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What is need for speed™ most wanted app? APP STORE BEST OF 2012! Thanks to all our fans for making Most Wanted one of the year’s biggest hits.

"The street racer that iOS devices have been waiting for" (PocketGamer, 9/10 Gold Award)

“It pushes the mobile platform to its utmost limits and doesn’t even break a sweat” (Capsule Computers)

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?

Note: Due to its revved-up graphics and gameplay, you’ll need 1.8GB of free space on your device in order to install this game.

Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.

Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.

• Choose and customize over 40 unique cars
• Race the way you want! By popular demand you can now touch or tilt to steer
• Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style
• Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
• Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars

Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top – but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted.

Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.

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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Version 1.1.303 December 2019

Check out the changes we've made to improve your racing experience. Thanks for playing!.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Comments & Reviews 2022

- There’s some things that are on the Xbox/ps3 that are not on mobile

I want to rate this 4.5 stars. There’s just some things that are on consoles and not mobile like multiplayer and also same with cars and packs like the hennessy venom Gt or the aventador j and more. Also there’s a free mode so you can go any where you want. I would you like you to add these. Anyways great game and thank you.

- It’s an amazing game, still.

Wow. This game came out almost a decade ago, and it’s still impressive. Crashing of the game has gone up when I updated my iOS device recently. But my main problem is that the NFS editions have seem to gone extinct. I haven’t seen one in a while. Now for those who are looking if this thing is better than No Limits, my opinion is YES. No Limits is not a freemium game, nor a good game. There’s ads. The developers are money hungry. Because once you get through halfway of Need For Speed, No Limits, the game requires you to level the up your car. So you level it up at car series. Then the car series requires you to level up, but you haven’t, since it takes forever to level up in the high ranks, therefore leaving you to have no choice but to make a micro transaction. Most Wanted 2012 has it’s errors, for example the Razor BMW looks nothing like the 2002 Most Wanted. (Sorry if the date is wrong.) The blue shade is completely off and the white is horrendous. There’s no storyline, it’s basically racing around and defeating past champions. Also, speedpoints. They are annoying. I cannot even get an Agera or a Bugatti. And my other complaint is that why is there no customization? At least you can personalize your car in some way. But something that angers me is that the Most Wanted list’s vehicles are not like the actual Most Wanted list for Xbox 360. Where’s the Koenigsegg and Bugatti? Pagani Huayra? But nonetheless this game is great.

- Best Racing Game on Mobile

I first bought this game in 2013. I loved the game back then and recently came across it again. I am surprised that EA optimized this app to work with newer iOS versions, but very happy. This game has the best driving mechanics I’ve ever seen in any racing game on mobile to this day. The controls are simple to understand, but the cars have heft and feel good to drive and drift in. Collision doesn’t feel cheap either. The game is challenging, but with practice, you can learn to beat any hard race. The game reminds me of Racer mode from NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) but without the gadgets, which is one of my favorite Need for Speed’s of all time. Plus the app doesn’t have egregious micro-transactions that are necessary to progress. Even in 2020, I would recommend this game.

- Still an awesome game.

BUT, crashing has been more frequent since I updated to Ios 11, and the NFS Edition cars seem to be gone from existence. With a game that’s been rated this high for this long on the paid racing games list, i’d think they’d want to keep people playing by releasing some New stuff here and there, maybe adding live multiplayer, anything, but no... it’s the plain old game and my old origin account with the records i was so proud of won’t work anymore. To those complaining it’s not a direct port of the console version... realize that this game came out in the Ipod Touch 4 days... BACK THEN phones couldn’t support something crazy like that, so they settled with this. I still believe this game is extremely well made, and a ton of fun even after you’ve beaten every level with a gold medal. Sure, it’s level based, sure, it’s wayy harder to get takedowns, but who cares when the game was made several years ago. If you’re looking for a direct console port of a good racing game, go check out Grid Autosport. I hear it runs well, and is a ton of fun. I can’t wait to get the game on Ps3 myself. To anyone reading this on Christmas Day, I hope you had a very merry Christmas. :) keep gaming everyone.

