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Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the mall.

We take your security seriously and process your purchases securely.

Over 300 million people use Wish to shop affordable goods. So skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on Wish.

Read through customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos of their purchases to find the best deals.

Track your purchases.

If you have questions about your order, reach our customer service easily through the app. Our customer service responds quickly.

Plus, if it’s not perfect, we have easy refunds & free returns.

We now offer brands at affordable prices on Wish Outlet. Find discounted Apple, Samsonite, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Sperry and more!

Get faster shipping with Wish Express! Items with the Wish Express truck icon arrive at your door in 5-7 days.

Spin Blitz Buy to win more savings. When you spin Blitz Buy, you win access to extra discounts.

Collect points with each purchase and redeem them for reward coupons.

Find discounts on trendy fashion, shoes, gadgets, kitchen tools, home goods, kids items, beauty, jewelry, watches, accessories, and more.

Trendy womens fashion: dresses, jackets, bottoms, tops, sweaters, athleisure, swimwear, lingerie...

Quality mens fashion: jackets, sweaters, jeans, shirts, button-up tops, workout wear, underwear...

Accessories: hats, socks, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, gym bags, travel bags, purses, backpacks...

Electronics: fitness trackers, cameras, drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets...

Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation...

Shoes: sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels...

Home Goods: kitchen tools, cookware, knives, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture...

Kids: clothes, toys, school supplies, baby gear...

Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes, women’s athleisure...

Auto: organizers, cleaners, phone chargers...

WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.

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Thank you for using Wish! New in this version - Redesigned product details screen - Bug fixes and performances improvement on the main product feed

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- Happy customer here!

I’ve recently rejoined wish out of Boredom. Wow was I surprised. Honestly can’t complain. Yes you have to order bigger sizes of clothing and they are prob not as thick material as they look. But when you are paying $5 for something or $1 if it’s an add on item (Never place an order without at least one add on item. It’s a total money saver) you can’t really complain too much. Didn’t your parents ever teach ya, “ You get what you pay for?” There shipping has been on point with everything I have ordered. Arriving before the later expected date. Normal items ship faster then their competitors I.e. AliExpress, and that’s without the new added bonus if express shipping in some items. I have ordered anywhere from clothes, to hammocks with misquote netting, to jewelry, and hobby stuff (5D diamond, resin molds, nail kits, etc) and have never cursed wish’s name when a package arrived. Make sure you read reviews (all reviews not just the 5 ⭐️ratings they put on top) and look at pictures when ya can. Also don’t be expecting Martha Stewart quality here, be realistic and understand 95% of this stuff is made in or coming from another country. I would say if you tried it in the past like me and we’re horribly disappointed, give it another try. They have improved beyond belief.

- Long time customer...

I’ve been a customer of wish for years. I think it’s fun & often come across things I didn’t even know where available. However abt 15% of the time the products are not as shown or the quality they claim to be; I don’t even bother with buying clothes here anymore because that was a joke! But the worst part is getting stuck with items I don’t want or flat out cant use. Why is returning something SO HARD!? Recently my son bumped me while I was going thru my cart & I accidentally hit the pay button. I tried to cancel it immediately but to no avail what so ever. I was unable to immediately cancel this & when I tried to stop it thru customer service it was nothing more than a useless collage of suggestions at me, not me getting to state what exactly was wrong. I tried several times their way but kept getting messages saying it would take 2-3 business days for them to even respond! So of course it will go thru by then & I will have to start the gawd awful process of trying to get my money back.... This IS NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY! I have kept several bad products over the years but enough is enough. Why is there no confirmation before making the purchase? Why are you so hard to reach?! A retail business is nothing without customers so why are yours treated with disregard? U should b as concerned with the entire experience as much as you are with taking payment! I believe I will b moving on to a new & more customer friendly shopping site...

- Please read and respond if your the Creator.

This is an awesome app! Since were in Quarantine, this Online App Store is amazing! I love that the items/products are helpful and great! And your guy’s products are really low prices, about that...we know your trying to make our lives better with low prices but in a way it’s not helping, like some people delete the app right away cause the prices are so low that they think you might scam them or might be bad products, but to be honest, it’s fine, just what some people do. But 2 things that have been annoying me is that there are bots I think, it’s a good thing that there are so many comments and reviews that say that the products are great but I never see any negative one which is making me think that their all bots. It’s definitely not your guy’s fault because it’s the bots not you guys but it has been very weird and also really unbelievable. 2nd thing is that it has come to the point...I think you guys scam sometimes, I have seen many videos that your guy’s products sometimes have been scams. It would be even better if you make the prices more up and sell the REAL working products instead of scamming. And remember, it’s not my fault if I listed any wrong things that I said you guys did. It’s not me, the Media could be lying to me. But to me, I don’t think they really scam. If you get the app and see for yourself, It’s not bad!! I overall literally is falling in love with this app! LOVE IT! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

- Pay shipping on every single item

I’ve had the Wish app for years now I love the stuff that they have on it but I do not like how you have to pay for shipping on every single item that you order even if it’s two of the same item you still have to pay shipping on each item and it seems like shipping has went up on a lot of the stuff I’ve been looking at or bought. Here’s an example; I ordered 2 of the exact same neck Bluetooth speakers same color and same company and I paid $26 for each speaker so that was $52 for 2 speakers then I had to pay $12 plus $12 for shipping on the 2 speakers so I wound up paying $64 for 2 Bluetooth neck speakers and shipping which I don’t understand why I couldn’t have just paid for 1 of the shipping because they mailed both of my speakers in the same package so the company made an extra $12 because they was not mailed separately they came together in the same bag and that really made me mad because they should have mailed them in 2 different packages since I paid for 2 shipping prices on them or they should refund me $12 for shipping it in the same package. But that’s wish for ya. Another thing I don’t like it how long it takes to receive some items I ordered from the wish app. It takes at least 1 1/2 weeks or longer before u will get whatever you ordered so always remember if you need the item quicker then you might want to look elsewhere because it’s not gonna come quicker!

- Well worth it!

I have really enjoyed shopping thru Wish! I’ve ordered a variety of things that have turned out to work very nicely for my needs. Remember that you’re not shopping for name brands & the items may not always be top-tiered, but so far, the quality of the items I have ordered have been quite good. Shipping is slow, but everything I have received has been before the expected arrival date they give you at checkout. Sometimes you can also save a little money on shipping if you have the option of picking up at a local business rather than having it come to your home. Save money or have the convenience of it shipping directly to you is a preference for you to choose. The only reason I gave Wish a 4-star instead of 5, is because their descriptions of the products do not always give enough or clear information on items, therefore I have received some things that turned out to be not quite what I expected, but was still able to use with some adjustments; such as, I expected a printed comforter, but it ended up just being a duvet cover. No worries, I just ordered some inexpensive comforters to put in them. Problem solved. Waiting on about a dozen different shirts for me to arrive in November. Sizes were tricky to guess at, so I will definitely give another review on those later this year. In the meantime Wish & enjoy!

- Been using wish for 5 years now!!

I’ve been using wish for 5 years now and quickly learned the ins and outs of it. It comes down to this, you’re usually paying less than $15 for most stuff so be mindful that you get what you pay for. I’ve had things that get delivered within a week and look exactly like the pictures and fit AMAZING and I still wear them. I’ve also had things that take 3 months to be delivered and look nothing like the picture and are such poor quality I throw it away. I’ve never returned anything because honestly I’m lazy and HATE returning things, even to regular stores. So I see it as, if it is delivered and I hate it, I’m only out a few dollars and the world will go on. The things I’ve had the best luck with: shoes (specifically sandals), bathing suits and lingerie/bralettes. I’ve bought multiple dresses and tank tops from here too and still wear them daily. I really really really recommend looking at the reviews on the item and see what others have to say about sizing and quality. If I see poor reviews I won’t buy it but if everyone raves about how soft and true to size a bra and underwear set is or how cute and comfortable a dress is, I usually take that as a good sign and buy it. Hope this helps!!

- App is glitching out?

I logged in to my wish account today on the mobile app and spun for extra rewards points. It then took me to the page where I could choose items to use my rewards on. Of which, literally every single item said “Sold Out,” where it usually has the “Buy” button. I thought this was odd but didn’t think anything of it because maybe all the daily deals had just been scooped up already. I then returned to my Home Screen to look for some subwoofer speakers for my car, I was confused when the first few that I had clicked on had also said “Sold Out,” so I started clicking on every single one in the search. EVERY SINGLE ONE, “SOLD OUT,” so then I decided to try and get some customer service support where an automated system gave me a list of very broad options for what my problem was. I wanted to view the FAQ section so that I could see if this was a frequently occurring issue. Never was I directed to an FAQ page instead I was told it would be 2-3 business days to get a response from a representative. After reading other reviews of this app, I expect nothing more than a reply to this review saying “we are sorry about this, we hope you give wish another chance.” I will be back on it in a few hours to see if the problem has resolved but honestly I am pretty disappointed that there is no immediate customer service representatives to help customers. ):

- Terrible customer support

If you have an issue with an item, there’s no way for you to just write an email to customer support. It forces you to click through options until finally at the end you can write your problem along with a photo of the item. Well when I tried to upload the photo, the app kept malfunctioning and wouldn’t let me upload it. It wouldn’t let me send the message without a photo, but it wouldn’t let me upload a photo. So I had no way to contact customer support with my issue. I tried another day to do it and it finally let me upload the photo but by then it said they couldn’t issue a refund because it had passed the timeframe. I tried to explain why I couldn’t send my request sooner but they didn’t care. They just kept sending me an automated response and closing my request without resolving the issue or acknowledging that the app wasn’t working. But lesson learned that I will never attempt to buy clothes on here again (or anything). But especially clothes. I normally wear an xl or 2xl but on wish even a 5xl is too small for me. Their clothes are a joke and they’re really cheap quality. I’ve gotten some earrings I like on the app but some of them have come broken. And I’ve ordered several things that never arrive. Plus the items really aren’t that cheap when you consider how much shipping you pay per item. They make you think it’s cheap and then charge a ton for shipping. So no, this website is not worth it and the customer support is terrible.

- Don’t use Wish

These people don’t even deserve a star. I ordered a purse, Wish uses centimeters, not inches for measurements. When I received it, I realize it’s too small. Contacted Customer Support , here you are asked specific questions that doesn’t even comes close to what your problem is, so you try to make the best selection that may come close to your problem. You have to take pictures of the item with a ruler for measurement purposes. After I went through all of this, Wish CS contacts me and says that the company correctly filled my order, therefore, my problem has been resolved. No it’s not!! If you read the return policy you have 30 days to return your item. The policy says to go to consumer support and click on Return Form, this does not exist, once you click on CS you’re automatically connected with a CS worker and from there on is just a menu of “possible” reasons to select from as to why you’re unhappy with your order. Because the company sent my order correctly that’s it I’m done, there’s no way I can return this one item because according to them my problem was resolved. I order two other items from Wish around May 10, 2020 and I still haven’t received them. They pushed the delivery date back to June 14, today is June 15 still don’t have my items, they’ve pushed the delivery date back again, this time it’s July 4. I may be stuck with a purse I can’t use and I may not ever receive my other items, but I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH WISH AGAIN!!!!!!!

- Don’t fall for their traps

It’s a useful site if you have the time to wait for products, sometimes up to 3 months. When using the coupon codes, a lot of the discounts don’t go towards shipping do you get either buy a product for $2, get a 5% discount, and pay $3 for shipping, or you can get a “free” product, but pay $5 to ship it. You just have to be careful. THEIR LIMITED LIMITED QUANTITY DEALS ARE A SCAM! Sorry for the caps but out of the 60 attempts to get an item during one of these deals, none, absolutely none, have gone through. I don’t understand why they do this as it just pisses the customer off. They do give you a refund but make sure your card company allows for several credits. This was fine print that I’ve never known about. My credit card company, that I’ve had for over 5 years, only allows 4 credits per day, and after that, they charge. So to clarify: I thought I was getting a deal, was very excited for the deal, but then found out it was false. They refunded me the $2. Since I’d bought 8 items at $1/piece, and $1 shipping for each, I was refunded my $16, then charge $10 for each of the 4 additional refunds. In other words, I paid $40 for items that I’ll never get. Because of this, I’ll stick to Hollar, overstock, and Zulilly. TL/DR: use this app sparingly, don’t expect to get what you pay for(and in cases of quality, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for). And you might end up losing money.

- Just a scam site

Whole thing is full of scams, items are never as advertised, there all fake counterfeit items, useless junk and today it says an expensive item I ordered was delivered hours away from me which is obviously the classic send a fake address something with tracking scam. My account was flagged for abusing return policy I’ve reported 5 items for being junk fake or not showing up I didn’t even ask for refunds they just gave it to me because they knew the items were junk and counterfeit, but the min I ordered something expensive suddenly my account is flagged and the item is delivered to false address! Come on now that’s obviously a scam! I lost my money and nothing I got on site was anything more then trash! I literally threw away everything I supposedly “abused” return policy on! It was junk! Dont buy stuff from here they will screw you! Items take forever to show up as well! Bad enough you risk covid19 from ordering Chinese items! And there screwing people! Edit. New problem items I ordered months ago still haven’t came in when requesting a refund the support said I waited to long, but never would let me request a refund before because it said item needed more time, it’s a scam system you have a week at most window to report an item didn’t arrive. I’ve lost probably 30 bucks to this as well. Five or so of my items never showed up and they won’t refund them. Not ever ordering from this scam app again, China at its finest screwing Americans

- First purchase didn’t go through!!! Lost free gift offer

My first purchase on the wish app didn’t work. I put all my information in which they stored to my account, but after clicking check out the app just endlessly loaded. After about 5 minutes I closed the app and opened it immediately back up to see that my order wasn’t in my orders list and didn’t go through. I checked my account settings and they did store my address and card information though which is weird if my order didn’t go through how did you save my information? I contacted customer support and they were no help 3 times they explained a time limit after I explained to them 3 different times I IMMEDIATELY checked out and the app didn’t load. I then lost the free gift offer because of this lag/bug in their app and they were no help to me to receive my “free gift” which I still was paying the shipping for... or even to give me an explanation as to why it happened, only saying the excuse of a time limit which doesn’t apply because as soon as I made my account and received the free gift offer I immediately checked out and the app endlessly loaded which cost me the free gift offer and never put my order through but somehow saved my card information.. Customer support needs to do a lot better, maybe actually read what is sent to them and try to help not give an automated message about a time limit which has nothing to do with the situation they were contacted about.

- Long term shopper

I've been shopping on wish for years and I have to say I have had some products show up being poor quality but I have had many items be fantastic quality. As of my use of wish right now I am satisfied except for the shipping stuff and a pricing issue. Shipping is irritating as all hell for a couple reasons 1~ shipping is way to expensive often times it's more pricy then the product selected and there is no discounts for shipping 2) shipping takes a really really long time for a lot of items and they change the shipping date on you too so when you try to contact a wish support agent about it they tell ya that if it's not received by xx-xx-xxxx (usually about 1-2 more weeks) then to contact them before a specific date to have the issue resolved. Now for the pricing issue I mentioned above, they false advertise the pricing on (not all but most) items they will say one price then they ask you to select your color or size when adding it to the cart then as soon as you select your choice 8/10 times the price changes and you can't find the product for the price it was originally set at for the product. Besides these things I am satisfied with my experience using wish and having this knowledge I keep it in mind when shopping with them

- Wrong color

I have bought many items from wish and I have never had a problem if I did they would take care of it . But this time I ordered 9 brick stickers for the wall I paid for shipping and was $27 and I did it 2 times because the first time the color showed beige , so I did it again and I ordered the color I wanted which was burgundy brick and 9 so I did get them but they were being and I want a refund and they want me to pay for a refund when it was there fault and I paid for shipping already to get here they gave no sticker if needed to be refunded I have never had any problems with my orders so I would like to give them back but I should not have to pay for a refund when I paid for shipping and they made the mistake on the color all I want are my 9 burgundy brick color I should not have to pay for a refund when they made the mistake and I paid for shipping to get to my home so please please send me the right order and send me a sticker that you pay for shipping you just put my order in a bag and that’s it very unprofessional. So I have been trying to explain it was not my fault it is yours so please please send me the right order.. thank you!!!!!

- Long time customer

Been a customer for about a year now. The return process works great and the prices are awesome. The only issue I have had lately is item I order being cancelled because distributors could not fill the orders. If that’s a ongoing issue I would find a better distributor. Some of the items they have cancelled from my order I go on the app and they are offered again at a higher price. I do get wish cash for the returned items which is nice because I can use it for my next order. Hopefully they will get to be like it was when I started buying and being more reliable with their orders. Delivery does seem to take forever but buying direct like this saves so much money. That I don’t mind waiting. Some items were delivered later than they were supposed to but I did get them. I had a few items that were like a month late. People need to realize when shipping from one country to another that you don’t just send over one package at a time. You fill up a shipping container then send that. If you did ship individually prices for shipping would be way higher. Love you all at wish will continue to shop here as my returns we promptly handled and it’s only a mild inconvenience to ha e to reorder stuff. I’m actually going on the app now to place another order.

