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What is office (microsoft 365) app? Microsoft Office brings you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all in one app. Take advantage of a seamless experience with Microsoft tools on the go with the Office app, the simple solution for productivity.

Scan PDF files, create spreadsheets, or draft up documents anytime and anywhere through your mobile device. Complete your workflows, no matter where you are. From Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel files, the Office app provides you with one seamless experience.

With intelligent cloud services and trusted security, the Office app will help maximize your productivity in both work and life.

Word, Excel, & PowerPoint combined:
• Store and access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files using the cloud-based storage.
• Documents can be created and collaborated on with others in real-time.
• Presentations can be shared and edited. Practice your presentation with Presenter Coach.
• Spreadsheets can be created using one of the many templates available in-app, or instantly edited.
• Easily access and collaborate on files shared with you directly or via Outlook and Teams.

Convert Pictures and Documents with Office Lens:
• Snap a picture or upload a photo from your camera roll to create documents.
• Transform a photo of a table into a usable spreadsheet to work with the data.
• Enhance digital images of whiteboards and documents.

PDF Scanning & Editing Capabilities:
• Easily scan PDF files and convert them into Word documents and vice versa.
• Quickly edit PDF files directly on your device.
• PDF Reader allows you to access and sign PDFs.

Unique to Office Mobile:
• Catch up on meetings or open shared videos right where you left off.
• Quickly jot down thoughts and ideas, and then save or share them via Sticky Notes.
• QR Scanner enables your device to scan QR codes and open attached links.
• Documents and spreadsheets can be transferred between your phone and computer.

Download to your iPhone or iPad the Office app now. To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches. Logging in with a personal Microsoft account or a work or school account connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription will unlock premium features within the app.

Achieve more while on the go with Microsoft Office.

Subscription & Privacy Disclaimer
Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac.

Monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft Office. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Office (Microsoft 365) Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Office (Microsoft 365) Version 2.67.221 November 2022

Fixes an issue where saving a document to device storage might not work..

Office (Microsoft 365) Comments & Reviews 2022

- Big Fan

When it comes to software for general daily business proditivity the Office Suit hits the mark. It is no wonder why they have 90% of the market (guessing). I am also an avid Apple user so it was always a bummer with the two best of the best not working in harmony. Now days, other than some goofy tool layouts, they are compatable and work seemlessly between platforms. I just bought an iPad Pro to help with my mobile business requirements and i was impressed with the application version of this software. I can do 85% of what I need to do right from my iPad Pro. The 15% is shared gaps between tablets and software as well as limited functionality of the off products as it compares to the trational computer versions. All in all, well done … can’t wait for the future improvements.

- Error message prevents me from uploading changes

I have had this type of problem since roughly 2017 and it’s never been fixed by Microsoft: I keep getting the “can’t upload, please sign into your account” error message whenever (or sometimes) I try to let Word or Office app on my iPhone 13 Pro Max upload any text changes I make to my “.docx” Word document files and the result is unintended data loss on my end! This error message happens every day and I get it like five times in a row and whenever I click the “sign in again” button on the error message it never leads to anything and I have to close my app and open my current work document all over again… this makes me furious and I’ve tried to fix this and nobody has a direct answer. Also, there is a problem with the scrolling whenever I try to simply scroll to the end of my document and it bumps me around the page constantly and I have to figure out where it left me off so I can re-edit whatever it was I was editing before. Is there a reason for all of this happening? I used the Word app before on other older iPhones but they all suffered extreme data loss when I tried to simply edit and upload changes everyday I used it. Now I’m stuck! If anyone sees this then I hope they can help Microsoft or whoever makes the Office versions for iPhone work better in the future. I use Office every day!

- Useful (when it works), but slow and very limited

I don’t know if this app by itself is better than having the three separate Office apps installed, but it takes up considerably less space. I use this almost exclusively for Excel documents, and this app is an adequate editor for very simple things like adding new data entries and viewing attachments received via mail or shared via cloud based file services. However, this app is EXTREMELY SLOW to work with and its interface feels claustrophobic and fiddly on an iPhone 8 screen. Maybe it’s better on an iPad Pro, with the larger display and more powerful CPU to run it? I don’t even try to do anything so complicated as enter formulas or format cells when I’m using this app… like I said, the UI is not great. A word of warning: if you rely on Dropbox to store Office documents that you frequently work with and update via this app, you will tear your hair out in frustration at the way Office turns into a complete basket case trying to deal with Dropbox storage. I don’t know whose fault that is, Microsoft or Dropbox, but it’s infuriating and will happen to you even when doing the simplest things to documents retrieved from Dropbox folders. It gets even worse if you’re using a VPN… be ready for lost work and mondo pain. At least everything works even slower over VPN connections, so you have that to look forward to.

- Constantly deletes hours of work

I use on the iPad because i have to. I open excel files from iCloud or Dropbox, edit them for hours (clicking “save” constantly, or using “auto save”). The app says “saved, pending upload”. So I keep working. Then i exit the app to do something else. Hours later i pull up the file again in dropbox or iCloud, and BAM! NOTHING EFF-ING SAVES! Wasted hours of work! Happened to me 3x now! The answer, according to the guru’s online? Stop work when you want to save. Press the “back to dropbox” button or whatever it’s called. The file should upload to dropbox after a few seconds. Then reopen the file again. The “pending upload” message is gone under the save menu. It’s a lot of steps, takes way too much time, and if you miss a step, BAM, you’re eff’ed again.’ Steaming hot lazy Microsoft garbage. As usual. I’ve hated these guys since the 90’s. Just a crap company, and always has been. Eat S#$i! Microsoft. Cost me so much wasted time I just want to scream. Also, you can’t just use this app to replace the dropbox or iCloud app. Why? The file sorting and menus are atrocious. No sorting, filtering, or tagging files. So if you have hundreds, across dozens of folders and sub folders, this app is basically useless. Very very few customizing options too. Can’t say enough bad stuff about this app. And it’s all true.

