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RenWeb Home provides parents and students always-logged-in instant access to ParentsWeb via their iPhones and iPads for an annual subscription fee of $4.99 per year.


RenWeb Home is offered by the App Store as an In-App Subscription. That means you install the App for free, and then purchase an annual subscription to the App the first time you access it. The subscription covers every iPhone or iPad used by every member of your family as recorded in RenWeb.


Are you always on the go and never at your PC to access ParentsWeb to review your student's grades or today's homework assignments?

Do you want instant access to ParentsWeb from your iPhone and avoid the time it takes to log into ParentsWeb each time?

Are you willing to pay $4.99 per year for this additional convenience?

If so, RenWeb Home is for you!

- RenWeb Home's always-logged-in access means users remain logged into the system until they choose to log out, providing instant access to ParentsWeb information.
- Offers easy navigation to School, Student and Family Information recorded in RenWeb's ParentsWeb.
- Provides Tap & Send capability from the School Directory allowing users to simply tap a directory listing to make a call, send an email, look up an address in the iPhone mapping tool, or import a listing into the iPhone's Contact List.
- Imports school calendar events and student homework assignments into multiple iPhone Calendars.

- Announcements
- Calendar Events
- Week at a Glance
- School Directory Information
- School Resources
- Surveys
- Photo Gallery
- Web Forms

- Class Calendar/Announcement/Resources
- Class Schedule
- Class Syllabus
- Grade Book Grades
- Daily Attendance
- Homework Assignments
- Lesson Plans
- Report Cards
- Behavior Events
- Week at a glance
- Lunch Menu Viewing/Ordering/Paying
- Medical Information

- Demographic and Contact Information for Family Members on File
- Family balance and bill pay
- Student/Parent Service Hours

(Note: some features may be disabled at the discretion of the school)

1. Click on the Free button and Install the RenWeb Home app.
2. Type in your ParentsWeb District Code, User Name and Password, select Parent or Student, and tap Login.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase an annual subscription for $4.99. This annual subscription covers every parent and student in your family as recorded by the school in RenWeb.

RenWeb Home works for 3GS and higher devices and is compatible with iOS V4.2 or later. The information displayed is at the discretion of the school.

RenWeb Home is offered as an In-App non-renewing subscription for an annual fee of $4.99 per year. You will be offered the opportunity to renew your subscription for your family prior to its expiration.

RenWeb Home App Description & Overview

The applications RenWeb Home was published in the category Education on 2012-07-11 and was developed by RenWeb. The file size is 3.82 MB. The current version is 2.14 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updated for stability with new iOS versions.
Minor bug fixes

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RenWeb Home Reviews


IOS 11. Update App not working correctly  S S J J  1 star

Since I have updated to IOS 11 on phone the app does not work correctly. I won’t update iPad & have told others not to do update because of this. As of November 17, 2017 app is still not working properly with IOS 11. Would not recommend downloading.


Frustrated  samanthamholl67  2 star

While the app helps with keeping up with my child’s homework and grades it doesn’t do everything it says it does. I can’t for the life of me get anything to import to my calendar! It is so frustrating. My oldest uses her iPad as an assignment book and the import function will not work.


This app is useless  LKer39  1 star

The information available through the app is limited. I have missed a lot of information put out by school and teacher because it’s not viewable through the app. The cost for this app was a waste...don’t bother..just access school information through RenWeb website.


Needs iPhone X support  Karate09  3 star

This app is great, but the only downside is that there is no support for the new iPhone

Awesome hobo dragon

Renew not allowed  Awesome hobo dragon  2 star

I’m asked to renew my annual subscription, get to iTunes and it appears to checkout ok and return to renweb to get a message that says it cannot connect to iTunes. Right now It won’t let me renew and I cannot access my account.


Crashes when login is clicked  Silver_sniper4  2 star

I clicked login and the app crashes

God's Faithful

App Crashing for over a month; no resolution  God's Faithful  1 star

The app had worked well over the past year. On October 8, 2017, it started kicking me out. I have consistently reached out to customer service and continue to receive feedback that it’s being worked on. Today, I was given the same feedback but to also be told “There is not currently a time frame on when it will be resolved”. It makes me wondering if it is even being addressed.

Stumptown Soxfan

Changed for the worse  Stumptown Soxfan  1 star

I’ve used this app for 3 years and while not perfect, it worked well for my needs. I understand I have to pay each year to renew, but I seem to be on a circular loop where it just keeps kicking me out. I’d like to pay to renew, but am never given the option even though it says I will be at login. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times in the hopes of forcing the payment option. Each time it logs me in like there’s no issue, only to kick me out again and NEVER provide a payment re-up option. Very frustrating and going to give up on it.


DO NOT BUY PLEASE  @max_the_soccer_dude  1 star

1) this is 5$ a year should be free 2) filled with bugs 3) just dont buy this


Better last year  Singcb  2 star

This year the app is having a lot of trouble with the Lunches section. When looking at the month view, there used to be a little blue dot on the day the student was buying-no more. Also, when you try to order lunches, the app keeps crashing. Disappointing for an app that costs money.


Horrible! Terrible!  NikoNiko321  1 star

There is NOTHING!! I expected I can make a payment easily, but Every page is empty. Don't waste your money. This is horrible App!!!


PLEASE FIX  Madlex02  1 star

So, I have had this app before, and it helped out a lot. But I recently got a new phone and had to re-download the app.But, every time I hit "log-in" it just goes back to my home screen. I hope you can fix this!(I tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but it just did the same thing!🙁)


Bloody ripoff.  texhess1  1 star

Horrible user interface, oftentimes does not update on the grades, there is no GPA indication, and in all a trash app. I would not recommend, especially the fact that one must pay yearly, although it's 5 dollars, it is not worth that.


GPA?  Jacra3D  4 star

Please add a GPA indicator to the grade book tab, it would improve the app, if you put it next to the words "GradeBook" in the student menu that would be even better, thank you.

Kaka simian

It should not charge money  Kaka simian  1 star

It's a app for students, it should not charge money.

Sir Monks

Renweb deserves no stars  Sir Monks  1 star

The app is the only way I can mobily access renweb. The software is terrible but this is the only alternative to the website which forgets my password just about every time I log in.


Okay, could use improvement  Loves/Hates  4 star

Not sure what all the fuss is about. The $5 fee is for the whole year and the convenience of having access on our phones. "Week at a Glance" is the best way to see grades, homework and lessons plans for the week without having to click and open each day. Improvements would be to make pages printer-friendly from the app. As it is now, the background is black and the type is white, huge waste of ink. Also, wish there was notification badges when a new announcement or resource is added.


Terrible  LaineyBo  1 star

DO NOT PAY FOR SERVICE FOR THIS APP!! This app gets worse every year. I use it primarily for viewing homework, grades and school calendar. Homework is the most important, most commonly used feature. A few years ago, I could see Homework by week, by subject or a full list... now all I can do is click on a day and get homework for that day, one day at a time. Total waste of time for homework. I have to go on the website to get homework every time. Used to be much better. Now it's just frustrating.


So badly constructed  Night_time_blues  2 star

Their website is absolutely terrible I have never seen a site so hard to log on and even when I do get in when I try to view my grades I have to log in again I only use this because my school requires me too


This is my first review  Wesen23568  1 star

This is my first review and I felt like I had to. This app is very bad. It is so not user friendly and a very bad app.

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