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Looking4Cache is a app with a wide set of functions around the fascinating hobby geocaching. With direct access to over two million geocaches on Groundspeak┬┤s Geocaching platform you can search for a box nearly everywhere.

In seconds you can store geocaches including all informations like the last logs, the waypoints and the images to your device over the direct API access (for this please read the annotation on the bottom). Or you can import a gpx file or a pocket query. All data will be stored on your device for offline usage.

Log your founds with images and trackables instantly or after your trip in the app. You can upload fieldnotes to the geocaching website too. And this not only for you but also for your complete team.

One of the highlights of Looking4Cache are the offline maps from OpenStreetMap like you found nowhere else. Choose and download the maps including contour lines directly in the app and use them in dead spots or in foreign countries without roaming costs. You can download whole states or complete countries.

With the ability to cache completely offline your battery will be conserved. To save more power the GPS accuracy will be switched based on the distance to your next target.

Here a list of the key functions:

Load Geocaches:
- through the Geocaching Live API
- load Pocket Queries
- import own GPX and GGZ files
- Live Map: See surrounding caches
- GCVote integration
- Supports corrected Coordinates and pers. Notes

Manage lists:
- add Geocaches to lists
- use a lot of filers and sorts
- swipe a cache to build lists for your next trip

- Offline topo vector maps
- Online OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest, Bing
- Online Apple Maps
- Send coordinates to other navigation apps

Log Geocaches:
- for multiple users
- with a log draft
- log Travelbugs, with auto-visit too
- save logs locally
- Fieldnotes

- Create and send GPX files

Integration in iOS:
- search for GC-Codes in Safari
- open GPX files from mail

Attention: To access the geocaches you need a user on Groundspeak┬┤s Geocaching plattform (.com). According to your membership type the amount of data is restricted. Basic Members could load 3 full cache descriptions per day and up to 6000 basic descriptions. As a Basic Member the geocache search is restricted to traditional caches. To get full access and use all functions of this app you should have a premium account.

Attention: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Looking4Cache Pro - Geocaching App App Description & Overview

The applications Looking4Cache Pro - Geocaching App was published in the category Navigation on 2012-06-19 and was developed by Looking4Cache UG (haftungsbeschraenkt). The file size is 31.89 MB. The current version is 2.4.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

This version adopts the changes of Groundspeak about timezone issues when logging geocaches. Also some of the actual bugs are fixed. I will be happy if you post a review or if you refresh your current ones.

New functions:
- Adjustments to timezone improvements on geocaching.com. The logs should now appear always on the right day. So I removed the auto-correct-mode.

- If the download of a image fails (maybe because of bad cell coverage) you can start the download again.
- Image download will not be interrupted by a new geocache search.

Bug fixes:
- Changes on the offline maps to increase stability
- The selection of external navigation apps works again (iPad only)
- Your position will be refreshed if you reopen the map (the bug occurred only in conjunction with the proximity alarm)
- Trackables that you grabbed outside of L4C will have the right log types.
- Corrected the map zoom area when loading very large cache lists.

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Full-featured, nicely laid out  Tunejammin  5 star

I recently downloaded an app (not this one) that has high ratings on the app store and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. It turned out the cache search feature sinplymdid not work and the developer readily admitted to this after complaining. Suffice it to say I requested and received my money back. This app however is full-featured and very nicely laid out. It connects to geocache.com if you are a member and downloads the caches quickly right into the app. I am so far very impressed with this app. This is one that appears to be worth every penny paid for it and so far lives up to expectations!


Almost does it all  FrankenHipster  4 star

This app is Ike a multi-tool. It has so many features it puts the "official" app to shame. My only complaint is that the user manual is out of date and the app is not intuitive. You will have to play with it a while to understand all the features and how to use them. I do wish that you could see other than traditional caches even though you can't access them. The author is very active in squashing bugs and implementing new features. This app is worth every penny!


Best geocaching app I have ever used!  Gamps  5 star

This is the best app for the iPhone that I have ever used, reminds me of GSAK that I used to use in my old Windows days. It will take Groundspeak 5 years, if ever, to have the usability of this app in their new app. Keep up the great work!


Great app, a few flaws  Wakisashi  4 star

This app is awesome. It's made geocaching logging very easy, and with multiple people, it's really easy to log everyone's finds. I use it on my iPad and it's great. It would be even better if the compass worked, all version seem to point in the incorrect direction, fortunately the distance away works. It would be great to be able to search for geocaches by owner name--something I've yet to get working with any version. I'd also like to filter be last found, similar to how you can search groundspeak for caches found within 7 days. That said, it's still a great app. Would be even more usable with the mentioned fixes.


Powerful App  Borgt  5 star

I've had this app for only a few weeks, but I love it! I gladly spent the money to upgrade to the pro version after just a couple of days. This app is worth every penny. We've been geocaching since 2002. This app has made it even more fun.


Love love love  DyeInk  5 star

I am loving this app

M & J

Great Cache App  M & J  5 star

I really like the features of this App and it allows selection of Open Streets and Bing maps. Much more helpful than simply using iOS maps. It links into the database of just about all GeoCaches and I have had succces finding caches in state parks near me. I think it is worth the price.


Less Than What I Wanted  Mulvaney18  3 star

I purchased this for its use of offline maps for an upcoming trip. It has features that come close to the app I normally use, but it's display and workflow are not as intuitive. And there are certain functions I miss. Perhaps it's just the learning curve . . . so I will continue to work with it for the time being.

By TheView

No support contact found - Error 2 Unauthorized  By TheView  1 star

All was working fine and now I can't do a search on either a Cache ID or Coordinates. Get Error 2 - not authorized message. This the Pro App on my IPad Air. What to do? Thanks Ed P.S. will change rating upon a resolution.


Super Geocaching App!  TeamGabe  5 star

The "It's Not About The Numbers" review made me take a look at this app. The next day I purchased it after only minor use of that Lite version. The iPad version really is 'gold'. Search and filter are great. I am still learning what some the icons and options are for and expect that even neater things can be done. I have even used the iPhone GPS to find caches when I've been without my Garmin. As Geocachers say TFTA, (thanks for the app)!

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