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Quickly scan any room for hidden cameras and make sure no one is spying on you!

Thousands of downloads and counting! Up to 90% less than a hardware spy camera detector!

Spy cameras are so common they can now be hidden in teddy bears, clocks, watches, key chain remotes and even in your bathrobe and towel hooks! Use our camera finder app to find hidden spy cameras today!

Key Features:

•Uses the iPhone camera and flash to find potential hidden spy cameras
•Targets potential spy cameras live on your screen
•Costs only a fraction of a hardware spy camera finder
•Anybody can use, easy to learn
•Save images with GPS location of suspected spy cameras
•Don't wait for mail order detectors that can cost hundreds of dollars
•Download the Hidden Camera Detector app now and use it today!


Your iPhone or iPod Touch version must have a camera and flash for the app to function. Only works on iPod Touch 3G with an external flash case.

The Hidden Camera Detector app is designed to detect "potential targets" that could be a specialized spy camera, these include pinhole and other small lens cameras. It is NOT designed to detect ordinary security cameras, or cameras found on laptops, cell phones or other non-covert devices.

HCDapp.com makes no guarantees of performance; you should inspect any potential target to see if it actually is a spy cam before taking action. You may never run across a real spy camera, but if you do make sure you have the Hidden Camera Detector app to help you.

Happy spy camera hunting!

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Hidden Camera Detector App Description & Overview

The applications Hidden Camera Detector was published in the category Utilities on 2012-07-17 and was developed by LSC, LLC. The file size is 21.27 MB. The current version is 2.6 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Exclusive Video Series "How to Detect Spy Cameras"
Each video features a different kind of hidden camera
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Hidden Camera Detector Reviews


It works  Holligan66  5 star

It’s FANTASTIC; period.

Diyary Mohammed

Fake  Diyary Mohammed  1 star

Don’t buy this app, it’s fake and doesn’t work, it’s garbage. I was mislead and this is fraud.

Buddy Thunderstruck

Instantly Functional  Buddy Thunderstruck  4 star

I wanted an app that would highlight infrared camera emissions clearly without guesswork. Within seconds of opening it on my phone, it worked as advertised.


Doesn’t work - don’t waste your money  Mitch1234$  1 star

Junk doesn’t work.


Who knew my towel had a camera thanks for letting me know!  jahahagaskj  1 star

Wish I could get a refund.. ok I guess anything that’s shiny is a camera.. I guess my towel has a camera.. 🤦‍♀️ I knew from the start this was prob a Scam so I’m stupid for buying it. But oh well. Please, do yourself a favor and just don’t fall for it.


Not sure  nickname1937  1 star

I’ve had the app for a few days now however I’m not able to tell if it spots something or not. I thought the red target was the indicator but it shows up on just about anything. I’ll keep trying it out and change my review if anything change.


Doesn’t work.  Msladit  1 star

Pointed this directly at the spycam and it didn’t pick it up.


Downloaded this by accident Can I get a refund?  gustodyhskjy  5 star



Don’t bother  Mr.Truong1  1 star

This app doesn’t work, try it on my laptop camera, it can’t even detect it. Smh. But it does pick up on anything else that’s shiny that is not a cam. Lol useless!


Dont buy  ldelgado96  1 star

Didnt work





Great  Solverblue  5 star

Really works good


Scam  14253749492716283849  1 star

The app does not work at all. Please refund


Refund scammers  Yaraforce  1 star

It is blind


I WANT A REFUND!  acpanda69  1 star

Absolutely disappointed. Only detects very shiny objects that reflect back onto the phone such as a glass bottle or even the shine on a silver spoon. Placed a pinhole camera in front of the bottle and the pinhole camera was not detected! Also, if you're look for their website, support, privacy policy or FAQ forget about it. It goes to an error page. I'd like Apple to investigate this! And I want my money back!


Marie  MarySpagga  1 star

It Doesn't Work!!! it's an absolute waste of money!


Waste of money  Trisum  1 star

Stuck to the instructions precisely have pin hole cams mini spy cams hidden cams an not one was detected ! Not even by accident don't waste ya money or time !!


It doesn't work  Phyoethihakyaw  1 star

It doesn't work. Indicate every shinny object and not even indicate camera on my others phone. Don't buy it. I am not happy with my purchase. How can I get my refund back?


didn't work for me  Dogs114!  1 star

I tried it out and it doesn't work properly, how do I get a refund?


It does work, and it works good.  Mpluso  5 star

I don't know what the other two reviewers are going on about when they say this app doesn't work.. It does.. I was a bit hesitant to pay the $6.50 for the app, but in the end it was worth it. I tried it out on a watch with a hidden camera and it targeted it in red. I then went around my entire house - a new rental property, to further try it out, and it does work. It was either buy this, or buy the same type of thing from Jaycar for $99. I'm glad I bought this, it saved me $90 for a device that does the exact thing. Recommend app!


Waste of money  Swlp  1 star

Save your money... It doesn't work.


Waste of money!!!!!  Bamac71  1 star

It just does not work.... At all.


Ripoff  Dadyfrk  1 star

A lot of false readings, does not target any real camera, not reliable at all. They should refund everyone and be taken off App Store now!!!


Scam  Shrtbuseinstein  1 star

I want my money back. What a waste of $5.00 I tested this on a couple different pen and nanny cams. It didn't locate anything.


Worthless  DARTRUNE  1 star

Detected everything but a camera, then when you aim it at an actual camera you get diddly squat.

What's going on ?

Unbelievable !  What's going on ?  5 star

I down loaded this app. I found the location of spy gear in the home . I knew something was going on got some time . This detector told me where it all was and I was shocked of the places I found that they his the spy cameras . It's worth every penny!!!!


Works well  Sabrinainthehouse  4 star

I don't get the low ratings, practice a bit and it works good. Nice video tutorial.


Smart Engineering  Fabuhejle  4 star

Good value for $5. It will help you minimize the effort to locate hidden cameras


It works  Jlabatayo  4 star

I was testing and it find some camera


Genius app  Ttpjac  5 star

Worked well. Alerts you to hidden cameras in public places such as tanning salons, bathrooms, and fitting rooms. I bought as an experiment and now use it alot

Hidden Camera Detector Comments

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