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Tweet Cleaner is the Ultimate Tweet Deleting Tool!

Do you have embarrassing Tweets that you need to quickly find and delete?

Ever wanted to start over on Twitter without having to delete EVERYTHING?

Do you just need a quick way to search through your Tweet history?

Tweet Cleaner allows you to quickly search your Tweets by keyword or date to delete your unwanted Tweets.

Twitter only allows you to see your last 3,200 Tweets. Tweet Cleaner let’s you see older tweets by keeping a searchable history archive. It loads your last 3,200 Tweets, and then keeps adding more every time you launch it. This allows you to see and delete older Tweets that you might not be able to on Twitter.

No need to create a new Twitter account, now you can keep the same screen name but wipe out your Tweets!

-Search your Tweets with keywords or #hash tags.
-Search your Tweets with date ranges.
-Batch deletes Tweets with one simple touch.
-Keeps a history of your Tweets past the last 3,200.

Did you know that the Library of Congress archives all undeleted tweets that are 24 weeks or older? After that they will then be stored forever!

Use Tweet Cleaner before the 24 week mark to prevent your Tweets from being archived!

If you’re ready to cleanup your Twitter account, it’s time to try Tweet Cleaner!

Tweet Cleaner - Delete Tweets App Description & Overview

The applications Tweet Cleaner - Delete Tweets was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-08-03 and was developed by Sepia Software LLC. The file size is 11.43 MB. The current version is 1.4.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- iOS 11.0 Updates

Thank you for the support, and if you love this app, a 5 star rating would be greatly appreciated!

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Tweet Cleaner - Delete Tweets Reviews


Works fine.  FirstTimeReviewWorthIt  5 star

I’ve never wrote a review on an app before, but because this has so many mixed reviews I just wanted to say that IT WORKS FINE. I did have to do it twice cause the first time had an issue, but it did it’s job. So worth it.

Allison VanRosendale

Waste!!!!!!!  Allison VanRosendale  1 star

Waste of money, didn’t work at all. 👍🏽

Big T nasty

Does the job  Big T nasty  5 star

Few bugs but I love it


Tweet Cleaner  Trump_Sylvi  5 star

This app has improved allot! It’s fast !! Finally!!


Buggy  MOKANA_STUDIOS  1 star

Does not delete any media / image related tweet. Does not reset tweet count. Buggy big time.


Falsely advertised  Darkhwy  1 star

Can’t load past the 3200 tweet limit. Waste of time and money falsely advertising things it can do scam artists thieving money that’s it


DOES NOT WORK  Stiqman3  1 star

Do not purchase this app. It absolutely does not work. Doesn’t delete a single thing...


@armympmarinemom  Armympnmarinemom  5 star



DO NOT BUY  Keishakeishakrisha  1 star

Doesn’t work very unhappy!!


Does what it says  Losendos2011  5 star

Clean your tweets


DONT GET THE APP!  Gamer_Girlnintendo64  1 star

This app doesn't work at all I try to search up old tweets it just goes to a blank page then when I press load tweets it just goes back to the most recent tweets this app is trash. Not very happy at all!


Broken  MattoItunes  1 star

Not sure what's going on guys but this is wiggin' out all the time.

Kim Bieber

Not deleting all tweets  Kim Bieber  3 star

The app does not delete all my tweets and continues to say "Twitter Returned An Error. Please Try Again Later." Please update your app.


Not working  Hjiabendo  1 star

It's not letting me delete tweets or even see tweets from 09-11 which is what I wanted :(


Tweet cleaner  northernangler  1 star

This app does not delete incoming tweets, only your own tweets. Total waste of money. Don't buy. Love to have an app that deletes the lot, incoming and outgoing.


Doesn't work  fred2347  1 star

Hundreds of tweets still on my iPhone despite trying to use this app (and trying several other solutions). In general, the Apps store should have a zero stars rating with description of "does not work". There are countless reviews throughout countless apps where reviewers have used the term "doesn't work" - enough to justify this rating category.


Do not buy!  Jennaay58639076332  1 star

Complete rip off I want my money back! Doesn't even work it keeps saying error. Do not waste money on this


Annoyed!!!  music4lauren  1 star

I want my money back. It wont load my other tweets and the filter doesnt do its job. Fix this please.


👌  moneeeyy  3 star

The filter doesn't work. That needs to be fixed. Other than that I like it & it works for me.


DO NOT BUY!  FreedomHouse  1 star

The app does not work, it is faulty and should have never been approved by apple to go live. If you try to delete more than 10 tweets at a time, the app crashes each time. Say you spend several minutes check-marking a few hundred tweets to delete at once, then click "delete" - the app will crash and you will lose all that time. Go back and try it again? it will crash again. The app does not fulfill the BASIC purpose of why it exists: to make it fast and easy to delete MULTIPLE tweets. It crashes if you select more than 10. Totally unacceptable.

That Cicero Guy

The app works perfectly. Read the instructions.  That Cicero Guy  5 star

This app is great and works perfectly. I'm not sure why people are having issues, but I've seen the errors and you fix them by doing two simple things; making sure your iOS and Twitter app are up-to-date and running the current versions, and also that you tell Twitter to allow access from the apps to access your Twitter account, which you do in your Twitter settings on our iPhone settings menu. It will give you errors if you don't allow access the app to access Twitter in the settings menu. It has worked perfectly with iOS 7.x on my iPhone 5 since I bought it months ago and I'm an I.T. guy. It works.


READ THIS.  swagswagswaggsgwags  5 star

Okay so when I first bought the app, it appeared that you could only go back so far to delete tweets. After some research, I found that twitter only stores the last 3000 or so tweets, hence the reason I couldn't delete them all. Turns out, you can delete up to 3000 at a time, restart your phone or twitter or something, I'm not sure what it is, and then open the app back up and you can delete more. Love this app. Definitely worth the money. Thanks guys!


I WANT MY MONEY BACK  RachelBurns  1 star

This app is horrible. It keeps telling me error. And it won't let me search by date.


Annoyed  Annoyed12346  1 star

Why doesn't it actually let you search by date.. Want money back. Or you guys need to fix this.


NO  EvilJeanyis  1 star

New version doesnt work at all. FIX ASAP


Does not work.. Please Fix  LadiesBeLovinMe  1 star

Not allowing me to delete tweets

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