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With Over, choose from millions of images, graphics and fonts to overlay, add and edit text and design photos to boost your social media profile.

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We’re obsessed." —Brit+Co, Digital Media and Commerce Company

“I use Over all the time to add fun backgrounds to my images and make my photos more interesting.”—Daniel, Conceptual Photographer

“This app is exactly what I need to manage social media posts for my floral arranging business. My followers love seeing what’s in season and my social media presence is going from strength to strength!”—Samantha, Florist Owner

“Over is awesome when I am on the go and I need quick photos for creating motivational quotes for my social media posts.” —Caroline, Blogger

Join millions of businesses and consumers already using Over – from content marketers, social media managers and bloggers, to health specialists, fashion brands, tutors, musicians, parents and fitness coaches.


• Social posts with visual content get 3x more engagement than plain text posts. Share your artwork straight to social with templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
• Overlay your logo to customize your business posts
• Easily replace images with your own photos in customizable templates
• Create retail posters, business cards, email templates, blog headers, video titles, flyers, album covers, Kindle covers and more


• Select from thousands of graphics including patterns, borders, backgrounds, overlays, badges, shapes, details and illustrations
• Overlay effects, filters, text and colors
• Upload and add your own font
• Type or write your favorite quote and choose from hundreds of font packs updated daily
• Create everything from infographics to invitations, memes and photo collages
• Celebrate, encourage, congratulate, say happy birthday, invite people to a party or share a motivational quote


• Create like a pro on the go by transforming your photos with a tap
• Easily add text to photos
• Make text pop with drop shadows
• Resize, flip and rotate images
• Enhance your images with magic filters
• Blend photos to create your unique style
• Mask out image text for a professionally-designed look
• Personalize images with Photoshop-type tools for the perfect tone, color, contrast and fade



Over Pro offers two auto-renewing subscription options:

$9.99 per month
$49.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your Over Pro subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Alternatively, there is a "Manage Subscription" menu option in the App Settings menu.

Read our terms and conditions at http://madewithover.com/legal.html

Read our privacy policy at http://madewithover.com/legal.html#privacy

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos App Description & Overview

The applications Over Edit & Add Text to Photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-07-05 and was developed by Over, Inc.. The file size is 125.19 MB. The current version is 5.3.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

In the last week, the song that has resonated the most with our team is the catchy theme to Bob The Builder.
​​Not ringing a bell? Here are the lyrics:
​​Bob The Builder
​​Can we fix it?
​​Bob The Builder
​​Yes, we can!
​​Projects failing to save to PNG without photo library access? FIXED!
​​App crashing when opening the image picker in canvas? FIXED!
​​Universal links not working for free users? FIXED!
​​The font belt displaying the family name and not the display name? FIXED!
​​So, can Over fix it?
​​Yes, yes we can.
​​P.S. If that songs stays in your head for the rest of the day we’re sorry (not sorry).
​​With love,
​​The Over team.

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Over Edit & Add Text to Photos Reviews

Dillan D.

Sad times :(  Dillan D.  1 star

Over was my favorite app. Now all the changes make it a chore to use. AND I can never get it to share directly to Instagram with my caption and hashtags. First-world problem, yes. Bummed? Yes. Probably gonna find a new one to use.


After two years I’m over Over  Romanster  1 star

Over has been my go-to text on photo app for two years. It was easy to pop into the app, create a great graphic piece, and utilize it quickly. The daily content kept me opening the app for an interesting photo, a font update, or a pack that might have been interesting. I even did a few in-app purchases. I was not happy with they switched to the subscription model, but continued to use Over. Now, like some of the reviews below, all of my content that I purchased is gone, and has to be restored and redownloaded. The app is tricky to navigate. Colors for fonts and other things do not have a default palate, just a slider that is hard to navigate. I loved the speed, elegance, affordability, and usability of over. Once that comes back, I will too.


One of the best apps on iOS, but a vital feature is broken. :(  ryank_43  2 star

I just re-downloaded Over to add a transparent PNG over the top of another image, and the image came through with all transparency changed to white! I’ve used this exact PNG on older versions, and it’s worked flawlessly. Why not now? I’m on iOS 11.0.3.


