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Time to kick off your Cyber Week shopping! It’s the best time to score the lowest prices on anything you’ve been eyeing. Shop everything from clothes and accessories to decor, handy gadgets, electronics, local trends and more!

Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the mall.

We take your security seriously and process your purchases securely.

Over 300 million people use Wish to shop affordable goods. So skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on Wish.

Read through customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos of their purchases to find the best deals.

Track your purchases.

If you have questions about your order, reach our customer service easily through the app. Our customer service responds quickly.

Plus, if it’s not perfect, we have easy refunds & free returns.

We now offer brands at affordable prices on Wish Outlet. Find discounted Apple, Samsonite, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Sperry and more!

Get faster shipping with Wish Express! Items with the Wish Express truck icon arrive at your door in 5-7 days.

Spin Blitz Buy to win more savings. When you spin Blitz Buy, you win access to extra discounts.

Collect points with each purchase and redeem them for reward coupons.

Find discounts on trendy fashion, shoes, gadgets, kitchen tools, home goods, kids items, beauty, jewelry, watches, accessories, and more.

Trendy womens fashion: dresses, jackets, bottoms, tops, sweaters, athleisure, swimwear, lingerie...

Quality mens fashion: jackets, sweaters, jeans, shirts, button-up tops, workout wear, underwear...

Accessories: hats, socks, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, gym bags, travel bags, purses, backpacks...

Electronics: fitness trackers, cameras, drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets...

Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation...

Shoes: sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels...

Home Goods: kitchen tools, cookware, knives, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture...

Kids: clothes, toys, school supplies, baby gear...

Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes, women’s athleisure...

Auto: organizers, cleaners, phone chargers...

WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.

Wish - Shopping Made Fun App Description & Overview

The applications Wish - Shopping Made Fun was published in the category Shopping on 2012-06-14 and was developed by ContextLogic Inc.. This application file size is 109.86 MB. Wish - Shopping Made Fun current version is 4.24.1 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions.

Thank you for using Wish!
New in this version
- Redesigned product details screen
- Bug fixes and performances improvement on the main product feed

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Wish - Shopping Made Fun Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Dave90130   5 star

Great app. Great app I love to buy things here 👍

letty42   5 star

Awesome!!!. Wish is totally awesome!!! I just WISH I discovered them sooner..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

READY ROLL💯🍾   5 star


kruskay   5 star

Love. I love this app everything is so cheap!!

Luvnme24   5 star

Wish. It’s a good app yhu can only order certain things on here and they be exactly in like in the picture.

wkdheriiccnm   3 star

Rating clarity of merchandise. Twice I have ordered an item in which the photo imaged multiple items, 1) 24 colored ink and I received 1 bottle, and 2) the photo showed multiple stretch erasers and again, received one eraser. I consider this false advertising.

Gooperthegoop   1 star

Ridiculous shipping time/Support US companies. This company is full of Chinese “knock-off” product that takes forever to ship and will ultimately poison your pets GUARANTEED! Be careful and research this company

SSG wizardwoo   5 star

Very Pleased. Inexpensive way to purchase the things you always wanted or wanted to give. Most products are good quality. Every once in a while, I receive a mini version; it breaks after one use. But for these prices...I am ahead

bobanonymus   5 star

Good app. Love the store

monique117   5 star

👍🏾. 👍🏾

KaylaMerie   5 star

Great app. I tell all my friends about this app. Everyone I know uses it. It is wonderful. I have only had two problems with my items one of which I never received.

empirecoinz   5 star

Wish I had more money!. Excellent app. My son and I order from this site and recieved our items in less time than stated. We recieved exactly what was ordered with some free items. We will order on the regular for our business needs as well.

gingersnap296   1 star

Disappointed. Personally I think I’m done with this app. Everything might be cheap but you get what you pay for right? ... last 2 things I ordered took over a month to receive. I ordered a hoodie knowing the sizes usually run small so I ordered an adult 3x when I finally got it, it was like a child’s medium . It was terrible material nothing like it had shown or sized. I think I would rather pay more and get it faster with better quality from a more reliable source.... Wish just isn’t worth the trouble anymore for me.

amarelisn   5 star

Brutal. Todo súper bien

fanfinmoon   4 star

Confused. The only thing I don’t like is you cancel your own order if u need to. And it shows the PayPal button but you cannot witch to it if you need to that all.

