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The Scientific American Tablet Edition includes all the editorial content from the print edition plus interactive features and video.

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Active subscribers to the Scientific American print edition who purchased their subscriptions at the publisher’s suggested price of $34.99 in the United States/$49 in Canada/$59 International are granted access to the Tablet Edition. Other subscribers may upgrade their subscriptions. Please contact customer service for more information.

Access to the Tablet Edition for iPad is included with all Scientific American Digital Subscription Plans.

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A 12-issue, annual subscription to the Tablet Edition for iPad is available through iTunes for $34.99 and is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term, until cancelled. Individual issues are $6.99 each. Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account. For more information, please visit iTunes Terms and Conditions:

Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the longest continuously published magazine in the US and the home of the most exciting authors presenting the most dynamic ideas in science today. As the leading popular source and authority on science, technology, and innovation, Scientific American’s award-winning scientist-authored content engages, educates and inspires current and future generations of curious citizens and public and private sector leaders.

Scientific American App Description & Overview

The applications Scientific American was published in the category News on 2012-07-17 and was developed by Nature Publishing Group. The file size is 15.72 MB. The current version is 2.0.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Improved archiving and download functionality
- Automatic archiving of issues after 3 months
- Press and hold on downloaded issue cover to access option to archive
Added push notifications
Various bug fixes

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Scientific American Reviews

Doctor Rob 001

Thank god for the update. Works great.  Doctor Rob 001  5 star

My original review is below. I take it all back. The updated version is perfect. It's flexible and does everything you could want. Didn't just go to the next level... it went far beyond. Not sure there is anything else you could add except to get my slippers. Thanks for listening. I've been a subscriber poor years and this app is a game changer. Please find someone who knows more than just the basics in writing a program. Can't expand text with finger spread. I'll be in the middle of an article and next time I open my I pad I'm at the home screen. I have to waste time searching for the correct issue, the correct article and the correct spot. That is very, very frustrating. Download won't continue in the background. I'd rather use the print version.


You only rent issues, not own them  neurodoc70  1 star

When my subscription expired I could no longer access any of the issues from that subscription period. When I contacted customer support I was assured that this was the way things worked. When your subscription expires you no longer have access. In other words, a subscription only allows you to temporarily rent issues.


Shameful, a black eye for SA  N333EX  1 star

I get my magazine in the mail and the apps demands payment to view it on my iPad.


App is a hassle  [email protected]  1 star

Though I have been a subscriber for decades, this app somehow forgets my subscription every month. Intensely frustrating.


SA apparently needs to get rid of some subscribers  Rich49  1 star

I won't rehash what review after review has said. Something is wrong in the way the app logs people in and keeps track of subscriptions. I read all of my publications on an iPad and with SA I spend most of my time trying to access the magazine rather than reading it. This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of years in various forms. I have subscribed since 1965 and I love the articles but I don't have the time to deal with the app - so I'm done at the end of my current subscription.


Paid for subscription but still can't read articles  abqmirox  1 star

Paid for subscription but still can't read articles


How many subscriptions do you need  ASN13  2 star

Review of reviews reveals that most of the time the app does not recognize your subscription and tries to charge for issues. Even when you "successfully" restore subscription ( where did it go to néed to be "restored" ) it tries to charge anew. Thank goodness I kept print issue active as well as these do show up. The log in conundrum just completely destroys the joy of reading SA. by making it impossible to do so without wasting hours fighting to get what you paid for. S.A. Clearly not versed in computer science

Man, Myth, Legend

Does as advertised  Man, Myth, Legend  4 star

Gets me my monthly dose of new science without paper.


Loses My Account  RetiredSE  1 star

With a new login I see my subscription. After exiting the program and returning some time later, I am still logged in but the app claims that I am not authorized to see my subscription information. New issues are listed as "buy." If I logout and back in, new issues are marked with a "download" tag. This is stupid. I will be deleting this app from my device.


Scientific American  Bronxtech  2 star

Great content but NOT friendly to aging population. I've made several contacts requesting larger fonts (for "info boxes" especially) and to NOT use dark fonts on dark backgrounds. Never had the courtesy of a reply. Complaining because now that, as a retired scientist, I have time to read SA, can't always enjoy full content.


A great and informative magazine!  Geo-1  5 star

I've been reading SA since 1964, this kinda makes me ancient...But for the past 4 years have been using the app..great but needs a bit more tweaking..I still get the hard copy though..old habits die hard.. George from Oz


Love it  FHWorboys  5 star

I have always loved Scientific American and the App enhances the reading experience greatly 👍

McDavies Aust

Love the mag. App needs improvement  McDavies Aust  2 star

The app has a nice simplicity, but is very clunky in its operation. Although a current subscriber, I am frequently denied access to magazines and articles. Additional purchases are also heavily promoted, to the point of being a nuisance


Informative, well written  Grturne  5 star

I love the app and the magazine. The app provides fast transfer to sections you want to read first. It works perfectly on both iPad and iPhone.


