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Microsoft Office [Productivity] App Description & Overview

The Office app combines the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps you know and rely on with new capabilities that harness the unique strengths of a phone to create a simpler, yet more powerful Office experience on the go.

Create word documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a single, easy-to-use app. Share and collaborate with ease and transfer files between your phone, cloud storage and computer.

Microsoft Office makes it easy to work on the go, with mobile access to your Office tools. Use Office for free or unlock even more Office features when you log in with your Microsoft 365 account.

Whether using it for personal or professional reasons, the Office app is designed to be your go-to app for getting work done on a mobile device.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint combined in one app:

• The most widely used tools for working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, all from a single app.
• Create, edit, and work together on Office documents with others in real-time.
• Use templates to easily get started with your resume, budget, presentations, and other documents.
• Easily store, access and search for Word, Excel, PowerPoint files stored in your personal cloud storage, on your device, or across your organization (if using a work account).

Uniquely mobile ways that make document creation easier:

• Snap a picture of a document and turn it into an editable Word file with the press of a button.
• Transform a picture of a table into an Excel spreadsheet so you can work with the data.
• Design a PowerPoint presentation by simply selecting the pictures you want to use from your phone.
• Create automatically enhanced digital images of whiteboards and documents with Office Lens features.

Quickly perform common mobile tasks with built-in Actions:

• Instantly create PDFs from photos or Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
• Easily transfer files between your phone and computer.
• Sign PDFs using your finger.
• Quickly jot down ideas and notes with Sticky Notes.
• Scan QR codes to open links.

Anyone can download the Office app for free and start using it right away. Access and save documents to the cloud by connecting with a Microsoft Account (for OneDrive or SharePoint) or a third-party cloud storage provider.

Logging in with a personal, work, or school Microsoft Account connected to an Microsoft 365 subscription will unlock premium features within the app.

Subscription & Privacy Disclaimer
Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac.

Monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft Office. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Microsoft Office Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Build Forms with Microsoft Forms in the Office Mobile App: Now you can create new forms and track your recent ones right from the Office app.

Microsoft Office Comments & Reviews

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- Microsoft Never Disappoints

I have personal always been a Microsoft fan. Anything I have ever used with the Microsoft name backing it has always lived up to or exceeded my expectations. Once again they have gone and exceeded them. I love the convenience of the trio first off, it was great idea and extremely helpful to have the availability of them all in one place. I expected the apps to be limited far more so on mobile, compared to my desktop version. I mean really almost every app has far greater limitations then the actual website, desktop or main product due to the fact that most mobile devices just aren’t compatible of performing all actions intended by the application. Well not this time, I have yet to come across one thing on here that you can’t do just like on the desktop. They have actually duplicated the exact application & mobility of actions available on mobile. I would recommend this app to everyone!

- Useful (when it works), but slow and very limited

I don’t know if this app by itself is better than having the three separate Office apps installed, but it takes up considerably less space. I use this almost exclusively for Excel documents, and this app is an adequate editor for very simple things like adding new data entries and viewing attachments received via mail or shared via cloud based file services. However, this app is EXTREMELY SLOW to work with and its interface feels claustrophobic and fiddly on an iPhone 8 screen. Maybe it’s better on an iPad Pro, with the larger display and more powerful CPU to run it? I don’t even try to do anything so complicated as enter formulas or format cells when I’m using this app… like I said, the UI is not great. A word of warning: if you rely on Dropbox to store Office documents that you frequently work with and update via this app, you will tear your hair out in frustration at the way Office turns into a complete basket case trying to deal with Dropbox storage. I don’t know whose fault that is, Microsoft or Dropbox, but it’s infuriating and will happen to you even when doing the simplest things to documents retrieved from Dropbox folders. It gets even worse if you’re using a VPN… be ready for lost work and mondo pain. At least everything works even slower over VPN connections, so you have that to look forward to.

- Great All-in-one

Great call by Microsoft to add their Office Trio (Word, Excel and Power Point) into one app. I have an older 16GB phone, and Storage is at a high premium. With this app, I can write papers, work on spreadsheets and presentations without taking up space with three separate apps, saving me precious storage space. This is a great app for working on projects in places I can't bring my laptop, or if one of my other family members is using it, I can still be productive from my phone. Pair this app with a bluetooth keyboard and you have a winning combination!

- Not for me

I like the idea of a all in one productivity app, however this just doesn’t work for me for a couple of reasons. Number one is the horrible built in Lens scanner. I had Lens before and quickly moved away from it once I discovered Evernote’s Scannable. I scan a lot of documents for work and work a lot with PDF’s so having a well performing scanner is essential for me and Lens simply doesn’t work well enough. I had hoped it had been upgraded for this app and would perform better but it’s the same as the stand alone version. The other PDF related problem is the lack of ability to mark up a PDF. Yes you can sign a document but I often need to add text, boxes or arrows to a PDF and those functions are not available here. The other major downfall is the lack of iPad support. I work a lot on my iPad and need the tools I use to be available there as well. I could see this maybe becoming a great all in one tool in the future with some tweaks but for now I’ll stick with Evernote, Scannable, Docs and Pages.

- Why isn’t this universal at start?

I’ve had an iPad since day 1, gen 1. I have waited ever since for Microsoft and Apple to meld their strengths and have a good workflow for office on IOS and cloud files. After reading about this app’s release I was hopeful this was the one that would become the solution. And then after downloading’s prioritized for phones and does the lame compatibility version for iPad. I don’t work in the tech industry, but would bet money that an analysis would show people using office on mobile devices are largely on tablets and less on phones. Are that many people really making presentations and excel files on phone screens? This needed to be a universal app or prioritized for iPads first and then have a phone version. Feels like a no brainer and failure for now for me. Hoping iPad prioritization comes soon.