stilo urbano barber shop   5 star

Exelente. Muy buena

bad place to shop at   1 star

Worst place to shop at. I tried to cancel my order but I couldn’t since it’s already been shipped and the are taking money out of my account.Christmas is coming up and I still haven’t got my things that I ordered it has been 2 months that I have not gotten my things.

best unicorn chef ever   5 star

How I really feel about wish. You have helped me find lots of items and I love them so much and I think that you should never stop thinking about keeping wish alive and it really works for the broke and if they cant afford something at Walmart or on amazon they’re friends will probably tell them about wish and they can surprise their kids for Christmas presents maybe it they’re kids want Ari pods they could come on wish and search up air pods look for their child’s favorite color and order them from here on wish for cheap so they can keep paying bills and when all holidays pass they will have money but not just for working and saving up but also for using wish we all need you that why if you had your rating stars up to 1000000000000000 i would break it find a way to hack into it and get you way more stars😘

blackcat1913   4 star

Shipping. Shipping is really weird

coke 1949   5 star

Producks. Really like there stuff good prices

mudboy4x4   1 star

Not happy at all. Can’t talk to a person. Ebay and Amazon are way better than wish

ojioke   4 star

Time. Why dose it take too long to deliver

skeertaa   4 star

I need to change my address some one is getting my products from my old address please respond ASAP. I need to change my address

olcayto yakar   1 star

Shipping. Shipping is changing for some production also shipping should be the same if we buy saw production from same store

Jkvila   3 star

Scammed. you have to be careful when you buy in wish .there are misleading photos and when you make the return it doesn't answer you, even wish, a month ago I returned a product and I still don't have an answer, they scammed me ...

Rseimone   5 star

So much fun!. Great selection of strange items, quirky fashion, and I love the comparison feature that shows the same item for different prices.

-Sakib+   1 star

Wish is scam. Wish charges extra money for products including shipping. You pay $3-6 for shipping (not to include separate shipping fee for each product) . Are you f***ing kidding me. Wish is clearly a scam. It is scam in another way. When you browse on wish you see on top of every products it says like 96% off. And you say why the f**k you lying b***h(wish). But guess what it’s all true. Wish employees and sellers sold their kidneys for you. They don’t need no profit from customers. Their kidneys got their back.

It is i Kassidy   5 star

Review from Kassidy. I really love this app it has all the stuff I have dreamed and wished for, forever I’m really glad this app exists :)

sexygak67   5 star

Need to honor the price they advertise. I like wish very much the only thing when u purchasing web item it says one price when u go into the select size or order it has A HIGHER PRICE I think they should honor the price it advertised

Deadheadsarz91   5 star

Love. Love. You love to absban make me hunt

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have you seen molly   5 star

Tops. I love the tops ,l order one waiting for it in the mail now ,hope it fits

Kevingbouchard   1 star

Most of it is crap. Shipping is way too long, prices are cheap but you NEVER get what’s on the picture, sizing is often wrong even if you measure yourself, the piece of clothing you’ll receive might be crooked, too small or too big ...

Tinananna   5 star

the bust app. This app is the bust👍.

Aliyah___   4 star

Pretty good. Received all my items fairly quickly, boxes were damaged but items were very good

alta_bob   1 star

Payment issues.. My account is blocked and online support is non existent to unblock it. I want to speak to someone but can’t find a phone number

AkinaThémis   3 star

Armoire pour porte. J ai essayé de commander une armoire pour accrocher à une porte annonce a un dollars ....rien à faire c est de la fausse représentation . Très déçue

frank7890422   1 star

Bought an item at a good price, they refused to honour it. Was excited to see a good deal on a console. Was for placed for about a week then they decided not to honour it. Products are too cheap and take months to get to you too. Wouldn’t recommend after they cancelled my order to not honour the price.

Fig_jam81   5 star

It’s great. Great for buying the gf presents

Skinny ram   5 star

Awesome. Haven’t received and order yet but looks Kool

Fou80z   5 star

Good deals. Affordable prices and good quality, thanks

Liza 11999   5 star

Great app never any issues. Fast and reliable.. Great app. Fast and reliable. Great pics.

Calga man   1 star

Not impressed. Have tried 2 different credit cards and neither works

Marry Poopins   5 star

Wish review. My experience is only good products, not perfect products but mostly good. The delivery is pretty fast, and they have a very generous refund policy. Great app!