- Trash on IPad

I am a college student using Microsoft Office for essays and assignments. There are a lot of things that bug me about the app structure but my biggest complaint is the app’s constant lagging. Whenever I type on the app for a bit more than, say, 30 minutes, the app stalls to a halt. When it gets to that point, when I type, the letters come on the screen seconds after I type them in. And even when I try to close the app down and open the Doc, the app still stalls. Then, I resort to switching to the Word app (which does the same thing), and I just fall into a cycle of switching between apps. I have an 2021 IPad 12.9 Pro that I recently bought, so I know that my device isn’t the problem. I also don’t know why it takes so long for documents to save on the app. When I finish typing and go back to the Home Screen, the doc says that its still uploading onto OneDrive. When it comes down to this, I usually switch to Google Docs, and I never see the same problems I have with Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word. Please Microsoft, I want to use your apps, but I can’t deal with the constant stalling

- Absolutely love this!!

I use this for spreadsheets and such for work and it works great and seamless between my iPhone app and Surface Pro. However with this new recent update, when you click on the bar to begin typing you can’t see what you are typing until you click on another cell and whatever you have typed appears in the box. I’ve tried typing in Light and Dark mode, because my phone stays on Dark mode so I thought it might’ve been a bug with Dark mode but it doesn’t work in Light mode either. My phone is an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Please help, I know it seems like a small problem but it is annoying because if you mess up typing/spelling in the cell you won’t know until you click off and you can’t fix it without retyping the whole cell and hoping you don’t misspell or mess up again or you will have to blindly retype the cell again. Please help!!

- Questionable reliability

Over the past 6 months, I’ve had great success transitioning between the desktop app and this iPad app and great failures, too. As other reviewers have commented, sometimes it doesn’t save work and you can’t get back hours of work. Also, sometimes something gets messed up in formatting of documents going between the desktop and iPad apps, and back the other way. In one situation, I lost a considerable amount of work on the day something was due. I was able to go back to a previous version but had to redo some of the work. It’s not as seamless as it seems it should be. Hopefully, the rebranding from Office app to Microsoft 365 is more than just a marketing change. The convenience of using 365 collaborative tools is so great that it’s worth the risk of losing some work here and there. But it would be better if that risk were eliminated.

- Useful on iPhone, annoying in iPad

So, I love O365 and I use it for work nearly every day. While I’m a fan of the office app on my phone and find it easy to find things I’m looking for (or have opened recently), i can’t help but feel rather annoyed at the “mobile version” of the app on the iPad. I find myself daily checking the App Store for updates and looking for an update for iPad. If this app had a meaningful iPad user interface (that is, using the ENTIRE SCREEN), then this app would get 5 stars for me. Let’s get that iPad update!

- Not for real Editing work - not reliable

This app is not a replacement for separate office apps, word, excel and PowerPoint, it is nothing but a quick way to add and delete some data, other than that it would be very hard to create a complete document trying to use features like tables and objects and formatting etc. i used it on iPad Pro M1 yet its performance was bad and many features are missing. Also you will face a problem when sharing the document from a windows to iOS using this app, as the view of the document is different on both. Objects tends to move from its place and the whole formatting of the documents gets ruined. That is not the kind of quality that we were used to from Microsoft when it comes to office suite. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT better use the separate apps, yet still it is not as powerful or easy as on windows and that is a shameful strategy from Microsoft to not power up office on apple products.

- Disappointed

I really like this app. It’s very useful to have on my phone, as it allows me to do my work for college on the go. I have had one major issue with it. I spent four hours on an essay for English, and it was perfect. About 15 minutes before class, I was editing it just before I was going to print it. I had all the text highlighted, and I was just changing the paragraph spacing and font. I somehow hit the backspace and I lost all of the text. My phone buffered for a moment. I wasn’t panicking, at first. I hit the undo button, but nothing happened. I tried a couple more times, still nothing. A little bit of panic started to set in, but I was trying not to freak out. I went back to the paper’s history, and it hadn’t saved for hours. This essay was a big part of my grade, and it was all gone. Sure, I should have manually saved it, but it usually saves on it’s own. Moral of the story, save your work, because the app might not.

- No way to edit an plain text file

One of the most annoying things about Office for IPad is the inability to open or edit a plain text file. Really? We are talking plain text with zero formatting. As an IT person, I often use notepad on my desktop since it saves your text without formatting. I use it for scripting and sometimes just saving rough notes. The problem is, there is no way to edit such a file on your iPad. If I’m away from my computer and need to share some script I wrote or some documentation I wrote, I can’t edit it and remove my rough notes. Even copying and pasting is difficult in OneDrive since it seems to open as some sort of table. Plus you can’t change the file extension from .txt to .docx on onedrive to allow Word to even see a text file. The only way to see it exist is when you attach it in word or share from onedrive. I’m so frustrated with this but I’m stuck since my company uses Microsoft and not Google.

- Incredibly confusing interface

The iPad version is adequate though it’s hard to tell if a document is auto-saving or not. When I tap the “back” button, thinking I’m going to the main menu, Outlook opens as if I’m sharing the newly edited document. I then find out the edited version has NOT been saved. Even more confusion ensues when I work on docs on my laptop. MS One Drive is completely useless. Every document appears to have a different “save” pathway- eg “OneDrive”, “OneDrive personal”, “OneDrive for business”, etc. Sometimes the web version of Office opens, sometimes the app opens. Nothing makes sense. I’m glad I my institution wasted their money on this and not myself... That being said, unfortunately I’m stuck using this garbage.

- Why isn’t this universal at start?

I’ve had an iPad since day 1, gen 1. I have waited ever since for Microsoft and Apple to meld their strengths and have a good workflow for office on IOS and cloud files. After reading about this app’s release I was hopeful this was the one that would become the solution. And then after downloading’s prioritized for phones and does the lame compatibility version for iPad. I don’t work in the tech industry, but would bet money that an analysis would show people using office on mobile devices are largely on tablets and less on phones. Are that many people really making presentations and excel files on phone screens? This needed to be a universal app or prioritized for iPads first and then have a phone version. Feels like a no brainer and failure for now for me. Hoping iPad prioritization comes soon.