- New Office app confusing in opened / created Word files

Since the installation of the new Office app, if I go to OneDrive on an iOS device and open a Word file or create a Word file, what interface shows up in the opened or created file isn’t Word app or a Word interface. Instead this “Office” app opens. It’s very confusing. The Office app interface is very basic, and even the font graphics are simplistic. Since I have discovered this quirk with the “Office” app, and since going to support didn’t give me an easy way to address the issue, I cannot rate this new Office app very high, only one star low. If I open just the Word app, it seems to work just fine. So today, to try and avoid the Office app doing this, since I already have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps installed and working well on iOS devices, I removed the Office app and dropped my rating to one star.

- Call it “Office Lens Plus”?

The Office app for iOS as of February 2020 seems to be lacking a lot of the power promised in the various videos from Microsoft floating around. It looks like this app was rushed out before it was finished. One video shows the ability to create a PowerPoint from an outline, but try finding the “Create Outline” button in this version. Office Lens already has some great capabilities - such as scanning a whiteboard or making a PDF - and this app does those too. And while it will get those images or scans over into a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, that’s hardly bringing them all into one place in any easy way. I hope Microsoft will continue to develop this into what they’ve promised. But at this point, there’s not enough in the app, and what is there isn’t quite integrated yet.

- I’m super happy with the new Office app!

This is great! The update is very efficient for me. I work between Word and Excel quite often for research. To be able to open, copy, and use actions quickly when I’m doing something quickly (like emailing my boss about statistical results) is essential. Office does this very well and I’m very happy with Microsoft listening to customers and combining all of the essentials into one. I also really like the option to convert an image to Excel table or image to text. These small features really make me love it.

- Elegant and well done

This app is an example of something I didn’t know I needed but once I began exploring and using it, I love it. Very elegant and simple solution, with access to all of the key use cases. Microsoft continues to delight under Satya Nadella and this app is another example of a well-executed solution that not only meets needs but delights in its simplicity. As MS continues to improve some of the bones (lens/pdf scanning and editing, etc.) this app will only continue to get better. Well done Microsoft and Office app developers. Love it.

- Definitely Recommend

I live for this app. It is so much easier on the app then on the browser. Especially since I have to do school work from home, it’s just so much easier and less stressful. The only thing I would correct is when you go into office, I wish more of the little icons were there that you could go to like word or PowerPoint or teams and stuff like that. But otherwise I definitely recommend this app. Five stars

- Microsoft Office Application

The app is great; but limited. The pandemic locked me out of university, community college, and public library computer labs which put a cramp in me posting on my Facebook page. I wondered if Microsoft had an Office App in the App Store? To my surprise; there was! The App allowed me to continue posting from my IPhone SE; which have its difficulties. I yet, continued on. My problems were the inflexibility of the app to work on the small surface of my iPhone. Frustrating as it is, I continue to use it, the App gets the job done; which is a plus!!!

- Forces phone/tablet choice

Unless it’s a bug, the app seems to make you choose between optimization for a phone or tablet. I installed on my phone first and then on the iPad and it won’t resolve to the iPad screen properly. (There’s also a message generated saying as much). Beyond that super-annoying issue, I don’t really see how this is an improvement over the individual apps I use (Word, Excel & PPT) on these devices. It seems like a re-skin, not a re-think.

- I would like more capabilities to video chat while working with coworkers

I this new world of business Office needs to update for the students at home and the work mom at home. We needed to be able to do more on our smart phone and on our laptop. The YouthTube videos need to more better meaning while in any windows apps the video needs to clearer and so bugs with the coding are off as far a integrating with the latest smartphones

- Love Having my Desktop Wherever I’m At

I decided to check this out when it popped up on my computer when I was in Excel, and I’m really glad that I did. Frequently, there are things that I have laid out on a spreadsheet that I want to show my husband, and now, instead of waiting for an opportunity to interrupt what he’s doing to sit him down at the computer, I can just quickly pull it up on my phone. Great app!

- So far so good, but...

Would be even better if (A) there was a privacy option that allows users to set a password/pin, or use Touch ID; and (B) if there were better integration between this and cloud provider apps such that each app could be protected with a password while also allowing the user to open documents from any cloud app via Office as a centralized point. Right now password protection for iOS OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. has to be disabled to open and edit documents.

- Was good, but an update made it worse.

There's a microphone icon when viewing a document in Mobile view that won't go away. It's so annoying. That and when coming back to a document, I no longer have the option to go where I left off. When working with smaller documents, it's not a problem. But when I have a 456 page document that I'm working on and I go back to the middle to edit and exit, I have to find my way back when before there used to be a little previous badge I could click on. Ease revert and give option to hide the microphone icon.

- Love the user interface! My life as an interior designer is going to be simplified!

It’s so easy to navigate and have everything you need for working with the documents on my phone in one place. I often need to respond quickly, by photographing the drawing, making changes on the go, before it was a pain. I can now sign documents, create PDFs, and use office lens, all in the same place!

- Useful on iPhone, annoying in iPad

So, I love O365 and I use it for work nearly every day. While I’m a fan of the office app on my phone and find it easy to find things I’m looking for (or have opened recently), i can’t help but feel rather annoyed at the “mobile version” of the app on the iPad. I find myself daily checking the App Store for updates and looking for an update for iPad. If this app had a meaningful iPad user interface (that is, using the ENTIRE SCREEN), then this app would get 5 stars for me. Let’s get that iPad update!

