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Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

What is bazaart: photo & video editor app? Bazaart is an award-winning app that lets you create beautiful designs with your photos and videos. Join millions of people who create professional looking designs everyday. Get ready to boost your creativity!

Bazaart is a one-stop app for all your design needs: Create stories, logos, flyers, posters, cards, collages, invitations, memes, profile pics, product photography, stop motion videos, GIFs, stickers and works of art. From branding to digital marketing to social media selling, Bazaart is here to help, no experience required.

• Magically remove the background from any photo with the magic background eraser
• Remove unwanted objects and people from any photo with surgical precision using the repair tool
• Cut out photos and videos like a pro with a selection of handy crop, scissors, eraser and shape cut-out tools
• Enhance, adjust, and customize photos and videos: Change exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, fade, sharpness and blur
• Add up to 100 photo layers and 5 video layers: each layer is independently editable and all changes reversible
• Apply fabulous filters on photos and videos to add a “wow” effect
• Create custom edge styles for photos and videos with the outline and shadow tools
• Blend photos and videos for mind-blowing effects
• Sketch and draw freely with the drawing tool
• Curve your text to match an arc or a circle
• Edit and modify text with alignment, letter and line spacing
• Perfectly align photos, videos, text, and any element with auto-snapping
• Position elements precisely with the nudge tool

• Save time with stunning pre-made templates created by professional designers
• Choose from thousands of amazing backgrounds, stickers, and shapes
• Engage your audience with awesome animated stickers and GIFs
• Add stunning photo and video overlays
• Browse through a great collection of fonts, or add your own
• Use photos and videos from your albums, camera, files, photography or web search

• Save as an image with an opaque (JPG) or transparent background (PNG)
• Save as video or as animated GIF
• Share your creations on Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or send privately as text or email
• Neatly organize your design projects into folders

Create professional looking designs in seconds with Premium!

• Save time with magic background removal
• Create without limits with a huge collection of templates, graphics and fonts
• Get full access to all advanced tools and VIP support

Bazaart Premium offers two subscription options:
$11.99 per month
$71.99 per year
Prices may vary by location.

Should you choose to upgrade to a Premium subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

You may cancel automatic renewal and manage your subscription by selecting Manage App Subscriptions in your iTunes Account settings and selecting the subscription you want to modify. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a Premium subscription, where applicable.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Need help? Please email us at and we will get back to you quickly!

BAZAART® is a registered trademark of Bazaart Ltd.

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Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor Version 8.50.102 May 2022

Move and scale multiple layers! One more thing… If you love Bazaart, please rate us on the App Store! We’ll be forever thankful to you. With love, The Bazaart Team.

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor Version 8.301 March 2022

International Women’s Day Create powerful designs for Women's Day 2022! One more thing… If you love Bazaart, please rate us on the App Store! We’ll be forever thankful to you. With love, The Bazaart Team.

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor Version 7.5.222 December 2021

Curved Text You asked. We delivered. Try it! One more thing… If you love Bazaart, please rate us on the App Store! We’ll be forever thankful to you. With love, The Bazaart Team.

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor Comments & Reviews 2022

- Still an incredible app, but one small problem

I’ve been using this app for years now, my teammates are suprised when i show them a logo and I say “oh I just made it on my phone”, with the right tools you can create absolutely amazing, well, anything really with this app. After a good while I caved in and got the premium, and honestly it really is worth it! Its definetly not required, i used it for years without a premium membership and still made some amazing photos with this app, the quality never changes with logos, since its what i use this app for the most... except that seems to be the problem. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of my projects are coming out in significantly lower quality then previous ones, and i don’t know why. When creating my newest logo for my team I realised this and didn’t understand why, i changed several things and it just stayed the same. Comparing it to old projects the quality definitely lowered a bit, which is sad since each project has always come out crisp and smooth. Please look into this! I absolutely adore this app and continue to use it, and I know yall read these reviews. Besides that, absolutely amazing app, I recommend this to everybody who asks where to photoshop or make things, still havent heard a bad thing about it. Thanks Bazaart team!

- Never thought I’d find something this easy!

I’ve worked as a graphic designer since back when there was only "rub on" type. College didn’t teach me computer design and I’ve self-taught myself Adobe Illustrator for my job. Vector art only. Another department used Photoshop and they had younger people who had the skills needed. Just Adobe Illustrator was on discs and cost $800. Now it’s a subscription from the cloud... and I’ve felt lost between my old MacBook Pro and my new iPad Pro not knowing what software would easily help me with design and photo editing. This is CRAZY INCREDIBLE- 1 click magically removes the background with rarely any touch-up needed. The ability to choose the backgrounds of solid color or supplied images and designs are fun as well as necessary. Saves right to my photo library. I’d give it 5 stars if I knew more about how to use the features and possibly there is a tutorial? Sometimes it will suddenly shut down the iPad if the design is complicated and that’s probably my lack of power on the iPad. I’m unsure about how to work with layers. You can be bored and take photos and turn them into comical photos to email friends and family. I’ve really had a good experience and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a great photo editing or design app. ~ Linda

- ❤️❤️👍👌REALLY GOOD APP👌👍❤️❤️

Bazaart is my favorite app of all time! I find it easy to get creative with the tools and create so many cool (some are really stupid though😂) things! I think it’s fair what tools are premium and what tools aren’t, because all the tools that are really needed to make a cool edit are free. I don’t like it when other apps make the most important things cost. At that point I don’t pay for it, I just delete the app, but Bazaart is different in that way. I think the price is fair as well. ( I want premium for Christmas) Another cool thing is how on the front page there are templates, so if you’re not as creative, you still have access to making a good edit. My only complaint is that when I merge a big amount of items, it glitches out of the app. And sometimes when I go back into the app, i see that my edit (the edit I probably spent an hour on trying to perfect it with the wonderful tools) is completely gone and I have to restart. When that bug gets fixed, who knows if I’ll ever get off the app without it kicking me off 😂 All in all, Bazaart is a wonderful app. My favorite even! I never write reviews for apps, but this I needed to say.

- Dealbreaker

The magic scissor tool to remove the background it really seems like magic, but once you save the image the edges around the item you cut out are extremely pixelated, choppy, and somehow blurred at the same time. If it wasn’t for this one problem, I would continue paying each month for the subscription. I have to edit photos daily for e-commerce product photos and I always want to use this app to remove the background because it is so easy to use. I’m hoping they improve this because it would be the go-to app for people selling on Depop or eBay, but right now the final result looks too edited. You can use the other tools to manually erase the background, but there are other apps that have that feature and are a lot easier. I use a different app that works better for that and makes editing faster, but it’s nowhere near how fast the magic scissor tool is on this app. I hope in the future they change this or make it possible to adjust the edges on the magic scissor tool. It would be a lifesaver if it left a hard edge on the item so it looked more realistic on top of the background you add underneath. I still recommend this app to other sellers online, but most feel like it’s a dealbreaker and use an alternative.

- Amazing!!! High school student response

It’s a very good app, and I’m constantly using it, however to go premium is very expensive, and as a high school student, having an app where I could make collages and such is very important and helpful. So if this app had more free options, that would rock. However if you don’t mind few options or paying for premium, than this is the app for you. It’s also very fast, and has few bugs. They are constantly updating as well which is amazing and their updates actually make the app better, unlike many photo editing apps I’ve been using. I use this less for photo editing, more for project designs and collages. So besides the frustrating amount of options for free, and the way too expensive premium plan, this app is very good and I recommend you get it. So feedback for the developer: If you could make more free options that would be really helpful for those who either can’t afford it, or are high school students like me who need easy free options for school projects. It’s an amazing app though so keep up the awesome updates!

- I just wanted to crop some photos...

