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Take your InspectorADE account on the go with InspectorADE Mobile. Snap photos and complete inspection forms with or without an internet connection. When you are connected to the internet, simply hit "upload" and your form information and images will be submitted to the InspectorADE website. Now integrated with Aspen Grove proof of service.

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The applications InspectorADE was published in the category Business on 2012-05-05 and was developed by Double Door Enterprises, Inc. The file size is 38.41 MB. The current version is 4.2.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Total garbage  Killermunkyz  1 star

$30 for an app that crashes and makes my job harder. Here's the real kicker. On Android it's free. If I wasn't being forced to buy this app and use it by my client I wouldn't.


Terrible!  Qwsderftpp22  1 star

EZinspection app is the Cadillac. Compared to that app this is frustrating to say the least. Need better mapping support. Needs to have a call a map app function to get directions displayed Needs to have a proximity map to show where there is active orders compared to location Come on! Put your heart into it for all our sakes who are using it.

Crow 9

Useless  Crow 9  1 star

I've used this app for 2 plus years. Every month it has more and more bugs Issues Photos - delayed focus can take up to 22 sec to focus With 8 to 100 photos taken per inspection this wastes a ton of time. I'd like to watch my kids grow up instead of wasting an hour for camera to focus. Please don't make excuses that it's Apples fault. I use two other inspection apps this never append on. Validation failure - I love wasting hours filling out 100+ questions for a vacant only to have the form not save and have to refill out all the questions again. If have to talk to my family if it wasn't for the mumbling curses I'm calling down the multiple times this happens per day. 50% of inspections are vacants and this just is the worst. Must be Apples fault. Random App shutdown- Want to download your work that comes in? Let's randomly crash the app again repeatedly so you can't. I can't even go on with this review as I am giving too much time that I need to enter inspections with this hot mess of an app


Not ready for primetime!  halfmoongh  2 star

There have been a few improviements, but not enough to make this app anything I like to use. For one thing, it should be able to store my log in, so I do not have to enter a password. Having to change my password on the computer rather than in the app every couple of months is not good. The fact that there are so many screens to navigate through to upload or download inspections is not good, either. Tiny little circles to click on in the form, meanwhile, they made the list of properties HUGE! I did not want or need that. If it reflects my type size setting, that's not good either. This app has a long way to go to be a decent app, certainly NOT WORTH $29.


Dr.  Wildandwoolyinthesouth  5 star

One of the better inspection apps. It better be, because it isn't free. SafeGuard could learn a LOT from this app.


Can't route  aob15  1 star

Cannot use the routeadvantage. No way to export into a proper route. Nothing in order.


Route FAIL  Degroord  3 star

The new route section of this app is seriously deficient. It does not interface with the map/directions feature - failing to provide with a map or directions to the property in every case. Once all properties in a route have been completed, the app crashes every time you click on a route. I hope you can fix these errors soon. I will not use the route option until a new release of this app is available. Makes me wonder if you any q/a process to test the app before release.


Newest version still has bugs...  LadyCiCi86  3 star

The update was good and has some positive elements - I like that it will stay open to where you left off instead of timing out and returning to the homepage; photo labeling is much easier now with a single tap and auto return... But... The crash glitch STILL happens. It is less frequent but it will still happen fairly often with active use - less so with sporadic/lower volume use. I haven't encountered any freezing during photo taking with the update, but the camera in app has a noticeable lag now which did not exist before - lots of blurred images and fingers in photos from delayed capture... Please also bring back some form of visual shutter during camera mode. The slight blink is not obvious enough and makes it difficult to discern whether or not a photo was captured during continuous use with sound muted.


Buyer Beware  Dougtheslug69  1 star

The issues of constant camera crashes, forms not saving, buttons disappearing/not working etc etc have persisted for nearly a year now. The latest excuse given is that it's Apples fault. This app was good, now it's absolute garbage and IA makes no apologies and accepts no responsibility even though it's their product. Perhaps it's time for the complaints to start going to the BBB, your state AG and or Apple. To say the least charging $30 for something that simply does not work, isn't stable and puts you in dangerous situations is questionable. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!


Many improvements needed.  Starslite  1 star

I've only been using this app for a few months and there are so many bad issues. It will crash as I am taking photos which can be a huge issue if I am at a house with grumpy occupants. Sometimes it doesn't upload the inspections so I end up having to come home and do it manually. For the money the creators charge these issues should be fixed. Not impressed. Wouldn't use it if my work didn't require me to.


AppToday AppToday 3 star

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