- New Office app confusing in opened / created Word files

Since the installation of the new Office app, if I go to OneDrive on an iOS device and open a Word file or create a Word file, what interface shows up in the opened or created file isn’t Word app or a Word interface. Instead this “Office” app opens. It’s very confusing. The Office app interface is very basic, and even the font graphics are simplistic. Since I have discovered this quirk with the “Office” app, and since going to support didn’t give me an easy way to address the issue, I cannot rate this new Office app very high, only one star low. If I open just the Word app, it seems to work just fine. So today, to try and avoid the Office app doing this, since I already have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps installed and working well on iOS devices, I removed the Office app and dropped my rating to one star.

- Call it “Office Lens Plus”?

The Office app for iOS as of February 2020 seems to be lacking a lot of the power promised in the various videos from Microsoft floating around. It looks like this app was rushed out before it was finished. One video shows the ability to create a PowerPoint from an outline, but try finding the “Create Outline” button in this version. Office Lens already has some great capabilities - such as scanning a whiteboard or making a PDF - and this app does those too. And while it will get those images or scans over into a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, that’s hardly bringing them all into one place in any easy way. I hope Microsoft will continue to develop this into what they’ve promised. But at this point, there’s not enough in the app, and what is there isn’t quite integrated yet.

- What’s wrong with you? Corporate policies MDM are applied to personal accounts!

I do not know what happened if that is fault of our corporate policy or Microsoft fail to implement MDM, or Apple fail to provide proper functionality in iOS 15 … but I do not understand why I’m blocked by our corporate policy everywhere means in all Microsoft applications. Whenever I would like to open document from my private Teams in word, excel, power point, I’m always failing with inaccessibility because for some reasons corporate policies are applied to my personal account. What the heck ! I can’t simple print nothing. How is that even possible. Aren’t all applications send boxes how Microsoft achieved this stupidity !? I don’t care who’s fault it is, just fix it asap! Totally useless app which leads me to use purely Apple products like Pages, Numbers, etc.

- Great for Microsoft Apps, not great for IOS

I have really enjoyed how office keeps slides in the proper format compared to other apps I use for school to try and keep notes. The hyperlinks and the videos that are incorporated into the slides make them very easy and give it a definite leg up in downloading powerpoints versus the Notability app. However, Notability’s note taking and customization is far superior, which I 100% suspect is due to my using of an iPad and not a Microsoft device. The writing and note taking on Office is pretty limited and generic, which is why I’ll use Office for the powerpoints and other PDFs but that’s basically it.

- Great for College

This app is amazing for writing essays on the go. I recently got the Magic Keyboard for my iPad and I’ve been using it for essays. My only issue is that I wish I could add my google drive as a location to save my files to. Everything is saved to my google drive and I prefer it over one drive. It’s a major pain having to save my files to the files app and then transfer it over to my google drive. (Honestly I wish the desktop version of word would allow you to add a google drive to a location you can save to, but this is a review about the iPad app so, whatever.)

- Amazing Life, 1932 to 2022!

I was born in 1932. Telephones were just being improved to using a dial system from needing live operators to “patch” calls on a switchboard! Now we hold a small, light weight device in our hand that can do nearly all the things that we needed many devices to do just fifteen to twenty years ago. We literally can do most everything except grow food, travel physically and build things. In 1932 was there was a person in the world that could envision what we have in 2022?

- Major investors LLC

This app is amazing and it was because of going to college for business administration. I have the access to the full version of this software I own a real estate service company, and I use this software daily to read PDF files to write contracts to use Word and all of the other tools that are available here for professional commercial business. I highly recommend this application for any one freelance entrepreneur. Business professional must have app.

- If you love apps getting kicked out of memory you’ll love Office!

This app gets jettisoned from memory more than any other app I can think of. I have games that I’ll swipe home, open safari, then go back to and they won’t have moved. This app? If I take my eyes off the screen it’s gone. Thankfully it saves everything but wow does it take time to watch it reload EVERY SINGLE TIME. Add that to the fact that this app seems to put images wherever it feels like in Word docs I wonder why I use it every single time I tap to open it. If I wasn’t required to use it I would hand write everything and send by carrier pigeon than use it. It is truly a terrible experience.

- Great All-in-one

Great call by Microsoft to add their Office Trio (Word, Excel and Power Point) into one app. I have an older 16GB phone, and Storage is at a high premium. With this app, I can write papers, work on spreadsheets and presentations without taking up space with three separate apps, saving me precious storage space. This is a great app for working on projects in places I can't bring my laptop, or if one of my other family members is using it, I can still be productive from my phone. Pair this app with a bluetooth keyboard and you have a winning combination!

- Mobile mode on a mobile device should work

Generally love word, but the fact that the keyboard hides what you’re writing as soon as you get to the bottom of the page so that you have to continuously scroll? Annoying. Literally any other app scrolls so this doesn’t happen. Print view in word doesn’t do this, but like the title says, mobile view on a mobile device should really work better than this. And when I googled it to see if it was some weird setting on my phone, all the answers were for a computer, and were just someone going I don’t see why you’d want this. Every other app figured it out. It’s obvious.

- I’m super happy with the new Office app!

This is great! The update is very efficient for me. I work between Word and Excel quite often for research. To be able to open, copy, and use actions quickly when I’m doing something quickly (like emailing my boss about statistical results) is essential. Office does this very well and I’m very happy with Microsoft listening to customers and combining all of the essentials into one. I also really like the option to convert an image to Excel table or image to text. These small features really make me love it.

- So productive with my Teams + 365 Apps integration

I love the current setup with teams and 365 app integration. It is so nice to be able to login to Team and edit all of our team documents and share/edit things simultaneously, it just makes life so easy. I don’t know how I would work without all my Office applications. This is used mostly for my work account but I will never do without my personal 365 subscription either. Keep it up Microsoft, lets see a free update to that Windows 11!! 😉

- Broken iCloud integration

The latest update seems to know little about saving documents in the iPadOS/iOS/macOS Files app (iCloud storage). All on its own, Office moved a file I frequently modify from Files into iPad-local storage. No notice or warning was given—I just happened to notice 2 copies of the file present in Recents. One copy is the latest version and stored locally and can’t be migrated to Files. The other copy was a week old, from just before this Office update which makes claims about protecting personal documents from being saved in the cloud. Sheesh. How does a bug this bad get released, except that Microsoft doesn’t care much about Apple users?

