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All Talking Tom wants to do is get a glimpse of the beautiful Talking Angela! Help Tom out by giving him the words he needs to woo her. Tom will repeat whatever you say. He'll even sing! He might need your help picking out presents to give her too. Are you ready to play Cupid?

Keep an eye out for Talking Ginger... That mischief maker is trying to mess things up for Tom!

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
- Help Tom win Angela's heart. Talk and he'll repeat whatever you say.
- What will Tom and Angela do if you poke them? Find out!
- Up the romance factor by swiping Tom – he'll blow a kiss!
- Need some drama? Shake the device and the ground will shake.
- Make it windy by blowing into the microphone.
- Have a chat with Angela by pressing the "Letter" button.
- Hear Tom and Angela sing a duet by pressing the "Song" button.
- The "Flower Pot" button will let Ginger throw one at Tom! Watch out!
- Think Tom should give Angela a gift? Press the "Gift" button!
- Record and send funny videos to your friends.

*** HOW TO CHAT ***
- Remember, Angela currently only speaks and understands English, although she'd love to learn other languages in the future!
- Start a chat with Angela by pressing the "Letter" button.
- Type or dictate what you want to say.
- Wait as Tom gives your message to Angela.
- She'll then reply via text and voice.
- You can talk to her about anything, from school and movies, to friends, food or fashion.
- Test your knowledge with a trivia quiz. Just type in "quiz", "give me a quiz" or "play quiz"!
- Want Angela to tell you a joke? Ask her! Type "tell me a joke". It's as easy as that.

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Tom Loves Angela App Description & Overview

The applications Tom Loves Angela was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-06-07 and was developed by Outfit7 Limited. The file size is 56.18 MB. The current version is 2.2.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.

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Tom Loves Angela Reviews

yeet office khakifa

Ages should be higher  yeet office khakifa  2 star

Angela cusses if you type in a certain phrase. I’m not going to say the phrase for your own good, but when you do type it in, she will cuss. Either than that, the game is alright. Just be VERY careful while downloading not just this app, but ANY talking Tom apps.


Angela is evil!  jdkwowkdmnfnejwlams  1 star

Angela curses when you say “Who is an idiot?” and when you ask “do you want to kill me” then she says yes. i do not think this is an appropriate game for children..

yEeT tHe FeEtUs

Well  yEeT tHe FeEtUs  3 star

Well okay, so I used this app a couple times and I’ve heard the rumors people need to shut up about it, although it is interesting hearing about the rumors, I’m sure you’ve already heard of the rumors so I won’t go in debt with them but Angela gets off topic WAYYYYY too often I’ve asked her about anime and she will say things like “Japanese cartoons are addicting” and then blab on about something else. But I think that the rating should be like 9+ also one time me and my friend were roasting Angela and seeing if she would cuss and we typed in “Who’s an idiot” because we heard she would cuss but say like very small cuss words that aren’t that bad buttttttt THIS TIME SHE SAID THE FREAKING F WORD!!! And if it’s in kid mode it’s very boring

venesca donvois

Angela is trying to kill us?  venesca donvois  1 star

I asked angels if she wanted to kill me to test out all the theories of the man in the eye and she said yes we are calling the cops and you need to fix this because she even knows what color my hair is!


I hate Angela💋  mbodine74  5 star



It’s so bad!!!  madalynnb_1590  1 star

This app is so inappropriate to little kids idk why people will make things like these!!!!

Frank Elkani

Waalaykum assalom  Frank Elkani  5 star

Çok şükür bugün Hhkgre

poopy panys

Here’s some suggestions  poopy panys  3 star

You should beagle to controll them and make them marry each other I keep saying angela will you marry me and she says “The ultimate fashion event”


Creepy 😑  EricSloss  3 star

So when I downloaded it, I was like is this going to be like one of those repeating apps that are annoying! And also I thought it was weird that you had to pay for it!🙄 then I saw you can talk to her, and it was really creepy she could ACTUALLY RESPOND!!!!! Then she started to creep me out, I still have the app but she’s weird🐱

Miss Aphmau Fan

INNAPROPRIATE  Miss Aphmau Fan  5 star

So one day, I decided to roast Angela by saying "who's an idiot" just to see how she would react, but she cusses! Please fix this! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Also, please make a free version of the app. So like, this one you have to pay but on another version it's ok cuz it's free. PLEASE LISTEN AND FIX THESE! Thank u ❤️me🦄🦄🦄

Jaz is awesomely awesome

Update  Jaz is awesomely awesome  4 star

Love love love this app! When you do the update though, can you make it so you can control what Angela says? It is actually very boring only talking as Tom. Big improvements if you do! Other than that keep everything is awesome

Taylah mishaps

Amazing  Taylah mishaps  5 star

I love this app so does my 5 & 6 year old sisters absolutely brilliant x


Oh no  Jackninja5  1 star

The new voice is annoying. Bring the old one back. She sounds like a robot now.

Pritty yas

Talking Tom and angler  Pritty yas  5 star

I love this App it is a thing for love and things mean can do for a girl


Tom❤️Angela  111skye111  4 star

I think it is a great game and is very entertaining.I'm a kid and I love games like this please can you make more!


Great  Mollypuffler  5 star

This game is amassing because you get to talk to angla and Tom Thanks puff dog

Gacko sacko

5/5  Gacko sacko  5 star

Downloaded today already addicted to it!:-) Must get:D Totally worth a $1.29!;-)


Partly satisfied  Pidgeotto376  3 star

I have a few problems and request for this app. Why can't I pat Angela? Now she acts all girly and sassy. I don't like it. I would like to be able to pat Tom too. It would be nice if Angela and Tom could be in a range of places like New York, Australia, Asia and Africa. It is getting boring and I downloaded this app TODAY. Could there be clothes for Tom, Ginger and Angela? It would be cute if Tom wore a cute suit, Angela could wear a pretty dress and Ginger can wear a cute shirt ;). Also knowing you can talk to Angela on this app but why is there a talking Angela app when both of the apps provide you to chat with Angela? :I Honestly I really think this app needs improvement but it's pretty good :).


oo-la-la  Stampycatfan868  4 star

OMG or should I say oo-la-la in the French matter ok........BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!$!$$$!!$😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😆😋😑

Emmy yo11

FINE :(  Emmy yo11  5 star

Looks great! But in reality is *yawn* boring!! Hardly any features sooo boring!!!! Don't waste your money


Not a stoker  Lolgirl41719  5 star

It's NOT a stoke


BEST ROMANCE GAME EVER  RoboBoy700  5 star

I love this game but I wish I could give Tom a outfit. And I wish I could talk as Angela. And make another version I love outfit 7!


I tried to write a good review  iLikeMyApple  1 star

I tried to write a good review, but the nickname I chose was taken, so my review was eaten. I'm not writing it again.

Stephanie Murphy

Tom and Angela  Stephanie Murphy  5 star

I like this app it's the best app ever in a year

Miss game reviewer

NOT GOOD FOR CHILDREN NINE OR UNDER!!!!!!  Miss game reviewer  3 star

I used to have this app, but it was not for me. It was okay. This app is good for kids 10+

Statutes dehrfyuyyyyygg

Watt the fok  Statutes dehrfyuyyyyygg  4 star

This game is so stupid because Tom can't even dance for Angela

The Wizard Of Oz lover

SO cute  The Wizard Of Oz lover  5 star

This app is so good and cute. I love it so much! Get this app!


Its very annoying!!!!😫😫  Daditu  1 star

She keeps asking questions and when i ask her something she just ignores my question😫😫 and pleas pleas make it better by them remembering my name i tell her my name then i don't use my phine and she sais hi and i say what is my name she just ignores and ask a question 😡😡😡

Mari Sweet

Cool game  Mari Sweet  5 star



SO CUTE  Sammygirl110701  5 star

This Game Is So Damm Cute

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