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Big Fish Casino gives you the chance to WIN BIG in Slots, including Crazy Money® Deluxe™ by Incredible Technologies, Inc. Play Blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Roulette, and more, live with your friends. Enjoy all the thrill of Las Vegas! Sit down, relax, have a drink & some chips – on us. We've got gorgeous games and millions of friendly people to play with for FREE!

Make a fortune with HUGE Jackpots, Free Daily Games, Slots Bonus Games, and more! Will you play it safe and hold your cards, or double down and get a lucky ace? Over 16 BILLION chips in Jackpots given out each day!

Have an adventure like no other in our original Slot Machines! Hit Flaming 7's for multiple jackpot levels in Jackpot City! Hunt for clues to uncover a huge win in Sherlock Mysteries! Fortune awaits those brave enough to enter the Enchanted Cavern…


• More ways to win with CLUBS - Team up to win BIG PRIZES while playing your favorite slots games. Join an existing club or form one of your own. Participate in daily events and climb the leaderboard to win more even more chips.
• Exciting slot machines with FREE SPINS and Bonus Games you won't find anywhere else!
• Everybody wins together in our unique Social Scatter™ Slots Games!
• Redeem free chips every 30 minutes!
• Daily FREE game and bonuses could win you up to 100K FREE Chips just for logging in!
• Play LIVE with your friends! Beat the house in Blackjack or test your skills in Poker! 
• Customize and strut your stuff with free pets, gifts, and power ups! 


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This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Big Fish Casino: Slots & Games App Description & Overview

The applications Big Fish Casino: Slots & Games was published in the category Games on 2012-08-16 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc. The file size is 107.13 MB. The current version is 10.6.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New PAC-MAN slots game:
• Spin up classic arcade fun with PAC-MAN JACKPOT POWER
• Win amazing progressive jackpots & mini-jackpots
• Get high scores with Blinky, Inky, Pinky & Clyde to trigger fun ghost jackpots• NEW SLOT MACHINE: Legend of the Minotaur!

Plus bug fixes and performance improvements!

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Big Fish Casino: Slots & Games Reviews


DON'T EVER BUY CHIPS!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼  Marge207  1 star

If you like spinning zero after zero then this game's for you. After playing over 7 yrs I deleted this money pit. The slots used to be fun but now there are no payouts. DO NOT BUY CHIPS EVER! You will never win after that because once you do they figure you are more likely to do it again & again. I would NEVER recommend this game to anyone. It is suppose to be a game for entertainment, not a casino, and their payouts are far worse than a casino where at least you can win actual money. If BF wants to act like a casino then they should be regulated like one. They have sold again so until they turn it over to Aristocrat, (I think after 1st quarter) CHD is squeezing every little bit of $ they can out of customers & somehow found a way to tighten the slots even more. Same people win huge jackpots on a daily basis while the rest of us spin zero after zero. I have spun as many as 40+ zero spins in a row. You can change tables, but it is difficult because BF will keep sending you back to the same one 4-5 times, even if you completely log out of the app & log back in. What does that tell you? If you complain or question them, you are sent to the "troll tables". VIP means nothing to Big Fish. The higher the tier only means you spent a lot of money. Believe me, I am a VIP 11 and I lose a lot more than those that play for free. 32% of my spins are "wins" & those "wins" include bets equal to or less than my bet. I do not play the high end games either. The "chosen ones" have at least a 40% to even 55% win ratio. In one complaint to the BBB, one person spent as much as $70,000 in 5 months. No exaggeration. The complaint is dated 6/25/2016. To reach a VIP 15, you will have spent over $100,000 of real money for a bunch of fake chips. You think $20 here & there isn't bad but it adds up & next thing you know, over time you've spent thousands of dollars. And for what - the thrill of spinning non-stop zeros? You keep hoping it will get back to the way it once was but it doesn't. The entertainment value is long gone. Greed has gotten the best of them and they couldn't care less of how they treat their loyal customers. Instead of upgrading all the time, why don't you fix the constant slow network & the existing issues. I am highly suspect of some of the reviews here because you get free chips to rate it. I am all for them making a profit but we should at least get something out of what we pay for. What good does it do those who pay to keep them in business if they can't even play and enjoy the games we help pay for? Both Apple & Google should be accountable for offering such a rip-off app on their site. There are no regulations or repercussions whatsoever and they can do whatever they want. Big Fish baits you and then bites you.


Used to be fun  Traviejook  1 star

Been a player for years. And now I barely even play anymore cause I can’t keep chips. Do not spend real money here. It’s a scam. They definitely manipulate your spins and wins.