- Where Would I Be Without You?

The positive impact Office productivity suite and it’s communication tools has had on my life is almost incalculable; that is, as long as you don’t apply Office’s significant calculation tools! Office easily carried me all the way to my doctorate program and probably would have carried me all the way through, if it only had a medical application. I’ve enjoyed Office most of my life. It became my platform from which I articulated myself to others. It is my storage box. It is my diary!

- Personal Inquiries

At the moment, I would wish that the folders and documents could show a time sensitive organization, with regard to; the most recent item being accessed. That being said, perhaps in a column along the right hand side of the phone or whatever else is being used, it would be able to see how many hours or days ago the file or document was used or opened. Just a thought. Thanks!

- Office

The system was working great until recently when I began confronting issues with Word which is the one I use the most. I wrote to Microsoft and after providing them all the facts and photos about the issue I was told I had to contact the App Designer and provided me instructions about how to do so. After going through an automated system which didn’t provide a solution to my issue I was able to leave a message. So far I haven’t received any type of response. It’s a pity to have such a good system doesn’t have any type of support when you have an issue

- No POP. No real-time support. No sync across platforms.

I will start with support. If you have an issue, don’t count on a real-time chat. What!? No there is no real-time chat in the support function and the support options are limited if you try any of the other support options. I have never seen a chat option that does not have real-time responses. Unacceptable. You cannot use POP with this app. It only allows IMAP which means if you have your own domain and domain email, you can Ouse it here. Not very helpful for businesses—especially a sole proprietor who has no need for exchange. I have spent hours (maybe days) trying to find a configuration that works for me. I have Office365 as well as the individual apps on my desktop. Surprisingly the desktop apps do not sync with the cloud base accounts. The galling thing is that you have to pay for this fragmented and inflexible series of product. Moving on to find another choice.

- Bug Renders Most Features Virtually Inoperable

I cant believe this is for sale (Microsoft 365 Business Subscription for iPAD / Pro). I had these issues with the free version, but not the individual subscription for Word. Microsoft knowingly markets, with heavy sales, a defective product. FYI it selects text it should not & places the cursor where it should not go (Word especially but not exclusively). I have to toggle between 2 word processing apps to get anything done. Worse, the issues extend to other apps, including Excel. It actually partially corrupted some of my Excel documents. Using Excel on the iPAD is painful too, not just Word; it can’t even extend the length of a line. People use iPAD for accessibility reasons & it is a disservice to them.

- Useless for IPads

I’ve had this app for my iPad for almost 2 years now and have had so many problems. Saving documents doesn’t go well even with auto save on, I’ve lost important information and assignments. It freezes way too much and when i try to send documents through the app I’m faced with loading errors, or it doesn’t work completely. I found that the basic things that this app is supposed to provide, falls short. Even copying and pasting things, i cannot directly paste onto the office app, instead i have to paste onto a different app, copy it, then paste it onto word in order for it to work. Overall a waste, save time and use google drive.

- Update broken!

Ever since I updated the lens/document scan feature is broken! I can no longer scan to PDF or I get an error. Please make save to PDF the default saving option, nobody wants photos of long documents they need to send as one file. Also, if I forget to change it from photo, I want to be able to go into media, open the scan, tap edit, and re-save as a PDF but it’s missing! I have to completely rescan.

- Hard to edit

I am currently a grad student and I am often unable to edit documents made by my professors. Many of them put in drop down options within their documents and I am unable to see or select any options. If parts of the document are locked so that I can only fill in specific parts, I am unable to edit the document at all. I have only been able to edit these documents on an actual computer with the full program. The entire reason for the app is so that we can fully edit documents which is impossible. I’m very frustrated with this app and it’s programming.

- This App was working great but now its trash.

I use this app my first semester in college, and it was great. My second semester, I have been having issues with my documents not saving correctly. I receive an error message that changes have been made and it cannot save. I have to delete the work I have done already and order for it to be saved. I try to copy, delete and paste it back in and that still does not fix my issue. There are some settings that are easier to do on the app instead of the website, but because it is not saved, I cannot access the changes online. I’m not sure what update has occurred in the last 2-3 weeks but PLEASE FIX IT!

- Forces phone/tablet choice

Unless it’s a bug, the app seems to make you choose between optimization for a phone or tablet. I installed on my phone first and then on the iPad and it won’t resolve to the iPad screen properly. (There’s also a message generated saying as much). Beyond that super-annoying issue, I don’t really see how this is an improvement over the individual apps I use (Word, Excel & PPT) on these devices. It seems like a re-skin, not a re-think.

- Elegant and well done

This app is an example of something I didn’t know I needed but once I began exploring and using it, I love it. Very elegant and simple solution, with access to all of the key use cases. Microsoft continues to delight under Satya Nadella and this app is another example of a well-executed solution that not only meets needs but delights in its simplicity. As MS continues to improve some of the bones (lens/pdf scanning and editing, etc.) this app will only continue to get better. Well done Microsoft and Office app developers. Love it.

- So far so good, but...

Would be even better if (A) there was a privacy option that allows users to set a password/pin, or use Touch ID; and (B) if there were better integration between this and cloud provider apps such that each app could be protected with a password while also allowing the user to open documents from any cloud app via Office as a centralized point. Right now password protection for iOS OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. has to be disabled to open and edit documents.

- Love Having my Desktop Wherever I’m At

I decided to check this out when it popped up on my computer when I was in Excel, and I’m really glad that I did. Frequently, there are things that I have laid out on a spreadsheet that I want to show my husband, and now, instead of waiting for an opportunity to interrupt what he’s doing to sit him down at the computer, I can just quickly pull it up on my phone. Great app!