TontoRocks   1 star

Very disappointing. I have ordered previously and had no issues. The problem came when there was a charge on my visa that I did not make and tried to contact the app support, only through messages as you can’t call anyone. The charge was on October 23rd, I have been trying to deal with the issues since then and after several attempts, with different staff, the issue was not resolved. I sent, several times three screenshots of the charge on my visa, the item number and a persons address that was on my account that I did not approve to be there, and still nothing. So today I received the item that I did not purchase, so I just deactivated my account as it seems that I will not get my money back. Then one of the staff had answered me stating that I would not get a refund as it was over the time limit of what they allow for a refund, which was their fault, not mine. Please be aware of any suspicious activity and pay attention to your payment options. I’m so disappointed in the service I received, or lack of, and the dismissive attitude of the people that contacted me through email. Buyer aware. I will stick with Amazon from now on.

Ali_lover 13   4 star

Wish. Pretty great

kathleen1113   1 star

Fake price. When I already pay the money,next day it will say the price is wrong,so return money,but one week ago,they didn’t pay money back for me,and nobody can answer me,it’s really bad experience, I will never use again

Edgemoulic   5 star

Wish as always. Prices are amazing

na211223   1 star

don’t trust. I try to buy discontented items any time app take money from my card and then writes that it can not send this item for that price. I am disappointed

jbdisapointed   4 star

Kim. Still waiting on all my deliveries I hope they are as nice as they look come on Santa get those parcels delivered to me please 💕 I need them for Xmas ho ho ho

Drghdihrtv   1 star

Scam. This app is just a scam. I ordered four different products. One was a pick up, so I could collect it. The other 3 are still on transit in China for more than 3.5 months... They are looting people around the world. Don't pay your valuable money for these scammers..

muckmuck9211   1 star

Did not receive 3 items and payed for them. Ordered 38

moh saw   1 star

Very bad service. I don’t recommend this app

C9193   5 star

Love it. Some products are made a bit on the cheap side but for the most part I was very impressed and the prices are amazing

Dyan 14   5 star

Incroyable. Toujours satisfaite !

Jairest   1 star

It's a joke. This place charges a arm and a leg for shipping and the quality is not either the money spent on the item

Pr-Ella_Fr   4 star

Good shopping app.. There are a lot of products that are just amazing! This app is also perfect for people with lower budget. If you don’t wanna have any bad surprises when you buy an article I’ll suggest that you always buy something only if there is a picture that been taken by another client and a positive comment. If not you can’t be sure of what’s coming and can be really disappointed. Also, make sure to read carefully the description of what you buying. ;) Have fun shopping!

shinysunlight   1 star

Cheap quality. You get very cheap quality products from Chinese mass fake production. They steal the photo of a real product and create something similar, very low quality, basically you get a worthless trinket. The prices are small, because you pay big money on shipping. The products come months (!) later, the product descriptions are missing or misleading. I lived in China and there are lots of well made products there. What you are getting is way below that quality. Something even the locals won’t buy.

Pokemon gamer Chipman 89   5 star

Get this app dooo it. Lordy I thought this app was just a bag of hot air Till I tried it now it’s the next best this to sliced bread I have ordered over 10 items Sher a lot of missed sales but still wish dollars are amazing Get this app

Becci-T   5 star

Love it. I love wish it’s an addiction but so many things at great prices

MingMing9505   4 star

Good to use. Good app overall. Might lag a little In loading sometimes.

Advertorial    5 star

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customkid_   1 star

Beware. It’s weird.. So many great suppliers on This app. And yet so many bad ones. If it’s too good to be true it Probably is..it’s a 50/50 Don’t try and call or send emails waste of time

nicolous fantica   3 star

Hi. I thank you should ban some of the underwear stuff because there are kids who use This app and it’s not appropriate

chaksh1993   2 star

$$shipping costs more than the product$$. Whats the point of spending the low prices you get on WISH on shipping!! Its better you go out to shop, would still cost you less..