- Love it but please add multiplayer

I’ve been playing this game since I was in middle school and my brother put me on to it , and I’ve been playing it since then and I’ve loved it ever since. But one thing I do have to say is once you do every race and get each place to 100% beating all the most wanted racers.. it does get super boring and it gets to the point where there’s really nothing else to do. I know this game is pretty old but it wouldn’t hurt to update it and add a multiplayer mode, it’d make it so much more entertaining, and I know sooo many people have been waiting for a multiplayer to come out for this game for a while now. It’d really make this game so much more fun, I really hope soon it becomes a thing because I love this game and all but it’s gotten boring after doing things over and over again.

- Ok

Need for speed most wanted is a decent game. This game has a good amount of cars to play with for an iPhone game. This game should not hav a price however because the other need for speed game, need for speed no limits has many other things to do and it’s free. The game play is like no limits and its great but, the cops need improvement. The cops in the game do suicide missions just to stop you and that is annoying to player because they’ll match your speed, go next or behind you and ram you into a wall. This makes players angry. The customization of the cars is to limited. Unlike the free no limits you can have body kits, customize rims, more types of colors, and wraps. Sorry i keep comparing to no limits. All in all this game is a great game it just need more things, activities, and better AI.

- Things I think you should chains about NFS most wanted

Electronic arts why didn’t you make this game as good as you made the system version of NFS most wanted you really need to update this game is great but I suggest you do a few changes to the game to make it more enjoyable because basically everyone enjoys no limits and like you guys you really need to make an FS more fun and better because if you don’t you’ll lose a lot of money and no one wants to lose a lot of money Plus maybe Alyssa come out with a new game better than NFS out on it and better than crispy hot pursuit for mobile maybe you could be a new game where we can I want open world stuff like I want to drive to Los Angeles or something like that and that is what I think of NFS most wanted.

- Needs an update and a few things

I love this game. By far the best ever! I have been playing this game for so long I have lost track! I wish you guys would fix the loading screen problem. Maybe even update the game. This has so much potential and I feel it is lacking ideas. Like for example more cars! More tracks! Extra content would be great and I would most certainly purchase it if it came down to that! Hoping for an update from one of your number one fans of need for speed!

- My favorite racing game!!!

This game is absolutely amazingly! I started playing this 7 years ago, until I deleted it and got it again today. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that there has been no updates, no new cars, no new bosses, and no new races. This game would be incredibly great if a big update was added. After downloading it today for the first time in 7 years, I finished it in 1 day, which is kinda disappointing for how much you pay. But otherwise everything else is great!!!

- The game is still amazing. UPDATE IT!

I beat this game a few times now, but this was years ago. I recently downloaded it again and just won the last’s race. I haven’t unlocked all of the card yet, but it would be nice to create a multiplayer mode in the game. YES I KNOW, the game is very old, but a lot of people still play it. This is one of the only games that I really put time into and I hope that the developer comes back to it and add more stuff to it. I hope you read this review. Thank you!

- No updates still? 🥺🥺

I love this game so much but once you hit 100% in all stages, there’s nothing else to do and it makes it boring… how about updating it E.A. Maybe you guy could add more stages or something, a way to keep it going, this is an old game and I’m really surprised nothing had still not been done about it yet. I play it every time I get a new iPhone, I use this game to test apple's graphics and speed for every new update iPhone.


KEEP DELETING MY COMMENT?Very good. This game is so wonderful. Cops are rushing like bulls, they must take a mission called suicide. There always a car suddenly appeared on your way and you can do nothing but hit it. Your rivals works with cops and all other cars in the field. Common cars show in your way waiting you to hit them, police cars try their best to hit you and your rivals run at a speed which is unbelievable. When you crash with common cars on the road, these cars can against the potential energy laws and be as magnet stick to your cars. It doesn’t matter how you hit them, these cars can always stuck your ways. So pleasure to write comment for this game. I want to rate this game zero but I can’t do that. What a pity!