The Dollars  Kwh3170119  5 star

The best casino game!! My family’s favorite


very bad  Samiam1942  1 star

This game is a joke.DO Not buy chips. Games are fix for BigF


A lot of fun.  Deezhairynutz  5 star

The slots are really tight at times but I really enjoy playing. Love it. Nice. All I do is win win win no matter what. Love it. Cool. Money pit. Whoever made this game is rolling in the money and most of it is mine. Yay...yay

Juan John Smith

Casino  Juan John Smith  5 star

A little bit of everything from a casino in one game. Lots of fun to play.


Machines are tighter than the casino  Bennyb78  1 star

I poked a little money at the game not expecting much. Good thing I wasn't expecting much.


Big Fish Casino  redHeadCuk  5 star

Great way to ease the mind and relax


Hi  JennyDagostino  5 star

This is the best casino game ever !!!


Whaa  stormerator  1 star

The horse race thing was the one thing I liked in this game and now it's gone, plz bring it back


This app is useless for iPad. Must be used vertically.???  edwanna00  2 star

Why oh why.


I love this game  Bigdizz87  4 star

I think this game is awesome and the bonuses are always good


“Big fish”  Thomas2004  2 star

Where are the fish!!!!??? Is this a joke?? I am a massive fish lover yet this “big fish casino” has none ?? 2/5 stars 😡

Jordo martens

Great game  Jordo martens  5 star

Great game, love it


Why I ca not give zero star?  RPGamerZed  1 star

Very clear, first they let you win, then afterward dealer gets good hands 8-9 out of 10 times. Every casino, doesn't matter online web games, apps, or real casino are all the same. it doesn't matter what game, card game slot all the same. don't believe me? try it yourself, after you purchase chips games will become easier to play, eventually it will get harder to win until you lose everything. if the software developer going to repose below, watch me copy the same BS just as all other casino games : "the odds are the same compare to other casino, they make sure nothing but luck can influence the outcome" HaHaHa! are you a god? only god can "control" things besides luck so nothing but luck controls outcome, and what is the thing besides luck you casino make sure so nothing but luck influence outcome? maths? surely you people can not control things in other dimension where luck is, so what is it you casinos are saying that you make sure nothing but luck influence? maths? but last time i checked all games designed in casino are made to have casino side has m slightly more winning %, no game at all in casino = a fair 50/50. keep going liars, only numb brains in your tables would keep good back. in fact you ppl did an excellent job make their brain numb, offering packages, created in game events, build up communities for them to hook on it, let them win a bit to build up hope for them to keep throwing money in when u give them loses in a row. English is not my first language , but i can see exactly what casino is doing to the public and how they trick everyone's money into their business, making huge profits and trick people saying " oh having fun in casino " hope people can get what i am saying.


More wins  5Scats  5 star

I was reading up on other reviews there are some good and bad ones the bad is to many zeros on slots. After big hands are won it’s like the user that got the big ha d is set to lose after winning. Why can’t there be a system where it plays fair and the odds are higher than normal. I purchase my chips every now then not much but would still love the big wins to come out more often. I gift as much as I can to the public. My friend code is 31696962. More wins more frequently big fish and more big hands. Everyone wants a go regularly at betting big. That’s the thrill we chase. It’s just very very rare to see nowadays. Thanks for reading.


Y  hanibal546  3 star

Fun game

Max muscle

Extremely addictive  Max muscle  5 star

Can't put it down. Some more games would nice


Hey there,  jfuhjkj  3 star

Blah blah blah blah,Blah blah blah blah,Blah blah blah blah,Blah blah blah blah,Blah blah blah blah,Blah blah blah blah 😜😜🤙🤙👍👍😜🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


Hard to win  Lindo74  1 star

Hard to win, expensive chip packages

Jazmine Cierra

Notifications  Jazmine Cierra  3 star

Great app overall, only thing i wish could change is when I receive notifications from this game. I want the notifications to make a sound or at least vibrate. I hate that the notifications HAVE to be silent !


Fantasic!  51gg  5 star

Best games!


Ugh  Oddbie  1 star

This app based solely on buying, can’t win big otherwise, and if u do spent real for fake, takes back in hopes of more buying! If u say anything bad, ur losing for weeks. This is a controlled app and if u buy, it is programmed to let u win at the first day, then take back next. Don’t get trapped in this purely social environment, with the club thing.....causes fights among players. This app trying to b more Facebook than game app. Bad app clearly!!!


Game  Jetmnn  5 star

Fun to play all games love them have played for years I know you will also thanks pt

Pig monker

Awesome game  Pig monker  5 star

If you enjoy playing Texas you will enjoy this. There are a lot of good players and a few goofballs. I have been up and down but always come back to play.

Been playing a long time!

Fun is gone!  Been playing a long time!  2 star

Been a BigFish player for quite sometime and it was very fun. The graphics have always been really good. The app has new management, and since then it has become pretty bad. Payouts are considerably less often now, and the fun days greatly reduced. The app now appears to be about the company getting you to purchase fake chips with real money. A shame, because the game was really entertaining.


Used to be fun  Pmsa227  1 star

I have been playing BF for a long time now. I have noticed that their loyal players are now being screwed! If you start playing this game, DO NOT purchase anything from them. Once you do they screw the winnings capabilities. You start to loose. The more you purchase the more you loose. They do not reward the ones who pay money! Beware of fake reviews from BF


Rigged to win early, then lose big  BrutusEd  2 star

You will win constantly early on, then when they think you're "hooked" you will lose constantly. I haven't bought any chips yet. I noticed you will go thru an unrealistic winning stage when new, then you will lose like your "win switch" got turned off and they want you to buy chips. You don't need to buy chips when you are winning and you sure don't want to buy chips when you are losing like crazy. If you are getting nothing but zeros then why would you want to buy chips? I just wait for my daily free bonus chips and play with what I get, if I don't win then I am done for the day, it is still a fun game but since I can't win real money, I am not buying chips. When I start getting too many zeros, I just turn it off. Nobody can force you to buy chips, it's a fun game when winning (rarely), when it stops being fun, just stop playing.


Love this slot game  Countrygirl2583  5 star

I love playing this slot game.

Winston ( cat )

Hoping  Winston ( cat )  5 star

It's so addicting, always trying to hit the jackpot. Graphics are really good, wish winning them fake chips, was just as really good. There are clubs, daily spin for free chips and 30 min collect bonus chips. Customer Service is always helpful, but the VIP support folks are the best. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Play with free chips, buy chips, ask friends for chips. It's fun to play.


Captivating games  Eudeke  5 star

Completing enjoyable for all casino goers


BF  Perchie07  4 star

Great app and great way to pass a few hours!

They Wei

Scammer  They Wei  1 star

Ohh well, games are all very good to play, but then guess what? Nothing can be win all zeros. So, I rate it 10/0. Honest to god, never played anything like this casino it’s all nothing. Thank god I never spend any money on it, please all players leave as soon as you can and stop buying chips and giving your money to somewhere else. This App (big fish) casino is not worth nothing at supposed to be fun but not here (big fish) no more.

Mubarak hello

Casino slots  Mubarak hello  5 star

Casino slots is the first ever game I like so much.


Big Fish Casino  Smokeypink  5 star

Thank you Big Fish Casino. It's awesome games waiting 2 win my first Jack Pot ever maybe 2017 will be my year. Enjoyment I hope you get as much as I do. Thank you to BF for such a good App Good Luck to all Happy New Year may it be a happy & Peaceful 2017 throughout this World of ours


OK  Jooyka  5 star



Best ever  13Ziggy13  5 star

I'm addicted to Big Fish. I love my daily spins.

Tadgh c

Quality  Tadgh c  5 star

Great game


They play on people's addiction  Derek63  3 star

I'm a buyer of chips,or should I say I was a buyer. Not anymore! I cannot take away the fact that the app is 100% class,here's my issue . While I do not expect to win all the time, I do expect what I call fair run for my chips. IMHO ,the developers turn down the RNG. (Random number generator ) which controls the way slots pay out . When this happens , they have a flood if sales , now that you're down on your luck,you see what looks like a good bargain in gold and chips,it's now the buyers rush in to get some 20 million chips ,8 thousand gold bars..etc etc..big fish now starts the cycle over again in turning down the RNG (look up random number generators) in turn the losing streak starts again,and the cycle of gold/chips sales start over. I appreciate that this is a business,but again, IMHO ..BFC do not look after their customers enough, 30k-50k twice a week. A few free spins on the lower scale slots. 5* for the apps GUI (Jack) for the lack of customer loyalty. How much bonus did the CEO get this year? 😡😡😡😡😡-🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


Jo  Jerushkag  5 star

Really nice game


Great game  Plinkoopshop  4 star

Hours of fun


Changes  Franted1  1 star

There are not fair what I received for buying chips where certain bonuses that you have now replaced with ones that are a lot smaller


Awesome  Vinnychesco  5 star

This game is so awesome and so addictive.

Big Boeta

Thank u  Big Boeta  5 star



💯  dfe6  4 star



Eagle  jamaine's  5 star

Awesome game

Moe Ishaq 786

Awesome  Moe Ishaq 786  5 star



So far so good  Japiemyskapie  4 star

Having fun with all the varieties


Use to be good fun but NOT anymore. No jackpots or big wins  Shaunb29  1 star

After the last update can't get any jackpots or scatters in the slot games. Use to spend hours playing Big Fish Casino but always out of chips and keep getting pop up notifications that I need to buy chips and still NO big wins or scatters. Becomes a money making app now and took all the fun out of it. Think twice before downloading Big Fish Casino


MeKp  MevPret  4 star

Playing for years fun!!


Waited  GlenRwang  1 star

I waited 15 minutes for this game to load.... Oh I'm still waiting it's 25 minutes now

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