Okay. hear me out: I want to drop some simple cartoon photos as simply as possible. I would immediately delete the app after I made the cropped photos. Simple. But they made that hard somehow! Which is weird! This is their JOB! Okay, so, through the tutorial, I heard about the “magic” mechanic, where it will delete the background. Okay, cool. But when I got out of it and tried to do it on my photo, it didn’t work, I needed premium. Okay, makes sense why they would lock out a feature that extravagant. So, I thought I’d just erase around the part I wanted to crop. It would take a while, and would look sloppy, but it was my only choice. So I started erasing, and the eraser turned out blurry. I wanted a clean outline, so I decided to change the settings to a perfect eraser. But GUESS WHAT?! They restricted the eraser options behind premium! ERASER OPTIONS! I became so baffled, I deleted this app and here we are now. The only reason I gave it 2 star is because, in real life situations, with premium, I’m sure that this photoshop tool has lots of potential. But locking behind simple features that should be a NECESSITY? I’m done. Hopefully you take my criticism into account, because I feel bad writing this app off, but it needs to be more user friendly to non premiums. That is all I ask. Thank you.

- Crashing and general slowness

I’ve been using this app for quite a while to edit, and it’s great, especially for cutting out images since there are no harsh lines with the eraser tool. However, recently the app pauses between actions (deleting a layer, moving an object, opening and closing out of projects, etc.) Furthermore, in the past few days, I have been unable to open the app at all, which is very upsetting because this is the only app I can use for this purpose, and I have a lot of projects saved. Please fix this! Edit: Please bring back the ability to add multiple images at once! I use this app to make moodboards and those require dozens of images, and it is extremely time consuming to add one image at a time, especially because there’s a whole load screen in between each image. Everything seems to be EVEN SLOWER like I said before (if I want to move an image, it takes a second to register the exact image I want to move and it will often select the previously selected image and will move that one instead of the one I want to move) and the same pausing between deleting a layer/opening a project/saving a project/adding an image is still a major inconvenience.

- Overall a pretty amazing app

Hey Bazzart. I used your app for editing a couple things of mine. I generally liked it for the most part. I really appreciate your response. I may have over exaggerated on some things but I was clearly mad about the money that had been taken from me. Putting that aside, your editing tools are pretty professional and easy to use. A couple of things that could use improvement/ ideas would be the the pictures that you post have instructions or how to’s. They are beautiful none the less but while experimenting with the app I couldn’t figure out how to work or use some of the tools. I referred to your images to help my knowledge further extend but whenever I tried it, my art was far from yours. Another tip would be to send notifications when your free trial is about to expire. Other than that keep doing what your doing. Your app is overall pretty good. I’ll be sure to reconsider the following: re-downloading, the rating, and my response. It is clear that you care about your customers, and that you want to make things right, bravo!🙂

- I Can’t Believe I Can Do All of This on My Phone!

I used to do the poster and advertising for the club that I worked at and later bought (I no longer own it or am able to work, due to health reasons). I am not very computer-literate, but I did learn to use Power Point for making what I needed. It worked great and didn’t confuse me. My computer is now pretty old, and a friend asked whether I could do something for his sister’s diner, during the pandemic. I had played with Bazaart and found it to be easy. The full version is just outstanding! I can do most of what I did on my computer...sometimes more! If you are new and confused like me, it’s perfect. And if you want to do a LOT, it’s perfect, because you can. You can go from beginner onward. It’s not JUST for beginners! The array of graphic design-possibilities allows your imagination to run wild and free...and I encourage you to do so! Update: As I keep digging deeper-and-deeper into the app, I am finding even MORE ways to use it! And they keep adding more to it! I am SO thoroughly pleased with this. It does what I need it to do!

- Good

I personally really like this app i use it mainly for artwork and gacha life videos but when i got this i didnt see "premium free trial" so when i watched the video of this i saw there was a magic wand and i thought i really want that! So i got just to see it was locked and i had to get premium i was annoyed at that but i was using the eraser from then with a stylist until i lost my stylist i know losing my stylist wasnt on the app but i wouldnt have to lose my stylist if they would just unlock everything especially the magic wand instead of making people buy the premium make them buy the app for 1,2 dollars. Or just do everyone a favor and dont make them get premium just unlock everything. I REALLY hope they decide yo not make you get premium and just unlock everything while making the app 1,2 dollars. OR keeping the app free and not making anyone buy the premium and just unlock everything. Because i mean IMovie doesnt make you do that when if they did have premium there is alot of good things to lock. So PLEASE just forget premium and just unlock everything

- My fave! but i have more problems!

bazaart has been my favorite app for ages. but, almost all of the new updates cause problems! i complained about the watermark, which u guys handled which i am beyond appreciative for! i also complained about the titles being gone. it makes it harder to organize my work. but now, i have an even bigger problem. i understand u guys need money (aka profit) but putting a limit on the searches per day?! this is insane. i mean seriously? how does one create a good piece of art with only five chances to get something? i ask that u guys stop making the app worse. seriously ever single new update gets dumber and dumber. the old bazaart team was amazing. did u guys sell it to a new team?? bc this doesn’t seem proper...i hope u take my complaint into review because this is risking a loyal user. i recommend u guys to everyone i can, but ever since these problems those referrals have been getting more rare. please understand where i’m coming from and please do something or even reply and note this problem. love u bazaart team❤️

- Best app ever!!

This app is amazing!!! I usually don’t care about writing reviews or even rate apps, but this app is the best app I have ever installed. I have tried different photo apps to find the best one, and this one is definitely one to keep. Totally recommend it!! It dose have you do a monthly prescription for a few edit options, but of course what it dose give you to works with is the best! I love this app, I had made so many amazing edits with it!! Also, there are templates that have fancy pictures in them, and I almost deleted it because I thought it was useless, but if you click it to edit, you can replace it with your own pictures, change the background, and countless other amazing edits you can use! If you want to cut out a picture, hit the erase button, and erase the background of the photo. So I’m telling you this is the best app ever, and if you could favorite apps like you do with photos, I would favorite mine like 200 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛😜😉🙂! Highly recremend this app, but could you add more template options, otherwise, this app is amazing!

- DYB designs

The added selections for color of the fonts are golden. It would be nice to have the ability to colorize specific letters, words within a sentence or line. That would be a welcomed addition. Thanks for all of the updates, leaving all fonts to be available for use, giving a larger variety, the nudge feature is an absolute must and appreciated addition. I find myself using this APP more than my other ones that I had to get when these new features were not available. Thanks for listening to your users. The Bing Web search engine is still HORRIBLE. Everything, but what you type in & request comes up as the search. Why would a person or a chair ever come up in a search for transparent ribbons. You type in transparent items and the search comes back with none of what you asked for being transparent. This change is NOT good & is frustrating to say the least. Its very inconvenient looking through the same options repeated over and over. Overall I am more than pleased with the new changes and this app.

- Great App. Only Missing A Few Things

I’ve had this app for a over a year now. I pay for the yearly subscription because I love the services that much. The only thing I request within the upcoming updates is that my work be synced up on all my devices. I have Baazart downloaded on my phone and iPad Pro. I would love to be able to have access to all my work on both devices. Not just the projects I’ve created solely on each device. Is this possible? Next, I would love if we could import things other than fonts. That means filters (presets), stickers, shapes, etc. I can see how this can be difficult but it’s worth a try! Lastly, I think being able to save projects in different formats would be very beneficial. Right now you can only save in HD or regular. I think adding options like PNG, PDF, JPEG, UltraHD, etc would really take this app to another level. Incorporating these things into the app can and will put a lot of photo editing apps out of business. Once again, love this app. These are just a few ideas for potential enhancement.

- More improved and more user-friendly

When I first bought this a few months ago, I intended to just make simple and quick images and memes for my friends. But I was very annoyed by the display, the minimalistic ways of editing and the god-awful thing of every picture you put having rounded corners. However the updates have improved a lot of that, and I find it easier and better to get nice, quick work done on some small projects with more ways to edit said pictures and any pictures I put in to edit have all of their image, including the corners. My only complaint is when you start a project from scratch, combine several pictures together and are stuck with that checkerboard background, there’s no way to trim that off, so when I try to have my project, will it just be the picture? Or will I have a checkerboard background to it when I go to my photos? If there was a way to trim the background, that would be good. But this is a well updated app, compared to the past product. 5/5 stars.

- OMG! Love this app! Every update makes it better!!