- Not what some people think

We have people crying about it not working for my phone it's not downloading well it worked fine for me the only reason why I'm rating 2 stars is because it's not what need for speed most wanted is yes EA did make the original but they were like oh well lets make a crappy version on mobile thinking no one would find out well someone did listen there's no free roam in the original I loved to just drive around and make the cops chase me. And u would find the cars spread out cross the map and then u would be able to drive them but apparently no one that buys this game played the original

- AWSOME game!

AWSOME but maybe new update with Hennessy venom or suv Lamborghini and straight line speed is so hard but thanks for the AWSOME game and also when I crash and go back up to 190 it will still say 150 it just it’s annoying when I’m at 190 and my other meater thing is trying to catch up to 190 at 150 and I finish going 193 and the meater is at 170 the meater says avg speed at top says 149 and by my nitrous it says 201 get my point please change it 🙁😎🙂😀👍🏼 PUT NEW MUSIC THAT MUSIC IS SO ANNOYING I MUTED SOUND AND PLAY MUSIC FROM I DIFFERENT APP

- 😡😡 CLOSE but no CIGAR 😡😡

Current update seems to solve most issues (jumpy car and freezing upon race completion) but app still freezes during police takedowns and other crashes. Fix that and restore this game to its original glory. Doesn't look good for a brand as large as EA. PREVIOUS REVIEW: This used to be one of my favorite games to play when killing time. This last update is terrible. When I finish races is freezes (iPhone 6S Plus with latest iOS software) and racing in car view the vehicle bobs up and down like it has broken suspension. How has this most recent update (January 2017) made is so long without EA patching these bugs? I expect more from EA, we all do.

- Best game except please better graphics for iPad

This game is great expect can you give bettter graphics on iPad my mom bought this for me it’s pretty car there cars i want very cool cars that is awesome and really enjoy it there is also cop cars WOW! I’m impressed in this game also and also add touch drive please that’s all I want in addition can you add free roam in this game that’s all I ask over all great game:)

- NFS cars won’t work? PLEAS READ

So I have been playing this game for a while and I like it but I’ve noticed on iOS that the NFS edition cars while never show up for me to purchase at first I though it was just glitching and was going to show up later but nope it never showed up and I never go a chance to get the NFS cars this being I can’t complete the achievements I have seen other comment about this and theirs definitely something wrong going on so pleas fix and look into this glitch thank you for reading.

- Still rocks after 10 years

I bought this the week it was released when I was a junior in high school 10 years ago. It was the best then, it will be the best mobile nfs for all time. Controls are simple yet efficient, lots of cool cars, would've loved an update with the koenigsegg 1:one but I'm being a bit picky with that. EVEN AFTER 10 YEARS THIS GAME FREAKING ROCKS!!!

- add multiplayer

I bought this assuming it had multiplayer, and im ashamed of that because that was the most enjoyable part of the game for me when this game came out. If my iPhone can run ark, connected to 50 people at the same time, then it sure as heck should be able to handle this game. just think about updating this and how many people would buy it. if youd just advertise it as a racing game that wasnt pay to win you guys would ruuuule the app market in racing, certainly in the #1 spot.

- Decent

I think NFS MW 2012 is a very cool game. It’s very simplistic but fun at the same time, which is what most people are looking for in a mobile game, although some more content wouldn’t hurt. It doesn’t have the open world like the Xbox version but I can see why, although it was sad that it was the case. Overall, I feel like this is a decently good game.

- Love it but...

I love it but when I switched phones I didn’t get to complete the story/ get to the #1 on the blacklist so I’m asking is there actual freeroam? Because that would make this game incredible. Because when I played it in 2016 I was always getting tired of racing I was just tryna free roam and have fun.

