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"Rated 4 out of 4 ... the best of its kind at the crowded App Store" - USA TODAY

The top selling fitness app of all time has returned! Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of Full Fitness! Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand!

We understand personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program.

For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed. Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online.

Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 30 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions.

If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, Full Fitness has you covered! Tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included! Full Fitness does even more. Track your food intake and body weight, schedule workouts, setup profiles to track more than one user, and more. This is the intuitive and beautiful fitness app you have been looking for!


● hundreds of unique exercises (more than any other app)
● clear images of people doing every exercise with full text instructions
● hundreds of video instructions for many of the more complicated exercises
● calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items
● cleverly designed logging feature to record and track each exercise
● ability to add your own exercise and track your progress
● exercises ordered by target (abs, arms, back, etc), muscle they target (deltoids, biceps, etc) or equipment they require (swissball, kettlebells, nothing, etc)
● 30 routines to reach various goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc)
● ability to email your workout logs to yourself, back them up online or view them on the device
● graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need
● stop-watch timer to keep track of your rest times in between sets
● weight monitor/BMI calculator and measurements tracker to view your progress
● schedule your workouts ahead of time so you never forget your workout routine
● ability to track MULTIPLE users
● iCloud support and the ability to import content from Full Fitness or original iFitness app
● workout sharing tool to share your workouts between other Full Fitness users

Unlike other fitness apps, everything is included - we do not believe in in-app purchases. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular free updates. The next update is under development. Write in and let us know what most interests you.

Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer App Description & Overview

The applications Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2012-06-15 and was developed by Mehrdad Mehrain. The file size is 99.95 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

With this update, we have fixed the most common bugs that have been reported to us at [email protected] With the complete overhaul of the app in version 3.0, we expected that not everything would go smoothly - hopefully this addresses the issues many of you had. If something remains unresolved, please email us and let us know. We read everything, but because of the huge influx, we haven't had a chance to respond to all of them yet.

Just to remind our dedicated users - this is a passion project done by two developers. We never charge for updates or have in-app purchases. Your one time payment has kept this app running for over 5 years! Please help us out by leaving a new positive review, or updating an old review. It really helps us in keeping Full Fitness the leading fitness app on the AppStore.

Thank you.

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Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer Reviews


Pay once and own a complete workout app  GraVedragon  5 star

Everything’s included. No in app purchases. Create your own workout or follow a plan. Keep track of your nutrition and log workouts.


Need improvement  nickybridgette  3 star

Would be nice if someone kept up with the app. Iv had the app for years. Needs new exercises , new updates , something.. really like the app for the most part !

koupe kloue

Great app  koupe kloue  5 star

One off my top 2


Great App  Playin0087  5 star

Worth the TRUE one time fee. Keep up the amazing work


Best I’ve seen  DsrtMama  5 star

I’ve been looking for an app like this for awhile and I’m glad I found this one! Very organized! You can find exercises by muscle groups & the exercises have pics and videos! Just what I needed!


Unlike other apps, THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT  Alldaron  5 star

I tried Strong and many others, which are fine, but to offer the same features as this app and then to charge $30 to $60 a year is insane. And they don’t have as many exercises as Full Fitness. Full fitness has been my app for years always coming back to it because it works it’s comprehensive it’s full featured it’s awesome! Thanks guys!


Outdated  alexniiii  1 star

iPhone XS Max not supported = total junk


Y  Obamaisanasshoke  5 star



It’s okay  RCCARS69  3 star

I have had this app for few hrs and the small changes are okay but seems like there could be a update on more workouts on the cable machines. Now I been looking at others as there is no real update on here just the same basic things nothing new.


Amazing app  andresromero.co  5 star

This app works por people that doesn’t have a current gym, and the are changing the routings.


Great app  J-r-g  4 star

So far a good app for my weights programs. Although it could help a bit more if you can set a time for the rest in between reps instead of starting it each time when you finish and submit your exercise, be good if it starts the clock automatically when submitted. And if you could automatically go to the next exercise when finished, after you have set how many sets you want to do.


Good, but not great  Steveau  3 star

One of the best available, but could be better. Good are the routines, scheduling and so on. Not so good is the naming of the exercises, for example “Bosu kneeling push-up” should be “Push-up, kneeling, Bosu”, so that all of the push-up exercises are listed one after the other. Same same for all the rest. This makes creating your own program SO much easier. Also not so good is that for body weight exercises the app doesn’t work out the actual weight for you. You should be able to enter your weight once, confirm or adjust at the start of each routine, and then for push-ups, press-ups and the like the weight should be entered automatically (if you are adding extra weight, there should be an option for that too). Finally, with timed exercises, like planks, the weight field should be a time field instead. Am I the only person annoyed by that? One last thing -is there an AppleWatch app on the way?


Best Fitness App  MCW007  5 star

I love this Fitness App. Features are awesome and it’s great value. I like how it gives me the ability to add custom exercises. I use it for every gym session. My only concern - please update it. I’m concerned that one day I won’t be able to use it after an iPhone software update.