- Works great.....on my iPhone

I feel like this is some sort of a joke for using Office/Microsoft products on Apple devices. This app works great on my iPhone but on my iPad that I have a keyboard for, not so much. One the screen is small meaning its for iPhones and not iPads. I now have to download 5 different apps that I could have used just one, please fix this ironic mistake so I can work in one app in peace.

- Microsoft Office 365 Word

This started out as a great tool, but lately has been a huge headache due to the fact that after a short period of time typing there are constant delays in words appearing and punctuations, spaces and words are being added randomly. Nothing has helped to correct the issue. We have tried deleting and reuploading it and that hasn’t helped, we checked our internet and that isn’t the issue, we have even tried other devices with the same thing and it happens there too. It’s very frustrating especially when it is the main tool for my schoolwork.

- Absolutely incredible !

Whoever came up with this idea of providing a unique seamless experience deserves much more than an appreciation. The app provides stunning experience with far less complexity compared to managing one for text and graphics needs. I am sure the app will get more revisions and tweaks down the lane , but I am very impressed with what Microsoft has done here. Outstanding!

- This is great!

I can’t believe how well this was done! It’s easy, clean, and the functionality is all there. Three apps + all in one! Suggestion - it would be great to be able to setup a default save location for scan to pdf. Also, the default file name should not be date (as the second file overwrites first).


I use this app on my phone all the time, but hope they will make one for iPad os. But please allow multiple instances. I currently reference a spreadsheet and write about the data in a word document on separate apps, but I am worried that I will not be able to have these two files open in separate apps and will have to close a file, open the other, the. Reopen the original. It can be great!

- Amazing office app for ios

Use to use word but needed a spread sheet outline that word couldn't use and discovered this app. Must say...... amazed. They need this on pc. Like all the main Microsoft platforms that can open all the different document styles and that students, and employees use bundled in one? Why wasn't this a thing prior when i was in high school.

- Lost my 40 year account and messed up my working desktop with Office 2010

Loaded new Office 365 and it blocked access to Office 2010 and I yet to have accessed my old email accounts at all after a week of hours trying Wish I never waisted the money I didn’t need One Drive but Windows 10 update installed it too. It earned a 1 star from me and now only an old laptop works yet with Office 2010 and my new laptop is worthless for my old email coming in it only puts out via Windows 10 on Edge and nothing on Outlook 365 but some long outlook with numbers behind i🤬🥵😡🤯

- Will not save a single scan

This app is a waste of space. It will allow you to view your one drive and that’s about it. If you scan a document, it won’t save it. If you open a document, it won’t successfully open. If you create a document, it’ll bring about yet another error. App seems cool in concept but if it doesn’t work then it is just a clunk of an app that does absolutely nothing in terms of work flow. It is just an app taking up space that allows you to do what the OneDrive app already lets me do, view what I have saved in OneDrive.

- Office for IOS

It’s hard to get work done without Microsoft Office, and it is convenient to have everything all in one app. Office is not perfect but it is very good, especially on a mobile device. Some of the negative reviews are from over 6 years ago. Office for IOS has come a very long way since then.

- No disappointment

Having this on my phone makes life 100 times easier. Just being able to sit down at the computer and everything I did throughout the day is there.

- It works

Since quarantine is here we need this for school so it’s really helpful and there is this feature where you can just speak and it writes down by itself just that at first it was tricky that’s why I gave it 4 stars ⭐️ and I had another review and it asked me to write one again and again I can’t find my old one like they delete it or something


I can’t give you a 5 star review for two reasons: 1) I use Office 365 APPS exclusively on my iPad Pro. You NEED TO provide a separate iPadOS app or optimize this one to be used on the iPad. 2) Please improve the Excel parts of this app especially when an iPadOS version is created. It would be awesome to get a version that rivals the MacOS version of Excel. Many of us us the iPad as a Mac/PC replacement. These two improvements will truly make this the perfect APP for the mobile office user.

- A little effort might help

This app is not working for IPad, I understand that you made it for iPhones, but please make it for IPads as well. Secondly most of us are used to the structure/texture of these apps (word,excel,PowerPoint and others) I understand that it is a little different on IPhones but the arrangement is a little too different and difficult, I hope you change it accordingly

- My experience with Microsoft Word on IPad

I am a very recent user (about a week!) and am yet to figure out a couple of things, such as creation of folders, inserting a password on a document or change on an imported document. The Apple Apps (Pages, Numbers, ...) have a link to getting started (some kind of Manual for guidance on how to navigate the App). I don’t know if there’s an equivalent - it would be very helpful. Thank you.

- Great App

This is a great app my only complaint is that it restarts occasionally when switching back and forth from other apps and you have to re-open the file you are working on. Very frustrating but fix that and it’s 5 star worthy.

- LOVE IT - Quick notes is a great feature

Love it. 9/10 right out of the gate. I love the two panels and the (+) action button. Surfacing Notes to the top is 💯 The Actions hub rules too. Man, really psyched. Wonder if there’s a widget. Uh, for improvements, adding different view modes, i.e., folder tree, gallery, for files would be rad.

- Microsoft Office Suite 365 app

I love this app! This app is so easy for me to use! It is extremely convenient! I can type up a letter on my phone using this app, transfer it to a PDF and sign it if I need to. I can save my documents to the files app on my phone! I love it! Technology today is awesome!

- Really great one-app solution

Enjoying it so much, esp sending and receiving files. Also worth noting to ignore the dozens of people leaving bad reviews because they downloaded it and there’s no iPad app. The description very clearly states iPhone only. Get it together, reviewers.

- Undependable file system, bad as MS-DOS

You can no longer be sure if a file is saved or where, or if when you try to open it again, you’ll get the message that it is in an unsupported location. The new combo app, and also the latest versions of the iOS stand-alone Office apps, now will insist on an invisible and non-Mac and non-intuitive filing system. The feeling is all-too reminiscent of the old pre-Windows MS-DOS days. The guiding principle seems just to force-sell their 365 subscriptions. Not for me.

