Learner's Dictionary - English

Learner's Dictionary - English [Reference] App Description & Overview

The best dictionary available for English language learners, from Merriam-Webster.

Master written and spoken English with this app designed especially for learners and teachers of the language.

Improve your understanding of English words and phrases with full, clear definitions and numerous usage examples. The app also offers Voice Search – to let you look up a word without having to spell it – along with Audio Pronunciations, Word of the Day, Favorites, and more.

This is an essential app for anybody learning English.

* No Advertisements
* 100,000 words and phrases
* 160,000 usage examples that show how each word is used
* More than 22,000 idioms, verbal collocations, and commonly used phrases
* Count and noncount noun labeling
* Voice Search – Say the word and the app will find it for you!
* Audio Pronunciations – by native speakers of American English
* Integrated Thesaurus: Synonyms & Antonyms
* Word of the Day – includes idioms and phrasal verbs
* More than 1,000 illustrations
* Favorites – lets you keep track of words you want to remember
* Recent History – lets you keep track of the words you've looked up
* Reader View – lets you hide navigation buttons to see text in full screen

Please click the link to the Application License Agreement, below, which includes our App Privacy Policy.

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Learner's Dictionary - English Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. New Look - updated UI Share Definitions and Word of the Day Newly revised 2015 definitions Bug fixes

Learner's Dictionary - English Comments & Reviews

- Where did the synonyms and antonyms features go?

I really loved this apps. It really help me as an ESL student. But after the update, I couldn't find the synonyms and antonyms features anymore. I really disappointed, it more like that the apps were "downgraded" than updated.

- Best Learner’s dictionary

I own an educational website. After extensive search this is the only great Learner’s dictionary. Great for students! It has mechanical glitches such as audio pronunciation. But it is still the most useful and easy.

- Great dictionary

Everything has been great so far, except favorites are not synced to web saved words, I hope developers can make this feature then I can read saved words on both web and mobile app.

- Great dictionary with clear definitions

What I like the best about this dictionary is that the definitions are so clear and easy to understand. I also really like that it is not cluttered with a bunch of grammatical info, synonyms, etc.

- Auido pronounciation

The audio pronunciation just work with the hands free headphones and it doesn’t work with the speaker of iphone 8. Also it doesn’t have the specific part for synonyms and antonyms in iphone 8. We need a update please help us.

- Why I cannot hear the pronunciation for every word I inquiry?

Why I cannot hear the pronunciation for every word I inquiry?

- Good but unfit

This is a wonderful Learner’s dictionary, but it doesn’t fit my newly upgraded iPhone X. Could the developer solve this problem soon? Thanks

- Please update for iPhone X

Everything so great except that it’s not optimize for larger screen.

- What this app add?

Unfortunately, i see nothing added to this app from original dictionary, pictures don't fit for iPhone 6s plus , I purchased this app to learn English and I found it like any dictionary please help!

- Finally, it got update!

Now it is compatible for iPhone 6s Plus users! Nice!

- Update The App

Dear Merriam Webster, You may please organize to optimize the big screen and dark mode of the app for iPhone Pro 11 and others. It is easy to read in the huge space and black background. You are awesome to work hard with the app. We have to use it for helping and understanding. Thank you, MW. Sincerely, Anonymity

- Audio pronunciation never work

I really I want to hear the pronunciation of word. However, every time I click on the audio icon after a word, the audio pronunciation never play. So disappointed!

- Big problem in search

When I search for a word which begins by a particular character , the results show words do not begin with the same letter. Please do something

- no sounds the app

now the app no sound when hit the sound button

- Disappointed

They could just update the old version. Instead they just came up a new one and forced you to buy it.

- Awesome!

This app in my iPhone 11 is working as expected!

- Do you give up updating this app?

The newest version is 2 years ago. Please update it ASAP to fit iPhone X. Thanks.

- Update

Bad update. Cannot jump anymore on the bottom bar between favorites, recent, dictionary.

