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More fun than Words With Friends and more addicting than Scrabble, WORD CHUMS: the highest rated word game, earning a perfect 5 Star rating from users.

Find out why people are saying “Once you play it, you can’t go back to your old word game.”

“When I went from Words With Friends and other word games to Word Chums, there was no going back.” - VentureBeat

“This game takes it to another level with fun graphics and sounds, a built in dictionary, team mode, 3-4 player mode…”
"I really love this game. A great game for the whole family and your friends.. It keeps you thinking. It's a challenge. Try it, you'll love it."  
"Way better than other word games! I am hooked!"

“Word Chums adds a significant layer of additional incentives to keep playing atop the basic formula.” Adweek

Oozing with personality, they bring the game to life. Have fun earning gear to outfit your Chum and expressing your style. They’re guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Word Chums is a pleasure to play. See words validate instantly as you place letters and see the scoring badge automatically indicate word strength.

Word Chums stays true to the classic word building gameplay you know and love.

Earn experience points with each word played and level up to become King or Queen of the Chums. Show off your “wordly” prowess by climbing your way to the top of the weekly leaderboards.

See how all your friends are doing from the friends list on the main screen. Experience a new level of collaborative fun by grabbing a teammate for a couples challenge.

Just when you need it most…Hints can point you to the location of a better word.

Word Chums has achievements, best-word challenges, leveling, player stats, leaderboards and much more. It’s a deep gaming experience for everyone that gamers can master.

Expand your vocabulary as you quickly experiment with new letter combinations and instantly discover new words. Tap any word to see its definition.

• 2-4 player games
• Play versus friends, random opponents, and computer Chumbots
• Customizable Chum characters
• Know valid words before you press play
• Automatically see the strength of your word
• Weekly leaderboard competitions
• Find the best word and beat the hint challenges
• Drop a Bomb and take your turn with a new set of letters
◆ ABOUT PeopleFun
Word Chums is a new kind of word game experience that comes to you from the makers of Age of Empires, one of the best-selling and most award-winning games of all time. Give it a try!

Terms of service: https://www.peoplefun.com/terms

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- Fun word game , hope it helps my brain a bit

I was looking for games to help keep my mind sharp as I am over 65. I never was good at scrabble, so this game which moves at my own pace gives me the time I need to think of words and the best place to put them. I don’t feel the social pressure to put any old word down. I tried playing with real people that were supposedly matched to my level, when I ran out of bots to play with, but I disliked that. The players were very slow, sometimes taking a day or more for one word and came up with words I figured they looked up with a scrabble word finder. I am quite well educated and had never even heard of a lot of them. I then broke down and paid for unlimited bots so I enjoy the game again. I like the animated characters, and never realized until I looked it up that the hats and stuff were for more than show. It would be nice if the game told you that kind of information at the beginning or had a glossary attached to look up what these kinds of things mean. I guess I’ll keep playing until I am tired of it!

- My favorite game, at the moment-almost perfect…

I really enjoy this game, and the added fun of the characters, and optional gear, etc. I like the ability to see the number of stars the word I'm about to play is rated at, too. Sometimes I wish the characters did not react as intensely, because it makes me sad, to see a row of frowning, angry looking characters, when I have a winning streak. The game does crash or freezes sometimes, but I can usually close it down to get it going again. One frustrating thing, is that some real English words are not words that are valid in the game. I also find it frustrating that the stats are not correct. They showed that I played many more low point games then I actually have, and even though I won against a recent first time player, the stats do not reflect that. This player and I have played two games. I won the first, they won the second, but the stats show only one game, with that person as the winner. I sure would like this information to be corrected. Or fixed for the future, at least.

- It is all Scrabble hoped to be!

This is such a fun and challenging game...a perfected way to play scrabble. Very well designed and so enjoyable to play! It’s great to play with a friend and send quick chats (like a conversation you’d have if playing together in person). The app will also pair you with someone for a fast or regular game. You can also choose to hone your skills playing against a chumbot. You can pick one of three chumbots at each level - and they’re all really cute! How tough of a challenge do you want? Be prepared for a quick game, because it will not take your chumbot more than a few seconds to find the perfect word to play. Wish I could be that fast! Buy cute accessories for your own chum at the store. I appreciate being able to bomb my tiles and not lose a turn or to ask for a hint on where to build a higher point word. There is NOTHING about this app I would change. It is 5 star across the board! It is the PERFECT word game!

- My fave!

This is my favorite game by far. I like the different Chumbots and their antics. I like the graphics. I like that credit is given for word length in addition to letter and word points. I like that one can move letters all around for the best positions and that points are immediately displayed for any word, even as one keeps adding letters. I really like the “Hint” feature which shows where one can play the best word or at least a better word. Also, I really like the availability of definitions since many “words” I have never heard of, appear when shifting letters around. Too, I appreciate that Word Chums allows slang and archaic words whereas Scrabble does not. I could go on but I’m sure you understand by now that I REALLY like Word Chums! Oh yes, one can play against Chumbots, one other player or several players - and I still have not noted all the features of this game. Great fun for me!

- Fun and clever

I love this game. It is a fun way to play with friends in a pandemic. If you like words puzzles, you will enjoy this. Play with friends, strangers or “Chumbots” at the level you chose. More fun than “words with friends”, you can acquire hints but they are based on improving on your best word, a nice feature. This is getting me through a quarantine period. There is a chat feature so I feel like I am connecting with friends and have even made a new one. The premium is not expensive and worth it for no adds and unlimited Chumbot play. I have played Scrabble through some of the roughest times in life. This is very similar but with a gamer slant There is a feature to earn points by taking surveys that is iffy. I have gotten 15 minutes in and they have asked for email or exact date of birth in combination with Full legal name. I don’t think this is smart and I abandoned the survey.