Kita Playz   2 star

Shipping costs. You guys have removed shipping costs from the screen when I go to buy it... so I don’t know how much shipping will cost until I go to nearly buy it. Then I have to go to delete it because shipping is way too high.

ratsht   5 star

Good. Excellent shopping experience

1169ns   5 star

Just like a click frenzy but it’s all day everyday. Wish has everything you could want. I mean it if your looking for some Xmas presents that are quality but not expensive then this is the app for you. Delivery can have long wait times but it’s worth it. Every time I use the app it has what I’m looking for. And there’s the daily specials some just pay shipping which can be as low as $1!!! If you haven’t tried it give it s go.

kiratmattu   1 star

Price wrong. When I selected a product it shows low price but whenever i add into cart it doubled or tripled the price excluded shipping fees Fake app just show attractive products but they are very expensive

TR13k   5 star

Wish. Really good app and really good products for a really good price..👍👍

fccdr4   4 star

Wish. I think wish is great for certain things and pretty good customer service

unit691964   5 star

Buy. Awesome to deal with no hassles

maki181   1 star

Think I’ll avoid this app. Just downloaded the app for the first time & tried to create an account. When I tried to log in it said my new password was wrong, so I pressed the forgotten password link. They sent me an email...in Cyrillic 😳

Shazlorry11   5 star

Love love love wish. I love wish has so much variety colours and sizes so I can by for anyone in my family and is good quality prices are great too

Pupzeh   5 star

Wish. So far so good, keep up the great deals👍

Sehaj2   1 star

Bad Products. I have ordered some products and some of them are defective and some orders are cancelled even after paying . They also have a bad return policy.

joyfuljoker   5 star

One stop shop. Easy to use. Plenty of options to choose from a wide range of items. Have fun shopping :)

Jeff forest Jeffrey   5 star

Good app for fun. Good cheap stuff , fun remember that fun stuff not elite

Dogivsr   5 star

Very good. Delivery can take a while but overall fairly happy

akskckelwwlox   5 star

loved it. amazing

hem739qch7   5 star

Great products. Love this site.

Toutou28   1 star

Get what you pay for at best.. Chinese rubbish. Deception galore, eg.: “silk” = polyester, “essential” oil = diluted fragrance oil, crossed out original price an outright lie, and on it goes. If it looks to good to be true, it is. If you buy, you will be inundated with junk in your inbox as they will share your address, and don’t bother with an alias because spyware will find you. Buyer beware.

moeydws   5 star

Good. Vary good app love it

jefreg   3 star

Problems. I was buying on wish until recently when I tried to purchase a product the site came back that my card was not valid, so bcos u can’t phone the office I now can’t purchase anything, wish, please fix the problem ASAP as there r things that I need to buy, urs truly Jeffrey Ades

mi FG nc   5 star

Love it. It has everything (Except pets)

UpSBICREEK   3 star

App is great but offers are somewhat deceiving!. What you see is not what you get all the time. One item was not as advertised and the other was non genuine, for which I got a promissory refund that has yet to hit my account. Allegedly that could take 14 days, so time will tell. Still await delivery of 2 other items, one of which appears to have been held up in the sorting centre, presumably here in Australia, for the past week!

Nickname19384829919   1 star

Trash. Yea Its A Bang For Ya Buck If You Want Cheap Fake Items So yea do you

Nursie777   1 star

Rubbish. Every time I go to order a product eg for 5 dollars advertised it goes into my basket for waaaaay more the. Adds postage too. Waste of time looking.

bellazyg   5 star

Great shopping. I have found wish to be perfect for my shopping experience

Dane Groth   5 star

Dangerous!!. If you’re on your post Malone (alone) With a bit of boredom, a bit of Johnny Cash (money) this app is really something you get excited about but also regretful at the same time. I don’t sd cards, usb, rings, necklaces, false teeth.......but is free!!!

#Iron Maira   5 star

Maira's review for wish. Love it!! Prices are soo low!

Chezchezanne   5 star

No hassle shopping. I love wish as I get to see many items. Your response to a problem is always attended to, it’s no hassle shopping!!!!

Breezy mountain   5 star

Every thing u want at the tip of the fingers. I really like this app and enjoy looking at a lot of thing

DsccA   5 star

Dsdcv. They got every thing better.

samzee22   1 star

Wish app. It’s an okay app to get things for cheap. But, not everything i ordered DOES NOT WORK!!!!! I get so excited for what I’ve ordered just to receive it and it doesn’t work.

casper 101411   5 star

Yea boi. Wish is great

wish fun   5 star

Wish fun. I’m very happy with your app so far I’ve got to get some stuff for my wife for Christmas and stuff for my friends your app is awesome and I love it!

hexnoz   1 star

Scam!!. Don’t get this it is a scam to get your money I never got my packages 4 months after ordering