This app has been wonderful for my projects and to design flyers and event invites. I am so impressed by all the functionality and tools that are available. We are currently in the trail period but would love to update and become premium. We understand it comes at a cost and this app is NOT short on quality. But we do agree if there was a way to just purchase each item or tool for a small price ($0.99 cents each or $1.99 per section) it would make it where others can afford small parts of the premium and different times. Causing more people to pull the trigger often and possibly helping the developers make more money?? Just an idea?? But either way we love this app and it has saved our rear end with artwork and design. Thank you so much for the great work and quality tools and app!!!! With every update this app continues to get better and better! I can not say enough how much I use this app for everything and how professional the designs look 👍🏼

- Glitches & Awful Cust Svc

For the price smh it glitches way too much. I call it Glitchy McGlitchington and not Bazaart. If you duplicate a project and make changes the app saves the original and not the modified version of your project. I’ve even had projects made from scratch do this. Their auto save of the last change is what glitches the most. After working on designs for hours and then for it to not save is frustrating. I’ve lost time and money using this app. Even with the newest updates and saving to your files, phone or saving them under the projects section within the app, it will glitch. I reached out to the developers and sent live recorded videos of the glitches and I got a reply via email telling me how to cancel my subscription. I obviously know how to cancel a subscription and I’ve had this app for over 18 MONTHS now paying monthly. I wanted a resolution and for them to fix it, not to cancel. So they CLEARY know they have glitching issues and instead of fixing it, they suggest you cancel😑 what kind of customer service is that?!?! They are not investing back in to this app to fix issues although they’re making a killing on this app. If you’re cool with potentially losing your work after editing, go with this app.

- More than worth it...

This app has been installed on my iPad and my iPhone for over a year now and it just keeps getting better. This app has inspired me to create more and particularly, to create more surreal collage art type work. The possibilities are endless and because the app is so easy to use, I haven’t had to spend hours in front of a device watching tons of tutorial videos in order to edit a photo or to create a piece of art from scratch. The templates for Stories are by far some of the classiest and coolest available. I also love the huge assortment of backgrounds and fonts as I love to create things from scratch and this app provides me all of the tools needed for me to further explore my creativity. I am currently subscribed to the monthly payment plan, however, when the time comes to renew my membership, I will definitely go for the annual subscription because the app truly does only get better with time. I have not had even one negative experience with this app and that is so very rare. Thanks, Bazaart! 💜

- The best

I love this app because it is a Photoshop app and there’s different fonts and you can change colors and you can also add a background like how cool is that. Also I find it so cool how you can just really bring your heart out to life in this even if it’s a picture it looks so cool at the end. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing like what happened to me I just got this app because I was like oh photoshop let’s get it I got it and it was the best should totally get but I wish that the premium so expensive and that you didn’t have to pay for premium. I’m only in the 5 grade and my teacher already told me he said you should go for graphic design and I told him that I was only if we could use this app. So this is the best app ever I totally think that you should get it. And I’m sorry if there’s any spelled words because I did not type I use the voice thingy thing. End it took me a really long time to hit the keyboard thing and then put a period so cool if there are some misspelled words here.

- Good but could be better

This app is a very good app that helps you edit your thumbnails. But I think they could’ve done more. I wish there were more choices for choosing your base for it and I would loved for there you be more effects. When I’m editing I feel like there’s not a lot of options for me to do. When I got this app I thought that there would be more bases, more fonts, a better base when I’m editing and it feels like I’m limited. I would love for the creators of this app to see this. Although, I don’t think there ARE SO MANY options. this is a good app if all you want to do is do a quick thumbnail without a lot of detail. But a lot of the things for the stickers, more of them are money. I mean I have an app where every sticker is free. Like if I want to do a emoji there is only like a cow and a zebra to choose from. But I do think that this app is not for detail and a lot but it’s a quick thumbnail app when you need to get it quickly. Overall it’s an ok app, but if your a YouTuber with a lot of subscribers, I would recommend if you want to do a lot of detail and a lot of things going on, you should go to a more detailed app.

- Best app ever

I have been using the app for 3 years now and I just love everything about it. I downloaded 10+ other apps before this one and deleted all of them, now that I use this app. Thank you for this great app. I can take the pictures I have from my photo library and make them better and add caption, backgrounds and take out anything I don’t like about the picture. I have the free download of the app and going to look into paying for more because they should get paid for the work put into it, not because I can’t do something. everything is perfect and I don’t need to pay for anything to make the picture great. I just want to give them something for their amazing work. If you are reading this and thinking about downloading it, just do it. You won’t be disappointed. “Updated” I’m still in love with this app. Again I have downloaded a few more apps and have deleted them fast. Keep up the great work. I’m hooked.

- Decent

This app is the first I’ve used that lacks a common UI glitch often experienced in similar iOS cut+paste apps. If you pause your finger on the screen in one spot, thenmost apps making small, precise movements on the screen (think erasing/restoring) and pause for more than a second or so, every other app loses sense of where the cursor is positioned, then rushes to compensate for lost time, ruining the blend area on the edge you carefully outlined. Using Bazaart, cursor continues without hesitation and because it’s the first app I’ve seen to overcome such a common UI hurdle, I’m impressed. However, it seems that if you use the scissors option to select a portion of the image, it automatically deletes the OUTSIDE, leaving only the inside of the scissors selection you just made. No option to delete the inside of the selection and NO OPTION TO UNDO. Even if you hit undo, it will simply undo the last change you made to that layer preceding the scissor select. Changes to a portion of the layer which isn’t even visible anymore. Huge flaw. Y’all screwed up an image I had spent nearly an hour on previously and for that, unsubscribing.

- Just like any other app advertising premium

I will be honest, it’s a good app. But just like any other free app, it has a premium. And of course you have to advertise it. I really don’t like how the tool you are most famous for and the one you advertise on the app preview it that one tool, magic. I was soooooooo exited when I realized that I was going to be able to try that out. It would have made my life so much easier. But when I finnaly figured out how to use it, I realized it required premium for a ridiculous price. You can’t just put something on an add for a free app and then when ppl buy it they will be disappointed by the fact that they have to pay lots of money to get that one tool that they wanted when that got the app. And yes I know you guys have to make money somehow so my suggestion is to put the app up for .99 cents and many people will still but it because it is truly an amazing app for photography as long as you take down the premium because advertising an app with a tool for “free” then realizing that you have to pay is almost like false advertisement and nobody likes that.

- Having lots of fun

I would give a five star review but o really wanted to be able to do things like the cover photo shows: the face sort of cut open with flowers in between the two parts of the face. So far I haven’t been able to be successful. A quick search of You Tube shows a PicsArt tutorial When you search for Bazaart collage. I’ve paid for the unedited version of Bazaart - but it doesn’t have the controls you see in the video. Neither does PicsArt, which I already happened to have. I’m enjoying it. It I feel a little bait- and- switchy. Maybe it’s just a learning curve, but for sure you don’t get the tools you see when you search Bazaart in You Tube. Pinterest seemed to be full of tutorials too, but I don’t have an account, and I don’t think I should have to have one to learn about an app I’ve already paid for. If I find it’s my limitation and not the app, I’ll come back and give more stars. There are myriad photo apps out there and I have many. So not being able to work the same image as is on the COVER of the app will be a shame. I hope it’s me, and not them.

- Very unhappy at the moment

Only one star given at the moment. App is not working correctly and sometimes, not at all. At first I was not able to save my project to my camera roll. It would start to save and then shut down to a black screen and then go back to my home screen on iPad. This corrected for a short time but is now doing it again sporadically. Also, the app is freezing up quite a bit lately and when it finally will work again, some of the items I had placed in my design before it froze will be missing. The app is lagging during use and at times it won’t even open and just shows a blank screen, then shuts off and sends my device back to my home screen. I hope you can tell me why these things are happening and how to correct it. I always have issues after every update that is done. If these issues are resolved soon I will update the review. One other thing, putting the delete button on the editing box was a bad idea, in my opinion, because it’s too easy to accidentally tap it when you’re moving things around when layering. Out of the way at the top of the screen with the forward and back arrows was much better.

- One of the best!