- Horrible customer service

Order an item on april 22 at 6pm. Got my order confirmation. Waited for e-mail process /shipping confirmation. On april 27 i got confirmation order was process, , 30 minute later got e-mail my item was shiped and delivered on the 24. After contacting UPS, The tracking number provided was to another person with another addresS. Tracking info also indicated what ever ship waight less than one lbs and my item was well over 2lbs. and to top it off the tracking info said it was shipped hours before i even had placed my order. Ci have been going around in circle with customer service. They kept telling item was delivered and to check around my front door. I live in a fenced in house,no way anyone get to my front door if i do not unlock the gate first. I ask for a new tracking number for my item and they kept going round in circles. I have like 10 e-mails with all kinds of thing i need to do first, the last being that they could not give me a refund since the item had been delivered. Even after i provided all the communication verifying the tracking number was incorrect, which they should have on file, they said sorry but no refund..and all i wanted was a new tracking number since the one provided was not to my order...so either i got scammed...i know i will never buy anything from them again and will discourage anyone to do so also....i am reporting to the better business folks...

- The negative Reviews are true

I‘ve had problems with items not matching the descriptions that went unresolved, but the latest problem baffles me. I got a great deal on an item and received, not that item, but a letter and “free gift.” The gift was some pillow case with puppy pictures on it- useless to me. The letter explained that due to a quality problem at the factory, my item would be delayed 10 days. Wish, however, marked the item as received on the app once my letter was delivered so I contacted them with the photos they requested of my package and letter. At this point, I had been waiting for this item for well over a month and was hopeful that I would receive it- I told Wish this. However, they immediately issued a refund, which they falsely claim I requested, and have made no sense in my repeated email inquiries with them. They advised me to buy from another seller even though that took my price from $20 to $40 through another “store.” I’ve done that and am still waiting for the item, but in my opinion, wish cancelled my sale and made me pay double without any explanation. Was the first store a scammer? Is the second store really the same scammer as the first? Have they heard of this letter/gift scam? I have bought many things from them, but since they won't tell me what is going on with this, I don't trust them anymore. I told them to help me understand this since I planned to write a review, but they have offered no assistance.

- Don’t put your faith in this app

At first, my experience with Wish was alright. Super long shipping, but decent items for cheap prices. A few months ago, I ordered a bundle of items, and one after another, they each came broken. Broken. How lucky am I that several orders arrived broken, all in a row? So of course I try to contact support, and they immediately give me a refund ((A few I didn’t ask for a refund, I was just trying to let the store know their item was broke and they gave me a refund)). The reason I gave this app one star is because since I “requested too many refunds” (again, a few I didn’t request refunds) I am now blocked from contacting support. Four or five contacts about broken items made me “blocked” from contacting support about anything. The only way I “may be determined to be back in good standing” is to buy more. I am not about to go on a shopping spree on this sketchy website after my experience, just to be in “good standing”. Right now they’re not in good standing with me. I can not ask questions about orders that have not arrived, or get refunds on orders that never arrived. There are still things that I ordered months ago that have not came in and have no tracking info, but wish will not let me contact the sellers because I am blocked. I am very frustrated with this and do not plan on using it ever again. If you use this app, just prepare yourself for the worst and read reviews carefully.

- horrible customer service

I've been sending emails back and forth with their support team for over a week now and have gotten nowhere. The DAY AFTER I created my account it was hacked into and over $40 of my wish cash was spent by someone else. After this occurred I couldn't log into my account anymore and whenever I attempted to reset my password I was told that an account with my email address didn't exist. I know for a fact it was the correct email, as I have emailed receipts for the two items I purchased the night I made my account. In a week's worth of emails and sending many screenshots proving the issue they've hardly addressed the hacker issue at all and all they've given me to try to fix it all is "uninstall and reinstall the app and restart your phone" and "here's how to reset your password" as if they haven't read a single word of what I've been emailing them about the past week. I'm so unbelievably frustrated and just want my money back that this hacker spent. Not to mention the two items I did order never even came. I don't want to use the app anymore this experience has been so terrible, I just want my money back. Their support won't help me and I'm not sure what to do now, I've repeated myself so many times on the issue occurring and they just aren't listening. tldr: don't get this app because if you get hacked and someone else spends your money, their customer service won't help you.

- I never write reviews but need to on this app!

I was very skeptical about this app at first and I looked at tons of items but held out on making a purchase because I’ve heard mixed reviews and mainly that you get what you pay for but the shipping would be months at least and some people said their items never even showed up! Since you don’t get the tracking info, I held out until I had extra money I didn’t care about risking losing! I spent only $20 on 4 items which included shipping.. shipping was almost half that which I thought was too high but i got items from 3 different sellers too so I guess it’s not too bad but I received my items within a 2-3 weeks and sooner then I expected! I actually forgot I bought them which was a nice surprise! I’ll definitely buy again but read the reviews because one item I bought was very cheaply made and I wouldn’t buy it again.. yet another item was too good to be true and I’m going to buy more.. so you definitely get what you pay for too! I left reviews as well to help others like me that are skeptical! Definitely worth a try but read people’s comments first & not after u get the item!


I order a tablet a month ago according to their shipping records my item was delivered a few days I placed the order .... 🙄specially knowing they ship from China...I followed up the transit of my product and for some reason it was coming from Ontario Ca ... I thought something different at least I’m getting in a short period of time. Exciting Delivery Day .... didn’t get anything and the Wish Website showed that I got my product. I talked to the the mail man and he said the tracking number wasn’t related to the US post service that number is related to UPS , called customer service and they said they delivered a product with that tracking number somewhere else but it was not related to my address nor my name .... obviously there’s no way they can track anything that is not related to your name.. I placed a complaint on WISH “wonderful customer service” 5 times and every time basically they said your product is been delivered we don’t care about anything else I can imagine they have logistics problems but in the mean time I’m losing money here and I don’t how many of YOU have been going thru the same situation ....careful TOTAL FRAUD

- Really good but......

What I like is that the prices are affordable (obviously) and you can see reviews with pictures and videos. Plus it saves your searches. Things that I would like to see change in are paying with credit. It sometimes would be more convenient if you just paid with cash. A lot of complications come with an app generating your credit card number. There is always something that could go wrong. For example, if you were to press the wrong number while you were filling out information for your purchase, who would have to pay? It might be someone who is in debt and has no money! I know that probably would never happen, but the thought of programers seeing people’s credit card number and address while they are telling mail workers to package and wrap something that isn’t theirs (and might be private) gives me chills. Maybe a better alternative would be for people to mail money to your company before you give them their purchase. Just gives us notifications about where. I’m not saying get rid of credit, but I think that you should still have cash (or€,£,¥ etc.) as an option. Thanks for the possibility of you listening to my opinion.(or lecture)

- This app took my money

I’ve used this app for a few years now, but I’ve only ordered about 10-15 items total. I ordered 5 things this past September, and only received three of them (in mid December btw). They all arrived a week or two after the delivery date, yet I still left decent reviews and even uploaded photos. One of the orders was 2 sets of lashes in different lengths, but the shipping was never updated and I never received them. I finally requested a refund two weeks ago, 3 1/2 months after I originally ordered them. They said it could take up to 14 days to receive it. I checked my account and the refund wasn’t there, so I went to my app and it said my account was flagged for “excessive refunds”, when it was the only time I’ve EVER requested a refunded, and it was duplicate items from the same company. It won’t allow me to contact support any further, and I can only get my account “in good standing” by continuing to shop. Why would I continue to shop when I’m missing items and/or a refund, and I’ve never requested one before, and left reviews on every item I’ve gotten? This is unacceptable and the worst customer service policy ever written. Such a rip off. I don’t expect expedience from Wish, but this was ridiculous. Never spending another dollar on here. I’m currently looking for options to rectify my issue and receive my refund. I’m deleting the app once this happens.

- 4 months wait

I ordered items In March it’s June now and no items. But I ordered something else and it took like two weeks so spin the wheel on how long something might take to get to you. Update you told me to contact you with the details of my order.. well how the hell am I supposed to do that? Your whole company is designed to put people on a loop after they buy something and however long it takes to get your item is however long it takes! I can’t believe apple has not stepped in and banned your app from there platform! Your crooks! I demand you give me a link to contact someone within your company! Otherwise I’m going to assume your giveing me the run around and I’m going to make a corporate complaint to apple. Further more buyers beware the estimate of time for delivery is totally whatever they feel like saying and then they just move it back so it would be different if they just said 3-6 months delivery btw if your paying attention is incredibly long! I don’t even know how you could make it that long assuming your using the usps the slowest it takes for anything from even Florida to Alaska is two weeks tops and that is being generous most of the time it’s less then 5 days. So it’s more about the time it takes to get here from China. So slow boat is super slow boat and I think it’s called lying when you make up a tracking system that does not work!!!


I’ve been using this app for several years and have had little or no problem using it. Once or twice I have not received an item but was my account was promptly refunded. I can attest to what another reviewer said about confusion about FREE and a price that doesn’t seem to exist. FREE means the item is free but you will still pay shipping. Be careful though. An item from one store can be FREE with a $2 shipping charge and from another store the item may be $1 with a $1 shipping charge. In reality the cost is the same for identical items. In the case of an advertised price that doesn’t seem to exist, you do have to look through the options to find what item is actually the advertised price. It may be for a size or color you don’t want. Check everything before you click buy. Also check sizes on clothing. I’ve usually ordered 2 sizes up and have no problem. I do like the ability to create a WISH LIST so I can save items I’d like to buy at a later date. WISH’s customer service is very good. They answer promptly and courteously. Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with WISH and the products I have purchased from them.

- There are actually good items for sale

Wish does have some really good things for sale for great prices. You do have to wait quite a while for things, which can be frustrating. Almost every item I’ve bought has been worth the money. I do wish though that discounts were given out more. The only coupon I ever receive is 5% off. Doesn’t matter how much I spend, I only get 5% discounts. I see lots of things for the potential to receive up to 50% but I’m guessing it’s pretty much impossible. The other issue is updated tracking info. Orders placed with have tracking info that hasn’t been updated for more than 2 weeks & when you try to get help, you message an automated assistant who doesn’t do anything to help & at the end of them “helping” you they ask if this helped & have a thumbs up or thumbs down. I’m guessing though that Wish doesn’t actually care if their automated service works or not because it hasn’t changed. It’s impossible to get updated info on an order. So in short, if you don’t mind waiting for a while, never getting an accurate update, & never actually talking to a person who can help you, WISH is great. They really do have good quality things for sale. Make sure to read the comments from others.


I’ve been using wish for years but I had one issue that made me not want to use wish anymore. This app can be sketchy after of what i experienced. I got few orders refunded because they couldn’t deliver successfully or couldn’t ship my orders, so they refunded me by giving me “Wish Cash” Few hours later i got a notification from wish but it was all in Russian, I couldn’t read it so i ignored the notification (I thought it was an ad or a suggestion of an item or something) 2 days later I decided to browse wish and i looked in my order history, sure enough there was an order I didn’t even make! I checked the shipping address and it was going to Russia (I live in the United States) From there it all made sense, The person changed the language to Russian and also deleted my address. I was lucky enough to still have access into my account but it was too late for me to cancel the order so I contacted wish support. THEY DID NOT HELP AT ALL!! I sent multiple emails and they sent me the same email over and over saying they want the order number and details and I clearly did everything they ask me to and STILL no help. Overall, I do not recommend using wish, its too risky. I’m not the only one that went through this, there are many reviews out there that people got hacked and the customer service is horrible. I’m never using this sketchy app again.

- Items I ordered

A lot of the times I order stuff and never receive them! U will send me a notification asking if I got it and of course I state no then I either get refunded or ask for wish cash. I have ordered several items that NEVER EVEN LEFT CHINA, from which ur tracking says, then I’m still awaiting for items and then u tell me I’m “Flagged” for getting refunds for stuff I never received?! That doesn’t make any sense, or if that my fault. I have seriously considered not to order again from you all, and I actually haven’t been. Due to NEVER GETTING MY ORDERS! Why am I the one at fault for something that is happening on ur end!? Then u claim it’s supposed to be in on a certain date when I check u then tell me to what even longer due to “ weather “ conditions? It’s been summer time, what weather conditions are there, yet ur website says it’s still in China? It makes no sense to me and I don’t feel like u punishing me is right! I’m not gonna just not complain about it. I’m gonna tell u the truth and say that no i didn’t get it, but somehow ur putting the blame on me, and flag me for ur own faults! It’s not fair and still I’m waiting for a men’s ring that was supposed to be in on the 16 now ur telling me to wait even longer! NOT FAIR! Truely unprofessionally! You have lost a great customer and it’s sad that I have been treated in this manner!

- Where do I start?

I have a love and a hate for WISH. So first off let me say, the jewelry is pretty much exactly how it looks in photos and as long as you size your ring up 1 or 2 sizes, it all fits beautifully and looks just as good as any costume jewelry I’ve ever bought anywhere else. Pretty much everything else on here is you get what you pay for. Anything clothing wise is usually not going to fit unless you size up at least 2 sizes. The fit guides aren’t much help either, I order based off how reviewers said it fit. My biggest complaint is with prices. Often it will say one price (like a shirt $4), then when you click into the item it’s not only not that price, it’s no where near it! The $4 shirt is all of a sudden $13 with $5 in shipping too! And for the quality I’ve gotten with the clothes on here, I’d never spend $20 on a shirt! I’d rather go to Walmart lol. And also with prices you’ll see the same items multiple times, different prices...smh it’s ridiculous I’ve also bought toys on here. If you have kids that really play hard with their toys, don’t bother cause they won’t hold up

- Not 1 Star or 5 star worthy

Hey last year my mom told me about this app, I thought it was so cool and how great it was because how cheap everything was. But just because it’s cheap and at an amazing price doesn’t mean the quality is amazing. I bought 4 lipsticks came months later most likely were sitting in stock for months and expired. The quality was not worth the wait. I’ve seen on other reviews that even tho it says it’s “free” doesn’t mean you don’t pay for it you still have to pay shipping. Don’t be suprised you have to pay shipping for everything. I’ve never haven’t had a problem with customer service so I can’t say anything there. The makeup is not good quality, 2 glosses I got were not even the same color as what I had ordered. The eyeshadows were irritating my eyes. And a liquid shimmer lighter was dry. You really get what you pay for, cheap cheap cheap quality products. When you check for your order updates I believe it’s false. I don’t think they even know where the shipments are. Not that in my case was a bad thing but for other people they may not like it. I received a product but on the app it said it hadn’t been delivered. This was abt a year ago. Sometimes the delivery takes so long I forget abt the product completely.

- Crappy Customer service

I’ve used the app for two years now. Mostly decent experience. Some items arrive early some arrive very late. On my last order I had multiple purchases for cute jewelry. Most of them showed up within the expected window, 3 did not. Apparently something about the refund policy changed to only allowing refunds within 30 days of expected arrival. Due to personal life issues I didn’t follow up to see which jewelry orders were missing till 4 days after this deadline, so they were no longer refundable. Explain how my not receiving what I order is my fault??? They offered wish cash and no other interaction by which to question that option or NOTHING AT ALL...so I submitted the three items for wish refund. 3$ for the first. 2$ for the second. An error on the third. I tired to resubmit. It told me the item had already been refunded. I checked my wish cash balance. Still 5$. I tried their other contact support. Same automated system. Same, “you’ve already been refunded.” At this point I’m done. The products themselves are mediocre at best, you get what you pay for, but punishing your customers for your lack of follow through and availability other a 3$ refund. Naw. To the User: make sure you stay on top of the delivery date and refund window or prepare to be screwed.

- Never using again

I have never been so disappointed. I’ve been shopping with Wish for years and never had a problem. A few months ago, I ordered 5 packages all at the same time and only two came. Of course it were the two that was “free” and all I had to pay was shipping. The two packages came in a week after I ordered them. I wasn’t surprised, usually when I shop with Wish my orders come in 7-14 days after I order them. So they come in a month early. This time it wasn’t the case. My other three packages never came in at all. At first I said to myself “okay maybe I’m actually gonna have to wait for the estimated delivery date.” The estimated delivery date has passed and still no packages. They refunded me my shipping fee and said if I don’t receive my orders in the next month then they’ll give me a full refund. No. I’m sick of waiting. I’m never getting these packages. One of the packages said it arrived in the United States (which is where I’m at) on April 24. It is now June 2nd so where is it? I know we’re in the middle of a global pandemic but I did get two of my orders so where are the other three?! The fact that we can’t even talk to a real person on customer service or the seller until AFTER you receive your package is a pain because we NEED real help. Not automated messages from a robot. Wish, you just lost a loyal customer. Never again.

- Could customer service actually help me, please?

I buy from sites like Wish all the time, so I’m familiar with the quality of products sold and the usual length of time shipments take. Usually it’s very reasonable but this is simply atrocious. I placed an order May 3rd, it is now June 12th. My initial time frames for order arrival were from mid to late May. Now they’re all June 30th. I have received one part of my order, on June4th (the site incorrectly states June 3rd), but that was about a week after the initial estimated date. This makes me think I won’t receive the rest until early July, if I’m lucky. I order from sites like ROMWE (I know) so I get things take longer to ship. But even during the middle of an outbreak, other sites based where Wish is were able to get my orders to me in well under a month. But maybe Wish is a special case? If so, I would like an option to request a REFUND. I’ve tried contacting customer service and was told to wait until AFTER JUNE 30TH. I was already told to wait until AFTER MAY 27TH which I have! I feel like I’m stuck in a never ending cycle of being told to wait for help that’s never going to come. All I want is my money back for the items I have not received. I would very much appreciate it if someone from Wish actually got into contact with me after seeing this review, beyond thanking me for my feedback.

- Ridiculous

When I first started using Wish (about 2 years ago) you could find cool unique stuff really cheap. And the price under the picture before you even clicked for the description and info was what it went in your cart as. The last several times I have thought about ordering anything, either it is outrageous prices (such as $20 for a T-shirt that may or may not arrive in the color/size I ordered) (and it takes forever to arrive) OR it has one price under the picture, you click and it has another price on the add to cart button, then a 3rd price where you choose the size, and then you look at your cart a 4th price (all before tax and “discount” codes) so you don’t know what you’re actually going to pay until you add it to your cart... and I have had to make them do SO MANY refunds because (1.) my product never showed up, (2.) I carefully read the description and when it arrived it was no where near matching the description, (3.) they sent the wrong size and/or color, or (4.) it was completely trashed (example: I ordered a canvas print of a painting that I was going to have framed and give as a gift. When it arrived the envelope it was in was still in perfect condition but the canvas inside was miscolored and had an unidentifiable stain and 2 huge tears across the middle). I’m done. I just officially deleted the app.

- Thieves

Folks, if you feel like having your money stolen from you order merchandise off the wish app. You will wish you hadn’t have I promise you. I clicked on one of the many orders that I have never received to see why and I was given the option for a refund. Only to be told when I clicked on refund that the order was beyond the refund window. Do what?!!!! They are scammers folks, con artists. And they need to be put out if business. I haven’t received any of my orders and yet they claim that the majority of them have been refunded. It’s a lie!! I have bank statements to prove it too. So, orders claiming to be refunded but aren’t. One order I haven’t received says a partial refund has been given. Now why would they only give you part of your money back if you never received the entire order to begin with? Plus, telling the customer that certain orders are beyond a refund window even though you never received the order. If you didn’t receive it they should give you your money back. Period!!! This company should be shut down for stealing money from its customers. I am just trying to make the public aware so no one else gets done like I have been done by them. Order at your own risk. I will continue to enlighten folks of what kind of scam this company is operating. It’s wrong and I work to hard for my money to have it stolen from me by anyone.

- Tempting prices, continuous disappointment!

You will be tempted by their amazing prices and you’ll be continuously disappointed time, after time, after time, after time! My very first orders in mid June, were supposed to come by mid July, which I understood was long but that’s what they told me it would take, so I knew what I was in for. After waiting for three weeks, I’ve been advised that they will be coming towards the end of September (yes, 3 months). Shortly after my first order I found a great deal on an E-bike which was delivered to Long Beach, I live in Salt Lake City Utah, after dozens of emails and two weeks of escalating I finally got my refund. Like an idiot, I thought I’d give them a couple of more trys. I ordered some facemasks that were supposed to be coming from the United States and therefore “speedy” delivery, nope, those will be coming in mid September. I also ordered bicycle bag for my bike rack specifically stating that it shipped from the United States, it is now currently sitting in a Chinese warehouse pending shipment. See my photos where it specifically says shipping from the United States and now sitting in a Chinese warehouse. I’m quite certain that there’s not a single product that you can trust what it says, so if you have spare money lying around and don’t mind waiting for 3 to 6 months to see what happens, or where it may be delivered, by all means use this app.

- Product Review

I have found it very difficult to gat any satisfaction whatsoever from a customer representative. You can NEVER reach anyone who has the authority to do anything to remedy your problem. I have ordered several things that have ended up in the Goodwill box, in hopes that someone might be able to get some use out of it. The sizes for clothing are not universal so what may be a size 10 or Medium from one vendor may be a size 6 from another. The charts are a joke so I have learned to not order anything to wear. I have also found that the shipping from ( CHINA), is very expensive, so I would have come out ahead if I had just purchased it locally. The final straw was when I ordered a human hair wig for my next door neighbor who was going through Chemo. I ordered it in a silver gray (her hair color) and I received it in a dark brown. Needless to say, my neighbor, who had been anxious to get it, was extremely disappointed when it arrived. I thought perhaps I had made an error when I ordered it and after checking my order to see, I confirmed that I had ordered the Silver Gray. Lesson learned and it was.... be careful what you order, don’t expect to get the color you order, don't order anything that has to fit, don’t think you can return it, expect it to take a looooong time to receive it and expect to pay high shipping fees. And that’s the truth!!

- Not as good as I thought

Ok so first of all that extreme discount that you see on the app is not true at all. If you go to eBay and look for the same product, it is the same price and the same brand. Items on wish is not really $50+. Another thing is that I ordered many things from wish but only a few came. Like right now I ordered about 16 things from wish and only 5 things came. I took advice from the other reviews and refunded my items when it was way past the expected delivery and wish blocked my account from refunding anything after a few times. I understand why I got blocked but if wish’s app had a valid tracking number and actually came, I wouldn’t have to refund anything. Honesty I think that if you see anything you like you should just search it up on eBay as the tracking is more reliable and the items came on time. And lastly don’t think that the coupons that they give you is a huge discount because after a while wish starts to add tax to some of the items and beware that the ‘free’ items can’t have coupons applied to it so might as well find things that aren’t free but about the same price. I have it 2 stars because when the items do come, the quality really good but it’s not that bad for the price you pay for it.

- Lack of communication...

I love scrolling through everything wish has to offer; even if I’m never going to buy it. It has lots of variety and dirt cheep prices. However, the problem is that you sometimes really do get what you pay for and the item turns out to be garbage, but you only paid 50 cents and like 4 dollars shipping. My only problem is that I can not emphasize how important it is t be able to SPEAK TO THE SELLER! This is the reason Wish falls flat compared to another Chinese selling app, Ali Express. Sometimes sellers forget to write certain things in their descriptions that can lead to buyers being unsatisfied because they didn’t have enough information. If there was a shipping problem, something that is a problem for the buyer and seller, you can’t do anything. Because of this lack of communication, I don’t buy anything on wish unless it has a ton of costumer reviews. And I rlly don’t want that because I’ve seen to many items I’d totally buy, but I don’t have enough information about it. Also, PHOTO SERCH would be pretty nice. I know I just ranted about what I didn’t like, but wish really is a nice app if you have the skills to not get scammed.

- Don’t count on anything

Everything on this site comes from China. Have fun waiting a month. It would have been worth it for some great deals. But over the years, I have actually received less than 10% of the items ordered. To get refunds is like jumping through hoops. When you get jewelry, just ignore that it says sterling silver. Even if it says .925. Nothing I’ve ever gotten has been stamped and everything has turned my finger green very quickly because I’m very allergic. And I believe those might be the only items I have received. I am very ill and spent a significant amount of time hospitalized. Even though their OWN tracker showed that items were either delivered to other states or sent back to China, either way, clearly stating that they never made it to my house, Wish refused to assist me because too much time had passed. Well. Excuse me for my critical and incurable illness. However when YOUR OWN TRACKER states clearly that I paid for items that weren’t delivered to me, why the hell does it matter how much time has passed. Rip off artists, I might be too ill but I have good friends who will take you to the mat with the better business bureau. Thieves. Connivers. Not worth the dollar you might pay for the item you don’t get. It adds up. They are making lots of money by making people give up. Despicable company. You should be ashamed.

- Theft in the most devious way

All I can say is this is straight out fraud, theft, and morally despicable. They tell you that they can’t give any kind of refund or do anything while it is in your Delivery window yet they just keep pushing up the delivery window. Then with the delivery window Finally does end, they make you use the useless virtual assistant who because there is a tracking number can only refund the shipping cost at this time let you know to call back in one month 30 days to be exact and they will help you at that time. Well if you take the time to read their refund policy In regards to items that did not arrive, in regards to items that did not arrive, it states that 30 days after The most recent delivery date It is at their sole discretion whether or not to give you a refund. Summit up you pay, you wait, you don’t get any customer service, item doesn’t show up and they offer you with cash for your shipping, and the virtual assistant tells you to call back after 30 days to what I’m assuming will end up being A customer service agent emailing you telling you that you waited too long to ask for the refund. All in all this is the most emotional display and shows that this business has no ethical values nor respect for its customers Beats By Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones BEATS by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

- I love this app BUT...

I love this app and have purchased many items on here like clothes, jewelry, kitchen stuff, gifts, etc...Many have worked out, some have not. It takes a while to ship but the prices are awesome and affordable also you get a huge selection of things I don’t see in stores. You get to read reviews from other people that post pictures of their items and that’s super helpful! Anyway the one thing I really HATE about this app is when you check out it has a giggling “swipe to order” button that incessantly moves until you use it or leave. It’s very VERY annoying and extremely rude to pressure someone while they are checking out!! It is very distracting to a person trying to do math in their head and make sure they can afford their items since the incorrect amount is written under most items- VERY DECEPTIVE- (but I’m willing to ignore that!) and you ONLY get the TRUE price and the checkout. It makes me want to stop shopping on here. Customers, especially regular customers deserve to be treated better. GET RID OF THAT HORRIBLE ANNOYING BUTTON. Just have a steady NON-MOVING “Checkout” or “Purchase” button instead! Thanks

- It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Wish is truly hit or miss. Some of my very favorite tunics, leggings and accessories come from Wish. At the same time, when they miss? They MISS. They tell us to make sure we look at their sizing charts before ordering, but that’s useless. Are they just flat out lying when they report these measurements? A chart will reflect that a tunic is 27” long, which is tunic length. When it finally arrives 60+ days later, it turns out to be 23”. You can’t even call that a tunic. Like I said —when they miss, they miss hard. I have a pile of junk from Wish to match my pile of good buys. Also, come on, Wish. How about REAL coupon codes for, not just First Orders (new customers) but customers like me who have been with you for years? Where is the loyalty? This 5% off crap is for the birds. Give us some ACTUAL discounts. And please stop calling things “Free” when they’re clearly not free. Yes. We notice when it *suddenly* becomes $4 plus $5 in shipping. Just like we notice when we’re lured in to click on something that says $3.80, only to have it be $13 once we choose a size and color. Do you think we’re not going to notice when these things happen? Why can’t you just be straight forward? Would be easier on everyone, including you. Makes no sense. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤨

- Worst Shopping Company period

This was the worst online shopping experience and customer I’ve ever had! Within 2 weeks of making a purchase my account was HACKED by someone in Russia. Wish’s customer service is absolutely pathetic. You can’t call them, you can’t actually chat with someone, you have to send an email. Someone from Russia purchased 3 items on my account, Wish never flagged it themselves. I had to email them. The responses were awful to non-existent. I got a response on one of the items and a refund. The other two fraudulent purchases were never taken care of by Wish. I had to tell my credit card of the fraud and get a new credit card number. Then a month later a person in Russia tried to hack my account again and Wish did nothing! Good thing I pulled all financial info by that point. I’ve had disputes with other companies that sell Chinese products with great communication, but Wish was the worst. So now to the products. They’re from China which isn’t clearly stated on the Wish app. I’ve had good experiences buying direct from China on other websites. The products took almost 3 months to be delivered and when they were they were cheap and not worth the time, money, and stress. Use the Wish app at your own risk. I will be telling others not to buy anything from here.

- No guarantee you’ll receive your order

The thing with Wish is you order lots of things for a cheap price and then wait a long time to receive your items. A lot of times you’ll never receive your item at all. It’s hard to keep track of because the “tracking” feature they have is useless. It literally doesn’t track anything. The items never arrive when they’re supposed to. Then you can contact customer support. You’ll select “item not received” the only option after that is “ask for refund” or “continue to wait” well even though you’re telling them you never received the item they do nothing. You would think so but no. So when you contact them again because you never heard back they will say you have 30 days to request a refund from the expected arrival date and you’re too late. You’ve lost your money. So even though you contacted them within 30 days to tell them you never received the item you can’t get a refund or your item because it’s been more than 30 days. So it’s a good deal if you get your items but good luck. I have never had a company be so terrible about delivery and customer service after the items are not delivered. After too many undelivered items I’m no longer a Wish customer.

- Pick up at store

I have spent a lot of money with wish and love that I can order and pick up. The down side is I have gone to pick up my order and the first time I went the hours on wish were wrong. I waited in town for a hour since it’s a long drive to go back and be told by another business owner in the same building that the person of whom I needed to pick up from called and said she would not be in today. Yesterday I went back to get my orders to be told some of my items were out of stock. How is this possible? The manager told me that he has a customer that comes in the store ask how many items and sometimes buys all of them. What about the orders I placed??? How is that fair? I paid for it and she’s buying it before I can pick it up. There should be something that notifies the store when a pick up order is placed and by whom. That item is no longer for sale! I’m frustrated. Items that I was told was out of stock I am still able to order from their store. Also all the items on my order says I picked them up. I did not. I hope wish makes it right. After all. I will he charged a restock fee if I don’t pick up by a certain day. This has left a bad feeling in me.

- Triple Check Your Cart!!

I've been a Wish customer for years and have had very few problems with the purchases I've actually made... Which is ONLY because I double check my cart with each item added and then instantly remove 99% of the items added because they've changed price/shipping. This is a huge problem with the site/app and something needs to be done about it! For instance, the described item may be listed at $5, but once you try to add it to your cart, it's $20. You learn that the advertised price was only for a non related item they've added to the option list, and that not one size/color combo of described product is less than 300% of advertised price (and that $5 shipping cost listed is now $12 in the cart). Usually you'll find whatever size/color combo is listed at the cheaper and misleading advertised price if you continue to add one of each size and color combo of the item to your cart, but more and more often I'm finding that there's not one, that the price listed is completely false! Request a refund when you receive that "we have a question" (have you received..) email, because if you give them the extra time they're requesting for your item to arrive, you'll also be exceeding time frame to do anything about it when it still doesn't show.

- Wish is hit or miss, watch out for the pitfall bait and switch !

Great way to save money on SOME items. As with any frugal shopper, research what you are buying AND the time required for shipping! Some of the low price sales are actually bait and switch. Especially the 50 cent sales. Limited to the first order to paid and finalized, otherwise you are S.O.L. There is also an “approval” period, up to 7 days or longer that gives the seller the opportunity to back out of the sale. And your item(s) are on hold until they approve the sale. One item i purchased took8 weeks to process, including shipping and approval. Even if you get the low sales price, watch out for the sneaky shipping fees-much like ebay the shipping fees can be twice as much as what you pay for an item. I.e. a patio umbrella is 87 cents to ship, a pair of panties is $2.00 to ship. Go figure. Wish is a fun place to shop as long as you watch put for the pitfalls. Customer service takes 48 to respond to your messages. The cost you pay to return an item to china is much more than what they paid to ship it, if you have to return an item. Slow shipping if item is outside the U.S. but sellers who have producy in the states has super fast shipping.

- Order Uncertainty.

This is my third time redownloading Wish just to delete it again. It has a large variety of product and the recommendations are spot on to what I want. However. Ordering anything is never certain. I have had issues with sizes of things. Because it’s all from China and me being from America, the sizing is way different. Usually two to three sizes too small and even the largest size never fits. And that’s just the clothes! When it comes to products, the picture is never accurate! Sure the project sometimes works but it’s way too small or nothing like the picture that it’s advertised! The only good thing I liked about Wish was it’s early delivery. But not this time. This time I’m deleting Wish for the last time was because of a package that never came in. It was stuck at the airport for two weeks before! I had to wait a week for my order to process! I ordered it in the middle of NOVEMBER. And couldn’t get a refund on the shipping until the beginning on December and I couldn’t get a refund on the item itself until the middle of December! I’m a patient person when it comes to delivery and refunds. But this was pushing it and the final straw for Wish. I’ll stick with Amazons more expensive products and their delivery uncertainty than have to deal with this again.

- My Experience

All of my friends use wish so i gave it a try and actually got hooked to online shopping which is something i normally wouldn't do. i purchased almost 100 items in one day and got expected dates for most of them but two days later its says i cant purchase it and i need to refund every item except the one they gave me for free plus shipping costs for joining wish. Initially i was ticked off because most of those we’re to be gifts for my sisters wedding. I had to individually click each item to get the refund which took forever because i purchased so many. The only two options they gave was to use on app money or refund to my bank account. After having to refund all my merchandise i dont want to purchase anything else from the app so i chose to refund it back to my bank account but to my avail i have to wait 2 weeks to get a refund. I don’t understand that, when i purchased it it took the money from my account instantly but i have to wait two weeks for a refund?? Im highly disappointed. Waste of time, money, and storage space. after i receive my refund, whenever that is, im deleting the app, i gave it a fair chance and i dont like it 😡 now how will i explain to my sister that i dont have the things i promised her was coming in the mail anymore??

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- Not Happy with this service at all

I ordered items and did not receive a confirmation email. I noticed that I had made a slight mistake on my email address and contacted customer support. They wanted me to upload personal id information which was totally inappropriate as all they had to do was to add one more letter to my email address and it would have been correct. They then corresponded with me via notifications. I had ordered a number of items and almost all of them had been delivered (still missing one item). I was going through the process of trying to return 2 of the items because they were not as advertised and did not come with instructions and then found that all of my correspondence to them via notifications had been scrubbed. Despite further emails to them I still have not been able to return the items. The customer service is extremely poor and I will not bother to order anything else through them even though the “come on” prices are appealing.


Used to shop crazily on wish until someone used my account to purchase. SO THAT IS A NO NO to start with. They notified me and told me to change my password but because the only support you get through to are not trained to answer problem questions so that was impossible. Now I cannot see any past purchases’ but not only that they now take weeks if not months to answer emails. My problem happened earlier this year and I have been trying to sort out the new email problem now in August without success. Got an answer from them a few weeks ago to change my password which I already did when purchases were illegally made but still a problem on my account. As for refunds, they are excellent. Their products, not all are good and to send them back costs more than to purchase but they fund immediately . So, buy from them at your own risk but don’t expect emails to support to be answered quickly or correctly. Looks like they have set emails that they use because they do not relate to your problem whatsoever. BE VERY CAREFUL SHOPPING WITH THEM and DO NOT leave any payment cards automatically setup on your account. This is how I got caught but instead, key your card number in manually for every purchase you make.

- 3yrs now buying from wish

I enjoy buying from wish I pick a product and read the description and check the reviews on the product as well as the shop Selling them. All read and taken in “with a pinch of salt”. And thanks to how wish app is set up I can look at other sellers with the same product. This has served me well with my purchases. Wish is great place to shop from. I have told my family and friends and workmates to buy from them as they usually ask where I’ve bought a certain product. They all seem to have shoppers anxiety thru any app but I’ve advised them how helpful wish is with any issues. In the 3 yrs and 15 products approximately only 2 products haven’t arrived and one arrived but broke on first use. Wish service required a few details from me for proof of issues of which I was compliant and they were quick in refunding me. I have no problems with them and will continue to buy from them.

- Pretty good!

Wish is actually better than expected. I have always been told that it’s so dodgy but it’s actually not too bad. I have ordered serval things from Wish and they have come packaged really good and the items have not been damaged at all! The only reason I’m not leaving a 5 star review is because of how long it takes to ship to my house. It takes at least 2 months and the first item I ordered took over 5 months!! That was mostly because of COVID-19 and especially since it was coming from china. I ordered it in December 2019 and it came in my mail in May-June!! I had ordered a phone case and it was actually pretty good quality. I have ordered many things since that have taken about 2-3 months to come to my house but I would definitely order things from Wish again! Most items on wish are $3 or even free (you just have to pay shipping which is about $4-depending on the item and price of the product), so it seems dodgy but it’s actually not. I would recommend to use wish because it gets the job done 👍👍😊😊

- Not worth it

The novelty of getting stuff I needed for cheap was already waning pre-pandemic when I kept getting items that weren't as described about two months after I bought them, but it really wore off when I ordered something a little more expensive in June and kept getting told to wait longer due to the pandemic (which I was honestly very happy to do for the first couple of months of it being overdue, I know my item isn't high priority all things considered). When I finally decided in September that the wait times weren't something I could hack anymore, I tried to bring it up to wish support and could only access a robot telling me the window for a refund had expired in early August. There's no way to talk to an actual person about this. I double checked my order history and it's still asking me to wait a little longer for the item when I indicate that it hasn't arrived (which is how you usually start the refund process and which I had pressed countless times before today). Most of the stuff on the app is predictably terrible quality anyway (even considering the generally low costs), don't bother. Try a different app.

- WOW ,Wish has everything

I have only just started ordering from Wish,as I had a desire to start making jewellery. I haven’t started yet because there is such a huge variety of everything and I have no idea what I needed. My orders have all arrived well within the specified times. All have been such good quality but I did receive a faulty item,which was immediately refunded without me having to return it and pay shipping. I noticed they sold a few other types of products,so I ventured further,I could not believe my eyes they have everything. I am housebound in a wheelchair,so the convenience of being able to get everything I need in one place is truly amazing 💞😊💞

- Beware the hi cal fault, items purchased without swiping to pay.

As said in title, beware if placing items in cart, I place items of similar types in cart to then review which is the cheapest total and compare shipping n delivery dates. Over $600 of items were purchased WITHOUT me even touching the swipe to pay button. It was a nightmare plus over 40 emails back n forth to support with very little understanding from them or comprehension of what I was explaining. I had to wait for each item to arrive before requesting a refund. It took over 7 weeks for me to get most of my money back. Support will simply reply..”we apologise and are sorry you are unsatisfied with your item, we will attempt to assist you and make positive experience in future.” They never acknowledge understanding of what the issue was nor say they will look into technical issue of cart/purchasing faults. The lat message I got was ...”please remove your bank card details every time until you purchase to avoid issues.” Grrrrrr..........

- Literally the WORST customer service

Impossible to get an answer that is not just a cycle of talking to the wish assistant and then getting some complete garbage response that does not address your query in the slightest and normally treats you like an impatient idiot who is incapable of checking tracking, if you keep pushing you’ll eventually get an excuse about COVID and the refund policy (which STILL doesn’t address why an item has not actually been shipped in 50-odd days). Also some of the spammiest notifications I’ve ever experienced, literally just had another one trying to get me to buy more even as I complain about the ineptitude of their customer service. Completely awesome application with no glitches 🙄. Seriously, I’d rather bathe with my toaster than have another round of trying to get an answer to a basic question from whatever garbage team or algorithm formulates these responses - that’s how completely frustrating and defeating it is trying to get a straight answer to a simple and legitimate question from these lot.

- Worst shopping site ever

Beware the fine print people. Nothing is as it seems on this shopping site. They try to entice you with cheap products that look amazing, but you have to read every. Single. Word. Don’t be fooled that what you see is what you get. I’ve ordered 4 things from wish, all 4 things took almost 3 months to arrive. The first 3 were different leggings, and none of them fit like leggings should. Their model was clearly a heavily paunched gorilla with wooden legs made from an ornately carved figure head from a Viking ship. I managed to get my money back for all three of these disabled gorilla leggings, but only after a lot of back and forth with an uncaring help centre figure online. There are hidden costs everywhere, and the pictures that come with the items have all been heavily doctored and look nothing like the real thing. How the model wearing these disabled gorilla leggings managed to make them look like they actually fit comfortably and correctly must have taken some fancy editing after the photos were taken.

- Please Fix This!

I love using Wish and have found many great things on the app but recently the app seems to be going wrong for example the prices that you see before you click onto the object you want would be $2 but when you do click into it the prices suddenly goes up to say $23 instead and you can’t get a description of anything because it is just random words put together plus when you put an item in the cart the prices go back to the original price and when you do click buy it won’t allow you and says to contact support, I did that and it wanted not only my email but a photo of my bank statement which they aren’t getting plus I checked with a few people and they are having the same problem so can you please fix this problem so I can get back to shopping on Wish please ASAP thank u.

- Be careful at the checkout!

The app works most of the time (iPhone 6s iOS latest update) but be careful when you’re at checkout, if you have swipe to pay setup and you’re not careful the wrong touch of the screen can slide that bar and process your order without even swiping anywhere near it. It’s happened to me once and a few people I know have had similar experiences. As for wish, check shipping costs before and after checkout, don’t pay until you check because the price goes up sharply with some items that seem to be a bargain; in fact they’re the exact opposite. Also be wary of “low quality” and “high quality” or “basic” and “upgrade” versions, as they are sometimes all the exact same item. The app does crash from time to time but I believe this is an issue with my device not the app itself.

- Worst app u guys will come across

To my personal experience this app is the worst app when it come to shopping Despite the shipment take so long and it get also extended more and more and more The worest thing u guy’s gonna come across is the auto reply system in the app when ur asking about ur item or u wanna try to contact someone for help to check why the item taking longer than expected or u want to cancel or u want to report a problem, therefore ur gonna get nothing because there’s no number for customer support or service only emails and emails takes a very lonnnnnnnmmmnng time till they reply back to u that’s if they reply So m just deleting this app after a very terrible and annoying experience and never coming back to it Thank u guys for reading and i just wanted to notify u ahead before u guys go through what i’ve been through

- Delivery Charges!!!!

This is definitely your one stop shop App! Massive bargains, huge variety and majority of the products are quite good quality. The catch is though, when you finally go to your cart to purchase all the exciting things you have just found, you get slapped with a delivery fee from every seller! So not only have you just had your bubble busted from the massive disappointment of actually not getting a bargain, but you now most likely won’t even finalise payment due to the fact that there is an extra $15- $30 ( sometimes more depending on what you look at) delivery charge on top of the items you want!! Surely every seller on the site are getting their fair slice of the pie?! without having to be over the top greedy by slamming shoppers with the individual delivery fees from every individual seller!!

- Unnecessary busy app, poor quality items

The app itself is alright except it is quite busy with all the offers and deals that try to pop up when you’re simply trying to purchase an item like any other apps. I didn’t mind the first item being free, that was a nice addition even though it didn’t last long. The tracking feature is a good concept however it was very inaccurate; one item I got much faster than expected even though it said it was still somewhere in China and the other item was two months late and came in a crushed state that was not fit for purpose for what I needed. The return process seemed all too hard. Probably going to uninstall this app now and not use it again as not convinced about concept & products. Gave it a go with little expectations but product quality and app experience were even lower standards than expected.

- Changed Postage date for MONTHS!

I love wish. It’s good how many things are so cheap. Anyway that’s how good it is until it comes to buying something. I ordered a rubber grip for a controller on my PS4 I was so excited because it was cheap and coming in only a few weeks! I waited for three weeks and it was finally the 28th of may. But nothing came. I wait a couple more days. Nothing came. So I went back onto the app and it said it was coming on the 16th of June!! I am not happy with this company. I do understand that postage is a little different because of COVID-19 but that still doesn’t mean they should post-pone my arrival date. I think they should just tell the truth straight up. Before you know it, it’s gonna take 6 months to come. Just like another review I saw. If this didn’t happen I would give this company a 5 star. Easily!

- It’s good but orders taking 6 months are pathetic

Wish is great I have been using it for awhile however it’s the stores that are a concern because in the past I have ordered several items and 6 months has passed and they haven’t arrived which is horrible service. So I have contacted wish support, and they are very helpful but there refund policy is only 30 days and the customer shouldn’t have to worry about claiming a refund, the store and wish should sort that out and deliver the item you ordered. So I stopped buying off wish, but have recently started buying again and I ordered some items and two moths have passed and nothing, it says there almsot here but two months is the worst service I’ve ever had on a shopping app.

- Wish

Wish has a wide variety of products from clothes to $3 AirPods and so much more. It offers some rlly great deals, for instance I buy my screen protectors off of wish and I’ve dropped my phone many a times and that $2 screen protector has saved my phone. The only thing I would not suggest buying off of wish is clothing because the sizes can get rlly confusing, although your most likely spending from anywhere under $10 so why not just try! There are so many different products that can apply to you and your every day life on wish for such low prices, go check it out and if it’s not for you then it’s not for you!

- Lower the shipping and do some for free shipping?

So ive been using wish for a while now, my best friend recommended it to me and so far what ive experienced is really good. The items i order arrive faster than what it says it will arrive at plus my items are in pretty much good condition. But what i really want a change with is the shipping, its like 5$ shipping, if that could lower down to like 3$ shipping that would be even better i also would like if some items had free shipping thats all i want from wish if that could happen itll be easier and better to save some money but overall wish is an amazing app to buy from :)


BE CAREFUL OF THIS SITE. I have been ordering so many things but only 60% of what I had paid only gets delivered. They cannot show me evidence that the goods were sent and claim that since their app said they were delivered, it means onus is on the receiving party!!! It’s ridiculous!!! If you want to lose your money, then order and you regret it!!! Just know that I have extremely bad experiences with them and have so far NOT received over A$450 worth of goods ordered with Oder # 5f5677dc57a9c07c3f2458e1 and others!!! When you need the customer service, you find difficulty in their reply. No reply or standard reply. I waited for a month for the goods which I still didn’t received and now they blamed me with the reason that they had sent and confirmed by their app that they had sent. I never received!!! And yet, they can’t show me any evidence that they had sent!!! I DID NOT RECEIVED THE ITEMS WHICH I HAD PAID!!! Show me evidence that you have sent my goods and that I have received the ORDER #5f5677dc57a9c07c3f2458e1 Where are the acknowledgment by the courier services? I have paid for everything. If you cannot show evidence and I never received my orders, kindly return my money $$$$!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!! DON’T make the same mistakes like I did!!!

- disappointing

i saw a lots of time notifications on my fb insta about the cheap prices of stuff but as i download the app and start using its start showing that real prices are much higher than what it’s showing anyways the most irritating thing is they have no communication service with seller and only a so call assistant can only reply for 2 question which is not even relative of my question anyway i didn’t recommend this app because of lack of service communication and fake ad of cheap stuff so don’t waste money i am waiting for my order which i did in beginning let’s see how it’s gonna be as it’s already late but due to Covid19 i can understand that flights and all restrictions but hope for the best.... i write this because maybe it helped you make the app better in future.

- Did good!!

Yeah my first thoughts were “we’ll see” as half my first delivery took forever & the other half never arrived! I emailed wish & the reply was either computer generated or the person replying couldn’t communicate well. They refunded me with wish dollars,I placed another order thinking “there’s no chance I’ll be using wish again” & then with not even a blink of the eye I receive an email saying my product was ready for pick up(my choice),not sure if that had anything to do with it,but they sure as hell came good & made me eat my thoughts cause I’ll definitely be ordering again & again & again! Well Done Wish‼️

- New to Wish

I’m new to Wish & have started on my Xmas shopping early, I’ve made about 12 purchases so far, 3 purchases were refunded due to not enough stock & a 4th purchase I’m having to return because it is faulty otherwise so far I’m happy with the quality & prices of the items & the postage time is quite reasonable also, wether your looking to buy for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day gift of a gift for that special someone in your life then forget ebay & check Wish out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised & just as amazed as I was at the quality of the products & the bargains 2thumbs up👍👍😎 Cheers Squire Si

- Wish

wish isn’t a perfect 5 star rating app but it is still a great affordable shopping app to get things at a much cheaper price then stores that cost double the amount. i’d advise that before purchasing an item to definitely look at the reviews as it’s helping to see if the product is worth getting. you do get a lot of get coupons and discounts when either purchasing or reviewing items. if you aren’t satisfied or haven’t received your purchase, wish gives you a refund on contact support which is helpful. I think if you are just wanting an affordable app that sells a huge variety of things you should definitely check wish out. ☺️

- Not Bad But Please Improve

Pros: 1. Cheaper items 2. Huge range 3. Easy and straightforward to order 4. Convenient Cons: 1. Listed price is misleading. Selecting size/colour adds $10-$20 to the price. 2. No search filters. It’d be good if you could filter your search (colour, size, price etc) 3. No promo codes for existing customers. You can find first order codes easily online however there are nowhere near enough discounts for existing customers. 4. Too many notifications. It’d be nice to just receive notifications on the status of my orders instead of being bombarded with “deals” every 30sec. Recommendations: 1. Add a search filter feature 2. Add default size in account settings so you can see the true price of items. 3. Allow existing customers to use promo codes 4. Cheaper shipping. Shipping costs are expensive and a deal breaker for many. 5. Enable order notification only 6. Lock in prices. The timed deals are a good idea but sometimes they time out before banks can transfer money to PayPal to pay for the order. It’d be good to be able to extend the timed sales to 12 hours instead of 1 hour to allow for PayPal transfers.

- Hidden Delivery charges and poor support!

Well there are quite a few products that appear to be a good deal but beware of the hidden delivery charges that appear just quietly in the cart. Until the payment process, only the product prices are shown on the screen and there is the deceit to quietly introduce the shipping charges and annoy unsuspecting customers. I suggest you be very careful with all your purchases made on this app. Shipping charges are between 15 to 30 dollars for dollar 2 product and shipping times are a joke and constantly changing. Contacting customer support simply means most times you accept answers from a bot and move on, if your lucky to send an email to the support team and response from them would want you to uninstall the app, accept the loss , leave a review and never ever want to look to wish again!

- WOW!!!!

Wow! Wish is just incredible. I have purchased many things online, and always please me when they arrive. The quality is outstanding! And the price is excellent! I would definitely recommend this online shop to anyone reading this!! Your purchases will always come on time and they are always the correct colour and size. I am truly very happy with this online shop and will continue shopping at wish! Thanks wish for everything! If you are reading this then please download the app, or have a look at their website, because you will be truly amazed!👌 💕 😃

- Great app. but some things need fixing

I have been a Wish shopper for quite a while and to date have been very happy with my purchases. My biggest complaint is that the cost is in $US and unless you are aware of this it can work out far more expensive than you first thought. I think they should have a place where you can convert the price into your currency. I also agree that all the shipping is individual and therefore the item works out more than you thought. Maybe they could think about an overall scale of charges for shipping rates. Quite often “free” items are not actually “free” as the shipping can cost quite a bit.

- This site is a scam. How do 9 items never show up?

I was told that this site was good if you were prepared to wait a little while longer for your product. So I got a bit excited and ordered 14things. Three items showed up and I continued to wait for the other items, but when they didn’t arrive after more than a month I contacted customer support. Customer support is only online and very confusing when you have a few items with multiple delivery dates. They told me that they could not replace or refund me and were not helpful at all. The refund process is incredibly confusing for a first time user with multiple items! I don’t understand how 9 items can go missing! I gave these guys over $100 and all I got was, sorry you didn’t let us know on time, we can’t help you. Total scam! Don’t use this site.

- Great app.

Great app, use it a lot. I have bad arthritis in both knees and this app makes it so much easier. You can buy good quality items at a reasonable price off Wish. If you have any issues Wish will give you a refund if it’s warranted, just contact support and follow the prompts. There is one issue at the moment, I don’t seem able to pull up my order history. I’ve been trying for a couple of days now and it still won’t load. Please Wish, fix this as soon as possible, thank you Katrina 🙂🌟 P.S. Thank you for fixing the order history problem, I really appreciate it 🙂🌟

- Previous orders

I find the delivery times a little frustrating. Foot padding and cream treatment items ordered for a specific time and reason have not yet been delivered but the delivery date bracket specified is still a couple of days off finishing. Some items of clothing are lacking in quality and also sizes are sometimes not right. I ordered two shirts for my wife, of which one was the right size but very thin and flimsy. The other was a little too small and the wrong colours from those displayed on the shopping screen. She says she will get away with it at a push. I have ordered a bunch of little hardware items so we will make a final judgment of our satisfaction when all the goods have been delivered.

- Crooks and Thieves

Wish have sent me an American use only power stack. I’m in Australia. They only tell you in the small print that it’s for USA, not on the main advertisement. They knew exactly what they were doing designing their sales method this way. WISH are the biggest online crooks/scammers I’ve ever dealt with. They are careless, dangerous and deceptive. I will never ever shop with such a dodgy company again. Customer care practically tell you to get lost. It’s truly shocking the level of unethical behavior from this company. I can’t tell anyone where to shop but please please read reviews about this site. Unfortunately many (not all) positive results are planted by company to fool you. This site is selling dangerous electric power stacks that could burn a house down in Australia. Wish don’t care. Stay safe guys and shop around before giving wish your money.

- Wish 👍 OO 😭

My experience so far is much better than with oo shopping. I made mistake buying something accidentally and they have no option on their app to cancel an order, I msgd them half a dozen times no response. This is day 3. I bet that they won’t respond until after they’ve already sent my unwanted order, which will be to late. Wish on the other hand is easy to cancel an order if asked. I did this it took 40 secs to reverse my order, I was so happy with their business model, I now go to Wish first to buy and haven’t needed to go elsewhere, so far. Keep it up Wish!!!!

- Love it, still some bugs to iron out.

Love this app and have a load of fun. Would be great to see wish money happening, some cumbersome functions when viewing an viewing history could be fixed. Major thing is no opportunity to leave notes for sellers during purchase and the central system for reporting purchase problems is far too automated. Since the update, the sizing chart is too general and waaaay off allowing them to be lazy with that important information and also stops giving sellers a push to offer better info on sizing. If wish can sort out issues like this, it’s a ripper of a shopping experience.

- All your Xmas’s at once

Wow ! Where to begin. I’m over the moon with the purchases I’ve made and the amazing savings to boot. It’s like Xmas everyday waiting for my parcels to arrive and then hey presto. I think it’s really important once you’ve received a purchase to write a review and post a photo to aid others in choosing their products as every now and again they’re not true to the advertised item. Generally however every item I’ve bought has lived up to its expectation and I’m forever receiving compliments from family and friends. When you Wish upon a Star, doesn’t matter who you are ......

- Wish website

I’d like to say I love the wish 5d diamond paintings or embroidery kits love them please put more kits on like more of John Wayne and more of super heroes like Thor and others I would liv3 them to do some Care bear ones please and I do love pikachu and I do love Christmas and easter could u put some kits of R2D2 and BB8 from Star Wars and some kits of my favourite actor mark hamill LUKE SKYWALKER PLEASE And I also love flash green lantern doctor strange groot and rocket on guardians of the galaxy I also would love to see more kits of Marvel super heroes and dc super heroes bat man bat girl and others LOVE WISH AND THERE KITS OF 5D diamond paintings kits and 5 D diamond embroidery kits love from Kate last love this app

- Price inquiry.!!

I don’t understand that you have a price on certain items that you advertise & when you actually press on the item to buy, it comes up with totally different price when you want to buy the item, maybe you actually need to sort out what price you are selling it for.!! A surround sound system has $99 on it & then when you want to buy it it comes up $117 then you have delivery fee on top..A Bluetooth speaker $29 then when you press to buy it, the price is $59 I honestly think this is not a way to sell as hence you need a fixed price 😫

- Wish

I absolutely love this app, it has so many great items to buy and heaps more that are free and all you pay for is the postage for the item. I have been with Wish for years now and they never disappoint me, if there is ever a problem with anything that I have ordered, Wish is always there to take care of your problem and the staff are wonderful and so helpful and friendly to you. Thanks for a great place to buy items at a fantastic discount price on all the items that you can think of. Thanks Wish for a fantastic app and great staff that run it. Many many thanks Josie

- Shoperholiics Anonymous

This shopping experience is like nothing I have ever experienced. I have been addicted to many things in my life but this takes the cake. Bargains bargains bargains. First thing I do when I get up and the last thing I do when I go to bed. It is so much fun getting presents every day in the mail. You will get any category you can imagine. A lot of things are very bad, in that there not what you expect but somethings are great it basically all comes from China so it’s all super cheap. I fully recommend it especially if you have a little bit of self control.

- Average

Ok I’ll start by saying there some good buys on here that’s a fact . All tho the problem is they charge shipping for each individual item , so when they give you these sales or bonus buys and you add a few items to cart shipping cost more than what you want , Should be one cost for shipping , you should be able to bundle them all together, also wouldn’t you offer free shipping over a certain amount or items, Overall I’d say not bad for one time buys tho be prepared to wait along time for items can get to point were you forgot you even brought it , also think shipping cost need to be looked into in general there clearly making a nice profit of it so just heads up guys

- Lots of goodies for good prices

Wish has so many random things, it’s fun to browse, but it’s up to you not to get too carried away! I have only bought things I actually needed/wanted and was looking for, and haven’t been disappointed yet. Make sure you read the item descriptions to make sure the item is actually what you think though, because I have noticed with some gel pens in particular that it shows a large pack in the pic, but when you click on it you actually only get one or a few and the colour is random, you don’t get to pick. Also the item may be cheap but the shipping adds up so keep an eye on that!

- Great app but completely in accessible for blind/low vision uses

Please add full accessibility support i.e. voice over so that blind and low vision uses can participate in the fun to a couple of examples of this are that voice-over does not describe the images only told you the price so you have no way to know what you are purchasing and also the checkout experience is non-existent voice-over will read all of the tags but when you double tap into the field you don’t know which field you are accessing because it won’t tell you what field it is if you could fix both of these issues I would rated five stars

- Overall satisfaction with some things

I have been pretty lucky with most of the purchases ...I would say 7/10 . But it’s disappointing that you can only buy one product at a time therefore paying more in shipping costs . I wanted to buy 3 of the same item ( they were only $3AUS ) each but it was going to cost me $12 all up to send ,so chose not to purchase .Need to be VERY careful with clothes though ,l have bought a couple of dresses that ended up in the Thrift Shop as they were so tiny and would only fit a 6year old ...not me ..l always ask for XXL..l am a grown woman . Delivery to Australia takes time ...up to 5 weeks

- Suggestion for my fav shop

I love Wish. Living in a town a few hours from any major shopping centre there is NOTHING here mostly coffee shops so Wish is great if I want to get something you can only find in city stores. However for some reason I get a lot of adult products showing up and not all are censored and those that are it’s almost not worth it. I don’t know if wish checks age before it shows but an app appropriate for a 12 yr old needs more features to protect them and I personally am not interested in any of these particular items.

- It’s good

Wish is a safe website/app to browse and buy things from. All things I’ve ordered from Wish have been almost exactly what I ordered (obviously ordering online you can never guess what you’re gonna get)and I use it often if I don’t want to pay for expensive things. Although, they are saying shipping taking about a week when in reality it seems like a month or two. Not wish’s fault, they just need their shipping to go a little bit faster and I’m sure there would be heaps more reviews

- Your products

Love it! Would love to see more. Also want to know are those products shipping from China to your purchasers or from America? I had last week bought a few items and would like to know how long I need wait before seeing my purchase? Also how I will be able to buy several different items and round up at one payment as it’s seems buying different one have to go one after the other is a bit annoying and would lose interest to continue, please write more information. Thnx! All in all , love it and hoping to have full confidence with your products. 👍🏻🌹

- Wish

Wish gives me so much fun. The only drawback I’ve experienced is in the reviewing process... Sometimes it takes forever to scroll through to the appropriate page to find the product to review, and if you’ve got several items purchased on the same delivery it can take hours because after each review the default screen is page one. So, you have to scroll to the bottom to page forward, then wait while the app boots and go through that process several times ‘til you get to the right page. Very tedious. Great shopping experience aside from that.

- Not bad

I’ve bought heaps from here but unfortunately it’s all too misleading. You click on something that is showing as a great bargain (I.e. $18 / $12 if you purchase with another buyer) but when you actually click on it to purchase the item, the price can vary massively (especially when there’s multiple quantities or sizes to choose from). Then when you factor in the freight cost, it last sometimes 5 to 6 times more in cost than it’s actually been advertised for. I’m currently researching other websites, so I can start to purchase stuff that is the same price as advertised instead of the false advertising WISH seems to do far too often.

- Purchased 2 products,dissatisfied with both

I purchased a ladies track suit, stylish & fair quality for the price. Unfortunately the size was ridiculous!!! I selected a size larger than I would usually buy & it was so small my 4 year old niece fitted into it. I did contact Wish & they were very prompt & professional, I was refunded. I also purchased a ladies wallet-purse-phone holder. I was extremely happy with this purchase, as I really liked the appearance/look, it’s compact style & functions also a draw card, not to mention how practical it is. It appeared to be of good quality, especially considering the price. Bargain I believed, considering purchasing another. Unfortunately within approximately 2 months of light use the zip would not zip up. So frustrating as I truely liked this product.

- Hit and Miss

Great selection of items available, sometimes awesome products arrive better than expected, sometimes low quality or broken on arrival or not arrived at all. Good customer service though when there is a problem, have had a few refunds without a problem on broken items. Only order if you’re prepared to wait and try a lucky dip. It’s not all bad though, once again I’d like to say I’ve had some really great stuff that arrived fast and was better than I expected. Almost everything is cheaper than anywhere else so I will continue to shop here 😊

- Complete ripoff

Sure you’ll get a $2 phone protector, or a cheap usb stick, but anytime you see a deal like a computer for $5 or something like that avoid at all costs, the latest tracking info available is always that it left the store, and it never shows up, yes you can get your money back but not until they’ve held onto it for a few weeks telling you to wait for an item that’s never going to arrive. I’m still waiting on a “gaming desktop” a set of speakers and a mini projector 3 months after I ordered them. Estimated Delivery date was start of last month. Oh by the way don’t be foolish enough to think you will ever get any real form of customer support either, greeted by an automated yes or no system. Strongly suspect this app is partially a scam to fund foreign loan schemes.

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- Avis

Facil de trouver ce l’on cherche, livraison très acceptable

- J’aime

Les prix sont bon

- Good for a small budget

Dont expect too much on the quality of the products. But for the price they are it's a steal of a deal. 9/10

- Shipping..

this is a scam, the money you save on the items you pay back on shipping, which can be equal or higher the price of the item. the total for my items was 43$ and shipping was 26$ it’s simply not worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Awful

Shipping times are horrible and reviews are not real you can submit a review for a product but the seller gets to choose if your review is posted highly flawed system and wish customer support is even worse

- Good now

Their app used to be terrible, stuff would come months late and sometimes you wouldn’t even get what you ordered. But now everything seems to have good quality and decant shipping. Haven’t had a problem yet in 2018.

- Shipping cost

The cost for the shipping is more then the cost of the items wish it could be less for shipping costs to Canada

- Good app

If you want 50% off sign up with my promo code qgfstlz thank you because I also get a bonus and it’s just a win win. But great app overall only buy verified stuff

- Cheating App

App Recommends Claim Gift When you choose one and giving all personal info, at the end you face with a message telling you that Oops Not Available!??

- Sketchy AF

Orders sometimes arrives. Takes forever. Sometimes never arrives. Usually wrong item or size. Customer service is automated, and insists on refunds, which will have your account locked. And potentially hacked, like mine was. Money was taken off my credit card, refunded as “wish dollars” and my account was locked because of the hack. Only now, my money is stuck in the account that i am unable to use. And there is zero customer support because there seem to be no humans that work at wish.

- Worst online shopping

They lost all my parcels!

- Be careful

There’s hackers who hack accounts and purchase items using them. I highly recommend not to use your credit card when shopping on wish unless you wanna risk getting your account hacked and compromised or robbed. Not to mention that sometimes they charge you twice for one item you’ve bought. Overall, I’d recommend paying more money on a site like amazon that guarantees a refund and that’s actually secure over paying less on a site like wish that’s untrustworthy and sells cheap chinese knockoffs and advertises them as something else.

- Thieves

The company claims to have shipped items but keep changing the expected date and making excuses. Requested refund but they give the same stupid computer reply. Scam company!

- Fake items

I have been using Wish for long time but every time I purchase something I get very poor quality items some of them I reported to wish. I want exactly what I purchased not fake item. Please please please be very careful with your customers.

- Whatttt

I ordered hair extensions two and a half months ago, the day it was supposed to be here by was May 14th and it’s May 29th. This happened to one of my friends aswell, but she ordered it and just never got it at any point. How is this app still running !!

- Tired of waiting for a very long time

I have ordered a package that was supposed to arrive over two weeks ago, I have not received it yet and it is for a gift. When I look at the tracking info, it says my items have not yet been shipped to my location but are still in the facility of where they were supposed to be and leave on April 22. It is more than a month past that. I understand when its a week or two late, but it still haven’t been shipped from the place where it was a month ago. Also, there is next to nothing place where I can write on the app and directly tell wish that my product has not arrived. Very frustrating!!! Would not recommend......

- Didn’t show

My boyfriend ordered a ring like a month or more ago and still has not showed. 🙄

- 3/3 orders reimbursed. Don’t even try Wish

3 out of 3 orders never made it to my door. Had to get items reimbursed each time. What a total waste of my time. Worst service ever.

- Get stuff together

Awful! I’ve tried to order an item twice, both times the description and the picture was what I wanted, but when the package came, it was completely NOT what I wanted!

- Worst

Really disappointed with it as my orders are taking more than a month for shipping. There is no agent to speak with. Wastage of money.

- Questionable at best

Shipping takes for ever , received items I did not order. No one from Co.cares ... never again . No customer support = no more business from me ..

- Grosse merde

Zéro étoile, me suis fais arnaquer avec eux, pas moyen en plus de ce faire rembourser, grosse MARDE 🖕

- Bad

Not good the only thing you see is cheap rip offs at lower prices

- Arnaque...

Deux commandes passées... la première jamais reçu, la deuxième un t-shirt dont le logo était tout croche et de très très mauvaise qualité... j’attend toujours le remboursement

- Wish is a scam

Wish will take your money then ghost your order as though you never made one. You can’t get any honest customer support even if you answer their questions and provide proof of purchase. If you ask for a refund they send you in circles. I cannot see my order, cannot track my order, cannot get my items I purchased yet they charge you! The worse online purchasing experience in my 25 years of purchasing online!

- Horrible😒

i order some headphones for 15$ and a headphone case for 5$ and it said it would come 2 months ago! it never came! this is a scam and a steal (literally!) never yo on this site! it’s unreliable unlike Amazon or Ebay you literally stole me 20$! stop making fake adds that they will come fast. they never came for me so it should never come to other people.

- What’s wrong with the world

This site is everything that’s wrong with the world. The company itself is horrible, no doubt about it. Cheap products that take forever to get to you and are nothing like the picture. But just generally things NOBODY NEEDS. Don’t give in to materialistic traps like this. If you think waiting two months for a product is fine, you probably can live without that product forever! Seriously, think about it before giving in. You’re supporting a company to basically make waste, because we both know that item will end up in the trash.

- La honte

Vous êtes des arnaquées j’ai acheter une montre à 47 dollars il y a six mois je vien de la recevoir et elle est en plastique

- Horrible support and waist of money

I never received my package and when trying to use the support assistance it kept directing me to get my money back but it wouldn’t actually process anything. It kept saying try again later. So I tried to contact their other support and they wouldn’t help me. They kept telling me to go back to the assistant despite me telling them it would not work - I even sent them a screen shot of it. I kept going back to try again and guess what! It didn’t work! All I’ve gotten is the run around. They took my money and wouldn’t give me a product or the money back. Horrible experience! Waist of money!

- My son

Every thing will go too my boy Xavier George Oliver Gartner.

- Scam!

They stole my money! When you buy something on wish, your money is locked forever. They do this thing called wish cash and never give you back even when you have issues or need refund. Now I have a wish cash I can never use because they say they are verifying my funds! And I never got the product

- Fraud

Never buy a single item from wish. All the sellers are fraud and sending you either defective items or totally wrong item. I ordered gaming chair from one seller and they are sending Mouse. Never trust these people. I would have given 0/5 star if available.

- Crystal Snowman and Village with Train

After many months of waiting I only received a rumpled PICTURE of this item! This is what the seller said I bought!!! and gave me a song and dance about returns price, shipping back (picture) $10 off next purchase and gave URL to real Brantford site! Arrrrg!!! What a con!

- Horrible customer service.

Second worst customer service I have ever dealt with, they give a 2 month estimated arrival time. Even after a couple weeks passing that date. No help and they flagged my account for return abuse? What joke. Don’t waste your time and try to “save” money. It’s just a headache.

- Fraud company

Placed an order in May. They kept pushing back the delivery and I never received it. Now they say it’s too late for a refund. No way to get in contact with an actual refund. Filing a complaint

- Poo

Every thing is cheap

- it’s a cheap fake company

pls don’t buy anything from wish they are cheap fake company they don’t help you and promote fraud merchants on there website who take your money and dont deliver just keep on changing delivery dates and they don’t have a real customer service because any question you ask they give the same answer worst company ever pls be careful this company profits from frauding it’s customer and they tell you contact customer service on the app which is automated and will never help you because your estimated delivery date keeps on changing before the pervious date approaches if it changes once it’s understandable but 4 times means they have a no intention of deliverying and it’s a fraud the company should understand this a look after it but they will not means they are also involved in the fraud and making money scamming the customers

- J’aime pas

La livraison prend énormément de temps mais les prix sont bon c’est pourquoi je mets que 2 étoiles.

- Impossible d’ouvrir mes commandes

Depuis un certaine mise à jour sur ma tablette iPad Air 2. Bravo Wish.

- Help

When I try to open the app, it kicks me out before I see the home page.

- 👎

delivery time is more than a month and if the parcel has not arrived at the time they can extend for another month without asking the client about it, although they withdraw money for delivery.

- Not A Happy Customer

What you see in the pictures is Not what you get.... it takes so long to ship ...... refund is Not 100% of your purchase

- Thieves

I love this app but since I did the update I can’t get it to show the order history on most of my items now. Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. I would give a 4 stars except for the problem with last update. Update: I liked it and they would honour your refund. I only got about 30 to 45% of stuff I bought and a good majority of rest would come a month or 2 after their extended shipping time so not knowing if I would get it at all I applied for a refund. Absolutely no tracking at all for item. So I find they blocked me because said I misused refund policy but said could shop so when didn't get it they kept my money. Totally wrong and don't buy from them. A lot of stuff comes after you forgot you ordered it and some don't get yet they blame you. Not buying from them. Just deactivated wish

- Very bad experience

The delivery dates change every time i waited 2 months then I deleted the account

- Application trompeuse

On dit qu’on est couvert à 100% pour les retours mais j’ai eu 4 commandes qui ne sont jamais arrivés et maintenant je ne peux plus me faire remboursée « mes » produits. Je ne recommande pas du tout cette application

- Good deals but over exaggerated

The app over exaggerates the original price of the item you are looking at, making you think your getting a massive deal but in reality your getting a decent one. Always check the original price on other sites before buying to see if you are paying less, otherwise its a decent app to get things for decently cheaper.

- Unexpectedly awesome!

I just received my first purchase and I’m very satisfied! I have made more purchases and I’m really starting to like the app!

- ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

Love you Wish!!

- Counterfeit products

I bought a Mag250 iptv box from wish. I sent the s/n number to the manufacturer when the device stopped working and i received an email saying that my device is not authentic. Wish denied to refund me for selling a fake device without letting me know. Unprofessional. Stay away. They sel counterfeit and low quality refurbished products.

- The absolute worst customer service

In that they have zero customer service at all. Just a bot in the app that provides no real information. There is no ability to connect with anyone and no one returns any messages to customer support. They take your money, and when you purchase doesn’t arrive, you hear nothing at all from Wish. They take you money and you have nothing. What’s worse, is they list items for super cheap, then charge you incredibly high shipping rates, then you get hit by the shipping company for a duty bill. Compete ripoff.

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- Wish Review

It’s not the best place to buy things. You get what you pay for! But I will tell you the secret to buying the best things for good prices would be to check in the reviews and a lot of times people will post photos of the item they received so you’ll get an idea of what you’ll be buying. Once bought a pair of heels that was to die for and so beautiful!!! Omg it really just depends on what you buy BUT ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS and make sure to check if the item you are buying isn’t cheaper from another merchant. The only thing that bummed me out is before the shipping was always $1-$5 at most now it’s gotten a lot higher so you could be paying $3 for an item but also be paying $3/$5 on shipping!! Or paying $20 for an item and shipping is like $10! Just crazy. I don’t have the app anymore because like I said the shipping costs to me aren’t worth it and neither is the wait. Sometimes you get good stuff sometimes you don’t. Make sure to also order sizes up because MOSTLY everything I have bought has always been WAY TOO SMALL SMH

- Free Refunds

Welcome to Wish! Here’s a free gift to get you started! Just pay shipping, then watch from your bank app as the free gift comes out of your account. After just a short while check the status of your order back on our app, and you will see that we don’t actually have the free gift in stock. We took it upon ourselves to refund you your shipping fee, which will be credited to your bank account real quick, in about ten business days. But thank goodness you got to make an actual purchase before noticing! If you experience any problems with the app or your order (for example, your first purchase not being charged or processed at all), please contact customer support. Rather than making you suffer the inconvenience of having to immediately talk on the phone to a real person, somebody will be more than happy to assist you by responding to your in-app request for support in 2-3 business days. Thank you for using our app! We hope you enjoy how easy Wish makes it to simulate online purchasing! So the free refund was definitely a letdown, but I found some stuff for work that I was interested in. I canceled that order because the charge wouldn’t go through and I couldn’t contact someone to retry the payment. I’ll try buying one or two more things, maybe I’ll have better luck..

- The add to cart issue

Ok so I’m a new person with this app and something was not right when ever it came to me trying to use the “add to cart” button. Whenever you add something to the cart it DOES NOT GO AWAY! I have been going through the whole app trying to figure out how to take things out of my cart but it’s still stuck. I even tried to delete the app and re downloaded it again to see if it cleared my cart. But nope it’s still stick on there. Now don’t take my word for it because again I said I was new at this so maybe I’m not really looking and searching right the find out how to take it off but so far that’s only been my issue with the app. Everything else I can’t really say about because I have not even bought anything yet to tell you if it’s legit or not. Good luck with this app everyone’s view with this app is different than the next person but over all the “cart” thing is not working for me. I even ask my mom and she said she deleted the app for a few years and then when she got it again her cart items was gone. If that’s the case I should not have to wait a “few” years just to get things off my cart if I don’t want to buy the item.


If I could give this app 0 stars, I truly would and here’s why.. I have been using wish for years with no problem. I stopped after awhile and a few weeks ago I decided to try some stuff out for my business. Usually I will pick specific items and leave them in my cart. When asked by Wish if I wanted to purchase the items in ny cart, I chose “No”. However Wish took it upon itself to proceed with deducting over $60 from my account and continue with the transaction. Mind you.. I chose “No” I canceled the transaction and was told that I would receive my refund in 14 days. When I DID NOT give permission to buy these items with my bank information! They took my money in 2 seconds and are taking 14 days to return it. This all happened on October 14th. I was told that I would receive my refund on October 28th. I DID NOT RECEIVE MY REFUND. I sent them digital bank statements as proof that no refund went through, only deductions of which I did not authorize. Now Wish is sending me automated messages every time I try to contact a “REAL” agent. They dont even read your message or issues they just send an automated message. These people are thieves. I am so disappointed. This is disgusting and this is the worst time to steal from people who have supported.

- Purchasing

I didn’t know how to contact anyone from wish company and I want to know how I can remove items out of my cart before I can purchase anything I have a daughter who put items in my cart and I want to take them off so I can purchase an item and so far I’m not able to remove the items unless it ran out of time or just no longer available it only lets me remove them items and when I did that the price at the bottom still hasn’t changed and it should have I put one or two items myself in the cart that I would like to purchase but I’m not gonna be able to purchase it if I can’t fix the other problem by taking the other items off and change the price at the bottom of the screen and the items I need to purchase I really need so if you can please get back to me to help me fix this problem and let me order different items and change the price at the bottom I’d appreciate it thanks and I will give a 5 star review once this situation is fixed because I do love this app and I believe there has to be a way to take items off that you don’t want and be able to purchase the items I do want once the price changes

- Terrible App, customer service, and shipping !

I only gave one star because it won’t allow me to not give ANY ! I’ve been giving these people my money for far too long to be treated so poorly.... I’ve ordered countless products from them before, and I always end up waiting like 2 months sometimes 3 for my product, and when I receive it, it’s nothing like what was shown or explained in the display picture of the product you’re trying to purchase. I ordered a head rest car seat attachment for my son, who at the time, was 2 about to turn 3 and needed the attachment for when he falls asleep in the car his head doesn’t bobble everywhere. I purchased in August of 2018 ... A few months past, and I sent a customer inquiry message asking about my purchase, I got an automated response, saying someone will email me be back shortly.... never got a message, more months passed I had just given up and forgotten about it, the suddenly one day in the next year, the product ARRIVED...... July of 2019 😒 that’s almost an 11 month turn around time.... and by that time, my son is already out of the old seat and now the headrest is useless , AND it was made out of cheap material that wasn’t strong enough to support a child’s head, that was it for me.... I WILL NEVER BE BUYING FROM WISH AGAIN!!!!

- Buyer beware

I thought I’d try this out. At first all was good. Whether it was the products arriving faster than quoted or the refunds provided when an item wasn’t received or receiving the incorrect item. Lately, I’ve had two issues that constantly go unresolved. I emailed support through a different channel asking if my email was a problem as I had heard back from anyone about. I’ve made at least a dozen attempts to get these issues resolved. 1 item was never received and the other item was wrong. Customer service refuses to read the email threads and keeps sending me the same instructions that are of no relevance whatsoever to either problem. After all this headache I’m done with Wish. They have been horrible to deal with! UPDATE as of 6/1/18 Customer service contacted me about the 1 star review I left. It was a tactic that worked. I hate that I had to resort to it in the first place. After emailing them with two order issues I finally received my refunds. I don’t know why no one would take the time to research the problems as it wasn’t being recorded on the app. But it finally got resolved.

- No notifications about later arrivals and no refunds past 8 hours.

So I purchased a few items at the beginning of June and they estimated that stuff would be here by the end of the month. No problem, I can wait that long. Well then, all of the original dates go by and I check my packages and they are still in China, but they still had the same arrival dates. I tell wish that I didn’t receive them and then suddenly the date changes to the middle of July. Fine I guess, I can wait that long. I check in today, all of my stuff is still in China and so I tell wish I still don’t have my stuff and then it says the arrival date will be the middle of SEPTEMBER. This morning it was still saying JULY 10th and now it’s suddenly SEPTEMBER. I’ve run out of patience. I read the reviews and saw that they don’t give out refunds past 8 hours, but they knew about COVID-19 a month and a half ago when I ordered all of this stuff. If they knew packages were going to take this long, they should have put out a disclaimer or notified me that this stuff was gonna take like 4 months to get to me. I hope when I call them I just get a refund because I’m beyond disappointed that I got played by an app... I’m not shocked, just disappointed and frustrated. It’s $30 they can live without my money.

- Poor customer service

I really like this app until recently. Customer service is soooo poor !!! Some one hacked my account and place an order , luckily I got an email confirmation & when I saw it I was able to cancel it. This person even changed my address to theirs & with their name . I screened shot it & sent it to WISH, it has been a week now since I have heard from them. I don’t know what it going on. I immediately changed my email & password on my account. At the moment WISH has blocked me account for purchases. Until I send them information. I only knew this bc a message came up when I tried purchase my item. I sent them what they needed & still can’t do anything. I telling you they are a slow as a snail when it comes to customer service !!!! I also recommend you use a Paypal account to make your purchases. Bc you don’t receive your purchase & even thought they provide a tracking number & the tracking shows you never received it. They have the tendency of giving you a hard time about it. At least Paypal will make sure you get your money back because they will ask WISH for the tracking & if they can’t prove you got your item Paypal will make sure you get refunded.

- My thoughts

This company could have easily received a 5 but I had to give it 2 stars because the wait time is ridiculous. I placed an order on 10/7 and delivery date had 10/25. I am like “umm okay I guess,” so had I received the item on 10/25 or early I would might have still given it a 4, but I would need to see how the rest of the experience goes. Today it’s 10/27 and still nothing, so I drop it to a 3. Now the site states delivery will be Nov 1, almost on month from the time of purchase (is this being shipped Mars?). It now gets a 2, and if it does go past 11/1. I might change this to a 1 - it really depends on how I feel about the product (yes I know that’s unfair, but can you blame me? I almost forgot I even placed an order it’s been so long). BTW, I place several orders in the same day and the same experience. I think at this point I may end up not shopping from WISH, but I am just waiting on the final product. I know the prices are low, believe me, there are plenty of people willing to pay a little extra for faster shipping.

- Get what you pay for

So ive been using wish for a long time now (years and years) but never get anything that i need to be superior quality because you have to remember that this is literally a knock off website. Im not sure what a less derogatory term would be but i say that with love cause i love this site. Granted, it is getting more popular so theyre changing some things like more expensive shipping 😑 expensive for the type of site it is not personally expensive for me. I noticed this difference because i stopped shopping here for a while and came back to triple priced shipping. Anyways, im always careful with what i decide to purchase because its all so dirt cheap, even shipping/expedited shipping. I have never been disappointed with what i buy except for just recently with a “glass” phone case. It was actually well manufactured plastic to look like glass but i got it broken in the mail. Well, cracked. So sad cause it was pretty. Other than that, shipping can take a while, its really a gamble. But you get what you pay for 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Customer Service Nightmare!

I ordered a vanity. Tracking showed it delivered about a week after my order. Wish does not deliver anything in a week. It said that my package weighed 1 pound! A vanity shouldn’t weigh one pound. Not one package was at my door. I am a professional online shopper, if that were an occupation, and have lost 2 packages in 4 years of online shopping. Both items were from Wish; a bookshelf for my 2nd grade classroom and this missing vanity. I wake up every morning and stare at where it should be. Things happen, right. This insanity-inducing, text-automated customer service platform just changed the questions so I can no longer inquire about this missing furniture. It tells me to wait to see if I get it by May 9th. I order it in March. But, it shows that it was delivered April 9th. One of the reps said it was delivered, one of the reps said it was not and that sometimes they mark them delivered by mistake at another stop. Then they say to check around my neighbors houses during a pandemic. No human voice, yet! It’s there, it’s not, it is, it isn’t. I’m done. No more wish. I deleted my account before. Time to do it again. I bought a naked vanity, I’m sure better quality, I don’t mind the labor of painting. I do mind poor customer service. Save your money and DIY.

- ITS A SCAM!!!!

Please don’t fall for the high rating. I am assuming they are bot reviews. Scam alert #1: I ordered my items on June 7, app said 2-3 weeks delivery. Then, I get a surprise that after ordering estimate IMMEDIATELY changed to 8-9 weeks in my order history. Scam alert #2: My order is now delayed until Sept-Nov because of Covid. No. Incorrect. Both items already shipped (with no tracking # for me, mind you). I’ve ordered items sent via China Post before. There is a 2-week black hole while things are on a shipping container but a tracking number is provided. 1 item was shipped 4 weeks ago and isn’t showing in the app as being in the US, the other shows in the app as being in the US. But both won’t arrive until Sept-Nov? They should have been delivered by now twice per what was on the app when I made the purchase. Or at least delivered now based on the shipping on my original order record. There are reviews of people not receiving items - believe them. Scam alert #3: It’s impossible to reach someone!! They have a bot to answer questions, but it’s just a smart pull from FAQ about your specific order. I had to find a magic combo that allowed me to write an in-app email where it will take 3 days to hear back. This is all ridiculous. I regret ever ordering from them.

- Okay

I’ve used wish before and have had the app for a while, usually it’s an okay app with a lot of good stuff. I obviously don’t buy the more expensive stuff just because I don’t trust it entirely. I used it to buy pens or pencils, stickers, cute little toiletry bags, etc. Lately though things have been weird. I got a notification stating that I ordered a $500 lamp?! Once I saw it I was like hell no and cancelled the order and made sure all my card information and details were taken off the app. They were able to cancel it quickly. Then on another item I had ordered and already received, for some reason I got a email notification stating I had gotten a refund. I was confused since I hadn’t used the app for a while now. I checked my account and noticed that SOMEONE had contacted the support services on my account by chat on the item and requested a refund. I received the item so I don’t know who requested it which is freaky and I am paranoid now. I even saw the chat responses from “me” saying yes I want a refund when in fact I have NEVER contacted them before. So no thank you, I deleted all my information and deactivated my account. I will not be taken advantage of for the third time whether it’s wish or a hacker.

- Shipping scam Do Not Download, Terrible!!!!!!!!

Wish has another “new” company sending packages. The tracking numbers are fake and onlty track on wish. And multiple stores are somehow grouping orders at full shipping price, as if all items are shipped seporate. At first it was great, the stuff I ordered arrived early and was not bad quality. But the more I ordered the later the shipping got, to the point it was arriving late. The first time I was patient and waited, the others I put in a refund request the day after if I didn't get it. If u order multiples of the same item u will be charged shipping for each and they will be shipped seporately, and arrive on different days. If you use this app I highly recommend dl a shipping app too(I use aftership) so u can track ur stuff and if shipping is by yanwen, ask for a refund don't wait til the arrival date. Yanwen is China's new SLOW untrackable shipping method. You get a tracking # but once it leaves China it can't b tracked and most Yanwen packages never make it to their destinations. The latest version on the app is crap. Now there is a bar at the bottom of the screen, it was slide menu on the top left. App also data mines. Once all my orders arrive(or I get refunds) I will be deleting. Geek is another Wish app and just as bad. Will b deleting that too.

- Wish: The app for you

This app is actually amazingly not fake. You can actually buy things super cheap that you would've never thought you could've bought for a kinda-sorta cheap price. True the shipping prices might be a little excessive, but Wish has a variety of products for an exceedingly affordable price. What I thought about online shopping was not like a quick thing to do. You had this whole process to go through just to buy a simple individual product. But Wish makes it so it's possible to shop swiftly and with ease. It has brought me to a whole new perspective on online shopping so whatever I want to buy doesn't have a prolonged undertaking but also has the benefit in doing so expediently. The app downsides in shipping but with multiple products to buy, the shipping price goes way down. This app is super beneficial, so if you wanna save money with effortlessness, here is the app for you. You don't know until you try it, so get the app and try it out, I promise you that you won't be discouraged. (◕‿◕)

- Fraud inside WISH

I placed an order for an item using PayPal. I did Not save my payment method in my account. The purpose of using PayPal was for an added security measurement: however one month someone hacked my WISH account (with no payment method on file) and add a monthly subscription and purchased a $900 cell phone. I contacted WISH and I was told they could not cancel the order even though I discovered this only 12hours after the order was placed. I informed them of the fraud and asked them countless times to cancel the order and refund my money. I went to PayPal who listened and saw that the purchase and subscription was fraudulent and cancel all on there part. WiSH then ask me to send them my ID to prove my account was mine and I refused as they were never able to tell me how someone was able to use my account to make a purchase when I used what they said was an extra method of security PayPal, because your information is not saved. I informed them I would not give them more of my information to aid them in stealing my identity. I believe it was an inside job. I have since deactivated the account and will never use them again or refer them to anyone. They do not keep your information safe, nor are they are helpful when you report fraud.

- Wish review

So far I have been pretty much happy with the items I have received off of Wish! If you don’t mind waiting a little longer for items to arrive than I definitely recommend shopping in the Wish App! Also so far every item that I’ve ordered from them has arrived earlier than they projected it would! But you still have to wait on average 3 to 4 weeks! Like I said if you have the time and don’t need something in a rush than Wish is the way to go! It definitely saves you money! So far I haven’t been happy with the jewelry I purchased off of there, then again it was either free or really cheaply priced, but as far as clothes and other items go I pretty much have gotten what I paid for! Sometimes even a little better quality than I expected! Sometimes shipping is more than the price of the item but when you’re only paying a few bucks to begin with for something that should cost more than that you really can’t get mad at the shipping being a couple bucks more as well!

- Another run-o-da-mill chinese retail shop, but decent

What can I say? Wish is akin to other typical chinese retailers, such as Gearbest, Banggood, and so on. The Wish app does have a nicer look to it than the GB or BG iPhone apps, and although the constant flash sales, chaotic disorganization of items, and while scrolling looking through all the randomness, there’s only photos with no labels unless you click on it, I cannot deny Wish has some almost “too good to be true” prices. Some items even claim to be “free” so long as you pay the S&H, although I doubt it’s free, probably just make up for it in the S&H. I’ve ordered 3 items so far, haven’t received anything yet as those items have not yet shipped but Wish has done a prompt job of notifying me about confirmations, shipping and tracking. I gave Wish 4 out of 5 stars simply because I’d prefer a little more organization when browsing as well as the ability to preview an items name before actually selecting it. I will also update my review based upon how and when my items are delivered and my satisfaction based upon that. But all in all good job Wish.

- Amazing with a few changes

I absolutely love wish with the cheap prices they have so much stuff although I would like a little bit more options of T-shirts in the woman section in teen section but overall they’re amazing at their business and they have so much variety of things the only problem is is that it can last three years and I haven’t got anything back yet with material I reviewed every single one of you that everything baby to it said that it was raising material and that it fit perfectly but overall which is amazing the only problem I have is there a little anxious to pay with The constant buzzing every single time for the little people but other than that it’s a really great app to get cheap things you can buy a wedding dress or bring in pajamas I just bought two pajamas actually and I will and they come in like really fast like I ordered one and it’s like only five days away from being shipped and it’s like amazing I love it and I would totally recommend it

- Hacked

So I’ve been using wish for quite a few years now however I’m not sure if I want to continue to use this app anymore after what I experienced tonight. I was sitting here on my phone when I got a notification saying that my “order was confirmed” which confused me because I haven’t ordered anything since last month. I decided to click on the notification and sure enough, there was an order for something I didn’t even make? I checked the shipping address to where it was supposed to go and it showed that it was someone from Pakistan that was trying to order a pair of sunglasses! I live in the United States so this right here is definitely not me ordering this and so I had to hurry and cancel the order then change my password in hopes that it doesn’t happen again, however I don’t really feel safe continuing using this app if this is going to start happening! I’ve already sent an email to customer support and am now waiting on a reply and will update my comment once I get a response. Not very happy right now about this whole situation.

- Be careful when you order.

I order two pairs of shoes that were advertised as a men and women’s shoe. Men’s shoes are typically larger as males have larger feet. Since the shoes were advertised as being able to fit a man’s foot I ordered accordingly. When both pairs arrived they are made to fit a women’s foot, definitely not a man’sfoot and as a result both pairs were too small. It took a long time to get those shoes deliveand if I decide to reorder with the correct size it will take that much longer. I also don’t like that you can’t actually speak with anyone in support and you can only choose predecided answers rather than being able to type what the problem is. This whole “customer support” is set up to provide poor customer service. I’ve worked in customer service since the age of 18 and am a supervisor for a huge call center and the way this site/app conducts business is severely substandard. I have found so many products I’d like to buy but I’m afraid to do so because the experience I’ve had, the products are properly advertand customer support is basically nonexistent. They are quick to give a refund but the concern of how the products being sold are advertised isn’t being addressed.

- Great App and company!!

Shopping here is addictive. The only negative I have is shipping cost is very high for what I assume is items that are in the states, however most it’s give you a choice of shipping cost and time. One item I bought was only 8 dollars however the shipping for 7-10 days was an unbelievable 15 dollars the other shipping what seemed like 30-45 days was only 3 dollars. Almost every item have a higher shipping cost then the cost of the item. With that being said I love shopping here. You find items that are hard to find elsewhere, by cutting out the middleman prices are low. It’s always best to read the reviews just like on other shopping apps the pictures can be misleading in the review section sometimes people who have bought items have real pictures. Wish customer service is great , refunds or replacements are fast. I have an will continue recommending wish. Sometimes your items never arrive but wish does refund and tells you if it shows up to keep it as a gift.

- Customer service made me want to kill my self

I have bought multiple items from wish and received them in the given time with no issues, but I ordered a computer monitor from them in April (the second monitor I ordered, the first was perfect) and the package never showed up even though it said it was delivered. I contacted USPS and they told me that the package was delivered to some address on the opposite end of town with no similarities in the name at all. The package weighed 3 ounces so obviously it cannot be a computer screen. It was easily apparent I was scammed and the package just never existed, even when I open the customer support ticket it tells me that the item ID does not exist, and the store does not exist either, so I was definitely scammed. I contacted Wish support and all they did was tell me “the tracking information says it was delivered so there is nothing we can do” even though I have explained it to them multiple times, all they tell me to do is to contact USPS which I did, and to keep checking my doors to see if it’s there, spoiler alert, it isn’t, and to make sure someone living with me didn’t get it, guess what, I LIVE ALONE. Worst customer support I have ever encountered and makes me wonder why we stopped at two bombs in WW2.

- Not worth it...

I have ordered several items on this platform, and I have not received any of the items. I waited to tell Wish that I had not received an item by the expected delivery date, but when I signed on to the platform to inform them, the item now has a new expected delivery date. Most items that are supposed to be arriving within the week were supposedly shipped about a month ago, and they are still sitting in China, according to the tracking updates. There is no real customer support, just automated questions and answers with no solutions. As you can see from the reviews from people that have issues, Wish does nothing to actually solve their customer’s problems, and just writes a vague response asking them to give them another chance. I am very disappointed and regret wasting my time and money on them. I honestly would prefer a full refund on everything I’ve tried purchasing and forget about this platform. And by the way, most of the orders I tried to purchase were their special $0.50 deals (20+ orders) and ALL of those orders were refunded. It’s a scam. This platform is for people that want cheaply made products from China that take over a month to receive, if you ever do receive it.

- What a waste of money...

Ever heard the saying “to good to be true?” That is a the epitome of this company. Example, there are smart phones on there being sold for $1 all the way to thousands of dollars. Most of them have the same picture and descriptions. This brings me to my next point. There is no consistency with prices. One day an item will be $20 then you look the next day and it will be a $1. All of them with the same picture and description. I figured I would give the site a shot and ordered several items. I thought it would be fast shipping because every item you look at has reviews that say something along the lines of: “very fast shipping,’ came in two days,’ would definitely order again because shipping was so fast.” WOW were these comments wrong or maybe they were computer generated. The items took weeks for me to receive, at least the ones that I actually received. Two of my items I never saw for months. It was so long that I had forgotten about them. I then contacted customer support. They told me I was passed the date that I could get a refund. I won’t spend another dime on this site and I feel you shouldn’t either. Hopefully this sheds light on what kind of shopping site this is.

- Exactly what you would expect

This app is awesome - as long as you understand what you are getting into. Just about nothing is actually what you think it will be and if it says free that doesn’t include shipping, but I knew that getting into it. If you want something cheap, don’t mind waiting for 6 weeks, and don’t really care if you lose $5 when it shows up not what you were expecting then this is the app for you. Personally, despite all its flaws, it is better than I expected. It has lots of things that I like, express delivery shipping options on a ton of items so you can get them in a week, and the review system let’s you see the problems other people had with the product so you have a decent chance at weeding out the products that will not be what you were wanting. I would recommend not buying anything over $30 in case you’re just wasting money, but I’d say 90% of the products on the site are less than $30. All around exactly what I expected, but better.


I have been a loyal Wish customer for many years. I have been very happy with nearly every item I have purchased. I have told many people about Wish. If I am not satisfied with an item I’ve ordered, they are super fast to respond to my complaints. Although, I sometimes have to wait for awhile to get my ordered items, it’s worth the wait! I love the diversity of the items. They are often unique. I have purchased many gifts for my family and friends (and dogs) from Wish. I love spending time looking through my Wish app...there’s always something new and fun. I must say, however, that I hesitate to purchase clothes because, personally, the sizes run too small for me...but everything else is super! No hesitation at all for everything else...especially jewelry. Rarely, am I unhappy with the jewelry pieces I’ve ordered. The prices are incredible and nearly all of the jewelry is outstanding! I’m so glad that a friend’s daughter told me about Wish. I shall continue to be a loyal and satisfied customer. P. Gray

- Extremely irritated!

I love this app. I can look at the stuff on this app for hours. I’ve ordered 3 times now. And I’m talking pretty big orders. I have only received 1 full order. The other 2 I’ve gotten maybe 1 or 2 items from the entire orders and it was MONTHS after I placed them. And the items I received were the cheesy jewelry. In may I placed a $200 order. That was I think may 2nd or 3rd. Somewhere right in the beginning of the month and have received 1 coloring book so far!! I ordered a sewing machine a pair of really funny sweats that say something really not very nice (love it! That’s why I ordered them) a pair of $5 socks that also don’t say very nice things (again why I ordered them) I got a message yesterday saying have you received this item and there was a pic of a sewing machine but didn’t ask about anything else in the order. I’m so frustrated and am dying to speak to an actual person so I can straighten this out. I received a pair of Fumo stitch earrings I ordered in I don’t know April like a week ago!! I think I’m gonna have to be done with wish. Very sad

- How Can They Do This?!

I have been shopping with WISH for a little while now. I get clothes, shoes, nail decorating stuff, stuff for our house and yard among other things. Mostly, everything comes and is amazing, especially for the prices, however, a couple of time I had some issues. Like one time I had ordered a pair of shoes, and I went by their sizing chart to pick my size. When the shoes came they were so small I couldn’t get my foot down in the shoe, and I’m a small 7. So I wrote to customer service and I got just that, great customer service! They asked for some pictures of the shoes is all and then they refunded my money and told me I could keep the shoes to give away or something. How can they afford to do that? All I know is that their customer service has been the best with me and I will continue to shop here as long as their products are good. They could be a bit better about getting your order to you when they say they will originally, not a month after.

- Don’t download this

This is literally the biggest scam site I have EVER SEEN and it is taking ADVANTAGE of the hopes and dreams of little kids who don’t REALIZE this is literally a massive KNOCK OFF SHOP from products from CHINA that constantly displays fake previous prices, fake discount prices, fake promises, fake pictures of the quality and overall a shady experience. Honestly the fact YOU CANT CONTACT ANY OF THE SELLERS SHOULD TELL YOU PLENTY ENOUGH HOW SHADY THIS IS YOU GOTTA GUESS AND YOU BETTER HOPE AND PRAY ITS WHAT YOU WANTED. Don’t download this. Anything good in life you have to PAY for. Sorry to break it to everyone thinking this is some miracle website selling “legit” products but this is the real world. And in the real world you pay money for what you want. What you’re paying for here is knock offs from fake photos, fake reviews, fake pricetags, fake discounts, fake everything. This place disgusts me. And Frankly. I’m absolutely shocked this is allowed on the AppStore. It needs to be removed. I’m seeing some comments of people saying their experience changed on this app over the years. If this place is allegedly “legit” then you guys better clean up your act. Because so far I’m seeing NOTHING but a SEA of knock off products being sold from China that’s SCAMMING every tiny kid who thinks it’s real.

- Cheap junk, annoying practices

Like the title says, lots of cheap Chinese junk. Wish has some shady business practices such as annoying pop ups you can’t disable and manipulating prices and pictures. You’ll see a picture of an iPhone and it’ll say $150 but that’s for the case it’s in, not the phone and it’s not absolutely clear about that. They’ll mark up prices to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal when you’re just paying regular price for the cheap junk. They have a low price and it’s legit until you see the shipping price which makes it even out to a regular price. All those “free” items require you to pay shipping. Some items charge $12 for shipping others will be $7 for shipping. It’s never clear unless you look hard enough or check the cart to see final price. Wish will say that a lot of this is out of their control because they’re not the one selling it. Absolute lie. They have control considering it’s their marketplace. Reason I’m not giving 1 star is because there is a once in a while time where you do find a good deal for an item that isn’t just junk. But it’s rare and you’ll have to play a lot of games to get to it.

- No orders arriving, can’t get money back.

I’m truly disappointed in nearly everything I’ve had to deal with in regards Wish for nearly four months now. I’ve literally been waiting on some packages to arrive for three months now. All these partial refunds is absurd. I’ve had incorrect items show up, poorly constructed products, low quality clothing! And when I do get a partial refund for late items or things that never show up, I entirely stop receiving updates! I still paid for these items and I want to know when it’s going to arrive still. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars into products on here to only get no help in locating them, partial refunds for some items that have never shown up, months of waiting to only have damaged or incorrect items arrive. Exceptionally unhappy with everything here and with how my refunds are being handled. Wish has literally hundreds of dollars of my money tied up in purchases that I’m not receiving! And months and months have gone by. I literally have over a dozen products that I waiting on while you all have my money and are literally doing nothing to correct the issues. At this point I would rather not get anything I’ve ordered and be reimbursed for all undelivered orders.

- Scams like the old eBay.

I ordered a face mask pack of 20 masks. When they arrived it was just one n95 mask. I paid over $20 plus 6 shipping. When I ordered it the picture showed a box of 20 masks. So I ordered one (a box of 20). I complained saying the selling is a scam. I told them about and tried to get a refund at least 5 time. Every time the response was the same. The seller filled the order of 1 as I requested. I told them the seller made it seem as if I was getting a box with the picture of the box showing 20. So then I told them I did not get what was ordered the first 5 times I told them I got the wrong amount and the 6th time I told them the item was wrong and I never got a response. I tried to call them and they are not taking calls at this time. I asked for a refund and guess what. They showed the item needing returned was that box of 20 mask. Wish is like the old days of eBay. Where the seller would show a box of the Xbox with a price that would reflect that being an Xbox and when it arrives it’s just the box. The seller would bury the text saying it for the box and customer service would not help. I paid 6 dollars for something that weighed less then 1ounce. I will never order from them again. This was my first order.

- Awesome website/ Stores

I’m truly addicted to this site!!!! I have ordered a few different items that were free!!!! Just had to pay $2.00 for shipping . I didn’t think stuff like that existed. Customer service reps shld really be on call. A real live person to talk to. Shipping is a little weird. Some things take 5 days n others take a month. Which stinks bc I’m so excited to get my other purchases. But I understand a lot of it comes from overseas.. One thing that you guys cld work on is having customer service people you can actually talk to. The computer system helper is good for some things but not everything...I can’t purchase anything at the moment n I tried following the steps but I’m still stuck. Used a debit card for my first couple orders. N now every time I try to buy something it says oops there was a problem...... go to this site. And there is $ in my acct. I did n it was no help. Definitely need to be able to reach customer service reps a little easier... Instead of just the computer helper/support. It’s kind of frustrating... Bc prices change and you lose a discount... please help!!!!!

- SCAM and a RIP OFF for a bunch of JUNK

Wish is HORRIBLE!!! They say shipping should take about 3 weeks in their ads but in reality expect to wait 6+!! I’ve made several purchases which have arrived broken, name misspelled, not as described or not at all!! Wish doesn’t screen their sellers and continues to let anyone in China sell a bunch of junk!! I’ve tried contacting support for items that haven’t arrived that I purchased in August (it’s Oct) and it’s saying that I can’t contact support because my account was flagged!! So, it’s my fault that your sellers aren’t sending items, they are broken, or not as described?? They don’t care about the buyers at all!! They just hope people won’t ask for a refund because the stuff is so cheap! Sorry, I don’t care how much an item is, if it’s broken or not as described I’m going to ask for my money back!! This is a problem for Wish!! Thankfully I use PayPal to make my purchases and I know they will deal with the items I haven’t received!!! Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time because that’s all it is!!! You’ll sit there waiting and waiting for items expecting to receive what’s listed and then either never receive it OR it’ll be broken or not what was described/ pictured!!! RIP OFF SCAM FRAUD COMPANY!!!

- Fake products, advertisement and support!

I was excited to see so many items available so I gave it a go and bought variety of things by looking at the advertised images and reviews. I don’t know if the reviews are naive or these reviews are fake because the products I got delivered were fake! Clothes made with the cheapest shred of thin cloth and the print looked like it was a copy of a 3D copy or something. It didn’t even match the image that was advertised! Other items that kept falling off the wall since they just didn’t have the right material used to make them. Now getting to customer support... It’s an automated message that just asks same question and if you don’t see an option of what you need it throws you back to shopping page! Returning may be easy but if you got fake products to begin with and returned them you get added to their audit list even after just placing one order. Then forget about getting any help from customer support, . The message simply says to shop more so that they can get you on their good list. Even if you are contacting them for missing order etc!! Which store does that?! Shop more so that they can send more fake items or missing part of your order. Ah No!!

- Disappointed

When I came across Wish I was excited to place my first order . I was more than willing to wait the lengthy amount of time for shipping beings prices were too good to pass up. I got 2 items from my order of about 8 and 1 item never got delivered. When I checked my order I saw I had been refunded but it took weeks. In the meantime I placed another order only to experience the same thing and then placed a THIRD order which I just placed a little over a week ago. So what I thought would be a great way to save money ended yo being more of a hassle with the delivery delays , unavailable items after I already paid and tracking items and refunds only to realize I didn’t get them all. I was even patient to wait well beyond the expected delivery date for about me p-14 days , 3 mos and 2 mos even. The only good thing i can say is that the items I did receive I am happy with minus 2 watches which were poorly made. Customer support only offers a few questions to select from which is also very frustrating when my questions were t listed. I’m really hoping that my 3rd order is better than the first 2. Crossing my fingers!

- Quality

I’ve always had good experiences with wish. I have always received the items I order before the delivery date (although items usually arrive a month or two after you order them). I am overall very pleased with this shopping app. Some things are very poorly made, but that is only with certain sellers, so make sure to always check the reviews before purchasing any items. I love that wish verifies many products for quality too, that helps me when it comes to deciding what to purchase and what to refrain from purchasing. This app is kind of like an online target in the sense that you go into the app for a few minutes and end up with 200 items in your shopping cart. This app is very helpful for household items and other useful things like school supplies. I recommend this to anyone who is wanting to buy items for a cheap price, and does not mind waiting a month or two for them to arrive. Many of my friends use it too :)

- New wish customer.

I was introduced to wish about two months ago. I would look through the site and seen some cool things that I wanted to order but didn’t. And then one day I was looking and found items that my family is really into. I just placed my first order. I purchased the Pokémon instinct backpack. It came about a week early, which was awesome! Because my grandson’s backpack had just broke. It came in yesterday when my grandson got home from school, I gave it to him as an early birthday present. He absolutely loves it and does not want it left out of his sight. Excellent product for the price. Just be careful because you can spend more than you realize in a very short time. And there’s always something you find that you want to buy. Happy customer and will continue to be a customer of wish. I have just about completed my Christmas shopping. Without even having to leave my house! That makes it even better yet. Thank you wish from a satisfied customer.

- Wish purchases

All of my clothes I get from wish is great. But some a little small so I give them to the needy. I am happy either way thanks. I couldn’t appreciate it more. Wish is one of the main sites I like very much. I will always order from wish instead of any other site thank you for great service always. Wish has some of the best products to sell. The material is amazing and the fit of your clothing is right on point most of the time. I will keep telling people about your site. Because I have order from others and their products aren’t so good wish has been most amazing. Can you have more discounts maybe for us that buy often from wish. I had promo codes that go out before I get enough money together. Maybe work on discounts a little more or promo codes to last a little longer. As for liking Wish yes I get some of my friends to order things too. I just think wish is the best to order and buy from. Thank you Valerie from Tennessee

- What a Joke

I have never written a review for an app like this but I just have to warn others. I was stupid enough to buy quite a bit off Wish without “trying it out” first. I knew they took weeks to arrive but in the item reviews of what I bought it stated they received it early and how great it was. I took a chance. Horrible idea and now I know these are fake reviews probably like the ones that got this app to a 4.7 rating. There is no possible way they are that high with their business practices. They have changed my delivery dates and there is absolutely no information other than my items are just sitting there. For weeks, going no where and no one doing anything to further my order. If you try to contact customer support, you get ridiculous version of automated customer support which basically ignores any real issue you may have and gives you silly answers that mean nothing to you or your problem, then actually tells you to let them know if you have any more issues!!! Seriously? They couldn’t care less about any of my orders or the $200 I spent. Which is nothing to them but a lot to me. Disgusted with them and disappointed in myself for believing this could be real.

- Could be better

It was great the first time I ordered off it because they were offering merchandise with limited quantity at a very good price, and somehow everything I ordered was processed on time and I got items at a great price. Since then I’ve attempted to order both regular priced items and limited quantity items and it’s never processed in time. It say within 24 hrs you will know , but I’ve waited up to 48 hrs with at times saying when my item will arrive by as though it was processed in time and then switches to it wasn’t processed in time and to choose a refund. I’d like to know what the point is trying to purchase them items when even when it’s processed in time you still don’t actually get it I’ve attempted about 80 other items that I really liked and spent hours on the app searching just to be told it wasn’t processed in time and like I said sometimes even after 48 hrs when it says 24.. ridiculous that they can’t ever process them and allow you the item for any other order but your first. Disappointed in nearly the 80 refunds due to not being processed in time.

- I ❤️ Wish!!!

I’ve been using this app for over 2 years. N i absolutely love it. They have anything u cld possibly want all on one app that is sooo affordable! Yes , some things aren’t as ya expected but in my opinion Wish’s customer service totally makes up for that . For these prices , how can u complain! I’ve order just abt weekly since I opened the app. Sometimes almost daily! I’ve enjoyed so many products , I can’t possibly complain. I’ve been refunded so quickly for items that weren’t really great quality. Just contact support if u have an issue . I guarantee they make it right. N the quality of the clothing has improved so much in just a short Amt of time. Seems like they’re trying whatever they can to do to keep on improving n I look forward to my mail everyday now! I usually get something on a daily basis ! So as u can tell , this girl loves The Wish App n Highly recommend it to everyone I know !!! Thanks again Wish, Its been wonderful doin business w you !!! 👍🏻👍🏻

- Wish does their best..

I also have had trouble with shipping and not receiving some items that I have ordered. It’s very easy to contact Wish and asked for a refund and in my opinion they are very happy to help me and grant me a refund for the items I never received! Although there are pros and cons here at wish app it’s the same with any other app, we also have to remember that some items we order a coming from overseas and can’t be lost and it’s not the app fault that this happened but again I contact help let them know what my status was and agreed to give me a full refund. A few times I have not received a few things I ordered but I’ve received more things that I’ve ordered 10 more things that I haven’t ordered so I’m just putting in this review that every app has its pros and cons but wish does care and does give their customers a refund without asking 120 questions so for the people that say there are more cons then pros I disagree I received more than I have not received and I received a lot from Wish! Truly yours Amy


I highly recommend this app for gifts for ALL occasions: BIRTHDAYS, CHRISTMAS, BACK TO SCHOOL, BABY SHOWERS, ENGAGEMENT, and the most recent BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING , CYBER MONDAY! There are sooo many things to choose from and if you can get the best price on these items , they do cheaper prices every so many hours . Some items can be as low as $2-$8 and the first one to have the amount processed through their account first ,gets the item(s) @ that price . (Like an auction) where you CLAIM your item . If you actually take your time and keep looking for an item (Continue to press RELATED button ) you can find the ITEM(s) that you want for a great price !! . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP ! Items for this less is great especially when you have a BIG FAMILY to buy for on the holidays ! Yeah sure it’s mostly coming from other countries but how can you complain when you are getting the stuff you want for less ( a lot less than other stores are selling it ) . If you are still not sure/convinced try it yourself ,what do you have to lose? That’s right ,not a thing!

- Pretty awesome

I truly love this app. If I was to voice 1 thing that bugs me is when you see a product and it’s listed price and click to go check it out to find there a few more clicks on its actual page that raises the price. True on one hand you can say they are upgrades... but a lot of times it’s blatantly obvious it’s more of a chance to increase the price after your interest has been sparked enough to go to that products page... it’s not quite a hook and locked in scenario... But it does feel equivalent to, say your in a store and have been looking around for a long time and you keep thinking about those cool mountain bike tires you saw while browsing...and now you’ve looked entire store over and figured out what products your gonna get with the money you have to spend... then you go to grab the cool tires that say $19 and as you do a sales demon slivers over hissing and twirling him mustache and says... those tires are $37! Then they call 911 when you bust a blood vessel in your head! See what I mean??! Just no fun for anyone! Heh Heh

- currently unhappy

today i checked in and it says that i would have free shipping so i got a two things. but then i was still charged for shipping and that is about $6 wasted on a false promise. UPDATE: am still very unhappy since my last three orders say that my order wasn’t processed in time. THREE ORDERS!! like, i understand one because stuff happens but 3 times? that is so annoying. i was looking forward on getting 3 really cute pairs of shoes and now i’m not getting any. UPDATE: i am a bit happier with this app because it is low price. but i have two packages that never showed up and it says they have been delivered. i also have other orders that were supposed to get here a month ago but still haven’t arrived. i bought airpods and they were apple which was amazing. but they keep disconnecting when i’m trying to listen to music. also, i think that there should be discounts on shipping because shipping is so expensive. i just moved and i think there should be an option on items that have already been delivered to change an address since it does take so long to ship.

- App now won’t process payment, earlier purchases cancelled

When I initially downloaded this app I was addicted. Now, when I try and make a purchase it constantly makes me enter my “saved” payment info. IF the app will allow the payment to go through, within a day or two my order has been cancelled WITHOUT notifying me. When you try and contact support, it’s a stupid robot that you can’t even type a complaint to, you MUST select pre-typed answers. Highly disappointed and will not use again. **EDIT** After posting my initial review, someone from Wish contacted me and told me my account had been suspended and all orders had been cancelled. Again, I was only told this AFTER my negative review. When I tried yet again to reach out and inquire as to why my account had been suspended o was not provided any information. Received an email from the developer today suggesting I delete my payment info and re-enter, then try to reprocess the payment. Yea, too little too late. I’ll never use this app again as stated in other reviews, not only is this app crappy with customer service, but if I wanted to buy Chinese garbage and wait 6 months for it to come in the mail, I’ll just buy off Ali Express.

- Cool but...

I like the app and you can get stuff you love but.. there is a couple things wrong the first thing is that they literally put the five star reviews in front so when you scroll you can see the five star reviews/the good reviews but then if you click view all the reviews then click on one star they are literally hiding the one star reviews and putting the five star reviews in the front and in my opinion they are getting stuff from China to help make people Think that they are getting stuff they love for cheaper when they’re just getting stuff from China that 1 probably smells like drugs 2 cheaply made and.. I looked through the one star reviews and people keep on saying that it smells like drugs and that I had bad fabric and material and I think they need to work on it oh and the last thing when you scroll to the bottom of the ones the reviews it says something like 60 people have wrote on one star review and 60 of them didn’t write a comment when they did I don’t really know if you should download this app or not it’s just in your own risk in my opinion I probably would give it one last chance but keyword last chance!

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B is for Bitch | she/her 🏴

@lemon_lymann @WellAdventuress @v4mpgrI And that’s true. I just wish they’d buy like, secondhand luxury brands or whatever? Leave the regular ole clothes to the broke folks. Especially since most of these people made fun of their classmates for shopping at goodwill back in the day but now it’s cool :)


@yewzofficial Wish: Shopping made fun

iTunes Charts

"Wish - Shopping Made Fun" and 1 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Free Apps Chart! Description and more -


Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Wish - Shopping Made Fun 4.33.2 Screenshots & Images

Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images
Wish - Shopping Made Fun iphone images

Wish - Shopping Made Fun (Version 4.33.2) Install & Download

The applications Wish - Shopping Made Fun was published in the category Shopping on 2012-06-14 and was developed by ContextLogic Inc. [Developer ID: 530621398]. This application file size is 99.38 MB. Wish - Shopping Made Fun - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 4.33.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.contextlogic.Wish

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