- Great on iPhone, but NOT iPad

Love having everything centralized on my iPhone for lightweight use, but it's unbelievable that Microsoft shipped this without optimizing for iPads, which is where most mobile Office users will get any kind of serious work done. 4 stars for iPhone, but 1 star for iPad, and that's only because the app opens and works, albeit looking terrible. You shouldn't have shipped this app without optimizing for iPad as well.

- Don’t use on password protected files

Hello. I used this app to open a password protected file on my OneDrive. Now I am unable to open the same file on my desktop excel program. I get a message that states this file is corrupt and can’t be open. Then when I try open on this app now it says that this app can not decrypt this file!!! Someone please fix this.

- Incredible

Wow this app is really useful for so many things. Honestly I use this app for all of my school work and you could easily save things and send them to your boss, teacher, business people, etc. Thanks Office for an amazing app. :)

- Feels like home!

Not crazy about Google and am somewhat resistant to learning its feature to get to its ease of use. I’m an avid Office user, as most of us are and have been. Feels good to have all features and capability of Office at my fingertips!

- MS Office Pro

This is truly a business in a box. There is nothing that you can’t do. If you can think of anything than you can create it right away with this program. A must for any serious minded person.

- Update broken!

Ever since I updated the lens/document scan feature is broken! I can no longer scan to PDF or I get an error. Please make save to PDF the default saving option, nobody wants photos of long documents they need to send as one file. Also, if I forget to change it from photo, I want to be able to go into media, open the scan, tap edit, and re-save as a PDF but it’s missing! I have to completely rescan.

- Love This App But....

Love the concept and love the app. However, I think it is missing one feature, the ability to toggle between work and personal accounts. For the time being I have to keep word and excel on my phone as well to use for my personal accounts.

- Where’s the ipad version

So the theory between melding all on Office apps into one app really is great and should have been implemented ages ago. However i dont understand why the ipad doesn’t have its own specific version of the one Microsoft combined app instead of an iphone version patched to the ipad. Don’t most people use the office apps on the tablets over the iphones. Please make an ipad version asap

- Don’t install on iPad yet

I realize that this app is currently optimized for iPhone, but rarely is there a time when I tell users to avoid installing this on one’s iPad if one already has the iOS native Office tools. I’m noticing that this Office app inserts itself ahead of the individual apps, effectively getting in the way of proper operation. Specifically, if you use OneDrive for iOS, when you go to pick a Word file, rather than the Word app that you want to see, the Office app launches, and given that’s it not made for the iPad screen dimensions, you get a small iPhone-sized box with an unfamiliar interface. Once an iPad-optimized version comes out, I hope users have the option to decide whether or not this new Office combo-app launches or not. David

- Love It

This App has already saved me. I had work files saved to an Excel spreadsheet on my MacBook Air. When my MacBook Air decided to quit working, I was able to open up my spreadsheet on here and use it that way. Thank you Microsoft!

- Perfect for my online school

During COVID, I’m using online for school. This is actually the perfect app my school needs. I downloaded it on iPad, and it works perfectly as it does on my school computer. Thanks for the app. Its wonderfully amazing. I love it!

- Getting ALL done on the small and large screen.

Microsoft App allow the user to start a project, and finish in a big way. The smartphone is the jump off point for: presentations, spreadsheets, documents and, just to keep note. Add transfer cables, screen mirroring, and just by Emailing to oneself the access to the screen size, or base operations the user can increase both the viewing and, content parameters. Users will formatting , and transfers their content without a misstep. Yes, providing the content is in cloud stage.

- Multiple Account Support

In today’s tech spectrum, individuals have multiple accounts. It would be nice to have multiple account support. As someone who has both personal and work accounts, we need the functionality to seamlessly transition from one account to another. Please add this ability Microsoft!

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- Older Versions Please

Although Microsoft Office is good and has all the apps combined in one, there are no older Versions because I can't download it on my iPad which is iPad Gen 3 and the max software update it can go to is iOS9.3.5 which means that it is not compatible with my iPad. I have seen plenty of people with this problem and I really hope Microsoft would see this review and make a change. Thank you!😊

- Where is iPad support?

I realise there is a simplistic and lazy perception that iPads are big iPhones, I hardly expected a premiere software developer like Microsoft to be this tardy. I uses individual Office 365 on the iPad very successfully, so I expected this integrated product to be a quality iPad item!! It is disappointing, it is like the cheap lazy apps of groups who don’t understand their customers. Office products on ios are still dinky, however passable except for the file handling. (Didn’t Microsoft invent the PC file handling processes we all know and love??) Microsoft - please improve your products, some of us want to live our life out of an iPad, rather than regularly shuffle to a pc.

- Mostly good but small annoying bit

The Home page listed the links to recent files however it seems if users do not remove the recent file link before deleting the actual file in the phone, the recent file link gets stuck there, “remove” option grey out and can’t delete it since the actual file has already been deleted from the phone... very annoying... other stuff are good, a lot better than Numbers, would be great if it can run vba that manipulates contents within the file, but probably too much to ask


Can you please make a version for iPad because iPad is bigger and well, if I could get the thing away it looks perfect but it just doesn’t let us. I think it will be good. Maybe it’s another problem further inside. Sent from a iPad


I really like the idea of office, but I have an iPad and I think they’re much more practical for Office than iPhones, and I think a lot of people think so too. I have been homeschooled for the last few weeks, and Office is a really useful as a tool. When I discovered you could get them all at once I was really excited but when I actually got it, I found it hard to use, a small screen and slightly fuzzy. I really think a lot more people would use Office if there was an iPad version.

