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The makers of Final Draft – the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world – now bring you the Final Draft Mobile™ app for iPad and iPhone.

Final Draft Mobile™ lets you write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on your iPad or iPhone. Create new scripts or edit existing ones with easy-to-use features such as Tab and Enter navigation, ScriptNotes, SmartType, and more.

Easily move your Final Draft 11 scripts from desktop to iPad or iPhone and back again via iCloud, Dropbox, or email. Your scripts will appear perfectly paginated and formatted to industry standards every time.

• Go paperless and carry all your scripts with you everywhere you go
• Send or share your Final Draft FDX file between all your devices and computers. Always be on the same page with Dropbox or iCloud
• Easily change script elements with classic Tab and Enter functionality or through the Elements bar (iPad) or Menu (iPhone)
• SmartType remembers your character names, scene headings and more
• Multi-language support - Write in over 95 different languages
• Bluetooth keyboard support
• Character Highlighting allows you to keep track of your characters for table reads or character development
• Add, color-code, label, and edit ScriptNotes or General Notes
• Perfectly paginates to US Letter and standard European (A4) page sizes
• Send feedback directly through the app
• Professionally formatted TV, Film, and Stage Play templates to help get you started
• Search your entire script for characters, locations, or other script elements
• Export scripts to PDF via Dropbox, iCloud, or email
• Saves the last page you're working on to get back to work quickly
• iPhone Page View shows 100% accurate Final Draft pagination, formatting, and line breaking
• Automatic More's and Continued's
• Multi-page Title Pages are supported for TV production scripts
• Includes production features like Scene Numbering, Omit Scenes, Colored and Locked Pages
• Shows Active or Collated Revisions with Colored Pages
• Quickly switch from one revision set to another
• Track key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more
• iPhone Scene Navigator allows you to easily jump to different scenes in your script
• Access all of the tools you need while maintaining context in your script in the iPhone Tools Menu
• Edit your Header and Footer

“Where has this been all my career?!? I put it through its paces doing a rewrite on the go-go-go. Does a great job. This is a real step forward! What more do you need on the road? (Maybe a chauffeur?)”

David Seidler – Writer / Academy Award® winner
The King's Speech, By Dawn's Early Light, Tucker: The Man and His Dream...

Final Draft Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Final Draft Mobile was published in the category Productivity on 2012-08-28 and was developed by Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC. The file size is 117.88 MB. The current version is 5.0.2 and works well on 12.0 and high ios versions.

Added iPad Pro 11-inch support

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Final Draft Mobile Reviews


Terrible app flaws and crashes  deytni  1 star

I don’t even know where to start. This app has got to be the worst when it comes to creating a new project. The “limited” instructions file is either out of date, or never was intended to be correct. Example: Sending a file to your email and holding done on the file to make available to send it to Final Draft - Total fail. DropBox - Can’t create to new project. Copy and Past text from another app, NO success. Also, an example, when clicking the back space to delete INT or EXT, the app crashes. Out of all of the apps I have downloaded over the years, I can’t believe Final Draft Mobile is soooo bad. Apple needs to drop this app out of their App Store. I have never wanted my money back when purchasing an app, but this one is an exception. A waste of money.

The Jimmylegs

All a screenwriter needs  The Jimmylegs  5 star

This has become a great app. If you’re working on a production, you’ll need the full version. But if you’re writing a script, this app truly has everything you need. Earlier versions were buggy and lacking certain features, which made me seek out other tablet-based scripting software. But this latest iteration has brought me back home. The files import and export perfectly, retaining formatting, the PDF output works great, and the integration with Dropbox makes it a truly useful mobile solution. I’ve been writing scripts for more than 20 years, largely in Final Draft, and - no lie - this app and the Microsoft Word app cemented my decision to use my iPad as my primary device. The one improvement I’d ask for is: Give me back my keyboard shortcuts! After all these years of reflexively hitting “Command+3” to open a character line, it seems unfair that I now have to poke at the screen. Other than that one tiny caveat, this is fantastic.