- Definitely Recommend

I live for this app. It is so much easier on the app then on the browser. Especially since I have to do school work from home, it’s just so much easier and less stressful. The only thing I would correct is when you go into office, I wish more of the little icons were there that you could go to like word or PowerPoint or teams and stuff like that. But otherwise I definitely recommend this app. Five stars

- Microsoft Office Application

The app is great; but limited. The pandemic locked me out of university, community college, and public library computer labs which put a cramp in me posting on my Facebook page. I wondered if Microsoft had an Office App in the App Store? To my surprise; there was! The App allowed me to continue posting from my IPhone SE; which have its difficulties. I yet, continued on. My problems were the inflexibility of the app to work on the small surface of my iPhone. Frustrating as it is, I continue to use it, the App gets the job done; which is a plus!!!

- Subpar on IOS

My experiences with Office on desktop allowed me to overestimate what to expect from office. On iPad, the mobile view makes it difficult to distinguish one page from the next, move the cursor, and format your page. I understand there is a desktop type view. It doesn’t fit the bill, which is why there’s an iPad version to begin with. I think everything else works.

- I would like more capabilities to video chat while working with coworkers

I this new world of business Office needs to update for the students at home and the work mom at home. We needed to be able to do more on our smart phone and on our laptop. The YouthTube videos need to more better meaning while in any windows apps the video needs to clearer and so bugs with the coding are off as far a integrating with the latest smartphones

- Inconsistent

I don’t know why but the recent update has limited the number of pens and highlighters you can use. As a student it is very frustrating to have a setup messed up mid-semester. Please return it to the original and fix actual problems Continues to randomly shut down during use. This has not been a recent problem. No active efforts have been made to resolve this. I am unsatisfied. When it works it’s great but that’s 4 times out of 10

- limited benefits...

While this takes up less memory on my device, it doesn’t feel like it makes things easier or faster when using Office. If I have individual apps on my home screen, I can start the needed workflow faster than opening Office then looking for Word or Excel. Also a true iPad version is needed for me to get meaningful work done. I can zoom in on my iPad, but lots of screen space is wasted, and again, there is no advantage than using the individual iPad versions of MS Office.

- This would be a 4 or 5

This would be a 4 if it would automatically save where you ask it to save, so when you go to upload your document it will upload. It would be a 5 if it would be the same as it is on windows so you wouls not have to have a windows computer and an iPad. Also if the iPad would talk with the Mac book. But they do not communicate even being on the same network and the same account. Not a happy paid customer.

- iphones 13 pro issue

hi , i have 13 pro , i found some people have the same issue but no one can fix this . its over heating back case of iphone , near the camera i found that it’s happening when i using Office program to open power point file , its start to over heat till crush the app , i found that when i turn power saver mode on , it fixed ( or at least much better ) same issue with “ Documents “ app when i whatch a movie on it , but kmplayer has not that issue - its already have a topic in apple site , get it to them please

- Would be great if it worked!

I want to like this app. It has the potential to be great - it’s certainly convenient. But it crashes ALL THE TIME. I’ve only had my iPad for a month now, and it’s one of the newest models you can get. It’s totally up to date. I make sure to turn it off on a regular basis, keep everything up to date, etc. I don’t have these problems with other apps. But this app crashes CONSTANTLY (which is a huge pain when it happens mid lecture). I don’t understand what keeps going wrong. Because I need to use this app practically every day.

- Horrible Experience

I am a medical student who unlike the rest of my class preferred using power point (iPad Pro user) over alternative apps as I found it to be a nicer all in one power point, but after several frustrating crashes I have switched. I can not open a PowerPoint without it either crashing mid way (not saying any of my edits) or it simply just not opening. You can only imagine how frustrating this is. A company this large should have the capabilities to patch this problem. Very disappointing as if it were not for this Microsoft PPT would be my absolute go too on my iPad

- Was good, but an update made it worse.

There's a microphone icon when viewing a document in Mobile view that won't go away. It's so annoying. That and when coming back to a document, I no longer have the option to go where I left off. When working with smaller documents, it's not a problem. But when I have a 456 page document that I'm working on and I go back to the middle to edit and exit, I have to find my way back when before there used to be a little previous badge I could click on. Ease revert and give option to hide the microphone icon.

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- Older Versions Please

Although Microsoft Office is good and has all the apps combined in one, there are no older Versions because I can't download it on my iPad which is iPad Gen 3 and the max software update it can go to is iOS9.3.5 which means that it is not compatible with my iPad. I have seen plenty of people with this problem and I really hope Microsoft would see this review and make a change. Thank you!😊

- This app is aweful

I had a problem weeks ago with Excel when the “autosave” feature didn’t save approximately 30 mins of my work. It was the first week I started using my iPad Pro 2021, and I was not used to the workflow, so I thought it was something I had not appropriately configured. In the following days, I kept using the app, and the autosave behaved inconsistently; sometimes, it saved changes and other times, once I touched back and re-opened the file, most changes were not there. Today I lost almost 3 hours of work on Word; it didn’t save anything, not even a single line. Once I tried to open the file again, I realised it was a version from August 2, 10 days ago. I did my research and found out that many people have complained about this even found some comments from 2018 on the Microsoft help page. It is unbelievable that this kind of thing happens, it makes no sense to pay for Office 365 and chose iPad and office suite as an alternative to PC if you can’t rely on your work to be saved, please don’t launch productivity apps if there are not ready it can affect peoples lives.

- What else is there?

What else are you gonna use that’s free? No ads or nagging to buy. Microsoft are very forgiving in this regard. Opens all known document formats, native or not. I basically use this as a connector from other file explorer apps to edit documents on the fly. It is better than anything else at doing this. Strangely I have started using PowerPoint as a method of storing notes. Go figure. It has the tendency to crash when jumping in and out of it frequently to copy and paste content and when reopening, has not saved the most recent changes you were working on. That’s annoying. But good on Microsoft for the hard work trying to fit an office environment that is feature rich into a tiny little window.

- Great tool for IPad if only PDF file format is needed.

