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Dark Sky Weather [Weather] App Description & Overview

Dark Sky offers hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop — right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.)

Dark Sky delivers forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next week.

The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make beautifully smooth radar animations. These animations show you the path of the storm, including how it moved up to now and where it’s going next.

Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of severe weather alerts (for events such as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes etc.) or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things such as temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

The Dark Sky widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour or the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before going out.

Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based on seasonal averages.

Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and view the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built for Apple Watch.

Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.

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Dark Sky Weather Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Adds the extra large watch complication with watchOS 7 - Improves location search with more suggested and relevant results - Adds a new location icon to indicate when Precise Location is disabled - Fixes an issue that could cause a duplicate forecast page after moving it from Recent Searches to Saved - Includes stability and performance improvements

Dark Sky Weather Comments & Reviews

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- Finally, a weather app that’s focused on weather

I tried at least a dozen weather apps after Weather Underground took a turn for the worse and destroyed their app with a horrible update. Most of them were little more than advertising platforms with a little weather thrown in for effect, or they required onerous subscriptions to make the ads go away. Even without the ads too many of the apps were bizarre one-off user interface experiments gone horribly wrong. Then I gave Dark Sky a look and immediately recognized how intuitive and straight to-the-point the app was for delivering weather information. I like it. Money well spent. The only nit I’ve discovered so far is that the daily summary notification on my iOS 13 devices is not based on my actual location but some other location, either one that I was in the day prior or the location of my ISP or some other nearby location. Not sure whether it’s an iOS 13 issue because everything seems to work fine with iOS 12. I have location always enabled for Dark Sky on all of my devices. I suppose I could tell Dark Sky to always present the daily summary for a specific location, but that would not help me if I’m traveling. In any case, I think something funky is going on between Dark Sky and Location services on iOS 13.

- Hands Down best weather app

I don’t write reviews a lot but this one is soo good I had to. Let’s start off by saying it is worth paying 3.99 dollars on this one the first thing that made me get this app is the accuracy it’s 80 to 85 percent accurate Number 2 is the design I like that there’s a simple but intuitive chart that covers the next 24 hours and I thought it was per 2 hours and going to be a minus but before when I did not have the app yet you made an update where if you press the next 24 hours graph each hour will appear that’s very cool Number 3 Reason is the the layout I like that it’s not cluttered and very readable Last Reason is there are no adds and protects your privacy which is #1 Reason why I got this app. Thank you 😀 and I hope you don’t take off the features while still improving the app. I forgot to mention the maps, notifications, and reporting the weather. The maps are there for you to understand the current weather other maps confuse you all the time. The Notifications are extremely helpful as no weather will catch you off guard I got notified of today’s forecast as I enabled notifications it said possible drizzle this evening which I like. The Report feature is cool because you make the accurate forecasts even better. Thank you again 😀😀

- Keep recommending this to my friends and family, thought I should write a review

There are very few apps that I actually feel improve my life and I have such high quality and thoughtfulness that I actively recommend them to people. Dark Sky is one of those. In addition to as much accuracy as you can get, it provides hourly predictions, ‘feels like’ options for things like windchill, and one particular feature which actually might have saved my health once or twice: UV Index. I had never even heard of that before but I get sunstroke allllll the time and that feature is fabulous. The hourly precipitation prediction is both attractive and insanely useful in places like New York, allowing you to time a mad dash during a lull in the storm. This app has features that no other application for tracking the weather has: it’s in my top five apps that I use and I use it every day. It works just as accurately in every country that I go to and every state that I go to, all with different types of weather challenges. I just love it. Please keep up the good work, its truly a rare product of worth and quality, like lace, or a pocket watch. Weird analogies but hopefully they get the point across: this app shows craftsmanship, not commercialism.

- Timely rain alerts

I got this app years ago when I was getting rained on and my two weather apps were telling me that it wasn’t raining and that there was a zero percent chance of rain all day. It has rarely let me down over the years. I’ve always used it with the Apple Watch and the notifications are excellent. Another thing I like is that it breaks down the hourly forecast for the entire seven day forecast, something other services provide in website form but I’ve never seen on a subscriptionfree app. While dark sky is very good in the short run, I don’t trust it much a few days out, but the hourly stuff is still useful. I have apps that say 100% chance of rain on Saturday and then I check dark sky and it says that that 100% chance is at 4 am but no chance in the afternoon. That detail is very nice to have. A request to the developer: please allow customization for the different aspects of the forecast. I live in Florida, so right now, I want heat index, chance of rain, and UV index. Nothing else is relevant for 95% of the time I open the app. But instead, it goes temperature, heat index, precipitation probability, precipitation rate, wind speed, wind gust, humidity, dew point, then, finally, UV index.

- Not as good as I hoped it would be

My favorite app for weather was suddenly not supported any longer. Opening it showed no data. So, I searched for a new one. Dark Sky is not intuitive and the opening page shows me the temperature and if it’s rising or falling. I sort of knew that before I opened the app. It then shows what the conditions will be for the next 16 hours. It also indicates what the sky will look like and in percentages. That’s good. At the bottom of the page there are switches giving you the choice of humidity, UV index, temperature, and wind speed, but it took a few times before I realized that you must scroll down to get the switches. Then, although it doesn’t tell me, you can sweep to the left or right to get more information. To the right, it give you the high and low for the next seven days. Again, okay, but just the temperature. I want see frontal systems, lows and highs. Having been an aviator, weather is important to me. I can’t do anything about it, but I like to be prepared. That left swipe gives me a monochromatic map of the western US. With only light blue blotches. Zooming in on my home, I get somewhat vague images of what appear to be rain - no clouds that I can determine. It’s an okay app, but I find when I pay for a app that is not as good as a free one, I’m irritated. $4.00 isn’t much since there are no ads, but here in the West I want to see where my mountains and deserts are if I am planning a trip to cross the Cascade in the winter.

- False Sense of Information, Looks Nice

The user interface, cleanliness, and especially being ad free is excellent. The smoothest best looking weather app I've ever used. The information it provides falls short of what it strives for/promises. This app consistently contradicts itself, and changes its forecast on the regular. For instance right now the forecast is light rain (100%) for the next 8 hours, however the hourly graph shows medium to heavy rain now and for at least the next hour, the current weather description says rain, and the map is showing red/orange covering my location and a huge surrounding area. All different. Another example: I've planned my day looking at the forecast that morning, chose to take the motorcycle bc it is supposed to be partly cloudy all day, and then got caught in the rain, to find a totally different forecast for the day an hour later. And this has happened A LOT. To summarize, the different features on the app contradict each other and the website very frequently, and the forecast isn't worth anything because they change it as the weather changes rather than accurately predicting it. Dark sky, stop giving me all this detailed weather forecasting down to the minute as a false sense of knowledge. I had high hopes for this app and over the past few months they have been crushed. I am giving one star because a weather app's aesthetics mean nothing if the forecast is usually wrong and/or misleading.

- Awesome App!!!

My subject line pretty much covers it. I live in Georgia. Weather here can be anything from the most beautiful sunny day to an absolute nightmare. Weather forecasting has improved by leaps. However, even with the National Weather Service located here they can be sometimes challenged by the timing of these atmospheric changes. Not so with Dark Sky. The precision of the global radar map, which can be almost zoomed in on to my neighborhood and local surrounding area, is by far one of the greatest tools available to assist and help us prepare for any inevitability Mother Nature may have in store for us. From being able to determine my work route, plan and protect my garden to advance preparation for the possibility of tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes...Well, I am truly amazed. Recently with the catastrophic hurricanes it allowed me to know just what my family was about to experience in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. I was able to communicate with them before the fact to make the necessary arrangements for after the fact. Do yourself a great favor and get this app. You will be pleased, surprised and as grateful as I am. Many thanks and my deepest appreciation to the developers.

- Good no more

I liked this app when I first bought it. Then they changed literally everything, taking away all the reasons I bought it in the first place. They gave it a whole new look which is OK once you get used to it. But they are not receptive to ANY suggestions to make the app work for others. They are focused strictly and totally on temperature. I live in Florida where the temperature is always hot. I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s hot out today and it is going to remain hot… I already know that. I’m concerned about rain. The problem is when you change the selection to precipitation, you must do that on literally every screen you go through. If you want to check the days below, you have to change precipitation one day at a time on each & every day. If you scroll to a different city, you have to change precipitation on each and every area you want to look at. I suggested an update where you can choose precipitation as the default rather than default to temperature every screen, or to at least provide the option where once you choose precipitation it stays on that choice while you scroll other days and/or areas. All I ever got was a canned auto response “they forward to the developers.” Followed up two weeks later and got the exact same canned auto response. There is no customer service and they do not listen to any input once thy have your money.

- feature request + update feedback

the main thing that has held me back all these years from making Dark Sky, an otherwise wonderful app, my default weather app, has been the lack of barometric pressure info. I suffer from regular migraines and this is a critical part of weather forecasting for me and many others. please consider adding? that having been said, the “otherwise wonderful” judgment is also based on the old Dark Sky app. this new one claims to have more info and to be easier to use, but I’ve found it to be a dramatically worse in terms of UI/UX. I’ve held off on reviewing until now because I wanted to be fair and make sure it wasn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to change on my part. but no — weeks later and I still have to spend way too much time processing the information presented to me every single time I open the app, whereas before it was intuitive at a glance. again, I very happily paid for this app and have been using it for years without complaint, and would prefer to remain loyal. but right now I’m mostly sticking with it because my other currently-installed options are even worse. that’s not exactly a rousing recommendation. would love it if you’d reconsider, or at least have multiple UI options available to your users.

- Great for weather, awful on the eyes.

I’ve been using Dark Sky for quite a while and have depended on its accuracy and reliability when I want to know what it’s like outside. But with the last big update, I now find that checking the weather with this app is totally unpleasant. The microscopic fonts, weird little balls with tiny numbers in them that I assume are supposed to indicate data by their position on a horizontal line is not not only esthetically displeasing, it takes more time to figure out what’s going on and what I’m looking for. I don’t want to spend more than a minute to quickly see what the temperature is and if it’s going to rain or now and when. But the visuals are so cumbersome that I find myself getting annoyed every time I open it. Don’t they have any graphic designers that could help with this? I tried downloading various other weather apps and even used the Apple weather app for a while because it’s easy to read. But I admit I trust Dark Sky’s accuracy more than anyone else’s. If they could find someone to redesign it, get rid of those silly black bubbles and wasted white space and make it easy on the eyes I would give it five stars for sure. Fingers crossed someone is listening...