- Potential

This application is great for what it is - keep everything in one place, with basic editing capabilities. It also has great potential, especially when it becomes optimised for iPadOS!

- Love the mobile app can we have an iPad version

Hi team, love the mobile version it’s very handy to be able to work on my mobile when I need to. Can you please also optimise the app for IPad as it would make it easier to work on given the larger screen

- Seamless and Simple

The best change to Office since the introduction of 365. Seamless, simple and combined all in the one app. In addition, providing new functionality such as Sign a PDF, Scan to PDF, Pictures to PDF and more. 👍👍👍👍

- Yeah

This app is great as one reviewer has said before it keeps everything in one place including all your Microsoft app files including PDF files. However I would like to know when the iPadOS version will be available ? Pretty soon hopefully …

- Decent first effort, but needs multi account support

Unfortunately I can’t use the app for work, because I have multiple accounts at multiple work locations. In the 21st century, this single-account-only affair at Microsoft seems very old fashioned.

- Single view of all office communication

I liked the idea of creating one application for all office communication and searching across online storages. Must have app.

- Needs an ipad version

Nice app I like it because it can turn screenshots into documents but I really want an ipad version for this because it's really not fair and all ipad users deserve an ipad version, if it had iPad version I would give full 5 stars, it's one of my favourite apps in the app store.

- Great tool for mobile business

Love that Microsoft have rolled mobile office functionality into one seem less app to leverage my M365 account on the go.

- Feedback

As much as I love this app in windows 10 and iOS. I would be glad if it’s optimised for iPadOS too. Keep up the great work dev team

- Create an app for ipad

Hi Team, this app has been so great. I really love using it on my s20. But that would be much better if the team can do an ipad version for this app. Having one app doing the job of 3 is an fantastic idea!!!

- Excellent App by Microsoft

This app is very simple to use, mobile friendly. I loved it... more than what I expected. Good work Microsoft!

- Review of Microsoft 365 for iPad pro

Hating the new Microsoft 365 all in one app on my iPad Pro! I have lots0 of docs created with Office 365 which now open on my iPad in tiny screen size - tells me it is optimised for iPhone but I need to use it on my iPad! Can’t find any reliable up-to-date info on when a version optimised for iPad will be available. Grrrr!

- Office

Hey with the office app my don’t you have all the offices apps that the schools and work places use on this app kind regards Tyrone Geritz

- Why Not Include OneNote?

I regularly use OneNote on my Windows 10 laptop and I also use iNotes on my iPhone. I know of others who do likewise. I used to have separate apps for Excel and Word on my iPhone, now I can use those through the Microsoft Office app. So I don’t understand why can’t/shouldn’t OneNote be part of the same package?

- Needs iPad support

I love it... but I’d love it more if this app worked natively on my iPad.

- Hopeless

Downloaded this app, connected it to Dropbox BUT when browsing Dropbox is greyed out. Called Microsoft Tech Support and they were clueless , guy didn’t even know the app existed and refused to help. What’s the point of developing new software if you can’t support it ?

- Students

It’s fantastic app that I can rely on and very useful to study whether online or in class.

- Publisher

It’s a good app but the whole reason I wanted to download it is for publisher, the one thing that it doesn’t have

- I can finally access sticky notes on my iPad


- Rating

This is a well developed and structured application for educational purposes.

- Fun

This app is really handy and helping me a lot

- No iPad version

Running perfectly on iPhone bu there is no ipad version so I cannot use it on my ipad.

- iPad Version Needed

Great app on an iPhone, but not so good on my iPad Pro, I don’t quite get the logic behind going to the trouble of putting a great app together but not offer an iPad version.

- You can’t delete shapes in PowerPoints

Please fix this.

- I like the iPhone sized stuff in my iPad


- iPad ?

Why is there no compatibility with the iPad. Microsoft r a multi billion $$ company and cannot make an app for both iPhone and iPad. Very disappointing especially since they r pushing 365 so much Step up your game Microsoft

- Please add on iPad

I hope you receive this but I am writing you because I would really like you to make an iPad app

- Office? Not really..

This is just documents part of office, still need other apps which are part of office.

- Not optimised...

This app is NOT optimised for iPad Pro (1st gen). When I run it it comes up the size of my iPhone 5s. Please change it!

- Office

Good one

- Missing a killer feature

Allow custom fonts please!

- Please add iPad support

This app sure is great, but it’s pointless if you only use an iPad.

- System update and restart without warning when I was hectically working on my exam revision.

I was hectically working on my exam revision

- No iPad version?

iPad version please!!! Why have one for every other app in this program and not the big Mumma?

- Notifications alert

The alert cannot be cancelled so I cannot use office.

- Office- word doc

Will not open, frustrating

- Can’t open excel files

Can’t open viewer

- Doesn’t work

It doesn’t work on iPad and mac

- iPad version needed now


- I can’t cancel subscription

Please help

- Not easy

This is garbage on iPad- be careful & know what you are doing

- Not compatible with iPad

Mobile update is but for iPad omg it’s worst.

- Need IPad support

Need IPad support urgently along side mouse/trackpad

- Poor app compatiability

This app is not compatible for iPad Pro.

- Which idiot thought this is a good app?

Muppet Christmas present.

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- Well done Microsoft!

Well done Microsoft, just make it available for IPad and it will be perfect for my needs.

- Awesome!!