Q . Q   4 star

Back in stock...?. I really do love the app, but I’d wish they would tell us when things will be back in stock, because I have some things on my wish list that have been sold out for months, and it’s like....? Is it going to come back? Is it not? Just wish the products would be clear on what will come back in stock and what won’t. That’s all, love the app though.

zacklewis83002   5 star

Great app. Love the app 5 stars

My first purchase on Wish   5 star

I love wish!!. I bought my AirPods on wish and they sound so good! I love using wish, I can use wish whenever I need to. Like when I needed a new case for my AirPods I went on wish and found a brand new free “Friends” AirPods case. It was so very useful! When I got my first few items they were all safe, nothing broken! I loved my first purchase! 😊

Nozimjon77   5 star

Nice. Nice

chrospo   5 star

Best I prefer this app it’s better than everything NO CAP. Idjdjddj

abdulsalam kallajo   1 star

Service. Bad

Ms.Dixon(831)   5 star

Family and friends. Wish is a great app for free.super and affordable. Awesome pet is adding friends and family an seein what they want

Drvier Madd   5 star

Big day. Love it

el Guanajuas   5 star

Muy agradable. Genial

gee i wonder why   1 star

Never received items. I’m with whoever wrote about the items never received and when you try to reach someone you speak to a freaking machine... not like you’re going to understand anything anybody says ... last time I ordered from these people was like two years ago... never received my stuff and of course since I notified them “after” the time allowed never got a refund/credit for my items...never will I order from them again...go to Amazon they have everything gets to you on time no hazles...even better with Amazon Prime...👍👍👍good luck

#bossmom#   5 star

Love. I loveeeeee wish!!!!

zehr14   5 star

Wish. I never had an issue.

ggbrother69   1 star

Doesn’t make sense.... I deleted the app and it still sends me emails

gnjg1234   1 star

Tax...... I want to order more stuff but why do u tax so much for one order that’s not fair. I am spending more than I have too. It’s like 60 or more on just taxes that’s a rip off. Please respond there has to be a better way not to rip off buyers.

tonyht1212   5 star

muy bien todo. mmuy buena pamuy bien todogintoa

PJKrumb   5 star

Quality vs Price. Very happy with everything I’ve ordered in so far approx 10-12 items. All have been of very good quality, only wish you had more Hot Rod items. Thanks-and fast service too!

KyMumz   5 star

Good. So far so good love it!

fishsticksoup   5 star

gucci 👌. if you’re super broke (like yours truly) but wanna get cool stuff, i suggest wish. at first i thought it would be a totally scam and schilling would be like $30 and the product itself would be like $2, but it’s actually not. you find incredibly cheap stuff, and really interesting products. use it for christmas, birthdays, or to treat myself. 10/10 would recommend

leyjons   3 star

@@. Esta más o menos en herramienta esta cara en comparación de otras tiendas

bugest   2 star

Review. Not happy with the way the whole site works have messages and can’t get the the size section is not great either really needs improvement

Maximums Prime 74   1 star

All orders cancelled. I have ordered many things from Wish, but I have yet to receive any item I have ordered. However, I have received seven different email stating the following. Unfortunately, your purchase was not fully processed in time to get this item at this price. We were unable to fulfill this order.

SchwartzbauerKayla   4 star

Great app. Wish is very useful. Wish had everything you could think of on here and for very cheap, the clothes are very good quality you might want to order a size larger than you are sometimes they came super small, I buy a lot of items off of here and I will continue to use wish forever!

HATE THIS APP 44   5 star

Good app. This really works!!!i have been using this for 2 years

kaylao1   5 star

I love this app. Love this app only thing I don’t like how long it takes to get the products but I will for sure keep using it

meggie920   1 star

Very disappointed. My product arrived severely damaged and I’ve only refunded something once, it was missing a piece, and they told me it was abuse of the policy

Fhjxgcxhnbb   5 star

Amazing. Nice and cheap, shipping just takes a long time

Havister   5 star

Great service. Quality of the products have improved .

Mya008   4 star

Good experience. Easy to use app, products and delivery have been prompt and good quality. Refunds have given with no hassle. Only thing is that prices sometimes change from whats first displayed when selecting items.

melyan221   5 star

Trop cool. Je trouve sa fantastique comme application je le recommande à tout le monde ce magasin en ligne jeux et point de récompense loves

Bloudan911   5 star

I love wish. Very easy and very good and it’s easy to find I want and I find very good deals thank you WISH

jkllkmm   2 star

Retards. Les images ne représente pas toujours l’objet reçu, et il y a très souvent des retards dans les livraisons..