- Down the drain

I’ve been using Darksky for many many years since i was referred to it by an IndyCar racing team who used it to plan for races up to two weeks in the future. It seemed like if they could use it reliably to plan for something so impacted by the weather, I ought to give it a shot. It was reliable and accurate, I’d never spent $5 on an app before and especially on one I could likely get similar information for free. Throughout the years we users have been prompted to give money, noting the cost to keep it running. I guess Apple has more money to give than the rest of us but didn’t give two f’s about honoring the integrity of the app. Since they bought it, the once reliable forecasts are rarely if ever accurate, the location settings mess up constantly (as someone living in Indiana I do not need notifications of rain or snow in Berlin), the map and radar are always glitchy. Right now it shows me as “rain for the hour” without a cloud in the sky. Other apps are showing no precipitation all day. It’s very disappointing as this was one of my favorite, most used and most recommended apps. Now I will be looking elsewhere, figuring that a company as big as Apple wont care to take the time to make darksky right again. It’s a shame for the original developers whose once flawless legacy is now tarnished. (PS for anyone wondering the teams now use RadarScope)

- The best!

Dark Sky is definitely the most accurate weather forecast app and I have tried many. The new user interface is a bit more complicated, not difficult, just a little more cumbersome. But it’s very easy and intuitive unlike many other apps. I do wish the humidity icon was closer to the temperature icon as it used to be but my complaints are very tiny and because I did like the old interface very much and haven’t gotten used to the new one yet. However it has even more information and has some added text which is nice. I have been recommending it to all of my friends for years and I rely on it totally. I supplement it with NOAA for the detailed special weather conditions like severe thunderstorm warnings for the big picture but for local weather conditions Dark Sky is much more accurate. I also appreciate that one can give feedback on the local weather conditions. It lets you know that it’s going to start raining in half an hour for example. And it is incredibly accurate about that. Whenever possible I always time my walks and errands according to this forecast. All in all a great app!!

- Thumbs down since the last major update

What happened to my favorite weather app? Why make it look like every other weather app? Now I usually have to click a “try again” link to launch the app, or it simply hangs on a white screen until I relaunch the app. Edit: Now it thinks I’m always in NYC. It’s not a hardware issue, as other weather apps have no problem launching or finding my current location. Edit v2: Found out two friends also have the NYC issue. Great job. There are some cool new features, and the scroll down to see the upcoming 7 days, with the tap to expand to hourly view for any day within the week, is more fluid. But the experience of getting into the app in the first place, as well as the lame new look of the interface, has me searching for a new app. Edit: I now also feel like the accuracy of the forecast has also taken a major dive. The other day I was looking out the window at rain coming down; I opened Dark Sky to see when the rain would lessen or stop (one of my favorite features), and I was shown “no precipitation in your area”. Today, two other weather apps were giving the same forecast of a front moving in tomorrow with a tremendous temperature drop (from 83 to 59), meanwhile Dark Sky is still showing the earlier forecast of the same warm 80 degree weather for the next day. I have now deleted Dark Sky - RIP

- At the end of the day not good enough

After using this app as the primary weather app for several months, I decided to delete it. It is just not good enough. It is not accurate. Built in Weather app and Wunderground are much better. One annoying thing is that for some mysterious reason it always shows nearest radar station offline. I even emailed the developers and they dismissed it as “can happen we cannot control it”. I understand it may happen sometimes but if it is happening all the time I suspect something is buggy with the app and how it connects to the radar station. I think this is affecting the accuracy of the app. In many instances it would not show rain or very low percentage for it but it would be raining. And please for the love of it fix this probability thing - hourly rain probability being low but daily probability showing 100%. I understand the math and the reason for it but from a usability point of view it is misleading. At the end of the day app is not delivering the relevant information to the user even though math behind it is correct. If you are simply looking for weather information, I suggest use the Weather app and don’t waste your money. If you need radar information and more fine grained weather forecast, use Wunderground and save your money.

- Unfortunate layout changes

The folks at dark sky touted the new single page format of the app but ignore the fact that users each have their own needs regarding what information is most important to them. The redesigned app necessitates more scrolling for me to get to the information that I am interested in. Additionally, the choice to put the hourly temperatures zigzagging horizontally in an attempt to “helpfully” mimic a bar graph is simply visually taxing. Charts graphing temperature over time conventionally put time across the bottom and temperature varying in height. The vast majority of the public expects that format. Switching the direction around and additionally scattering the actual data (temperature in degrees) by putting it at the variable end of the bar makes it infinitely more difficult to get a quick, clear, idea of the forecasted hourly temperature variations. I’d suggest putting the temperatures back on the left side of the screen, just after the hour and allowing users to customize the order of the modules on their page. These simple changes would go a long way towards easing users pain. St this point I have a hard time bringing myself to open the darksky app on my iPhone. Instead, I’ve reverted to opening darksky’s web page in safari.

- Real time accuracy but who needs that?

Have had this app for a long time (I actually like the redesign, btw) and it used to be really good at forecasting. Around 8-12 months ago though, the forecasting became horrible. I’m not naive, I don’t expect any weather predictor to be accurate all of the time but it’s nice to know if something like rain is POSSIBLY on the immediate horizon. I play a lot of outdoor sports and this has recently failed me so many times that I’m looking for a better option. real world example: Have softball game at 2:00, check at various times in morning...cloudy but no indication of rain, like not even a 10% chance..... 1:00, same thing. Get in car, drive to game, stop at drug store, leave drug store and it’s pouring out, look at app again and it shows rain for next 3 hours. All of a sudden!? I’m not someone that looks at 7 day forecasts because I don’t believe they’re very accurate but I feel like 1-4 hours should be when the weather is most predictable. I don’t need real time weather, I can look out the window and see the rain. I simply want to be able to know if it MIGHT rain before I get in my car and waste my time. This isn’t an anomaly either, it’s happened often enough that I’m writing a review in hopes that the developers go back to what was working best.

- Best weather app out there

Fantastic weather app and the Apple Watch support is a great bonus. This is my hands down go to weather app I check thirty times a day. Ok, a little exaggerating but you get the idea. The precipitation alerts are so amazingly accurate its like Back To The Future. It'll alert you when rain is about to start, when that rain is going to end, and has beautiful graphs indicating how hard the rain is going to be coming down during those periods. I've used tons of other weather apps and most are just sugar coated graphics that developers have pulled together to not be nerdy developers. Don't waste your money on that stuff. The only other time I reference another weather app, Wx Alert USA, is when we go out sailing and I need more info pertaining to wind speed and direction. That app is the more written description of weather. Dark Sky is far and above anything else out there. Again, the Apple Watch feature takes the cake. You see the graphs and alerts on the watch just as you would on the phone. This app should get a "best of" award from Apple it's so well done.

- I can’t tell you how much I love this app!

Let me start off by saying that I am a weather app junkie. I am always looking for the newest and best weather app. One that tells me what’s going to happen in five minutes or five hours or five days. I find a weather app and think, “this one is great!” but inevitably I use them less and less because there’s so much information to wade through to get to the weather info I need or want and I always come back to Dark Sky. Dark Sky gives me just as much info as I need in the least complicated way possible. And the information that it gives me is inevitably right on target. Then, when I turn and say to the person next to me that is going to start raining in 10 minutes, and it does, people think I’m psychic or something. Then I show them it is this great app and then they end up buying it and on it goes. Do yourself a favor and get this app. It is fun and accurate and does what all the other apps promise and rarely deliver, which is it makes your life simpler to navigate.

- Extremely Disappointed with New Update

This has been one of my favorite apps for years! I tell people all the time about how useful it’s been and how much I actually enjoy using it. The accuracy and beautiful aesthetics made it stand out among countless other weather apps. Living in Florida, where it can be raining on one side of town and dry on the other, having a heads up for the always changing weather has been invaluable. My favorite parts of the app have always been the graph detailing how heavy the rain will be for the next hour or so and the notifications for “Light rain starting soon!”. All this being said, the new update is TERRIBLE. At its core, it may have the same or even improved functionality but it’s just so ugly now. The new version crams all the info onto one screen that was once distributed across multiple tabs. The clean, aesthetically pleasing design of the classic version has been replaced by a very generic, black text on white background updated version. As a long time user and enthusiastic advocate for this app, I was highly disappointed with this update. Maybe the developers can give an option for a ‘classic display’ for those of us who would rather things go back to the way they were.

- Nice App, Radar Not At All What I Hoped

I have had the app a few hours and so far I'm not crazy about my $3.99 purchase. I read reviews, looked at the photos, and the app description and decided to give it a shot as I was hoping this may be my replacement for my WU Storm app that was stopped by TWC. The overall usability of the app is nice. Easy to follow and set up. The widget is well laid out, too. My big problem is that I did not realize the radar photo preview when I was checking the app out was literally showing the only two functions this apps radar has (Precip/Temp). There are no extra layers/information to add to the map. The Precip function shows rainfall similar to that of other apps (just in different colors), but there are no map layers to show Severe Weather Advisories/Watches/Warnings, Fronts, Storm Tracks, etc. You can opt to get Severe Weather alerts/notifications for your location, but you cannot go to the map and see the Warning on the map in relation to your location. For me, living in tornado alley, that is a BIG DEAL. I'll keep using the app for a few weeks and see what I think about it, but ultimately, I think it will just become another app in my cloud.

- Complaint is actually a compliment

I always check Dark Sky before leaving the house especially during the rainy season, to know whether or not I need to carry rain gear. I have learned though not to trust dark sky because you will say it is not going to rain and then 10 minutes later rain will show up on the ticker. Means you have received more current information. This is a benefit and I appreciate it even though I don’t like the vacillating. It would be great if you had more data points and could give a little bit more reliable forecast. Also often when I open my phone it thinks I live nearby somewhere. I have to select my current address for it to populate. Sometimes it name streets that I’m on familiar with. They must be in my neighborhood somewhere and have a similar weather pattern. All in all I really like dark sky. It’s my go to weather app and I’ve told quite a few people about it. Very very really does it say that it is not raining when I open the door and it is raining.

- Not against change but....

So I am going to start with, I don’t hate change... except the changes made here. For the longest time I held Dark Sky up as an example of what ui/ux should feel and look like in an app. I have convinced many developer colleagues and friends to adopt using the app. Unfortunately, I no longer feel this way and cannot hold it up on the pedestal it once was on. The ui is awful and feels as if a high schooler made it. The color scheme is way to bright and honestly hard to look at. The data on the screen no longer flows in a simple and quick to find/navigate manner. I can go on and on, but not only has the ui/ux experience changed, but so too has the reliability of the app. I am frequently running into issues where data is multiple days out of sync and I am force killing the app and restarting in order to get up to date data (experienced on multiple iPhones and iOS versions). It also seems as if the map view is hit or miss at best any more, where it is to the point I no longer can rely or use it. Tldr; change is good, I gave this change some time, unfortunately this was not a good change, and a great product went backwards.

