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When you learn with Craftsy, you get lifetime access to video classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, cake decorating, cooking, drawing, painting, photography, paper crafts, gardening, woodworking and more. Ask questions and interact with your instructor and fellow crafters, and re-watch tricky parts as many times as you like! Plus you can download lessons to your iPhone or iPad while you’re online, then watch later — even without internet. So the inspiration goes wherever you go!

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The applications Craftsy was published in the category Education on 2012-10-11 and was developed by Sympoz Inc.. The file size is 95.09 MB. The current version is 4.1.3 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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Remnant Junkie

Great to have my classes with me  Remnant Junkie  5 star

I like have my classes on the go so when I have some down time I can watch them


Wonderful classes  scalala  5 star

The classes I have taken in quilting and embroidery have been excellent. The teachers are well known in their fields and give detailed lessons. You certainly cannot beat starting and stopping a class at your convenience. I also appreciate how quickly the instructors respond to questions. Beautifully done.


So well organized and easy to move around in.  Jessdenny  5 star

Fun resource! Well done!


Love the classes  Roxyve  5 star

Craftsy is very addictive! Love this app! Can't stop searching for new classes! 😊😊


It's a great app  Batgirl2011  5 star

High quality classes! Easy to use, I'm really enjoying it!

Lee's geegee

Love this app  Lee's geegee  5 star

I enjoy being able to view my classes or buy patterns whenever my schedule allows.


Love  Psaid1  5 star

I love what Craftsy has to offer. I've watched video lessons ranging from cooking to photography to embroidery. Simple, direct and easy to use.


Great!  Mom2gr8boys  5 star

I love this app! I can watch the classes, purchase patterns, and fabric too! Love it!


A review of the app--not Craftsy  Cssymonshoughto  3 star

Generally if I am watching my classes on Craftsy, the app is great. It works fine. And the platform is still better than anybody else's online crafting courses. However, it has one feature that I HATE: I have nearly 200 classes, and scrolling through the list on the app to find them is positively mind-numbing. I have to go through page after page, and if I stop to bring one up to look for something, it returns me to the TOP of the list all over again. PLEASE Craftsy, just give me a list, and stop trying to be so darn slick. The search function is functional, but sometimes I don't know wha time looking for, and finding classes is a real pain.


My favorite app.  sandreah76  5 star

Craftsy is a crafter's dream come true. The quality of the free classes should tell you all you need to know: quality downloads, excellent teachers, rewind feature, teacher and community interaction, sales on supplies, baking; photography; quilting; drawing, on a per class basis. No membership fee :) Thank you, Craftsy!!


Katie&Glen kgosley 3 star

@beCraftsy: "11 Ways to Use Even the Smallest Scraps of Yarn" via The Craftsy Blog:


Shibaguyz Shibaguyz 3 star

Click here to watch the intro video for our @beCraftsy #crochet class:


Snowy LemonCat snowylemoncat 3 star

@beCraftsy: "11 Ways to Use Even the Smallest Scraps of Yarn" via The Craftsy Blog:


Well organized and user friendly  ZombiePsyche  4 star

I enjoy having all of my lessons and classes at my fingertips. App works great.

Silver & Wool

Great app  Silver & Wool  5 star

I love this app. I use it all of the time and it works great for me. Sometimes it is a little slow but I believe that is due to my bad internet. I love how you can take not on the classes.


Jewelry Classes  dbankester  5 star

Love the convenience of on-line video classes! The occasional sales make it possible for me to add to my collection☺️


Addicting .... I love to learn at my own pace  FamHaynes  5 star

The fact that I can review it and play it until I get it..... this is how kids should be taught their lessons

flower powr

I use Crafty all the time  flower powr  4 star

I love this platform, I have learned so much and I think the classes are beautifully shot and the teachers first rate. I, too, don't care for the new design, it's not as accessible. But still I love the whole Craftsy deal!

2 For 1 Ranch

Terrible app  2 For 1 Ranch  1 star

Can't select anything when looking for things. Go into search and it just randomly starts putting letters in the search area. The website is so slow I figured I'd try the app, very disappointed. I want to shop Craftsy more, but you are making it difficult.


Tim  Timsid2  5 star

Thoroughly enjoying the app. Love being able to take the classes with me whenever I go. Have a great selection to choose from. Keep up the good work.


Wonderful learning tool  Parlille  5 star

Great app! Easy to use and purchases show up immediately.


GREAT APP!  Petcaredebs  5 star

High quality videos and the ability to access your classes OR shop for more is very handy.


Great classes!  Eepsers  5 star

Great app to view Craftsy's excellent instructional videos.

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