- NFS edition cars are back!!!

Thanks firemonkeys and EA! I been missing these cars, had them but then changed phones and lost all my progress, now I can fully enjoy this racing game! I love driving into the cops and crashing! The soundtrack is amazing, and the feeling of drifting unparalleled, I haven’t had any crash yet on my phone, I’m playing on iPhone 6s.

- Really good if you are willing to spend the money

I really like this game I play it when I get stuck it NFS:No limits But I think there should be controls from that game in this one with an update of some sort I think that would be great I enjoy the upgrade feature and I like the cars I really have no other problems so far I will update if I do


Yeah it’s the best car game ever. It’s super fun and no regrets for buying the game. But there are some ideas. First you should probably slowdown the cops because I was on a Lamborghini hot ride with mods and I hit 231 MPH but yet an everyday van was still faster then me. You should also make multiplayer and MAYBE make a storyline for the game...

- Could do better

I think this is a very fun game, but it is insanely hard to get the best car in the game-too hard. I have tried losing both bumpers and succeeded, however the game wouldn’t give me a reward. This is very frustrating and if there is any easier way to get the Bugatti tell me plz.

- Controller support

I loved the game when I had it on my psvita and I was so excited to find it on the App Store. But no controller support... Now don’t get me wrong the game is amazing, but I feel limited to only the touch screen I am not the best mobile racer. I feel like controller support would be a big plus

- Still fun

Need for speed is my favorite racing game but the mobile crashes alot. I am not trying to be the negative guy but i really want this game to stop crashing because I paid 4.99 for this but once the game stops crashing... This will be my favorite game ever. Thank you for your time

- Perfect game

This racing game is perfect and fun because I have been playing for five weeks and still have not gotten bored of racing and I would suggest this game to anyone who likes cars and racing cars. To sum it up this game should be suggested more for car loving people and drivers.

- Big risk! Paid off!

I bought this not knowing if it would support my iPad mini 5 with IOS 13, however, it did! Thank you so much and don’t ever remove this game and please keep updating!

- WHAT are you doing

Change the cops so they don’t just attack you and make more music and I can’t drive because I just be come slow and go all over the place please fix that and add those things And love your game

- Best racing game...

So I played this game back when it first came out an solved it. I’ve been waiting for the iPad version and am so stoked. The controls and game play are way better than other racing games and other most wanted games. Thanks guys!

- Worth the money

This game is really fun, but some times it makes no sense. For example I was replaying a race and a car that was literally TRASH put a hard fight against one of the best cars. This is still a great game and I think they should do more updates.

- FreeRoam

I believe that there should be FreeRoam becoz of the game NFS MW 2012 version on Xbox 360 and the way to take out swat trucks. But if this doesn’t happen it’s still a good game but the Xbox 360 version is a whole lot cooler than this. But I like them both the same as I do with any other NFS GAMES. THX EA.

- Needs multiplayer

Hello I’ve been playing this game for a while but can u please add multiplayer cuz basically when u beat the game you do stuff from the past and do it over and over and over and it just gets boring.I love this game but I just wish it had multiplayer.

- Good game, but need improvements.

This game is really fun in general, but on my other wiiU, it has more cars. And the most important thing is please add the free drive and multiplayer mode like the Xbox and wiiU. Otherwise this game is my favorite car game and that would really attract others to play.

- Add free roaming pls!

Great game overall but it’s just another racing game on the App Store, I have the Wii U version of this game and the one thing that I personally love about it is the free roaming part where you can do whatever you want and reach high speeds without actually playing a bunch of races and levels that are hard to beat, so if the app would do that, that would be fantastic and improve the game a lot

- Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasted My Last Money On Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as being a player of the 2012 one I played it on a PlayStation 3, It was awesome!!! And tried buying it mobile since I have a different console now cuz the PlayStation stopped working, I got an Xbox One, so I don’t have it anymore, one, terrible controls, two, NOT EVEN BASED OFF OF THE REAL GAME BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE REAL GAME!!!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASTING MONEY ON SOMETHING TRASH!!!!! MAKE IT BETTER OR I AM NOT DOWNLOADING A MOBILE NFS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX IT!!!!! I EXPECT BETTER!

