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Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language.

• SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet
• FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages
• VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing
• TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language
• UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards
• PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at

Google Chrome App Description & Overview

The applications Google Chrome was published in the category Utilities on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Google, Inc.. The file size is 86.55 MB. The current version is 62.0.3202.60 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Check out Chrome's two new Today widgets. You will need to add them by tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the iOS Search screen
• On iOS 11 iPads, you can now drag a URL from another app and drop it into Chrome's omnibox or the tab strip, or from Chrome's content area to another app

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Used to be good...  Benzrider85  2 star

One of the last few updates broke most forum sites. Lots of glitches as well. I keep finding myself loading pages on chrome only to find out it’s not working and then having to copy and paste he URL to safari. Guess I’ll have to switch for now.


Yazdan hakimzadh  Sezar7  5 star



Frequently getting locked by popups  Cmarinetti  1 star

Recently, every couple of days I get a script popup that locks the browser. For security reasons I don't want to click the popup, but I can't switch to another tab and the only way out of it is to uninstall and reinstall. The popup blocker does not help. I've read online that this has been a known problem for years, and still is not fixed. This has become so annoying I'm going to have to stop using Chrome.


Can’t rotate screen when using chrome  CamcakKe  2 star

Watching videos is very annoying having to watch a tiny box in the middle of the screen


Change password  E3_Toxic  2 star

Can you make it easy to change your password by pressing change your password


Fix it already  Mishable  1 star

After the major iOS update, pages don’t load all the way. It’s seriously annoying. Get on the ball, google. It’s been weeks now.

Carebear xD lol yes i know

Why this always happens  Carebear xD lol yes i know  1 star

Anytime I want to get on the app it keeps saying "you are watching porn" or some thing like that and is giving me a notice saying I do which I'm not I'm 14 and a girl ok my dude why would I do that gross. I'm guessing it's a glitch or something stupid


WHERE’S THE BOOKMARKS BAR?!  Missgoodwines  2 star

It used to be there, and now it’s not. Why, Google? WHY? Why is everyone so in love with your products when you can’t make a good one before releasing it? Drive is disorganized, Chrome is inconsistent across different devices. This is absurd! I wish my job didn’t require me to use google products. Such garbage.


Displeased  disdleased  1 star

After upgrading to IOS 11, Chrome requires one to allow access to your images (‘read and write’)or you cannot save images. This is unacceptable to me. I don’t want anyone in my stuff, plain and simple.

C 86it

10/2017 current version is bad  C 86it  1 star

I’ve used this browser, without issue, regularly for several years. It has been crashing and reloading over and over for some time now. I will be unloading it from my iPad until I see other reviews saying it has been repaired.


秋桜(cosmos) noemiItou 3 star

@akibablog: 「Google Chrome 62」が正式版に ~HTTP接続のフォームはすべて“非セキュア”扱いへ - 窓の杜


emily derby emily_derby 3 star

@CollegeConfesss: When you type "Google" into the Google Chrome search bar


agent snow mod_sek 3 star

@TheHackersNews: Google Adds ESET Malware Detection to Chrome Browser


iOS 11 latest version buggy  briantpar  1 star

Doesn’t load entire page, very choppy and slow to respond


iOS 11  Splooshycat  1 star

Not working properly in iOS 11. Sites not loading properly. Reminds me of internet explorer.

Shocked and unhappy

Webpages only load halfway  Shocked and unhappy  2 star

Not sure what’s going on with the most recent update, but ever since I switched to the new version compatible with iOS 11, I’ve been struggling to get my browser pages to load all the way on my iPad. It often only loads the first section on the webpage that shows up in my screen, but when I scroll down, the rest of the page is blank. Reloading the page doesn’t work either - it simply just doesn’t load correctly. I’ve always loved chrome, but it’s useless right now and I have no choice but to switch to another browser. Please fix!!


Ios 11 battery hog!!!  Naldi_k  1 star

1.7 hours on screen, 7 hours background. What is chrome doing in background??


Crashing and pop-ups  Faery119  3 star

Decent browser, but constantly crashes. Since upgrading to iOS11, I’m also having an issue with pop-ups. It’s pretty annoying.


Close all tabs  cLamJai  1 star

What's so difficult to have a close all tabs button? How could anyone forgot about this function?


Half-life web pages  BrilliantGent  2 star

The app half loads web pages and won't refresh or reload it properly. I love chrome but I think I'll have to start using safari. I can't read any of my articles.


Great App, needs UI change  wwaldbu  4 star

This application would be perfect if I didn’t have to reach my thumb to the top corner of my iPhone 7+ screen. It becomes quiet uncomfortable after a good amount of web browsing. Switching the new tab to the bottom of the screen would make opening new tabs a lot more user friendly and allow me to easily spend more time using chrome for info.

Bryce holland

Google search results don’t load all the way  Bryce holland  1 star

Ironic. The search results page loads partially, then stops. The loading wheel may be spinning or the page may indicate it has completed loading (no spinner). No links on the search results list function. I think this is a new problem with this version. I have used chrome on my iPad forever and haven’t had this issue before. Now it’s happening all the time.

D4nk m33m335

Great browser but crashes  D4nk m33m335  4 star

The only big complaint I have is that rarely the browser crashes, along with some minor bugs like some websites not loading properly.

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