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***A Top 10 app in over 150 countries worldwide. New users get free credit*** 
Call Recorder allows you to record your telephone calls. 

+ You can use Call Recorder to make and record national or international calls from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. 
+ In fact you don't even have to have a sim installed to make calls but you must have a good internet connection (WiFi/3G/4G).
+ The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone and your phone only. Unlike other call recording apps your recordings are are private and are not saved on a third party server (incoming calls are saved on a server only for a short time until downloaded to your phone).
+ Your recorded calls can be: 
- Played on the phone. 
- Sent via email. 
- Synced to your pc with iTunes. 
- Deleted. 
You can also set a title for each recording. 

How to use the app:
+ Outgoing call: Call Recorder - IntCall is very easy to use: just like your phone dialer, you just make a call from the app and it will be recorded. 
+ Incoming call: answer the incoming call, then open the Call Recorder app and click on the Record button. The app will then call your phone. Click ‘Hold & Accept' and then merge the calls. Note that CDMA networks are not supported.
+ The recorded calls appear in the app’s Recording tab.

*** This app is not free *** 
+ The calls are made via our VOIP server that terminates the call to the recipient's phone. Since the calls are made via our VOIP server and the internet there are no additional call charges from your carrier and the calls will not be listed on your phone bill. 
+ We provide free installation,free one time credit and a free test call to our answering machine so you can experiment with the application and make sure you are satisfied with the audio quality and the recording process. 
+ Additional credit to make calls can be bought with Apple's In App Purchase at the account tab. 
+ The price list can be viewed from the account tab. 

+ Please check the terms of agreement with your network operator to ensure that your network supports VoIP services.
+ Call Recorder allows you to call any phone number in the world except short/special numbers.
+ To record incoming calls your carrier must be GSM and support Hold and Conference calls.
+ Before using the application, you must ensure that the recording of conversations is legal in your country. Telestar LTD is not responsible for your use of the application.

Call Recorder - IntCall App Description & Overview

The applications Call Recorder - IntCall was published in the category Utilities on 2012-05-02 and was developed by TeleStar LTD. The file size is 15.65 MB. The current version is 6.8 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

iOS10 fixes

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من العراق  سردو  5 star


اسامة فارس

I want solve  اسامة فارس  3 star

I don't know why this app doesn't work with me know,I downloaded this app 3 years ago and it was amazing but now doesn't work I hope this problem solving


Doesn't work  Paul777777777777777  1 star

It doesn't work in Bulgaria, tried to call different number on 2 different mobile operators, nothing happens, tels don't ring.

Destiny's Angels

A joke. Buy Credits after they pay you 3 cents?  Destiny's Angels  1 star

If I could use iPhones with android apps I would be so happy. Those giving this app good reviews either just have never used the android call recorders or are on crack. A free call recorder should do this, period: 1) record all calls seemlessly and transparently and automatically upload to a cloud server. 2) have a variety of useful sorting options and 3) have a large storage so if call number 1,000 comes through it is recorded. Buy credits, really?


User  George4977  4 star

Great service I can't believe it works so well!

Joni Dai

就是缺少中国元素  Joni Dai  5 star


Farshad Mohammadian

Best  Farshad Mohammadian  5 star


لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

سعر المكالمات غالي  لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله  2 star

يوجد عيوب بالبرنامج الاول : اثناء التسجيل يجب ان تكون متصل بالانترنت الثاني : اذا تلقيت مكالمة يجب ان اضعه على الانتظار ومن ثم دمج المكالمة

Care WSE

Good app  Care WSE  5 star

Does it's purpose and that's what counts


AWESOME  RayLachelle  5 star

NOT FREE.. but it works easily


Conference call  JamsRN33  5 star

Used it tonight for a conference call and loved it!! The app itself does not have a conference call feature (that I could find anyway) but I worked around it by having the other participants (had 3) conference on one of their cell phones and then I called them and recorded it from my phone! Worked awesome!!!


Great Ap For People In Litigation With Liars!  jenchangez1  5 star

This ap has made it easy for me to speak the truth about what people have told me that they were going to do for the money I have paid them to do and don't follow through! This is great when you are getting taken advantage of and need proof of what the other party is truly saying to you! Love it and will use it often!


Great App  Donp17  5 star

A friend wanted to preserve the mailbox greeting messages from their children. The greetings were set up when the kids were 11 and now they're 13 (triplets). Their mom was sentimenally attached to the old message and wouldn't let the kids update. This caused much distress and embarrasment for these newly minted teenagers. I found a few ideas online about how to do this, but they seemed difficult. I reviewed a few other recorder apps that got me no where. Call recorder didn't exactly do this as feature, but it allowed me to call the kids' phones and grab the greeting. Kids and Mom are happy.


so far, OKAy!  chrissyboop89  3 star

just downloaded hoping it will provide some justice towards these hackers and Imposters phishing and scamming me!! thanks neighbors!! FU.. thanks for creating this app tho.


Good  Apple789987  5 star

Easy to use


Awesome  nickisammyisles  4 star

Works like a charm and easy to earn free credits


Great app!! 😁  Amys96  5 star

This app works just fine! I mystery shop and use it when I make a call to a property or business; I need to remember everything the person says to me! Great app!


App  Nikkki_lee  5 star



Customer  JayF68  4 star

Seems great so far!


Great App  MizzTeeBozz  5 star

This app was very easy to use. It served its purpose and did exactly what I wanted it to do.

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