- This game is worthless unless you play offline

The full game is much more fun but this one is not completely terrible. NFS No Limits is a much better mobile racer. Pros, simple controls, great car selection, good soundtrack, decent graphics, Cons, not the full soundtrack, feels very pay to win, AI is awful, no car customization, no controller support I also do not understand why this is not the full game. The full game came out for the PS Vita. The PS Vita was not even that much more powerful than the cell phones of that era Conclusion, please get Real Racing 3, GT Racing 2, or Need For Speed No Limits this is a good game but it’s not worth $5.

- Needs to be updated

I love this game but I get my new Iphone l have some problems. We need a new update to be compatible with IPhone X it is giving a black screen when i start playing

- Always loved the game but

Gotta love the game. It’s sweet I can play this on my phone these days. I’ve been having problems though with it freezing up mid race on me though. Not sure if it’s a software issues or just a phone issue (iPhone 8) still a fun game to play though just wish it would run smoothly.

- Not what I remembered

This game used to be amazing when I first played it, then I reinstalled it, and it is very VERY hard, you simply cannot win if you do not buy the best car, this game is now very pay to win and I think there should be a difficulty setting because I’m not trying to sweat out this game, I’m trying to play casually


Add the FCPD Ford Crown Victoria’s from the console and computer versions, please! Could you also add drivable ones? I know this is an older game, and older games rarely get content updates, but please. In the end, I think new content will be worth your while.

- Great game

This game has great graphics , gameplay is fun and challenging in an able to win but have to work for it kind of way. Only issues is after about five races the game has crashed and no longer loads the races.

- Hands down 10/10 score

I know in the original you can roam around and all but still this is worth it.

- Please fix

You guys should make it so if u miss a nfs special car u should get a second chance after u have bought all the other cars am only missing 1 :(

- Force Closing

The game keep force closing on my iPhone 8 Plus in the middle of a race and I haven’t played it back couple days after the iPhone 8 came out Hope this issue is resolved in this update

- Terrible

This game is not what I thought it was going to be! The controls are terrible, there is no Free roam, You have to buy cars, all you can do is race, but most importantly it’s not the same as the Ps Vita, X Box360, and ps3. The only reason I got this game is because I thought you could free roam and do everything that those 3 consoles offered but instead I got this.🤦‍♂️ I Would like a Refund please.

- Fixes

I feel like the game needs to be more like Need For Speed most wanted on the console .On mobile you literally have to go buy the most wanted car you don’t have the chance to drive after it and take it down , and when you win the race everything is based on your time .

- NFS Edition Cars?

The game experience is overall smooth and all. But NFS edition cars have never been available for purchase since I started playing. This is a bug.

- Love game and need few cars

I love this game cus it remains me need for speed hot porsiut and I wanna say this game is une of the best ever put I wanna see few cars like lamborghini Diablo And Porsche 914 pls I wanna ser dose cars but in everiting the game if very cool

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- I like it

I had this game on a couple of my devices and am very happy with the the performance of the game. The only thing is that the nfs dealership isn't selling the NFS edition cars that I need to advance in the game. I'm not sure if it's just me having these issues

- Touch controls

Please add left and right touch controls

- Need more events

Great game but needs way more events. Still better than most other racing games available though

- Didn’t expect that at all

Didn’t expect that from NFS

- Not what I expected

Talks about how other cars aren’t stock but no option to mod them besides 2 one time use mod slots. No free roam. ELECTRIC CARD HAVE NOS?!? That makes zero sense to me. Just over all a lacking game

- Horrible

This game kept on turning off and on it’s up I do not like this game I downloaded it but it didn’t work so I do not like this game and I will never buy it

- Refund

This game costs 6.99$ and they make you pay money again afterwards. Inexcusable making us pay so much. I never received my receipt for the game. I want a refund

- Controller support

Other racing games by EA on the App Store have controller support. The game looks good but playing with a controller would be 5-stars...

