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Making the most of your credit scores starts here. From spotting identity theft to getting personalized loan and credit card recommendations. Ready to make financial progress?

• Check your free credit scores – Learn what affects your credit scores and how you can take control.
• Explore the Relief Roadmap - Connect with government stimulus programs, unemployment benefits, debt relief opportunities, loan options and more.
• Credit Karma Savings – You worked hard for your money. Now Credit Karma Savings makes your money work harder for you. Open a savings account* in minutes and start earning a high-yield interest rate that’s optimized across a network of 800+ banks.
• Credit Karma Tax® - Filing your 2020 state and federal tax returns is 100% free from start to finish, plus you’ll get our Maximum Refund Guarantee**, Audit Defense*** and dedicated support.
• Free ID monitoring – We help you spot potential identity theft and give you tips for keeping your personal information safer.
• Free credit monitoring – Get credit alerts when we see important changes happen to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports.
• Personalized Approval Odds – See which credit card and personal loan offers you’re more likely to get before applying.
• Credit card choices – Browse great credit card offers based on your unique credit profile.
• All things auto – Tune up your auto loan, save on insurance, see open recalls and find vehicle records.
• Home sweet home – Calculate how much home you can afford, see personalized home loan offers and get a mortgage pre-qualification letter.
• Personal loan shopping – Whether you want to refinance credit card debt or borrow for an emergency, we’ll show you personalized offers based on your credit profile.
• Search unclaimed money – See if any of the more than $40 billion in unclaimed money has your name on it.

Join more than 100 million members and get all these features, and more, for free. Download the Credit Karma app now.

*Banking services provided by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC. Maximum balance and transfer limits apply. Maximum 6 withdrawals per monthly statement cycle.

**If you receive a larger federal tax refund amount or owe less in federal taxes using the same Tax Return Information when filing an amended return through another online tax preparation service, then you may be eligible to receive the difference in the refund or tax amount owed up to $100 (minimum $25) in the form of a gift card from Credit Karma Tax®. For details and eligibility, see

***For details and eligibility, see Exclusions apply.

$2781 provided in the Credit Karma Tax phone screen image is the average 2018 Federal tax refund based on data provided by the IRS. $2973 is the average 2018 State tax refund in CA based on data provided by the CA Department of Revenue.

Based on our analysis from June 2019 to November 2019, Credit Karma members in the U.S. who refinance their auto loan have saved an average of nearly $3,000 in total interest over the life of the loan. That is an average savings of $55 per month.

Mortgage products and services offered through Credit Karma Mortgage, Inc. NMLS ID# 1588622 | Read licenses at

Loan services offered through Credit Karma Offers, Inc., NMLS ID# 1628077 | Read licenses at | California loans arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law license.

Insurance services offered through Credit Karma Insurance Services, LLC (dba Karma Insurance Services, LLC; CA resident license #0172748).

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Credit Karma Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This version has been redesigned to make it easier for you to access tools and products that can help you make progress toward the financial goals that are most important to you. In the new bottom tab bar, you'll find: • A new space for detailed credit information • Quick access to your Credit Karma Money • A way to explore more of what Credit Karma has to offer like auto insurance and home loans

Credit Karma Comments & Reviews

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- Inflated Credit Scores Beware

I have been using Credit Karma for the past three years and Credit Karma is constantly indicating that you qualify for a personal loan that can save you interest. It states that you can check now with no impact on your score. Both scores on Credit Karma shows 800 plus respectively. After applying you receive multiple email notifications and regular mail indicating that you do not qualify for lack of credit, insufficient credit activity and history etc.. In addition, both credit agencies that Credit Karma shows/uses have my credit score showing 90 points less respectively. I know in their verbiage they indicated that each agency uses it’s own scoring system. My concern with Credit Karma is that it is misleading when it comes to displaying accurate credit scores and it appears as if scores are inflated whereby consumers can feel that they have good scores to apply for products being offered on Credit Karma. If you are going to collect our data and provide misleading scores to create a false positive for us to apply for credit/loans whereby the advertisers will pay you then you should be upfront and truthful with your credit scoring. Be ware of the inflated credit scores on Credit Karma.

- Need more credit offerings

I LOVE Credit Karma! I only wish they had more diverse credit card option. As my credit score gets better, I keep getting offers from Capital One. I have two cards already and when I accepted an offer they (Credit Karma via email) recently sent me, I was declined based on having too many Capital One cards. I have no problems with my Capital One cards, the app makes it so easy to manage and pay my balances. The in app reviews seem to be spot on so make sure you take the time to read them before accepting offers. They seem to be partnered with a company that offers credit but the reviews are pretty much “consumer beware” I’m glad to have Capital One in my wallet so if your looking for a go to card with awesome reviews on rebuilding your credit, they are a good place to start. I recently also started receiving auto financing offers from a company that basically sells their cars via a vending machine concept. The reviews are absolutely horrible and the cars are severely overpriced. It is my opinion that some partnerships are just not a good fit for Credit Karma. Someone with bad credit would have a better chance of getting a better deal at a lemon lot or car auction. Credit Karma has helped me set reachable credit goals. I just wish there were better in app credit offerings as ones scores improve.

- A Game Changer!

This app is for anyone that is serious about improving their credit. This app increased my credit score dramatically after a few months because they make it easy to dispute derogatory items. They also give you recommendations as to what you need to do to improve your credit score like paying down balances etc. I made the mistake of downloading another popular credit app through Experian and that was a big mistake. It gave me a credit match with a credit card that it claimed I was likely to receive an approval with, so (as the company claims), I could “apply with confidence”. That was completely false! I was declined for that card and it left a hard inquiry on my account which dramatically affected my credit score. I will never trust an app like I trust Credit Karma. Credit Karma will allow you to be matched with credit cards that you are likely to be approved from plus, the credit card companies will check your credit without doing a hard inquiry and allow you to see if you qualify without negatively effecting your credit score. I seldom do reviews but I this time I felt it was necessary to give Credit Karma the ‘credit where credit is due’.