- Word Chums-fun

This game is very addicting, but much more fun than Words-w-Friends. Love the little characters, they make it entertaining. It's neat the way you can dress them up & give them objects to hold but the coins it takes to buy the hints & bombs is a bit pricey. At the beginning you get free ones, use them wisely. I didn't know that & now I'm out & will need to buy them. Even when you get a hint, you may not think of the right word to get the most points, does really makes you think. Good for the brain! Just wish when you get new letters they would give you a better variety of letters. Too many times I get stuck with Almost all vowels, or no vowels or too many of the same letter. They want you to buy bombs, but then you still may not get a lot better letters.

- Could be great...

...but it is currently broken. And people fun has absolutely no interest in fixing it. Letter distribution is ridiculously bad. Unfortunate because this game really could be fantastic. As it is, I never recommend it to anyone. The game keeps head-to-head stats but doesn’t record your first game with someone. So, if you win your first game and play the same person again and lose, your head-to-head stats shows your opponent with a 1-0 head-to-head advantage. Totally misleading. You will almost always get back half of the letters you just played, often more. The bomb is ridiculous. Swapping is even worse. They are lying about hints. If you’ve found a word that is 75% of the best word then the hint, according to peoplefuns own words, will be for the best word on the board. This is often not true. So many times I have found a four star word, used a hint, and got a hint for a word that was one or two points better, but still not the best word on the board. Multiple emails and they just have no interest in fixing it. Like I said, it’s a shame because the game itself could be pretty rad.

- Another update 3/4/21

It's a nice game. They fixed the space problem. They keep asking me to rate, so here's another one. :-) My only issues are charging points to change chums & to change their color, & charging so many points for stuff. They've fixed it. It's nice again. However, it would be even nicer if they did not charge points for changing the COLOR of our chums. It's bad enough they charge points for the chums themselves, but for the Color? Not cool. Otherwise, great game. Love the chat feature. Keeps me connected to my sis in another state. 😁 Two issues: We played & loved Word Chums. One feature we really liked was the chat (kept up with distant family members). Since two updates ago the chat space is so small, for speaking or writing, that we can barely see or edit what we send. AND the messages get cut off at 1.5 lines to the reader. That is temperamental tho. Occasionally we get 4 lines. Chums is so proud of their rating: But Even the whole population of the rest of the world gives them 5 stars, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t help me. I have made two requests, weeks apart, with no correction. Once I got an auto-response that said it would be fixed soon. It hasn’t been. So I guess the only way to get their attention is to start giving them less stars. Disappointing.

- I love this game!

I love this game because it is so entertaining and educational. It is a game to play when your mom says “Do something educational!” It is very fun but,I always lose but who cares it’s still fun to play! I do not think it needs any updates. I would highly recommend to download this game. Their are adds but you can play the $5.00 so you can not experience them. Which I will probably end up doing that. I think this game is amazing,and the only thing I would fix is their should be more chums. The only thing I would add is every time you come into the game you automatically get 20 coins or something like that. I highly recommended this game and I hope if you download this game you will highly enjoy it Judy like I have!😊

- Possibly better than WWF.

This game is Words with Friends prodigy child. It has more ways to earn extra points, XP, and making your own personalized Chum! You can decorate your Chum with cute outfits and accessories that give you extra XP in game with coins that you earn through the game. This game can be played without spending money!!! I’ve had this game for at least 6 months and I haven’t had to spend one dollar. You’re given 20 free hints and 5 tile swaps without losing your turn. Use them sparingly and you won’t have a problem. If you do find yourself loving the game, they have a new player special for $2.99 that will last you forever 🙂🙂😀😀 definitely one of the games I go for as soon as I reach for my phone!

- Love this format... so much easier to play

I like reading reviews, but hate leaving them (I’m such a hypocrite!). Here’s what I like about this version of a “Scrabble” app: •the colors separate the board so the game pieces are more distinct and easier to read •the characters are cute and customizable (wait, it gets better) •the word that is allowable lights up on the board as you play it, if it’s a valid word. You can add or subtract letters and figure it out before you hit the “Play” button to lock in your turn •it also gives you the points for the word as you figure out viable words and letters (Some other game apps don’t, which make it harder. They just say you can’t play that word or it isn’t an acceptable word after you hit the play button.) •after a word has been played, and for all other words played on a board, you can touch a word to get a definition •if you don’t want to play a live person, there are probably 15 or so levels of increasing difficulty that you can play against the ‘computer’ •if you want to play a friend, it’s easy to both sign up and play •there’s a chat feature to talk to your opponent

- Favorite Game!

I have ended up with just three best Chums from three different countries I play all the time. I’ve never met a mean chum. And with the virtual chunk change we earn we can acquire all kinds of hats and trinkets for fashion and roll playing. The graphics are so cute and clever. One of my best Chums even likes to be my twin. I love to find the best word, and with the hints I usually can! The only thing I would like is to know what the best word would have been if I didn’t make it not just higher points than the word I had ( if that makes sense). All in all I look forward to each word my Chums put out. I do feel bad when I beat them but not as bad as when they beat me!! I like it better than WWFs.

- Cute version of SCRABBLE

Always loved to play scrabble. This game gives you some cute little virtual characters with quite a bit of personality OR play live with friends, but essentially it's just another way to play the great old game of scrabble. Never gives me any problems with freezing up or crashing, etc so I have no complaints. **Update: haven’t played in a while but it’s good to find this game remains constant. The makers are not forever trying to change things up...like in other cases I’ve found that changing games in an effort to improve them, often just makes them have glitches and lots of problems. I’m glad these guys know “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

- My favorite game - hands down!

Love this adorable and challenging game! It combines both the intellect and cuteness factor as your personally designed and dressed-up chum takes on the scrabble challenges. Super cute, super fun, and super challenging depending on the level you choose (if you play against the computer); play your friends for some friendly fire and competition; or meet new chums as you play real people all over the world! Best part is the turn taking - I never feel rushed. You can also click on a played word and the definitions will pop up. So grateful for this satisfying game that has absolutely increased my vocabulary and made me a better speller and strategic thinker!

- Liked it but not anymore

I used to really like this game but recently one of the ads makes it impossible to play it. There is no exit for this ad and I end up having to restart my tablet every single time it pops up. I have had to reinstall this game twice so far and will probably have to do it again and it’s always after this game ad about pyramid solitaire. I don’t mind ads but when they make it impossible to play your game because it does not give you the option to exit after it shows you it’s demo. I am not going to download it so I did try one time and it still get it every time. I should not be forced to have to download a game I do not want with the possible option of that I had not popping up anymore which did not work because I tried that already

- Word chums

I like how Word chums challenges you to think of words you sometimes don't use a lot and how others know words that you have not heard before. It keeps you very competitive and on the edge all the time. It's very addictive in a good way. I also think it helps to keep brain cells stimulated. I also enjoy the chumbots and how you don't always lose with them. I wish they would use a more variety of letters. I don’t see many k’s, p’’s, m’s. Too many q’s and z’s. Enough. Word Chums I am addicted to this game and now I have 4 addicted friends. It is quite challenging and fun. I surprise myself with some of the words I can come up with. I also have learned new words that I’ve never heard of. I like the Chumbots because I learn new strategies from them. Word Chums I thoroughly enjoy the games and I have 4-5 friends who are seriously addicted. I like the challenge most times of thinking of new words. I don’t like how I sometimes get 3 of the same letters namely (i) all the time. I would like more of some of the other letters to appear more often. All in all it is a good game.

- Bought it love it

I rarely use my phone for entertainment but found this via sis and love it so much that I bought it! Been playing for a couple years. Only complaint is matchup algorithm or lack of one to be more precise. As someone with 60 word point average want to match up with 50 average or above. It’s no fun beating a newbie or even a long time player who just isn’t very good. I don’t think beating someone who is way lower than your capability should count either! Fix these things and don’t mess up anything else and you’ll be golden! I can’t believe this game isn’t in the top 25 for word games in apple store. Something is amiss there! Get the game. You’ll love it.

- Great game!!!

I like this game so much better than scrabble and wwf. It's a fun game. Play at your leisure. Some games last several days and some only 1 day. Sometimes I play before work then only again after work. I love this game!! I wish you got to move up levels faster. Takes forever to get to new level. And the cost of merchandise is super expensive. Or the cost to change your chum or a background takes so much money but take forever to earn it. Don’t like the adds but oh well. The underwater solitaire game add don’t have a way to “x” out of it demanding us to download it. I have to every time restart my phone to move past that add.

- Needs parental controls

I’m 50 50 on my review. This game is great and we all play it on our device with each other as a family. My 9 year old son enjoys it too. The ONLY thing we are very concerned about is the chat room. We monitor our child when he’s online and we notice that there isn’t any parental controls to turn off the chat feature. We have found our son in a few chats with people asking him questions about if he’s male or female and we don’t like it at all...So with that we had to delete the app off his table. I would suggest seriously an option in the next update for parents to be able to disable the chat feature because other wise I don’t think it will provide a save environment for kids.


IT NEVER GETS OLD! Those other word games become predictable and tiring. Over & over again the same old "Mystery Combination" anagram "crossword" challenges dull your times. But once you've played WORD CHUMS you'll see there's a vibrant, exciting 2 player crossword word game out there that doesn't limit your vocabulary skills but expands them at each play. "WORD CHUMS is the 'roller coaster' of word games...there's a twist & loop waiting behind every square. Give it a try & see what I'm talking about. All other games will seem drab compared to this. I give WORD CHUMS the big (5) stars! The 1st game I've EVER rated with 5 stars....you'll love it, too!

- Julie

One of my favorite games. Lots of fun with friends and a good brain workout to boot. I love all the coins you can earn for free and the items you can buy with them just add to the experience. Give it a try and you will love this game too! Update-The current version has a flaw. Directly after playing my turn against an opponent an ad appears that will not go away regardless of how long I wait. The only way out of this is to exit the game and clear it from my iPad memory. Then when I re-open the game I can play another turn against a different opponent, but as soon as I have taken my turn the game goes back to the ad that will not go away. I understand the need for advertising, but I think this flaw needs some attention. 30 April 2018. Thank you.

- Best word game ever!

Fun, exciting, cute little characters, helps you become better with spelling and words all together. The star rating on the word you are making is very helpful to see if you could make a better words. The hints show you what place you should play for the best word and then you figure out the best word to play on that spot they showed you. The game is smart and can be challenging which is a good thing if you are dedicated to making and figuring out the best words and where to place them makes all the difference points wise! Better then “words with friends” so check this game out!!!!!

- Fun Game

So far it’s a fun game. I stink at scrabble, but this fun enough to help me improve my game. Still getting used to all the coins/points you can score to upgrade your chum, etc. Only thing I dislike so far is that you get a total of 10 hints. Not 10 hints per game, just 10 hints. And, the hints are pretty BS if you ask me. They only show you directional hints and if you end up using the “hint” and it’s not what the game was hinting at, it’ll tell you the word it wanted you to use. But it won’t tell you the word before you place the tiles! Just where to put them. That’s pretty silly. So I’ll be skipping the hints, because I don’t want to have to purchase more. Otherwise, so far, I like this game.

- Keeping in touch

I love this game; was invited by friend who has suddenly had to move to another state. We can play, then chat about our words (ha) or ourselves. Have invited and am also playing with family members AND chatting, challenging, renewing brother/sister rivalry from 50+ years ago. This game makes me so happy on many levels. Thanks for making it so enjoyable!4-5 years later...friends mother passed away, she is moving back home. We never missed a beat, got her set up to also play with my brother and his wife against us. Kept us charged up and a lifeline for fun and keeping in touch! Thanks wordchums!

