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Learn how aromatherapy can benefit health and well-being - naturally! Get current, scientific guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils at your fingertips. Streamline your access to information with a unique, color-coded recommendation system that quickly points you to the right oils and blends for over 200 health conditions.

You can take your app anywhere for ready reference or in-depth study. Use the search function to find quick details about a particular ailment, essential oil or blend, or application method. Or read through the applications section to discover old and new approaches for oil use. Take time to browse our new living section for cooking, craft, and care ideas. Then link directly to our online store to shop the best products and prices for your aromatherapy lifestyle. You'll want this app at home, on the road, or in meetings with clients.

The Modern Essentials App derives from the authoritative work on aromatherapy for over 20 years: "Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils." See this book for documentation of the research studies behind the app's recommendations, plus much more on why and how to use essential oils.

Get your oils game on with the ME App!

Modern Essentials App Description & Overview

The applications Modern Essentials was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-04-29 and was developed by AromaTools. The file size is 51.32 MB. The current version is 8.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The latest oils and blends are now included.

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Never updates  Natapoiledbrat  2 star

This app never gets updated to include any new oils. This has always been my "go to" to get info on any oil but doesn't work for some of the newer ones. Please update!!!


Great app  Javajillate  4 star

This is a great reference app, but it desperately needs to be updated! They still haven't loaded up the new products from last year, and now we have a bunch more new oils this year! Would be great to have information on those as well. I agree, they need to have the search engine allow you to look up things by a word, like Bladder infection, instead of having to look up Lemongrass, because the point is, a person knows what they are dealing with, but not necessarily the oil(s) to use and not all people are familiar with body systems, just saying. That is the point.


How long does it really take to update the app with new oils?  Coreboar  3 star

I love having the convenience of the modern essentials book as an app and often gift it to new signups. But seriously.... I've been waiting a year for spikenard and petitgrain to be added to the app. When I contacted aroma tools customer service 6 months ago I was told that it was "being worked on". Really? There will be several new oils released next month at the doterra convention and I'll probably have to wait several years for them all to be added. 🙄


Not bad but not worth the price yet  BradandErica  3 star

This is a good starter app for people needing to learn about oils but I think they should add a search button to allow you to enter a word and search all the oils for that word. For example, if you look up "jock itch" nothing will come up but if you look at Melaleuca and Helichrysm they are 2 of the top oils to use for jock itch. You would not know this unless you read up on every oil listed. Just a thought this would be so vital in an app like this. There is so much vital information that you could miss without a proper search tool. They allow you to search for the most common uses like "disinfectant" or "whooping cough" but an actual word search would be amazing and would make this expensive app very efficient. Overall at this time I don't think it's worth the asking price. Maybe half of that.


Very helpful ; on the go reference  acolli8  5 star

This app is very helpful for on the go oil reference. The full version book is much better.

Take Control Naturally

Freaking LOVE  Take Control Naturally  5 star

I use this app daily and gift it to new enrollments on my doterra team. It is such a huge help from minor to major ailments! Worth every penny!


Love this app and a suggestion  GentianBloom  4 star

I use the app frequently. The content is great and I find this app very useful. It would be even easier to use if you hyperlinked the names of the individual oils on the blends pages to their single oil pages. That would make it 5 stars for me!

Angels MyPad+

Great start  Angels MyPad+  5 star

I like to use this app because it has so many ways to use oils in a way that may not have been thought of. Also I enjoy all the information provided to better understand the multiple uses for all of our oils. My only suggestion would be to have the option to add in my oils, such as an inventory and to be able to search using your inventory when looking for a particular use.

Sun queen

Modern Essential  Sun queen  2 star

Worked two times and crashed and froze.


my ND  robinlucas  5 star

i love this app. i use it almost every day. i've explored many of the healing treatments and ideas. so far, i'm a big fan. i have this book too but love to search on the app. could be improved by staying more up to date or by linking pages to oils that are referenced.


M V MuseAndVent 3 star

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GRoovyDoo! GroovyDoovyDoo 3 star

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DingaBelle DingaBelle 3 star

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I do not like this gamr

Great little app  I do not like this gamr  5 star

I love this app. I use often because I'm always curious about the use for things and for oils. I'm still pretty new to essential oils. My only wish would be giving number of drops and what size bottle to use for making your own blend or mixing to diffuse.


Recipes  Josiebell223  4 star

I love this app and the new changes with great expanded information. I look forward to you fixing the recipes and other information sites within the app. When I try to assess recipes then it says it has no internet service which is not true.


Keeps freezing  FergusonFive  2 star

The app is great if you can complete your search before it freezes. Very upset that I can't get my money back.


Love this app  khmom3  5 star

So handy on the go!! A friend texts asking "what can I use for this" I can quickly check the app and get back to her right away. It's not as comprehensive as the book, and I still recommend having the book on hand for home use, but this is great for quick and accurate information on what ailments/oils and how to use them. Best app yet with oil info. It would be nice to have the blend names, though.


Limited oils  Sparklingmom  3 star

More than half the oils I own and use are not represented here. Elemi, copaiba, ravensara, just to name a few. Otherwise the app is useful, just don't expect to get information on anything but the basic essential oils.


Love it!!!  Mmorris12  5 star

Easy to use!! Just like having the book!! Definitely worth the money!!!


Representation  Aekascha  4 star

In order to better represent the dōTerra oils/blends correctly, this app should use the same names (for the blends especially) as dōTerra labels them. This issue makes researching them and their uses more difficult. Other than that this is a great resource.


Great Info.  TurahShaver  4 star

I really like the info on the app and how everything is set up. It is difficult however to get to the items towards the end of the alphabet. You have to scroll through everything and there is not even a shortcut to just jump to a letter. I feel that would make it even more user friendly.


Love the app  NaughtNyxx  5 star

Some oils not represented. I went to look up cumin and didn't see it. I wish they'd make oil blend names searchable. I understand that they shouldn't use brand names but I'd like to be able to go into search and look up elevation rather than google on Internet and find out its joyful blend.


Deep blue not listed?  PunchEYE  4 star

Where is it in the app?

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