Only one time before have I been so impressed, enough so to take the time to leave a review instead of only rating. Having this app is helping me improve my credit! I have been using it for 9 months, and my results are increases of 18pts last 3 months, 36 pts last 6 months, and 68 pts total increase from what my score was 9 months ago when I started using the app! Before, I was like the commercials letting my credit run wild with me completely ignoring it, rarely thinking about it. But now, the app is so easy to use and convenient, I click on it maybe once a week or every other week, take a few moments to review it, and check my new higher than before credit scores. I like seeing when something on it ages and comes of of my report or is about to come off. I’ve also been able to find charges negatively effecting my credit that I am about to call the creditor and inform them of mistakes of billing me instead of our health insurance company. I like the praises the app gives me for doing well with my scores. Thank you so much, credit karma! Soon I will be able to buy a house with a low APR, instead of being trapped in a long term high APR loan!

- Free credit score! Plus tips to Better It

I had been paying for my credit score through experian until someone else told me i could get them for freeeeee. I canceled my experian and just kept credit karma. I have been working hard to better my score and honestly credit karma has help. The showed options of cards and the chances that i would be approve if i applied. I took their advice and was accepted now i just read all tips that pop that can help me get a higher score. I started off at 520, had 480 when i first started on Experian. Im currently at 684 and ive only had credit karma for 3 months. Honestly if anyone is wanting their score for free. Go to credit karma. Also just a note experian would show me all 3 bureaus that gave me my scores but kredit karma only shows transunio and equifax. On experian they also have the boost option where you can litterally raise your score by reporting on time utlity bills, phones bills and bank account. Also your fico score on experian. Overall really happy with the change. They can also give reminders on your cara registration. If you plan to buy a house what you must do...etc a lot of information that everyone should know

- Camarota’s

I love my Credit Karma’s app, it’s part of my everyday life, I can’t imagine not having my credit karma app, it’s helped me so much in watching my credit, it tells me what could help me, and I can see if there are things in my credit reports that may be fraud, I found the app after I was a victim of identity theft, something very difficult to live through, I strongly recommend those who don’t have credit karma to give it a try, and browse the app to everything they have to offer for free and see how it can help you improve your credit and dispute something in your credit report that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll see your credit score rise in this app as you use all of the free options, and access that they have, so if you don’t have credit karma, I strongly recommend that you give it a try and use what they have to offer, you will see the difference in your credit therefore a difference in your life, someone once told me,” you can be poor, have no money, but if you have good credit, you’re rich”, I never forgot that and I found that it’s very true, thanks to credit karma, I’ve come a long way in bettering my credit. Thank you Credit Karma.

- I Love Credit Karma

I can’t tell how much I just live CK! Honestly, is so so so much better than dealing with massive 20+ page reports from the credit bureaus. CK is user friendly and I can see my whole credit profile in one place. If they would and the other credit bureau and even business credit profiles that would make them even better. Since finally downloading the app and creating my account my credit score has resined. I’m still a long way away from where I wanna be, but baby steps. As I write this (Jun 24, 2018) I still need my new car to be reported and get rid of my ugly 24% interest rate and upside down car balance. My new lease and 0-6% interest rate should jump my credit scores up significantly and by November of next year my nearly $80k student loan debt will drop off too! Well at least that’s the perceived idea anyway. My credit is on the rise finally and after 7 years of under bankruptcy and years of financial mistakes (no credit cards) and debts keeping my credit down, I’m now on the rise and thanks to Credit Karma, I’m finally doing and learning who to improve my scores and stay out of debt and bad financial decisions. Thanks CK! Love for real!

- Best App to Keep Your Eye on Your Credit

Credit Karma does a fantastic job of helping you to track changes in your credit report. There are tons of other apps that do similar things and I have tried many (Credit Journey is one example that comes to mind) but none I’ve seen has been as complete and polished as Credit Karma. The App is very quick with updates. I have received notices almost instantaneously when an inquiry has hit. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. I love the app for that and use it regularly. Just one word of caution: do not dispute an inaccuracy through Credit Karma, submit the dispute directly with the relevant credit bureau instead. It is easy for things to get lost in translation and you may end up with an unexpected outcome. In my case a mishandled dispute dropped my Credit Score by 40 points. When I contacted the credit bureau they told me they couldn’t fix the issue because the dispute was not registered through its system. Other than that little snag, however, the app has been awesome. Highly recommend using it for monitoring your credit report activity.

- Alerted me to fraud!!!

I’ve had credit Karma for years. I love it. I use it mostly to check on my credit score since I’m trying to pay off some cc it makes it easier to see all of my accounts as well as feeling encouraged when I pay them off seeing my score go up. Well last night I checked my email and saw an email from credit karma asking if I had opened a new account with Verizon. I didn’t so immediately I knew that something was wrong. Was able to confirm with the app that there was in fact an account I had no knowledge of in my name. So I disputed it with Verizon and they confirmed it wasn’t me that opened it and closed it down and will have it removed from my credit report. With this happening I also put a freeze with all the cc bureaus so nobody else can make more accounts with my info. Had I not had credit karma I wouldn’t have had any clue about this so I’m really thankful I downloaded it and check it every once in a while. I highly recommend credit karma. It’s been nothing but beneficial to me. Probably one of the most helpful apps I have on my phone to be honest.