- Tired

Can’t seem to get rid of annoying Free Cell. It comes as an ad and I can not X out of the ad.i have been playing word chums for about 3 years and I play a few times a day. Now Free Cell has my games postponed because I can not get off the screen. Can you please get rid of this annoying game of Free Cell? Thank you. Too many ads...after every play I get an ad...if I cancelled it the first time I shouldn’t see it the next 5 plays. Play a lot and have a lot of friends that play. Still too many ads...after every play! Games take longer. Getting better...still ads but can X out of them quickly. Still better...thank you! Back to too many game ads! Takes 30 seconds to X out. Stop the ads please! And thank you! Keep the ads away...especially the games! Thank you! still too many ads especially games!they take up 30 seconds each play! 👎 stop the games between plays! 30 seconds is a long wait between plays! Too many ads! I play 15 games and there is an ad after each play. Please change that! Thank you!

- A Scrabble-Lover’s Dream

This game is for word sharks who enjoy scrabble but like the idea of having a new board and opponent for each turn. It can be as fast-paced as you like, and you can play as many games as you’d like at one time. The board will give you the word’s score as you plan your word, and will even let you know if you’ve found the best word (in points) possible for that game. There is also a nifty option to quickly find the definition for any word on the board as well. This is my favorite game, and it has been for years. It’s also a nice place to meet other word enthusiasts.

- Challenging, Educational & Fun!

Anyone who enjoys playing Scrabble will appreciate this user friendly digital version. The graphics are attractive. You can compete against the computer on various skill levels or with other players, singly or in a group. Play multiple regular or quick version games simultaneously, anytime day or night. I’ve always played the free version and still been able to earn ample coins to continue play. The game has crashed on me on occasion, but I just close the game and reopen without losing any of the plays I’ve made. This is by far my favorite word game.

- Pleasantly Surprised!

When my sister first invited me to play WordChums with her, I rolled my eyes! It just looked like a very silly version of WWF, where you could create a character and "buy" it accessories. But I agreed to give it a try. I soon discovered what a fun word tile game this is! I especially love that I don't have to continually look up words to see if they are "legal." The tiles turn green if it is! I also enjoy using the "hint" feature. It challenges me to look a little harder, and find the higher scoring word. I may not improve my vocabulary as effectively as I do playing WWF, but WordChums is a LOT more fun!


As you can see, I highly recommend Word Chums to whoever is reading (that’s you) because A, you learn a lot of new words like Qi or quod etc. B, you get to play with your friends and family. C, you can customize your own character and dress them up for whatever holiday it is. And finally D, it’s not one of those stupid mind rotting games that you absolutely have to play 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It gives you 10 days to put in a word which is more than enough time in my mind. So, this is really an amazing game to get and you won’t regret getting it!

- Best game ever

Omg I love this game so much. I have been addicted to it since i got it and can’t put it down. I love that it is like Words with friends but a little more kid friendly. You can have as many games going as you want and you can get rewards. It isn’t like some games where when you actually start playing it is completely different then what the ad showed. I like how the computerised players are set to play like you, and they use ridiculous words that no one even knows. I think if you like words then this will be super fun and easy!

- Better than WWF

I've been trying to get all my WWF friends to try this game because it has so many fun features. Even if you don't bother with the outfits and stuff, the game itself is just more fun. There are more triple word spots, hints, you can turn in all your tiles using one bomb and you don't lose a turn. Letters turn green when you have a word, which makes it easier/faster than WWF and hints tell you places where you could make more points. Try it...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Play a few games before you decide!

- Love the game but ...

I know I'm in the minority's here with only 3 stars but there are two really annoying problems. I love everything about the app except for... 1. The ads. Yes I know I can pay to have them removed but I really don't usually mind ads. But these are absolutely annoying! They go into a loop where there is no way out except to kill the app and log back in. Which brings me to the second issue... 2. Login with Facebook does not work. When selected and then confirm login it goes to a blank screen with 'Done' on it. Selecting 'Done' returns with 'cannot connect with Facebook' then it lets you use the app. When these are fixed I'll gladly give it 5 stars!

- Best will never be beaten

5* all the way BAby!! No complaints other than I want to be able to take days to play without punishment. Please creators, make a category just for people like me who have a busy lifestyle and can’t always make a daily play. Give us our “Take your time, no worries” choice. I will be forever grateful if you’d do this fir myself and others. ANywho, thank you for the many years of fun and friendship. The wonderful history lessons from all over the world, the learning of some foreign words.....(the dirty ones) lol. Keep it up guys.


I love this app!!! It has very few ads and you have many options. There are only a couple things you can not but it doesn’t effect the real game in any way. The only thing I would be a little concerned about is the chat option where if you play with a random person they can text you. I would only be concerned about children in that case. But I LOVE THIS APP!!!! (You can also play with people you know who have the app and if they don’t have the app you can invite them. AND if you invite them, you get free coins!!)

- Good BUT- -

Shut up and get the darn game... such a good game. I’ve been playing for a year now, I’m on level 27. I’m loving it EXCEPT for one thing. The chat. I can’t type in it! I’ll type my message, send it’s but nothing appears and some friends that I can message in other apps like Discord and Messages all say they can’t see it. Also, there are some players who get really political in the chat (it was working last month, now it’s not). For example, there was this dude who kept typing: ‘TRUMP IS DA BEST’. I’m not going to state my political party, but since I’m youngish, this is very negative. Also ppl try pressuring you to reveal your name, age, and personal info. Thank y’all so much for the Block player feature, along with the remove friend feature. I’ve encountered a few dirty-mouthed chatters, some players refusing the play but instead ‘looking for a soulmate’. I wish my chat would work again, since I can see my friends’ messages, but can’t reply. This was good until the chat broke. I hope they fix it. ☺️ ❤️ A half satisfied customer

- Eh

I love word games. Way too many don’t offer much if a challenge (make 2 four letter words using the letters r/o/d/o). Been a huge fan of the board game Scrabble for decades. Got a good bit of enjoyment out of this app each time I downloaded it in the past month. Each time I’d get to play a few games (could live with the ads) but then would get an ad that would not let me go back to the game even if I downloaded the app it offered me. I’d had to delete the game app. I see someone had the same issue back in May. Critical reviews must not mean much if the issue still occurs. When I get the urge, I’ll download it again and play till I have to delete it.

- Love this game

My favorite part is getting to play a few friends in the same game. I have several games going at once so I am usually not without play time. I dod spend the $4.99 to purchase it so I could play unlimited games against the computer. I like the graphics and all the fun gear and things. Most of all I love the point system and that I could come back from a losing game with 100+ point words. I also like it tells you as you place the words if they work or not and how good a word it is. Great game.

- Fun Family Game

Fun for the family abroad! If you are like most people and you have family that you want to keep in touch with more often, this is for you! It’s fun and challenging. Teaches you new words, and the best part is the messaging system! You can chat with your friends/family members, challenge them, or even have a 2 on 2 match! I gave it 4 stars, because everything can always use some improvement. I think you should be able to create group messages. In case everyone is feeling chatty. Also a new fun and exciting way to earn coins. Side game? IJS

- Tried and true

This is my favorite game of all time. I’ve tried all the other games where, at the end of the day, constantly ask for money or are so rigged....er, I mean manipulated, so as to be unfair. I don’t enjoy a game if i see it as unfair, or favoring the house (play Spades Plus, Gin Rummy Plus, etc you’ll see what I mean). Anyway, this is the only game I can play day after day and enjoy my downtime. I’ve even made some good friends. They don’t hound me to pay coins every play. I stopped playing words with friends once I found word chums.

- Very Very Fun

I play this with family and friends and with the exception of a couple words now and then every word is playable like it would be with Scrabble. Lots of fun cause I can play with family members from across the country. And it always works doesn't crash or other things like other multiplayer games. Only thing I’ve run into is it doesn’t update the accepted words as often as it should. I’ve tried to play words I know are in dictionary but it won’t always accept them

- Works the melon!

Love the game. Fun and challenging. Wish there were different groupings so you only play within your skill level. Wish there was a chat function to communicate with people on your friend list without being in a game (congratulate them on best game of the week, etc..), or a group chat function to post a message to all on your friend list. And keeping the Q out of the short game would keep it a bit more competitive. Larger bomb/hint packages at a discount - at a certain competitive level they are necessary. Overall, love the game, love the stats, love the gear options

- Addiction with a Smile!

Scrabble with a cute, fun twist! Keeps me coming back for more and more games against a computer chumbot of my choice or a real person. I love the little shops where you can go to spend your points on a variety of great accessories your chum can wear and they are rated at different percentage points which give you more added bonus points. Totally love when I win a game and a bunch of balloons fall on me! Regarding chats, I've never even gotten one, thankfully since I find them annoying. Great game and really huge fun!!!

- Perfect for my schedule

My schedule is erratic and I am up really early some days and very late others. I play with friends and random people some of which live all the way across the country from me. It is great because, when I check it (I may have 8-10 games going) someone has played their turn. I play mine and go back to my busy erratic life. I don't have to be tied to the computer or phone it's play on your own schedule. Love that. Besides I like dressing my little chum to get extra points!

- Fun and learning

Got this game for my 10 year old and I am loving it too! It helps with spelling and has a dictionary feature to inquire about words you dont know. You can play this against other online players or play against the computer. I don’t let my ten year old play against others online and quite honestly, it do t like it either because you have to wait for them to get back to the game and it could take hours or days! The one thing I dont like about the free app are the number of ads! This game would be worth purchasing!

- Bad Definitions/Overpriced Items

I love this game. It is a cute version of scrabble and it tells you what the words mean. The definitions,however, are not always well explained. I always get annoyed when I try looking up the word just to find the definition to be the word. A example would be the if I did not know what slay meant and the definition was a person who is slained. Also the items are overpriced and earning any coins is difficult because you barely get any from a match or even several matches. I hope eventually things will improve. 🙂

- I’ve NEVER left a review for anything before!

I’m ADDICTED to this game. It’s the best game EVER!!! I love that it makes you think and you can even learn what the words mean if it’s new to you..and most importantly, you’re able to talk to each other in a chat while you play! Cool or what?!?! I am NEVER getting rid of this game. Apart from the adds I’m 110% satisfied! Wish there was an OFFLINE mode though where we can still play against the computer. Don’t wait another minute guys!!! Hop on board! Love coming all the way from Jamaica! ❤️

- Quality game

Word chums is a very fun game. It’s cute, fun, and addicting. It’s especially fun if you know friends and/or family to play with and compete with. However, advertisements are annoying. I understand that they need to make money somehow but, as always, ads are obnoxious. I also don’t appreciate how much they push you to buy the pro version. In one pop-up, the two choices are to buy the pro version or do a free trial. You can’t even click away or cancel. I find this kind of annoying. But anyways, it’s a good game and definitely worth the time.

- A more whimsical alternative to Words With Friends

I played WWF all the time until an upgrade caused it to lose my game history. Recently, my girlfriend suggested Word Chums, so I downloaded it. I’m glad I did; it’s the same sort of thing—a Scrabble variant, but with some fun extra touches, like the bomb and word-placement hint features, as well as an easy-to-use chat screen. I don’t care about some of the things people seem to get into, like dressing up the avatars, but I’m glad they have the option to do that.

- So far so good I’ll check in with you again ,this is only my first week.

Playing words with friends have had nothing but problems with the administration password to emails updating play it on three different devices trying to get them all together. Friend told me to try or germs I’m not even a full week on margins and just the fundus about it has dropped my blood pressure down. Will keep trying to see what other fun things this has. I will tell everyone from Facebook to skywriting get a final words with friends and go to Word Chums!.