I've tried every photo app I've been able to find. I use Bazaart so often, I don't even mind paying for it. I've been told there's other apps that do basically the same thing, but I've become so good at copy/paste and playing with the bells and whistles that I'd need some huge incentive to Abandon the app. I Iove putting friends faces on different bodies. Recently I've begun to enjoy taking a silhouette image and doing a color ' fill on it, then putting that on b&w images. It took some time to get competent on the app, and I still have far to go. I appreciate very much how robust and frequent updates are... so many apps just remain stagnant. If you mess around w lots of images, I have my apps for ' filters ' and this app for everything else.... what would be cool is if they had a gallery where users could post creations... if people could see what users have done, I bet sales would shoot through the roof!

- 𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕟𝕘

Baazart. An odd choice of an name, but a good marketing decision, for I cannot forget the name now. Baazart and me, well, we have a sort of, love/hate relationship. The editing tools are hard to learn, but once you get the hang of it, nothing stands in your way! I have one suggestion, and one suggestion only, and it is, that you should get more free searches for images. I know that you use the “sorry you’ve run out of free searches” as a marketing advantage, angering the customer into buying pro. ... But let me tell you this, why not let the customer have a few more “free” searches? Huh? It bothers me that i’m only able to search something about only 4-5 times. Then, I have to wait the 24/hrs to get more “free” searches. ... It’s a smart idea and I applaud you on that. I’m giving only one star because I wish for someone to read this, though my writing viewed, difficult to understand, YOU must understand that I need, and I want, more free searches. Sadly, I am forced to go off to Safari, and to search up images that I want, screen shot them, and upload them onto the app, to use. Forced off like a poor soul. It’s troubling work, working oh so hard on your project, only for the pop up of no more searches! My family is very poor, so I cannot afford to pay the money for the pro... :( I just want a response, like at-least add ONE more “free” search... please... Thanks- Kate.

- UPDATED: Best layout, creative asset and ease of use app

I had to update my review because I want people considering this app to know the people of Bazaart listen to your comments and suggestions. I’m sure I’m not the only one who submits suggestion but they do consider them and implement. I was so happy to find a “nudge” movement tool added. This app keeps getting better and better. Rest assured they listen and care about you being happy with their app. I love that. Bazaart is a world class app above the rest. First and foremost, whenever you have a question, concern or idea, the Bazaart team is responsive within 24 hours. You feel like they care and want to help. The app is constantly being updated with new features, creative assets and trends. The app is intuitive and easy to use. A person simply needs to spend time playing with each and every tool to understand how they work. You can always look through the library of videos or examples/templates they provide to see how layouts are built. The stickers, templates and tools are being added and updated frequently. With all these creative resources in one app, this is definitely the BEST app in the App Store. I guaranty if you try Bazaart you will have this app on your iPhone for life. Thank you Bazaart for all your hard work and for making this app the BEST!!!

- Things I Have To Say

❤️ Hey Bazaart! I hope you’re 🧡 having a great week and 💛 taking the time to read this. 💚 This is overall a great app, 💙 but I have to say that using 💜 the eraser tool and trying to 🖤 erase in little tiny areas is ❤️ VERY hard. If y’all could fix 🧡 that, it would be amazing! 💛 Another thing about the 💚 eraser tool is the tool named 💙 “Auto”. Now I normally don’t 💜 use this tool, but sometimes 🖤 I do. But usually it isn’t the ❤️ best because it will just 🧡 want to erase everything, 💛 and not do what you’d like it 💚 to. If that’s something that 💙 could be fixed, I think 💜 everyone would love that. 🖤 The last thing I’m here to ❤️ say is searching things in 🧡 the “Search The Web” tool. I 💛 love this tool and use it so 💚 much! But, sometimes when 💙 I search up something, it 💜 gives me something 🖤 unrelated to my search. ❤️ Well, that’s all I have to say! 🧡 Thank you for listening, and 💛 have a great week.

- Customized to do anything you want.

A friend recommended this app to me a few years ago, and I’ve subscribed ever since. They keep it fresh by adding new features, it’s intuitive, easy to use, and the options are endless. Cut out tools, blending, filters, backgrounds, shapes, stickers, erase (the update to the erase tool is awesome), copy, paste, fill in text with any color or match it with the eye dropper, templates, custom size frames, duplicate, zoom in for the details, overlays, distort, shadows, outline, fonts, download your fonts into the app, line it all up, search for content on the web right from the app, save to your photos. And all your projects are kept in a thumbnail fashion to view and tap, ready to pick up where you left off. The customization of this app and easy interface makes it fun, and not a big chore to figure out how to use it.

- Perfect

If you are looking for a picture editor this is your app! I was looking for years and my brother showed me Bazaart and I couldn’t be happier other then you can’t get it on the computer.. even without the awesome things you can get if you pay for the “hole package” it is so awesome! You can doctor pictures and (for example) put yourself in a castle next to repunzel or fight off zombie hordes in Minecraft! Mostly the only limitation is you! I would love if you guys made it so you could get it on computers free as well! But ether way there is a very good reason I gave a 5 star rating! Also if you could make it so we could use Bazaart offline that would make me so happy! If I could I would probably give you 20 star rating if you changed those because those are the only problems I can find so far and We’ve had this for minimum a year! Thanks so much!


This is a great app! I have to momentarily rate it as a 3 stars because you have a bug where transparent images are not saving. I pay for the subscription every month for that particular feature. It is bad that this has been happening for two months now and nothing has been done to solve it. Do not lose valuable customers, fix the bug! *update* this app takes its customers for granted, since my last review the same problem has somewhat occurred. Layers are not saving how you place them. That is a big problem for those of us who pay for the premium services. It took them nearly a month to address this issue and today is the first where I see it may be fixed. Stay tuned. *update* do not purchase premium. They have bugs and once you ask them to address it, they ask you to send the project that is having the problem. The issue with that is, their interface is bugged to the point you can’t export the project so they can “fix” the issue. Find another app because my initial post still stands. They take their customers for granted.

- Business Owner Estate & on-line sales

I’ve purchased several photo processing apps over the years...this app is hands down the best value, best customer service and best designs. The company responded to my questions in a very timely manner. The designers are always tweaking and improving designs. Applications are very functional and practical when using. Photo cutouts are surprisingly sharp and manipulation of photos within the space work well. Example....when centering photos vertically or horizontally a red line will appear when the photo is perfectly centered, plus other features that one will appreciate. I use Bazaart for my business photos and on line sales. In saves me time and makes my products look amazing, which ultimately makes me more money when selling on-line, which in turn helps me take care of my family.

- Some thing have changed

I love this app so much but it changed a lot. First of all when you try to make a picture smaller or bigger if it was cut out it would put the picture somewhere else in the photo for example when I cut out a picture of a dragon in a forest and I tried to make it smaller it had a cut out of the woods so that’s one thing other is a lag sometimes you can’t even cut out a photo! For example once when I was putting my sister in a different shirt but I couldn’t cut out the other shirt! Another thing is when I do learn things for fun they won’t work P.S. I didn’t play after the update to write the review so some of these thing might have changed. Another is only FIVE searches I know you have to pay for those but why don’t you just have a goto to safari for it? I hope you can change these things I have noticed about bazaart. P.S before these updates I loved Bazzart so much.

- I love it!!

(Updated version) I still love it!!! I really love this app! When I first downloaded it, I was disappointed that you have to pay for the “magic” part of it, but you can do it manually it just is more time consuming. There are several different categories of stickers you can put on your pictures but you do only get a few from each category in the free version. They do update/ add new ones every few weeks or so, which I really like. Same thing with the photo template, they gradually rotate through the free templates. There is also stock photos that you can use for free which is another plus If you’re on the edge about whether to get this app or not, I’d say go for it! It has a nice variety of stuff In the free version, and if you don’t mind paying for the upgrade you should of gotten this app yesterday😁!

- I love it!

