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Quickly scan any room for hidden spy cameras with the lens detector and make sure no one is spying on you!

Find hidden cameras, covert devices, GPS trackers, and listening devices on WiFi, Local Area Network and Bluetooth with our proprietary all-in-one network scanner. Home, office, Airbnb, hotels, any network you connect to.

Find any device on your network that can be remotely accessed or viewed online.

Easily click on the devices IP link to open its login page and see if it is spying on you!

We at HCDapp are professional security specialists and work in this field daily. Our experts may even provide forensic second opinions. Don't rely on imitator programs, simulated apps or developers with no real-world security experience, we have your back!
Over 1,000,000 views of our instructional videos!
In the News:
June 13th "University Employee Records Couple"
June 9th " Store Manager Used Hidden Camera to Spy on Customers in Restroom, NC Cops Say"
June 7th "Hidden Camera Found inside Fitness Tanning Room"
June 6th "Hidden Camera Found in Women's Locker Room HQ"
June 5th "Hidden WI-FI Camera Found Steaming in Coffee Shop Bathroom"
May 28th "Couple Finds Hidden Camera in Hotel Room in New Tehri"
May 14th "Hidden Camera Found in Berkeley Library Bathroom"
May 8th "A-bnb Host Arrested After Hidden Camera Found in Bedroom"
April 9th "Website Caught Secretly Live Streaming Hotel Guests"

User Review: "Found one!"

"The app detected a hidden camera in an electrical box near the hot tub at my daughter condo, manager confirmed it was a camera".

Key Features:

•Uses the iPhone camera and flash to find potential hidden spy cameras
•New WiFi, Network and Bluetooth Scanner finds spy devices, GPS trackers and more
•New Online Scanner finds devices that can be accessed remotely over the Internet
•Costs only a fraction of a hardware spy camera finder
•Anybody can use, easy to learn
•Save images with GPS location of suspected spy cameras
•Don't wait for mail order detectors that can cost hundreds of dollars
•Download the Hidden Camera Detector app now and use it today!

In-App Purchase: HCD App Premium

When subscribing to HCD App Premium you will not be charged during the free trial period. If you are happy with HCD APP Premium do nothing, your $3.99 subscription will be charged automatically and renew monthly. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged unless canceled at least 24-hours before your monthly subscription expires. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

HCD App Premium subscription details:

•Subscribers can scan an unlimited number of networks, WIFI and Bluetooth with the scanning service.
•The scanning and lens detection portions of the app are disabled after the free trial if you do not subscribe, or if your HCD App Premium subscription expires.
•The public educational videos and guides will continue to be available, exclusive video and other content may be provided only to HCD App Premium subscribers.
•Subscribers receive exclusive video content and ongoing guidance at least one time per month including “what to look for” examining featured covert devices in detail.
•Subscribers also may submit photos for forensic second opinion. This service is not available for non-subscribers or expired subscriptions.

Happy spy camera hunting!

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Hidden Camera Detector App Description & Overview

The applications Hidden Camera Detector was published in the category Utilities on 2012-07-17 and was developed by LSC, LLC. The file size is 42.64 MB. The current version is 3.9.4 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Instruction screens for the new WiFi, Network and Bluetooth scanner.

Find hidden spy cameras, covert devices, GPS trackers, and listening devices on WiFi, Local Area Network or Bluetooth using our proprietary all-in-one IP Device Scanner.

Find devices on your network that can be remotely accessed or viewed online.

Click on the link to open its login page and see if a hidden spy camera or covert device spying on you!

Unlimited network scans, and ongoing video series for HCD App Premium subscribers.

More info link update.

Email request optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any previous paid versions will be replaced with the free trial subscription version on your device so only update when you are sure. We hope you see the value in the powerful new features and choose to sign up for HCD App Premium. It is free to try. Thank you!

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Hidden Camera Detector Reviews


Can't do anything with it unless $4 a month  maj4267  1 star

Must pay for a subscription for it to be useable.


Didn’t do anything  Cas5k  1 star

The app did not detect anything. I did the upgrade and it did notify me that there were other devices in the close proximity (ie. Bluetooth speaker, iPad, computer, phones) but the scanner did not detect anything. Even when held directly in front of a camera that was turned on.


Junk  Addddddd  1 star

$4.99 a month for an app that does nothing but paint anything shiny red.


Bait and Switch!!  jkdman123  1 star

App was free at first. Now you have to subscribe to use ANY functions. Not worth it.


It’s Not Free  bullshiter99  1 star

Well. Free trial. So tired of the lies. If it’s a free trial. Say free trial. Don’t leave it as Free.


Will not accept correct email to register!  Allrooj  1 star

Repeated attempts to enter my email address - whether by copy/paste or typing results in a notice to enter a valid one. After triple-checking My IRL at Gmail for accuracy, I've given up trying.