Very Poor Unstable App  Fapetesake  1 star

Amateurish app in front of a great magazine. Clunky, cannot access magazines I pay for

Barna Beeman

Condition: critical. Needs resuscitation immediately!  Barna Beeman  1 star

This app is a stinker. It tries to download too many issues at once, there is no capacity to pause the download of any one issue, the downloads seem to stop if my iPad locks itself. In short this is unusable for me in its current state. This is not rocket science. Others can do this so much better, why can't Sci Am get your act together?

Antonin Demazy

Poor usability and readability  Antonin Demazy  1 star

Inspire from "the economist" app to improve this

Reno Dal

Rubbish App  Reno Dal  1 star

Cannot access things I paid for.


Forgets login details again and again  rowsellaa  1 star

If you subscribe to SciAm, you are still faced with demands for payment when you want to download current SciAm issues. Not a particularly helpful 'feature'. Keep your login details to hand - you will need them! Andy


Hopeless  OzEmant  1 star

I paid for a subscription and despite many emails to sci. am. I am still unable to download the issues.


icarus62 icarus62 3 star

@scottwahlstrom: Ancient Warm Period Hints at Future Sea Level Rise - Scientific American


nahush jain jainnahush 3 star

@ShekharGupta @himantabiswa @PChidambaram_IN @DrSidMukherjee but again sir what abt - 'most cancer mutations occur…


Tactics Online tactics_online 3 star

Cybersecurity's Next Phase: Cyber Deterrence - Scientific American

Not happy with SA

Very poor execution all around  Not happy with SA  1 star

After choosing from the limited and poor package choices, I purchased a subscription to app on 1/20 to read before getting on a plane. No digital subscriptions populated. After spending an enormous amount of time setting up an account that should have taken minutes, and receiving no response via email in a week, I called and was told that the February edition was already out and I would have to wait until the March edition was out to get that digital edition. Seriously? The irony of not understanding the internet is so painful its almost funny, but not really because it waisted a great deal of my time. You can’t upgrade without cancelling and redoing all this mess and spending more unnecessary time. The app has turned out to be clunky and non intuitive. I enjoy reading the articles and unfortunately, that’s the only nice thing I can say. SA needs to find some intelligent people other than their writers or no one will be reading the writers soon…


Content is Good; Subscription management improving  glc1007  4 star

As would be expected, the content of Scientific American is excellent and timely. The management of subscriptions and access to issues included in subscriptions could be made more transparent.

Charlie Howard

Not well-adapted to the digital age  Charlie Howard  2 star

You would think that Scientific American would have a leading-edge digital magazine, but that is not the case: for openers, it is deeply distrusting, does not remember that you have a subscription, and frequently demands that you re-enter your credentials. Then, the magazines download very slowly, because they are using an inefficient layout and/or compression method. (Contrast this with The Economist, a weekly that trusts its readers and downloads quickly.) Navigation is not particularly intuitive, but the pages do look nice. All-in-all, it is much easier to use and read the print edition than this digital one.


Frustration  SSM!13  1 star

Frustrating. Keeps losing my subscription information and asks me to pay again for downloads. Sciam was not able to help


Why buy sight-unseen?  ZOPikeCPL  2 star

I would enjoy this app IF I could see the full Table of Contents, not just the cover page articles. And I'm surprised there is not more of a discount for electronic only versions.


Great iPhone support!  jeffmcclure  5 star

After waiting many years for iPhone support (iPad was always supported) we now have access to SA on the decide I carry with me! Also, instead of trying to provide a magazine like experience each article is formatted properly for easy reading as text (not a scaled image or PDF of the magazine layout). Thank you for such an improve experience!!!


iPad App doesn't work  Donvine  1 star

Just renewed my digital subscription and downloaded the iPad app. Clicking the app brings up a screen with Scientific American and a click box for subscribing. Clicking produces no responses and no access to the magazine.


Doesn't recognize my subscription  paidloafer  2 star

So if I have a subscription to SA magazine I'm supposed to have a digital subscription also, but after two months I'm being asked to pony up for a renewal. Think I stick with the paper 😡


Updated version of the SA app is excellent  LoriS_88  5 star

This review addresses the app for Scientific American which is an excellent magazine. The updated app include several improvements including the ability to read and download issues onto your mobile device such as an iPhone. On the iPad, you're now able to view in horizontal mode which makes it easier at least for me to read. Overall an excellent app for an excellent magazine. I personally, have not had trouble with the apps crashing


It does not store login info  Captain?xxxxxxxxxxxx  1 star

Love magazine and app...after finally logging in for the umpteenth time. Why does the app not store login name and password? Getting around the subscribing procedure again is NOT intuitive at all. Please enter the app age and store login and psd info in app. I get frustrated every month of jumping through arcane hoops.

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