- Wonderful App

This app is great and worth the cost. It gives up to the minute forecasts on the weather for the week. The daily forecast informs me on how I should dress for the day and their predictions are rarely wrong. You can submit your own weather conditions so their information is more accurate. There are more hidden functions like refreshing by tapping on the hourly forecast and showing all the current conditions by tapping the temperature. Those kinds of things aren’t that important, so I love that they hide those features, thus streamlining the look and feel of the app. I’d suggested a while back that they add a little color, which they started to do. They didn’t add much though, which is kind of a bummer. I think they could add a little more without making it look too busy. They obviously have their own style that they want to adhere to with this app. As is though, it’s still an amazing app that has been invaluable to me on a daily basis. It’s worth the price of admission.

- Sorry I updated to 6

Dark Sky used to be the app by which all other apps are judged. With version 6 however, what used to be an at-a-glance app is now cluttered with too much scrolling, too small of text, and functions that are not as readily accessible. Today’s Weather used to occupy the main screen, no scrolling necessary. Switching from Precip % to Humidity to UV Index etc. took merely a tap. Now you have to scroll down to these functions, then scroll side to side to find the function you want, then tap, and then try to read the smaller font and the snaky list of smaller numbers. So much for a quick check of the weather while at work... I applaud Dark Sky for their attempt at a revamp, but regret that the result is the loss of the simple elegance exhibited in previous versions: main screen is today, swipe left for radar, swipe right for the days ahead, and simply tap to change from one type of data to the next. Hope a future version will bring this back and also the easier readability of larger font sizes and numbers that are vertically in line. Could also forgo Feels Like data.

- Dr. Dave

I love this app, along with the rest of my family, and we have used it daily for some time now. It provides accurate, real-time weather info and predictions in a very user friendly format. The “global weather radar” function is very useful and clearly illustrates why weather patterns move the way the do across the Earth’s Globe. Other weather apps (& TV Weather reports) often use weather maps utilizing the Earth’s Mercator Projection which distorts the sizes and distances of storms and weather patterns as one moves away from the Equator heading toward the poles. In stark contrast to this, Dark Sky’s “Global weather radar” projected on the curved surface shows that storms, hurricanes, and other weather patterns, move at uniform rate in a consistent patterns all across the globe. On a Mercator Projection map, however, storms and hurricanes seem to rush off the map as they head north away from the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere (or south in the Southern Hemisphere). Sorry “Flat Earthers”, the Earth is an Oblate Spheriod (i.e., The Earth is a Globe, Not Flat)!

- A Great, Great Weather App! It’s missing one crucial element!

The App NEEDS to offer Color Customization! Just a few color themes, nothing complicated. For me the All White background is just too much. I do have a sensitivity to light, bright light especially. The affects of sudden bright white light, a camera flash, very bright days leave me squinting like mad. So many times I’ll wake at night wanting to check the weather. This app is almost as bright as the flashlight app. It certainly lights up the room from the tiny screen. If you could add a few color theme options I’d use the App the way I had intended to. Nothing needs to change on the Earth page, just the pages that are bright, bright, white. Thanks and I do hope you will agree to add this option and without asking us to pay more. Remember your buyers, their happiness breeds loyalty. Your buyers/Users are the Bedrock of your Foundation. Without them things begin to crack, weaken and before you know it they’ve gone away leaving you with attempts at shoring up the foundation, trying this and that. All could have been avoided, remained strong and resilient if only the end user, product purchaser was heard loud and clear. He/She May have brought along a few friends and so on. You just kept on growing because you knew deep down it’s the customer who is still with you, they are the bedrock that keeps your foundation fault free and strong.

- This great app just got even greater

I have had Dark Sky since it first launched - and became dedicated to it when, in a random moment, I glanced at it while waiting at a red light to cross a street in lower Manhattan, and decided on the spur of the moment to to give it a test when it predicted a big rainstorm in 2 minutes. I stepped out of the street and under the overhang of a nearby building and in exactly 2 minutes a deluge descended on all of those without umbrellas, except me. Done. I was sold and have used it ever since. But now phase II of this great little app. They just launched a really solid and impressively designed/built update that has cured all of its initially quirky UI and other issues. And now I think I will finally trash my other weather apps (e.g., Accuweather and Weather Channel) that I have used as back ups, and which constantly need to be cross-referenced anyway against each other to get an accurate assessment of the weather anyway. Great app. Beautifully done. Excellent new version without getting rid of its soul. Get this app. It’s the best.

- New 6.0 version is upsetting

This new version is a far cry from what this beautiful app used to be. There are tons of weather apps out there and what stood out about Dark Sky was the fact that it was simple pretty interface and easy to navigate. The new 6.0 version is a cluster-‘you know what’ of information. Which is cool, because everyone wants to be in power, but at the same time it’s very uneasy on the eyes. Just too much going on. The interface and the look and the feel feels also dated as if it’s a step backwards. It looks like a diluted weather application and doesn’t stand out from the crowd whatsoever. Unfortunately I’m thinking of switching just because this is not what I fell in love with. Sometimes too much information is not a good thing. If they could figure out a better more effective way of delivering that information in a clean interface, then I’m all for it. But rather than having all the info display it at my fingertips, there is just way too much attention that needs to be paid to the app in order to serve and navigate it successfully. If it works so well, then why change a beautiful thing? I really think this was on the step in the wrong direction.

- Beauty is only skin deep

Within ten miles of a major tech hub, I expect accurate and current weather information. But as the March 2018 East Coast cyclone was—hopefully—making its last lashes, I was concerned. We’d had power out, nearby injuries and even deaths from the storm. Friday night had seen a domino of falling 65-foot trees leave a 200-foot line of tree wreckage starting 30 feet from my property line, luckily in conservation land. Nor’easters typically finish with strong west winds, which would aim any more falling trees right at my house, my shed, my garage. Clearly the wind was still from the north, and seemed strong and gusty. So I pulled out Dark Sky and checked. It told me my exact location, and that I had 10 mph winds; it doesn’t tell gusts. This was unbelievable. I hit a major web site and it confirmed what I was viewing: steady 18 mph winds with gusts to 39 mph. That’s a huge difference in capacity for damage. Like I said, I am only ten miles from a major city. Dark Sky has given me generic and imprecise weather info for months, but I never looked into it closely. I am removing this app from my phone permanently. I consider its weather information hazardously untrustworthy.

- Snow Management Must

I work in the snow and ice management Industry in the Midwest where weather seems to be unpredictable to the local weathermen. Just last month we had a 4” snowfall with no snow in the forecast. I searched high and low for an app that would notify me just before the snow would fall, so we would be able to service our clients outside of regular business hours, a must in this industry. I stumbled across Dark Sky and I will tell you for me it is well worth the money. It notifies you when precipitation is about to fall, which is great in an industry where you get limited sleep. The push notification is unique and enough to wake me up in a snow event and great in events that the weatherman misjudged. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because we service multiple areas, and precipitation hits differently in certain areas with lake effect. It would be nice if there was an option to get push notifications for multiple locations. Other than that I’m so happy I came across this app.

- Declined over the years

This was the hands-down best weather app a few years ago, but has declined in usefulness recently. It was perfect in every way, especially after it became available on the watch. However, last August they overhauled the interface when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place. I hate pretty much everything about the new interface. It’s more confusing to look at, some of the fonts are too small, and I preferred swiping to see the maps and long range forecast. Worst of all though is that the watch app no longer works since the August update, and I’ve now reverted to using Apple’s inferior weather app complication instead. The notifications remain super timely though, which was always the feature that differentiated them from all the other weather apps, but given that they no longer appear on my watch I often miss them entirely. I’d still recommend Dark Sky for use on iOS for the timely notifications, but look elsewhere for the time being if you want a working watch app.

- Used to be great! Now, not so much.

This review is for the weather forecast and predictions for the Washington DC metropolitan area. Dark sky used to be as close to accurate as it could get. For the majority of 2019 it’s been subpar at best. It’s constantly reporting clear for the upcoming few hours when you can see lightening followed by steady rain for the next hour. This has happened more often than not and I’m beginning to think that they’ve turned this weather app into a pranking app; either that, or whatever meteorologists they’ve hired are straight out of high school (I can’t possibly think of any other valid reason for the obscene amount of inaccuracy that this once “go-to” weather app has become). It’s nonsensical that they still charge for this app but hopefully this review will help others think twice about buying this app and wasting their money. I get that the weather isn’t the easiest thing to predict and mistakes are bound to happen, but 9/10 wrong forecast projections is anything but a mistake. Hope they pull it together soon. Such a shame.

- In the south we care a lot about the humidity

Not sure how much of a fan I am of the recent changes to the interface, but this is a pretty awesome app. I spend a lot of time outdoors for work and while it’s about as accurate in the mountains as most weather forecasts in predicting weather, but once it starts raining I think it has always accurately predicted when the rain will intensify and stop. The biggest grip I have with the new interface is how difficult it is to find the humidity (also, don’t tell me it’s humid if the humidity is below 75%, cause that is lovely). It used be be a quick click, but now I have to scroll down and then over on a tiny little menu. It isn’t user friendly, and I live in the south, so the humidity is way more important than the temperature in the summer (we know it’s going to be hot, but will any of our sweat evaporate???). Thanks for a great app. This would be a 5 star review if finding the humidity is made easier or there is an option to go back to the old interface.

- Accuracy is not as advertised

I do not usually write reviews, but I thought others should know before they spend money on an app that is less accurate then the native apple weather app. I purchased it solely based on the good reviews and the misleading info page. Unfortunately, it has been wrong since the app was turned on. As I am standing in my backyard telling my dogs to come in because a downpour had started, the app says light rain in 20 mins. Meanwhile, it is a constant heavy rain for over a couple hours and the app says light rain ending soon. It did not stop. Also, I look ahead in the day to see what time it will rain, apple says 1pm and this app says 7pm? Of course it rained around 2 so both were wrong, but 5 hours off? I don’t mean to be so picky but it hasn’t been right yet and the fact that I spent money on “toy” app led me to write this review. The reason I gave 3 instead of 2 is because it is a nicely put together app with some great features. I just wish it could do what it says it could do. I will be sticking with my free apple app

- Thanks for the update

I always thought the old UI with the map sliding over like a drawer was spatially confusing, the new UI is much clearer to me. Love the new watch complication too, I used to need a separate complication to show me the current conditions and now it and temp are consolidated into one. Some minor suggestions: it’s not obvious that you can press on the main temp to see additional info like wind speed, maybe adding an (i) button or something would help. Also, I think more information could fit into the 24-hour forecast section, like you did in the 7-day section. And in the bottom bar Notifications and Report are (for me) much less often used than Forecast or Map, so maybe those can be moved elsewhere and instead the 7-day view could get its own tab. It would also be nice to allow you to swipe left and right to switch tabs (except Map of course).