- Great

Easy to understand. So helpful to ESL student!

- microphone

I have a trouble with the microphone that it can not record my voice, who can help me???

- No app support

Where is app support when you need one?

- Best

Best learner's dictionary I’ve ever seen🔥

- Need an update

Not what I expected at all. No voice spelling. To simple for Learner’s.

- I can’t open it

I can’t open it now.

- Word of day not working

After clicking "Daily" to see the word of the day, I get a message that reads "you need network access..." My network access works.

- Learner app

Learner App doesn’t work. No way to log in. Will ask Apple for my $4.99 to be returned.

- Random person


- disappointed

no synonyms

- no pronounciation

no sound for pronunciation

- Great but could be better

I suggest a simple implementation of search when have found the word that you wanted, on your result you would be able to search for another word it is much better than be scrolling down a related word to our result. Example if my word is bless I want to see what bless in disguise means I do not want to be scrolling down for searching this I want a toll which would do that for me. Hope to see an update soon. Cheers

- Voice Search Not Working

The voice search feature stopped working one day and I had to delete the app and re-download. Other than that, I use this as a primary dictionary. Sometimes, it fails to explain the subtlety a word conveys but overall, it's a good reference for non native speakers with a decent price. I wish they expand the vocabulary list and utilize the smart phone more. For instance, they can include sounds or even videos.

- Good and improvement

This is a good dictionary app to me. Ui is clear. Explanation is easy to understand. Words can be saved for future revisiting, which is very useful for me as a learner. The improvement would be to synch up the saved with the web site. I still spend more time on a pc and a real browser than a phone. So it would be good to get a copy of the saved words on both places. I think people call this "cloud" these days.

- An excellent reference

This dictionary has a wealth of examples. This makes it much easier for students of English to understand the correct usage of words. The pronunciations are written in the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), instead of M-W's old fashioned system. The IPA is easier to understand and used in many places now.

- The BEST

I've used many dictionaries in my life but none of them as useful as this one. It defines the word in easiest way which makes the learners understand it easily. I strongly recommend this app for students or English learners even if you have to buy it. you won't regret.

- Good but UI, online voice

I like this dic's definition. But UI is for 3.5inch screen. I hope that UI is improved like another Merriam-Webster's app and Offline voice will be possible. Finally I can't see word's form like adv, adj, v and n at once when the word has various form. it has number like 2. adv, 3. adj but number 1 doesn't exist. Number 1 must be there. Thanks.

- Great Dictionary for ALL Learners!

It is very helpful, as it has clear, easy to understand definitions, includes synonyms & antonyms, as well as sentences using the word. It includes idioms & popular/slang which is especially helpful to understanding everyday spoken English & written material.

- Very Useful Dictionary

This dictionary is essential for learners, Good explanation for each word with effective examples. But it needs improving in search and bookmark. We are waiting for a new update including iPhone 5 optimization.

- Sound works without Wifi

Great App. Some of the dictionaries don’t work unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This is a great App and sound works without internet. Good definitions and good layout.

- I recommend it !

Very helpful for those who want to learn English. It uses a simple definition which make you easily understand a word : )

- Pretty good

Even though I'm Japanese, this app can realize my English pronunciation! I'm so glad if this app gets compatible iPhone 5 screen!! : ) Now this isn't.

- Amazing app

I love it. It so easy to use. Very good explanation each word. Now I don't to translate to my language. I don't need to use google translate anymore.

- Very good App

I like the application, but please improve the interface of the app to be compatible with iPhone 5's screen.

- Brilliant

If don't know what mean of this word u can look it up this dictionary lot of word and example

- Love the content but when will this be iOS 8 compatible?

The same as titles

- No searching history control

Good app but needs to introduce searching history and favorite control... I recently changed for a new iPhone and I list all my favorites and searches!

- Great app!!!

This app is awesome!! It's very helpful especially for the students who are from foreign country .

