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Bike Citizens app - the first cycling app designed for cyclists in urban areas! Real-time route calculation prioritizing bike friendly ways. With precise audio notifications, without active data connection, saving battery and roaming costs. Individual routing from easy to fast as well as tracking options. Available in more than 450 cities in Europe, Australia and the US. Winner of the Eurobike Award 2015.

• Route calculation from every location to every address in town, prioritizing cycle ways, cycle paths and living streets
• Precise audio notifications
• Works offline: no roaming costs in foreign countries
• Categorized lists of sights, from which you can create individual tours
• Tracking via GPS: biking time and distance overview
• Bicycle optimized map style
• Summary and heat map view of recorded tracks
• Local and international cycling campaigns, like Bike2Work and road safety campaigns


• Australia: 16 cities, e.g. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
• Austria: all 9 capital cities, Vienna, Graz
• Belgium: 8 cities, e.g. Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Gent
• Croatia: Zagreb
• Czech Republic: Brno, Prague
• Denmark: Bornhom, Copenhagen
• Finland: Helsinki
• France: 40 cities, e.g. Paris, Marseille
• Germany: 73 cities, e.g. Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen/Bremerhaven
• Hungary: Budapest
• Ireland: Dublin
• Italy: 40 citiers, e.g. Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin
• Luxembourg: Luxembourg
• Netherlands: 24 cities, e.g. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague
• Norway: Bergen, Oslo
• Poland: 21 cities, e.g. Warsaw
• Portugal: Lisbon, Porto
• Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor
• Spain: 55 cities, e.g. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga
• Sweden: 21 cities, e.g. Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothenburg
• Switzerland: 7 cities, e.g. Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich
• Turkey: Istanbul
• United Kingdom: 61 cities, e.g. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Kingston, Coventry
• United States: 67 cities, e.g. New York, Las Vegas, LA

Cities which aren't already for free in the app can be unlocked by:
• "Cycle to Free": When installing a new city, chose the option "Cycle to Free". All you have to do is cycle 100km within 30 days and track your routes.
• Voucher code
• In-app purchase: 4,49€
• Bike Citizens Flatrate: All cities for only 19,99€
• Bike Citizens PRO subscription for 4,99€/month: Unlock profile customization options, unlimited city pack downloads, with even more features coming soon! The subscription will be charged monthly to your iTunes Account and renews automatically every month unless you disable it at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period from Account Settings. The currently active subscription period cannot be cancelled.

• Eurobike Award 2015
• Apps for Europe Award 2014

The Bike Citizens app (former BikeCityGuide) is a navigation app based on the great OpenStreetMap (OSM), the "Wikipedia of maps". We invite everybody to take a look at in order to learn more about OSM, how it works and how you can contribute. The insider tours were created by local bike messengers, the sights descriptions are from Wikipedia.

With the smarthpone mount "Finn" you can mount any phone easily onto the handlebar. Developed by Bike Citizens the mount “Finn” comprises a voucher to download a city of your choice for free. Find out more on

If you have questions, suggestions, troubles, please don't hesitate to contact us in order to make this app even better! Just send a mail to [email protected]

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your ride and experience how pleasant and relieving it can be to discover your city by bike!

Bike Citizens – Designed for Cyclists, by Cyclists!


Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Bike Citizens keeps GPS on in the background only while navigating.

Bike Citizens - cycling navi GPS App Description & Overview

The applications Bike Citizens - cycling navi GPS was published in the category Navigation on 2012-10-24 and was developed by BikeCityGuide Apps GmbH. The file size is 146.20 MB. The current version is 7.1.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Good news: we fixed a bunch of small bugs that were kind of annoying such as the reloading of the global heatmap or the flatrate download. Also the lookup of Points of Interests has been improved.

For those who love to listen to music while cycling you can now easily ajust the volume of the voice guidedance.

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Very useful app  tommytyker  4 star

Just started biking and am using this app to track my time/distance as well as show me good routes. It sometimes sends me strange ways - once it sent me through a private parking lot - but is in general great at showing you the way to go. Love it. It even works on my bet up old iPhone 5! It's not perfect - the odd directions sometimes and an upload bug which I've reported, so 4.5 if I could!


Bitchin  Walltar  5 star

Great way to find best routes possible when traveling through unfamiliar neighborhoods. Loads of data, simple design. Awesomeness.


Best bike app  jonrivera  5 star

After downloading various bike apps in the app store, I have finally found the right one. Bike citizens is just what you want from a bike app. The gps component is outstanding. It calculates the best route depending on the type of bike you're riding. 5 starts


Poorly designed  Rthsiung  1 star

I use this app in NYC and there are so many poorly designed details that I would just rather use Google Maps. The map itself is hard to read, due to the color scheme; getting directions to a specific destination is not smooth - it is unintuitive and takes like 5-7 taps (compared to Google Maps which takes 2-3); addresses are not presented in an easy to read format (I don't need the name of the county!); and there's no integration with google maps locations, which means you have to type in the full address of a destination, instead of the name of it. Overall, it seems like it's probably designed for European cities, and that's why some of the nuances of maps/directions are off.


Lack of American North East  Samurai336  1 star

Completely Eurocentric. Lacked Boston area one of the most commuter bike friendly places in the USA.


Great app!  senroeash  5 star

Really useful app. I can have the phone in my front top jacket pocket and just listen to the instructions. No iPhone bike holder thing required :-)


I like the concept but.....  Carla.g  1 star

It doesn't support the U.S.!


Useless for people in the US or Canada.  Beachside70  1 star

This app has no support for these countries. I'm not sure why Apple even has it on sale here.


Good, with room for tweaks  LLinMad  4 star

Works better than the other bike navigator I tried. Succeeds in generating routes and with voice commands, but they are sometimes overestimate distance to intersections or don't specify which exit from a roundabout to take, so if you're not looking at the map, can leave you in the lurch. Would love to be able to save favorite destinations/routes. Another bonus feature would be routing that accounted for hills. Madrid is hilly! Generally quite happy with this and look forward to improvements.

Luis Jorge Pérez

No funciona en México  Luis Jorge Pérez  1 star

Es una lástima, tan buena que se ve la app, y no funciona en México, denle más soporte.

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