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The BBC Good Food – Recipes, tips and cooking tools app is free to download, but, charges for additional curated cookbooks. We offer 20 free recipes, 50 glossary items, cooking tips and a multiple timer tool for free in the app.

If you have lost access to your paid cookbooks you will be able to re-download to your iPhone or iPad without paying again - please refer to the instructions in the app within menu>settings>manage in app purchases. If you own both an iPad and an iPhone you will be able to download your purchased cookbooks on both devices without paying twice. Please ensure you are logged in with the same Apple ID on both devices and follow the instructions at the bottom of this description.

However, if you downloaded cookbooks for free during our promotional offer, you will not be able to redownload across devices or on to a new device. This is something we are aiming to make possible in a future release.

Whether you’re looking for weekday inspiration, trying to cook the perfect steak or attempting your own homemade ice cream, get cooking with the new BBC Good Food - Recipes, tips and cooking tools app. This app lets you buy and store all the existing BBC Good Food cookbook apps, and organise your favourite recipes and shopping lists in one place.

The app is free to download, and comes with 20 of our favourite recipes, like, Beef & beer pie, Summer vegetable curry and Chocolate & raspberry pots. It also includes tools like our simple-to-use roast timer, handy weight converters, and a basic glossary of ingredients and techniques, to get you started.

All recipes and tools found in the app are available offline.

Each recipe includes nutritional information on kcals, protein, carbs, fat, saturated fat, fibre, sugar and salt per serving.

And you can set your app to display recipes in metric or imperial measurements, according to your preference.

These are the existing cookbooks available to buy from within this new app, each with over 160 recipes to try:

- Healthy - 195 recipes including Salmon & ginger fish cakes, Thai beef stir-fry and Indian butternut squash curry
- Quick - 195 recipes including Quick lamb biryani, Parmesan spring chicken and easy puds, and White chocolate & berry pudding.
- One-pot - 170 recipes including Sausage casserole with garlic toasts to One-pot mushroom & potato curry, Prosciutto & pesto fish gratin
- Cake - 170 recipes including Lemon drizzle cake, Best-ever brownies and Carrot cake with cinnamon frosting
- Seasonal - 180 recipes including Asparagus cream pasta, Peppered chicken with watercress and Slow-cooked pork & red cabbage
- Food for friends - 170 recipes including Crispy chicken with pancetta & butter beans, Cauliflower cheese & spinach pasta bake and Bakewell cheesecake
- Festive - 180 recipes including Unbelievably easy mince pies, Classic roast turkey with red wine baste and Brussels with hazelnut & orange butter

BBC Good Food - Recipes, tools & cooking tips App Description & Overview

The applications BBC Good Food - Recipes, tools & cooking tips was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-09-19 and was developed by BBC Worldwide. The file size is 42.64 MB. The current version is 1.9.1 and works well on 4.3 and high ios versions.

- Updated branding

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Disappointing app behavior.  pdc1  2 star

I like the recipes, but they don't stay downloaded, and they won't transfer to a newer device. Every time I open the app, I have to download every recipe package all over again. No idea why the keep disappearing from my device. It's like the app itself deletes its content when you close it. Very annoying and unlikely to ever be fixed because this app was abandoned by the developers years ago. No updates since 2014! Too bad they never fixed the problems with it because the recipes were decent even if they went overboard with iap packs.


Crashing  artisticforge  1 star

When attempting to view the video guides or to manage the video guides the app crashes. This needs to be fixed, ASAP. IOS7.1.2 & iPad Version II. There is no way to backup neither the cookbooks nor the videos to the computer. If you upgrade iPad or the app, you have to download the cookbooks and the videos all over again. There is no direct printing from the app. The best solution is to take a screenshot and print the screenshot.


Defective App  Pendleview  1 star

There is something wrong with the app. I am using it on my iPad and I can't access the recipes. Whatever recipe I click on it brings me to the one pan breakfast recipe! I tried deleting and re-downloading the app but then I lost the cookbooks I bought and the only recipe that would come up is still the one pan breakfast :(


Trash  Matacob  1 star

Stop fooling people. It's not a free app, it's just a shell for buying cookbooks. Totally useless.


Stick to the web!  Eatanorange  1 star

Sorry guys, but the app looked promising! Stick to the website for the great recipes, here they want to empty your pocket before you can even start cooking! Taking the app off, so not worth it


Crash  knarkbua  1 star

Installed the app on iPad mini then run the app but crash.


What's wrong?  Zaxoma  1 star

It won't download...please fix!


Disappointing  Britoutofwater  2 star

UPDATED: Recipe books are suddenly deleted and replaced with paid for versions that you have to download and then won't even open in the new update. Even more disappointing. ORIGINAL REVIEW: This app looks beautiful and has some nice features, like the ability to add ingredients for multiple recipes to a shopping list. However, the number of recipes is extremely limited and you seem to have to download "cookbooks" in order to expand the selection. It would be nice if this connected the great app features with the existing website, which has many, many recipes without having to select cookbooks.


Doesn't work anymore  Nazneen4  1 star

After the last update, none of the cookbooks are opening. Th app just forces close. Frustrating! Please fix


Best app bar none  Syno86  5 star

This is the best cooking app I have downloaded. The recipes are amazing and the app looks awesome on my ipad. Options to convert measurements and built in timers. What more can you ask for? Download this app!!

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