- No previous updates at all

When buying a product (note not free) customers expect that the provider maintains its product. Here we expect updates which never happened.

- Love it

The best dictionary for me at least improving myself everyday

- Wonderful app :) I recommend it!

It is necessary for foreigners, who are not english native.

- Upscaled on ipad

Loads as an upscaled iPhone app on iPad . in order to utilize iPads full screen size you are have to buy another license for "hd" version ; is it rational to pay another license fee just to have this app shown with proper size on iPad ?

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- picture doesn't show up

It's a good dictionary for English learners. However, pictures didn't show up when i click the picture icon these days. It makes me understand words harder.

- Downloaded 6 Dics. This one 2nd Best.

Simplicity is powerful. Each time I look up big words in dictionaries, I instantly get the context of usage of word and it’s intention with this Learner’s edition. With others, explanation is more intellectual. With this, explanation uses relatable baby language, and still accurately conveys definition in its fullness.

- It's great and cheap

Great dictionary app with cheap price

- Ms

This app is awesome!! Especially for ESL students!

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- Doesn’t show pictures

Please fix it

- Not worth paying a cent!!!Stay away!!

How can you charge people so high for this awful application? The voice searching feature, which is essential for a digital dictionary, does not work! You can find much better for free....

- picture won’t show.

Please fix it.

- Pictures won’t show

Pictures won’t show

- Sound Issue

Unfortunately sound is not working. I’m disappointed as this is not a minor issue for the purpose of this paid app. Also it didn’t seem to be any better than the free reference dictionary of Merriam-Webster. If this was clear I wouldn’t purchase this one at all.

- I can’t use the audio sound

Is it a bug on my phone? Any one help me please 😊☺️☺️

- Great app! Hope offline pronunciation

It would be better if it had offline pronunciation

- LLAMA _13

Very clear and great

- No sound!

This was my number 1 dictionary but now the sound is not working. What happened!

- Good price for an advanced dictionary!!

This app is essential to ESL students.

- Picture feature

There was some issue with this feature in the beginning which has been resolved now by Merriam Webster. Great dictionary for learners of ESL.

- Very good!

Very good!

- It's great

It's the best one.

- Does everything it's supposed to do :)

Does everything it's supposed to do :) recommended for ESL leaners.

- Wonderful great app!! Recommend to all English learners!


- Webster Dictionary


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@KateWoodford2 Thanks for your reply. Hope you've enjoyed the holiday season. I appreciate your blog posts are aimed at learners of English. What about the Cambridge online dictionary itself? What's the difference between an advanced learner's dictionary and a normal one?


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cordial UK:*/ˈkɔːrdiəl/ WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020 cor•dial /ˈkɔrdʒəl/  adj.  courteous and gracious; warm: a cordial reception. [before a noun]sincere; strongly felt: They had a cordial dislike for each other.


tedium UK:*/ˈtiːdiəm/US:/ˈtidiəm/ ,(tē′dē əm) WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2020 te•di•um /ˈtidiəm/ n. [uncountable] the quality or state of causing another to feel tired and bored; tediousness.


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Today's word(21th.Dec.2020) 「dictionary」 a book or electronic resource that gives a list of the words of a language in alphabetical order and explains what they mean, or gives a word for them in a foreign language. (Oxford Learner's Dictionaries)

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Learner's Dictionary - English 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Learner's Dictionary - English iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Learner's Dictionary - English iphone images
Learner's Dictionary - English iphone images
Learner's Dictionary - English iphone images
Learner's Dictionary - English iphone images
Learner's Dictionary - English iphone images

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The applications Learner's Dictionary - English was published in the category Reference on 2012-06-05 and was developed by Merriam-Webster, Inc. [Developer ID: 399452290]. This application file size is 61.81 MB. Learner's Dictionary - English - Reference app posted on 2016-04-12 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.m-w.dictionary-learners-premium