DJ Damo Beals

Backup restore crash hours of workout plans gone  DJ Damo Beals  1 star

When ever I try to backup my app the app would crash... I haven’t been to the gym in 4 months I’ve just opened the app and all my custom workouts are gone and lost :( trying to restore my profile and it just crashes very disappointed had this app for years and I’ve always put so much work into my custom workouts if you can help it would be greatly appreciated


Really nice and simple workout tool but need update  old4ai  3 star

Have been using this apps for one year. It’s really nice and simple for pure training. However the apps needs a update to fit the newer model (iPhone XR or XS max)


App is empty  zack09876543211  5 star

Whenever i want any exercise or programs the app just says: oops... no results were found. Please try again. No words really, scam


Great app worth every cent  Shooter-Au  5 star

Does everything no more writing love it


Best Fitness App by Far  Zulu1989  5 star

Love this app used it when I was in army And still using it always get good results. When stuck for new work out can find a new phone one right in the app.

Shankar king

Need update for iPhone X  Shankar king  5 star

Very good application and very easy to use, well organised. Please need to add more exercises.


Ok  Echo0011  3 star

Not as good as I thought


Full fitness app review  Boothie991  5 star

This app is honestly amazing, I really enjoy how easy it is to use. Any age can get this and really start to get into lifting. Thanks to the creators of this app!


For Beginners, & Experienced  RagnarTheDope  5 star

I recommend this app %100 without a shadow of a doubt. Here’s why. It has everything I was looking for and more. I wanted to start going to the gym but didn’t know a lot of exercises or how to use most the machines. This app gives you detailed instructions on how to use free-weights and machines. If you can read and interpret pictures, you’ll figure it out. On top of detailed instructions, it divides them based on areas you want to target. Want a bigger butt? Here’s 25 different ways to work your glutes. Want to get rid of those man boobs? Here’s 50 different ways to work those pecks. On top of the top of that, it even has workout routines it recommends for things such as: general weight loss, sports conditioning, no gym? No problem, runners program, and strength training. So you now you’ve got the instructions, you’ve got the workout plan, it’s gains day, it’s swole o’clock! You’re gonna need a way to track your progress. The app also has a weight tracker, create your own workout routines, calorie tracker, and BMI. If you want to get started in the gym but don’t have an experienced friend willing to take you under their wing, don’t want to pay a trainer, or just want an easy and professional way to track your routines and progress, this is it chief.


Bad service  091819179  1 star

App doesn’t work correctly, impossible to restore the back up, the app automatically take me off when I am trying to log in, no way to reset the email password and the support team doesn’t respond the emails.


You pick what weights you have available  E0r1m  5 star

I love that I can say I’m using dumbbells and it only shows me exercises using dumbbells.


Awful Videos!  KingNothing3rd  1 star

Misleading ads as half the workouts don’t have videos and the other half have awful form by a guy that needs to hit the gym. There are no videos demonstrating the actual muscle group hit like the ads show.

Why the game have so many ads

Represent more  Why the game have so many ads  3 star

Good but I wish it more supported women


👍  Jra1188  4 star

Great App. Use it almost everyday during my workout. Very easy to use and create new exercises. I wish there was a way we could customize the layout and change the date format. I also think the graph feature needs an update. The scales it uses to graph are super annoying so it is very hard to see progress. I think this app is in need of an update to fix some of the minor kinks. Still a solid product though.


Great app!  Creednie  5 star

I love this app! It hasn’t had an update in several years though. It’s missing lots of exercises, and isn’t optimized for newer iPhones. It’s the only app on the market I’ve found that doesn’t require a subscription, that’s why I love it.


Good app  Crzyhispanic  4 star

I love that this app very useful, very simple to use and powerful. I love that the developers decided not to gouge customers with in app purchases. I prefer to pay up front for the app and not going into an ongoing fee. I wish this app supported Apple Watch and IPhone X screen layout


Rip Off  DiverJake  1 star

Don’t bother with this app. I had an older version of this app for my iPad and was told it was no longer supported and that I’d have to pay for a new version of the app - despite right there in the apps description the developer prides himself on no in-app purchases and no paying for upgrades. When attempting to contact developer for a refund, I’ve received no reply. This app is a rip off! Be careful!

Camroc naneek

Olympic  Camroc naneek  5 star

If this app was an Olympic athlete it would be Michael Johnson gold all the way and fast to boot. The rewrite is of Olympic standard your not only it the heats you got to the final as well. 3.1 version has bugs, can’t add exercises to custom workout


Good app but not optimized for Xs  coloysgg46473  4 star

It’s a good app but should be probably updated as it looks a bit outdated.


App  dikejdjdkdo  5 star

Found this to be a good app does exactly what it say on the tin


Pat  bikedrone  1 star

Not a really big amount of exercises, images are out dated, it doesn’t give clear written instructions on exercises, you have to click A short video to watch someone performing them. Small & poor choice of workout programs. Meal plans would of been nice. Barcode scanner would of been handy for adding food. App feels outdated. Wouldn’t recommend €4.49 is too much for this app, There better free ones on the App Store.


Cool  Tombeleleta  4 star

Not bad at all

Graham McCarthy

Brilliant for First timers  Graham McCarthy  5 star

I only started using the app and I am a beginner and I started with the Beginners programme and it was easy to follow and the videos were helpful.


Excellent App  aoifePeef  5 star

Great app, has every exercise you can imagine. Preloaded programmes or create your own, great for everyone from beginners to pros.

2 bux

Best workout tracker  2 bux  5 star

Easily the best workout app I've come across. Have used it for three years now, so have a log of progress since then. It's even better now since the upgrade. Have tried other apps but this is simple and effective. Especially love the "workout" section where you can drag and drop regular exercises into a list. Videos are good too to make sure form is ok. Well done.


Good app  Shanechriss  4 star

Good app and helpful for beginners


Great app  Gnswolf  5 star


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