S H A G O R   5 star

Wish Purchases. Product’s price reasonable & cancellation system is very convenient.

krw79   2 star

Crap and Cheap. Anything I’ve ever ordered from Wish is never like the picture...EVER. The pictures are very misleading and are low quality materials. A pair of boots that I ordered smelled so bad I couldn’t even keep them in the closet with my other shoes or they’d stink up everything not to mention all the seems we’re practically coming apart too. I’ll never order from Wish again.

Calgarian_Eli   5 star

I wish I knew Wish before !. So many incredible items are more incredible prices. Love it !

CSSi-Shawn   2 star

That’s why it’s called WiSH - WiSH you have the product or your money back!. I purchased from here, it took a long time to receive the product but I did get it. The other Problem was that I ordered a non apple iOS power cord and it said that the product isn’t supported on my iPhone :( So be careful what you wish for Uhm I mean order .

Olutiye   5 star

Real Deal!. I’ve bought items on Wish and loved them all 🥰

MeryMes   1 star

Bad shippings. I Ordered 4 items, all I get is one ! What a shame what a lost of money

Rbrown222   5 star

Mind bogling. Very impresses on ease or ordering. Now waiting to see how quickly items get to me

gothamgirl10   1 star

Delivery. Everything is made and shipped from China. There are no rules about safety of the products, they are usually badly made and the mail takes forever from China

Hellfire1981   3 star

Needs works on process order from pay. Loss out on deals cause take up to 24 to process it but the take the money fast but then price change cost you more I try get those $1 up to $10 deals loss out on them but still get charged and then I have to do the refund myself

Brookiepoo3553   1 star

Items don’t show up and no customer support. Items never ever show up on time and I have tried to speak with customer support but their app won’t let my type a damn message. Once my last few Christmas items show up I’ll be deleting this app and will continue to order through amazon and Joom or everyone check JOOM our you don’t have to pay reliever and the basically have everything wish does!!!!

Robby mxz   5 star

Wish genial et pros !!. Jadore achetter sur wish et je trouve de tout !! Cest vraiment un bon site ...

jcash416   5 star

Review. Love the app

friggol   5 star

Very impressed!!!. So far so awesome!! Great prices, great products , have not been disappointed!!!!👌👍🏻

fatima Daghough   3 star

Re. J’espère recevoir toute ma commande parce que je ne reçois pas tous articles commandés. Merci

doughboy001   4 star

Wish. Over all good how ever keep up on delivery dates and time to refund. Great at refunds and quality in products, again also up to u to read print.

Driftking4777   4 star

Wish. Love this app! Great deals and great selection some products don't come as you expected but for the price you payed it's not bad sometimes depending on the product. :)

johanne bean   5 star

Merci. J’adore Wish

laquicolle   2 star

Très bien. J’aimerais que les objets fragile sois livrée

wish is crap   1 star

Crap. Everything here is fake it all is fake never buy a phone or any device on here

Nathanaël S.   1 star

Application trompeuse. On dit qu’on est couvert à 100% pour les retours mais j’ai eu 4 commandes qui ne sont jamais arrivés et maintenant je ne peux plus me faire remboursée « mes » produits. Je ne recommande pas du tout cette application

november 22222   5 star

Great pricing. Wonderful app easy to navigate and lots of items that are responsible priced with great delivery

ScoMo55   4 star

Like a dollar store on your phone. You know how when you go into a dollar store not really wanting/needing anything but when it’s lime to leave you end up with all this stuff in your basket that will make life so much easier/better... that’s what wish is like for me... and all so affordable. Only reason I didn’t give higher rating is those darned shipping charges. When it’s time to check out the only wish I have left is that the app would work with the vendor to make it so the shipping didn’t cost more than the product.

Nightowl1965   4 star

Fingertip shopping can’t get any easier. Great product selection. Watch for timed discounts for additional savings. Great prices but shipping charges could be better. Payment is easy and secure with Apple Pay. Love it!

raffiagrafik   4 star

Good app and products, questionable customer service. The shopping experience is definitely fun on the app. The items I ordered were delivered much earlier than expected and the product quality was very satisfactory, especially considering the great prices. The only issue I had was with customer service. I had an urgent question about delivery that was beyond the scope of their chatbot. I emailed, messaged, even called, but could never get a real response! Just endless emails asking if the issue had been resolved when nothing was actually done! Fortunately, everything arrived ok anyway!

cbfonae   4 star

My review. Really good and easy

alisherzzz   1 star

Doesn’t deserve any stars!. I am extremely mad how they have promised you an item then say that it can’t go through and will need a refund. On wish there are offers like $1-$2 items and when I have purchased them they immediately refund it back and won’t give me my refund coupon code,I have purchased $30 dollar worth of coupon codes and now I can’t get my money back, I’m extremely upset and would give this 0 stars!!!

smegle246   2 star

expensive. wish use to be really cheap and great now it’s just as expensive as a normal shop is and the $1 item thing is so stupid why waste so much time letting someone buy it and pay and it’s already gone and a refund needs to be issued just stupid

0095176010   5 star

It’s great. Although I haven’t gotten anything yet everything is so cheap and that’s a good thing cause Christmas is right around the corner I can get things for everyone with only $40!! 100/10!

bad game 2.0   3 star

Is it a scam. I have just downloaded the app and have hade a look with I have not purchased anything because I am unsure if it is a scam or not. Please reply

bella dot   5 star

GREAT!!!. Omg! You get things so cheap on wish and I’m literally addicted to the app! I’ve bought 2sets of necklaces just for ten dollars each! Just for all the Australian people ,this is an Amarican app. I live in Tas and this app costs only 2x the actual cost but that is very cheap still! Although there is one problem I highly recommend getting this app!♥️

funcrim   4 star

I wish. Should sell latex masks

Hosko469   5 star

Awesome site. Wish was quick with my delivery and great value too. I think I’ll do all my shopping through the Wish app

hfvgifghhc   1 star

Security issue-Hacked. I had an email saying my email had been changed. I didn’t change it and am now locked out of my account. This happened 3 weeks ago and I am still to have this security issue addressed. After repeated emails I get a generic email back saying they have answered in the app!! I have had the inconvenience of having to cancel bank cards.

Ella-Jas❤️🍀   5 star

Awesome 😎. When I got this app I was really excited and my standards for this app to be good was high... I was not disappointed. 😄 It’s too good that I’m going crazy over it. It’s so easy to buy stuff and it’s hella cheap. 😂😂😂👍

Reece May Anderson   5 star

Amazing App. 10/10 App

WISH this wasn't an app!   2 star

Rip off. Yup!

leco444   1 star

Scam. They stole money out of my bank account and I still haven’t received items I ordered over a year ago

oncouchshopper   5 star

Great for Christmas shopping for the kids. Read the descriptions so that there are no surprises with size

红胡子YYC   5 star

Awesome. Wow, everything is sooooooo cheap and good! I’m loving it so much!

risssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaajfjfjdjx   5 star

Wish. This app is amazing i spent hours browsing 🦋

dweamer   5 star

Fantastic prices. Wow these prices are unreal and waiting to see If these low $1 deals really exist I WISH Keeping my fingers crossed 8 man tent for $1 We will see WISH me luck

gbtuc   5 star

Good and bad. I’ve bought multiple items from wish some great things some terrible stuff like this dog bath that on the sales pitch it has a Laborer in the bath this thing turned up you would be lucky to fit a very small rabbit in it but funny

imyourboss91   1 star

Fix this. Cannot log in keep pop out no internet connection detected my internet no problem

kgb1955   3 star

My review. Wish is a great site for anything you want. Some thing just take months to get here on a whole 3 weeks is ok. And some sites show a number of items but it’s a bit confusing as to what you’ve ordered. Could be improved.

keithsgirl1   5 star

Must have. Anyone who loves to shop must have this app it’s simple to use and great variety

oogiebear   5 star

Fabulous. Wonderful app to get little things that you might be surprised by ❤️

Khemikl   1 star

Over it. Difficult to unsubscribe and the site constantly spams you.

millad711   5 star

Happy to be wish customer. Very good customer service with good respond

Hhcustomer   1 star

Poor security. Wish changed login details without permission and I was then hacked and later threatened. WISH would not respond to multiple requests to rectify. I am a high WISH consumer.

Gearsy beersy   5 star

Excellent!. Great prices and great stuff

Goat are totes   5 star

The new update. Love the app, hate the new update so much

bbbbkkbh   5 star

Amazing. Best place shop

Areird   5 star

Love wish. Love wish

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