AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager

AnyList is the best way to create grocery shopping lists and collect and organize your recipes. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates, for free. Changes show up instantly on everyone’s iPhone or iPad.

AnyList has been featured in the App Store as “New and Noteworthy”, a “Great Free App”, and one of “10 Essential” productivity apps.

“AnyList makes shared grocery lists simple and intuitive.” —Lifehacker

“AnyList sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps.” —AppStorm

“I don’t recommend going to the grocery store without it.” —Today’s iPhone

==== FEATURES ====

== LISTS ==

• Quickly add and cross off items. Autocomplete suggests common items as you type.
• Add items by voice with Siri and our Reminders Import feature.
• Add notes to list items to indicate quantity, brand, coupons, etc.
• Create multiple lists to organize items by store or occasion.
• Grocery items are automatically separated into categories.
• Create your own custom categories.
• Reorder categories to match the layout of your local store.
• Save items as favorites, then browse your favorites and add them to your current shopping list.
• View recent items from your past shopping trips, then add them back to your current list.
• Easily share lists. Just enter the email address of your spouse or roommate and your list is shared. List changes instantly show up on everyone’s iOS device.
• Lists can be shared with as many people as you'd like.
• Everyone creates their own AnyList account, so you can share some lists, while keeping others private.
• Optional push notifications let you know when a shared list has been modified.
• Sort list items alphabetically or manually.
• Optionally badge the app icon with the number of items remaining on your lists.
• Choose a color for each list to help distinguish lists.
• Move or copy items between lists.
• Print lists, or send via email or SMS.
• Create starter lists to hold items frequently purchased together.


• Enter your own recipes, or copy and paste them from an email or other source.
• Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping lists with a single tap.
• Organize recipes into collections by type or occasion. Each recipe can appear in multiple collections.
• Search your recipes by name or ingredients.
• Print recipes, or send via email.
• Share your recipe collection with a trusted partner. Any changes to recipes will be instantly visible to both of you.


• Sync all of your lists and recipes across all of your devices. Sign in to your AnyList account on your iPhone and iPad, and any change made on one will instantly sync to the other.
• All of your lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of your AnyList account. If you get a new device, just sign in to your AnyList account to retrieve your data.


All of the features above are available for free. We also offer an optional in-app purchase called AnyList Complete that unlocks the full power of the app with these great features:

• AnyList for the Web: Use AnyList on any Mac or PC with a modern web browser.

• Recipe Web Import. Search for recipes on the web, and import them directly into AnyList. Works with popular recipe websites and blogs.

• Meal Planning Calendar. Plan your meals with month and list views. Easily add some or all of the ingredients for upcoming recipes to your shopping list.

• List Item Photos. Add a photo to list items. For shared lists, photos can be viewed by everyone sharing the list.

• Recipe Photos. Add a photo to your recipes, instead of being limited to icons.

• List Themes. Apply themes to your lists, with custom fonts, textures, and color.

• List Folders. Create folders to organize lists and reduce clutter.

• List Passcode Lock. Protect your lists from casual snooping with a passcode lock.

==== CONTACT US ====

We'd love to hear from you: [email protected]

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AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager App Description & Overview

The applications AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager was published in the category Productivity on 2012-05-11 and was developed by Purple Cover, Inc.. The file size is 39.45 MB. The current version is 5.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

AnyList v5.7 introduces the ability to sync your Amazon Alexa shopping and to-do lists with AnyList. Items added via Alexa will show up in AnyList instantly, and any changes made in AnyList will be reflected by Alexa.

To get started, open the Amazon Alexa app, install the AnyList skill, and link it to your AnyList account. Once you've done that, the Lists screen in AnyList will include two new lists named "Alexa Shopping List" and "Alexa To-do List". Then you can use your Amazon Echo to add items to those lists. For example, if you say "Alexa, add apples to my shopping list", then "Apples" will appear in the "Alexa Shopping List" in AnyList within a few moments.

For more detailed setup instructions, open AnyList, go to the Settings tab, scroll down, and choose Amazon Alexa Sync. And as always, you can contact [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

If you enjoy AnyList, please consider writing a review on the App Store. Positive reviews improve our ranking and help new users learn about the app, so we greatly appreciate them.

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AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager Reviews


Update  Laumak13579  4 star

Please move the menu back to the bottom instead of the side!! The list is way too narrow now.


New features are amazing!!!  Ikesa07  5 star

It is still the app I use most. It's super easy to copy recipes from just about any link. I loooove the meal planning. I have the premium subscription and it's so worth the yearly fee.