I've been looking for an app like this ever since Polyvore closed. It gives enough free stuff for me to use and I find it quite simple to figure out. I've ran into some issues though. Merging layers gets rid of half a photo. I also find the frames annoying to use. Since I can't shrink the photo I have to stretch the frame which ends up looking terrible. I wish there were more frames as well. I also noticed you can edit the color or anything, except it changes to that solid color and no longer the frame/sticker/photo it was. Maybe I just don't know how to fix it? The cropping also will crop random pieces in middle out. I'm also not sure if I can flip photos vertically. I see you can horizontal and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn photos. Adding mirroring as an option could be helpful too. I also wish it'd say how many web searches are left since there's a limit.

- Absolutely STUNNING!

I love photoshop, collages, stickers, etc., so naturally, I LOVE this app! But, like with every good thing, there is a downside. The subscription: I am not at ALL saying that you should remove it; I know that that is the main funding-thing or whatever, but I do wish that we could have just two more teensy-tiny things with the free access... 1. WATERMARK: So maybe don't remove it, but can we have the option to move it or change the design of it? I find that it gets in the way and wouldn't like to eliminate it completely, because that would hurt you guys' profit, but I'm just making suggestions😉 2. FONTS: I am real big on things like customization and design, so I would like access ALL to fonts. Here's an idea used by other apps: You could give us "coins" or something everyday, and we would be encouraged to buy coins, come back everyday, and save up. We could use that currency to buy accessories (fonts, stickers, etc.) and then we could keep them forever! (Please, please, PLEASE don't make us lose our purchases EVERYDAY) Anyway, thanks for reading! I just wanted to clarify that I am NOT disappointed in any way with this application, I would just suggest looking into some of these ideas, please!! –A Satisfied but Suggestive User

- Outstanding for a free app

This is a wonderful app for putting together collages, editing photos, or simply putting text or stickers on a photo. The app is free but, you can upgrade to premium. Which includes backgrounds, stickers, and other fonts. I have the free version and it is fantastic. This app allows you to surf the web but the app also gives you a gallery of high resolution photos. Keep in mind that majority of these photos can only be used with the premium version. This app is perfect for adding fun touches to any photo. Quick tip: if the stickers aren't your thing you can look up png images and use those instead. This app gives you many tools to work with and is very easy to use. The quality is outstanding and it's the most useful free app I've used. Overall definitely worth downloading!

- Love this app!

I’ve used this app for many personal and professional projects over the years. I am not a very artistically talented person, but this app is really easy to use and helpful. I’ve surprised myself with the things I’ve been able to create. I REALLY appreciate the recent updates and added features, especially the “heal” and different erase features. Future improvements I think would really round the app out would be 1) the draw feature. It is currently pretty basic, equivalent to markup in your iPhone’s Photo app. Some added tools, brushes, and a color selector/match would be awesome! 2) a font size. Currently the only way I know how to change the font size is by adjusting the text box size. This is a little tedious when you are matching multiple lines of text, etc.

- I love BAZAART!

Simple and enjoyable, always reliable! The most recent update is great (except I’m still a fan of the simple method of stretching and minimizing my photos just with fingers). This app is a dream come true for my work on social media. Love all the many backgrounds and colors! The font choices are incredible! The features make things easy to use and change and move around and resize! So happy that I can now edit and have a larger field for text, which is a feature I was hoping for and got it! Now maybe work on being able to change the color of text within a sentence to make visual emphasis easier. My next wish is for layering different colors on top of the colors for background! Excellent app! 😉I upgraded for a small monthly fee and am happy with the extra fonts etc.

- Just like a professional photographer!

I have only been using this app for not even 24 hours, and I am absolutely hooked! It may be to early for me to leave any type of review but when the notification popped up on my phone asking “How are we doing so far?” I couldn’t help but to write a little something about my short experience so far. Just the templates/backgrounds alone (didn’t even fully get to explore the editing part of the app to much) & I am already a happy customer. I have tried numerous apps since becoming a first time mom 6 months ago, and I have to say ... I will be using this app and can’t wait to try out all the fun features. I am committed to the first app I ever tried after having my baby, (the Precious app) and now I’m happy to find this one! Keep up the good work.

- Love

I’m an artist who’s just starting off to transition to digital pieces. This app is amazing, it has every tool I really need. I love the fact that it gives me the option to resize anything I’ve already completed. The only thing is that when I do resize my pieces, I don’t really love that my cutouts/images are scattered and I have to reposition them to where they originally were. Not the biggest deal but sometimes it’s a bit tedious. I’m never the type to pay a subscription for any apps but this app is worth it. It also helps that it doesn’t drain my funds. Thank you. Something that could also be helpful for a potential update is the tools to maybe fix the quality of the photo for printing purposes before saving. If not it’s not a big deal but something that would help!

- Love but dislike also

This app is amazing!!! But the one thing I would change is that you don’t have to pay money to do certain things (the Premium) like the eraser...I would like you to change that you don’t have to pay to do the auto Erase. And there are a lot of cool backgrounds that you need money for!? I can understand if y’all want to make money but you at least have to have some of the good backgrounds and other things for free! But other than that I love this app and have made such cool art pieces with it! Hope you read this and take my advice. Cause if you don’t read this and you maybe not take this advice people might get annoyed that they have to pay for a lot of the stuff in this app, and might delete this app, this is the first app I have ever written a review on. So your welcome. Hope you can update this. ,the advice giver

- Not bad

Bazzart was almost perfect when I first started using it. It's changed a bit ... good ways -- one example is the Eraser can be sized accurately to one's needs. The app is easy to use, versatile and works with other art apps. What annoys me about it are the templates. They weren't there in the beginning and now they are the focus -- if that's what you're looking for there are a multitude and they look quite good. It's almost like working with a stack of magazines, though I will admit I don't find many surprise inspirations when seeing the internet vs thumbing through a random magazine. The up side is no mess. I have had some problems losing images that reappear at a later date as well as freezing with a lot of layers. Be aware. I think it is priced about 30% higher than it should be

- I absolutely love this app! But please make it better

I love this app because I can actually do what I've always dreamed of doing. Thank you for making this! And my problem is that with the new updates it makes things harder to do. Such as the flipping problem, where if i flip it then press one of the cut buttons it flips back to the original side, plus for some reason it will make something blurry it happens to be cut or a little small. Theres an additional problem with the search, where sometimes it will add something that wont show until you ether save the picture or back out of the project and go back into it. Also i don't know if this is a problem or it was done on purpose, but its kind of annoying. Now if you want a transparent picture it will but a white background on it until it completely load. If these problems could be fixed that would be nice. Thank you

- Amazing App For Online Content Creators

Great app ! The opportunity you have to create digital art on this app is incredible. I have spent so many hours on this app trying to create digital content for my online business and this app has allowed me to create some great stuff. One of the main features i use is the “magic” button which allows you to single out items in a picture and cut them out so you can freely use the object you cut out. The app has some pretty cool features i must say. The only problem is it sometimes glitches and exits out the app and sends me back to my home screen which is annoying. It usually only happens after ive been on the app for an hour + straight. But overall, this is my top 3 favorite app ive ever had because the features are great.

- Really upset.

I bought the Unlock all features when this app was not a subscription based app. It’s has been awhile now but now with all the subscription based apps coming into play. There should be some grandfathering in for all of us who originally purchased a ONE TIME fee to unlock ALL features. And now we are being asked to re-purchase Update. Received a Developer Response to pls contact in their app - In Settings - need help - ok I have been over the past couple of days trying to do that but keep getting error msg stating - something went wrong. On both the “I have a suggestion” and “Ask Anything” options - HELP Hello. I went to see what details were for Black Friday Free Trial were. And I it states that I already purchased ??? I have not ? Did you credit my account ?