- Mostly Everything to Love

As the title indicates, I love everything about this app except one thing. But first the "good" . . . What sets Dark Sky apart from other weather apps I've seen is the accuracy for precipitation. I can be anywhere and always depend on this for when precipitation when occur and the intensity. So far, for me, it's been accurate 99% of the time! That feature, alone, makes it well worth the purchase. Now, since I cycle a lot it's important to know the wind speed and direction. This is the one place where Dark Sky falls short of my expectations. The wind speed part is fine but it only shows arrows for the wind direction and no compass to show the direction. It would have been nice if the arrows were replaced with N,S,E,W or at the very least included a compass on the screen so you know which direction. If this feature were improved I would have left a perfect 5 star rating. I hope that the developers will improve the wind speed indicators with the next update.

- Works well.

I've heard lots of good things about Dark Sky. "It's great. It's awesome." From my perspective it works very well. Is it AWESOME? No. Not really. But it does work. One of the cool features is that it will tell you it will start (or stop) raining in "x" minutes. Usually it will say 8 minutes or some similar small amount of time. Guess what. If I'm outside and it's going to rain in 8 minutes, I could probably guess that it is going to rain soon. Knowing it is going to stop raining in 90 minutes would be great. But it normally gives you a much smaller heads up. So it's not that big of a deal. I do a lot of outdoor activities and I compare Dark Sky to my local weather forecast. The majority of the data is pretty comparable. When you look at the rain forecast... it's hit or miss. Especially if you are looking 2 or 3 days out. Sometimes Dark Sky is more accurate. Sometimes my local weather is more accurate. So is Dark Sky worth it? Sure. The Dark Sky interface is FAR SUPERIOR to my local TV weather app. Dark Sky is easier to use and It has more functionality. I've used a couple of other weather apps and they were not as informative. Maybe there are other good apps out there but this one works just fine. Bottom line? The weather is the weather. Most apps (and local TV stations) are going to be right about the same amount of time. The thing that sets Dark Sky apart is it's interface. It is my go-to weather app.

- Nothing special but sometimes wrong

I find the layout confusing to look at and inconvenient. First, it only gives the data for every two hours, while free apps like weather channel gives data hourly. I have to go back and forth between temp and % of precipitation and try to remember between hours- because I need the comparison to know what the rain chances are at what temperatures to decide when to blanket my horse. That is a pain to go back and forth plus scrolling through days. On the overall line for a day, it shows one figure for rain chances, like 15%, then I open the details fir the day, and click % precipitation and all of the hours shown says 0%. Really?? Then why is it 15% overall? Maybe because this app only shows every two hours? The other day, I was leaving the barn and checked to see if it was going to rain at all, and it shows zero chance, and for “now” is showed zero and for the next hour, it showed zero. So I walked outside with my horse and within five minutes it started to rain- not a downpour but a light steady rains. So my small fee for this crappy app is possibly a donation to line someone’s pocket.

- Overpriced hype

The app looks cute. Even though most to all of the info you are interested is there, it always seems to either take too many taps or digging around to find. Once the info is found, the presentation often is unusual (too cute?) that it takes a moment to process what it's saying. That's too inefficient. As for the current condition, "foggy" seems to be the default when it doesn't know what to say. Clear, overcast, light mist, all could cause the app to say "foggy." Other times, when wind is gusting at 35+ MPH, it could say "clear" and that's it. Good weather app would say windy at least. Next hour forecast is accurate about half of the time. In the end, this app provides same info as other weather apps, often not better to worse. At $3.99, it's overpriced hype. I literally get laughed at by friends who have better data using free apps. Maybe worth $.99 to remove ads, that's about it. This app is in the same category as Siri; fun to pull out at parties for a laugh, but you'd never use as utility. I regret spending the money and would not recommend this app.

- Uncannily accurate

This app is amazingly consistent at timing the start or stop of drizzle/rain/downpour events. My reaction the first time I got the alert “Drizzle will start in 2 minutes” was “uh huh, sure.” But, that time and many times since, I found I need to pay attention to its alerts. The app’s data are certainly not infallible at predicting precip events, but the app frequently gives you the sense that it can predict the future with eerie accuracy. This is an extremely handy feature in the summer in Colorado, where “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.” Like any other weather app, Dark Sky is competent at reporting the current temperature and predicting temperature and RH. And it has a wonderfully simple and intuitive interface. Given its name, though, it is clear that the app really shines at predicting and alerting about precipitation events, with high accuracy and resolution measured in minutes.

- good for up to the minute forecast

I walk to work, and Dark Sky's up to the minute rain predictor ("light drizzle in 10 minutes") is GREAT for helping determine when to head home without getting caught in the rain. It's also good for places that have rapid fluctuations in weather, e.g. going to the beach, where "30% chance of rain" is the forecast EVERY DAY. Finally, I have successfully used Dark Sky to accurately determine what to wear when traveling to a new place. The temperature range indicator is so much more helpful for determining what clothes to pack without reading each day's forecast. However, I have noticed lately that Dark Sky tends to err on the side of predicting rain even if it might not rain, which can be frustrating until you realize it will say rain even if there is a 2 or 3% chance of rain falling somewhere in your area that day. This is especially common during the summer when thunderstorms can pop up literally at a moment's notice, or localized rain might mean Dark Sky says it's raining when it's actually not in your exact location (but might be down the street). However, I'll take a couple of days looking dumb because I brought an umbrella for seemingly no reason, over frustration that I got caught unprepared. Great app, nice interface. Highly recommend if you want a weather app that is helpful and looks good.

- Good except for Watch portion

Update 10/30: For the life of me I cannot understand how the watch complications haven’t been addressed yet. There are so many reviews mentioning this and months later they still do not work. 08/21: New update may be more stable (I have not used it long enough to know) but at this point they still do not have a working watch complication. It’s too bad to pay $5 for a good weather app only to have to use the stock weather app on your watch. Original review: App seems fairly accurate, although honestly there’s not a ton of information presented. What information is available is presented in a well-polished design but the Apple Watch complication will not update or display. It did when the app first installed so I thought they had fixed what everyone else was complaining about but once it updates the display everything disappears.

- Waste of money...

I bought this app because of the high ratings and everyone saying how accurate it was. I live in Asheville and it is seemingly very hard to forecast the weather for. I have downloaded 7 or 8 free apps for weather, but this one I bought because of its reputation and the fact that I couldn’t find a trial version. This was a mistake. This app is never correct to what my weather is currently doing or what it is going to do. In fact, it is usually off more than all the other apps. It is usually off by 5 degrees, and if it is currently raining it says it’s partly sunny. Lol. Honestly, it’s a little comical at how wrong it is on a constant basis. I have started showing how wrong it is to my friends when I am out and we have laughed so hard that one labeled the app “Dark Lie” due to its inaccuracy. It would be more hilarious if I hadn’t spent $ on it. Also, I was able to add a few cities to it as I travel often, but now it seems I cannot. Not sure what happened. I am deleting the app after this. I downloaded the free Weather Channel app and in the last 3 months I have noticed it is WAY more accurate than Dark Lie.

- Don’t believe the Hype!

Wish I could get my money back! After finally growing tired of the ads and slow loading Weather Channel app on my iPhone 8 I looked around and saw many people praising this app. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Save your money. You get better results looking out the window for information!! It said no rain till late in the evening. Everyone else says 20-30% chance of rain between 9-11 in the morning. It’s raining at 9:23am! Look back at Dark sky, it now says it’s raining! Gee thanks! Great weather forecasting!👍 On top of that it’s a jumbled mess of information! I paid for it so I’ll keep it and see if it improves but for the money (FREE) the best weather app is the built in iPhone weather app with the link to the full blown Weather Channel app (in the lower left hand corner). You want fast and accurate with few details it’s there, you need more detail click through the link to the Weather Channel and endure the ads!

- OverRated

I figured with this being the number 1 weather app it would be amazing. I am into weather and run a weather page on FB so I know my way around weather apps and utilities. I find the interface on this app not well laid out. There isn’t much to this app. I guess its main purpose is to tell you if it’s rain or snowing and for how long. You can set up very limited alerts but they require you to enable GPS always on your phone. I notice my gps symbol would stay on no matter what even after closing the app. I don’t like any app to constantly use my gps so I set it to only use gps when using app like other apps I have. That fixed the constant gps symbol but now the app complains and turns off all alerts. I guess this app is ok if you like a basic weather and alert information. There is way better weather apps and even some free ones better than this. I prefer the app storm which has a much better layout and way more information. If I could get a refund I would but I guess it could be buyers remorse as I expected so much more.

- Apple Watch App Broken

Update I thought they might have finally fixed this, nearly a year later, because they say they did in the release notes. No they didn’t. The complication still just shows their logo and not the actual temperature. This has carried over from my Series 2 to a new Series 3 watch, so it’s not the watch. It’s a good app for the iPhone, though. Original Review The iPhone app is excellent, and the Apple Watch app used to be, but has been broken since December 2016. Starting with an update at that time, the complication no longer shows the temp, but just the Dark Sky logo (intermittently). At the time, I emailed asking them about it, and they said they were working on it and asked me to be patient. I really would have thought that they could have sorted it out by now, so I have lost patience. The lack of the complication really reduces the value of the app. If you don't have an Apple Watch, get this app. If you do, and want to use this on the watch, then you may want to give it a pass until they finally do fix the complication issue.

- Best radar by far.

If you drop a few bucks on this app you will not regret it. I've been through all the other apps but this radar is the top of the line. I use it daily and if you need to know anything about the weather in your area this is your app. This is not full of the fluff that other weather apps have like videos of people's pets and stuff like that, just the weather and forecast. I love it and so will you if you try it. Update: as of late, the location has never been accurate. It says I’m in a town 20 mi north of me so the weather forecast is useless. Looks like its time to uninstall and ask Apple for refund. Sure its all pretty and stuff but how can I rely on a weather app that has my location wrong. I can look out the window for free. Its a shame but I will get over it. “My RADAR” is always on point so that’s what I get for being unfaithful.

- Made me a believer

Let’s face it-most all weather apps do the same thing. Seeing the ‘word ‘hyperlocal’ kind of makes me want to roll my eyes....BUT this thing totally works as advertised. I live in the lightning strike capital of America, SE Florida. Look it up, I’ll wait.... anyway we can have 5-6 different types of weather in one afternoon, and this app is on point in letting me know what’s going on where I am. If you’re driving and your weather is changing, it alerts you. How cool is that!? It’s really fun to tell your wife ‘it’s gonna rain in a few minutes’ and she says ‘are you sure I don’t see rain clouds’ and sure enough, it rains. Strap on your jetpacks, cause the future is here, boys and girls. And, if you’re studying meteorology (shouldn’t that reference asteroids instead of weather?🤔 ) you may want to consider switching majors unless you are really captivating, cause this app rocks.

- What a shame!

