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Coupon Scanner, Organizer and Reminder, this All-in-One coupon tracking app will make your life easier. Scan or type coupon's barcode and let "Coupon Keeper 2" handle the rest for you.

Do you want to save $$$ by using coupons but also want to SAVE TIME to input/organize/track your coupons? NO MORE to type everything!! JUST USE the BARCODE.

"Coupon Keeper 2" is the upgraded version of "Coupon Keeper", another great app which has already being recognized by thousands of couponers like you with their coupon-shopping-life. Based on tons of great suggestions and feedback we have received, "Coupon Keeper 2" is reinvented to save not only your money but also your precious time.

Main features:
* Scan coupon barcode to input coupon details automatically;
* Search coupon barcode to input coupon details automatically, it's very handy when your device has difficulty to recognize coupon barcode;
* Bulk import coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts (U.S. only);
* Huge online coupon database and keep growing over time to provide most accurate information;
* Manually input coupon if scan/search doesn't work;
* Get notification before your coupons expire, the notification can be customized to specified favorite level only or all the coupons;
* Coupon Statistics tab tracks your saving;
* Ranking your coupons and you will never forget the HOTTEST coupons;
* Take photo of your coupons to help you to visualize them, it comes handy when to locate them from thousands of coupons;
* Marking coupon as used will update your coupon statistics automatically;
* Edit Name/Category/Value/Quantity/Expiration/Source/Detail for each coupon as you want;
* Customizable categories and sources help you organize your coupons electronically and physically;
* Badge number at list screen tells the coupon's available quantity;
* Search though your coupons by name, category, source, details and notes;
* Search though your coupons by scanning product UPC barcode;
* Sort your coupons by Expiration Date, Name, Category or Favorite Level;
* Filter your coupons by Category, Source and/or Source Date;
* Separate 'Expired and Used' coupons automatically from other coupons and move to archive to save your time. But you still have the chance to review them at any time;
* Customize your system to keep or delete the expired coupon automatically;
* Clone coupon to make data entry faster;
* Share the coupon with your friend by emailing the coupon details with image;
* Import/Export coupon data to backup or just keep multiple devices data in sync;
* Create coupon list (with or without filter) in spreadsheet format and view/edit using other program like Excel or Numbers;
* Universal app can be running on iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices;
* Coupon Keeper 2 is retina display compatible and support new iOS devices.

If you are current user of "Coupon Keeper", you can export your data from "Coupon Keeper" and import into "Coupon Keeper 2" smoothly.


- This app helps you to better organize/manage your coupons, but you STILL have to carry your physical coupons and redeem them at local store.

Coupon Keeper 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Coupon Keeper 2 was published in the category Shopping on 2012-07-25 and was developed by Super Kiddo Studio. The file size is 7.73 MB. The current version is 2.3.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

β€’ Support iOS 9;
β€’ Some other minor bug fixes and performance improvements;

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Coupon Keeper 2 Reviews


Amazing time saver!  Kbriggs91  5 star

I coupon a lot and it took countless hours between clipping, organizing, keeping on top of the expiration dates and planning hauls. This app is SO efficient! I scan my coupons or can upload them in bulk by the insert! Amazing time saver! And makes me feel a lot less awkward in the store when searching for what I have coupons for!


Clearlake  Clearlakeclark  5 star

Awesome app!!! Hated looking thru my coupons to see if I had one took forever and now I can just type in the name or scan the upc. This app is the best!!


Best App Ever  Fabfoodandfriends  5 star

This has simplified my couponing so much. Even if it cost $50, it would still be so worth it!


Such a time saver!!!  abingham42880  5 star

I've been couponing for about 6 years, and I used to manually enter my coupon information into a spreadsheet that I created in an effort to be able to quickly see if I had the specific coupons needed for deals I'd find on coupon blogs. It took FOREVER! When I found this app I was hesitant to buy it because it seemed a little pricy for just an app. It's now 3 years later and I'm STILL SO GLAD that I took the plunge to buy this app!! I can literally scan my entire coupon insert in about 2 minutes and can have all my coupon info with me wherever I go instead of on my computer. Bye bye old spreadsheet!! This app is a keeper for sure!! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Christine Childers

Coupon keeper  Christine Childers  5 star

I love this app. It has made my coupons so easy to keep up with and very easy to find.


