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Dear Reader,

I am excited to bring you the new Astrology Zone app for 2016!
We have expanded the navigation menu to allow you to get to the predictions you want - faster! Key dates and my appearances are easier to find, and there is a special section to watch my latest videos. On your app make sure to watch my Astrology Zone Show done on a monthly basis - it's free! My app will fit nicely on any iOS device you use, whether you are on any size tablet or smart phone. You will find my app fits better and looks better too.

Second, you may also want to watch on your app the Year Ahead 2016 TV show I produced for each sign with Deepak Chopra’s team. You will be automatically sent to HEALTHWIRE.FM for more information. Each sign has it’s own 22 minutes show and costs only 99 cents, with unlimited reruns! You can also choose to get the entire bundle of signs for $9.99 or send the show as a gift to friends and family with an option to schedule the delivery date.. a thoughtful gift! The show is delivered to you instantly in digital format, so you can watch it anywhere in the world. You will own the videos you buy, so you can view them as many times as you like. Be sure to watch your rising sign forecast too, as your Sun sign and rising sign should be treated as equally important.

If you don't know your rising sign, I can write a 65-page print-on-demand book with lavish illustrations where I explain your chart all in great detail and easy to understand terms. Simply Google the words for details. My book takes a little over two weeks to arrive and costs $55 plus shipping and any applicable tax (New York State).

I am so excited about the upgrades we made to my app on iPhone, and of course, all the improvements will be free to you. If you have not opted to upgrade your app to my premium content version, try it for one month for $4.99 or sign up for three months for $12.99. Most readers are most enthusiastic about my longer, more comprehensive forecasts.
If you have the new Apple watch, you can sync it to your iPhone and read your daily forecasts for free. You can go to to see how to sync my app to your watch, or you can go to an Apple store for help. The process only takes five minutes!

In a matter of weeks, you will soon see a complete redesign of Astrology Zone on the Internet, and it will be quite beautiful. We started from scratch, writing all new code and drawing up a brand new design, with the idea of making your navigation easier and giving my site a more modern and compelling look. My site will be responsive to any device you use, meaning that my site will soon fit perfectly on all electronic devices from a huge computer screen to a tiny smart phone. There have been 18 team members working on this project over the past six months. The big reveal is coming soon, so it's all so exciting!

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm!

Best wishes,


Susan Miller's Astrology Zone App Description & Overview

The applications Susan Miller's Astrology Zone was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-11-02 and was developed by Phunware, Inc. The file size is 55.70 MB. The current version is 3.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

For 3.4:
• Menu update: Key Dates + Meet Susan
• Update of Daily notifications

For 3.1:

We have so many more content choices!

•Daily and monthly horoscopes
•Susan's tweets
•Key dates + appearances
•Learn astrology
•Life, love + more
•Go shopping!

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Susan Miller's Astrology Zone Reviews


Paid for extended only get on iPhone  DrSuccessPhD  1 star

I have a paid subscription for extended version. I only get on iPhone, my iPad still shows free version. I wrote Susan on twitter. She sent me to Apple. I invested 43 minutes on hold to be told I have done everything correct and it is most likely an app issue only developer can resolve.


App is not working  Songgrl9  1 star

I bought a years subscription and cannot use the restore feature to use the app. It keeps saying I do not have a subscription to restore. Very disappointed. No one responds to email inquiries.


Love/Hate Relationship  artmeakin  2 star

I've been following Susan for many many years. I bought books years ago but nothing since then. I really like her forecasts even though over the years there's been consistent tardiness but worth the wait. With that being said I subscribed to the App for 3 months I think. I can't find purchase or subscription history. I wasn't notified about expiration. When I went to renew it said I already purchased but it keeps asking me to subscribe. Lastly, subscribing to the App does not subscribe you to web/online at which I found odd. If these issues got resolved I'd give it 4 stars and if Susan wasn't consistently tardy I'd give it five stars.


Lame and late  Xzgdt  1 star

Every month the outlooks are delayed even more. What's the point?! Used to be great, but if a third of the month is gone before the reading is released it's just frustrating and worthless. Plus the truncated daily horoscopes are lame. Looking for a new app for sure. Disappointing, predictably. Crashes or doesn't even open!!!!


Always Late  purerenegade  1 star

I've been reading Susan for years and she is consistently 3-7 days late posting monthly forecasts. Every month for years. I enjoy her readings, but anymore I just feel offended while reading. I wish she knew that being on time is one of the strongest ways to show her audience/employers they are valued.


Pricey & Poor Service  K-dog3499  2 star

Susan commands a high price for this app but she does not fulfill her promise of delivering. When she doesn't have the monthly horoscope prepared by the 1st, she has someone post that she's busy making money with something else. That would be fine if she wasn't charging for the service.


Not What is used to be  FluffyMovieBuff  1 star

Astrology Zone used to be accurate, not anymore.She still spends more time talking about herself and advertising to make money.I was told,if a gifted person gets greedy and makes their gift all about money, they lose their abilities. I noticed this of Sylvia Brown.The best Astrology app is Daily Horoscope.

5 stars = 50 free coins

always late  5 stars = 50 free coins  1 star



Doesn't work  71cp  1 star

The App does not work at all and the monthy is always either late or says its for example December horoscope when its really November. Its a shame because Susan Miller readings are great. She needs a new programmer/app maker.


Failure to post in a timely fashion  Blleader  1 star

The horoscopes are almost always posted late. We pay for this-refunds should be given if the horoscopes are not posted by 12m on the first of the month. There is always an excuse! Very unprofessional and disrespectful to her subscribers. There is cause for a class action lawsuit for breach of contract for a consistent failure to post in a timely fashion.


...?  Salsagirl23  1 star

Paid for subscription and no update has occurred. Reached out to support and have not received any help with app.


App in progress  dksone  4 star

Don't believe the hurtful reviews, probably narcissistic people who read astrology to get 'advantage' over their life. That may be one benefit, but if that's your primary purpose, all I can say is think - how in the world does a planet million miles away creates a sometimes drastic impact on your life. (I do believe on Astro, but still one gotta wonder right) Susan forecast are on spot and qualified with details like degrees/date of birth based impact which makes all the difference. Can't believe she gives it for free !


...  Risha82  1 star

No monthly horoscopes after the update

Deadly Love

Clean, quick, intuitive  Deadly Love  5 star

Works and looks beautiful, thank you queen Miller for bestowing us mere mortals with your astrological predictions!!


Bug  Asv87  1 star

No monthly prediction after the update


No monthly predictions  Suneileen  4 star

After updated the new edition, no monthly predictions now. Love the old one.


Excellent  Nikole2016  5 star

The best. By a long shot.

Vivi Br

Still good but with bugs to solve  Vivi Br  4 star

After help from support, I got the app perfect but my phone need to be always in English and my region need to be US (but I'm so far..) anyway it is working! Tks


So not worth it  nicoleja5  1 star

Latest update crashes the first time you open, then if you try again, opens


Very Professional and Easy to Navigate  Mrloro2u  5 star

I've just started using the app and it's intuitive (pardon the pun) and has lots of links to explore and investigate. I went ahead and paid for the year, she's a very solid and trustworthy astrological study! Well done app!

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