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Note: This app should be used if you have an existing FreshBooks Classic account. If you are new to FreshBooks and would like to try the all new FreshBooks, please check out the FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App found in the App Store.

The Classic App allows you to manage your business seamlessly and on-the-go. Right from the palm of your hand, you can:

•Create professional-looking invoices in seconds
•Receive online payments
•Capture your expenses in a flash
•Track your billable hours

All of your information will be backed-up and synched so you can check in on your business from any device, anywhere. 

Directly from your device, you can create professional-looking invoices in seconds and keep your business organized. You can even get paid up to 11 days faster.

•Have your clients pay you securely online credit cards and more payment options
•Create and send estimates to clients
•Use the time tracking feature to track time on the job hours
•Track time and tasks through various projects
•Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping a picture of the receipt so you can invoice your clients

The Classic App also integrates with desktop to allow you to generate a variety of reporting options that help you track your business and make tax time easy.

Questions? Give our award-winning Support Team a shout at 1-866-303-6061 or send them an email at [email protected]

FreshBooks Classic App Description & Overview

The applications FreshBooks Classic was published in the category Business on 2012-08-28 and was developed by FreshBooks. The file size is 156.31 MB. The current version is 3.5.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We are always improving the app. This update resolves some bugs and improves overall performance.

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FreshBooks Classic Reviews

S.D. Roddy

Simple and Easy to Use  S.D. Roddy  5 star

Love the convenience of tracking time and marking invoices as paid. Love it.


Strange update policy  Aptza100  2 star

It's a strange policy to announce a great app and site update years ago, and then to exclude certain customers. This app hadn't seen significant changes or improvements in years!

gabriel de jesus

Best App  gabriel de jesus  5 star

This is my first review I have ever written, keep in mind I have downloaded thousands of apps. This app is great. I have used it for my personal business for more than 2yrs. It keeps my expenses, earnings and it helps me with estimates. At the end of the year all I have to do is log in and print my balance sheet and all my yearly expenses and earning are right there. It makes my tax preparation much easier. 5 stars.


Easy!  creativegirl73  5 star

The perfect app for freelancers. I love it!


Having problems with the app lately  Amybutthole  1 star

I am unable to edit invoices. It doesn't let me save any changes I make


Appears product development has ceased  Bozo2358383  2 star

No improvements to this product in a year. Clunky interface especially on iPad. Non intuitive to creat invoices. Should be much simpler to use. Dev team should actually watch customers work! If it wasn't such a pain to switch, like changing banks, I would bail in this app. Update a year later-- still no improvement. I'm going back to Excel.


Simple  OuttaKilter  5 star

Keeps me from having to be an accountant and a business owner. Nothing is overly complicated. To FreshBooks peeps: Please, please, please never sacrifice simplicity to add new features. That's where most apps fall down. You are doing it right!


I'm allergic to accounting  bohemianlikeyou  5 star

I am absolutely allergic to accounting but Freshbooks has made it easy. Almost fun.


So many years later, still love this app!  Mozimaker  5 star

Update: I've been running FreshBooks for years and have yet to run into a problem. My favorite part? If I have a question or any concerns, there is ALWAYS a human on the other end of the phone to help. That, alone, makes this the best company to deal with! Good job! It's clean, clear, and upbeat - just like the site. Everything looks and feels fluid. I'm so glad you did this! Kudos to MiniBooks, but there hadn't been an update in forever. Now I feel like I am truly in touch with my FreshBooks account.


Great companion app  Gabeybaby44  5 star

I love the complete FreshBooks system. This app is great tool to use on the go although you can't see everything in the same layout that she would on desktop.


Must have for freelancers  Wildownes  5 star

A while ago when I started having problems with my old favorite app "Invoice 2 go" I did much research online and this was the name that seemed everyone liked. A year later I couldn't be more pleased with it and the website itself. They work flawlessly together! - Track hours - Create bids - Track Expenses - Send and track unpaid invoices


Perfect for My Business  Burgesskevin  5 star

Allows me to bill on the go and customers think it is very ease to use and cool. Made my business seem larger than it was from day 1.

Chicago R.

Great in the go  Chicago R.  5 star

I really appreciate having mobile access to Freshbooks. Helps me stay current and organized and efficient. I also like the company culture. They are fun.


Awesome app  Chucknorri$__  5 star

I use Freshbooks for invoicing and upgraded to the middle package recently and this saves a lot of time and makes your invoices look very professional. The app works very well and would definitely recommend.


Love FreshBooks  shftcmdp  5 star

app gives me just the mobile functionality I need.

Shizzy Rizzy

Great overall but need ticket access  Shizzy Rizzy  3 star

I use tickets for existing clients. Sometimes those tickets end up being a time tracked project. Tickets and projects need to be more integrated not just on the app, but the site as well. I use a browser on my device due to the app not providing ticket access. I document, document, document and the power tickets provide being integrated more naturally with projects would be awesome ... but I'd be happy if the app simply gave ticket access to begin with and would be happy to be patient as ticket to project integration overall was improved.


6s, iOS 9.x  downgrad3r  3 star

I went with Freshbooks over Quickbooks due to the former's ease of use, transparency regarding pricing, and—most importantly—frequent updates to the iOS application. I hope that the dev team will continue its steadfast support of both mobile and online platforms. Mobile use is of critical importance to my business, and Freshbooks has been a phenomenal tool. In fact, I prefer the app to the website (which isn't really that bad). EDIT: minus 1 star for two issues, the first being the inclusion of a link to my invoices instead of an attached PDF copy, and the second being one's inability to change the automatically generated Freshbooks closing, which is not as professional as I would like and does not contain my business' HTML signature. I have to send invoices from another mail app as a result.

Accounting professional

Solid application  Accounting professional  5 star

I've been a user of Freshbooks for about three years. It's a solid and reliable accounting tool. I've referred all my clients to give it a test drive and many have stayed with it. The mobile app makes keeping up with timekeeping a breeze. I would like to see a download that will allow seamless importing into Quickbooks Pro. Banks use an export extension named QBO which allows the kind of import I'm looking for. Keep up the good work!


App and Service are amazing  TDThr3e  5 star

This app, just like their site, is great. The freshbooks service makes my life as a small business owner so simple! Creating expenses or invoices is so easy! A client needs a proposal? Easy! Just turn it into an invoice if they accept it. It makes me look more professional and on my game. Thank you Freshbooks! And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention I heard about Freshbooks from the TWiT network.


Five Star Accounting  Technophiliac  5 star

Life before FreshBooks was bad. Life after FreshBooks is awesome! This app makes using FreshBooks on the go SUPER easy! Yay FreshBooks!

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