I waited a couple of weeks to critique the new update. I must admit that I still like the older functionality better. And it’s not because one is resistant to change. But putting that aside, my biggest problems are twofold: 1. The app does not jump immediately to the current location as it always did. I have to force load it, and on top of that it stays put no matter where I go. 2. I have set Dark Sky as the weather complication on my Apple Watch as well as my default weather app. It used to show me the temperature based on the current location. I also told that rain was coming. It wowed my golfing buddies and many of them bought the app for this reason. It sold itself! The new format took away that functionality and all I get in the complication is whether it’s cloudy or sunny, which I can tell by just opening my eyes. If I’m doing something wrong I would appreciate the correction but if not, please return the app to its former great functionality. I am almost ready to go back to Yahoo Weather. Thank you

- Always on location services for widget??

This is an otherwise nice app and one of my favorite weather apps that I use with TWC and AccuWeather. But the recent update now requires location services to be Always on in order for the widget to tell you the weather at your location. This is a big nono as I do not want my GPS antenna always on for 1) preserve battery life and 2) privacy reasons. They can say what they want about my information remaining private, but I find it hard to believe that the app now requires this when this worked fine with location services at “Only while using” before the recent update and my other weather apps work fine also in this setting.” I find it ridiculous and unacceptable that this now requires such settings for the widget to work. I will be deleting this app until this issue is fixed and they can figure out how to get the widget to work on “Only while using” like it did before. And although I already purchased the app, I won’t be recommending it to others as long as it forces location services to be on all the time.

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- Delayed Alerts

Dark Sky is one of few apps on my iPhone with always on location preferences but its still off target just enough to be annoying. One example: at the grocery and dark sky says overcast so I proceed on a 15 minute walk home. 5 minutes in, the drizzle starts and I’m walking in it until I’m home. Once inside, I get a dark sky alert “drizzle starting in Chicago”. On another occasion, a violent storm pelts the skylights of my 4th floor office with a large amount of hail, 10 minutes later Dark Sky announces a storm on the way. Since I have suggested Dark Sky to others, I hear when the alerts fall short (as if! I’m somehow related to the apps functions, or lack thereof). Outside these shortcomings, I love the interface but nothing has beaten the old WeatherBug app on my iMac in terms of hyper local function. Annoying but not enough to replace or delete.

- No What It Used To Be

When you at first came out I could count on it to reliably tell me when precipitation what happen in the next 12 to 24 hours. It excelled at predicting my local weather. The app recently underwent a major update and it is as if people app is gone, replaced by a limp non-functional piece of software. I am not one to rate Apple and I certainly do not write many reviews however, as I sit here listening to the water drip off with each of my house and I think about my patio furniture soaked by an overnight shower I can’t help but think that the old app what is provided warning that the stray shower was coming overnight. Like a car that you no longer trust because you can’t be sure it won’t break down on your trip to work, this app has lost my trust. I will have to go back to the old-fashioned method of looking at the sky.....and carry an umbrella.

- Amazing, not necessary

This app combines all the things I look for in an app, minimalism, fluidity, and gorgeous design. Working inside the office or a coffee shop and seeing a notification that it will begin raining soon is amazing. It is the best weather app out there. Only issue is you can get relatively the same information for free from other apps or even stock iOS weather. The Ugly: Not to much to say here. I wish they would implement different theme options, especially a dark theme. At times the globe can be glitchy even on the new iPhone generation. Bottom Line: Treat yourself to an app that will go much longer for your day-to-day life than your $4 espresso. This app is also crazy accurate and helpful with the notification options. I have not regretted buying this app and I have only bought one or two apps the past couple years.

- Used to be great- bitd

When this app first appeared it was amazingly accurate in prediction. Then, 3 or 4 years ago something happened - it suddenly became undependable/inaccurate. For a couple years I kept hoping it would get good again, but rarely bother looking at daily predictions anymore - I’ve found WU Storm to be much better. No idea what happened but others have reported the same thing. Alas, I keep the app for its globe - it works well, and I’ve learned a lot about weather patterns worldwide also. I do wish I could control the speed of the radar/satellite images, and also, when zooming in/out screen I’d like the option of selecting either hourly or daily view at any zoom at my discretion; similarly for the temperature globe. Another wish for the globe: that countries/cities names’ be selectable by language- I can’t read Arabic, for instance, but would like to know what country I’m looking at. Can’t the globe use Google Earth for locations, for instance, or is the premium too high?

- I love it but asking for a few changes

I love this app. It’s the first time I took the plunge and paid for a weather app. After my fav app went away, I hunted around and tried a bunch until I found this one. I like all the changes in the most recent updates. There are two things I think could be improved. 1- I’d like to see the weather arrows on the map. They show on the mini map but not when you click to view the full radar. The direction of the storm makes a huge difference in what amount of rain we will get. And 2- I wish the date would show next to the days for the future forecast. Sometimes I have plans based on a date and I get a little lost remembering if that date is a fri sat sun etc. Showing the date would make a huge difference. Overall I’ve found this app to be fairly accurate. It loads fast and it’s easy to see the forecast fairly quickly.

- No reason for this app

What made this app so different and famous was it’s emphasis on predicting what the exact weather, particularly rain or snow, was going to be within the next hour or so...that was it’s main purpose and made it so different from all the others... Now in latest app they minimize that vital feature, hide it almost, with small fonts and make it hard to see in the clutter and with very minimum detail...so this app now appears like all the rest...nothing special, a dime a dozen...no reason not to use all the better general weather apps out there...bad move! Suggestion to the developers...emphasize what you use to do best...enhance your best feature...tell us in a bold and in a more detailed way what the precipitation will be as we plan to go outside in an hour or so...stop being a generalist...and get back to your specialty of the past...this app is going in the wrong direction...get back to what made you special! Predict the weather in the most detailed way you can for the coming hour or two...then you’ll have an app that stands out from the crowd...

- If It Ain’t Broke....

Please give us the option to go back to version 5. It actually worked, made sense, and was accurate.. PLEASE.... The Dark Sky 5 we all had before this complete Embarrassment excuse for an app, WAS an awesome app. It WAS, and I stress “WAS” my only app for weather. I deleted all the rest. I referred soo many people to this app and even gifted it. Paid app or not, as soon as I find something better, which shouldn’t be too hard now...DELETE... I would bet all my money that 99% of previous users are applauding this review. Why did you have to screw this app up so badly when it was almost Flawless. I mean, Seriously? I rarely will review an app. It has to be 6 stars to get a review or less than (0) zero, which this awful nonfunctional app is. All that bragging I did. OMG, words can’t even describe how bad this app is, at least not words I can use in a review. I so Disgusted. If you want examples, just open the app and there it is. Do your company a favor and Change it back, you will get your loyal customers back who made you big by word of mouth and good reviews. NIKE.. Just Do It.

- Must Read - Don’t be Fooled - Save Yourself $4

I read many of the great reviews about dark sky and was tired of poor rendering and ads on other apps, so decided to purchase. After months of use, including the recent update, I’m extremely disappointed with the app functionality and accuracy. This app has no idea what the weather will be and they constantly change same day predictions. In addition, the radar is slow to load and you can only see radar movement either zoomed extremely far out in a blue blob, or close up with only radar history, which basically makes the radar pretty but useless. I was expecting the ability to toggle different types of maps, but there are only two (temp and precipitation). Other free weather apps I’ve used have an array of options (i.e. seeing pressure on the map, radar, satellite, showing user reports, etc), so this was very disappointing. Overall, as someone who rarely purchases apps, my feeling is that this was not worth the $4, and I’ve actually lost functionality and flexibility available on other free apps.

- Used to be my go-to weather app, hope it will be again

Dark Sky was my go-to weather app for awhile, but this latest update has severe flaws. While many are critical of the new UI, I’m less concerned about that than I am the complete loss of accurate weather data (I’m also a confounded why for a UI change Jackadam would need to alter their data collection or delivery accuracy). Gone are the advanced warnings for approaching rain. I now typically get a rain notifications *after* it has begun to rain, if I get a notification at all. Even more annoying than removed notifications is that the weather data upon opening the app won’t even show rain while it *is* raining. I emailed the developers on 8/24 on the lack of notifications and accurate data and received a reply stating: “Thanks for reaching out. We've become aware of the issue and will be rolling out a fix soon.” Since that time there have been to updates without a fix. The location auto-refresh is also broken which forces users to either open the location entry screen and tap “current location” or change locations and change back to update the weather data from the last time the app was opened. While the new UI will take some getting used to, that is just a learning curve situation. The new tendencies mentioned above for inaccurate data and a lack of notifications have removed 2 of the prime reasons I used Dark Sky and made the app nearly useless for me. Hopefully, the developers will indeed roll out a fix soon.

- Finally a weather app with a nice clean interface.

I used Garmin's now defunct "My-Cast" for years due to its simple and clean interface and (initial) accuracy. This app serves as a nice replacement. Loving it so far! Update 1: This app used to be very accurate and reliable. This past winter the snow forecasts were way off, and now the app and widget both seem to have a lot of bugs. I have lowered my rating from 5 to 3 stars. Update 2: The widget location does not stay synchronized with the app location. I just got a notification while sitting in my car that rain was stopping in 2 minutes. It was not raining, but it started raining a couple minutes later. The app showed my my current location but the widget was providing weather for a manually entered address. The only way to change the widget (I didn’t reboot) was to delete the address from within the app. Now the widget is stuck on Current Location regardless of what address I have selected in the app.

- Visually sensible and content accurate

I have several weather apps, and this is my favorite. I like how the app displays a graph that displays current weather conditions over time w/ animated content. If it’s raining heavy, a tall light blue water-like virtual image moves back and forth over the current time, and then the app shows you the intensity/weakening of conditions over time—I have dogs so seeing comments like “rain stopping in 20 minutes” on the same graph is much more helpful to me that a fancy weather app w/ rolling clouds over a map; although large green blobs moving over a map tells me it’s raining, it doesn’t tell me the duration of time associated w/ the storm’s trajectory. I go to this app for quick planning for my four-legged family members, travel, and outdoor workout routines! It’s visually sensible and the content is highly accurate.

- Top Tier for Sure, but Not Without Fault

About as close to perfect as can be; one star docked because oftentimes app will open through widget but not load any data and another for accuracy. Normally there’s a little bit of wiggle room with that latter (obviously nobody can have a 100% rating in forecasts) but the app that touts itself “the most accurate hyperlocal” in the first sentence of the description shouldn’t be sending me notifications about the rain stopping when there’s none coming down. Notice that I didn’t complain about the price or amount of notifications as they’re negligible complaints (that I’m not even putting out there) when stacked against the “Pro” column. One of my particularly favorite features is the report button which will squash that latter issue with a broader user base and from what I’ve seen with the most recent dev team my former complaint is probably not long for this Earth (I only noticed it about two updates ago).

- Pretty good app

This app provides all the info I could want in a weather app. I love that it offers different notification settings and such a variety of measurements and maps. Only one complaint, which is probably more of a feature request. Within the Time Machine view, if I’m trying to see the progression of any aspect other than temperature I have to scroll and re-select that aspect for each day I try to view. This is most inconvenient when trying to view the progression of pressure changes, which is a primary migraine trigger for many people, but is also the aspect that is listed last on the scrolling list. It would be great if the app held onto which aspect I was trying to view when I moved through days so I could more easily check pressure changes (or wind, or humidity, etc) from the previous day to better prepare. Otherwise, super app and I’m pretty happy with it!

- Great app, but...

Love the app. Syncs in the background on my Apple Watch properly, clean and easy to read UI. My only complaint is that the Apple Watch complication is backwards. For example, every other weather app I've used will put the low temp on the left side of the infograph circular complication, and the high temp on the right side. Same with the corner complication on the infograph face; the low for the day is on the left side of the progress bar, with the high being on the right. Every other complication with a high and low value will put the lowest value on the left and the highest on the right, but Dark Sky is backwards! It's just very unintuitive, and can be really confusing if the Dark Sky complication is next to another complication that uses a high/low value set. My only other request would be able to view more data points on the Watch such as wind speed, humidity, UV index, etc.

- The ONLY weather app I’ll ever rely on...

Tried every free app on the App Store I could find, and they all failed me. Since downloading Dark Sky, it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. And I mean literally. I was on the hunt for a good weather app since I’m now in Florida, and when I ride my motorcycle I prefer to not get drenched. Florida weather can be sunny one minute, and torrential downpours the next. Every other weather app just said “40-60% chance of rain” every day. I could have guessed that. They were useless. Dark Sky gives much more accurate forecasting, and while other apps are projecting heavy rain, if Dark Sky says it will be clear, I know without a doubt that I’ll be fine. I’ve made my wife download this app, and recommended it to all my friends. Hands down favorite weather app of all time. Worth every penny and then some.

- Fancy with few functions

I’m 20 miles from home. The home screen shows the address in at, but the radar still pins my house and there are no options on the radar. That’s a HUGE issue for me. I also want context and to see the entire nation to see how weather systems may effect me in Florida days out. Instead of keeping the graphic quality, the radar blurs when i zoom out at STATE LEVEL! I’m not sure most people want this app for the content instead, only for the pretty pictures. Aside from the blurring, the graphics are beautiful. Unfortunately I wasted my money as I’m looking for more information and layers. For $5, I’d hope to have a little more control and hurricane information. Most of the information it shows me is nonsense visual. Glitz and glamour seems to be priority these days. It’s a good start and could becoming something with he graphics but it would t be this anymore. If form follows function, they neglected function.

- Disappointment

Should have read the recent reviews of the major change. I always heard of Dark Sky since it first came out, but just didn’t feel the need to pay $3.99 for a weather app when other free apps does just enough. Fast forward many years, simply out of curiosity, one day I randomly download the app to see what everyone has been raving about. Major disappointment came soon after. I just paid $3.99 for a weather app that doesn’t do much more than those I already had. The widget is actually worse. What’s with those glaring empty space that’s wasted? And you need to expand to even see the next hour prediction/forecast. Easily all of the info could have fit even without expanding. Boy was this a major let down. At least those who have been loyal to the app for a while got to enjoy the the supposed informative uniqueness of the app until the update. I just waited all along for nothing only to pay $3.99 for an app that’s barely better than what you get for free.

- Much improved over the past few years

My initial review of Dark Sky was only 1 star, and it truly deserved it with never getting correct the rain notifications correct, it never got my address correct (always displayed my address as any one of five neighbors' addresses), and almost non-existent customer support. Most of this has changed for the better. Now, when Dark Sky says it's going to rain I usually make sure I'm not outside as it's more likely correct than not. Also, it displays my actual address about 90% of the time now...huge improvement. And they've made some huge improvements to the app over the past few years, most importantly you can now easily center the radar map on your current location. Customer support is still very, very slow...but thankfully, you won't need it very often as the app basically works well.

- Precipitation Notifications

So so app that I use this in conjunction with Weather Underground & Storm by weather underground. Essentially this app is good for one thing & that's notifying you of upcoming precipitation changes along with intensity. With that being said I've had it for 24hrs now & it has notified me that's it's raining as well as the app claiming current rain with light intensity. Went & checked my weather underground app & it showed the correct weather which was mostly cloudy with rain further east. Great idea, but I wish I just saved my money. Most likely this app will eventually get deleted & I will go back to checking my weather underground apps more often. Weather Underground uses outdoor personal weather stations across the nation while darksky uses the internal sensors of handheld devices to accumulate & automated weather changes based on barometric changes. All in all a decent idea but never as accurate as weather underground's setup.

- Best app I've ever paid for

I don't buy many apps. This one is a winner. Great fun features for local and global weather! Alerts are judicious and not bothersome. I find myself checking it just for fun. Gives all kinds of weather info that's helpful. One night after getting the app I got an alert sitting at my desk that it was about to rain heavily for a few mins. It was not in anyone's forecast...or Apple weather... the sky was clear I had just been outside. I walk out my front door see the moon and yup it's crystal clear.... hmm must be an error. NOPE. Like on cue is starts pouring. There is a huge cloud right above our block! Pinpoint. They use a network of Doppler radar like your local news does and can pinpoint the weather to your location. Will warn you when it's about to rain and tell you when it will stop. Get this app!

- The best and most accurate weather app around

I can’t say enough good things about this app. It’s the best weather app there is and totally worth the price. It is the killer app for the Apple Watch. Honestly if it wasn’t for their watch complication I’d most likely get rid of my Apple Watch. The only complaint I could make about it is that Apple seems to keep breaking their complication with every watchOS release, and with the new App Store design I ended up having to delete the app and download it again to get the latest update and fix for watchOS 4. That is more of a complaint about Apple and their processes than it is about the Dark Sky app though, which I really can’t say enough good things about. This is a must have app. Forget about the built in weather and any other weather apps. Dark Sky is the way and the light.

- Good app, poor map performance

Dark Sky is great at giving me detailed forecasts. I especially appreciate the short-term rain forecasts, which are very accurate in my experience, as well as the dew point forecast, which is a great way to know how humid it’s going to feel without dealing with abstractions such as a “feels-like” temperature (and is surprisingly hard to find in other apps/sources!). However, the feature that first sold me on Dark Sky - the wonderfully animated radar maps - has strongly declined in quality. Frame stitching is very poor, which leads to many frames with missing graphics. Whole tiles appear and disappear from one minute to the next. It’s basically unusable, and I would happily trade the animation for at least the ability to see a complete picture of the current moment. But those frequently break too. Please make it work again!

- Accuracy slipping.

I've been using this service for years across platforms and lately it has become unreliable. I'm writing this while soaking wet from a rain storm they never detected. They forecast rain six hours from now, I was 30min into mowing the lawn when hit by a torrential downpour with <10m visibility that lasted 20 minutes; not a small storm cell. After getting to shelter, I re-checked the forecast. According to them it wasn't raining and still had no chance of rain until later this afternoon/evening. Dark Sky used to be hyper accurate, but now it's like 90/10 correct at telling you what you see at that second with your own eyes, 80/20 correct at telling you what to expect five minutes from now, 60/40 correct at predicting ten minutes into the future, and maybe 10/90 correct thirty minutes or longer into the future. I miss being able to rely on this app for accurate weather predictions.

- Found a Surprise

Started searching for a replacement weather app for Accuweather after it tanked quickly under July’s version 14 upgrade. So, went back to Dark Sky, an app that I’ve used occasionally over the years and accidentally discovered that just by tapping on the temperature (or forecasted temperature) a screen pops-up displaying a snapshot of the Current Conditions at-a-glance! 🎯 Wish I’d known about this pop-up sooner. It’s a game changer for me. Wouldn’t have wasted time looking for another replacement app for Accuweather when I already had an app that gave me what I wanted; weather at-a-glance! SUGGESTION to Developer: Post a Screenshot of this pop-up feature in the App Store Preview pane of Dark Sky so other users know it exists. Would have been inclined to make the transition to Dark Sky sooner if I’d known about it!

- Good app, has more potential

Dark sky does a great job with local forecasts. It's accuracy is amongst the best. A few things that would make it the standard weather app: • Daily low temperatures provided in a manner that indicates if the low is in the morning or evening (current method just shows there will be a low at some point that day, doesn't indicate if it's an early morning low or evening low - other apps demonstrate this much better by showing the low in between the days of the week) • Larger fonts or at a minimum, customizable font size. There's a fair amount of wasted space that would be better served with larger fonts to be more readable. • Dark theme - you would think Dark Sky would have a dark sky theme • The weekly forecast could demonstrate the forecasted weather, i.e., cloud cover and rain with shades of grays and blues instead of just the solid black bar.

- Great information, UX is awkward

I’ve come to rely on dark sky every day for the last four years. The data has kept me dry as a cyclist and helps me plan really effectively for my daily commutes. The old UI definitely needed a refresh, and I appreciate the cleaner look of version 6, but the app is even more frustrating to use than before. There are a few areas where the app has some UX opportunities: - I shouldn’t be able to “scroll” left and right if all it does is bounce the viewport around and there is nothing to scroll to in those directions. - I could not tell that the metrics in red underneath the hourly forecast could scroll on an iPhone 7, but it’s perfectly apparent on an iPhone X. - it seems the app is designed for *really* tall screens. On an iPhone 7 I have to scroll down past the hourly forecast, then choose another metric (ie UV index), then scroll back up to the top, in order to simply see just the next hour’s forecast for something other than temperature. I have to do this for several metrics when I’m planning a bike ride. These metrics in red should really be at the top of the hourly forecast for easier use. - generally, a more condensed view of data would be nice. I feel I’ll keep with Weather Nerd for this reason.

- Once great specialized app, now a general purpose also-ran

Once upon a time, Dark Sky focused on doing one thing well – near-term weather alerts – and it did that one thing exceptionally well. Over time, the developers added features and lost focus on what made Dark Sky so useful to runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need to know what’s going to happen weatherwise in the next hour. Dark Sky now is more often surprised by weather events rather than alerting me to them. Today, I am caught on my motorcycle in a rainstorm that was unforecast by Dark Sky, unalerted by Dark Sky even ten minutes before it began (despite my settings calling for alerts of “any precipitation”), and unacknowledged by Dark Sky until 20 minutes after a steady rain began falling. What happened to this once-excellent app? What will it take to get the developers to rediscover what made Dark Sky special rather than just another weather app?

- Really Outstanding WX App!