Can I give 10 stars?!  Mrszaldivar  5 star

Everything I wanted and more. Worth every.single.penny I paid. At any given time I have hundreds of coupons (and multiple copies), it is wonderful to finally have a way to quickly check what I have versus flipping back and forth in my binder! I can batch add the weekly inserts which allows me full access to the list of coupons in each insert and all I have to do is select which ones I received and how many. On rare occasion I have to add one in. Printed coupons can be added as well by scanning the barcode! NOTE: This app does NOT replace paper coupons! It is simply a method of organizing them for your reference! I recommend to EVERYONE who coupons!


Great product  Iwork2hrd  5 star

I love this coupon organizer and use it every week. No problems.


Love πŸ’•  Dsouthsweetie  5 star

I love this app. Whenever I'm at a store and I'm not sure if I have a coupon for something this app is so handy.


Ripped off  designweirdo  1 star

I recently upgraded Coupon Keeper Lite. After doing so I noticed in the App Store that there was a Coupon Keeper 2. I was excited because I thought that it might fix some of the bugs in Coupon Keeper such as not recognizing all of the expirations on scanned coupons. So I downloaded Coupon Keeper 2 thinking it was another upgrade. It was not. Upgrading Coupon Keeper Lite had already upgraded me to Coupon Keeper 2. So now I have been charged $12.99 twice for the same app. And the creators of Coupon Keeper 2 refuse to refund my money. After this I guess it's a formal complaint straight to Apple. Give me back my money!!!!


Get it  Vinata  5 star

You are gonna love it,I found this app thanks to a blog, I was looking for something like this for a long time and when I started using the app I was happy to see how easy is to use and to know all the coupons that I have with me, and remainds me when they are going to expire if you are an active couponer you should get it :-)


lavy hair lavyhair 3 star

@reem_keeper hi friends here is $10 coupon code"lavy1" for you if you need itπŸ€— 2-3 days ship to USA


Love  Sonnydays  5 star

Love love love it. Makes couponing so much easier. Thanks!!


Couponers best friend!  Beccanne4u  5 star

This app is ahhhmazing! It organizes everything. It even sends you a notification if one of your coupons is about to expire. This app will help with the "hold on, I think I have a coupon for that.." Dilemma. No more going through hundreds of coupons to find one. This app can also cut down on clipping time because it lists the insert and date so you can organize your binder accordingly and clip as you go.


Great for Keeping Track of Coupons  RickLoC53  5 star

Excellent app for organizing coupons. Use it when shopping to know which products I have coupons for. Being able to enter coupon with the scanner is what make this app truly awesome.


Love this App!  Cnhunt87  5 star

I use it all the time and it has helped me to organize my coupons better than ever before! Can't say enough great things about it!!

Fai Port

I like it, but...  Fai Port  3 star

A cool app, but with that said, no one tells you that if you are changing your Phones, plain backup DOESN'T WORK. I have lost over 1,800 images/coupons that took me over 8 days to scan, check info, etc. I don't even know if I will ever have enough time to do that. I don't understand why app creators could not have it backed up to iCloud or something similar.


Coupons  Dowd11  5 star

Love this app!

Crissy bug

Great Organizer  Crissy bug  4 star

Love this app! The only downfall I have found is when I have changed phones, I have to reload all of my coupons. Besides that it saves me lots of time when I'm in the stores or when planning a trip.


Great Apps  Puzzle3721  5 star

Great apps to organize Great tool to combine with the paper coupons holder. Easy to find coupons when u at the store.


Really helps you know what you have  Ladyssecret  4 star

My coupons are in a binder style set up but it was hard to remember what I had and when it expires. This is a great app for this. I love the scan feature. The only tricky part is it is unclear to me where I click to open and understand my alerts.


Wonderful app with update  Craftymamma26  5 star

I got this app a number of months ago. Loved the idea hated that the photo scan did not work well for me. I manually put every coupon in. After awhile I just stopped using it. It took so much time to input every coupon by hand. I decided to go back and try again 3 or so months later and found an update that has made a wold of difference. I still can not use the photo scanner however being able to just manually put in the bar code to pull the coupon info has been AMAZING. Not having to input all coupon details by hand Has made this app worth using. I am back to using this app and really enjoy it.

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