Very good app

- You need to offer a non-subscription based product

I have been a MS Office user for years and years. Despite shortcomings I love Word, Excel and Powerpoint. However, I am utterly disappointed MS is no offering a one time payment option for IOS devices, specially, after the release of the new iPad Pro. Disappointed, to say the least because MS is completely ignoring or disregarding home users and small business that have no need of sharing or other advanced features more appropriate for multiple, larger or institutional users. Please fill the gap soon and release a one time payment IOS MS Office for single users.

- Need to be connected to use it ...

There are a lot advertising about this new plateforme, but the bad news is you have to be connected to use it! I don’t like the idea and don’t feel safe with this approach. It is another marketing strategy to get monthly fees ...

- Make a non subscription standalone license

Not everyone needs cloud/collaboration nor a subscription, please make a standalone version!

- Problems

Password recognition problems, doesn’t recognize password; try to change it to the old password it recognizes it and won’t let you use it. Choose new password and the same thing happens. App is useless if you can’t log on

- Good


- So hard

This app is so hard to use don’t get

- Bugged

Currently unusable as the app does not let me dismiss the notifications pop up upon opening.

- The app for almost all things Office

This app is an essential for anyone who uses the Microsoft office ecosystem of apps. Having all the primary productivity suites combined into one app cuts down on the storage space required. Also, the little added features (like the document scanner and Windows sticky notes) add that extra level of convenience. On that note, one gripe I have is that the app uses non-standard cursor controls that are janky and can be a pain to work with (example: sometimes I want to just move the cursor or scroll through the page and it starts highlighting text). Converting this to the standard iOS 13 cursor would make a lot more sense and relieve a lot of headaches from using this app

- good

i am enjoying very good app it help me lot

- Sucks!

Does not let me sign in when I already have a Microsoft account

- Everything in one place at last

I think Microsoft had a dark night of the soul episode a few years ago. They rebounded with updates that work; features that are just amazing; plus a way to make content ubiquitous. That is why I am a very happy user. The service is affordable, and beyond that, easy to use (or incredibly advanced) based on my needs. I highly recommend Office to my colleagues.

- Does not work on tablet

It was so hard and it didn’t work at all it was so hard

- ?


- Wonderful work

I love using office for work and ideas it works wonderfully on my Apple device

- No iPad Pro App & Minimal Features

The lack of Office for the iPad Pro is disappointing. I am an avid office user and wish I could be more productive on my iPad. The apps (Word, Excel etc.) have limited functionality considering they are paid apps as part of my O365 subscription plan. Please fix this Microsoft, by providing full functionality on these apps. IPads Pros can (easily) handle pivot tables, smart art, advanced pagination etc.

- Not really useful if pop ups can’t be closed!

So far not so useful!

- sticky note widgets? 😀

great app! would be great if you could take advantage of the ios 14 widgets! sticky note widgets, like the ones from the post-it app, would be great!

- One Drive and monthly fees

I use my iPad Pro for Word. I already have an external hard disk but I don’t have a choice... all documents go on One Drive and not my iPad Pro. Digital storage means more pollution and more carbon emissions A very bad decision from Microsoft.

- Widget

Great app. It would be great if you had a widget option for one note

- Notifications

The stupid notify me page won’t go away when I open an attachment. No matter what I click it’s stuck and I can’t make it go away. It happens on every office program I open up. You need to fix that

- Screen stuck on Turn on Notifications

Each time I open office to review a document it gets stuck on the screen asking to turn on notifications and I can’t see the document. Can’t use the app.

- It needs iPad support.

This app is amazing! It has all the features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and more! It just needs iPad support. Please add support for iPad.

- Excellent

Seriously, It’s Marvelous!! Fast and Easy to Uses Efficiences and Simple to Operated Microsoft 365 Administrateur - All in Ones Apps and Services is very good Great Jobs Team’s

- Excellent app

Very easy to use app.

- Not optimized for iPad?

Am I missing something? This Office app is not optimized for iPad too? On my iPad Pro 12.9-inch, I get notified that it’s optimized for iPhone and am given the option to be redirected to use other Microsoft apps optimized for the iPad.

- Great

Combine all the office software I need. Great one stop solution. Love it.

- Need iPad version!!!

5 star for usability, needs iPad version/app.

- Still crashes when I go from outlook to excel


- All you need

All you need in a single place accessible everywhere on any device for everyone in my family : )

- It’s good, but needs iPad Support.

Lots of people type on Laptops and devices that are bigger. You should add support for iPad.

- Amazingly wonderful

I can do stuff for my newspaper. I can get things organized, I know when I need to do stuff I have my own paper work all in one and so much more. If you are interested in this app try it out. It is high quality and the best of the best options. This is a great app to try I suggest it to you and so many more people. He best you get the better you are. Thank you very much for reading.

- Loss of Functionality.

There has been an inexplicable loss of functionality between this and 2019. This version is clunkier, and less useful than I found 2019. Why you’d walk back on functionality is beyond me.

- iPad

I bough an application for other iPad and iPhone , I only get the iPhone and for the iPad I supposed to Purchase again

- amazing 😉

This is by far one of the best also I really like one note and share point great job Microsoft

- Weird design

App is OK but feels like a fish out of water on my iPhone, so I only use it when I have to.

- Still can’t figure out what this app is supposed to do?

It’s confusing, very confusing? I can’t figure out a purpose for it?

- 🇵🇭🥰🦋

This app is rlly good. I use it all the time! It holds my pictures that I need for school and i mean you should download it rn!

- Need an iPad app

Need an iPad app

- 𝙼𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚘𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚎

𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚘 𝚝𝚘 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚙𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝

- "Optimized for iPhone"

Why bother with an iPad app that tells me not to use it?

- Ofice

Je comprend rien

- The most amazing app

This was amazing and very easy to use also you don’t have to download word and stuff to do your work and you can use so many apps.