This year IPad became my main computer for Uni assignments. Most of the work can be done perfect. No complaints. Especially if work has to be submitted in PDF. This term one subject had to be submitted in word document. App kept saying that “the document can’t be saved now, please try again later”. Two days and still the same message. Tried to save as a new document in different location (google drive), can’t do that as well. When saved in IPad files, document is empty. Thankfully managed to open Microsoft Office through web and download the file, but it was frustrating!

- Where is iPad support?

I realise there is a simplistic and lazy perception that iPads are big iPhones, I hardly expected a premiere software developer like Microsoft to be this tardy. I uses individual Office 365 on the iPad very successfully, so I expected this integrated product to be a quality iPad item!! It is disappointing, it is like the cheap lazy apps of groups who don’t understand their customers. Office products on ios are still dinky, however passable except for the file handling. (Didn’t Microsoft invent the PC file handling processes we all know and love??) Microsoft - please improve your products, some of us want to live our life out of an iPad, rather than regularly shuffle to a pc.

- Mostly good but small annoying bit

The Home page listed the links to recent files however it seems if users do not remove the recent file link before deleting the actual file in the phone, the recent file link gets stuck there, “remove” option grey out and can’t delete it since the actual file has already been deleted from the phone... very annoying... other stuff are good, a lot better than Numbers, would be great if it can run vba that manipulates contents within the file, but probably too much to ask


Can you please make a version for iPad because iPad is bigger and well, if I could get the thing away it looks perfect but it just doesn’t let us. I think it will be good. Maybe it’s another problem further inside. Sent from a iPad


I really like the idea of office, but I have an iPad and I think they’re much more practical for Office than iPhones, and I think a lot of people think so too. I have been homeschooled for the last few weeks, and Office is a really useful as a tool. When I discovered you could get them all at once I was really excited but when I actually got it, I found it hard to use, a small screen and slightly fuzzy. I really think a lot more people would use Office if there was an iPad version.

- Still no IPad App?

I don’t understand the editors notes about having the office app a uniquely iPhone experience when IPad’s have become almost a PC now and iPhone is still a tiny screen that you would not want to run this app on anyway? I could read every single review that also has the same issue, but is there a note anywhere from Microsoft to say they are working on an IPad compatible app? Otherwise this app is useless and I will delete it.

- Onedrive nightmare

If Microsoft can either 1 abolish onedrive completely and utterly from office and make it an optional extra or 2 make onedrive work like a true cloud service then may be I can consider more stars. Sadly onedrive is useless for me, I have 5G fast broadband, and one year on onedrive has only uploaded 375 GB of my 700 GB files… how slow is this …. Terrible, frustrating . I get nothing but useless answers from the onedrive support centre, they don’t even know that the pictures folder is different to the photos folder, so I guess I never will either !

- So easy

This is the greatest app ever I have done so much work in so little time I really love this app it has lots of features and really easy to use. It’s helped me to get my resume ready to send. I hope this helps someone else.

- Nothing comes close but

I love the Microsoft Office app and loved each of the individual apps previously. But with improved processing power it’s long time that a more complete version of office was available for iPad. We need smart art and formulas and better formatting. I currently use a Remote Desktop for serious work as the ipad is being held back by Microsoft.

- Not able to view desktop view

I am not able to use desktop version of excel when i have office app downloaded on my iPad but it was not like it before. I was always using web version on my same ipad. Please look into it.

- Not able to switch accounts.

I have a personal office 365 account. I also added business OneDrive account for my organisation. If I try to switch accounts, app hangs. Nothing happens. Then have to force close the app, I open the app again and try the same step, same story. Latest iOS version 15.0 and up to date latest version of app. Already tried deleting and reinstalling app, clear cache from app settings.

- This is great

I love Office! It is amazing I really enjoy making power point presentations and word documents on this app. My only complaint is that it is a tad difficult using on phone but apart from that it is incredible.

- It’s useable

I use this a lot for my school work but it’s just annoying when it randomly crashes or glitches or when it decides to work it, when I type, it’s very slow and laggy, so I make a lot of mistakes when typing. Overall when it decides to run smoothly, I don’t have any complaints.

- They will charge you will no authority

After 30 day free trial if you have not turned the renewal authentication off Microsoft will charge you account without having any of your cc details...they charged me through PayPal I’ve never even had a PayPal account! These people always making free money of us when they can! You can even find where to switch it off as per directions and they “return” funds 🙄 still waiting mate

- My favourite thing about office

I really love office because it really helps me with school this year and I am really happy. I love office because it is Also easier for me to type than doing handwriting, and it inspires me very much

- Save Function

Auto save is extremely unreliable, I’ve turned it off and use the manual save option only. Some days this works others it doesn’t. It appears to save, I save a copy as a back up. Close them down and re-open and all is well. When I return the next day all my word doc’s and excel files are saved yet all are blank. Could please explain why im paying a premium for nothing?

- Doesn’t have advertised features

There have been so many versions of these products that it’s pot luck what features you get. My ‘full’ 365 subscription doesn’t have the action pen and there is no information anywhere why not. Even Microsoft’s own support sites just have unanswered questions. If you purchase this product don’t expect to get a particular feature you might want.

- Great app

Very happy with this App, I’ve been wanting something like this for years and I’m so happy to finally find something that works well from my phone.

- Works… sometimes

I’m finding I’m often unable to edit documents. (Edit option is greyed out). I am the only one accessing my documents as well and internet (wifi/mobile) is good. Also finding issues with all my documents randomly switching fonts as I’m typing to new lines. Changing my font every line is unacceptable.

- Makes work (& life) easier

Love how this works. Can start on my laptop & finish on my iPad at the hairdresser & no one’s the wiser. Works well, is easy to use & really helps get stuff done.

- Love the mobile app can we have an iPad version

Hi team, love the mobile version it’s very handy to be able to work on my mobile when I need to. Can you please also optimise the app for IPad as it would make it easier to work on given the larger screen

- Potential

This application is great for what it is - keep everything in one place, with basic editing capabilities. It also has great potential, especially when it becomes optimised for iPadOS!