Crashes constantly  alexbrownstown  1 star

The only reason I purchased an iPad was to have final draft on mobile. as soon as I began writing my script the app crashed and I lost everything. I have been trying for an hour now to get this to run properly. Even going as far as deleting multiple apps to give it as much space as it needs but it continues to crash.Having said that now I know not to purchase the laptop final draft


Amazing!!  NeonWolfyCat12  5 star

This app has helped me so much. I first got it for my playwriting class, which required a script format, and this helped tremendously. The text made to look like a genuine script was a very interesting bonus as well. If you want to write any sort of script with the added bonus of it actually looking realistic, get this app IMMEDIATELY.


AerTi  poppyimpopyt  1 star

I mean why do you have to pay to write? I honestly think your gold diggers! So please don’t waste my money on something you can do anytime.. don’t waste my time rather than collect money on the spot!

Proximate Cause

Love it  Proximate Cause  5 star

I always use it, never know when a great line will come up, I have FD on my laptop but this app nice.


Can only use fbx?  LancelotSmith  1 star

You can’t import other file types?! What a Waste! I bought it to start using it instead of another program and I can’t because it won’t allow you to import rtf, word, text anything. I want my money back!


Stick to the PC version or different app!  ClassicsRox  1 star

Totally regret buying this app to use on my iPad Pro. It is almost nothing like the full PC version. Different controls, pretty much no options or customization. The zoom level is WAY too zoomed in for me, like I’m viewing through a magnifying glass and you have no options to zoom out. Copying and pasting doesn’t really work. I’ll be asking for a refund and finding a different app, because there are a lot better ones out there. Yikes.


Corrupted file  AnnggellN  1 star

I used the mobile app on my iPad Pro, but now when I try to open the file back on my computer it’s corrupted. And as if this wasn’t enough the app is now bugging when I work on this file. Really disappointed especially since I just bought the new version of the software just before transitioning to ipad... feel like I’ve just wasted the upgrade money and the app too!


FIX THE SOFTWARE or CLOSE YOUR DOORS!  jimhensoninla  1 star

UPDATE: my support person has apparently gone AWOL like many others have, apparently. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and started retyping my script. Once again, }{ the random character continueds continue. This software won’t get your script anywhere near a serious production company in its current form. It time for a new Industry Standard since this company doesn’t seem to care since the money keeps coming in from novices who don’t know what they’re in for. I repeat, fix your software or close your doors. This is downright unprofessional.

Alan writes

Great to have  Alan writes  3 star

Really great for reviewing and minor amendments. Could be better with the iOS predictive text ribbon where character headings can be joined to dialogue words. Will be great when it’s better integrated with Siri.

Pensive Penguin

If you're serious about using the iPad to write a screenplay, do not use this app  Pensive Penguin  1 star

Slow, laggy, virtually unusable for churning out pages even with a bluetooth keyboard, which is how I use it. So disappointed with this purchase - have been using Final Draft for years, and am more impressed by Celtx's app, which is clean, simple, and most importantly, not laggy. The Final Draft app was a total waste of money.


Looks terrible on iPhone7+  engelberthumperdink  2 star

For such an expensive app you'd expect it to perform well on Apple's flagship iPhone. It doesn't. Text cut off. UX buggy. I expected much more.


IPad yes iPhone no  Be-He  3 star

This is a wonderful app. It's works perfectly on the iPad. Writing is fast and the formatting is seamless, 10 out off 10 on the iPad. However on an iPhone and even iPhone plus ( bigger screen ) they've messed it up. It's clunky and looks terrible. The formatting is just cumbersome and fidgety. I understand that it's because of the smaller screen size compared too the iPad screen size. But it would be good if the option for the 'original layout ' view was there. It's not very good on iPhone, but iPad it's awesome.


Crashes A LOT  Tangles-112  1 star

This would be a fantastic app if it didn't crash every 10-15 mins. Love the layout and formatting, but the CONSTANT crashes make this a bit of a rip off. $30 bucks for a crashy 'professional' app? Come on FD, you can do a lot better..


Optimised for my iPhone 6s Plus!  *iSub*  5 star

One of my favourite iPhone apps! Love it! Now we just need iCloud sync between iOS and Mac versions…


Mr  NoahThomasAlexanderSoutham  5 star

Recently, the FD Writer app on my iPad has been acting up. Every time I open it, it shows up for a few seconds before crashing. I recently updated to iOS 8.4, but I don't think that's the problem. It's also not a storage issue because my iPad has plenty of extra space. Normally I would delete the app and download it again but I'm afraid I would lose all of my work. Up until today, FD Writer has been working wonderfully. (My only other criticism is that the app slows down when I write in stage play format.)


crashes constantly  DJVerseyVerse  1 star

The iPad app worked ok for a while but is now unusable. Crashes with seconds of opening. Pretty atrocious for what they charge.


Now with Dropbox sync  elturno  3 star

The app is pretty good now that it has Dropbox sync. Both the iPad and desktop versions work together seamlessly.

Hm. Well then.

Price v functionality  Hm. Well then.  3 star

The price tag is serious - and demands a few more features to make the mark. It is a solid app with great automatic features. The addition of script notes is a God-send. However, the lack of character reports and cast list reports is apparent - especially if you have started the work elsewhere. Index cards (available in the desktop version) are also made available in several competing apps (incl. Storyist) at 1/6th the price. Updates don't appear to be a regular concern for the developer, so don't hold your breath. Yes, an industry standard. But not in writing apps. I look forward to there being significant interest in quality updates.


Convenient with Some Issues  Pie&Pie  3 star

Overall, I love the convenience of being able to directly edit my Final Draft files on-the-go. The frustrating part – along with the buggy delays/anomalies others have mentioned – is since my desktop version is still FD 9 (Windows 7 laptop out of necessity for work applications), whenever I edit an .FDX file in this app, it strips all of my color coding from the index card view. While this may not appear to be a big deal in comparison to all the other great FD functionalities, quick glance, color-coded flow is something I find very useful throughout story development. Thanks in advance for any help/feedback on this issue.


What Happened?!  Janizzary  3 star

I keep getting an error message when I try to access my .fdx files from Dropbox claiming that the file is incompatible.


DropBox issues  zom2311  3 star

Using a script from DropBox gives me constant issues. It freezes for a minute or 2 when it auto saves to drop box, then it registers all the taps you made during the screen freeze and causes problems. This issue wouldn’t be so annoying, but the drop box updates every minute or so. This has been a constant source of frustration- but the only source. The app and the UI is fantastic, and if you don’t plan on using the Dropbox functionality then it should be a good purchase for you.


FREEEEEEZE!!!  MuzikGigglz  2 star

Can’t work with all this freezing up...worked fine with the new iPad until the last’s freezing every 10 ‘bout we go back to the old version so I can get some work done? I don’t have time for this.


Not pleased , but making beat with what I can get  DIZZY BATES  2 star

Things are slow , actions I’m pressing on the app are not being done, having a hard hit on my workflow

Pshhhhh seriously though!

Great resource  Pshhhhh seriously though!  5 star

I often have contextual ideas or moments of dialog that spring into my mind while I’m out and about. Syncing the mobile app with iCloud allows me to access the same draft I’ve been working on at home on my iMac, allowing me to inject those spontaneous ideas into the script instantly and see how it fits in that world. The app functions beautifully! Well worth the buy.


Waste of time  Frakthis  2 star

As of late, my synching between Dropbox and Final Draft no longer works. I don't see a point inhaling a screenwriting app if I can't even download where I lasted off from Dropbox into the app.


Good, but...  ProfChips  4 star

I use the full product on my Mac and a PC. I’d love if you’d allow this to integrate with OneDrive and not just Dropbox and iCloud. Any thoughts on adding that capability?

Gary Blake

In love with it!  Gary Blake  5 star

I’ve had it less than 24 hours and I believe it changes everything for me. My scripts are truly in my pocket. I don’t imagine I’ll use it much to start from a blank page but for on-the-go editing it is a life and time saver. So happy that it’s functional, powerful and so far very bug-free.


It’s a little confusing  carin4me  2 star

I’m having trouble importing my file to FD Mobile.


Great app, needs more support.  Maloney57  4 star

This is a great app for both beginners and professionals. Quick and easy to use. Ideal for travelling. A must for those with an IPad mini. The only issue is the lack of trouble shooting options, eg there's no way to change the format once you have started writing a script.

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