- Mediocre



If I could give a zero star I would!!! It says my email is wrong when I know it’s right! Schools should not use this for class it is trash!!!

- Good app but slow when accessing work sites

I use this app on my work phone for work and find it extremely slow. For my personal phone and my personal account it works perfectly. Wondering if it’s due to the work connection of office 365 or as a result of the volume of online content on our SharePoint .

- App immediately flips upside down

Every time I open the app my entire screen flips upside down and will no longer respond to change in position. If I use my phone upside down the app works fine.

- Well tied but unreliable

The apps and files are tied up well but uploading files are a hassle and have conflict problems. When I use apps like the regular Word app, the issue does not exist. I’ll delete this app until the issue is fixed.

- 什么东西


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- A LONG time coming...

I really am enjoying the interface. Have waited so long to see this. Looking forward to iPad optimization and Google Drive support. This gives me hope MS is finally thinking outside the box. Well done!

- Website is better than actual word app

I have noticed that one day on Word app, I saw that I couldn’t change highlight color from blue. The website still lets me do that.

- Outlook / Office / Word integration is bad

Why would a MS Word document from Outlook open in the Office app... it should open in the Word app. Then, after editing my word document, I went back to the Outlook app only to deal with freezings of the Outlook app. I couldn’t even add a subject line or text in the body. This is really basic stuff, and I just had very frustrating experience trying to make basic edits to a document. I was prompted to rate the app, so here you go.

- Frustrated with freezing, have to reload now

Using Word on an iPad Pro for Grad school assignments. It is very frustrating as it keeps freezing up and I have to close the document, close the app, and then reopen to get it up to speed and responding. I hope this is something to be fixed as I am very disappointed with the operation of the applications in this format.

- Could be better

When you click the “+” button and then “Documents”, the image that appears on the screen is not aesthetic at all: The words “Word”, “Excel”, “Power Point” seem to be cut from the bottom and haven’t been placed properly.

- Please read

This is a great app, but it would be better if you could make a PDF from scratch so it is always a pdf and you don’t have to convert it from another document.

- Outstanding App

Been using paid subscription for over 10 years and noticed consistent app improvements with outstanding Support and customer service. M

- I love this app for iPhone but...

I really love using this app on my phone. I thought it would be equally has nice on my tablet. It works but the view doesn’t go fullscreen so it’s kinda inconvenient for annotating documents

- Useless

What’s the point if i cant use it on my ipad, why do i need to buy 365 subscription in order to work on my files on my ipad, why not one universal app with one already existing subscription. This is a shame The app works on iphone a tiny screen with a subscription i have, but on the ipad nooooo, i need separate apps with a different subscription for it. I’ll find another app that would do the job of ‘Microsoft’

- Student life saver

I am a returning student after 10 years I am really familiar with Microsoft was about to buy a license when I just found out after updating my PC that it’s free and on my phone I love this app

- Microsoft Office

This is a wonderful product that lets me continue my work when I leave my work place (desk). I can read/review documents and modify them using my cell phone.

- Unnecessary, all the apps are available separately

This yet another example of Microsoft going backwards with design. The apps are available separately and is still an example of poor design and really lacks needed functionalty. Apple still has the best office productivity suite for iOS! Just like Microsoft to deliver subpar performance and a design that totally misses the mark. Keep trying Microsoft, you might actually eventually get a design that works.

- Too much to figure out on my own

I’ve been forced to use more computer gadgets and apps recently and have found this format to be a bit difficult to navigate so if you techie people could make a welcome tutorial video with step by step navigation that would be great!

- Review

It is so helpful to be able to access documents on my phone that are on my laptop. This is an extremely helpful application.

- Microsoft Office & MacBook

It’s great the app can be used on iPad... but unfortunately it’s a one star service if consumers can’t use it on their MacBook or iMac devices. In a world, we are logging online the use of downloading software to devices should become old age, saving storage for apps and the use of cloud base is priority to be mobile, this app is only half baked-good, long time fan. Can update the star rating but for now, can not do it, sorry Microsoft.

- Review

I do like this app but what I don’t understand is I pay for the service and they still want to charge me like I don’t have the app on my phone. They want me to pay for premium when I already paid foe the last year.

- Simply the best

On mobile this is great to quickly review or edit documents. Having sticky notes on mobile is even better!

- Looks Promising

Like the extra functionality added. Waiting for other apps like Dropbox to catch-up and recognize this app as an option for editing stored docx files. For now I can perform the edits by opening Office and choosing Dropbox as a source.

- iOS 14 widgets

Add the ability to have the Microsoft notes widget available on iPhone in additional enable the ad or scan new items feature in the widgets to.

- Use

I am. It savoy with your app. However so I fine it to friendly to use. I have had a stroke and have found many apps to difficult to maneuver. Grateful user! Thank you

- Not for iPad users. Only for the few people who work off their phones.

Why did Microsoft make an iPhone app and not an iPad app? The phone version is great for a phone, but the iPhone is not a replacement for a Mac or an iPad. I use an iPad and I’m now stuck editing documents on an out-of-proportion iPhone app. If possible, could y’all make an iPad version? Thank you!


The new Microsoft Office turns the iPhone into a full function PC! Easy to use, remarkable functionality, I can be fully creative wherever I am. Hats off to Microsoft on this one. A must-have application!

- Not good on iPhone

The tab for notifications pops up every time and stays there, which is stopping me from even using the app. I really need to use it for work and can’t cause of the notification sign making the whole app freeze up. I can’t click turn on notifications, I can’t click anything to make it go away, it’s just stuck. Please fix this bug.