- No access to shared folders

Folders shard by a family member are not available. What’s that about? All of my files are in the shared folder, which means this app is useless.

- Yeah

This app is great as one reviewer has said before it keeps everything in one place including all your Microsoft app files including PDF files. However I would like to know when the iPadOS version will be available ? Pretty soon hopefully …

- Great app

You can write in word, PowerPoint, and more and it doesn’t have envy adds or annoying things it’s great to work and study and lots more

- Decent first effort, but needs multi account support

Unfortunately I can’t use the app for work, because I have multiple accounts at multiple work locations. In the 21st century, this single-account-only affair at Microsoft seems very old fashioned.

- The best app ever

This app is the best because you get to create anything on like words ,excel and also PowerPoint it’s good but not likely that bad but still it’s my favourite

- If you ask me to review you get one star

Asking me to review your application means I rate it one star. What can I say about this app? It’s Microsoft Office. Nobody enjoys this app. We use it because our corporate overlords have decided that we should us it. I like have food and shelter, therefore I have to pay attention to the tools my employer forces me to use. This is the worst application in the entire universe. It’s OK.

- Below average

As usual, MS tries too do to much. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I have now deleted this, and downloaded individual apps as MS cannot distinguish between my personal and my work account and lost an important spreadsheet before I could save it. Seriously thinking of moving across to google its much easier and saves on the go. Not impressed

- Needs an ipad version

Nice app I like it because it can turn screenshots into documents but I really want an ipad version for this because it's really not fair and all ipad users deserve an ipad version, if it had iPad version I would give full 5 stars, it's one of my favourite apps in the app store.

- Thanks!!!!

Thank you for making it more compatible with and iPad, This will make it much easier, Thanks

- Great app

Great app with its native applications such as Word. It would be even better to have a function to select and highlight part of a PDF file as well as to add a note on that highlighted portion.

- Single view of all office communication

I liked the idea of creating one application for all office communication and searching across online storages. Must have app.

- Made right

It does everything you wanted to do plus more

- What

So, uh, we use office at our school. It’s great and all, but when I use it on the iPad i’m using right now, It won’t let me type in Powerpoint. I’m really confused, because I need it for homework projects. I really hope Microsoft sees this and makes sure that powerpoint and/or mobile text shall work. And, yes. I tried using typing without a keyboard, but nothing works. Let’s say, four and a half stars? It’s sort of an issue. Thanks. :D

- Great tool for mobile business

Love that Microsoft have rolled mobile office functionality into one seem less app to leverage my M365 account on the go.

- Not quite there yet

If apple and Microsoft are serious about 1. The platform, and 2. The software being taken seriously as enterprise level then bring Microsoft Office up to the same level as the PC software

- Excellent multi device software !

Great software used on multiple devices.

- something to fix

This is annoying as it sometime says i need to verify and when i do it still says verify

- Create an app for ipad

Hi Team, this app has been so great. I really love using it on my s20. But that would be much better if the team can do an ipad version for this app. Having one app doing the job of 3 is an fantastic idea!!!

- Can’t use without 365 account

Even though it says you can use for free and only need 365 account for certain functions, I couldn’t even edit a Powerpoint slide. I don’t need 365 as I have a full desktop Office suite on my home PC that suits me. Just wanted the option of doing basic stuff on my iPad.

- Ms Office

Been using Ms Office since 3 platform, Trained to Professional level in the 90, have written many programs using VBA, awesome program.

- Office? Not really..

This is just documents part of office, still need other apps which are part of office.

- Awesome

This app is the best. I have only one thing to say about this app, please Microsoft make a iPad version of ms office Thank you

- My Reveiw

It is a little confusing and crowded so it makes it hard to find what you are looking for. This is my only feedback and keep up the good work!😀

- Office

Office is an awesome app, and I mean it!!! It makes speeches and organising really easy and efficient. It’s not like any app I’ve ever seen and that’s a compliment!

- Still working around it any guidelines or handbook I live in a fast pace office


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- Well done Microsoft!

Well done Microsoft, just make it available for IPad and it will be perfect for my needs.

- Awesome!!

Very good app

- Need to be connected to use it ...

There are a lot advertising about this new plateforme, but the bad news is you have to be connected to use it! I don’t like the idea and don’t feel safe with this approach. It is another marketing strategy to get monthly fees ...

- You need to offer a non-subscription based product

I have been a MS Office user for years and years. Despite shortcomings I love Word, Excel and Powerpoint. However, I am utterly disappointed MS is no offering a one time payment option for IOS devices, specially, after the release of the new iPad Pro. Disappointed, to say the least because MS is completely ignoring or disregarding home users and small business that have no need of sharing or other advanced features more appropriate for multiple, larger or institutional users. Please fill the gap soon and release a one time payment IOS MS Office for single users.

- Where is the QR generator?

Where is the QR generator? Which ca be used in mail merge.

- Make a non subscription standalone license

Not everyone needs cloud/collaboration nor a subscription, please make a standalone version!

- Not User friendly

Tired of having to pay monthly fees for everything. Let people buy a program and be done with it!

- One Drive and monthly fees

I use my iPad Pro for Word. I already have an external hard disk but I don’t have a choice... all documents go on One Drive and not my iPad Pro. Digital storage means more pollution and more carbon emissions A very bad decision from Microsoft.

- Problems

Password recognition problems, doesn’t recognize password; try to change it to the old password it recognizes it and won’t let you use it. Choose new password and the same thing happens. App is useless if you can’t log on

- So hard

This app is so hard to use don’t get

- Files not opening anymore since last update!

Since the last update I can’t open any of my Microsoft files in Office, OneDrive, Excel, Word… which is ALL my documents. No error message, just nothing. Sometimes if I leave app open, go out & back in it’ll say “working on it” but keeps circling & never opens anything. The cancel button doesn’t even work at that point. Years & years of files that I may have to forward from the cloud by email to open in a non-Microsoft app??? PLEASE fix this!!