BEST APP EVER!  ccslb4  5 star

OMG this app is AMAZING!! I can't believe I didn't switch over a long time ago! I downloaded it the other day, last night I figured it out set up my grocery list and stores. Today I went shopping. I had one problem I couldn't figure out how to move the categories around within the shopping list itself. I emailed support. They responded within like 2 hours..DOUBLE WOW! I'm seriously in love with this app😁 anyone that is type A..this is a MUST! Lol


Latest update  jomarie64  3 star

Great app! However, I do not like the side bar. It gives the list less width. Please return options to the bottom !

Total trivia

Amazing app  Total trivia  5 star

It is the best organizing app on the web

Lularoe AmyW

Amazing app  Lularoe AmyW  5 star

I use this for meal planning and having the ability to search out an recipe via the web and automatically import them into my grocery list has been a huge time saver😍🙌


Wonderful App  Scott2295  5 star

I used GroceryIQ for many years, however, that app is no longer being updated and is off the App Store. I found AnyList as a recommended app on a couple sites and gave it a try. It is a fantastic replacement for GroceryIQ. It even has a Mac desktop app. It syncs across devices extremely quickly which important when shopping and someone at home adds something. Family sharing works very well. It is pretty intuitive but had a little learning curve however I think that was more the operator than the app. It seems to be very well supported by the developers. In short, I highly recommend this app!


Any list  pahfid  5 star

Love this app. It's detailed, has every option you can think of, and always improving!


Awesome  OSUMOMMA  5 star

This app is great to keep me organized with my grocery and to do list. The addition of Alexa is amazing!!!! I love auto adding recipes I find on the internet and sharing with my kids while they are at college! Love the app!!!!


Super convienient  HankIzHere  5 star

Thank you for helping me share with my family. Very Easy to customize and change to my specific needs(even in the feee version). Our go to app for grocery shopping.

R. Desi

Love it!  R. Desi  5 star

Best app I've ever downloaded. Easy to use. Makes meal planning, and shopping easier!


Complete trash  mcBpants  1 star

Bring back the ability/option to view only starred items. Having to scroll through your entire list to see the favorites is a profound waste of time and a huge chore to do while in the grocery store.

Retired in Asheville

New app great!  Retired in Asheville  5 star

Live the expanded features.


I Use this anylist all day everyday  6catsix  5 star

Finally an app that really improves daily life. This app is great for grocery shopping list, which is one of the more obvious uses. But I also use this app to list all the approved foods on a particular diet. Then I can shop just from that list by crossing out or uncrossing items. I also have been using the New York Times cooking app, and have imported a lot of recipes from there into Anylist recipes. As I look at the recipes, I can tap and add the ingredients immediately to my shopping list and add the recipe to a date in the calendar for when I'm thinking about making the recipe. A helpful feature is that in the shopping list, it reminds me which recipe Needs the ingredients. I have bought unusual ingredients before and not remembered which recipe needed them. It's easy to see several days of menus at a glance and decide if buying the ingredients makes sense--do I want to spend that much time in the kitchen, etc. with custom lists, this app works for packing, Christmas lists, to do items, anything. to developers, thanks for making this great app and for the helpful new features. I appreciate the thought that goes into the design. Keep it simple. Drag and dropping list items between categories and within categories is a beautiful thing.


Any list  Ladylubbock  5 star

Love, love this app!


Worth the money for all the features  waztew  4 star

This app makes grocery shopping easy for a family. We pay the low annual price for all the features, and now if I add something to a list, my husband gets it on his phone and vice versa. Also, importing recipes is a real treat, and you can then add the ingredients to your shopping list. I wish they'd add a Pantry feature so I can keep track of what I've already got. Other than that, this app is pretty near perfect for our family.

Dan Hampton

Indispensable  Dan Hampton  5 star

I use AnyList every day on all of my devices. Finish off the milk? Add it to AnyList. Don't remember the A/C filter size? It's in AnyList. Top priority to do for the weekend? AnyList. Planning the camping trip or birthday party? AnyList. New food trailers to try or wines to remember? AnyList. Love it.


Great app  MarlanK  5 star

I love that my wife's shopping list can sync with mine, Marlan


Improves Your Life  ICannotThinkOfANickname  5 star

No more forgetting lists and kids whining that we are out of something. Now they add it to the list from their phones or from Alexa. You can rearrange the categories to follow how you shop which avoids backtracking back across the store for something out of place. Love it and tell everyone I know about it. Saves time shopping at store so I have more time to buy stuff I don't need on Amazon

Aunt Gaye Gaye

Great Organizer  Aunt Gaye Gaye  5 star

In my second year of use and I really like it. We recently moved after 31 years and it kept my husband and me on the same page with our pre move and after move lists. I also use at work between me and my boss; keeps us on the same page too. I highly recommend AnyList!

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