Flat out my go-to most favorite WX app! No question the most accurate and one of the simpler User Interfaces as it shows just what you need. I have a background in weather so I’m super picky about WX apps re accuracy, etc. BTW *other* weather apps actually pull their weather info from Dark Sky because of their location-specific accuracy. What is uncanny is how accurate their Push Notifications are for telling you when (and how) you’re about to experience precipitation pretty much down to the minute. “Light rain in 10 minutes.” I look at a radar app, there’s nothing showing yet sure enough light rain starts in 10 minutes. Dark Sky’s WX info will change with your location (which you can disable if you want) so wherever I’ve travelled it’s changed to show what’s happening right down to the exact location (within 100 feet or so). Paris and Vincennes France, Amsterdam, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cuba, the forecast was always current and accurate. The most cool feature is the global weather view showing the entire globe’s weather patterns that you can move and spin to check out weather anywhere on earth. Even if you don’t travel it’s very cool to see. So, yeah this is Must-Have weather app. Well worth it!

- Gamble

I decided to take a gamble on the weather today. My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the Bronx zoo but the weather on the news and on other apps said thunderstorms and rain. I checked dark sky after having mixed feelings about them and the app said no rain or thunderstorms at all. I thought it was weird seeing as though everyone else predicted storms. I decided to trust dark sky and took my girlfriend to the zoo. The whole day was amazing. The weather was just as dark sky said, no storms and no rain. We saw the clouds coming in but they just went right over us. The roads about 5 miles away were soaked but nothing in the zoo. I thought this was amazing and decided dark sky is my go to weather app now. Thank you for giving me the chance to have an amazing day when everyone else said I couldn’t!

- Not worth all the praise

Since Storm was updated I have been without a decent weather app. My first complaint is in the two weeks I’ve had the app I’ve already had a message on the radar screen telling my Radar is offline. How is that? I live in Northern Va not far from DC. There are numerous sources for radar coverage. Another issue I have is that I never know how much precipitation to expect. Every other app will tell you, at a minimum, .25, .50, 1”, etc. Not this one. A few days ago a redesign was released. It is an improvement except, it is a pain to have to toggle between temp, precipitation, wind, and so on. Give us all of the info in a simple to decipher layout. It shouldn’t take more than a glance to see what the days weather will look like. The developers should take a look at what was lost when Storm was bought and changed. At least I don’t have to see and Ads since I paid for this.

- Simple yet smart

I downloaded Dark Sky a couple of days ago, and am certain that this is my new “go to” weather app. I enjoy following the weather, and Dark Sky has all the information I need in a simple yet elegant way. Since the Weather Channel ruined Wunderground I was in search of a replacement app. It’s easy to navigate around Dark Sky to find information; I especially enjoy the feature that lets you explore weather reports in the future (Like many weather apps). My favorite feature is that Dark Sky also gives you the ability to look back at previous reports—No other weather app does this and I have needed, on several occasions, to review past weather. To my knowledge, the only site that also allows a retrospective view is the NOAA website.

- New to Dark Sky

At first I was a bit skeptical to this app! Dark Sky came highly recommended! Right now I am running three weather apps since dropping Storm! Dark Sky ,My Radar and NOAA Radar. Upon downloaded Dark Sky I began to wonder why I bought it! It does take a bit of time to get use to this app. After some time playing with it, it began to grow on me. But I do have some suggestions. I still don’t understand the radar. It’s somewhat different then what I am use to seeing! I do love the weather reporting option. But some additional weather report information would be helpful. Like a box for wind speed, temperature, visibility, humidity and ceiling. As a forester and pilot weather reporting plays a very important role! Since they butchered Storm I am still searching for a great weather app.

- Golden App from the Start!

I’ve been using Dark Sky since June of 2015. Since that date, it’s been my #1 favorite weather app. It’s major draw is accuracy. I’ve been looking extensively between Dark Sky and another popular radar app and the data offered on dark sky was vastly superior. With a storm front about to hit, the rival app displayed rainfall while Dark Sky displayed it a few miles away yet. Because Dark Sky has these hyperlocal data points from using phones barometer and sharing it with other users, they are showing details that reflect actual weather events much better. Whereas the traditional radar is interpreting clouds from a distance, Dark Sky pops in and helps to give the storm model more 3D details, which offers even better predictions. It’s grown a lot over the years and become much more user friendly and less buggy. However there is one issue that has persisted from the beginning. “Playing” the radar loads slowly and doesn’t always update properly. A lot of the time, I need to reset the view by zooming in and out. I know it’s a lot of info to load, but I’d like to see some status on what’s been loaded and ready for viewing. Keep up the great work! Best weather app!


I recently got this app and I am already in love with it! It is accurate and reliable, and I really love that you can see the hourly forecasts for the future days in the week. There is just one problem keeping it from 5 stars, when looking at the radar, you can only see about 1 hour into the future but 5 hours into the past. It is helpful when trying to figure out how the storm is moving but it really doesn’t help when you are trying to look where the storm will be in the future. The time machine is absolutely amazing and it is so cool seeing the previous weather records from other years. Overall, I definitely recommend this app for the customizable notifications and reliability. The money paid for this app is well spent!

- Great Weather App

Really deserves more than five stars, call it ‘grade inflation’ due to reluctance on the part of users to rate apps poorly even when they deserve it. Of course nothing is perfect, especially in all its attributes. So to help this app become ‘more perfect’ I suggest improving the control feature for alternating between the various data types. It is laborious and time consuming to scroll back and forth on my iPhone 6 to see forecasts for temperature, feels like temperature, precipitation probability/rate, wind/gust, and uv factor. I am visiting Southern Thailand for the current year and each one of these forecasts and especially present conditions matters in forming my decision whether it is a good time to take my daily 5-8 mile walk. This was true also, albeit to a slightly lesser degree, during my recent three month stay in the Cyclades. Something like rearranging the forecast type selection soft keys on perhaps three lines could eliminate this need to scroll. After improving this I suggest ‘extra credit’ if you can eliminate my further need to scroll up and down to see the entire 1-hour-expanded 24 hours worth of data: suggest reducing vertical separation between horizontal hour lines.

- Good, could be better

Good app for predicting when the heavy rain will start and end within the next hour. However, for general use can give you a false idea of what weather will be like e.g. the 7 day at-a-glance forecast will display all clouds with lightening indicating bad weather for the week but in reality it's just a threat of afternoon showers like the summer will always have. It's mostly sunny yet the graphic indicates all clouds (not even partly cloudy). Also, the hourly horizontal rain bar indicating rain levels are very accurate but not as accurate in predicting when heavy rain is coming beyond the next hour e.g. sometimes shows drizzle when actually medium rain. Radar map is great but needs a basic "real feel" display. There's enough space to place temp and real feel together or temp and wind together instead of the extra clicks. As I still need to supplement with a second weather app - 3 stars.

- Next update? Hurry

Edit: I’m reducing my rating from 4 stars to 2 stars because I’m rather disappointed with the performance of this app since the big update. In the previous version the app was quick to refresh and load my current locations weather stats, however now the app is sluggish and sometimes won’t update the weather info from the last time I opened the app. I could be looking at the information from 12 hours ago, which as we all know in weather means nothing anymore because of how fast it changes. I used to show everyone this app because it was the best, now I don’t know if it’s worth their $4. I love this app so much, easily the best weather app on the market. HOWEVER, that being said, with the latest update I was disappointed that the ability to check the humidity outside was removed. Other than that I love the app. The reworked graphics and layout is very nice. I just really miss the humidity information.

- What has happened?

I tried to find a way to contact developer directly and was not able to. First- off I should apologize for not ever rating this app. This has been my favorite weather app- ever. I have about 20 weather apps... and Dark Sky has been my go to app for years- I have used this app even before it had it’s previous name. I have let so many people know that this is the best weather app ever. This app was correct, almost always to the minute. Something seems to have recently changed over the last few months. Now, it seems I cannot count on accurate info anymore. I have no idea why. I also notice that the weather forecast seems to change, as the weather is happening. Just like yesterday. There was a “slight chance of light rain between 4-5pm.” So about 430 yesterday- there were heavy thunderstorms and downpours for about 3 hours or so. When I checked the app (that said “light rain for an hour” just a few hours prior, now shows heavy rain w/ thunderstorms. I don't understand how an app Can change from being to about 90% correct, to totally wrong?! Over and over. This was not an issolated occurrence. Almost any day that has had rain, dark sky has been incorrect forecasting this. I am writing in hopes that maybe I need to do something different? Maybe somehow the poor forecasts are due to something I have done? Please help! I really want my favorite app back, instead of considering deleting it!

- Old version was great, new version needs work

I have been using the dark sky app very consistently for over a year. Unfortunately, this new update has really missed the mark. First off, I don’t like the scrolling effect when clicking to see the day’s forecast. There’s too much going on. I would prefer a simple upward sliding motion to show the detailed view. I also don’t like the buttons below the timeline. To see the humidity, for example, you have to scroll down, scroll to the right, click the “humidity” button, and then scroll back up. Not a very friendly experience. The coloration is also a new issue. The detailed view used to color the timeline bar blue (or dark blue) during certain hours to indicate when there was a chance of rain (or a very high chance of rain). It made it very easy to quickly glance at the timeline and see what to expect. Now the timeline coloring is a lot less informative. Why does it appear blue for a 14% chance of rain, but not a 31% chance at a different time (it’s showing this to me right now)? This may be a personal preference, but I also liked the graph/line chart look of the old version much better than the circles in the new version. They look disorganized rather than visually informative. Overall I’m still using the app because the forecast has been fairly accurate, but the new UX is significantly worse. I’m still not used to it several weeks later. Disappointing.

- Buggy and complicated

The old Dark Sky was one of the few apps I could rely on to always “just work”. The new version, not so much. This version doesn’t always show the current info when I launch. Sometimes it does but other times I have to force close and relaunch for it to update. This is my biggest gripe. I check the weather and there’s no way the temp can be right - then I look closely and notice it’s still showing the same data as it did a couple hours ago. Totally unreliable. Other times it just launches to a white screen. Force closing the app and relaunching seems to fix that too, although sometimes it will eventually load if you just let it sit there for 10-20 seconds. As far as the UI, I guess in some ways it’s just a matter of opinion, but the new UI definitely shows less information at a glance than the previous one. In the new UI a lot of info that used to be shown right away now requires you to scroll up and down or left and right. Also I use the widget and keep it collapsed, and with the new UI I no longer get to see the “Next hour” summary - you now have to expand the widget for that. Somehow the developer has managed to both make the UI feel more cluttered -and- show less information on the screen at the same time. On the positive side, I like the new mini map. It would be cool if that could be shown in the widget too.

- Just Another Bad Weather App

I first read about Dark Sky after doing a search for the best weather apps for the iPad. This was ranked near the top, along with others that I had tried already. So I gave it a try. This app promises few features to begin with. It should at least do them well, especially if it's going to have a price tag attached to it. It can't even tell me what is happening here right now with any accuracy or consistency, much less predict days into the future. It says it doesn't know where I am most of the time, even moments after I tell it my location; however, my location never changes because this new iPad doesn't leave the room. The widget doesn't load at all. The FAQ doesn't tell me how to resolve these issues, because its instructions are worthless. I've done everything as instructed multiple times, but to no avail. As a last-ditch effort, I sent a detailed email to the developer to request support. I have not heard back after several days, and so I'm providing my own review now. People are so easily impressed by how things look that they will often ignore how well they function, which is probably why this gets glowing reviews from others. I prefer things that actually work, which is why I use iPads to begin with. I just wanted to see the weather on my iPad, but what I got is a big hassle. This is just another worthless weather app in my opinion. Monetizing it is ridiculous.

- Wasn’t the “recommended” app I expected.

Update: I don’t need to see the radar for 4 hours ago but it sure would be handy to see it beyond 1 hour from now. Weather apps have gotten too greedy for what little they offer these days. The Weather app used to be the best. Now you have to pay for every little feature. You have to pay for Dark Sky right out of the gate and it’s still just not that great of an app. I do like some of the features. I don’t like the limited future radar and how it does (not) work with my iWatch. I purchased this “highly recommended” app primarily for use on my series 3 watch. The NOAA and Weather Channel complications just weren’t staying current. But at least their complications loaded. Dark Sky only works as an app and not a complication. Does not meet my needs. Otherwise, it’s a fine iPhone app but there’s no way I would have paid for it just for that. My other (free) iPhone weather apps were fine.

- Needs work

The spacing of all the information is annoying. Everything is so spread out. Other apps have a way cleaner look and can give you more information in a single page. It’s nice to be able to see more information in a single page. And have it less spread out. If I wanted to screen shot the weather I can’t fit an entire piece of information in one screenshot. It makes the use of the app much more annoying and just not worth it. I shouldn’t have to scroll up and down to see which day I’m looking at and then scroll down to see what kind of information is being displayed. There is no need for the information to be printed so large and spread out. Secondly, I do like the notifications about the current weather. BUT there isn’t any options for notifying you about future weather events. I should be able to make a notification that will let me know if a snowstorm is happening in the upcoming week. And why can’t I compare multiple locations at once? Most other weather apps allow you to see all of your saved locations side by side so they are easier to access and also you can see what the weather is in the locations you travel. Also there should be info for air quality. It’s not needed but it’s nice to have AQI. Lastly, and this is a personal preference, but I think the app is pretty bland looking. This is probably partially due to the fact that the information is so spread out.

- Less intuitive after redesign but still the most detailed weather app out there

I love Dark Sky, and didn’t realize how dependent on it I was until after they recently redesigned the app. The Good: very accurate and to-the-minute weather predictions, ability to see pretty much every possible detail related to the weather, built-in doppler radar. With the new redesign, I also really like that you can record weather at your location. I hope this helps to further improve the local predictions. The Could Be Improved: the old version of the app tried to do too many things on multiple screens. The new version tries to do even more on one screen. It’s very overwhelming to open and definitely requires some poking around to determine which information is most important to you. That’s kind of the opposite of what you want with a weather app - you want to glance at it and know what’s up! The Time Machine weather feature is great if you want to remember yesterday’s weather but kind of useless if you can’t look at it side by side with today. WeatherThan is a better app for this. There are some other UX things that I hope get resolved in future iterations, but if it’s detailed weather info you care about, this is definitely for you!

- Don’t understand all the hype!

I am a meteorologist. I have many weather apps. This is the least useful one that I have. Sure, the radar maps transform smoothly. Sure, it’s a cute little trick to try to predict when the rain will stop at my house. But, it gets many things wrong. Right now it’s telling me it’s drizzling outside when it’s spectacular clear and sunny. This is not the first time this has happened. Also, the default zoom level for the radar is completely useless! I don’t really care what the radar is showing for all of North America, I want to see it where I am. The graphical and tabular views of the weather are not nearly as useful as the Weather Underground app. The charts are not as intuitive, nor do they impart as much knowledge in a glance as the weather underground app charts do. This is the kind of app that makes me wish Apple had a try before you buy policy for the App Store. I am likely to uninstall this app pretty soon.

- So glad I pulled the trigger and bought this app

I have wanted a simple weather app that not only is easy to read but actually loads quickly every time. I’ve used this app for a couple days and I’m impressed with how it looks and works. Easy to interpret the forecast that day, but also easy access to more detailed hourly info if that’s what you need. I also like that the extra info such as humidity, sunset and other stuff is a simple tap on the temp. The entire main screen doesn’t have to be filled with every piece of weather data available. Most of us don’t need to know the barometric pressure every day, but it’s lurking nearby if we do. Good job folks. For the rest of us, this is well worth the money. Truly a “you get what you pay for” situation.

- Unreliable Forecasts

I’ve come to rely on this app only for the 1 hour precipitation forecast. Beyond that, the forecasts are not good at all. The temperatures can be off by quite a bit, the 24-hour forecast will often show no rain when Wunderground predicts a 60% chance (it rained), and the new UI makes it difficult to read at a glance. The new scroll feature to select wind speed, precipitation percentage is just tedious. You have to scroll through lists of options and then it’s selected for just that day. Want to see wind speed for the week? Scroll through and select it for every single day. All that said, the 1-hr precipitation graph is usually spot on. The radar is extremely fluid.m though I would still like a visual difference between rain and snow. It’s almost worth it for the 1-hr forecast alone. Just keep another weather app handy if you’re need to plan the day.

- iPhone X

I reviewed this app a couple years ago or so when it was new. Saying how it was the best weather app I’ve ever owned and won’t ever get another weather app. Fast forward a couple years later and that still remains true. Now even though this app is NEAR perfect, some things I’ve noticed (with the new recent update) is that the small location map on the front page really annoys me. Do some reason it takes away from the beauty of the app. It would look much better without it, or give us the option to maybe toggle it. I would also like to see lightning alerts Other then that I love this app years later, and recommend it to everyone I see. Also I want to add that the new widget is 100 times better. Thank you for all the work you put into this amazing app, and keep up your amazing work.

- Reliability has improved, notifications missing

Great UI, but widget (was) utterly broken. It works the first time you set it up, but wait ~15 minutes and you get "unable to load". Delete and reinstall the app, widget works again for 15-20 minutes and then "unable to load" again. Latest iOS 10.1.1 on brand new iPhone 6S+. Another problem occurs when the app auto detects Celsius on your honeymoon to Italy, you change it to Fahrenheit in the settings but the widget is stuck permanently on Celsius. Love the app, but please, please fix the widget before releasing another version! Update: Newer versions are a lot more reliable. Upgrading from 3 to 4 stars. I do wish the (useful) NOAA weather alerts actually notified you though. And it would be cool if the watch complication was as fast to retrieve data as Apple's weather app.

- Unnecessarily invasive

Sadly, like most apps these days, Dark Sky demands that you allow the "background app refresh" option. It wont allow you to turn it off which means you don't have full control over the app or management of your phone's battery. This is a big negative for me. The app itself does what it says it does, cleanly and consistently, so for that I give it three stars. Why only three stars? Because I paid for the app, so its fair to EXPECT that it does what it says it does. It doesn't do any more and it doesn't do any less and in my book thats a solid three stars. If the app were free, I would give it four stars. If it was free without ads, I would give it five stars. If it would allow me to turn off the "background app refresh" option I would probably give it five stars because I absolutely hate that option being taken away from me.

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this is the weather i like it's 2pm, all dark, sky is gray and it's ultra windy. and just to finish it off it just started raining. i'd easily take this over a sunny day 😌


@AskingAmy I could have sworn I used a weather app that showed the added minutes with +. But can't find it. Sunrise & set times on dark sky each day work for me.

Dr XrayStip #crediblewoman #BLM 🌈 🧶☠️ ☢️

@weather_wa @baxlex @ManjitK6987 @RKMac65 @BunburyWeather @Sparrow_65 @BigV2011WCE @2017Ferret @perthovalman @Barnsy_Lisa @KR_1973 @ImTheOnlyAstro @paulmp @Murk_Loar @Richard_Kreider @TheWAWG @aussie_robbob @WendyBirdOZ @ParmeliaWeather perhaps of interest?


11 great apps for your new 2020 Android device Along with a halfway decent replacement for the Dark Sky weather app (RainViewer app!): via @Verge #rainviewer #androidapp #Android


i get apple is going for privacy and it’s a good thing but it keeps bugging me every other day that dark sky keeps tracking my location outside the app and prompts me if i wanna change it back to “only while using” i keep it on for the location based emergency weather alerts...

Oleksii Schastlyvyi

"...Along with a halfway decent replacement for the Dark Sky weather app"

Arcadia Weather

🌝 Getting dark, anything cool in the sky tonight? 🌝 Fresh weather from chilllly KCAARCAD13 Temperature is 37.2F° All is still, well, at least in terms of wind Humidity is 89% and pressure is 30.012 inHg The dewpoint is 34.3F° The high today was 53.4F° at, 00:00


not related but raining sunny day is my fav weather selain gloomy dark blue sky... its romantic ☹️

Concept Infoway

11 great apps for your new 2020 Android device Along with a halfway decent replacement for the Dark Sky weather app #Apps #Android

Arcadia Weather

🌝 Getting dark, anything cool in the sky tonight? 🌝 Fresh weather from brisk KCAARCAD13 Temperature is 43.5F° The wind is blowing W at 0 mph Humidity is 88% and pressure is 29.947 inHg The dewpoint is 40.2F° The high today was 53.4F° at, 00:00

Arcadia Weather

🌕 Getting dark, anything cool in the sky tonight? 🌕 Fresh weather from brisk KCAARCAD13 Temperature is 43.9F° The wind is blowing WNW at 0 mph Humidity is 87% and pressure is 29.937 inHg The dewpoint is 40.3F° The high today was 53.4F° at, 00:00

Neil Dockar

Crondall Weather Forecast from Dark Sky

Mike Villa

I really don’t like that Apple killed dark sky to give their own weather app a bump, but I will say minute-by-minute rain updates make walking the pup WAY better.


@josephDaCoder They get acquired by big tech companies who just want to use them for themselves and avoid any competition using their data. Might actually build a goodreads clone then... Dark Sky - Apple Goodreads - Amazon Wunderground - IBM (The Weather Company)

Noella A.Teacher

#mondaythoughts Days of dark rainclouds in the sky. Figured to save some time and money I’d let the rain water my lawns for me. Didn’t happen. Yesterday, thoroughly soaked both front and back lawns. Last night it stormed. SoCal weather...

Dark Sky Weather 6.8.5 Screenshots & Images

Dark Sky Weather iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images
Dark Sky Weather iphone images

Dark Sky Weather (Version 6.8.5) Install & Download

The applications Dark Sky Weather was published in the category Weather on 2012-04-16 and was developed by Apple [Developer ID: 284417353]. This application file size is 42.4 MB. Dark Sky Weather - Weather app posted on 2020-11-02 current version is 6.8.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jackadam.darksky

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