Used to be good  Jenderbender31  1 star

Now they're charging for what used to be free. It's bs. Update: the update is junk. Fires up slow and then repeatedly crashes. This once awesome app is steadily going downhill :(


Great but,  neimz  5 star

Can you guys add more features to the fonts? One of the biggest I had in mind were to have an outline option on the fonts. Thanks


Great app but too many bugs!!  Ratoni34  3 star

Please fix the current bug where the app shuts down as youre trying to pick the color of your text. It's so annoying and i cant do anything with this app anymore because 2 seconds in it always shuts down. Im so sad because I loved the app :(


Amazing!  MatCast12  5 star

Amazing app every day I’m more impressed , there’s still space to improve but for now is amazing!

The bottom line

GREAT App  The bottom line  5 star

The over app has been my secret weapon thank & god bless you developers ! Over has allowed me to take my design business everywhere and At anytime you can crank out a new design and the last update I was super amazed keep up the good work. We at YGM APPRECIATE YOU we couldn’t get it going with out your amazing app 🙏🏽💪🏽😭🙌🏽 SupaRiz @suparizz @ygmmusicgrouprr


Over  kayos  1 star

They ruined the app and charged us $7.99 a month for it. NOW they TAKE FONTS AWAY AND PUT THEM BEHIND THE PAY WALL WITH A NEW HIGHER PRICE OF $9.99 and tell us to be excited for it. I have to search for all the old fonts I had and install them one by one. SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT! I also can’t load my own fonts anymore because I made the mistake of paying for content once and not subscribing. Every change these people have made has been user hostile. I am beginning to regret loving this app in the past.


Favorite app  DreamingofDisney  5 star

Great tool for unleashing my creativity! So many options and ways to create. I love the constant addition of new content and how easy it is to use. By far my favorite app! The updates just make it better and better! As someone who has tried out tons of different editing apps, I HIGHLY recommend this one!


Mr. Pasokon Deacon DragEnRegalia 3 star

@JoestarSan: To bounce over to a different topic, I love it in anime and games, etc. when they do a weird edit by changing one letter in…


Sam Sam73649164 3 star

@cmcaton Just do it! Don’t over edit, speak fast, don’t listen to the bouncers.


EditEngine Edit_Engine 3 star

#Checkout This story from 2016 is still a fascinating look at how we've changed our favourite foods over time. #Scie…


Used to be fine until you have to pay monthly  Janetmeimei  2 star

I’ve been having this app ever since Starbucks used to give out free app card. I always use this app to create fonts. But now that they have subscription based. I kinda disappointed.


App  BTL155  1 star

Lots of fun Good Bye. My purchased font is gone & now you are making us pay for every font? I don't think so.

Alpha One 62

👎🏻 on the last update.  Alpha One 62  3 star

👎🏻 on the latest update. Instead of quickly being able to go to the fonts I have always used, I have to tap search search tap search tap search. All that to force me to see the fonts in the Pro package. Sometimes less is more! Keep It Simple!

Dirt Baby

Difficult  Dirt Baby  1 star

I want to see the new fonts somewhere else. Why mix them with the old. Sooo frustrating!


Love it  Rocibella  5 star

I love it because I will love to be photographer and it helps you also you can text someone if it's there birthday

Icy pink

WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY WHAT I PAID FOR?!?!?!  Icy pink  1 star

OVER just screwed us OVER! I had tons of fonts that I PAID FOR and they come up with some crummy update that REMOVES EVERYTHING WE PAID FOR and now we have to SUBSCRIBE to access what we have ALREADY PAID FOR! This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! The developers are pure SH*T for this as this is my go to editing app! Not anymore! I'm looking for another. How dare you screw over your customers like this! Don't bother downloading this!


Over...and...OUT  ContemPLAYtions  1 star

Sadly adding my voice to the unhappy chorus of this newest update. Fonts that I have previously purchased are now gone, replaced with the suggestion that I now purchase a monthly subscription to replace what I have already previously paid for. I can understand updating and upgrading the app but not to take away what has already been paid for. I have loved this app over these last two years that I have been using it... but will now be looking for an alternate app. If anyone here has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.


DO NOT UPDATE! Access denied and work lost  edithosb  1 star

I’ve used Over for a long time. I paid for Pro early on. I was happy. Newest version: Can’t access tools without creating account. Refreshed purchases but ALL previous projects are gone. Please: give me access to my work and app without an account.


Awesome Sauce!  peb16  5 star

Great App!


I lost pro  Mikewank  1 star

I paid a one time charge for pro. Now with the new iOS update i lost everything that came with pro and i have to pay a subscription to get it back

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