- Awesome

This is an amazing app, but why did yo not include OneNote for quick notes? Notion and Evernote are taking over my students screens. Can we finally get you guys to build a new backend and end SharePoint? It is holding everything back.

- Still no mouse support for IOS devices!!!

Does not support mouse on IOS!!! Mouse support for IOS devices was added multiple months ago. Compare how mouse is working in Apple Pages App and Microsoft Office. How hard is it to update Microsoft Office?! The only solution is to use Microsoft Office through web browser to have a mouse support. I am beyond being disappoint with Microsoft Office for IOS devices. Very slow on updates.

- Compatibility Listing Incorrect

The compatibility listing shows that this app is compatible with iPads. However, when you open the app a message pops up that it is not compatible and requests that you install the previous Office apps.

- Easy to use and make life easier

Quick and convenient document reviewing adds to your efficiency.

- This has got to be a joke...

The mobile phone versions of Office have always been limited. This just puts all the inadequate programs together. And why would you create a program like this just for iPhone without an iPad version? You can do better than this, Microsoft. I hope you paid the people well who gave this junk a 5-star rating.

- Love the app

Couldn’t get through my new work day with out the diversity of being able to upload to different CPUs.

- Make It For iPad

When I got the app I noticed it only had the screen size for a phone and when I looked at the devices it is compatible with, it said phone. Please make it for iPad also.

- Good, but small bug?

Excellent office app for mobile, IMO works and looks nicer than Google Docs, but I’ve noticed a small bug where half the time the toolbar for text formatting/closing the keyboard doesn’t show up on iPhone. The white bar is there but the icons are missing.

- It’s Amazing ! Many Services in One App

Here you go Microsoft! You should stay in advance and make great and most helpful apps like this one.. I love to do many things in one app ..

- Disappointing

It has access to all the basic functions but it doesn’t have outlook or Microsoft teams

- Business in Pocket Size

Who has more leverage when your office is in your pocket? Quick-draw any of these: docs, ledgers, notes, reminders, contacts, scanner, calendar, camera and so on. No stapler needed. Hmm, maybe a coffee room?

- Apple iWorks should learn from this

Now all Microsoft office software applications are in one app! The performance is robust so far! Wish Apple can do the same thing to its iWork suit.

- Improved search for online OneDrive files

search all files on OneDrive account (online or offline) with a selected account, not just recent files.

- It’s ok

Sometimes I’ll go to safari and try to open something and then it sends me straight to the app. And it’s really annoying how the screen is so tiny along with the keyboard. I originally downloaded the app for school, but now it’s just annoying.

- Need ipad optimized version

Please release a version optimized for iPad that works in landscape mode (for use with keyboard) as well as portrait. Otherwise, this is a great app. It provides some great Delve like features.

- Love it!!

I love it honestly but i really wanted it to connect to Microsoft notes that would have been nice :) but besides that i like it a lot

- Subscription issues

I had been renewed my 1 year subscription on App Store, but I’m still not able to access my account, it doesn’t update my subscription information, why? What should I do?

- Login Security?

I love Office products. But I wished you could select FaceID “on” to open the app? I would appreciate the option to add another layer of security beyond just being able to open/unlock my phone. I’m able to have two-factor for any web-based accounts, so I think it’s natural that it would follow to the Office app?

- Cannot multitask

It was bad enough that you couldn’t have more than one word doc or more than one worksheet open before. Now you cannot have even one of each open to task switch between. MS wants to make multitasking hard on iOS to push surface tablets.

- I’m Retired

During my retirement I’m finding many uses for Excel and PowerPoint. But I haven’t used Excel for a while, so I’m a little slow at it.

- Thank you

Thank you for achieving syncing and making everything into a unified platform.

- I LOVE This!!!!

So often, apps and programs are glitchy, disappointing, and show poor quality control. This app is the polar opposite of that. So intelligently designed and useful. Completely transforms the Ipad in terms of making it more useful for work. Best app purchase I have ever made. Although they say it is optimized for the iPhone, it works great on my iPad.

- No support for iPad users ? Disappointing

I would rather look at office documents on my iPad than my iPhone . But I see that you have not made the app responsive to iPad. I expected better from a company like MS. If you do come out with an iPad supporting app. I will make sure I delete this review.

- New mobile office interface stinks.

Ughghgh . Not liking new mobile interface at all. It requires clicking through multiple screens just to get the app for mail to open.

- Amazing creativity

There is a large room for this app’s enhancement. Please do more creativity. Outlook and onenote still missing. And office lens is lacking “business card” option.

- Wow

This app is absolutely amazing! I do all of my school work with it and I love it! It is also free and has so many options

- Corrupted Excel File

I downloaded this app and opened an Excel file from my OneDrive account and it corrupted the file to the point where on other version of Excel will open it. I spent a few hours with Microsoft support and they could not fix the file. I can now only open the file using the Office app and nothing else.

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Chloe S.

@mickeydwicker @Microsoft @Office @msonenote @Outlook But the most amazing feature is "My Day". I log things I have to do as they come up, and each day I select what I'm going to work on.

Chloe S.

@mickeydwicker It's @Microsoft @Office "To-do". It's fully integrated into my work Microsoft everything. It works seamlessly with @msonenote, @Outlook and "Planner" (another amazing app!!)

Nick Foard

This is a really important thread on Microsoft office 365's workplace and productivity surveillance, now built in as default. TL;DR: if you're using Office 365, MS is tracking everything you do and your employer is scoring you by that data. #SOGY30310

Microsoft Office 2.43 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Office iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images
Microsoft Office iphone images

Microsoft Office (Version 2.43) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Office was published in the category Productivity on 2013-06-14 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 340.65 MB. Microsoft Office - Productivity app posted on 2020-11-09 current version is 2.43 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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