidden costs, beware

Instacart does not tell you this up front but many of the retailers set the prices higher on the app than they do in store. When I got my order delivered today from Loblaws, the paper receipt was included when usually it is not. My grocery bill on the app was $40 extra than on the paper receipt. Very confused, I messaged customer service to ask what the discrepancy was and was told to review the pricing policy of Loblaws. I found out that the prices listed on the app are far more than in store. Beware! If I had known this, I would not have been using this service. I have lost hundreds of dollars over the past few months this way.

- Scammers

Typical corporate scam. Overcharging all the food. You are paying double or more and they pocket the difference. Stay away

- $220 charged for a $160

I placed an order that shows the subtotal is $190 and after charges its $220 and delivery is free, the shopper brought the receipt of a sub total of $160 and there was a mistake of $20 which was refunded, but still there is around $40 of difference, thats other than the charges of heavy items and other hidden fees

- Rip Off

I’m sure the app works fine but it’s a rip off to order from these guys. Over $20 in fees and gratuity plus every single item is marked up anywhere from $0.10 to over $10 from the instore prices and that is apparently as per the retailer. My order today cost me $56 extra just to avoid taking my 2 young children shopping during COVID times. Completely my fault for not paying closer attention but hopefully it will be a warning to other average people just looking for some help during the day - NOT WORTH IT.

- Are you kidding me!?

First of all their customer service is ridiculously terrible. I was missing items and was still charged for them. When I reported them, they said that they would contact me as soon as possible. I never heard back so I got charge for items that I never received and I also got charge for replacement items that were MASSIVELY cheeper then the item I originally had gotten. Terrible. Never again.

- Pay 20% more plus delivery

Used this and got 'free' delivery. They don’t tell you all items are marked up. I paid additional 13.30 on 9 items . With free delivery, still paid a fee and mandatory drivers tip . I paid additional 27$ on 135$ , so 20% more on free delivery. Beware!!!

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Instacart: Grocery delivery 7.122.1 Screenshots & Images

Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images
Instacart: Grocery delivery iphone images

Instacart: Grocery delivery (Version 7.122.1) Install & Download

The applications Instacart: Grocery delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-08-17 and was developed by Maplebear Inc [Developer ID: 545599259]. This application file size is 167.25 MB. Instacart: Grocery delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 2022-04-28 current version is 7.122.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.instacart