- Great game, but...

I love the game, I used to play lots but lately I've been kinda bored with it, if you could add a free roam that would make it the most epic iOS game ever. Thanks😄

- Cool game

The game is good. I just need free roaming. Why won’t you add it?

- NFS cars fixed!

Awesome game and now that the issue with NFS Edition cars is fixed again it is possible to finish all achievements. Super fun!

- Nice game

To everyone wondering why there is no free roam you have to finish the races

- Bad controls

Need for speed “No Limits has beautiful controls. This one has bad controls, I tried both settings. If they can put same controls as No Limits, this will be a perfect game.

- Beats all other racing games

The drift and control is by far the best EA has made. Played for 5 years and still kicking. Dear EA, could you connect all the maps and offer the entire Fairhaven for a run as the last accomplishment that the driver can achieve? I woulnt mind driving for 10mins or more on a map like that.

- Please Fix the controller!!! Please update the game

The game is fine but the controller part is soooo complicated I have to use my left hand only to control the driving on the game I wish if I can use my right hand to control the driving also I didn’t like the steer if you make the game not fun at less I can switch the control from the left side to the right side I paid $7 CAD for the game, and now I want you guys to update the control in the game to be more flexible to use.

- I love this game but needs FREEROAM ASAP

Awesome needs freeroam ea pls do it

- Fantastic

I love this game


Please update more often and give new cars, roads and mods options Am playing this game more than 5 year and it the first time seeing nfs update! New hot cars please

- Needs update

iPhone X support

- Liars

No free roaming in the streets just boring races

- Add some more cars

Could you guys please add more cars or make a new game like this!

- Free drive

I recently read there is no free drive option, so I was wondering if in the next update EA could add that to the game to make it more fun and enjoyable

- I love it

Best game I ever played on my iphone, I play on xbox 360 and on iphone. I highly reccomand it.

- Great game

I had this game ever since it cam out it is amazing I recommend it but the second last update ruined the nfs dealership but it’s good now.

- My review....

This nfs game is very fun! But I wish it was the actual game like the one on pc Xbox and more.

- Nfs edition car are here!!!!!!😘😘😘😘

Thank you so much for had nfs edition car your the best game i play and you had nfs car now i can finish the game

- The speed kit makes no sense

I used my Bentley without the speed kit to test its speed and then I tested it with the speed kit everything was the bloody fckn same how does that make sense please explain and no the game is not broken with my iPhone 6 plz fix

- Good but police

on speed runs can you please make it so no police ruin it

- Good game

The game is pretty good. I finished the whole game and earned gold in all events in about 5 days. NFS edition cars are no longer available. I did not like the controls. So I’ll give it 4/5. Few tips for other players: learn how to drift, look what cars players used for certain events if you can’t beat them (the most expensive cars are not always the best), use only the two mods - they are most efficient. The easiest way to grind money for me was using Nissan GTR for winning one of the checkpoint races that gives 49,000 credits. Minus mods you would earn 43,000 if you win gold. The race was quite easy too. Good luck!

- One of the best

This game is truly amazing. The cops are on your side at the final race, and you get a free car when you beat the game!

- Keep on crashing

I have it on my iphone X but it is keep On crashing

- Lags on 7plus

Over all a great game

- iPhone X support?

Fun game but where is the iPhone X support? Update this game to support the iPhone X resolution. Thanks!

- Plz correct this

Good game but crash black screen on after dark on iphone 8 plus...

