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"Rated 4 out of 4 ... the best of its kind at the crowded App Store" - USA TODAY

The top selling fitness app of all time has returned! Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of Full Fitness! Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand!

We understand personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program.

For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed. Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online.

Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 30 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions.

If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, Full Fitness has you covered! Tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included! Full Fitness does even more. Track your food intake and body weight, schedule workouts, setup profiles to track more than one user, and more. This is the intuitive and beautiful fitness app you have been looking for!


● hundreds of unique exercises (more than any other app)
● clear images of people doing every exercise with full text instructions
● hundreds of video instructions for many of the more complicated exercises
● calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items
● cleverly designed logging feature to record and track each exercise
● ability to add your own exercise and track your progress
● exercises ordered by target (abs, arms, back, etc), muscle they target (deltoids, biceps, etc) or equipment they require (swissball, kettlebells, nothing, etc)
● 30 routines to reach various goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc)
● ability to email your workout logs to yourself, back them up online or view them on the device
● graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need
● stop-watch timer to keep track of your rest times in between sets
● weight monitor/BMI calculator and measurements tracker to view your progress
● schedule your workouts ahead of time so you never forget your workout routine
● ability to track MULTIPLE users
● iCloud support and the ability to import content from Full Fitness or original iFitness app
● workout sharing tool to share your workouts between other Full Fitness users

Unlike other fitness apps, everything is included - we do not believe in in-app purchases. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular free updates. The next update is under development. Write in and let us know what most interests you.

Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer App Description & Overview

The applications Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2012-06-15 and was developed by Mehrdad Mehrain. The file size is 99.95 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

With this update, we have fixed the most common bugs that have been reported to us at [email protected] With the complete overhaul of the app in version 3.0, we expected that not everything would go smoothly - hopefully this addresses the issues many of you had. If something remains unresolved, please email us and let us know. We read everything, but because of the huge influx, we haven't had a chance to respond to all of them yet.

Just to remind our dedicated users - this is a passion project done by two developers. We never charge for updates or have in-app purchases. Your one time payment has kept this app running for over 5 years! Please help us out by leaving a new positive review, or updating an old review. It really helps us in keeping Full Fitness the leading fitness app on the AppStore.

Thank you.

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Support  mattTc17  1 star

Developers don't respond to emails or update often to fix bugs. Current version: backup/restore crashes the app, graphs are sorted incorrectly, and the period button is missing from some keyboards.

Mario 67492735241

This is the best app I own  Mario 67492735241  5 star

It's completely perfect in every way. That's all I gotta say

Ken T3

New to this app  Ken T3  3 star

New to this app but it appears to have what I want in a fitness app.

Mickey Kraja

Good for beginners  Mickey Kraja  3 star

Good for beginners


Messed up app  musclbearjock  1 star

I don't know how you can take a great app and mess it up the way you have. The progress graphs are messed up. They are not in chronological order they are in numerical order by month so graphing your progress is impossible. I've had this app for about 6 years and I'm dumping it.


Awesome fitness app!  Fujimuppo  5 star

I've been using this app for years now.


Not reliable  Likidd  1 star

If you are tracking your workouts then don’t use this app, it will crash losing all your data. It’s is a colossal waste of time

G Sadhel

Very helpful  G Sadhel  5 star



Pretty good  Joxer147  3 star

I'm happy so far although some of the video explanations don't seem to work. I'm new to gym so it's useful to show how to use equipment correctly.


Runs very slow  BLUE R1DGE  2 star

Runs very slow since last update. Please release an update for iOS 11 and fix this problem. Otherwise a great app! I’ve used it for years, but the lag is frustrating!


Exactly what I needed  XRASALHAGUEX  5 star

Great app. Premade workouts that I don't have to think about. Love it. It's what I was looking for.


Cool app  billybobhiccups  5 star



Awesome  MedStu0815  5 star

Great App


Disappointed by Lack of Support  iPhonoclast  2 star

I purchased this app on June 6th and have enjoyed using it. I wrote to support later that same day as I was trying to create some workouts, explained what I was trying to accomplish, and asked if it was possible — or would be in a future update. In the contact information section of the app with regard to support it says they read “every email.” So, I wrote to them again — after not hearing back — almost exactly two months later with a different issue. In that message I even included a screen recording to help further explain the issue I was having. I also re-sent my first message … both messages were sent on August 7th. To this day I have still not heard back from them, not a peep. I don't even know if my emails were received. Maybe they’re going out of business and have stopped supporting the app. I don’t know because there has been no response whatsoever. I was waiting to hear back before writing a review, but oh well … I guess I’ll have to start searching for another app, and hopefully they will have better support.


Oh is good  frankley8  4 star

Muy buena App...

Jon Kegebein

Very useful  Jon Kegebein  5 star

It use it 4 days a week. Great app.

Sunil Darur

Great App  Sunil Darur  5 star

Huge number of exercises. It would be great if they provide information on more variety of Routines


Awesome  [email protected]  5 star

Love this app. Great way to track, learn and layout goals and put them right in your hand.


This WAS a great app  DC_Norm  1 star

Looking for a DeLorean with a flux capacitor to take it back to version 2.0. The 3.0 face lift was nice, but it seems like major structural damage was done. With 3.1 out, I can only conclude that the damage is irreversible. Like many have said, the history and graph functions no longer work -- those are critical. Any attempt to look at history causes the app to freeze. And data entry is painfully slow. SAD FACE, as this was one of my most used apps.


No le entiendo  josejuajb  4 star

Creo que es buena app... pero aún no le entiendo...

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