Hello, I have to say I do love the app for multiple reasons, able to find and drag and drop, duplicate, color,etc. It truly is a great place to start a brainstorming idea. It’s easy to use self explanatory. But, I really would like the trial at the beginning to try and see multiple different ideas come to life in the sense of. The options would be more helpful then so that decision making becomes easier. I may have gone to a different app maybe or searched for more options. For that being said to have that trial in the start would make more sense for us to buy the app because we are aware of options and how the app functions and we wouldn’t have to go anywhere else, we would be happy and comfortable with the app. But I do love it regardless. Pls and thank you. :)

- Best App

I love how they have everything imaginable 2 make the coolest pics for every occasion. I love all the new changes they have, making it better & my pics pop, I can use my creativity in so many ways❣️🙋‍♀️My fav App, they keep adding such cool features, the fun ways are endless!! Absolutely love the Halloween options, love that they keep up w/ the holidays by adding fun ways 2 make my pics festive & cute! Jus’ wanna say thank you 4 all the cute options 4 Halloween, so much fun using them! 👍👍Thank you 4 all the funtastic additions u have made 2 this App! Love the adorable additions u have made 4 the holidays, keep u the great, funtastic work! Wow, jus’ wanna say thank u all the festive options 2 make my pics so cute 4 the holiday! Am still enjoying using this App & love the changes that r continually made!

- Really love the app, good for base level editing, missing some features in free version

There are some features I wish would come with the free version like the magic scissors but overall its a really good photo editing app for what I need it to do. Ive tried a bunch of editing apps like this and Bazaart honestly has the most features for free. Everything else you have to pay like 5 dollars for a sticker. Edit: Im up-ing my rating because this is my favorite app that I use. Its so powerful and has pretty much everything I would need. While the features you have to pay for would probably make edits easier, the paywall doesn't limit what you can ultimately do with the app and features given. Also I just discovered the stop motion feature and its so good oh my god.

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- A few problems

Wow! A great app! Bazaart is so easy to use, and it took me one minute to figure out everything. Bazaart has just been so easy for me and it’s 100% recommended by me. However I would like to say 2 things. 1) This problem is not so big, but sometimes when I press the erase button my picture shifts to somewhere else and it’s really annoying. I would understand if you didn’t go through the problem of fixing it, however I did want to point this out. 2) Way too much premium. I use the erase button, like, a lot. My sister has an Apple pen, and sometimes she lets me use it. This is handy because I really like the “pressure sensitive” option because it can make my eraser tiny if I want it too. But when my sisters using it, then I can’t use the “pressure sensitive” option. I wanted to change the eraser to tiny, but you need premium for that. I understand if you want to change the type of way you erase it, (like watercolour option) that’s understandable for premium. But just changing the size of the brush, I feel that’s unreasonable. Many other things too, but I’m just pointing out one. I actually really love Bazaart so if you could at least fix the second problem, I’d be really grateful. Bazaart is so easy to use, and I really don’t wanna use another app because this is the best one. Thanks for reading, Ella

- The best!

I don’t usually write reviews for many apps or games but Bazaart it seriously so good that I thought I should. Bazaart is the best photo editor app there is out there. Trust me I’ve downloaded heaps of these sort of apps but most of their free versions is very limited, even though I would like to do more with bazarrt (which can be done in premium)it is amazing in terms of the amount of things I can do for free. I have been using it as my no.1 photo app for a couple of years now and I have never been disappointed. Everyone should download this app cause it’s just so helpful to have on your phone and i use it all the time. 5 stars!

- Brilliant! I highly recommend this app.

I find this easy to use, lots of fun, and it does everything I need. I have the Premium version and if you frequently make collages, or use it for social media, I think it’s well worth the cost ( which is not much anyway). I can’t believe some of the great features, including magic and Heal. If you’ve ever had a great image with one thing that ruins it— just select ‘ Heal’ and the problem disappears without ruining the image. I’m very pleased with Bazaart and I recommend the Premium version. Just so the developers know: now there’s so many options in the screen, I think their layout is not as user friendly eg: the crop,eraser,magic & heal should be together. The photo icon being right next to the delete is a problem as it’s so easy to accidentally hit the bin not the photo! Also the photo layers is a few too many steps. The custom font doesn’t work anymore ( I get a message telling me to contact the app developer to change something or other that has been changed for privacy reasons) they provide a list of apps that support custom fonts, pic collage is there but Bazaart is not!

- Brilliant user-friendly photo editing app!

I don't normally write reviews for apps, but more than happy to make an exception for this one. I've trialled many different photo editing apps, however most of them fall short on range of editing features or ease of use. Bazaart is a high quality app with many handy user friendly features. They obviously pay attention to reviews & feedback as well, as previously edited photos can now be changed no worries. It's my most favourite photo editing app by far, you won't be disappointed! 🤘🏼😍👍🏼

- Does not work anymore and dark mode has ruined it

Developers response always seems to be the the same so I went to the trouble of doing what they said but it still saves only with the dark background more waste of my time Not happy for the 3 time and now again with the last Dark Mode update it is useless cause when you magic cut out a picture and export or save to your camera roll it is on a dark black background there is no transparent option anymore which is why I paid for the forever subscription more fool me, so if you want this app for anything to do with your photo shopping give it a BIG BIG MISS, I would like my money refunded as this is NOT what I originally subscribed to and as for your super quick responses to a problem that is also a laugh. People don’t get sucked in like I have I will be looking for an alternative app.

- good good, but...

I really like bazaart but the premium is way to much. sometimes i just want to cut out a... (waiting/thinking) Foxy. from fnaf for a fnaf at background but it is hard to do that when you have to do it manually. i would like it is the price for premium was the same amount (per month) but you wouldn’t have to play (per month/week/year) i know there is a free trial but you have to put in all your details so if you do cancel it you still have your details (email and that) put in If you make it less or just a single purchase i would love that (the day i am writing this bazaart got a update so some of this might be fixed i’ll check the update page) ;)

- Highly recommended:):)

I love the app and as soon as I bought this app I already finished 2 pics and they look amazing 😉. But the only thing I don’t like about it is premium. In the next update make more free features and there should be no such thing as only 10 items can be searched and I’m not paying some cash 💵 for unlimited items to be searched. Should delete the pay for search items thing. Other than that it’s an amazing 😉 app.

- Bazaart

I highly recommend this app. This app can be used for many things however all it needs is a few small fixes to make this app a five star rating! Bazaart is helpful for activities such as; designing a photo, putting edits into a video and lastly, making a compilation. Areas for improvement could involve adding in; transitions for videos such as a swipe to the next segment of the video and adding a wider variety of stickers and with that update also, in addition you could add the search button so users could search through a wider catalogue to find the fitting sticker. By adding these updates, this may improve the productivity of users and encourage them to recommend it to others! In conclusion, with or without these updates, Bazaart is still a very helpful and entertaining app that I would recommend to any of my friends and family as it provides many things that significantly improve the quality of the photo or video you are taking.

- Impressive.

This app provides some great photo editing tools that have come useful to me many times before writing this review. I don’t have the premium version because I don’t exactly have the money to afford it, however if you can afford it it seems worth the money. My one main complaint is with the fact that while erasing something, you can’t zoom in on the object to get finer shapes while erasing. There are a few other minor nitpicks I have, however they aren’t worth going over. If you were to fix the zoom issue, I’d consider giving this 5 stars.

- Totally Awesome & Easy

LOVE this App with all my 💙 Seamless and easy to transform any photo into something fun and super cool for your social media. There are great free templates, but the premium version has “amazing” even better ones - which unfortunately I most likely will never be able to afford. I still have loads of fun creating with the free content and using the pictures in my journal - I’m sure you will too. Thanks to the creators for giving us an awesome tool to record and embellish our daily lives! P.S.: It would be lovely to be able to save our images in HD for free, at least maybe once a week. It would also be amazing to receive a surprise bundle of free templates every once in a while for those of us who love and cheer for you, tell all our friends about you, but can’t afford you.

- Excellent app - just a couple of suggestions

I love this app and use it all the time! It’s very powerful for a phone app, very easy to use and get the hang of. I just have two suggestions: Grouping - I would love to be able to select, group and move multiple items at once. At the moment, as far as I am aware, this is not possible and can lead to difficulties and errors when you decide to change the layout and need to move multiple items that you want kept together in the same format. Changing canvas size - If you need to change the project size/shape after you have already started, doing so currently causes all of the formatting and positioning to be thrown off. The formatting should remain the same and simply have the items hang over the edge if the canvas size is now smaller or have more background taking up the space if the canvas is now larger.

- Card Maker

I have used this app for a couple of years, and love its flexibility to use my photos and images I love from other sources, plus the stickers available. I would love to see more stickers. I think the year’s subscription is a bit expensive, but have taken it up anyway, because I make digital cards for all my family and friends on their special days and occasions. It’s very easy to use.

- I love this app!

This is the first time that I’ve ever written an app review so don’t judge me, okay? First of all, this app is amazing and the features are so cool. I’ll just quickly get to the part that I wanted to say. My only complaints are the auto erase which sort of messes up the picture and the membership. The app without it is great but it’s the tiniest bit expensive, but other than that, this is the greatest app that I’ve ever downloaded

- You won’t be disappointed

I’m obsessed with this app I have tried so many photo editing apps and tools and can never get the results I’m seeking but this app is amazing it’s so easy to use but produces the quality of a professional it’s so fun to use and play around with I highly recommend this to anybody wanting some amazing results within there photos best photo editing app I have come across by far 🥰😍

- My favourite app!

I have used Bazaart for a long time now and absolutely love it! There are just so many options included in the app to enable you to create incredible pictures! I love being able to choose which layer to edit, and the fill option creates so many different effects! Now my granddaughter has started using the app too - creating amazing pictures too!

- The only thing......👌🤩👍❣️

Bazaars is a very cool app because it's helping me work out how to do a lot of editing and it is very helpful for projects. The only thing is, there are some items, eg. eraser, that are locked and you can't use. So could you please change that for everyone's benefit. And also, some people who have the app have items, eg. eraser, that I don't have so I can't do as much to edit photos. Please improve all I've asked to make this app a much better, detailed app.

- Ok, but could be better

The app in itself is nice, it even help with my schoolwork! It also gives you some good photoshop potential, but the premium is EXPENSIVE, and unless you have premium, it’s really hard to photoshop. It’s honestly REALLY good otherwise, but too many items are premium. No stickers should be for premium, that’s just annoying. Thumbs up from me, amazing app. Sincerely, Mohamed. P.S LOWER THE PREMIUM PRICE

- 👍🏽

The app is great even with just the normal tools. Getting the premium pack sure will give you better edits in your photos but having the normal tools is still good. I recommend for people who get creative with their pics or are interested in phot media. 💖 My only critical feedback would be to add it or can create text that can be bent in different ways on the outside of an image or in the lines created.

- Great!

This is an easy way to get the background out of the picture quickly and efficiently. The best part is you can save it in HD! There are many backgrounds already there so you don’t have to go searching on the internet for them... plus, loads of “stickers” that if placed correctly, can look like they were always part of the photo.

- My rating

Honestly this is better even tho it does have a trial button it doesn’t come up or like you have to pay for stuff to edit like other photoshopping apps this one is just like you can do it and most of these stuff are free and the best ones are free (in my opinion) overall this one is the best photoshop app ever I highly recommend this

- The best editing app I have ever used

I highly recommend this editing app I loved editing my photos but the problem was there was no good apps until I came a cross this I don’t even use premium and there is so many things u can do but when your reading this I would definitely have premium 100% but yeah different recommending getting this app

- Best editing app ever!!!

I love how I can edit my photos and give them beautiful and aesthetic backgrounds. And it’s free, with a Pro version that I don’t think is necessary to making stunning photos with pretty backgrounds, although I can’t access everything. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves art, photography or just wants to relax! If you’re reading this, go buy BAZAART!

- The Best Free Photo Editing App

I got this app a few months ago and I love it!! Whenever I want to make a funny looking photo or a cool picture, Bazaart is my go to app! I love that, while there is a paid premium subscription, there are still great features for free that make it easy to make a great photo. I use this app all the time and I love it so much! Don’t change anything!

- So far, so good

New to this app. As an experienced photographer and graphic enthusiast, with familiarity with all the major photo editors and graphics manipulation apps/software on all OS ... so far I’m impressed with ease of use & level of options available. This could be my go-to app for much of my photo/graphic work. Ps: haven’t found if “gradients" can be colour customised? If not, would be a +plus option, even if only in subscription version.

- Sooo good

This app, Bazaart is amazing it lets you write in all types of different fonts with colours, can let you upload multiple pictures, rubs out things you don’t want in the picture and many more amazing things. So far as I’ve used Bazaart it has been an amazing app and you should really use this app so I have rated it a 5/5

- Awesome

This is such a good photo editor app. It’s the only app that lets me crop out photos without paying for it. I have so much fun making cute wallpapers and stuff. I also get so many cool stickers and additional features. I always look at the reviews before getting the app, and the reviews for this app were excellent. It’s such a good app and recommend it to anyone and everyone who has a creative mind. 👍👍👍😁

- Great app

U should totally use this app it is really great for quick photo editing or creating masterpieces!! Just a suggestion to maybe add some brushes with different patterns. I just noticed that other apps have it but this one doesn’t. If you did that it would make the whole app experience a ton better!! Apart from that this app is great!!!!!

- Great

I’ve only been playing this for a few hours and it’s so fun and addictive even if you just have the basic tools your photos will still look sick. even if I do think the basic backgrounds should be a little cooler other than that it’s awesome and I definitely recommend it for everyone.

- This is a good app...

This app is FANTASTIC, I can make any of my photos better. It has a variety types of those backgrounds, paper and more. This app will be better if it does not have any premium users or to pay. This app is all the best and I have successfully created and completed over 30 projects! It quickly lets me edit a range of photos so I can make it better!!! 😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Five stars!? .. It's the whole Universe!

Have been a Bazaart enthusiast since it's 'beginnings of time' and can't recommend this wonderfully creative, continually evolving App, enough. It has become a constant source of wonder and appreciation for the network of creative souls that create, play, share its endless possibilities. You just really need to discover it for yourselves.

- I like it but...

So I had this game for awhile now I love love it because you can edit your photos and make them look better but until recently I went on the app and it just took me out of it straight away and I tried again and again but it just keeps doing the same thing so idk why if there is a way to fix it please 🙂.

- Love

I love this app! I have tried so many different apps that were way to complicated to use, this however, is so simple and easy! And you don’t have to pay for premium to get some good edits too! Though having premium gives you a lot more templates and other really cool things too edit!

- So good but do I have to pay?

I have been using Bazaart for maybe three/four months now and it’s like photoshop but almost better. But I have been really annoyed when it makes you have to pay I haven’t payed and I’m not going to so can you not have to ask for money don’t respond just do it

- Add more features

I’m really happy with the app made things easier. I get to create promo materials in minutes. I will recommend this to anyone, it would be great to see more unique features such as may be 3D or anything to set the app from other options out there. Perhaps a video photo of some sort. It could be that a motion moving feature.

- Best edit app on a iPhone ever

Quite happy with paying 9$ a month Cute the photo out with out you doing any thing besides clicking magic the down fall is some photos it didn’t work as well as others but with picking the right photos yes it’s absolutely perfect you can add any back ground it’s amazing x

- Very impressed

I only have the basic free version but even with that it’s amazing the things you can do, I have tried lots of similar apps that just don’t cut it, if I have any criticism at all is it the cost to go premium, even a one off payment of over $100 seems way too much.

- Good but…

App is great I don’t want to switch because of this one problem but I might if you don’t fix it I don’t know if this is just a glitch for me but I cannot add any photos it just kicks me out of that it would be great if you fix it this bug is really annoying me how my supposed to make beautiful piece of art if I can’t even add photos!

- Incredible app

This is an awesome app with so much more than I originally thought it had. Was a bit disappointed that the ‘magic’ background removal is premium but there is also the manual cut out version which is just as easy to use - if you have a steady hand. The templates are all amazing. And THE STICKERS! 😍😍

- Best artistic app

I have been using this app now for about year ( premium. ) and have found it to be perfect for my use. The ‘Magical’ cut out tool is one of the best I’ve ever used.. Plenty of ways to make your photos look quite professional ..I would have no hesitation in recommending this app!...

- Picture perfect app! 🧸 🎀

Bazaart is amazing! I am 12 and want to be a graphic designer when I’m older, and I love experimenting and creating things! Just a quick suggestion though. It would be AMAZING if you were to make a video editing app with the tools from Bazaart, especially the cut and edit tools. Bye 😘

- Great app but premium expensive

I love this app and think it is by far the best and easiest photo editing app to use. My only complaint is that the premium is very expensive and unrealistic please lower the price of premium. An issue I’m also having independentaly is auto erasing requires premium for me pls tell me what to do.

- Great App

Bazaart is a great app because I don’t have a expensive PC to do my edits so this app has been helping me out since day one. But their are a lot of amazing features that you need a membership to access so I think that bazaart should give you a free trial just to see if you want to purchase it or not.

- Creambun101

I use this all the time, especially for thumbnails or invitations. This is a really handy app to have and you should definitely get it, although many features are for members only which seems quite unfair but overall, this app is amazing and is great for editing

- The best

The best It is the best app ever you have to download it you would know how to use it when you first download it’s very easy you could make your own birthday card for example you could put the persons picture it’s like at editing app it is editing app it’s amazing

- So easy to use!!

My friends think I’m the funniest person because I can quickly whip up the most hilarious edits in no time at all! This app is so easy to use and has such clean finishes to every picture!! Love it and haven't used any other editing apps since I found this gem

- So Good.

I was trying to look for a app that had cutting objects and finally I found one! So defo recomend! it’s that kinda one about being free what you can do! cutting out any object, really usful. But not the best HD, but really, that would be hard making HD with cut-out images, I just think it’s great to feel so free to cut and paste.

- I love it!!

I totally love it you can use it but you can only search for online photos like, 35 times a day. Please just change for unlimited use. To the developer; please change it as to be fair so we can search unlimited times. More people will download it!

- Easy, but waste of money.

I got the premium for a month today, and I did a amazing edit using the premium items, but right now when I came back, I cannot use any premium items that I BOUGHT with my OWN MONEY. Now I am trying every single thing I can do to try to get it working. It even saying I have premium and my renew date, but it does not provide the premium tools. Please fix this.

- Easy and fun to use

This app makes creating all of my marketing materials easy. Very enjoyable to use with plenty of templates and resources at your fingertips. I can make custom marketing fliers in minutes. Quicker than googling what I’m after. Highly recommend this app. Thank you.

- Handy App.

Better to merge two photos together than taking a ‘Selfie’... This is a wannabe great app., but for me still not enough for a full version because let’s say I cannot just zoom in, the different layers of photo cut outs can easily move around... Otherwise this app has the best design and functionality ideas behind it.

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- Amazing

I love this app so much! it's so addictive and fun

- I love this app so much


- :0

Hi! Now yes, I’ve already waited a review. This is is just amazing! You can use it for any thing you basically want!, sorry, I’m kinda in a rush .. so this might not be as welcoming or good, like the others.

- Allo

Ses Plat car pour avoir d’autres choses il faut payer et je n’ai pas d’argent pour ça donc ses plat

- Très bien

best than photoshop

- App sucks for cancellation

This app sucks for cancellation I can't find it. If they take 7.99 out of my account I will report them for fraud. No response sent them like a thousand messages and no response.

- Loved it but now I can’t use it

Try to open a photo and it crashes immediately. Waste of money.

- Great!

This app is very useful and easy to use

- Pay Wall Scam. Do not download.

Very little features hiding behind a very expensive pay wall. A total scam. No. You hardly ever ad updates. And for this reckless amount, it’s very apparent that you are a scam.

- Technical Support Lacking

Perhaps this is temporary but currently there is no way of sending a message (but report or suggestions) to the designers of Bazaart. I'm disappointed.

- Great fun


- Bazaart is great, learning new ways to create every day!

Bazaart has helped increase my online sales without a doubt. Now it’s helping me become a creator as well as a reseller. It’s fun, satisfying and delivers value to my business.

- Issues Since February 20, 2022

I’ve been using this app for several years and I love it! I recommend it also. But, the last two times the app has had updates, things have been glitchy. I’ve trying to use it for two days and the app keeps closing on me and doesn’t save my work. I have a paid membership. Anybody else having these issues?

- PR

Best app

- Honestly best editing app I’ve used

I’ve been using this app for maybe around 2-3 years now ever Since I found it and it’s been the best one I’ve ever found for phones. Would recommend to use

- Col


- Very helpful versatile tool

This app has been really great for “photoshopping” picture with no charge

- Parfait

Super application Indispensable, bien conçu!

- Easy Peasey

Very user friendly. A tad expensive, but I do love it!

- Precise Editing

This app does precise clean work, with lots of options. Great for editing out backgrounds, layering images.

- Very good!!

Very good!!

- Wow


- Awesome

Best editing app ever! Easy to use.

- Amazing!

I love it. I get so creative with this app.

- freakin bomb

legit the best photo editing app. ive made so many cursed pictures 11 stars

- Bazaart

I love using Bazaart to enhance my photos. Especially helpful when making a personalized gift card. Thanks

- Good app but BEWARE!

I signed up, used it for 2 weeks then forgot about it. Each week or what ever it was, getting hit for $7.99 If I hadn’t actually looked at my bank account one day, I would never had even known that I was constantly being charged for an app I used a couple of times then forgot about. It’s fun to play around with and if you have legitimate reasons for owning an art app like this. Like for your job or something. But to get hit almost $10 every week and then try to find how to unsubscribe… there’s no option in app. You have to do it through your apple subscriptions in your device settings. Shady dealings having such a high paywall for something 95% of people will use once every couple of months. Not to mention, the app crashing constantly on an IPAD 7th Gen.

- Free trial great - then it totally stopped working

Couldn’t even log use any of the editing tools once the free trial period ended. Sad. It was a great app.

- Excellent

Better than better!✨

- Cool & fun

Cool and fun 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 😎😎😎😎😎

- Have to pay for most important features

You have to get a subscription to use AI background remove and etc but it’s good for quick dumb edits

- Appréciations facile exécution au goût du jour

Suggestions de modèles contemporains Exécution facile Un logiciel performant

- Seriously cool

Updating comment: SUPERB

- Very beautiful application thanks.


- Love this app!!!!

The best I’ve used so far!!

- Works on the go

Love being able to use it as I'm out and about.

- Grate app would recommend 👍

This app is grate you can choose from countless stickers, import photos and let you creativity run wild, you don’t even need premium 🥳🤩👍👏

- Better than sex

Can create fun cards. Many templates to choose from. Endless fun.

- Good

Super application pour s’amuser vite

- Awesome!!!

I am not one to purchase apps, but we made our Christmas card while on the free trial and realized just how easy it was. There are so many backgrounds, stickers, and effects. Love using it!!

- Mon avis...

Je vous donne 5 * Facile à utiliser. Grande variété d’outils. Merci d’être là!

- Pretty good

Honestly a pretty good app even without full pro version

- Creativity is easy and fun

Love how user friendly it is.

- Tried and true.

Great app, wether you’re using the regular or premium version. Does not disappoint

- Bazzaet

It is the best editing app ever made it is amazing!!!!😀😀😀

- Fantastique Bazaart !

Cette app québécoise bat Photoshop d’Adobe de tant et tant de façons qu’après une seule semaine, il m’est déjà impossible de les lister toutes. En effet telle Dorothée quittant son expérience en noir et blanc en ouvrant la porte sur les couleurs du royaume d’Oz, j’ai quitté le noir et blanc du géant américain quand j’ai ouvert Baazart pour la première fois. Je n’en finis pas en effet de découvrir toutes les merveilles que j’ai pu réaliser en suivant les briques dorées du royaume de Baazart, et cela sans difficulté aucune ni un seul moment de frustration. Alors, adieu, Photoshop, tu ne me manqueras pas !

- Que des éloges

Vraiment super agréable, complet et facile à utiliser

- Love it

Great for doing family pictures and friends

- Love it’

This app is great!!

- Thumbs up.

Use it a bit so far.

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Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor 8.50.1 Screenshots & Images

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images
Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor iphone images

Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor (Version 8.50.1) Install & Download

The applications Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-04-06 and was developed by Bazaart Ltd. [Developer ID: 515094778]. This application file size is 94.31 MB. Bazaart: Photo & Video Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 2022-05-02 current version is 8.50.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: