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Scene is a new digital magazine by Hipstamatic that showcases the world's most creative iPhone photography from our community and beyond.

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The applications Scene Magazine by Hipstamatic was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-05-31 and was developed by Hipstamatic, LLC. The file size is 20.91 MB. The current version is 2.0.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Support for iPhone X screen
• Issue 3: DESIRE is here!

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Unable to update.  ★Li  3 star

I really want to read it, but the app keeps saying “unable to update”


Lost Previous Snap Editions  MIMobileDoc  2 star

Loved the old Snap Magazine. Now only half of my previous editions are still available for reading. The rest it wants me to buy.


Unable to update  rcubillo  1 star

That message is the only thing I can see

James Devlin

Crashes on iOS7  James Devlin  1 star

iPad 4 running iOS 7.1.1. The app opens and than goes back to the main screen.


Ugh!  Tattdmom  1 star

App will not open up at all!!!! I love reading, but as of lately I can't. It's been a while and nothing.


After 3 months no iOS 10 support  nhaynes  1 star

I used to love the new issues with ideas and wonderful photography. I would still love it if the app would open at all now that I have a 6s and iOS 10. Alas. No support is forthcoming. Even after having email directly from the Hipstmatic folks themselves telling me they know it's an issue.


can't work on ios 9.2  poochsmiles  2 star

pls updata and fix this app


Loved the mag but not the bugs  jsn0311  2 star

I was a religious reader until it got so buggy that it crashes every time. The only reason I didn't give it one star is because it used to be so great. Will change the rating when bugs are fixed.


What happened?  sandca  1 star

This used to be a wonderful magazine. Doesn't even open with the new OS system. Crashes every time. Sad


App broken with latest iOS update  Vosges1945  1 star

Badge icon show new issue, crashes when opened. Ongoing issue for some time, far longer than it should take to either fix the app or remove it from the App Store until they fix it.


Not working with iOS9  kyte50  1 star

Snap has not been updated for two years and its showing its age. It will no longer display magazines in iOS9 and therefore is unusable. Its a shame because the content is great. When its working.


It's good...and it's free!  shawn_low  5 star

A great platform to showcase the power and cultural reach and cred of Hipstamatic. Quality photographs, OK writing but hey, it's free. Had some technical hiccups: downloaded issues kept hanging and I had to delete and reinstall.


I loved this, originally...and now I love it again  R3g75  5 star

It all works, it looks great, any hiccups are now gone. This is a great app and a great read from a great group of people.

Sultan of Chromes

SNAP MAGIC  Sultan of Chromes  5 star

U guys are killing it. Keep up the good gig! ~ Mahalo LEE PEGUS Photographer Australia

Play Forest

Be nice if it worked...  Play Forest  1 star

Downloaded the first few issues and really liked them. The latest issue - October, seems to have killed the entire App. I love Hipstamatic but they seem to suffer from a hit/miss syndrome and the fixes are too slow to appear. If it works and works all the time, 5 stars but for now, where one dud issue kills the lot, 1 star.

Ian Klug

Pretty good...  Ian Klug  4 star

If you like using your hipstamatic and experimenting with different lenses and films you'll love Snap I reckon. Just make the print bigger and clearer especially with more descriptions of what lens/film was used in all the photos.

Purrfect Puss

Quite Good  Purrfect Puss  4 star

Found this issue quite interesting. Pictures nice! Great articles! The ability to increase the print size would be good as it is, at times, very/ way too small. Being a free magazine is very good. Looking forward to further issues. No problems opening or using this app. My only problem was finding where the app downloaded to ... Didn't take long to find it though. ;I Definitely recommend.


Not bad  DJH-93  4 star

Snap is a great magazine, especially as it is free! The content is interesting and the photos are great. There are no sharing tools, however, and the text is sometimes way too small. Overall, a decent initial release with a lot of further potential. Recommended.

From australia7

Pease fix  From australia7  2 star

Could someone please fix this ASAP ! I love hipstamatic and think this magazine is a great idea I have the latest iPad so I'm confused as to why this isn't opening


Waste of time and space  DarrenTaljaard  1 star

Won't even launch on iPad 2 after downloading 1st efition. Do not bother, I'm deleting it...


Great for ideas for Hipstamatic setups  RobStyles  4 star

I do not actually read the articles but I like to use the magazine to get ideas on how to setup my hipstamatic camera when taking pics of my own.


Awesome!  Whoknowsbetter  5 star

Snap opens for me. Amazing alignment between relevant content and beautiful images. Storytelling at its best.


Can't download  xmattyy  1 star

Broken app


Push notifications  Shackmad  1 star

I received a push from Hipstamatic and decided to try this. Like others have said, it simply does not open on my iPhone 5 running the current IOS. It appears that the last update for it was in November, why they are trying to get people to subscribe to a broken app is bewildering. I love Hipstamatic but pass on their broken zine.

Demon Beast King

Pretty Good Ideas  Demon Beast King  4 star

I like this magazine, the subject matter is just diet-AUX Magazine fare but the photographs are naturally fantastic. Plus Snap tells you what lenses, films & flashes the photographer took so you can "steal" them and wow your friends the next time you show them your shot sets. Totally worth a download of you're a shutterbug, amateur or professional.


Needs work.  jasoncantuuu  2 star

Crashes every time I try to read an issue, and some particular ones that I've download will start downloading again. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Crash Issues  Spikeadelika  1 star

Keeps crashing ;( 👎


Crashes constantly  Greenified  1 star

Can't rate cuz I've never seen inside boo! Fail


Issues won't download  CatherineN  1 star

I installed the app but the issues won't download. As I see from previous reviews, this app has some problems that aren't being addressed. What a shame.


Awesome!  Midnightgenius  4 star

This is my favorite magazine. The only thing I hate is that it keeps crashing.

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