- Scrabble made FUN

I ❤️ word games, and scrabble is my favorite to play with friends! I’ve had at least one game going since the day I downloaded this from my APP store! It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s great for those who enjoy the ability to personalize the look of their chum and their chums weather backgrounds! [ I’d change 1 thing: If a word is accepted on the board then a definition should also be available. In contrast, if a definition is available in a widely accepted dictionary (e.g. Webster’s, Oxford’s) then the word should be accepted on the board!

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- Better than all words games

I love this game being playing for years on and off but i always seem to come back to it because of it’s simplicity and challenge all other words game contain too much advertisements and pop ups this is simple it’s the best speller wins . So good job people fun last update was 5months ago can you please update to show is you are actually still caring about the game

- Fantastic game, but the little things make it a 3 Stars instead of 5!

Word chums is a great game. It is a fun game to play and you are even learning something technically. The only thing is, is that it has some CRAZY words in it...I like it how you earn money for winning matching and being in the top three for mini competitions. It’s also good that you can choose your name and talk to your opponents. The only thing is though, is that I wish the characters didn’t cost as much to change. I picked the duck and it said I was a duck, then it randomly changed in front of my eyes. Game wise though, it’s fantastic, but it’s just the little things that change the rating to a 3. I recommend getting this game because it’s fun and it really doesn’t matter what your character looks like for some people. Great game! Enjoy it!

- LOVE IT!!!

It’s really fun and I can spend hours on it! However there is rather a lot of ads so I recommend getting no ads and unlimited chumbot tickets. Also if you have children they should not be using the chat because there are a lot of dodgy people trying to get your personal information like name, age, where you live, etc. Other than that it’s a great game. 😁

- Review

Good game and good fun. I like the stars as by using them you know there are better words. I also use the hint feature which helps to be able to get higher scores. Some of the words are very strange though. I like dressing my chumbot and playing other chumbots. Much better game than Words with Friends

- Best Game Ever!!!

Word chums is a game like scrabble but better! I love how you can make a chum and give it accessories. But be careful because some people have a game that tells you high scoring words and where to place them. You can play in teams of 2 and in a game with up to 4 players. Overall, I love Word Chums and I think you will too. 😃😀😍

- Word chums review

I think word chums is a great game to playwhich enhances your vocabulary as you can press on the word for the definition. It also allows you to play with friends who you don’t see to often. Overall I think word chums is a fantastic game and I recommend it to everyone.

- Great game but be careful of chat

I love this game but if you are letting children use it tap on the person you are playing and hit the block button to stop chat because I have received some very disturbing messages that are very predatory and sent through a message to administrators and they were not really concerned about this behaviour. But if you love scrabble this is a great game just be careful with the chat feature.

- Family connector - yes a bit of a time waster but a great way to exercise the brain

Cheeky time waster. There are many words in existence that word chums doesn’t recognise- and some that are words you would never have dreamed of - but rather than being frustrating it just keeps the fun going. Have been playing for few years now!!

- Ms

Absolutely love it, can't put it down and Enjoying it tremendously!. I cant thank my sister who introduced me to this game. Ever since then i go to sleep playing this game and wake up very early to c who has played their turn. Its been a calming influence whenever i am down. I would recommened it to anyone who needs to exercise their brain and b alert The above is exactly my sentiments. I am hooked and addicted to this game A big thank you to the person who created this game. I am sure he or she has helped a lot of people who needed a game like this keep their minds occupied in time of heartbreak and stress


I have been playing Words with Friends for years and have just been introduced to this game. I really enjoy it and find it better than Words with friends as they let you know straight away if it isn't a word. Much more fun. Great App!! 👍👍

- Mr Grant Brissett

What a fun game for every age group! The clear layout and helpful intuitive design makes playing a breeze. I highly recommend Wordchums, especially because you can take your time, win things and socialise all at the same time.

- Insomnia savior.

Many sleepless nights have been filled with this awesome game. I especially enjoy "chatting" with fellow gamers on the other side of the world. Word Chums is not only a de-stresser & very entertaining but it's a fantastic medium to communicate with others! Thank you for all involved in creating such a brilliant game!

- Great game

Great game for keeping the mind active, can be frustrating at times but you can always find the right words. I’m not sure who’s dictionary they use but there are some words I’ve never come across,

- Challenging game

I love playing this game and it is totally addictive. My only negative comment is the game page goes black and then won’t open properly and I have to delete the app and reinstall it. It happens about once a month or so. Can the developers fix this in a future update?

- A unique & fun scrabble style game

I love word games and Word Chum puts a fun and unique spin on the scrabble game type. It's great for adults and great for kids. Oh, and they also offered me 100 coins for a 5 star rating but I would still give it at least 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- A little annoying but still deserves five stars

You will come across some very strange words and it does not accept some quite common words but overall great fun, challenging, addictive and deserves five stars.

- Good Fun

A great game with bonus points for longer words and the option of changing your letters without missing your turn is a plus. I play several games, keeps the brain active and good fun.

- 👌👌👌

Perfecto! This game is really good how u can make your own character is really fun and he thrill of levelling up to get some new accessories for your character, if u play words with friends, quit it and play this, soooo much better!

- Good fun!

I love how you can randomly play anyone around the world, even chat to them if you like but I find it a little frustrating when you have to wait for the opposition to play back. Sometimes you can be waiting weeks.

- Love the game

I enjoy playing the game and meeting people from other countries. Players are very patient if there are delays in having their turn. Some players have beaten me me every game we play but continue to start a new game with me.

- Best word game to play with friends

Been playing this for years with a group of friends. Marvellous fun and a great way to keep in daily touch during this pandemic. This game is challenging and something new is learned every day. Love, love, love it.

- Endless Fun

I don’t normally buy into gamer. But this one has settled my competitive side whilst challenging me to think harder. I love it. I haven’t paid for ad-free, I might do, as there are a few. Worth the download to get a little smarter.

- Good competition

I have been playing against evenly matched competitors for what seems like years. Work at your own pace. Play as any games as you like, as often as you like.

- Challenging

This is a really good game. It is challenging to say the least. It can challenge you to create words but it can also challenge you to not loose you mind over some of the crazy words or other languages it uses to beat you lol :) lots of fun

- Great fun!

WordChum is THE BEST game and now it has two boards, with a smaller board when you only have five minutes. I love trying to beat the Genius Chumbots. Not really addictive but there when you feel like it.

- Great challenge

Always fun to test your word skills with friends all over the world. Love the way the word lights up when the spelling is correct. Finding best word each time is my goal..!

- Word chums

Love it, but ran out of tokens too quickly to play the computer, and playing with real people is frustrating when they don’t follow thru on a game.

- Word Chums

I love this game, I play with friends and have made new friends from other parts of the world. It’s easy to play and I like the the words light up when the spelling is correct.

- Warning..Word Chums is Addictive!

For all the right reasons, this game is addictive. Our whole family has it and plays off against each other. Fantastic App!

- Enjoy Wordchums immensely

Enjoy this very much, but don't agree with some as being words. Also have won a game for 23 days with three unused letters. Doesn't give indication what happens. Needs to be rules all can read. That 23 days is now 50 days and still current!!!! I bought balloons and not in other hand. Can see room for improvement in some things. After two years playing it could be updated with new apps.

- Word Chums

A great game to play with the computer or a friend. You need to think creatively with your vocabulary and look out for chances to make more points using the letter and word incentives marked on the board. Speedy winger

- Awesome!!

Have been playing Word Chums for nearly two years and love it. Not only have I extended my scrabble knowledge but I now have Word Chum friends from all over the world. Would thoroughly recommend this game. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Great game

Very addictive! I play every day, as it keeps me interested. I like the fact that there are no profile pics, so that you are not hassled by people who think it’s a dating site!

- Challenging

Great app. Challenges the mind to think of words from letters given. The only bad point is that the computer opponent takes so long for their shot!

- Relaxing yet thought provoking

The aesthetics bring a light mood to the play choosing silly chums and changing their gear make the game feel less serious. Yet it’s just as challenging as any scrabble type game.

- Love Word Chums

This is by far the best word game I've played. The site is constantly updated making it run more smoothly, and it's more fun and interesting. Love it!! Thanks so much Admin for all you do 😀

- Awesome

I love this game. But I wish that you could play against the computer whenever without tickets. Playing against people only can take a really long time to have your next turn.

- Great Game

Keeps you thinking. Only problem is you have to wait for some players if not playing computer. Would be good if it timed out on players taking days to play their turn.

- Word Chums

I play several on line word games and like Word Chums the best. I love the antics of the player photos. Also, the opponents don’t waste time by chatting and asking personal questions.

- Word Chums

My big complaint is some of the (non) words accepted. Even the explanations given don’t make sense from supposed dictionaries. Otherwise I love playing Word Chums both with an opponent and against the computer

- Word chums

Most enjoyable. Love the features. It would be good if possible higher scoring words were shown after a word is played.

- Fun and friendly

Scrabble style game that can be played by two or more, or in teams. Simple version available for kids.

- Love it! Been playing for a few years, still not boring ...

Usually get bored with games ... Been playing for months & still think it's great ... Great game!!!

- Great game

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and really loooove it! As an older retired person, it keeps me sane & occupied & keeps my spelling in check.

- This games has it all

It Challenges the brain and increase your word power. It is far more interesting and exciting than Scrabble. Sustained me longer than all other games. Not a gamble

- Addictive

Love this game but can be a bit frustrating at times waiting for your next turn!

- Great game

The game is awesome, my husband and I love playing together or even against chumbots, it’s a great easy game for kids as well. Would highly recommend for anyone to play.

- You have to play this game if you are any sort of wordsmith !

Great, fun game that beats scrabble tiles down. I have also made lovely friends, all with the spirit of the game foremost. Thank you for a fabulous game !

- Mad game

Great game , wicked how u can play against friends , random or computer ! Although some words the computer use don't have valid meanings !

- Great Word Game

Really enjoy playing this word game and the additional fun of creating your very own chum with so much headwear and accesories! The added tools “hints” and “bombs” is a great feature.

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- Great game

Fun to play very addictive

- Great!

Great game!

- Healthy

This game is sooo healthy for our brains and HQ!!! Thank you so much, and I just want to say this is the best word game I have EVER played or seen.

- Word Chums

Great fun Great game Great people One thing, please bring down the cost for the Chums articles, Scenes etc. Costs too much! Agree? Mousie65 2020 Love this game...... 2021. Still playing 😊

- Word chums

Well designed. Information is amazing. So easy to use.

- Fun

Fun but ads are annoying.

- Word Chums

My favourite game, wish I could play more people at the same time M O R E M A T C H E S per person!!

- Perfectly playable

A great traditional game, without the burden of excessive ads I’ve experienced elsewhere. Top notch care toward themes, characters and other cute extras.

- Word chums

Great game. Really makes you think. Plus doesn’t cost a fortune!

- Awesome

Great game

- Word Chums

Fast and fun

- Fun!!!

Love playing this game!

- Baconbutterfly

Great game, but too many “non words”.

- Great game

no ad interruptions while playing which is awesome and you only view ads to get free coins!!

- Addicting

I actually purchased the app I like it so much.

- Can’t close the video so I can play the game

The X to close to videos for there ads that you can’t close it to continue playing the game. I end up closing the game a restarting again, it just makes me want to delete the whole thing and I have been playing for years without this problem.

- Love it

Love everything about playing and the connections I make.

- Freinds

Love the challenge

- Good clean fun

I love this spin on scrabble

- Fun

Really enjoyable game. My friend and I have a lively competition going with 4 games at a time.

- WordChums

This is the best game ever. It is very addictive. I used to play Words with Friends but love this game so much more.

- Word chums

love love it

- There are a lot of words this game does not except. Please expand the list.

See above

- Fun and easy

Good game, Not a lot of adds which is nice. Fun and easy

- Great game!

Addictive and I love to play against me family!

- Play it daily

My only real complaint about this and ask other weird games is that they don’t let you choose the set of word that are used. For example only words in the OED or even the scrabble dictionary. Otherwise it’s better than WWF as long as you buy it to remove ads.

- Great game!

Sharpens the mind

- Longtime player

Enjoy playing and have played for 2 years with a lot of the same players

- mrs

I love playing word chums.

- Love this game

My favourite new game!

- Word Chums

My favourite game.

- Love the game!

Love the game!

- Inaccessibles

When I typed in a specific “Chum” name I was unable to connect. This happened several times. As it was a friend of a friend,iwa# able to communicate with them and had the invite me. Not ideal, disappointing. Other than that, good game with good features, fun to play

- Addicted

Great game

- MendocinoMarj.

I am very happy with the gaming with my chum friends

- Word Chums

I am on march

- Word Chums

Great word game. Highly entertaining and it challenges your brain!

- Word Chums

Great game. Fun and good mental exercise. Players from all over the world

- Word Chums

Very fun game, but I wish players will stick to the game and finish it within two days, if not we should be able to get free tickets if not. And it would be even better if you could sell your old gear back to the shop.

- Word. Chums

Great game! Always chatting with someone from faraway places!

- Good for the grey cells

I love the challenge of Word Chums, as well as the exercise it give to my grey cells (in my brain). It also keeps me in daily contact with my brother in the U.S., who is one of my Word Chums challengers. Daily contact is especially important now while the COVID pandemic is with us. It serves as a safety check, as well as a way to socialize with those who live far away from us.

- So much fun

The more you play, the more interesting the words become...love it.

- Word Chums

Great fun!

- Word Chums

Love the game! Keeps me on my toes:)

- Word Chums

A Super word game! Love it! Keep coming back it's a great word game!

- Love it!!

Good mental break!!

- Word Chums

It’s a great game. Rewards should be better ..... piddling coins for 7 letter bingo! Games over 500, 600 and 700 should be rewarded. I like the ability to chat with friends while playing. Much better game than it’s predecessor, I love the game but think rewards should be in line with prowess. 7 letter bingo should be worth more as should high scoring games 500+. Good chat availability. Cheaper packages of hints and bombs would encourage more purchases. Think from the view of the players when setting rewards.

- Great game

This is a great game. I’m able to play with family and friends.

- Great knock off Scrabble!

Great game.

- Great game .... life saver .......boredom breaker

Love. Love. Love word chums!!!

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valerie selby

@MrTimDunn I will see if I can have a word with my chums in Lambeth 😉

Kathleen Edwards

@MimiJ9 @BorisJohnson @COP26 That's an under-statement, the man is a national and international humiliation. I have to 'mute' him whenever he waffles at us through TV or radio. Does anyone actually believe or trust a word he or his witless chums say?


@Swallydooncally Dee, hanks 4 the heads up. Good vid. Might’ve missed it. Definitely worth a retweet. Any word aboot the ££ Tory Gov dolin oot to their chums? Eng Test &Trace was an amazing total waste o’ tax payers money. And what aboot the ferry company wae no ferries? Oh an’ the PPE scandles?


my mum got chatted up on word chums while i’m here still single ffs

Carole Hagan🖤3.5%🇪🇺

@Conservatives Every word a lie. Certainly not open...end of fom, certainly generous to your rich chums & donors, we've lost our freedoms & will now watch you steal our rights as you march on towards kleptocracy. & the public were promised the UK would stay in the SM/CU. #torylies


@mi6rogue @SkyNews @Fox_Claire Yet we get wall to wall Peston and Boris old Balliol chums chatting and not a word about it?

A. Gardner

@toryboypierce @LewisHamilton Your comment is libellous and I would laugh if he were to sue you! Not really a nasty racist are you? Not a word about your tax evading chums. @LewisHamitlton Please do us all a favour and sue the pants of this waffler.

Word Chums

We made plenty of chums in 2020 – let’s do the same in 2021! Happy New Year from Word Chums!

David Greig

Ok chums... buckle up... there's an eight tweet thread coming through the rye, feel free to mute me if you don't fancy a diversion... the thing is... every word of what follows is true... I swear on my ancient bronze commode... true... every word.


@Christia_Allard @britain_scott Happy New Year Christian, can you have a word with your chums in France and make sure daddy Johnson doesn't get a French passport,

neil devereux

@JonAshworth Can you have a word with your chums Drakeford and gething in Wales then . 20000 vaccines administered in total . Utterly shameful. Labour run Welsh nhs for 20 years . Thanks for nothing

❁ Lex

Not only does Mimi destroy me in Word Chums, but she also talks shit

Mick Taylor

@JGForsyth For thirty odd years honesty, sticking to your word, the honour to resign if caught lying, not using office to benefit chums, have been staples of British politics. Today, the split from these values has finally been realised...


@KilclooneyJohn @richardtgarland Are you starting to worry about a United ireland? Perhaps you should have a word with your chums in the DUP whose actions are facilitating the breakup of the UK

Ian John Chapman

Not bothering watching the Brexit debate as I can’t believe a word of what Johnson will say and his lies will all start unraveling in 2021 when he is away from power sitting on some Caribbean beach owned by one of his Tory chums.

Word Chums! 2.10.0 Screenshots & Images

Word Chums! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Word Chums! iphone images
Word Chums! iphone images
Word Chums! iphone images
Word Chums! iphone images
Word Chums! iphone images

Word Chums! (Version 2.10.0) Install & Download

The applications Word Chums! was published in the category Games on 2012-09-13 and was developed by PeopleFun, Inc. [Developer ID: 517840947]. This application file size is 133.09 MB. Word Chums! - Games app posted on 2021-04-23 current version is 2.10.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.peoplefun.wordchumsfree

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