- Not worth the money

I can’t believe I paid for this game, don’t even bother with this game it’s a cash grab if you download this game you’ll find out later on in the game that it’s a bloody joke the way faster cars are getting beat by weaker ones because after the AI cars finish their boost when you try to pass em out of nowhere their boost is instantly refilled right after their boost is empty

- Last update broke NFS Edition Cars

The last update broke the garage and you can no longer buy the NFS Edition cars. Game can no longer be completed. This is still true for the latest version.

- Not working properly...

On my iPhone 7 plus....the software is not working are bouncing around...the screen freezes when race ended...deleted software and reinstalled...still having the same issues:...loved playing this sad that the game no longer runs properly....looking forward to an update to one of my all time favourite games....

- Nut time trail


- Car camera glitch

When getting up to speed , the car camera glitches up and down . Please fix this problem. I didn't pay 7.90$ for a glitching game

- It is awesome!

I have it on my old wii but it's not portable now it is so now I'm happy.


WHEN I COMPLETE THE FIRST RACE, IT GETS STUCK AND THEN I CANT DO ANYTHING!!! I need a refund now!! I paid $7.80 cad for this crap

- Loading

Why the game load load load load and I cannot play 😭

- Crash crash crash all the time !

Crash crash crash all the time !

- Please add more American cars

There are two American cars you need to update with. One is the Hennesey venom GT and on is the SSC a Tuatara. Please update it! Pretty please!

- Great game. Wish it had an extension pack

Wish there was more


Every time I open the app it takes FOREVE to load!!! Please fix the bug..

- Terrible

After every race it freezes and I have to restart my phone

- Nfs Edition Cars Please

I have beaten this game already 2 times I keep downloading it every few months to see if they added the nfs edition cars yet. Please do.... It's been years. There's like 20 Nfs cars. It would be a huge upgrade

- Not sincere

I don't see nothing new in the 2017 update. Please add new cars, new customization, helicopter, free roam, harder cops, etc.

- Great Game

Please add more cars new map n nfs cars back. This is by far the best need for speed game in the appstore!!!! Please bring it back

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La-Fokita πk2

@MANUXPREX Need for speed most wanted

claude le bris

Ie mec il se croit dans Need for Speed:Most Wanted


@backupyaza need for speed most wanted was the shit


@edjedjieJunior Ils se croient dans Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012🤣


@HauptmannLexia @Nitro_Concepts Fortnite is there, terraria is there, dont starve is there, goat simulators, need for speed most wanted, minecraft, among us, league of legends is on mobile and rocket league is announced


Need for Speed - Most Wanted Soundtrack (Full) via @YouTube


its 1 am and im really in a discord rn arguing about what Need For Speed was the best...its Most Wanted by the way

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Need For Speed Most Wanted | #Blacklist #5. Si botak Webster


Watch "Need For Speed Most Wanted | Gameplay | MaRussia | 2K HD" on YouTube

bonnie; 🐌

@AmySuccar need for speed most wanted

bonnie; 🐌

@gabsrar need for speed most wanted


I won the The Heat is Off trophy in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Vita) for 59 TrueTrophy pts

Wise Explorer

@Xbox I just plugged In my Xbox 360 and started playing need for speed most wanted. Who needs the new Xbox

George Edward

@Gameonysus Adventures of Mana Disgaea 3 Dragon’s Crown Freedom Wars Gravity Rush LittleBigPlanet Vita Killzone Mercenary Muramasa Need for Speed Most Wanted Persona 4 Golden Shovel Knight Tales of Hearts Tearaway Uncharted Golden Abyss

The Don

Nfs heat is definitely the best need for speed since both most wanted's🤞🏿😭

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted 1.1.3 Screenshots & Images

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted iphone images

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted (Version 1.1.3) Install & Download

The applications Need for Speed™ Most Wanted was published in the category Games on 2012-10-30 and was developed by Electronic Arts [Developer ID: 284800461]. This application file size is 1.99 GB. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted - Games app posted on 2019-12-03 current version is 1.1.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: