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Note: This app should be used if you have an existing FreshBooks Classic account. If you are new to FreshBooks and would like to try the all new FreshBooks, please check out the FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App found in the App Store.

The Classic App allows you to manage your business seamlessly and on-the-go. Right from the palm of your hand, you can:

•Create professional-looking invoices in seconds
•Receive online payments
•Capture your expenses in a flash
•Track your billable hours

All of your information will be backed-up and synched so you can check in on your business from any device, anywhere. 

Directly from your device, you can create professional-looking invoices in seconds and keep your business organized. You can even get paid up to 11 days faster.

•Have your clients pay you securely online credit cards and more payment options
•Create and send estimates to clients
•Use the time tracking feature to track time on the job hours
•Track time and tasks through various projects
•Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping a picture of the receipt so you can invoice your clients

The Classic App also integrates with desktop to allow you to generate a variety of reporting options that help you track your business and make tax time easy.


The FreshBooks Classic accounting app is free to try for 30 days. After your free trial ends you can choose a paid subscription that works for you. Paid plans start at USD $15/month and can be purchased easily through iTunes.

Your subscription will automatically renew every month 24 hours before the current period ends. You can cancel your subscription any time after purchase by going to Settings. If you cancel your account, you will still have access until the current period ends.

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Questions? Give our award-winning Support Team a shout at 1-866-303-6061 or send them an email at [email protected]

FreshBooks Classic App Description & Overview

The applications FreshBooks Classic was published in the category Business on 2012-08-28 and was developed by FreshBooks. The file size is 132.68 MB. The current version is 3.5.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We are always improving the app. This update resolves some bugs and improves overall performance.

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FreshBooks Classic Reviews

24 Solo

Good but needs polish  24 Solo  3 star

From an invoicing perspective, the service is great. From a day-to-day perspective, it needs help. At least once a week after saving a time entry, I'll come back the next morning to start the clock and the old one is still sitting there saying it hadn't saved. I have to then save it again and go verify that it didn't get saved twice. It frequently does. I would have considered idempotency to be a critical feature in this case. Then there's the situations where I get spontaneously prompted to reenter my password. Because the app uses "magic links" to log on (this is just asking for a man in the middle attack), I don't have a password. When I enter it wrong, I have to spend time getting re-logged in. And if I happened to have a clock running on a time entry, this is lost. All of this adds stress and loss of time where I can least afford it.

Jazz Thompson

Frustrated with a few things  Jazz Thompson  2 star

I am constantly being told the invoice number always exists. If I don’t refresh the list of invoices 3 or 4 times then I end up overwriting invoices I created on my laptop. Last thing is please let me run the same reports I can run on the website on the app. Maybe some or all of these features are available or fixed in the new app but I have been waiting to be migrated for many months.


Two steps back  NHIaz  1 star

The latest release of the app is missing some key features the last version had. Why Freshbooks would remove the feature to add a new client right from your contacts baffles me. They also removed the feature to view a PDF version of an invoice or estimate right in the app. Now instead of one click you have to share the PDF to yourself and then open it from your email or text app. This version is two steps backwards for me and I’ll be looking for alternative bookkeeping apps. When you’re charging me $30/mo I expect key features like this that make my job easier.


Excellent  +g4J+Angelos  5 star

As a former Quicknooks Online user, I love FreshBooks. They have a great interface. Our company is presented and represented very professionally, and support is top notch. I’m looking forward to any new products that this company comes up with. They are truly innovative.


7+, iOS 11.x  downgrad3r  2 star

I went with Freshbooks over Quickbooks due to the former's ease of use, transparency regarding pricing, and—most importantly—frequent updates to the iOS application. I hope that the dev team will continue its steadfast support of both mobile and online platforms. Mobile use is of critical importance to my business, and Freshbooks has been a phenomenal tool. In fact, I prefer the app to the website (which isn't really that bad). EDIT 1: minus 1 star for two issues, the first being the inclusion of a link to my invoices instead of an attached PDF copy, and the second being one's inability to change the automatically generated Freshbooks closing, which is not as professional as I would like and does not contain my business' HTML signature. I have to send invoices from another mail app as a result. EDIT 2: minus 1 star due to constant freezes since iOS 11 was introduced and a general lack of support, as the app was last updated around 1 calendar year ago.


NEEDS iOS 11 UPDATE!!!  crozlo  1 star

Totally nonfunctional after update to iOS 11! We are longtime fresh books users, still stuck on the classic platform because we have not been invited to the new one yet!! Please update this app, our business is suffering!!


Please fix the new version  Ldonelson  3 star

While I STILL LOVE Freshbooks I really don't like the new version of the mobile app. It sends all invoices to me even though all of my clients are set up with their correct email addresses and mine does not appear as an option. Further I cannot access email addresses to add a new one on the mobile app. Last but not least I have to manually refresh the app to get payments made to reflect. The previous version was great but I really,really hate the new version. Please fix it!


So easy!!  PhotographerChick  5 star

Makes my life a hell of a lot easier! Love this!


Switched back to classic. It's the best  jsanteler  5 star

The new FreshBooks is awful. Thank god they still have classic! Great app.


It's a small business accounting dream come true!  NCSULilWolf  5 star

The Freshbooks platform as a whole is a dream. Very user friendly and lots of ways to save time with saving products, setting up recurring invoicing, and auto-import of expenses. The app is also handy for time tracking and viewing invoices. I wish it included reports like the web version, but it's still pretty dang good even if those are better suited for the larger screen real estate of a laptop or desktop environment. Also, their support team is 💯!


Ok but cannot Bill tracked time  Volker13256  3 star

The app is fine and good to have. But it cannot create invoices from tracked time which means I still have to use online desktop version.

Soozie Bea

I love this! Multiclient Contracting  Soozie Bea  5 star

The timetracking is great, the invoicing is easy, payments are a breeze, purchases are a snap. I HATE accounting and bookkeeping, but I love this App!


Great app!  238751wuehwakujf  4 star

Great to have when you are in the road and to use when you're not in front of the computer. Would be 5 stars if you could run reports off it.


Great companion app  iphonemum  5 star

Love this app for its convenience & functionality.


Tony  Toball2  3 star

I don't like how I have to write a review before being able to use the app


Great app! Easy to use and quick.  Smithy2170  5 star

Been using for few years now and I love it.


Freshbooks is the best  Lnbanax  5 star

Love this app! In addition to easily keeping on top of invoicing and expenses, it lets me send thank you's and appreciation to my clients. Freshbooks is such a great service in general and really helps me in business.

Risk Vs Reward

Pretty good - needs search function.  Risk Vs Reward  4 star

Generally, this app is great. however, I find myself needing to go to my computer a lot because I can't see a search function, especially for expenses. Some other minor bugs and quirks but not any big issue. I expect a search function for a monthly ongoing fee!

Mike Sylvester Consulting

Speedy  Mike Sylvester Consulting  4 star

Fresh books is a time saver and allows me to keep track of all billable time in the most efficient way.

Dan MacInnis

Can't live without Freshbooks  Dan MacInnis  5 star

This tool has saved hours of admin time, makes my accountant smile and keeps me on track with hours billed. A life saver.


Tom Tubbiola SoCalMacGuy 3 star

@freshbooks Why is the “new” iPad app lacking so many features of the “classic” version? It seems like you’ve remov…


Amy Hall GenuineAmyHall 3 star

I totally agree. I love @freshbooks classic.


Rachelle Wise WiseArts 3 star

Switched to new Freshbooks this morning and it's pretty much making me cry. Too much interface change at once, rece…

James Haber

Great for Independent Contractors  James Haber  5 star

This is hands down the best invoicing/accounting tool out there for independent contractors (and small businesses). Highly recommend.


Still loving this app  owlwise  5 star

FreshBooks is such an easy and great program. My business is simple invoice and payment/changing and adding lines after partial payments are made and expenses. This app and full website allow me to all of that super quickly and I don't have to do a bunch of accounting at the end of the year when tax time rolls around. I especially love the invoice pay through email option for my clients- it adds the percentage taken for running the credit card to your expenses automatically. Also, the card reader is awesome and actually reads the card after one swipe- not 5 swipes like a square reader. Love it! And great customer service.


Love this app - it makes me more responsible for my book keeping  Kjosa  5 star



Love FreshBooks  Nina3711  5 star

Love this app and website. Saved me hours and the hassle from creating my own invoices! Thanks 🤗

Randy Wilbur

Amazing  Randy Wilbur  5 star

Great app and the entire FreshBooks system has made my freelance writing project tracking and billing so much easier! Thanks FreshBooks!


Very Helpful and time saving  Rojinegro40  5 star

Made my life easier

T DeWree

Excellent  T DeWree  5 star

Simple. Powerful. Refined. Perfect for the digital creative.


Excellent  Cow-Man  5 star

I used quickbooks when my business first started. It's now a much smaller business but I am so glad I found freshbooks. I really like it. Actually I have used and iPhone for as long as they have existed and this is the first app I have wanted to review!


Freshbooks is great  Lesssoul  5 star

As an IT consult for cloud services this solution fit right into how I do business. From the ability to update an invoice instantly, sending invoices immediately, all the way to putting expenses in easily on the fly, this solution is great!


It just makes cents (pun intended).  Jdoubleel  5 star

I can send an invoice from anywhere to anyone. I can check for payment and insure that the recipient received the document. From my phone. The software is flexible. Real people for support. It's is free to start with all of the features. It's a Win win.

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