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The PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox­­™ is the winner of the StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress Innovator Award.

The PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox­­™ guides you to a successful and food-safe sous vide cooking experience. It helps you determine the optimal sous-vide cooking and re-heating time for a variety of foods. All data are plotted in graphs to show you the relationships between time, temperature, and pathogen reduction in your food. The Cooking Journal lists each event during the cooking process and explains if needed. Once the process is finished, you are notified via message and audible alarm.

Instead of providing a limited number of combinations of foods, sizes, shapes and temperatures as found in time/temperature tables, the Sous Vide Toolbox provides a much wider combination of options - with just a few taps on your screen.

The thermal conductivity (heat transfer) characteristics of protein are almost identical for every type of protein. So rather than measuring how long it takes to cook food at different thicknesses, we can use this value to calculate the time it takes at a given temperature and thickness for the item to reach core temperature and different levels of pasteurization.

This takes out the guesswork of determining the correct cooking time at a certain temperature. It also provides great guidance as to what level of pathogen reduction occurs at what time and whether your choice of temperature and time is considered safe.

PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox App Description & Overview

The applications PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-05-01 and was developed by PolyScience Culinary. The file size is 1.86 MB. The current version is 1.0.4 and works well on 5.0 and high ios versions.

Support for the new PolyScience Creative Series circulator.

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Only if you have 5 bucks to burn  hawkster27  1 star

This app does have some very limited functionality once you master its TERRIBLE user interface. At 99 cents it would be a maybe. At $5 it is a total rip-off. And, this is just a rebranding of Sous Vide Dash, so don't bother with that one, either. Plus, both will be DOA once iOS 11 is released (per Apple's own alert when you first start the app.)


Poor  MoshePotomac  1 star

I just bought it. Tried for settings for a freshly thawed 2" ribeye with a starting temperature of 38 F to get to 139. It says it will take over 4 hours, insists this is dangerous and then won't start despite pressing "start". Inaccurate and worthless. So my 15 minutes of trying it has cost me $4.95. Don't make the same mistake. Read more of the reviews.


Please update  Phodjdf  3 star

Apple warned me this will not work after the next iOS update.


Not Completely Sarisfied  N61870  3 star

The ap is useful but the temperature limits are frustrating. So if your food is frozen or above the low 70s, you will have to thaw/chill to get it into the aps range.

H Yukibee P

Want a refund  H Yukibee P  1 star

I read a recommendation for this app so I bought it but it's nothing I was looking for. Any way I can get a refund?


A bit clumsy  jaurand  2 star

User interface is straight out of 1990. Doesn't have the ability to predict cooking times for frozen food. Not worth buying; better options are available.


save your money  RickW230  1 star

total trash. Don't waste your money.


Wish it had option for times from frozen  AdisakP  4 star

I actually do a considerable amount of sous vide cooking from frozen. It lets me keep steaks around without worrying about them going bad. I wish this app allowed a starting temperature into the frozen range handled by most refridgerators.


Inaccurate  HopingForMore  1 star

Cooking times are off. Told me 1h40m for a 1" thick salmon fillet (at 129F). Other recipes called for no more than 30m. I took it out at 1h and it was thoroughly done. Gave similarly long times for dishes I've successfully made in the past at shorter times. And that's just on time to core temp, not even pasteurized.


Cooking times are completely wrong  sugarmanlogan  1 star

Would love to return this app. Totally useless. 1.5 inch steak doesn't take 3 hours at 58c.

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