New update crash on iPhone 7 Plus. Not working.  suncountry71  1 star

Don’t work


This app work greats!  Rushright7  5 star

Use this with a bug detector and your golden . People who say this app doesn’t work, should be happy as they are not getting targeted.


Refund request  chbhfnkkdrc  2 star

Please refund me back no comment Thanks

User 9998

Shine Detector- not worth it  User 9998  2 star

I tested out this app with 2 camera phone next to each other. The app is only picking red on anything the light is reflecting back, basically anything shiny. The app is only picking red on the rims of my camera phone lenses. I tried a metal lock and the app was covering red all over it.





Great  Solverblue  5 star

Really works good


Scam  14253749492716283849  1 star

The app does not work at all. Please refund


Refund scammers  Yaraforce  1 star

It is blind


I WANT A REFUND!  acpanda69  1 star

Absolutely disappointed. Only detects very shiny objects that reflect back onto the phone such as a glass bottle or even the shine on a silver spoon. Placed a pinhole camera in front of the bottle and the pinhole camera was not detected! Also, if you're look for their website, support, privacy policy or FAQ forget about it. It goes to an error page. I'd like Apple to investigate this! And I want my money back!


Marie  MarySpagga  1 star

It Doesn't Work!!! it's an absolute waste of money!


Waste of money  Trisum  1 star

Stuck to the instructions precisely have pin hole cams mini spy cams hidden cams an not one was detected ! Not even by accident don't waste ya money or time !!


It doesn't work  Phyoethihakyaw  1 star

It doesn't work. Indicate every shinny object and not even indicate camera on my others phone. Don't buy it. I am not happy with my purchase. How can I get my refund back?


didn't work for me  Dogs114!  1 star

I tried it out and it doesn't work properly, how do I get a refund?


It does work, and it works good.  Mpluso  5 star

I don't know what the other two reviewers are going on about when they say this app doesn't work.. It does.. I was a bit hesitant to pay the $6.50 for the app, but in the end it was worth it. I tried it out on a watch with a hidden camera and it targeted it in red. I then went around my entire house - a new rental property, to further try it out, and it does work. It was either buy this, or buy the same type of thing from Jaycar for $99. I'm glad I bought this, it saved me $90 for a device that does the exact thing. Recommend app!


Disaster  Marienny70  1 star

This application doesn't work at all. I tested in low and high light, with angles, without angles and guess what. Did not detected any of my eight existing hidden cameras. Wasted money.


Pls don't waste money  Kannan77777  1 star

It's showing light reflection as hidden camera. I have not tried with any pin hole camera


Don't buy it  Tnaamani  1 star

My grandmother detected the camera and the app didn't .

Omor faruk

Don't buy this app  Omor faruk  1 star

This app is very bad.


Horrible purchase  Hateproduct  1 star

Does not work! Waste of money!


How it works  KingChepe  1 star

The app goes off of reflection not "a camera" anything with a reflection or glass like, does it send the warning... Waste of money ... I'm on my second email to get my refund lets See how long it takes


DONT BUY AT ALL!  SurveillanceNYC  1 star

This app is soooo BAD! Such a waste of money and time . From 1-10 I would rate it a negative 1. I am a licensed investigator and I gave this app a try and believe it or not this app will def get you caught or in deep trouble if you are using it for something you need, I tested this app out with 10 different mini pinhole spy cams and they didn't detect them at all, and I also used another 8 cameras and they also didn't detect them at all, I know this app they said it doesn't detect surveillance cameras and phone cameras but mini spy cams they suppose to detect them but I used almost every single spy cameras out in the market and some not made to the public , I work for private etc so i have cameras no public can use and it doesn't detect those either and the only thing it did detect was my coffee table glass top that isn't a camera at all, it only detects reflections of glass hitting lights or chrome objects which is all BS! If you was in a situation and you use this app you would be in big big trouble that's all I got to say and you can be surrounded by 100 spy cameras in a room and you won't even be able to detect one and it's game over for you, just a warning to all don't do it to yourself and get in trouble when you really need it. Take care and good luck and def stay away from this app because like I said you will be in big trouble if it comes down to it.


Don't do it  Lousby  1 star

I actually feel really bad about spending $ on this app and would be grateful for a refund. This app is terrible and does nothing! ...except It does tell you where there is a glare. So, if you can't find your door knob on a sunny day, then this is the app is for you! Please don't purchase this app, go buy some new music instead!


read before you rate!!!  Jazzyfindo  5 star

apparently no one is reading about the app before rating. it says it picks up "false" readings due to glare. like that of a mirror or a shiney object. and that it doesnt pick up regular survalance cam's. this app works well. and it did find cams hidden in our home. worth the $$$


Terrible app  Astvic  1 star

Waste of money! Don't buy it.

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