- Great Service and Beautiful App

I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s a great credit monitoring tool! Easy, beautiful design and really a lot of info at your finger tips. I really have zero complaints about using Credit Karma or the reliability of their services. I do however have one complaint and it’s regarding the app for iPad. I have my App Store filter set to only show iPad apps and Credit Karma still shows up. However after installing I noticed it responds like an iPhone only app. It can only be used in the Portrait screen orientation, has the enlarger icon in the bottom right and it is VERY pixelated. Granted I am using an iPad Air 2, so it’s a little older but I’ve not had any issues with other iPad/iPhone compatible apps. I use my iPad as a laptop (built in keyboard and such makes it just like a laptop) so to have it where it only works in portrait orientation means I can’t use it in landscape orientation, and the pixelation makes me want to use my iPhone, but when using the CK Tax Service, well, I don’t want to have to do that whole process on my phone! If this gets fixed, and this app is truly updated for iPad compatibility, it is well worth 5 stars!

- It’s a decent starting point

I’ve used this app for well over a year and a half. It’s a good free starting point to learn what’s effecting your credit. After reading articles outside of this app, I learned steps needed to improve my credit. Credit Karma helped with the basics (account balances, when creditors reported to the bureaus, etc.). When I refinanced last year I saw that Credit Karma was showing 40-50 point less than what the bank pulled. So, I kept this in mind moving forward. A few months ago I worked on boosting my score 40 points or so, continued to use Credit Karma with the understanding their scores are not accurate... recently I subscribed to FICO for my scores, and yes Credit Karma is anywhere from 30-60 points lower than FICO actual (depending on which of the 2 scores CK provides). Bottom line, Credit Karma is a good starting point for people looking to improve their scores. Just keep in mind the scores they provide are not accurate but the other reporting data is pretty much on target (balances, dates bank report info to the credit bureau, etc.). Good luck, getting into the understanding of how FICO scores work and working on improving them really can change your consumer behavior for the best!!!

- Credit Fixer

I love this app- while the credit scores may be different from other reporting agencies (there is a 50 to 100 swing) this app allows me to view things that my husband and I share in common. This app keeps me posted on how our bills are progressing allowing me to focus on repair. My credit score has improved from good to excellent in 4 years. While I have not applied for loans or cards suggested on this app, I have been working hard to pay down loans and cards recovering money previously paid in interest and/or principle. I have also learned a lot about how to improve my credit scores by focusing on high impact portions of my credit. My bank made an error in reporting that I had missed a payment and was 2 months behind- I was able to address this quickly- got a letter from them that it was their mistake and worked with the bank to correct it in all three credit reporting agencies. My credit score is now back to excellent. We have much more controls of our finances- and this is a pleasant way to check your balances and keep focused. Did I tell you I love this app?


Easy way to track your equifax and transunion scores. Other apps provide transunion only. Easy to use app that lays out your info in a clear structure. Like most credit apps, it serves you cc offers but I find these helpful if you're building your credit. They show you what cards you're likely to be approved for and breakdown features both positive (rewards, points, cashback) and also negatives (annual fees). Reading the reviews of certain cards/banks from other Credit Karma users is also helpful so you can avoid creditors with bad reputations for customer service and apps and websites that don't work well. Reviews sometimes mention what particular credit score they had when they applied, this may help you decide if you should apply for a particular card. This app makes credit monitoring fun, I check it all the time. Don't pay interest on cc! Don't overspend! Don't apply for cards with annual fees unless you are compensated with rewards that offset that fee. Pay down your debt, increase your score and you will feel better about yourself. Debt has huge impacts on mental health.

- Your on personal Financial counsel credit app.

WOW!!!!!! This app. Is AMAZING! This even help you file your your taxes, from your 🙃 phone REALLY! This is a great tool to have it also show when you’ve made errors they will also show you how to correct it before sending. The app. Shows you other expenses that you could use to file on your taxes that I’ve never seen nor heard of before...... My human tax person couldn’t have know. There’s something new that comes to the app all the keep you on top of things. To me, going thru all the screens that Credit Karma has to offer is like going thru a toy store.....It shows you all the different credit cards that is, can, and will be available to you by your credit score only. I went thru a bankruptcy, my credit score was low 600’s and now my credit score went from the 6’s to the 7’s 😎🕺🏽💃🏾. IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION’S THAT CREDIT KARMA, GIVE YOU, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR WAY TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS.. Now, I’m going to apply for this credit card I’ve always wanted..... Good luck Credit Karma family 👋🏼 😃 We are in it to win it.....👍🏼

- Beneficial and harmful

I love this idea but they do have “bugs” to work out. The recommendations and dates they provide are often just suggestions. They assume when things will post or change but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. If you use it, just monitor your score and DO NOTHING THROUGH THEM. In my personal experience, the one dispute I wanted to do on their site ended up disputing ALL of my accounts, which led to a HUGE nightmare because I was working with a mortgage lender. Unfortunately I was told a bit too late to avoid 3rd party credit services for anything of this nature. I emailed credit karma and received insults instead of help. I simply wanted them to be aware that their one click dispute led to serious and unnecessary issues and they should look into it but I was immediately blamed and told I must have made a mistake somewhere. I pointed out I’ve used the service approximately 20 days and per their guidelines you can only dispute 1 account, and I only had 1 negative, but now have 11 disputes I’m trying to remove. This now takes 2-3 months to clear up. So thanks credit karma for pro longing my mortgage and disputing all of my good standing accounts in my one click with insults and blame instead of getting to the bottom and helping.

- Very User Friendly!

Direct and straight to the point! I really like the feature that allows you to review and dispute a claim if it is not actually your own bill or already paid, very very helpful (we all know the run around we get when claiming a dispute with old bills that should have reconciled and or were never yours to begin with can be very time consuming and daunting and this app absolutely assists in providing relief in that specific area.) In addition, speaking for myself, (after a health problem) I have had some issues with processing information and understanding cognitive actions that need to be taken and this app definitely has been a weight lifted off my shoulders in the financial understanding department of my own life and I really appreciate just how simple and direct this app actually is. I would recommend this app to anyone of any age and I wish I had not been so apprehensive to try it when I heard about it in the first place because it really has assisted me in my comprehension on my financial reports and credit score and how to improve it.

- Great Advice!

I had no idea what my credit was doing. I had my identity stolen 20 years ago and there wasn’t really anything I could do about it. I joined credit karma years ago to see my free score and never really looked again until last July. You see my husband and I decided we needed to stop renting and buy a home, but that takes credit. I found cards that had approval odds, info about accounts that didn’t belong to me and the accounts that did. I was able to dispute the accounts that didn’t just with a few pushes of a button. I received a hard copy of my credit report which showed when my bad credit occurred and when it would drop off. I was able to apply for and get approved for a credit card to start rebuilding my credit with a few pushes as well. Now I pay closer attention. I know when my score goes up or down and I feel like I’m in control again. I get advice on how to keep the score going up and I think I have a chance to get my credit to a position that will help me actually buy a house.

- A benefit everyone should take advantage of—

By all means, free access to view ones credit score is a huge advantage for anyone looking to get ahead with regards to their financial health! Keeping track of your score, in addition to watching your spending habits makes for a great chance of improving ones credit worthiness. The only complaint I have is for the app itself, not the service. Being a credit monitoring app, one which focuses entirely on your credit score, it’s somewhat disappointing that the only real support they give you in learning about credit scores and the different factors are through 1-2 sentences that briefly describe the most basic of definitions of things. Being such a pivotal factor in lending worthiness, I do wish that the app provided more educational features for users so that they can get a grasp of all the terms and the way the score is calculated to allow for a quicker experience in the app. Or rather, a recommendation section that shows your detailed report and what you can do to improve your score.

- Pay off creditors from in-app; add a feature to figure out which score apply when

You show the Collection Agencies & amounts, but not the phone number and/or a direct link to pay that creditor off. It’d be very helpful to include to phone number & the Collection Agency acct # so users can more quickly pay off & remove from credit the negative-aka; not in good standing-accounts. Also, as the two scores are different & the 113 point difference is making it hard for me to know what scores are used for what things. For example, my credit card uses CreditWise, which matches the lower score on the left side screen, not the high score on the Right side of screen. If I want to get a lease or mortgage, which is used? Are my credit card options based on the lower score? And how do I get a lower APR% recommendations? Maybe you could add an in-app purchase of one’s FICO score or at least add mortgages, loans, & a way to make sure the student loans you don’t have to pay aren’t held against you, making it look like you have more credit debt that you actually have to pay-even if they are in good standing.

- 4 Stars

The only reason I gave it four stars is because it only has credit scores from 2 companies, I would like it more, if it had all three. It is free and there are no complaints. This app does everything it says it does. My score keeps moving up because of the tools they share on here. I read the review that said they only give you prepaid cards. That is false. I have 4 and none of them are prepaid. You have to start somewhere if your credit is bad. Dispute charges or anything else on your credit report that is not valid. Fix your report first before you apply for cards or Get a secured card if you have to. You are the only one that can fix your credit. I did it without hiring anyone. I killed my credit when I was young and ignorant. I have been paying for that mistake for years but, thanks to Credit Karma’s free app my credit is literally turning around. I went from totally ignorant about credit to having the knowledge to fix it on my own. To feeling better about myself.

- Good tool for BASIC tracking of your score

My husband and I both have had this app for at least 6 months. It is incredibly intuitive to use for beginners. With this app as a tool, we’ve managed to get our credit back on track and motivated to save more. It gives us a way to see we are achieving something. I just used CK to do my taxes and it took a whopping 15 minutes. One of my W-2s even self-populated after entering the first few numbers. I recommend it for anyone with simple taxes. The ONLY negative thing I can say, which is not necessarily this app, is to check your credit from your banks website too. CK shows 0 derogatory marks (I paid them all off) so I applied for a new apartment and 2 items still show on my credit. They both are paid off items, but CK showed them gone, my banks credit monitoring also showed the two marks still. So, I’m not sure how that is... whether it be the app or not, check several places before big financial decisions. It’ll save you some heartache.

- Great App to have

I have been using this app for almost two years now and found I appreciate it more now than I did two years ago, let me explain. I recently retired a little over a year from my current job but have been retired from the Military for years. Since being retired I have more time to go over all the details this app has to offer and believe me it is very helpful and a great tool to keep an eye on your spending and credit scores and credit card usage. If you haven’t downloaded this app by now I can honestly say you are missing out on a awesome free tool. Seriously why not try it? I said the same thing when I had my doubts but what a deal and if you don’t like it then delete from your phone it’s that simple! I usually do not write reviews but this one is a keeper and especially today when your ID or credit cards are so easily stolen or forged. You can put your mind to rest when you have Credit Karma behind you watching over you credit scores and ID’s. D.

- Credit Karma a good thing to have on your phone.

Credit Karma has definitely been a wonderful thing to have at your fingertips for when you need to check your credit scores. They have been good to me so far in letting me know if something has happened to my credit scores whether it’s been good or bad. It’s definitely been a good thing to have in good situations and for bad situations, It’s just has been one of those thing that you are glad you have when you are needing to check your credit scores in a hurry if you wanted to go bye a car or truck. You don’t have to go to the dealership wondering if your credit scores are going to be good enough to get you a truck or a car because you can always check your credit scores and see if you are going to be able to get a truck or car or anything else that you are interested in buying. So I would say get the app on your phone or iPad and then it’s always there to check your scores anytime you want.

- Used to love CK

But recently the app has been very buggy and freezes all the time. Somewhat better today after the update but not what is used to be. All of that aside, I think CK could potentially provide a great service. The downfall with CK is that the scores you get are built on the information they collect from TU & EQ using their own algorithm. It’s not generally going to be the same score as you would get from those sites directly. Sadly, worse than that is the EX issue. My FICO is completely different than my scores on CK (Again, because they have their own scoring model). I get that Experian has their own credit products and that’s probably why they don’t share their data with CK. However, CK should really negotiate a way to include EX scores to provide a better snapshot of where on truly is. I’ve applied for numerous cards on here that said I had good or very good approval chances, like everyone else, but got denied because the lender only cares about FICO. Yet other times I got approved for cards where I had poor odds lol. I’ll continue to use CK only because as my CK scores go up, my FICO tends to go up also. However, don’t waste your time building on CK. Build on Experians site.

- Not impressed with fake offers

Had some sketchy credit, got the app and applied for a couple of credit cards. Got approved for them, received them, used them, and watched my score climb. Once my score got above a 700, CK starts shooting me ads saying they think, based upon my credit score, my interest rate on my vehicle loan is too high and they think this “head hunting” company they use can get me a lower rate. I bite because my interest rate IS too high. I get a hard inquiry on my report and my score drops by a few points. After a few days, I hadn’t received an approval or denial and my report only showed one lender as receiving my application. I call the number and after speaking with one of the head hunter company reps, I’m told they send my application to multiple lenders and the process can take a little while. Fast forward to today, two weeks and some change later, and I get an email that says they’re sorry but they cannot get approval for my application at this time. Two and a half weeks and I have a hard inquiry and ONE application viewed by a lender. Credit Karma, get your stuff together. Lenders that you’re pushing aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. You’re pushing them, they’re screwing us.

- Good, could be better

The layout of this app is complex and doesn’t make sense. It could be more organized and easier to maneuver through and back. It also doesn’t offer Experian. Which is one of the 3 major creditors. It also freezes on me constantly and often doesn’t work, it will give me messages like “Oops the page you’re looking for doesn’t exist”. But lately, it has been acting a little “less” glitchy and I have been able to actually “successfully” submit my credit disputes for Transunion and everything was taken care of. I am over joyed! But equafax started freezing on me tonight. I love the app when it does work. And it is really helping me rebuild my credit, when it does work. You just gotta keep and eye on it daily to see if it will work and let you through or not so you can submit disputes. Its hard to see if your submission went through successfully because it’s hard to maneuver through the site to see the work you’ve done.

- Great app for young adults starting out their lines of credit or anybody fixing them!

I was recommended Credit Karma by my old store manager a few years back after some type of conversation involving credit. As someone in their early 20s, I was aware of what credit was but only heard it in the negative aspect. I knew there was an ideal number you wanted to be at but not much beyond that. Credit Karma made it easy for me to keep track of that number and whether it was a good one or not. Through some of the suggestions, I went from not understanding credit to being able to lease a new car within a year. I now have a high enough score that I generally don’t need to worry about securing a loan or purchase a house in the future. That’s not to say things won’t happen, but I’ve kept it steady and climbing for the last year or so. Of course, I’ve also been using their tax services as well and have received my returns in a quick and painless manner as well. Check it out.

- 5 Years In, Still Going Strong

I got Credit Karma pretty much as soon as I turned 18. I had a mobile phone account opened with my social security number, and Credit Karma gave me the tools and walked me through disputing this and getting it removed from my credit report (it worked). I've used it to find good a couple good credit cards to work on my credit score, and it's super convenient to see all my loans (student and auto) in one place. I love how it explains how much each factor of your credit impacts your score, and provides tips on how to constantly improve your score. Recently, I've decided I want to be a homeowner before I'm 30, and they have a tool to help you calculate what kind of home buying power you have! This is my second time filing taxes (I've received the same refund as TurboTax offers both times, but for free) and it's easy, stores my old tax information electronically for me to access quickly, and it is user friendly. Keep it up, Credit Karma.

- Best credit app

Credit karma helped me out big time. I applied for a credit card 3 times direct from capital ones website and got denied. I went on credit karma and somehow by using their app I got approved. Same thing with some of my friends they tried direct from Amex, capital one etc.. all got denied. I don’t know if it’s because karma gets a kick back from the company if you get approved but hey it works. Also I had a fraudulent claim for $500 witch went to collections and it took my credit from 759 to 618. CK has a dispute claim thing that has the debt collectors phone number and address. I called the debt collector and sent them a certified letter to prove my dispute was legitimate and boom 7 days later my score was back to 759. I like that the app tells you the pros and cons about any card but keep in mind they are getting paid to sell you cards. Overall I give CK 5 stars I just can’t find anything bad about them. Been using app for only 6 months but this is my experience so far.

- Amazing(Now help with more than just credit)

I just have to say before I heard about credit Karma let’s just say I didn’t have the highest credit score and honestly it wasn’t because I didn’t pay my bills but because I had the wrong cards with interest rates that I was getting taken advantage off. So I I think about 1 year I managed to not only get the correct card that helped me save money but made my score go up big time by just having someone(credit karma) looking out for my best interest! Now they are getting even better than I ever thought they could by helping me realize my vehicles that I own/Lease I am paying to much just to insure them. So another thing to be able to put money in my pocket teach me something to be more aware of and also be able to make be able to take that trip that a year ago wouldn’t have been possible. It’s amazing that for FREE they can impact you in several positive ways!! 👍🏻 Five stars isn’t even enough!!!!

- Spam spam spam. Incorrect information.

They refuse to stop spamming. They refuse to allow you to stop being spammed. They claim you can edit your preferences yet you can not, you can but the spam still comes and if you opt out of being marketed they claim the credit monitoring feature stops. The monitoring feature is very delayed and does not catch anything until a year or more later. They constantly spam. Every few days. Marketing spam. Fake info spam. The information is not accurate at all. Not even close. These people are scam artists. The credit scores are not up to date nor are they anywhere near what your true score is. The credit monitoring is a total joke and is nothing more than a way to market you and try to get you to upgrade and give them money. The tax return info does not find credits or deductions. The credit card search only brings up capital one because capital one pays them to advertise their cards. Do not waste time with this crap. There is so many better options why any uses credit karma is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and stay away unless you like the useless spam they send. When you need your credit score you will not get an accurate score here.

- Best Deal Ever

I almost lost my home in Dec due to an invalid collection that decreased my credit score. I disputed the charge and it was granted, but how do I know if it made any impact on my score? A friend told me about Credit Karma, and he helped me download it. The security measures were just so tedious that I almost decided not to download it anymore, but it was worth the whole pain. My score had gone up, I went back to my lenders, what they needed was transunion and theirs reflected exactly same thing I saw on Credit Karma. I was working with 2 banks that had denied my initial loan application and all of a sudden they were both fighting for who gains my business. The table turned around so fast that it became my turn to play around and get the best offer. Hadn’t it been Credit Karma I don’t know what my fate would’ve been because I already sold the house I lived in. The best part of Credit Karma is that it is FREE!!! It never hurt your score and u can check it as much as you want. Thank you Credit Karma!

- Absolutely essential mobile app!!

This app has made taking care of and looking after any aspect of your current financial situation easy as physically possible, I even used it this year to file my federal income taxes, which first of all was absolutely free (even for state income taxes, which most other brands will charge you for even with their premium tier program packages) and second of all literally took me a total of less than 10 minutes to file from start to finish. Although I have suffered a small credit hiccup recently, at zero fault to credit karma, when I first started I was using credit karma exclusively as my personal credit department and was able to escalate my score to a nice 750 in a matter of months. I was already in good standing with all my creditors but credit karma let me know how to polish my score to the best it could have been. I STRONGLY recommend to anybody that cares about building credit even a little bit. Can literally change your life!!

- Great Customer Service!

I’ve heard great things about Credit Karma for years but had been dragging my feet, terrified to take an in-depth look at my credit. When I finally signed up, I tried for a total of a couple of hours on two different days, using two different devices, to try and upload my drivers license to verify my account and start using the app, but it wouldn’t accept my photos and eventually locked me out both times. So I emailed customer service and heard back from them two hours later and was able to get into my account no problem! I even received a follow up email a few days later asking if everything had worked or if I needed further assistance. It may have been an automated follow-up, but I’m still very impressed at how quickly my initial problem was resolved, doesn’t usually happen that way these days! So thank you for your awesome customer service and I can’t wait to make use of your financial tools!

- Personal Loan

I have to comment on the one thing that CK advised me to do: I was pre-recommended for a personal Loan by AVANT (WebBank) and so I applied, I was asked for all my information down to the financial process; I asked them why was so much information needed if I wasn’t sure about the decision if AVANT was going to approve the loan? Avant said “the requested information is only asked if a personal Loan is ALREADY APPROVED”. So I completed all my information that was requested and I waited, one day passed, I waited, 2 days passed. On the 3rd day I called AVANT to inquire about my application and what day was the deposit going to be, and after all the phone calls and faxed information they told me I would receive a email stating there decision. I asked them what happened with all my information I submitted and why was I told that only this much information was requested because I was approved for my loan? They said again you will receive an email stating the details. I NEVER RECEIVED A EMAIL with any information of my denial. KC please investigate this company and remove them from your website before anyone else gets shafted. N C

- Really helpful

I’ve been using credit karma for almost 2 years now. I’ve increased my credit score by over 200 points in a little over a year. The first year I spent paying off 99% of my debts (I only have one left now) and then I applied for my first credit card using the credit karma app. I now have 3 credit cards total so far all using the credit karma app and will continue to use it. I’m just waiting a bit longer before I apply for another cause I’d like to get one with benefits and a larger limit to help increase my score and help me out. I really like how I can check all the factors of my credit in detail with this app. I tried the other one (I don’t even remember what it’s called anymore but I think it was sesame seed?) and I was not impressed with that app at all and it annoyed me so I deleted it. I also like the savings option I’ve used it to house my emergency fund but have recently moved it back to my direct bank account cause of the Covid thing going on I want immediate access to my money if needed. Cause it takes a few days to process the transfer of the savings from credit karma back to your bank account. All in all it’s a fantastic tool for visual people and it’s even better that it’s free, I love it :) 9/1/20 age 26 beginning credit score when I downloaded app was around 450 💀😭 and it’s currently 696 🥰 I’m just a mom of three kids this isn’t sponsored just a review cause I wanted to share 😊

- Love this app but

I was in the process of filing a dispute with Equifax within the Credit Karma app and I had to go to a new window on my phone to pull some more information. When I returned to the Credit Karma app I was still on the Equifax website. Well I left the app for a second time and when I returned it was at the Credit Karma front page of the app. All of my typed information on the Equifax website was gone. I was annoyed but decided to start the process again. Unfortunately, now when I try to open a dispute through Equifax I get an error that says my request can’t be processed and it wants me to send an email complaint instead. I’m so beyond frustrated. I understand that Credit Karma makes the app request my pin every time I exit but maybe you should have the Equifax open in an outside window then. Now I have to fill out an email complaint through Equifax and that means I have to pull my credit report because they want the account numbers on the accounts I’m disputing. They had provided the numbers before I got kicked off their website. And the numbers aren’t provided on the Credit Karma app. What a hassle.

- More than i expected!

Okay so i'm 20 years old and i wanted to start my credit for my future i always search websites to check my credit score but it wasn't free so i would not check it, i downloaded this app thinking that it would work just to keep track of my credit score but no.. IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Credit karma helps you to build your credit score and it tells you everything about the accounts that you open! All the information that you need is there, also i got a derogatory mark of a account that was from my cousin but she used my ssn in credit karma you can dispute if you know that account it's not yours, so i did it and guess what? in 2 days that account was deleted from my credit score and my score got up 50 pts!! I can not be more happy and the best thing is that everything it's free i didn't pay a single penny i don't know how they do it but if i had to pay to have this app i would do it because it's the best!

- Credit karma

Credit karma has been very helpful for rebuilding my credit score and I am going to continue to use and recommend it to anyone that is trying to improve their own credit score and is very helpful for finding out and paying off outstanding credit accounts that I was unaware of prior to using this app. I rate this app with 5 stars and appreciate the availability of this awesome app that is more helpful than ANY OTHER way of helping me pay off old outstanding debts so I can rebuild my credit score again. Thanks to credit karma, I'm coming a long way in looking so much better than I did prior to this quite helpful way of getting my credit score back to where it used to be and I feel so much more confident and proud of my overall ability to qualify and obtain credit cards and credit skills again. Thank you so very much for creating this app for ppl like myself who is recovering from falling back on harder times. 👏🏼👍🏼🤗

- Credit karma

They really stay on top of what is happening with your credit and if you use their app and set up alerts you’ll really be on top of your credit. My husband and I both had our identity stolen and had we not had Credit Karma and Life Lock it probably would have been months before we knew what was going on. We are still having to get things fixed and believe me it has been quite the hassle. I would have never believed it could happen to us bc I’m so cautious about using our cards and just so you know the three major credit bureaus are quick to put things on your file but you have to go through h... to get them to remove it. Even after they have proof that it is wrong it takes them up to 3 months before it is removed. I can’t say enough good things about Credit Karma for being there to help guide me through this nightmare of a process. I recommend Credit Karma them to everyone and also lifelock

- Notified of Identity Theft

I literally just received an email tonight (07/26) from Credit Karma telling me about an account that was opened five days ago (07/21). Turns out someone stole my identity. I would have given the app five stars just because I like all of the information it provides, but I wish I could give it 10 stars. I’m already in contact with the police, the bank cancelled the card and put a fraud alert on it and then ran my info and found this thief had put in another application that was pending with that bank. The bank was able to cancel that on the spot so no card was activated. I also went on Equifax and put a fraud alert in my account (they shared it with Experian and TransUnion) so for the next 90 days no one can open anything without my permission. If it wasn’t for Credit Karma I have no idea how long it would have taken before I knew or how many other cards they could have opened. Thank you, thank you, thank you

- Great App

Credit score at a glance—what more could you want? It also educates you about what factors make up your score, tells you your auto insurance score (a score that affects your rates for auto insurance), tells you what credit lines you have open (ever stop using a credit card for 7 years and forget about it? I have. I closed it out when I saw it still there), and how much you owe on loans or other lines of credit (like how much you still have to pay down on a car loan). It also gives you suggested immediate actions on how to improve your credit score and even recommendations for credit cards with good rewards programs where you can earn cash back/travel rewards or whatever you’re into. The ONLY gripe I have with it is that I never see any discover card recommendations on there, so if you’re seriously researching reward programs for credit cards, you might not want to stay just in the app. Download this app. It’s good.

- Inaccurate information

It's an okay app to monitor your credit but the score in the app is not your actual credit score from the credit reporting agency sent to creditors when you apply for credit. I found the app shows my score to be about 50 to 70 points higher than it actually is. That's a huge difference. I called Transunion and they said while a credit report is free the only way to get your real FICO credit score is to pay them for it. They said they do not give this information to Crédit Karma. Credit Karma uses a formula to calculate a score but it's not accurate. The problem is when it says you have 650 credit score you apply for a card and get denied because you actually have 580. Not only do you get rejected for the credit you should have gotten with your 650 credit score you thought you had but your score goes down even further because of the hard inquiry. Bottom line it's a fun app and informative but just trust the information fully. Get your actual credit reports from credit reporting agencies.

- I’m so thankful for Credit Karma

I can’t say enough good things about this app and what it has done for me. I was really, really stupid as a young adult (late teens to early 20s). Credit Karma has been an amazing tool to help me fix what I had screwed up. It was terrifying to take the plunge and make that first step: to download it, sign up, and know where I was starting. I bawled my eyes out when I got my first score. But I now have an exact reference of where I started and I can see how far I’ve come now. CK’s suggestions are extremely helpful. I’ve been able to use the information they’ve provided to me, and I’ve now been approved for three credit cards. I started out with one secured card. By using them responsibly and using the app as regular feedback, my score has increased over 150 points from where I started out. It’s easy to create “what if” scenarios, and see how your choices may impact your score. I can’t enthusiastically say that I have great credit yet, but I’m getting there. I’m currently car shopping, and I’ve gotten to experience going in knowing I’m already approved for the vehicle I want to look at. I have options to get a good deal, instead of just settling for an old junker with an astronomical interest rates. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, and this app has provided me the information and tools I need to get there. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m getting closer every single day.

- Love credit karma!

Credit Karma helped me to stay on top of my credit score and helps to give ideas on how to increase my score. My score was hurt big time after I was laid off from my job years ago and could not keep up with my bills. I was able to begin fixing it after I found a new job and it motivated me to keep going after I saw it climb back up, little by little. It gave me hope after a very depressing time. It shows all of my accounts and the best thing is, I can check it whenever I want and it doesn’t hurt my credit score. Credit Karma also has partners who can offer ways to be Pre-Approved for credit cards and personal loans and car loans. It even helped me look into finding a better car loan so I could refinance my current loan and pay less. Credit Karma pointed out that I was paying too much for my car loan and gave me different lenders and different rates offered to help me find the best lender. It’s just awesome.

- Amazing Credit App

I would refer this Credit App to anyone who is looking to monitor their credit for FREE and looking for ways & means in which they can better their Credit Report as well as Credit Score, it is so helpful & easy to navigate and use & they really treat you as if you are a valued paying customer, even though your actually getting their services completely free!!!... I love this App & don't know what I would do without it, it has really given me the opportunity to know & play a key role in the knowledge & use of my Credit and Credit Scores, which are so essential and vital to you, your family and your financial well being!!!... Thanks Credit Karma, I think what you did with your genius idea in creating this App to help others for FREE, while still creating a vast financial income for yourselves as a business, is extremely AMAZING & proves that God truly blesses those who use their talents & good works to helps others!!!... 🙏😉👼😇👍🦋😊👼

- Thanks Credit Karma!!!

I’m so grateful to Credit Karma. Thank goodness I signed up with them or else I would have never known right away that a credit card was opened up in my name and the thief already maxed out the card!! Credit Karma alerted me of “new activity” I should review and the new credit card shown up on my report. I did have to start a dispute process online with Credit Karma and right away I called Credit One, the credit card company, to report that I had no knowledge of this credit card. Credit One did look into the case during this one phone call and verified my personal information/identity and determined that the card was opened fraudulently by someone who stolen my identity!! I would have never known because the address for the “card holder” was in another state, and all contact information did not match mine. My credit score had dropped down to 700, and now, it’s back up to 750!! Thanks Credit Karma!!!!!

- Credit karma changed my life , I recommend this app

This app has helped me so very much throughout my life,I’m blessed to have found it and have heard about it, I recommend it to anyone, before this app I co-signed on my sisters vehicle at a dealer ship when I had first turned 18, and she made 2 late payments and didn’t even advise me of them on our carnote, those 2 late payments set me back 2 year’s from buying a house and getting my own vehicle primarily for me thanks to credit karma I downloaded the app and kept up with my credit ever since , now as a young man of age 23 , I have a 780 credit score and I own 2 homes , have it not been for credit karma I would of never known about those 2 late payments that my sister made and I probably wouldn’t have known about credit at all, coming from a minority family , credit is not something spoken about often at home neither at school so credit karma changed my life 100 percent

- Best credit app ever

The Credit Karma app has saved me so much money, not only did it give me the option to look at other car insurance policies but it also gave me the option to choose cards that fit my needs and has the tools to help me make better financial decisions there’s no better app out there if you’re looking to keep your finances in top shape. I was able to save a lot of money on my car insurance by going through one of the providers I also was given the option to find great ways to refinance my car loan and some amazing offers for credit card so I can’t say anything bad about Credit Karma it has been such a wonderful way for me to get my credit in line and understand how to use my credit. Credit karma gave me that ability to do calculations on loan pay off in credit card debt it’s so amazing and it helps even those who may not be very good with credit information or financials

- Credit Karma Changes Lives

Money expert, and Atlanta consumer advocate, that teaches all of us how to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off, highly recommends Credit Karma for many reasons. I was optimistic when I downloaded the app, and am now a firm believer, myself recommending the app to family and friends. In this one place I can: check my credit scores, get advice and make action plans to improve my scores, see my entire credit/payment history, simulate scores based on various payment actions to make informed decisions, get offers and so much more. My credit score has improved by 50+ points over the past several months thanks to the suggestions and follow up weekly updates provided. Thank you Credit Karma for the quality information and money saving tips. I’m now in a great place to put my money to work with excellent scores and savings in my pocket. I highly recommend Credit Karma.

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That someone was the credit supervisor who was always putting people at odds with me and ultimately I never could prove he was stealing. And now they caught him and after all karma takes its time but it sure as hell delivers

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That day 100 was, since I actually started the day before the new year. So I continue to inform myself on all current & past happenings. I start giving God credit for everything. I become more patient. I experiment with karma by changing how I react to a given situation & watch

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Credit Karma: What Is It and How Does It Work Including Video

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How can God be so lit in the heads of some people yaar! Galat ho toh apna karma and acha ho toh God ne kiya. Gets all the credit and no blames. WOW :))))

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Why Credit Karma Crafted a Tool to Automate Its DevOps Cycle #australiannews #auspol #technews Personal finance company creat


first of all... you gotta be careful with the ways in which you check your credit score... forgot what it’s called exactly but a “hard look” at your credit score for general reasons can lead you to hot waters... just check ya score on credit karma


@IGotJackpot_585 ... they can check credit karma... for free...

Credit Karma 21.9 Screenshots & Images

Credit Karma iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images
Credit Karma iphone images

Credit Karma (Version 21.9) Install & Download

The applications Credit Karma was published in the category Finance on 2012-07-18 and was developed by Credit Karma, Inc. [Developer ID: 519816000]. This application file size is 114.11 MB. Credit Karma - Finance app posted on 2021-03-01 current version is 21.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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