- Can’t sign in

Very bad service

- Multifenêtres avec iPad

Il n’est plus possible d’ouvrir plusieurs fenêtres/documents office sur le iPad avec cette nouvelle application. On pouvait pourtant le faire dans les application Word et le reste de la suite Microsoft 365. J’espère que ce problème, important selon moi, sera réglé bientôt.

- Excelente herramienta!

Me sorprendio microsoft 365, mejorado considerablemente!

- Compatibility Issues

Works well overall. But the Times New Roman font is missing on my iPad. Also, docments don’t look the same on PC. A 5-page word document will be diplayed as 6-page on my iPad, which is odd. But it is still 5-page if I open the file using my iPhone though. Seems something is wromg with the iPad version of the app. Please fix it.

- Deleted

This app just deleted work on my assignment after it saved that was for my university class-now I have to restart.

- Crashing

It won’t stop crashing on my tablet I can’t be on it for more than 5 minutes

- No Pin/Password/FaceId protection?!

The new Microsoft 365 and other office apps don't have any kind of app specific PIN/Password or FaceID based privacy protection say compared to the existing Onedrive app. This leaves all the files in the OneDrive just open for view without any kind of restriction. What kind of product development teams do you guys have with little to no thought about privacy? Didn't you guys stop and think about how and why your current OneDrive app has PIN / FaceID authentication and failed to include that?! When releasing the product that should have been an utmost priority. Not just release some nonsense without any kind of security?!

- Unusable

Good luck editing or saving an excel file with this aap

- Login?!

Why is it asking me to login ? What does this uninformative message mean? I don’t want to troubleshoot stuff that should just work

- Hard to cancel trial version

I got this to edit a document on my iPad, a week later went to cancel the trial but don’t see how. I followed instructions but there is no end date, billing info, no three dots.. no cancel subscription button. WHY DO YOU MAKE THIS SO DIFFICULT!

- Word on the iPhone

This is a great app to view your word docs from one drive. Everything in your original document comes out nicely on the phone.

- Hard to navigate between files

Can you make it easier to navigate files maybe once you close a file you go back to the folder it was in?

- Please fix scrolling with finger while using Apple Pencil

I primarily use this app on my iPad with Apple Pencil for studying and taking notes. I noticed that sometimes I try to scroll with my finger while riding with the Apple Pencil and it doesn’t work unless I click the home tab (draw with finger is disabled) please work on the scrolling feature while drawing it would make the apps so much more useable for students.

- Incomplete and overpriced

I have a few problems with this app. First, it’s incomplete. For example, why doesn’t excel have spell check? Second, it should be free for iPad users, except I have an iPad Pro so I have to buy a subscription? I don’t want any cloud based storage why isn’t their a bundle for less without if I have to pay?

- My review.

I am very happy with my office, and it’s nicely revolving door of access and subscription services, because I have lost access to yet another set of phones, ids and everything between and this time I am refusing to accept it lying down, except I am lying down…but needless to say, I love office, even if I only use word, and am just starting to learn the others, and have a great idea for an excel spreadsheet…to pin it all together

- How to convert image to text

Microsoft Office app says what they promise, it’s really friendly and very easy to use. Keep up the good work.

- Terrible

Can never sign in

- Professor Boucher

Great app to use word and excellent on the go!

- Some glitches, but alright

Expected some glitches, but it’s alright.

- Review

I’m unable to save any file or edit it

- Office test

I just starting using, don’t quite have an opinion yet!

- Simple & To The Point

The app provides a quick and efficient means to access and make quick edits to my files. As I am on an older phone the screen size is limited but that does not effect performance to much.

- Microsoft Office reviews

To whom it may concern Not a very good experience with this app as I am using it for school. Takes forever to load and the other day I lost all my notes because the app crashed and the file got lost. Had to spend hours rewriting them on another app that is much better and more user friendly.

- Excel good and Word bad

It is almost impossible to edit a text in word. As soon the keyboard comes out, it hides the text you want to edit and when trying to select something, it will select about 5 lines above the line you are trying to select. I don’t have any problem with Excel as I use it every day.

- Unhappy

Just when needed it would not open any which way. What am I paying for????

- Amazing so far

I use outlook and office on my work computer and this made the grouping of the different apps very nice.

- A brief complaint

I am super happy to be working in Microsoft Word on my iPad, but the problem is that as I dictate the writing, there is a frequent capitalization. Unwanted unneeded inappropriate capitalization. How can I solve this problem?

- amith2483828


- Microsoft app

I’m being charged 19.22 every month and I don’t even know why I have this app nor do I remember subscribing to it. please atop my subscription . N Lewis

- Awesome app

Feeling responsive always

- Microsoft office

Sometimes amazing, other times there are bizarre limitations. Licensing is a total disaster, Microsoft should be embarrassed

- Great

It’s very nice and easy to use.

- Incapable de voir les fichiers

Pour une raison que j’ignore, je ne suis pas capable d’avoir accès à mes fichiers. Je reçois toujours un message d’erreur.

- Slow

Very slow opening PDFs. It wasn’t this slow before

- I like it

The best apps for me this year !

- Súper práctica

Me encanta que puedo llevar todos mis documentos de la escuela a donde sea e incluso hacer mis tareas solo con el celular o mi tablet. Amo esta app tal y como está ahora.

- You cannot even edit a document without a 365 Subscription

You can open a document, but not edit it. Don’t waste your time downloading it if you don’t have a subscription. The iOS tools such as pages will convert your MS files, and then convert them back for you for free.

- Worst jumpy app in history

This is the worst app to do any sort of work on I would not recommend it if you were a student or rely on your phone for office, it’s so jumpy no matter what you touch the screen at jumps to the top or jumps to a different section of where you don’t want to be.

- Microsoft office

This app is probably a package that can’t be compared. It is simple, yet reliable and fun.

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Office (Microsoft 365) 2.67.2 Screenshots & Images

Office (Microsoft 365) iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) iphone images
Office (Microsoft 365) Productivity application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Office (Microsoft 365) (Version 2.67.2) Install & Download

The applications Office (Microsoft 365) was published in the category Productivity on 2013-06-14 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 365.77 MB. Office (Microsoft 365) - Productivity app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 2.67.2 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: