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What is gun movie fx app? Gun Movie FX is an easy to use professional quality gun effects app for film makers and video editors. Create Hollywood quality action movies with your choice of over 70 high quality muzzle flashes, smoke, lighting effects, sound effects and much more.

Position gun flashes and other effects quickly and easily with our simple effects editor. Other effects in this app include sniper scopes, first person shooter flashes, simulated night vision, blood spray and splatter, lasers, bullet hit effects, flying shells, smoke bursts and many different movie sound effects.

Includes our new Tracker Camera which automatically performs motion tracking for the ultimate realism.
Advanced image adjustments available like key-framing, opacity, hue, saturation and more.

Great addition to your movie making arsenal. Use with your stop motion movies for awesome results. Gun Movie FX can do with your phone or tablet what expensive software like after effects can do on a high end computer.

See what this app can do by visiting our YouTube channel!

Check out the Gun Movie FX website at:

Gun Movie FX offers an optional subscription to unlock all effects. See details about our subscriptions below.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period for $4.99 for weekly or $9.99 for monthly. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription .

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App Name Gun Movie FX
Category Entertainment
Updated 01 September 2023, Friday
File Size 162.68 MB

Gun Movie FX Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app! Please Read!!. Okay I think this is a really good app. Deffinitely recommend it. Anyways here is some of the things that I think should be added. -Bullet Holes -Guns Sound Echo -Flying Bullets -More Blood -A way to take off the "Blood on camera" after using it for such a time. -More muzzle flashes!! Like Snipers -FIRST PERSON MUZZLE FLASHES!! -After a bullet hits a wall, you could at smoke or pieces of small wood flying everywhere -Add smoke coming off the gun after firing -Add explosions, like from a rocket launcher!! -Add more sounds, like punching and breaking skulls sounds -ADD SHELL CASINGS!! So that when the muzzle flash goes off, we can pick another animation so that a shell can come out of the gun! You can add shotgun shells, 45 shells, even 9mm shells -Add capacity to everything. So we can make the muzzle flash ghost looking like - Add a way to adjust the sound levels of muzzle flashes or just sounds like punching -Make the screen a little brighter everything you add a muzzle flash. For more realistic looks. You should also add a button to turn it on or off. -You should add sounds of people dying, like a person gets hit with a bullet, and we can add a sound like "GUH!" Or "AHH!!" Thanks for reading. And I can't wait for the next update.

Woah!. This app was already awesome before The 4.0 update, but now it is just pure awesome! I always wanted To have HD gun effects but I couldn't get it right with the green screen FX and I did not want to pay a lot for them. But now I have it on my iPod. I love it thank you. you rock! P.S. When I don't get is why the smoke last shorter now I like it when the smoke was longer. Especially for still shots. But I guess it's better for an action scene in a film. Maybe you could have smoke fx? Oh one more thing, think about bullet impacts like on walls or metal or dirt. I would definitely get that! Also bullet flybys. The more the merrier!

Please read this review.. Hello. I love this app and use it for almost all of my movies. It's realistic and fun. Everybody needs this app. It's an essential. The in-app purchases are worth every penny. Now you're probably wondering why I gave it a 4/5. Well, although the app is worth 5 stars what we all need is a Spider-man web shooter effects app. I would pay so much for one and I'm sure there are others like me. If it's too hard to make a whole new app then please just update this app and make it as an in-app purchase. I have been searching everywhere and I can't find a working way to give videos web shooter effects, and the first app that I find will be the one I buy. Please consider this review. I am a huge fan of both this app and Spider-man. I am going to make a a Spider-man film and would love to use your wonderfully brilliant effects. Thank you. Anyone who's anyone needs this app. Absolutely brilliant.

I love but needs improvement. I love this app I really do. I use it in all my videos but I think it needs a little work. The machine gun fx- the sound of it needs to be longer and more echoing other then just cutting off. At least make a new option for that and keep the short sounding ones for indoor shooting. 2- there should be sniper rifle shots and sounds. Loud ones. And do the same, make it longer on the audio of the gun shot. 3- close explosion sounds and on screen explosion fx would be perfect. 4- I think that a shell effect would help a lot. You know, after a shot put a bullet casing flying out of the chamber. Would help so much! I really hope this gets through to whoever makes the updates for this app because I really love making videos with it.

GREEDY but good. So why was it 4.99 at first then all packs are 3.99 ( a little much if you ask me.) but I can get having to buy packs and game for 4.99 not 9.99! Outrageous! You can’t charge that much for a game and then make people pay more fore full version. That’s just not cool! Onto good things I love it the effects are great! first yah need explosions, bigger smokes, better/more fight sounds FOR A 4$ PACK, AUTOMATIC MODE! Aah I would love that, fires, and wait for it missile firing effects, like the bullet tracer but a bazooka missile that comes out! Thad be cool. All in all good game good effects too much money but HEY! we’ve all been there! Make me give that last star :)!!

Okay App but GREEDY AND CARELESS DEVELOPERS!!!. This app has a lot of negatives and not a whole lot of positives. Buying the initial $5 app gets you barely anything, just a few gunshot effects. If you want anything useful, it costs bundles of extra cash. Completely ridiculous, also the way the packs are set up make it very easy to accidentally purchase either a recurring payment or an absurdly expensive pack. A couple of years ago I bought the Mega Pack (When it was still expensive, but at least semi-reasonably priced). When I tried to restore my purchases, none of them came back. Upon emailing the developers several times, I got no response back and my purchases were not restored. That’s awful. If I pay $5 to get a app I’d expect better responses. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!! **If developers ever respond and restore my purchases, I will update this review**

I know how to get the black screen video glitch out. This glitch is when you try to import your video but the screen is still black. Pyro movie affects by the same person is free right now when I’m writing this and has explosions and fire and if you run it through there and don’t even do anything and add it to your camera roll it will have like degraded the quality, but it make it makes it able to go onto gun movie fx kineMaster also does this and probably some others but I think iMovie has too good quality if that’s what you’re using edit the pieces together. Hope this helps it’s worked for me so far.

Amazing Potential - but buggy. The app represents a simple and amazing breakthrough in gunfire special effects. It can do many of the same things as expensive special effects software like Adobe After Effects...when it works properly. Unfortunately, it can be very buggy, especially if you’re trying to simulate automatic weapons fire from a machine gun. It accepts all the commands, which can be time consuming to enter, but then when you click the button to render your finished movie, the app just shuts down without any error warnings or explanations. That’s frustrating! You reopen the app and try again with the same result. I have multiple unfinished projects that won’t render. Also, the maker dings you for a few bucks on every single additional feature, which would be okay if everything worked like a charm. But it doesn’t. You guys need to fix the glitches and make it more reliable.

This App Is Fantasti. I have owned this app for over 3 years and this update by far is the most improved and overall amazing. With the ability to control what gun sound effects go to each muzzle flash possibilities are endless, the new sniper scope effect is also a welcomed feature. If you are trying to make a short film or movie with guns as a main feature and cannot afford adobe after effects this is you're go to option. Cannot express enough how highly I recommend it.

Needs more customization and editing tools. It would be nice if you could record sounds into the custom gun FX option, download a file or take the audio off a video from the camera roll. Also it would be nice if you could make the preview button function better. Usually when I try to use the preview button while editing to find a sound the sound in unsynchronized with the video when I press play during editing. Also if there was a bar on the bottom that could play the audio separate from the video so you can pinpoint specific spots easier. Still this app is one of a kind and is very nice 😫👌

Ok just listen to me. Look I love the new design of the app, but it is a little laggy at moments. I wish u still had some of the in app purchases because I purchased all but one and now I basically wasted my money. My main complaint is the blood that squirts out side ways, it does not work like the one were the blood shoots up. If you made it more like the one were it shoots up, that would be great. Pros about the new update is the great layout, and the new blood squirts besides the one I already stated. It's a more realistic take on the app and I love how you can edit you own gun flares and sounds, that's one of the best parts of the app. All in all B app, just fix a couple of bugs and be an A+ app overall: 84%

Need to fix new update. I love Gun Movie FX but the new update ruined it. I love how it is more organized and I love how you can add different gun sounds (the original pistol gun sound was really annoying). But the gun flashes look cheesy. It is just for one frame. The old update it was more than just one frame. I bought almost all the In-App Purchases and now all of them are free? Come on that is a complete waste of money. Plz fix your new update. Please don't turn such an amazing gun fx app into a bunch of garbage. And what happened to the first person gun flash. I love making first person action films. Please don't let me down I am just a fan of your amazing app. Please. Thank you:)

Better now! (Read bottom). This app is great and I have used this app plenty of times before the update. Since the update, there are 3 main issues which have caused me to no longer be able to make videos with this app. The first problem is that the sounds for the video and effects are way off compared to what u see. It needs to be fixed! Also, it is extremely laggy on all my devices if the video is even 3 minutes long! I can't even change the size of an effect or hear any noises at that point! Lastly, I was making a 4 minute long clip and it took a while to make because of all the lag. Then when I clicked finish, it took 7 hours to load! This is ridiculous and these things have ruined the app. You need to fix these problems ASAP! Now- The app is much better but could still use some overall improvements to it.

Best Movie App Ever. It's so much fun, if you know what your doing it can look extremely, extremely, extremely professional (I freaked out my friends when I showed it to them for the first time), and is so easy to use and doesn't take much to learn. It's also one of those rare apps where the updates actually constantly improve the app every time. Without ever hurting it. And they constantly take advice from reviews which is great. I'm calling this a flaw, but I do have a request that would be cool. I think a flame thrower effect would be awesome if possible.

💯. I got this app wen it first came out and it was great and still is Ihave made many movies and they are pretty good i love this app i just wish there could be explosions,wall/ground bullet hits,mabye a bullet hole wen some one gets shot,being able to delete effects indivauly,being able to see diferent effects that u have added wile editing,being able to move the effect if were doing a seen that had alot of movment,to have an effect that stays there have the ability for it to be removed so it is there for a little,to be able to erase an effect and then bring it back if u hade someone walk across an effect,and maybe some better sounds for the gun flares,and the ability to mute the sound on an effect

Used to be good, but now TERRIBLE. This app used to be AWESOME! I've made so many cool movies with my friends and family thanks to Gun Movie FX. I am very glad I spent $7 on the app. However, with all of the new updates, more and more new effects have been added that cost more real money. While that's okay, it's still kind of annoying because the app already costed $7, so I would like to have access to all the FX. But what really ruined it for me was that now all of the blood FX and FPS gun muzzle flashes cost real money. Basically, you'll need to spend another $7 just to get the same features you used to have. And if you want all the features, you have to pay $16. I'm really disappointed in the direction this app took. It used to be my favorite app of all time, but now I'll be deleting it, and I'll probably never download it again. Sad.

Love it. Very good the only person who knew that it wasn't real gunfire was a friend of mine who lives in the same dorm as I do. He likes to shoot just as much as I do he's shot the exact rifle (COLT LE6920), but not one of the new ones that just says M4 Carbine on the side of the lower receiver, it has LE markings and doesn't have that bar in the lower receiver between the fire control group and the seer- with the update the only reason I can think of as to why the camera would close is that there isn't enough available RAM. This is not the applications fault it's the users. especially if uninstalling and reinstalling or rebooting the phone temporarily fixes it. For a permanent fix every once in a while you need to close this stuff running in the back ground. To see what's running in the background just double-click the home button then shut down all background programs. Even if you encounter that problem you can always make the video with the camera and then once in the application import the video. If you're running Ios 6 that could cause problems. Which is why you should always wait a few months before going to a new iOS. I'm going to wait at least another six weeks before going to IOS6 on my 4S. Although my brother is running I OS 6 on his iPhone 4S and just like myself he's never had a problem with this app, but he has with other apps. Dictated but not read.

Stop ignoring us, Won’t build movie, a ripoff. Ok look your app is great but still it has a lot of problems and you guys are one of them. First of all it’s greedy to have us to pay for not just the app (which it’s a ripoff price) and we has to pay for what extra effects? Come on and not just that people including can’t even build our movie anymore unless there’s alittle bit of gun fx, you know there’s people that really want your app to succeed but you guys don’t care and don’t listen to the people that buy and spent money on your broken app just so they can be ripped off and they can’t even complete their own movie!? If you are someone who wants gun fx sound effects reading this please, download another app or try something else for effects. And the developers if you reading this your app would be decent if you remove these bugs like I mentioned and stop ignoring us and listen to us.

Good but needs a few things.. I think it needs of course the shotgun pull back sound ( I think that's it ). I agree with the other users for example lighting (with a customizable thing like some of the eye changer apps) so that you can light a specific area but the muzzle flare still overlaps its and a transparency bar to go with it. Also an eraser so if you shoot like at hallway and the wall is covering half your shot then you can zoom, erase it, and your done. One last thing plz add a play mode in the editing so its easier to edit( or the option to have sound ). Does anyone agree with me!?!?!?

Awesome buy can you add?. Hi! This app is great and has helped me so much but im asking if it wouldn't be to much to add an arrow effect in, it would most likely go under the star where the lasers are. You would have to purchase the effects from the gunfx store and it would have different versions of the arrow shot and possibly even different colors! But if not then they should just be black (im talking about the end veins of the arrow) that would be amazing!!! And it would make it even better if you have an effects that is with the arrow to make it look like someone has an arrow in them, this could also have many different things like how far it's in or what angle it's at! I hope you can take this into consideration, it will help alot with my up coming film

Gun flashes and other problems. This app is a great app with lots of potential, but it has many glitches and shortcomings. First of all, after you finish making a movie you may have spent a long time editing the clip/movie the gun flashes will appear at the top corner of the screen. I have tried re-editing the whole clip I was making, but to no avail. Also I had spent money on the app buying all the effect options but when I deleted it ( because I thought I wasn't going to use it for a while) then re-downloaded (keep in mind I saved all the data on the cloud) it made me buy everything again!! I mean the blood, the fps flashes, the sniper fx, the fighting fx, and the bullet spray fx!! And these reasons just ruined the app for me and I'm sure many others as well. But otherwise it is a great app; it sounds great, looks great, and is easy to edit. As I said HAS great potential. So to the developers... FIX THE APP

Buggy. This app is a very good app that I use all the time to make videos with these effects. However, it has become extremely buggy for me. Whenever I add a lot of effects and click “build movie” it takes a while to load and then doesn’t build the movie. Am I adding to many effects or is this a bug that needs to be fixed? There’s also a problem when playing the videos in the editor. It either doesn’t work or takes time when you press play for it to play, and when it does, it plays a few seconds after the beginning and the sound is delayed to. I would really appreciate it if these can get fixed, thanks.

a few unfixed bugs. This app is great and I really really like it but in the latest version I noticed that there are some new bugs in the app for example one of them is that the app is sometimes completely silent when you open it and you should reopen it. Another one I saw is that you can not take video from the app and the camera button crashes, only import from photos button works but this is not really major. Also one of the oldest bugs that has not been fixed yet is that some effects' color can not be changed like wall hit, smoke, etc, actually anything that is white. Please fix that bugs especially the last one that I said.

Really Good But Overpriced. When I first got this app I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect , but when I loaded up the app I didn’t care about my five dollars. All was worth it... until I noticed there were more features like, blood, and night vision. When the app said I could get them I thought that my 5 dollars was enough to get every feature not just Gun fx. I tried to get it thinking that blood and the other features were optional downloads. When the app showed me how much blood costed, I was shocked. 4 dollars for an app I just paid 5 dollars for. I mean this would be fine for an average person who can easily afford that and not go bankrupt. For me though and others when you are just a kid or a teen you can’t really afford to spend thirty four dollars for all the features. I was scared just giving them my 5 dollars. Anyway... all I’m saying is make it easier for people like kids to be able to afford this app and not blow all their money. Thank you... and sorry for bad punctuation.

Why does it not download?!!. This app has great potential. Other than the things I am about to complain about, it's great. It's great when it comes to adding effects and gun noises. But... it has a couple of issues. The first one is that it delays whenever you want to preview it. The app has a feature called "preview" which basically means you can watch it while you are editing it. But whenever I do this, it delays a few seconds and the sound is not in line with the video. This means I have to process the whole video to see if I did it right which can take like 5 minutes just to see one thing. Another thing is once you've processed it, you can't fast forward. So if you have a 5 or 6 minute video, and you want to see something in the end, then you gotta some time. Those aren't the huge complaints, just minor ones but should definitely be fixed. The final one which is really making me mad is that whenever I've fully edited a video, and press the button to save it to my camera roll, it doesn't do it. I am making nerf war videos and I have to download the video to my camera roll in order to add other things like music. I have fully edited a video that is 4 minutes and 38 seconds. But whenever I press the button to download it, it says it downloaded, but then I go to my camera roll and it's not there. This is huge because it prevents me from doing anything with it. If you fixed these things this app would be wonderful. Please listen.

Grate app with amazing Possibilities but.... Gun movie fx is great at adding life like muzzle flashes and other fx to your own moves. It has amazing graphics but there are some cons about this app; pros: the app comes with incredibly life like effects that are easy and fast to apply. It also contains about 70 different muzzle flashes sound effects highlights and smoke effects for free, and that where the cons start; you have to pay 4.99 for the app when I got it and now it’s 9:99 now (I think) it self and about 70 effects but if you want to get night vision, sniper scope over lays, bullet eject effects etc. you have to pay 3.99 for each pack! So that is pretty annoying. Also sometimes when you try to export a video it will just exit out of the app. So gun movie fx is a good app with some amazing potential, but there are some cons as well. So to the makers of this app please try to fix the glitch when it exits out if the app.

Worth the Cost. It seems kind of expensive at first, and it is rather odd that you still have to pay for more FX, but it’s really not as bad as the other reviews make it seem. The app runs smoothly and it loads and builds fast. You get a LOT of FX to start with, and the other FX you have to buy are the same high quality and pretty low cost. It works fine for any movie and I’ve been very happy with it. This is for people who are want to make good looking movies, not people who want something cheap.

Hate the new update.. I honestly think I would like the update a lot more if it wasn't for two things. First I hate how when you do a gun shot, the audio from it and the visual are not together anymore. It's so much more complicated and time consuming which is really annoying. There should be an options menu where you can choose the sound of the gun effect. My second reason is the blood. The blood has gotten so much more worse. It's just a mist now and isn't realistic at all. The old version had a variety of different bloods which was nice and I would prefer those over the new blood effects any day. Other than that the update is fine but those are two main effects that have ruined the app for me.

By far the best update!. As stated in the title this update completely changes the Gun Movie FX app by replacing the old UI with one that is much more pleasant and organized. But the best plus to this app is the removal of the numerous in app purchases for the different effects. I felt like I was being gouged if I wanted to have all the sounds, blood splatters, and muzzle flashes in the app, but now everything can be used with the one time purchase of the app. The app also allows you to design your own muzzle flashes and couple them with a custom sound, giving you much more freedom in producing your effects. Overall this app is now perfect and much easier to use. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Love it! But one thing. I really really enjoy this up but there's one thing that I would love to be added into this. I would like it if you could add One small thing. I would like it if when you tap on an affect you could hold down on that affect and get an option to paste it to that point and it would motion track so a say a small player would stay in one spot and not move with any other camera movements it would stay in that designated spot until it goes either offscreen or goes away.I don't know how difficult it is but if you could do it that would be amazing. Also with the new bullet tracer thing, I think if needs to be sped up Thanks!

Great app! Bit needs more. This is a really great app to add these minds of fx to video, but it would be nice if there were a ton more options for all the different fx as well as having the option to add our own pictures of different blood splatters we find online to the app/program, which then when added converts/makes it possible to add to video just like all of the other in-app fx. Would also be nice to have the option of creating custom blood splatters, etc in the app itself by combining and/or creating new fx with the new available options for such kind of customization. Overall it's a great app, but could definitely be improved and grow tremendously if the app developer were to continue expanding this and putting in further time and effort to make it incredible :).

Fixes. Before you close because this looks long just hear me out. I am really enjoying the app but I have some ideas to make it better. There is only a button to trash all the effects in the whole shot, but next to it should be a button that takes it out for the frame your on. This isn't a problem for me, but people in the ratings are complaining its 17+ so please fix for them cause it doesn't really need to be 17+. There should also be a play button so you can see your progress so far without having to click build movie. Because when you do that and decide to go back and edit, all your marks are gone where you already put the effect. People in the ratings also wanted bullet holes and bullet sparks. The bullet holes would be hard because you have to add a tracker but the sparks only last one frame so you can put those in. It's kind of annoying how you have to buy all these in-app purchases so you should make an ultimate pack where you unlock everything. It would cost less than buying everything individually. This would bring you more customers because its a better deal. Please consider what I have to say. I really love the app!

More effects for the GunMovieFX iphone app and more fx iphone apps like it. Hey, i love the GunMovieFX iPhone app but i really think that there needs to be more gun effects, sound/handmade effects, and a lot more other effects. You guys should develop a whole video editing and movie fx app that combines all of your apps together in one movie editor and fx editor with more effects and added effects and tools like green screening, CGI/3D model importing, internet fx importing, cloning effect, create very own real movie titles, import sound/sound creator, real world object scanner, stop motion animation tool, voice overs, music design, and iTunes music imports P.S- please read this developers of Outerspacious llc

What happened to the laser fx and my other in-app-purchases??!. A while ago I bought this app, along with some of the in-app-purchases, and it worked just fine. I was pleased with the videos I made, and would have recommended it to my friends. However, when I downloaded the new update, the features included with the in-app-purchases were nowhere to be found. Also, when I saw that the update included a new feature called "Custom FX" I was hoping that that meant I could overlay pictures from my camera roll onto videos, but unfortunately it was simply a selection of pre-loaded muzzle flashes and sounds that could be combined in different ways, and while this is a good addition, I would prefer the ability to import pictures from my camera roll into the app. All that aside, this is a overall good app, with a large selection of options, and a decent amount of customization, however I would like to have my in-app-purchases back. Please fix!

Amazing. I've had this app for a while and I love it. Now the only reason I'm writing a review is for suggestions so the app can be better, so this isn't constructive criticism because what you guys are doing right now is amazing. First I would love to see explosion fx. I mean it wold be awesome to se and be really easy to put in. Second I would like to see flying bullets. By this I mean like the matrix where in bullet time you see all the bullets in slo mo causing ripples in the air. Third I would love to see limbs flying around. This would also go well with the explosion fx. One of the harder improvements you could make is motion tracking. Some people like having there films with a shaky cam so when the fx are put on th cam just makes the fx go all out of place. My final suggestion is fire like a natural fire or a flamethrower fire. Thank you and I hope you read and take account of these suggestions

Great.. I love this app, me and my friends have fun with it I school and out on the playground, it's a great app, but I know this might sound like a little much but it would make the app way better if you could adjust the flash freely how you like, and that if you could add like a layer effect so you can choose where to like sorta cut off your flash effect to make it more realistic, and if you coil add some more fresh effects like explosions, and some more gun shot effects, flare gun, etc. but yeah anyways this app is really fun and awesome, 5 stars.

Most Amazing App Ever!!!. I have bought 2 of your 3 apps (I need another iTunes gift card) and I can easily say, your apps are better than any other app in the AppStore, and any other 30 dollar program for PC I have ever used. I strongly encourage you guys to keep designing the fantastic applications with beautiful interfaces. I am definitely happy enough with its current features, and I can understand how hard it must be to create the cool video overlays, but do you think you could maybe add bullets, bullet holes, and body wounds? Wether you do or not add those, this is such an amazing app (thus the 5 stars) and I want to say, ignore ANY negative comment. These fx are fantastic! Keep up the good work, I support you!!!

LASERS NEED WORK. I love this app so much. It’s so helpful for my films and it’s easy to use. Although one thing that I do have a problem with is the laser effects. I know that it’s not part of the main bundle but after buying it I was expecting more than that. For one the lasers are good but there’s only 3 sound effects which sound like they’re from Star Wars which is fine, but if we are going to pay money for extra content I was expecting more. I wish there was more sounds like how the gun effects had a bunch of different sounds. And most importantly my biggest gripe with the lasers is that they are just so thin! Seriously if you shrink down the effect you can barely see the laser line zooming across the screen it’s so thin. And if you want it to be more visible you have to make the effect larger but that only makes the back part (the part that’s supposed to be like smoke and sparks) way too large. It just looks weird. Also if you were going for a laser effect then there should have been an option for a thicker laser with no mini explosion effect at the back. If you watch Star Wars you’ll see that it’s just a singular bolt coming from the gun. This isn’t like a normal gun where there’s smoke and sparks after you shoot it. It’s supposed to be seamless. Anyway that’s my only gripe with this app other than maybe you guys could make it so you can delete one effect at a time instead of having to delete everything at once.

FIX APP CRASH. I would of rated this a five star out of five, the reason I didn't was because every time I tried to make a movie with about five fx in it, it keeps on crashing!!!!!!! The only way to make a movie is to put two fx in it, save it, save it to camera roll, then import it again and again and again SO MANY TIME. PLEASE FIX. I WOULD BE SOOOOOOOO HAPPY. if you can fix it, I will rate this app a five out of five. By the way, this comment was posted after the update came out saying that you fixed the problem where you made it so that the app would not crash after you bought the last fx pack which was realesed on Dec 15, 2013

Needs some work!!!!!! NOW. Well, where do I start, let's just start with the good. The first good thing is that the new set up is great and should stay the same. That is pretty much the only good thing with the update. Now the bad, first every new fx looks so fake and slow, the old ones were perfect the way they were and maybe you can choose between the old or new fx. Also, when it is slow like that everything that you use is so fake. It looks like a 5 year old kid made these fx and they should go back to the way they were. Finally, you should think about making bullet hitting objects like walls, sparks and dust from hitting things. Also you should add sniper rifle fx and make the sound more real, I mean the stab sound is just pathetic. That is all I have to say, if you do everything I have said I will give this 5 stars. Thank you.

epic. i use this app a lot to make ww2/vietnam war videos and it is a great app i recommend

One little thing. This is a very great app, I highly recommend it for early, young movie makers. It is very accurate and well on the fx timing. You get a verity of things you can use to add to your videos to make it seem more realistic. There is one thing that would make this app the hot spot of the App Store. I have a recommendation for this app's next update. It needs more effects for the guns. Right now there's just a pistol and machine gun sound/visual effect. I recommend a shot gun, sniper, and grenade launcher, I'd recommend the grenade launcher to be sold with a explosion pack at the fx store. This is my comment and recommendation for the Gun FX app.

A scam. IT STOLE MY MONEY AGAIN !! See why I rated it 5 stars. So I needed to work on this movie action project, and as I editor I know when I see good apps and the ones that ask your money every 5 seconds. Now for the phone this is a good app but it’s literally taking my money, why? That’s a great question. But all I did was I canceled subscription, so it wouldn’t renew again in the amount of time I had, and it said you will be able to use this until “A week later”, but then I go back into the app excited and ready, and you guessed it I had nothing, only default fx and some stuff in inventory.. Now this could just be a problem for the iOS series or all phones I don’t know. All I know is that if This problem doesn't get fixed, I’m changing my ratings from 5 stars (: and Putting it to 1 ): If the developers are reading this plz fix this problem, this app is still good just needs updates, it hasn’t had an update for at least 4 months now. “Oh did you press that button that restores subscription” “Only a million times.”

Paid 20$ to spend more money?. why did i have to pay 20$ to also be charged for the 10 individual packs of fx? then also be asked if i wanted a membership for 9.99 a month so access the packs if i didn’t want to buy them individually? 20$ for a bunch of muzzle flares and a few sound fx? it’s a good app and do enjoy it but 20$ is a little steep to just charge more money with only 1 pack of fx

Great app. This app is wonderful and hope it gets more and better updates, very fun making movies and using all the different fx.

Awesome. Wow, this is one cool app. Import movie into the app, add the effects, save to camera roll, transfer to computer. Just that simple - I love it. Works really well for stop motion videos from the computer also. To the developers, love GunMovie FX and Portal FX, awesome job! Haven't tried Lightsaber FX yet, but I'm sure it's great. You all wouldn't be working on an Explosion FX would you? That would be the cats meow. Tracking would be nice, but not necessary, we could put the explosion in frame by frame as it ignites and fizzles out. I'm really hoping you're all working on Explosion FX next. :)

Very impressed. I’m just amazed by how much this app has improved ever since I first bought it in like 2010 I think. It’s amazing for an app. I feel like the company specifically read my comment because every single thing I covered in my other review was addressed very specifically. However I do have a question. What are the copyrights to the use of this app? Because I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for muzzle flash plug ins for after effects, and this app is just amazing(despite the limitations being a mobile app comes with), I was considering using this app for a film festival, however things get really technical when it comes to even the sound I use. Can anyone(hopefully the company) answer this very important question of mine?

Advice from a military veteran/ indie film maker. I'm an independent film maker and a Marine Corp veteran and I love this app. But it's very limited. A wider range of rifle/ machine gun sounds as well as new pistol sounds and sniper rifles. New muzzle flashes too. Not all guns produce a muzzle flash depending on the flash suppressor or compensator they use. So maybe a smoke effect with gun shot sounds. As I said above. This app is amazing but it needs a range of machine gun sounds and bursts. Ie: M240 M2 as well as a variety of assault rifle sounds. Also add the ability to blend muzzle flash and adjust gunshot sound so background firefights can be made.

Make Up Your Mind. When I downloaded this app, it was one of the best free apps I'd gotten. This distinction has not changed, however I do have complaints with the quality of the add-ons. While some are excellent and absolutely worth the 99 cents, such as the very well done silencer effects, others are hopelessly pathetic. I'm talking about the barely audible "thump" of a supposed stabbing and the all-but-identical sounds of the punch and slap, among others. Such amateur and boring sounds should be labeled as such in the fx store so as not to be confused with the actually good ones. So I beg of you developer, Make Up Your Mind. Do you want to carry the pride of having a trulyexceptional app, or do you merely desire to reap the benefits off of loyal customers who expect the quality we know you can deliver.

Used to be great. This used to be a great unknown app. I used it for years and even bought the effect bundle with all of the different gun effects. As well I bought all of their other FX apps and loved them. Then about 2 years they added tons of new effects and locked them behind a new paywall. As well, all of the effects I had previously bought were locked and I had to buy them again. No matter how many times I tried to redeem them in the app, nothing happened. Despite this I still re-purchased several of my favorite effects like the blood effects. Now they are trying to charge even more with a weekly or monthly fee for all effects (it’s used to just be a one time purchase) I used to love this app because of its cheap price and easy to use to nature, but now they have changed the layout and made it harder to use, and made it more expensive than just using an actual editor. My advice would be to just use Hitfilm Express Editor on the computer (it’s free) and buying their gun effects pack for $20. It’s better effects and you get an actual editor with it. Used to love this but now I’ve just wasted $40+

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BestEditingApp. This is the best iPad editing app by far my favourite. But please add more effects like a bullet flying past the screen in slow motion or a flamethrower attachment for guns or cracked glass or the ground shaking please add more effects I'm an actor and love making my own little movies and this is what I use. Please add some new effects in the next update. Which is one of the only things I don't like about the app since I've had it there has never been and update. But apart from that this app is perfect 5 out of 5 anyday

Idea. I rate this game five stars but if u would like this game to really popular you guys should add some of these ideas and just remember these ideas are from the people and you guys are the ones who are trying to impress the people so you should consider some of their ideas . 1. You should have an effect of a bullet impacting with a spark 2. You should have a flame thrower effect where u are able to move it around throughout the time it is going and you should be able to set up an amount of time you would like the flame to fire for. 3. You should have bazooka effect or an rpg effect so that that will give the people to be able to go further with their movies 4. You should have a shell effect that should have the same type of customisation as the flamethrower effect. Their are some of the ideas that could make this game extremely popular I hope you take some of these great ideas and put them in your updates. Keep the updates coming so that u can keep the ratings coming

Awesomeness. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great but one thing though could you creators PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Make some more fx I've got a really cool idea make it so it has fire explosions and please please please fire and explosions and maybe also some smoke that would be great :)

Great app. Just a few things I need to say but the first thing is: BEST EDITING APP EVER! Ok there are a few problems though, I bought the add ons and I looked at the impacts and sorry, but they are absolutely horrible. Please make them better quality not just little pixels! Make the metal impact have more line sparks that flie everywhere... Or something... Also instead of just having machine gun pistol and shot gun... Have like ak47 and colt python... Make different sound effects for each... Also add in bullet flickers like everyone is saying. Also, I recently made a funny vid that goes for two minutes, I didn't put in many effects but I made the movie without a problem clicked save to camera roll and it said successfully saved INSTANTLY. I went to my camera roll doubtfully and it wasn't there! I went into the app again and it restarted all of a sudden. I clicked restore and, the video corrupted and the effects splashed on every single frame! Please make an update which fixes this annoying BUG!.. But appart from that! Great work!

Great app, however. . .. I would suggest a few things: 1.) Add more sound effects (a variety of punches, more realistic sounds etc.) 2.) add more visual effects (glass smashing, small explosions) Definitely worth the money, great app!

Great but needs an iOS 9 update. Great app for making gun movies. It includes bullet shots, sound effects and even includes laser gun effects. This app is my go to gun movie app. Easy to use and edit Needs an update to stop videos from being muted. Whenever I upload a video it seems to have no sound.

Very fun And easy to use!!. If you're looking for the PERFECT app to make easy edits with guns, then this is the app for you. It's an easy to use app and you don't need to spend more in app purchases to have the ultimate edit. Remember, you don't have to be a pro just give it a go!!

To good to be true!. THIS APP IS INSANE! This app for me personally is the best to use to make short movies and etc. Yes this app does have in app purchases but you don’t have to get them because the app already gives you about 30 or more free affects! I bought lasers and that’s it, this app truly shows how good fx affects are and what you can do with it. Thank you App Creators From Some random person

Awesome but.... To the creators of gun fx,first of all I want to say I love this app,but it still needs some changes. The only thing that needs a change is that will your making a movie eventually this glitch comes up were everything falls out of time. So the sound isn’t in time with your mouth and the gun effects aren’t in time with the gun movement. Apart from that I love this app, but plz fix the bug plzzzzzzzz👏🏻.

Awesome!. This app is absolutely great! I use it in a lot of my movies with my friends! Only things you could change is the sound for the shotgun fx, it sounds nothing like a shotgun, and also the new muzzle flares were cool so there was no need to change them back. Multiple muzzle flares is a good idea. Anyway thanks for making such an awesome app!

Great App- Problem and Suggestions. Fantastic, much easier and cheaper then using adobe after effects, totally worth getting! Note for the developers, an effect option for a Harry-Potter type wand spell would be great and lightsaber effects would also be awesome. Explosions and smoke would also be great additions! Problem! I love the new FX but when I try and use them the app keeps crashing :/ I use a iPhone 4S by the way.

Kicking but. Thissssssss apppppppp issssssss awesomeeeeeereee. Can you make another pack that has other guns like a shotgun ak47. Do like a grenade explosion and please make reloading sounds like a pistal one a machine gun one and a shot gun relod. Example chik chik please if you can make different guns.

Great! But one request.... This is an absolutely AMAZING gun editing app. But, there is just one request I have. Could you add an option where you can add the fx to movies already in your camera roll? I have many Stop-motion movies and would like to add effects to them. Thanks, and bye

My wallet!. Hey when i bought this app i bought it with the 4 pack of fx, i was most excited to use gun movie fx, i was excited to do the shell ejection, snipers scope and blood fx, then i realised that they also cost money. I was think you could make them as cheap as about 3 or 2 dollars or make the all fx pack cheaper like 15$ in my opinion you would earn much more money and keep customers flowing. So i would really appreciate feedback thankyou in advance.😃

Please read. This app used to be my favourite app on the App Store, making short movies and just messing around with my friends. But now, when I put the effects in, and try to build the movie, it crashes Immediately. If you could somehow patch this bug it would be greatly appreciated.

Best change ever!. Thank you so much for making it free. I love what you’ve done. I have used it already and it’s great! I recently bought a fake gun for film making and I tried to get muzzle flashes from the internet but this has saved me so much time! Would be great if more of your apps are free!!

Awesome..... but. Great app, it makes fantastic films but the option for blood stains to stay stationary should be available, also stationary bullet holes would be amazing! Smoke effects and explosions should be added and the debris effect or bullet hit effect that has just been added should become more realistic. Overall muzzle flashes, sounds and blood squirts are perfect for action movies! Please include these suggestions in the next update. I'm sure many people would rate this awesome app 5 stars! Thx

Thank you!. This app has honestly saved me so many times doing action films! Instead of trying to get green screen mussel flashes and finding out that it’s too small or big for your gun, this great app lets me just get the flashes and drop em in. Super convenient and useful.

Great 😊. I'm not blind, I can see faults in a game and I look closely before I review. Personally I think this is a great app that is easy to learn😃. But the graphics are low and you cannot have an automatic rapid fire or have more than one effect per frame!😔 But this aside, I don't mind it taking long to make. A great app and I highly recommend it.😄😄😄😄 4 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Crashes but Good. This is a very useful, realistic and awesome editing app that allows you to add Gun Sounds, Gun Bullet Fire, Trigger Sounds, Blood and a few other effects. It is Great, I did have it before they updated it and it crashed 98 Percent of the time, now it crashes about 60% Percent of the time. It might just be my iPod but I would like it of the developers had a look at it and make it crash less. I would and will Highly recommend to any of my friends if they fixed this minor bug (BTW I do already recommend it but I say that it has this problem). I saw some other reviews and it would be cool if you added explosions! (But first fix this problem please!). : ) I LOVE IT!!

Awesome. This game is so great, I did a video were I shot my brother with a sniper nerf gun and It was such a great video. This is so easy to use as well. Could you also add sniper gun shots with an echo, also it would be cool if you could share your edits and view other people's, that would be awesome. Thanks for this awesome app :)

Good, fx are great but.... After paying for this app, the last thing I expected was to get almost 1/3 of effects actually with the app. So I pay, $1.29 for the app but then have to pay more for the better effects, why do you do this?

Great app!. This is a really good app, much better than I thought it would be. The only thing I don't like about the update is the blood FX. The blood doesn't look as realistic, but other than that it is great. For future FX could you make sound effects for glass shattering and explosions, and could you make bullet hit effects for when bullets hit a wall?

Epic movie making!. This is such a useful, realistic and fun to play a round when I'm bored. By the way, when ever I try to import a video from the photo library, it comes up with the loading circle, and doesn't load any of my videos, hopefully that's fixed in the next update, thanks, this is an incredible app and I am truly grateful. Keep up the good work!

Awesome app, but.... This app is the best gun fx app out there but we have to pay for some of the main stuff. We are already paying 8 bucks for it so take the in app purchases off! All up it’s the best app out there but to make it better add more stuff like bullets firing in the air in slow motion like most action movies. Pls make these changes

Computer version : ). I love the app guys and it helps me soooo much but what would be even better is if you could make a computer where you can add in pre keyed effects of your own and stuff like that it also should come with the effects like on ipod it would save me 100's of dollars so can you please make a computer version. Thanks

Crashes when exporting. you developers need to fix this problem ASAP. you can’t charge $15 for an app and deliver a product that fails to export videos without immediately going out of the app. I even tried exporting a video with zero affects on it and it still crashed so it can’t be because I used to many affects and it can’t render. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and redownloading it and nothing works. This app the has the potential to be incredible and if you fix this problem it most likely will be.

Awesome. I've had this app pretty much since it came out and it's awesome. But can you please bring back he old fx as well because I bought a lot of them and now my money is wasted because of the update. Also, can you make the bullet hit fx better quality and add more frames for the Sparks? Thanks! :)

Missing some important features. Lets be honest, this is the best action editor fir IOS but you should add in more sounds because i dont want to shoot a 44. Magnum that sounds like an M9. Instead of just 'pistol' there can be all different sounds just under the category of Pistols. I would also like some sniper sounds, and heavy sounds, like miniguns, grenade launchers and all that i hope this is implemented before i have to buy after effects just so i can can the right sounds...

Good app but..... I have been using this app for a very long time and it’s awesome. The only prob is that it won’t let me save my project I worked very hard on. It might be because I’m running out of space on my phone or because I updated to iOS 11 but idk. It keeps saying to turn photo access on. Please update.

Best video effects app ever. The app is awesome and easy to use, and the gunshots and blood are pretty realistic. The app also has a frame by frame option so that the gunshots and blood are added in exactly on time. 5/5 awesome app highly recommend

Best editing app out. It is amazing it makes it easy to make real looking fx quick. But it would be good if u could add explosions. And also a masking tool so you can hide the fx behind something

Suggestions for your app! :). i am very happy with the update you guys have come out with, i love how everything is now and i can appreciate the movies i make with this app. A few suggestions for future updates; ejecting handgun and/or shotgun shells fly out of the chamber. the sound of the guns should be improved for a more reasistic sound, current handgun sound is like a cap gun at the moment, maybe have them give a cinematic effect because ive never heard a gun sound like they do anywhere like any of ur current sounds. possibly completely change if possible like more dramatic and even an echo effect as an option. thanks for this app though it makes my movies like good either way looking forward to seeing more improvements :) thanks alot guys. -Ashlee

Great but crashes. I love this app and have made a movie with the effects which turned out great. The only problem is that I purchased one of the available packs and when I apply the effect and it converts the movie, it crashes. The regular effects don't make it crash but the purchased ones do. Please fix if possible!!! Great app though

Bugs and glitches. Hey this game is the best and I have been using it for a career and I love the new update! One bad thing is how much the app crashes and lags and takes soo long to load the effects into the videos and if these could get fixed it would be so Worth around eight dollars.

This app is Capable of amazing things. Love this app but plz make it so that it doesn't lag when u add an effect and can you also put in the classic blood squirts for people like me who want the new features and the old features.

Some request. I love this app so much, from the effects to the sounds. But I reckon that there should be a bit more effects like more squirt blood (for stabs and other stuff) like in after effects, more gun sounds, new sound effects for more variety. Anyway the best editing app for action movies to date. Keep up the good work 👍

Comments and suggestions. I absolutely love this app. I use it all the time with stopmotions and short movies and stuff. It's amazing. But one thing I really need is a musket muzzle flash and smoke effects. That would be the best. Thanks

Very good app but…. Very good app i use it all the time but i suggest you let the users somehow add their own sounds but still be able to use the + button to add the sound. Thank you

Blood fx. This app was quite useful for short films, before the new update. Please bring back the old blood fx, it was far more realistic, and can you please improve the bullet hit fx for sparks and the flesh hit. Also, it would be good if you could add realistic blood squirts, and maybe add a blood fx that has bits of a brain popping out of the head. Could you also make a few more realistic bullet hits. Apart from those few ideas and problems, this app is definitely useful for young film makers. I would definitely consider getting it.

Amazing. Thank you so much for adding the old effects back! ( the new ones are still good ) I use this app a lot! Worth the money if you understand how the use it! Perfect and easy way to edit your videos. I don't really like that I paid $5.49 for this app and there are in-app purchases, that's the only thing bad about the app, please remove that, but either than that awesome app!

HD. I find this app extremely helpful but I have only one problem with it and it is that i can't export 1080p videos. 1080p would be an update that would make movies so much more realistic once the 1080p edited video is saved to the camera roll then copied to a computer. I would then give it a 5 star rating. Thanks.

How to make your app the best app. I will rate this app 5 stars but to make this the best app you should add glass broke like a hole through the window also add someone can video shooting the iPad iPod touch or iPhone u can put a Broken screen and then a rocket launcher and shell case , flame thrower , like a zombies biting you a blood is spewing out , bullet holes if the cameras really still ,flare gun, lights break and last but not least like if someone shoots your finger of blood is dripping down

Come on!!!. I payed my last 8 bucks and I have to pay more why do you do this to me if take the in app purchases I will buy all your apps ps sorry if this is to long or overrated

Not good. To start off with I pay 23 Australian dollars on this app. Then I have to delete half of everything on my phone to make enough room just for the 3+ minute film to abruptly stop “making Movie” and clear out more stuff including holiday pictures for it to continue the problem. I have spent 6 hours now trying to complete a freaking 5 minute video. At this point now I’m at my breaking point. I am so close to just giving up and uninstalling. Waste of 23 dollars I think I should of just bought Xbox game pass.

Great but room for improvement. I would rate four stars but I found two things lacking 1 the shotgun effect needs improvement 2 there should be an electric and fireball thing for if someone wants to make a thing with magic or futuristic weaponry

An amazing app. This is a great app if you like to make good quality videos. With the right camera filming and timing you can't really tell it's fake. Definitely worth the money. It also has many other fx e.g. Blood, sniper sounds and much more for a extra $3 for each one.

Read this before buying. This is nice and easy but a few bugs that are annoying but not much. Lots of gun effects but there are in app PURCHASES!!! I am not bugged by this but we pay $8 and there are still in app PURCHASES still quite easy and simple. So if you want to use this for short or long films then I recommend this . JUST GET RID OF THE IN APP PURCHASES!!!!

Sign of the times. Been using this app since it came out but after the last update it only lets you add 2 effects then crashes. It used to have really good capability with Lego stop motions app but is now doing the same thing and giving me a black screen IF it exports and doesn't crash. Very disappointing to see as I just bought the tracer FX pack. It's sad to see the app as it is now as it was the best but apparently no longer

Best video making app EVER!!. This app is so awesome, I love it too bits. I only have TWO Requests, and they are in order of how much I want them. 1. Undo/Redo button. Once I was making a video with LOTS of gunshots, so many it's not even funny. I was all most done editing it, (adding the gunshots) when i accidentally press the 'clear all' button. Me: FFFFUUUUUUU!!! Also, this would be useful if you put a shot in the wrong place. 2. Shotgun FX I love shotguns, so this would be a cool-as feature, I would buy it.

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Very cool app but.... Can you add more effects. I bought the blood but, there’s not enough blood choices. But it’s good application.

🤦‍♂️. I truly do like the app but it doesn’t work I can’t upload my videos and it’s so frustrating

This app changed my life. I don't even know where to start other than thank you this app changed my life my movie carrier I don't know where my movie carrier would be with out this app thank you so so much to the people who made this I love all of you guys thank you . And P.S please make a app with ww2 planes and tanks that would make me cry

I'd give this half a star if I could. I really thought you guys weren't cheap when you made everything free, but once again you cease to amaze me with how much money you're trying to steal! You seriously make us pay $5 but you'll still make us pay for other fx, I absolutely loved this app when you made the FX free but do not make FX free and then update it so you have to pay for them. Absolutely ridiculous.

Suggestion (plz reply). It was great and it sorta still is. You should steer away from the weekly payments. I’ve already purchased the effects before that was a thing so it’s fine for me. You really really really should make a separate app called Blood Movie FX (or seriously upgrade the blood for GMFX). You should add bullet hole effects with blood on skin using a motion tracking system. Also bullet hits on the wall that are permanent would be good!!! That’d make this app to the next level, and everyone would love it.

Plz Help Me Out. Ive already bough all the blood, fps, and mussel flashes before and when i try too restore my purchases its doesn't do anything i hit the button and nothing happens i really like this app but you guys need too fix that plz

This app is god. I know there are a lot of bad reviews about this app and the only reason why people say it’s bad is because they use trashy phones. If you have a iPhone 6s and up your quality is outstanding. The problem is people keep saying they can’t export there movie and for those reasons. 1. The movies are too long and 2. They don’t have enough storage on there device. This app is extraordinary and great to use. 5 stars for me. Take my review as the most accurate out of all of these reviews.

Please change blood fx. The new update is amazing! The muzzle flashes and sounds plus you get to make your own! The only downside is the new blood fx, the app is amazing but let's face it, the new blood fx are awful, please change them back to the old ones and this app will be getting increasing reviews of 5 stars, I promise you

Two big flaws. One of the flaws is that it's super leggy when your putting on the gun effects. The other flaw is that whenever it's "building you movie" it exits out of the app and when you go back in the app ALL YOUR WORK IS COMPLETELY DELETED! If there wasn't that last flaw I'd give this app a 4 out of 5 but since all of your work is deleted it makes everything you did pointless. So that's why I'm giving this app a 1 out of 5. FIX THIS NOW!

Ok...ish. When I first used it it was awesome but then lag and what seemed to be when I placed a muzzle flash it would go black made me think twice

Waste of money. I pay 7$ for this and they make me pay another 24$ to get more effects Booooooo

Fix this now. I payed for blood effects and now I don't have any blood effects and I need them for a freaking project now

Pls. Good but pls stop crashing!!

Very mad on the update. This is crap it used to have blood hits and cut out muzzle flask but now everything is money ? Very mad please change it back to when everything was free not more in app purchases. I already paid for the app I don't want to pay more!

Cool but needs more. This is a great app but it needs more things to use like explosions and fire and make the extra things a little more cheaper

Crap!. I used to have this a long time ago when the good stuff was free, but now you have to buy all the crap? I feel sorry for the people who didn't know that it was originally free, because now they're wasting their money on this stuff.

Customization crippled. I was using this app for sci-fi muzzle flashes, but now the customization option has been altered, and I can no longer save custom muzzle flashes. I can still alter an effect manually, but I’m trying to do a rapid fire laser cannon, and I can’t reasonably alter 300 muzzle flashes. EDIT: 3 months later and the problem still isn’t fixed. I would not recommend this to anybody. EDIT#2: I will be seeking a refund from Apple, because you have literally conned me by removing a vital feature AFTER I made several micro transactions. You’re company is a disgrace.

No! Don’t get it!. This app is terrible yet extremely complicated. I have to pay and extra 48 dollars to get a mega pack! I wanted the app mostly for the blood fx and I have to pay and extra 5.49 dollars which basically the price of the app! Don’t get it. It will waste your money and time. If a developer sees this. Please make all the fx free. Fix bugs. You people would improve and would be much more successful.

It sucks. I lost my stuff that I bought and no custom fx so I’m mad

This app. This app is so good I now that sum stuff cost dollars but it’s so good same with this kid he thinks it’s good o like it so much if you say it’s bad it probably you iPad or phon or computer and if it Lags a lot means it your wife or your Device.the game is good do not delete it it so good i love it also this game has a good stuff to your for a gun shot or a battle seen like you make a war video it’s good for that is so good. The dollar stuff is just so that get sum bills if you have a dad that works on computers or works for a software Company that can help you if you are stuck on sum thing that’s what my dad does this is super very good game you should get it even if it cost money. It’s not like it’s $100 or every time you play it it’s 25 bucks or 45 bucks a day for doing something or getting something it’s good if it’s just five dollars it’s not that’s not a lot of money so you should get it it’s so good

Amazing but.... Where is the custom effects in the newest version!?

$7/week is INSANE.. ruined the app with the weekly payments. i spent ~$20 on this app a while ago on blood fx, lasers, everything, and now it’s all gone, purchases won’t restore. you would be stupid to pay that much weekly. too bad cuz it used to be a really great option for editing. time to find a new app

I NEED HELP. This app worked before, now I have to buy all the in app purchases again and I can’t upload video to my project…..

Not good at all. Can’t upload the tutorial and can’t transfer files to other apps as specified on the you tube channel. Very frustrating app, not worth it.

Can’t save to camera roll. This app is good but you can’t save to camera roll anymore

Black Screen. Whenever I go to edit I can’t see what I’m editing it’s just a black square that I can add fx to. Is anyone else having this problem to?

I want a refund. Years ago when I got this app, I was relived because I found a working proper app that I could make gun things with. Now I want my money back because there is so little things to to and it’s turned to crap. So if you are one of the developers who is reading this please give me a refund and thank you.

Huh?. I paid twenty dollars for the app but it cost money to add on other options such as bullet shots on wall. Not cool, package should be a package not pay for every little add on.

Love it but..... I like this app I really do but it said on the App Store I had enough money to buy an in app purchase but when I tried to buy it, it wouldn't let me also it sometimes crashes when I try to save my video on my iPhone 4s if you could fix that it would be good. Other than those reasons I find this app to be really fun and cool I bought most of the in app purchases and I use the app for movies for YouTube

Please return the game to it’s previous state. The game’s been completely ruined to the point that I no longer consider it a game, but a cruel waist of both space and programming.

This app used to be a great asset. These FX are really good and I use them in my films, however the most recent update has made the app (an app I paid for) almost completely worthless. There is no longer the ability to customize FX like changing a red laser to a blue one. I want to go back to the previous version.

Max review. You should make it where the blood follows the person as the person is falling and add some blood effects without mists like some squirts and stuff like that

F*ck you. What happened to the blood and all the other fx I spent money on this app and you remove the blood for more money you cocksuckers

Best. This is the best app for making action movies!!! Plz get this app!! But they should add explosions

Oof. Importing video problem

Please change it back to the old one.... The whole thing lags,crashes,smoke is too bright,and all the good effects are gone... Now I can't do what I love no more..):

IF DEVELOPER SEES THIS PLEASE FIX. The app was amazing but now it crashes every time I go to save it. It honestly sucks now and there are no other good apps like this on the App Store

Amazing But... This app is awesome and fun! I bought almost all the in app purchases! But this app keeps crashing when I add a few sounds and fx! Please fix this!

Custom Effects?. What happened to the custom effects!? That was one of the best things that got added, it let you do so much more with the effects.

What happened to the old customization. What happened to the old customization where you could change the colour of the flashes?

Where are the custom effects?. I’ve been using this for a long time and when there were custom effects I was so happy, but now they’re gone?! I literally need them all the time when I’m using special effects for my videos. Please add them beck ASAP. Seriously, I need those custom effects

5 star. Awesome

Ok.... The app is good... Until you add a lot of flashes. I was building the movie and it was stuck. I waited all night and it still didn’t finish.

Best app. Great job I am making a movie soon with this and uploading it onto my YouTube channel and It is called MJBJ93 gaming

Trash. This is really bad. It wouldn’t even start building

This is amazing!!. This is by far the best gun effects app on the App Store! I don't know what everybody's talking about with the new update I think the new update makes it even better!!!

More blood effects. Although I have enjoyed the fx provided for this feature, I feel it is quite limiting, as I would like to be able to have blood squirts and mist that posses their own, separated versions, as I'm pretty sure that not all bullet impacts on bloody flesh cause mist, rather only a few squirts.

Very good, but.... The app is amazing and it does what is expected of it, but... ever since the new update the good stuff costs money. Maybe lower the prices to 1.99 or lower. Overall though, it is definitely worth buying if you like easy special effects.

Terrible!!! Do not buy!!!. I saw demos of this app on YouTube, and they looked really cool. However, Not only do I have to pay extra for everything that aren’t the basic muzzle flashes, I can’t even get the stupid effects to work! Who knows, maybe I’m the dumdum that can’t figure out how to work the system. If this is true, please let me know. This was a terrible waste of time and of my money.

Great!. Great app! Love it! Just some ideas to throw at you! Could you please make the smoke fx a little better. They don't look much like smoke. Also could you add blur to the bullet shells when they come out! That would be awesome! Finally, I think the bullet hits should have more dust! All that aside, a great app! I use it all the time for short films!

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Helps me a lot. I love this app it was exactly what I was looking for it cost a little bit but more that every penny was worth it, if your looking for a special FX app this is perfect. Not only does it make muzzle flashes it also adds tons of different blood FX, many great sounds like punching explosions (it also does explosions), spark FX and much more. Thanks gun movie FX for such a great time i am now a (not so major) movie director and I still use this app, thanks again.

Worked great at First. At first I thought “Wow what a great app no bugs!, the reviews must have lied!”. However after the first two days it went south I purchased the full version for this month and it won’t let me build a movie anymore, it completely crashes and makes me lose all my work. I only put small clips at a time and it still does not work. It has superb effects you won’t find anywhere but it appears it’s not being worked on anymore, so it’s just going south.

The Best App for Gun FX. I’ve owned this app for many years and it has always had quality muzzle flashes and other sound and visual fx. The only change I have disliked is the blood, it is not as good as it used to be maybe bring the originals back with the new ones? But other than that fantastic app! Also maybe add some rifle caliber shells and some ring muzzle flashes? That’s all and thanks for reading.

Why did the app disappear when I got the shotgun update?. When I got the shotgun update, the app disappeared from my screen. I went into settings and it said it was still there. I went back and still didn't see it. I pressed where the app once was, but nothing happened. So, I delegated the app through settings and went to the app store to buy it again. But the install button was transparent and didn't let me get the app. I loved that app and would love to get it back. Is there anything you can do?

Awesome,but needs more. It's awesome but you guys should make this app more complex and proffesional,bullet holes,SHELL CASINGS!!!,and explosions,plus,take a look at the action essensials pack for Adobe after effects,use that pack as reference to what effects you're going to add next,and take a look at after effects itself,see all the layers,lighting controls and complex software,that's what this app needs!,so keep on doing a great job and I really hope this review helps!

GREAT APP but.... If you were able to select from more sound options, I would give it 5 stars. Thats the problem, the sound gets really obnoxious after the 2nd time. Maybe if they had an option to remove sound for the gunshots, and then later you could edit them in with iMovie or another editing device it would work, but the only way to do that is to completely remove the audio, then add in gunshot sound effects.

Good and bad. So I really like this I use it for my stop motions but I haven’t been able to make a single one I’m not sure why I’ll get done with it which takes up to an hour of my day then when I press build movie it stops at a point and freezes I can’t press x to exit the build and I have to exit the app or it will say render issue can not build on background and to try again or it just shuts the app off entirely I just hope they can fix this so I can upload some stop motions also my channels name is megablok studio if you want to check it out

OH HELL YES. I have used this app for several years and this new update just shows how incredible the developers of these apps are the new update is anything that I could've asked for it helps remove some of the pay walls on lots of effects there's tons of customizability for the custom effect editing this is an incredible app with an absolutely incredible update thank you.

Forgot Something. I very much like the new update, much more advanced which suits my taste. However, the button where you could quite simply remove one effect is now gone, or at least I cannot find it. (If it isn't clear what I mean Its the button that used to be in the top left of the screen that looked like a rectangle with a line through it). This helped a lot with mistakes and testing effects, but it just isn't there anymore. Otherwise, fantastic update.

Awesome app a must get!!!. I love this cause I'm a low budget film maker I like to import my videos here then import them back into my Mac great for low budget film makers or just to mess around with I do both! One complaint it's not available in the AppStore on the Mac I don't know why I sure would have paid twice as much on the Mac AppStore it would sure make things easier also when filming I suggest using a blood spray pump or something because the blood on this app is just not great I hope updates are coming soon but for now my rating stays at 4 stars but nice app

THIS APP SUCKED. If your thinking about buying this app, don’t. It’s awful and the price is such a rip off. The effects looked ok but when I tried to put them on my video it wouldn’t work properly. SO MANY BUGS. Don’t buy this app. If you buy it you would be wasting so much money. Fifteen dollars is not that much money but if your buying this app it definitely is. The only reason I wasted my money on this was because there’s not that many options for gun fx. But hopefully if you want to buy this you can find something else way better for a way cheaper price. I strongly encourage everyone not to buy this.

Sad day.... I used this app for a long time, back when it was just the default FX. But now it’s a weekly or monthly fee? I already paid for most of the FX before hand. And now I have to pay more money to get them back. I would have actually gone with it because I really like how the app works, it’s worth the extra money even if it’s not that fair to us veteran users. But I just got the 4th gen iPad Air running IOS 14 and the app is super laggy, it’s not even usable. I’m sad to have to try and find a new FX app. But right now I have no choice

Flamethrower. I have had this app for a long long time and i think it is about time they should add a flamethrower effect to this app. I have bought all of the fx i need for my movies and one i really need is a flamethrower for a prop i built. If they made a flamethrower effect i would be really happy. If you want a flamethrower effect too repost this in the reviews page for this app. Thx.

Very Awesome. You should also add more machine gun effects like firing or add like fx from actual guns like m16 or the chain noise on the ak-47 so it sounds like the real thing not just machine gun, shotgun, an pistol categories. it should have the bullets but with different noises from differend guns. also you should add smoke, flash on screen for flash grenade and bullet holes in walls and stuff. abd also make dirt kicking up from places and also for water

Perfect but needs one more thing. We do need more explosions of any kind... But most of all we need more and better blood fx... It's hard to have the same blood squirt or spray the entire time and it could be a little more realistic if possible. We also could use some bullet holes, including bloody ones for the body. Also what would be cool is like a blood splatter for on a wall or something.

I would buy this IF IT HAD..... It needs bulletholes!! I know at least 30 different friends that have Heard of this app and not bought it because there are only muzzle flashes and NOT BULLET HOLES!! It needs bulletholes and bullet shell casings popping out of the gun. This is a great app and I'm trying to help u guys make more money. Please answer and update the app with bullet holes and shell casings ejecting from the gun. You could even charge just like a dollar add on for it. Just a suggestion to help you guys!!! Please!!

It’s great but.... An amazing development thru and thru one major issue holding everyone back is importing ore recorded video. You will notice it imports audio only and black video displays. No image. So if we can fix that, everyone spends a fair amount in the add one like blood splatter does not come with this. Nor do tracers. Nor do ejecting cases. Nor does night vision. Nor first person muzzle flash. So, you must buy these packs. But otherwise the free pack is alright. Please fix the issue with importing video please to better serve with film community.

Great but.... This app is one of the best editing apps I've ever used on the App Store I just have recommendations though for the first I would recommend getting better audio for the gunshots. Like from actual ranges, the Audio sounds like it was made five years ago and A higher resolution for all the FXs to keep up with the iPhone's camera in some shots the gunshots look unrealistic. Also for lighting I would like you to add circular lighting so they're not just squares it would help it look more realistic.

Awesome. This app is amazing I got this app because me and my friends make movies and I've been looking for an app just like. However, when I went to use the the extra stuff like blood fx or other stuff. And it said "get" so I clicked get and it said purchase and it asked me for my Apple ID and I couldn't find the price so now I'm stuck trying to find the price.! So if you know the price please let me know

How to find the custom FX. Once you add the FX, in the board of all the FX you made so far, click on one and it allows you to change color and sound. I hope that more people know how to do this now because once after the big update, I could not find how. Also, I am glad that my old purchases saved after the update. But, I do not understand the monthly subscription, because you hardly add new FX and all you need anyways is the 10 custom pack. Overall, I love the app.

Great but expensive.. The app is fantastic! I love all of the effects and can use them in so many different ways. The only problem is money. I think that you should at least have the blood pre set, but I would love to have the fps gunshots pre set as well. I would recommend it if you have money to spend. Without blood, however, the app is kind of useless, especially for a zombie film. I like the old version better and I really like the new screen blood splatter effect. It seems a lot more horror esc.

Bullet hit fix suggestion ASAP please!. Hey, I've used this app for a LONG time and i really enjoy it! I've bought the bullet hit effect today and planning to shoot my shortfilm next week! Can you please fix the pixels when the hit goes off. I can really notice it in the dirt hit fx. Please change the square shapes if possible! It sort of looks like an old computer game explosion. Looks good from a distance but needs some minor tweaks. Overall a GREAT app, really satisfied with the costumer service from reading reviews and learning from them! Thank you guys! Ty

Lightsaber, Grappling Hooks, &Shock-hands! Plus I hate the new blood!. The creators have gone all-out on this! But this app is missing a few things to be complete. It needs lightsaber fx! There should be a color-wheel to chose a color! Also don't add a handle! The customers will take care of that. Frame by frame is where it should be. But it should be able to retract with the push of a button. Also, the same features with lightning fx! Also make a grappling hook that fires a rope and hook... With these, the app will be complete! But the new BLOOD fx are THE WORST BLOOD FX ON THE APP STORE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it back to the OLD BLOOD VERSION!! But I do like the gun fx & laser fx...

GOOD FOR ACTION MOVIES. I'm a kid and I love action movies when I read the reviews I thought it was gonna be bad but I downloaded it anyways.... AWESOME app get it so good for actions movies the reason why so few reviews and so few good ones is because it's so good everyone is busy using it to right a review only problem is the new update keeps crashing so all wait tell next update to use it again or redownload get it tho it's awesome!!!

Possible Idea. I think of how popular this app is... You could bump the rice to 1.99 or 2.99 if you were to add mor sound effects and muzzle flashes for sniper rifles and also grenade effects would also be great.... With out this app i wouldnt be able to create the movies that i create now... So for that thank you and keep up the good work and i hope you like my ideas and please add to them.

Great app, saving won't work. I got this app a while ago, and I love it. It is easy and quick. The noises are a little unrealistic, but overall the effects are some of the best that you can get for an iPhone. My biggest complaint is that I recently made a video that took me 2-3 hours, and now it won't save. Nothing will save for me anymore. Even if the video is only a couple of seconds long, nothing is saved. Yes, I allowed the app to access photos. Yes, I have enough memory left. This is a great app, I'm just unhappy that I can't save :(

Great. BUT needs more fx. First the best you will find but the part where you have t but the packs is fine that's how they get the money so they can get mooore packs for YOU and some people say you lost stuff hit restore purchases or your trying to get it. Free I have used it for ever I say but needs more packs yes i know they are getting the best qualitiey stuff for us but it takes so long also the ripoff is this ipshould include SOME pyro fx like maybye for money tooo so we both benefit

Sound Effects. Don't get me wrong, this app is already great and I've used it for several movies. However (this is just a suggestion), I think it'd be pretty cool if you added different sound options for the gunfire, such as sounds we'd hear popular action movies and video games. I don't think it's just me that would find that appealing, and it would definitely add on to how cool the videos actually look and sound

Still having trouble with crashing.. I am very grateful for you helping me with my problem but nothing seems to be working. The app still crashes and the updates didn't seem to help. I believe that the problem is that the app can't process videos that already have sound fx or visual fx. Maybe it can't handle the space that the videos take up? I know you've tried a lot already, but if you could do anything else that would be great. Thank you.

Read this add things. I really enjoy this app and I use it to make a lot of cool movies with my nerf guns however sometimes when I use the blood effects it disturbs some people including me i could just not use the blood but it wouldn't look realistic so a solution to this could be adding sprinkles or stuffing affect to substitute the blood dont tar the blood out but just add the sprinkle effect please take this into consideration

What in the.... This app amazed me. I thought it would be one of those apps that you try but delete shortly after. It's not! It actually provides a GREAT muzzle flash and has many great types. The blood is cool as well, but it could be improved. Man, I am shocked at how awesome this app is. DOWNLOAD IT. I would like to see more effects like gun holes, smoke, blood spray, etc. But as it is right now, this app is amazing. DOWNLOAD IT NOW, and save all of the money on those big commercial computer packages!

Realistic FX w/ Great Customization. Superior visual FX options with plenty of customization by the frame: "Want your gun to shoot blue fireballs? No problem. Can I precisely change my muzzle flash's RGB value? Go at it." I'm frankly surprised this masterpiece isn't listed on Apple's "Essentials" for photo and video, I assume that's a result of it's CEO's political opinions. By far this is the best update without a doubt, from the endless possibilities of combinations and colors, bravo!

Please add this. I love your app im using it more than any other of my apps but can you just pleeeease add different muzzle sounds like better machine gun noises, and better machine gun muzzle flashes and another sound u can put is maybe a rifle or sniper sound and muzzle, i am just saying for to add these things because the app can be better with these things but other than that the app is amazing and i use it a lot

Amazing! But.... This app is amazing. I love it so much. But you should have added the improved and enhanced effects onto the old ones in the latest update. There's are still some effects from the previous update that I liked using, such as the muzzle flashes and blood effects. Add those in and it will be perfect. And you should add new blood effects that aren't just mist. It seems like all the new ones are. Other than those things the app is awesome. Thank you :)

AWESOME UPDATE!! but.... This new update is insanely awesome and I will forever have my money on you guys! Although it comes with so many new features (which are insanely awesome) but what happened to the fx delete button and colored blood? Other than those 2 things needed to be added back, it's 100% legendary! Keep the updates coming! I will be a forever customer! (Tracer bullet effects would be cool too)

When it works, it’s great! Key Words: when it works.. I’ve had this app for maybe two years now and everything was fine for me, I had no complaints. However, recently when I try to edit videos from my camera roll, the screen is just black and I can’t add any effects. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Anyway, I’m going to delete it and redownload it to see if it works. But when this app works, everything looks fine and I really appreciate it when it works.

Needs some things, developers.. Okay. This app is very fun in all. I make movies with my friends a lot, but the app ALWAYS CRASHES. When I try to add a gunshot then blood a few times, crash. Long record, crash. Lots of gunshots, crash. FIX THE CRASHES. Also, we need and erase option for the effects. Not to erase the whole effect,but to just erase parts of it, as if you were to shoot someone up close and did not want the whole muzzle flare. Please add that. Also, explosions and fire would be nice.

Awesome, but I got screwed. I love this app! It is do much fun to work with. I think it's even better than before. However, I got hosed and I'm not happy about it. I just spent $7.96 to get back effects that I already purchased a while ago. When I tried to restore purchases, I got nothing. I had to repurchase the shell casing sounds, the blood, and the fps effects. The laser is on me because I wanted that. The others I already paid for in the past!

Great app!. Lots of people say it's super buggy and doesn't work, and that their in app purchases don't show up, but the thing is, you don't really need the extra stuff. I use it with just the base effects and I love it! And if you are looking to buy this app, I will tell you that there are at least 30 FREE effects, and that will be enough for a long time. In conclusion: good use of your 10 bucks.

I think this could use more attention.... I’ve been using this app to create some videos. They’ve turned out great. This is a great editing app, but there are some flaws that I think could get fixed... First of all; the custom gunshots selection could use more sounds, I can’t find enough pistol sounds for my needs. If you could add more, this would be great. Second; I absolutely hate the “Mist blood effect” can’t I just have the old standard “blood spray” back? The mist takes too long to go away and I can’t change the effect time. If you could add more blood effects or a time changer to the blood effects, that’d be great. Third; I found a bug on any custom effect that adds this weird white dot in the effect radius. It may just be my device, but if you could look, I would appreciate that. This is a great app and I think that it was a genius idea to make it. I use it very often. Thanks!

A must have for action movie making. Very impressed with how this app has turned out. I bought this a couple of years ago and have used it to make short action movies. This has turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, gun fx app out there. It saves so much time compared to using software on a computer and the FX are very realistic. I would highly recommend this if you plan on using it a lot or even once in a while with friends.

Where is custom effects?. I really like this app a lot. Everything except for one thing. Where is custom effects? I saw some videos about this app and they all talked about the custom effects section of this app. I downloaded it and at one point, I needed to change the color of a gun shot. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it at all. I don't know if it is my phone or if they took it off. I would really appreciate some answers.

Best fx app. I really love this app I've had it since the day it came out no joke. It has improved a lot and helped me make films I've shared it with way to many friends, but I never got the chance to through in my suggestions 1:add blowback fx (the rack,slide,chamber,revolver of the fire arm prop move in a raped backward and return movement 2: I love the new most recent flare but I don't really like the sound I think there should be a flare with no sound and one with more realistic sound 3: I think you should improve the shell fx it is very cool but unrealistic I suggest for everybody to purchase this app I hop that some one reads this and makes a change according to my suggestions thanks for the great app

Good app, really buggy. I downloaded this app for a war film that I was working on. The effects are very realistic and I really like them, but each time I try to start a new project, I can’t because the video I’m trying to work in is blacked out where I can’t see it. Could you guys try to fix that?

Plz add rocket launcher fx plz plz plz. I love this app!!!! I use it all the time whether it's for my movie or for fun. With that said, this app has everything but a rocket launcher fx. I have made a home made rocket launcher prop and have tried to use gun fx for it by making it large and putting them side by side each frame, but to no avail. I know that this company is really good at responding to reviews so if anyone else would like this than please please PLEASE!!! Write a review.

Great app. This app is awesome and at sometimes It is a little laggy but it is worth it for the final result. Also, all the in app purchases is annoying, Now all the default affects are pretty good not gonna lie but if I’m being honest over priced good app, you should get it if you like movie making and I think that some of the in app purchases are worth it such as the bullet hits, bullet shells, and the lasers. But overall not a bad app.

Sweet app. This is by far the best app ever you guys are the best!! There is only one thing I think you guys should add. You guys should add that instead of just hearing the same sound of a shot over and over, you guys should make it so you can add different kinds of sounds for each shot. Please please add this it would make my movies 10 times better!!! But still best app ever!! And you guys really need to add bullet holes!!!!! Please add these things

BEST APP for special fx!. like the title says, this is THE app for ultimate special effects. You've got realistic sounds, good on on screen shooting, with a bunch of other effects like stabbing, punching, and blood! Whats another great thing is that you have different angles of your firing, so it will still look good firing directly at the screen! But there is one part that stinks. After buying this FIVE DOLLAR APP. You then get on and realize you don't get but 3 effects. Pistol, machine gun, and blood. I bought three of the packs, each 99 cents and now i dont have many limits. In all, 4 out of 5 stars.

Good but the price. I would give this five star if the price wasn’t high. And this app would be the best if everything was free. The gun FPS the blood fx, the sound fx, the shooting the wood and metal and wall fx, and even the sniper fx. But seriously, why does all of them cost $35. The reason why your not getting lot of money is because you need to make some of the packs free. Like the sound fox blood fx sniper fx and bullet hit, tracer fx, laser, and shell casin. That’s all it sorry it to much but you need to up your game not the price please, if you see this make those free and stop increasing the price.

Great. I'm a huge fan of this app! I love everything about it. Now this is a great opportunity for you creators cause you are the only app like this! No other person has done this so you have so many ways you can make this better yes bullet wholes, blood, explosions, dirt that flys up when a bullet hits it, ok so please do this I'm surprised if your not already making lots of money off this app you have such a great opportunity here don't let it slip away

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Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 7.4
Play Store com.gunmoviefx.gunmoviefx
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Gun Movie FX (Versiyon 7.4) Install & Download

The application Gun Movie FX was published in the category Entertainment on 30 May 2012, Wednesday and was developed by Outerspacious Software LLC [Developer ID: 529433907]. This program file size is 162.68 MB. This app has been rated by 4 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Gun Movie FX - Entertainment app posted on 01 September 2023, Friday current version is 7.4 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gunmoviefx.gunmoviefx. Languages supported by the app:

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Gun Movie FX App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

General maintenance and bug fixes.

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